Hannah “I’m probably going to try and cause chaos in the jury house.” Claire “Yeah me too.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going to be evicted.

Backyard – Big D and Xavier.
Big D says that he is missing home. Its tough being in this house being cut off from the world for so long. Its tough when .. like me being here .. I not feel bad but I left so much behind. Like all my responsibilities and my mom struggling with bills and my bills. Xavier – One thing I always say it is you should never second guess a decision that’s already been made. You can’t second guess it because life is being lived. If it was a good decision it will work out for you and if it was a bad decision you will learn from it. This is a once in a life time opportunity .. is it a f**king grind!? Yeah! And I don’t think any of us knew that coming in here. Xavier – I enjoyed the fact that she (Whitney) allowed me to get away from the game. I had those moments with Alyssa but its kind of different because I’m looking out for her too. My whole former kings team .. I was like I will look out for them… And like the Cookout has my primary loyalty. To the extent that I can lookout for my kings teammates .. I am going to do that to the extent that I can. But if it comes to a head then there isn’t much I can do. Because outside these walls the Cookout represents something so much greater. Big D – and that’s why we do what we do. We could have got each other out a long time ago. Xavier – if the Cookout didn’t exist .. I don’t think Tiff would be here, I don’t think Ky would be here… I don’t know if I would be here. Big D – you would have been here because we could have gone far with Slaughterhouse. Big D complains about how if Azah asks him to do something he is like yeah I’ll do it.. but if he asks her to do something its a but, if and or something. Xavier – yeah! MMmhmmm!

9:10pm Living room – Claire, Tiffany, Azah, Alyssa and Ky.
Tiffany talks about how she uses the bidet in the HOH bathroom to satisfy herself. Claire – I have to go use the restroom.. but not the bidet.

9:22pm Backyard – Hot Tub. Xavier and Alyssa.
Alyssa – Hannah said we convinced Alyssa to use the veto on X and I think she might do it. Xavier – Tiffany said? Alyssa – To Hannah right before. She was like so I tried to convince Alyssa to use the veto and I think she might be buying it. Xavier – I don’t think you understand how bad it would be if you used it on me. Alyssa – even if it made 100% valid sense you’re not going to convince me of something that I’ve decided on for days and you think two minutes before hand what kind of player would I be? To just be persuaded that easily?! Xavier – I am glad you didn’t! Alyssa – what kind of player would I be to just listen to what Tiffany wants me to do .. NO!

9:47pm Bedroom. Alyssa, Big D and Azah.
Big D – Life is life and we’ll send Claire packing.. or I will. I am not sending X home, you know that! Azah – I will too. Alyssa – I think we’re all on the same page as long as we just keep it.. we will just check in with each other every night. Big D – and being a havenot is just horrible. Alyssa – I just thought of this and I know this is not the reason why we’re doing this at all. But if this plan follows through the final 7 are all minorities. Big D – OH I didn’t even think of that!?! Alyssa – that has never happened before!! Azah – never happened. Alyssa – not top 5, not top 6 .. top 7 out of 16! Like that is historic! We are in the craziest season! Like that has never happened! Do you know how many minorities are going to apply after this season!? That is insane! Even if I go next, to know that a person of colour is going to win.

10:40pm Bedroom. Kyland and Big D are studying the days / events of the season..

11pm Hammock – Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – I don’t know if you noticed but Tiffany and Ky have been talking more this week than they probably have since the duration in this house. I think its because of the fact that Tiffany has blown up her game with this HOH .. like in the Cookout, outside the Cookout. Its just not going to look good for her. And I think because of how she thinks Ky is going to play this game she probably now feels like he is the only person she can sit next to and stand a chance. And I still feel like if Tiffany sat in the final 2 that she would probably get a good chunk of the votes. Azah – I think so too.

11:20pm Bedroom. Claire and Hannah.
They’re talking about jury votes. Hannah – I feel like Britini and DX especially its quite naïve to promise someone your vote when in between 10th place and finale you have 8 evictions. So much can change. Claire – you have 6 weeks. Hannah – Maybe DX just has his mind made up because its a loyalty type thing to Ky at least. And SB is probably a Kudos to you when you were the only one that could do it. But if I were in DX’s position I would probably not have my mind made up at eviction 7. Claire – yeah seriously. Hannah – is it usually someone comes into jury .. or each person comes into jury and is able to change everyone’s mind? Claire – no, some people have their minds made up but sometimes people come in and they just have more information and its just this person is playing a good game because you didn’t know about x, y, z. Or sometimes its like F**K this person. This person f**king sucks! I am never going to vote for them at the end! They’re an a$$hole or whatever. Hannah – talk about a bitter jury member. Do you think that this jury is going to be bitter? Claire – I think it depends on how people go out. A lot of game left to be played and I think it will get messier and messier. Hannah – I am probably going to try and cause chaos in the jury house. Claire – yeah me too if I get there. If I go there this week. I have no f**king idea what I am walking into. Hannah – so just remember who gave you a vote! Claire – I will. F**K all .. I have no idea how I will explain how I got on the block. Hannah – DX is going to be very .. I mean all of them will be very very confused. Claire – if I go out this week I think it will suck. It will be awful but I won’t go into the jury house mad at Tiff. But I think she would she would be coming very soon after me. Hannah – so you know you can pull for someone! (Points at herself) Claire – yeah.. still vote to keep me. And here is Azah like get her out, get her out! Hannah – no because I need good jury management. Claire – that is the thing DX knew that Ky was just hanging out with him for jury management.

12:55am Bathroom. Hannah, Ky, Claire and Tiffany. They’re talking about X and how mature / magnetic he is for his age. They speculate on what they think he actually does for his job. Ky – he told me that he stopped bartending since Covid and started modeling more. Hannah – he told me he was bartending and isn’t modeling so much in recent years.

1:50am Tiffany reading the bible. Tiff – I am not going to let these people send me out even if I have to win every veto! Don’t Quit and never give up.

2:57 am Tiff and Kyland cuddling

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Just Sayin'

That is cringy watching Alyssa realize all the remaining players will be poc. I wonder how she’ll feel when she finds out that the others don’t consider her that way. Sometimes I don’t think that the cookout at all considers how other people have been discriminated against as well. Alyssa clearly considers herself poc but still will get evicted purely on her skin colour. I don’t know, no matter what side you’re on this season is just kind of sad all around, it’s sad this game can’t just be a fun game anymore


I think Alyssa will understand. Because, although Alyssa is a POC, she is not Black, and I think she understands the desire for there to finally be a Black winner.

No fave yet

It has been POC all season. Now…you want to say only “black”. You couldn’t be more wrong.

The air in Alyssas head

If its sad to you , why torture yourself? Your t.v. has other channels. Go watch Barney on PBS and be happy happy happy.

The Last Neanderthug

You’re Hilarious!!! And Sad SMH


It’s so sad for future seasons. How stupid will you have to be next season if you are white and don’t start a racist alliance based on skin color because you have to know it will be done by the people of color? No matter how good of a friend you have (Tiff/Claire), skin pigment counts the most. Racism is ugly to watch no matter the form it takes.

The Last Neanderthug

Exactly. I’ve been saying the same thing for the past 22 seasons and now the Grods have heard my beckon call!!! Best season ever!!! X for the win!!!

Jaymie lee

Its only racist if its White. That what this season proved. Blacks voting solely on skin colour isnt racist because there Black. Thats the rational im given and it quite funny.

Kid Rock

I wish you was this outraged by racism in America the last 500 years


How do you know Jaime hasn’t been ouraged? I’m a POC and I’m grossed out that Ally isn’t considered one as well. What the CO is doing isn’t reverse racism, it’s pure racist.


I think it’s really sad that it took this long for BB to give a black person a fighting chance to win. The deck has been stacked against them for so long. Why is it totally acceptable when white people ban together to form an alliance but when a group like the CO does it so many people cry about it not being fair or not “fun” anymore? (Yes, I know that production takes a hands on approach in influencing game but that is nothing new. They’ve been doing it for years!)

How many times has a white person lied, deceived, backstabbed, been in several alliances, etc., in their attempt at winning BB? They didn’t have to proclaim out loud that they were going to vote someone out because of their skin color, it was a given. They have always had the large majority. It has been built into the game.

I’m not saying that every one is a racist. I do believe that some people are stuck on the bias they grew up with and/or don’t understand the what or why’s there is such a thing as systemic racism, the consequences of it or how it has shaped our belief systems. It is past time we take on an active role in educating ourselves. I mean, we want to look at both sides, right?

We all have room for improvement and should strive to do better, be better. We might have to face some hard truths about ourselves like how, even unwittingly, we have contributed to racism, systemic or otherwise. Let’s get over our white fragility. Love your neighbor, right?

BTW, the Black Lives Matter movement is not about black lives should matter more. It’s about black lives should matter just as much as white lives.

In case you’re wondering, I am a white old lady who grew up and still lives in the south. Hint: my state is in the top 3 of having the largest number of hate groups.

I really do prefer talking game. I always look forward to a summer of BB. It is my escape from the world, the politics and other BS, personal and otherwise. Unfortunately, this year all the negativity and uproar over an all black alliance has “triggered” me. So, I feel the need to chime in (also known as venting). I’m not to concerned with the backlash.

Have a nice day! (Insert smiley face)


You’re not ‘OLD’ but very ‘WISE’. You can see what is very apparent yet readily ignored. People are uncomfortable w change. Especially if they feel as if ‘others’ are going to get equal or as they say special treatment. Poor Whites can also get scholarships and the like but they have to be smart. Unfortunately, they live in impoverished school districts w subpar education, like many POC and that’s why many remain in poverty and are quite angry about it. (insert thinking face)


Thank you!

Backseat Driver

Very well said……you are spot on!




Very well stated, CujoWasHere. You put into words what I was thinking. Thank you




What a wonderfully wise & insightful woman you are. Thank you for your comment!


Thanks for hearing me!


It was casting, not racism. There is no evidence any other alliance formed based on skin color. Please tell me how racism however justified solves racism? I believe a member from CO would have won anyway because they are strong players.

Is Anbody Home

Are you daft? The Cookout wants a black person to win.


the cookout is doing the exact same thing to poc’s that white people did to them and that isn’t right.

Jennifer Kobyljanec

Turnabout is fair play. I say good for them and I’m as white as can be.


It is very sad that the game has come to this.

Game fan

those ky and tiff coudlles are so weird


He’s not into her she’s so desperate

V capega

Any port in a storm

Kid Rock

Creepy Weird!

Carlito's Way

So was the thing with SB and Ky. I will never get that one.

yvonne miller

He’s trying to get her jury vote just like he did to SB.


i really think she didnt like sb bc she couldn’t have ky



Jennifer Kobyljanec

It’s more than cuddles apparently. There’s video on Morty’s page of some action under the covers.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Wonder if that’s the reason why Ky was smiling then laughing when he got into his bed downstairs ? Lot of movement under the covers…..if that is all that happened, this cast is tame compared to the horn dogs on previous seasons….. shower chair * cough*


DF (in reference to the CO): “And that’s why we do what we do. We could have got each other out a long time ago.” DF was gonna get someone out? With what comp?

Alyssa: “I just thought of this and I know this is not the reason why we’re doing this at all. But if this plan follows through the final 7 are all minorities.” X has been pitching Alyssa as a POC addition to the CO in the last week. So, her epiphany is well-timed. I suspect production played a role in Alyssa’s sudden realization. And how convenient that she mentioned it to DF and Azah (X’s foot soldiers). Yep, production.


Casualties for a cause always going to happen. I feel bad for Claire, and she can’t even eat proper food or sleep in a comfortable bed for her last few days. She never complains, just a decent person all around.

The air in Alyssas head

Why feel bad? She could have waited and fell out of the competition at #4 & went home on a full belly but she chose to drop at #3…..not too bright.


Right on Clairehead too!

Christime Ahrens

Wsy would tgese gurls want to do this they won’t tolerate it.


once Claire and Alyssa are gone the real games will begin, its been a long wait.
Xavier and Kyland should dominate.
Dynomite baby!!!


I looked up Kyland on the internet and he goes by Kyland Young but it says his real name is Kyland Chaddha! Hannah’s last name is Chaddha. Could there be a connections?

The air in Alyssas head

Your internet is either outdated or needs to be refreshed….maybe it has covid.


That’s what it says!


As I was looking to see if Hannah Chaddha and Kyland Young were related ( cause his real name is Chaddha), I also read that Hannah’s ethnicity is white. Her father is from Delhi India but she identifies as white in her bio. That is very interesting to me that she is part of the cookout for being black! ?

Jaymie lee

When its convenient she is suddenly Black. Alyssa isnt white but isnt black enough. Derek x was chinese but didnt have dark black skin colour. And yet people say the Cookout isnt racist as they evict everyone Not the same colour skin as them, the free pass they get this year because people are afraid to call them out is convenient. But its not racist right. Keep telling yourself that it wont come true. Blacks cant be racist there black.

Game fan

Claire is not gonna talk to Alyssa ? She is on the block and she knows there is a connection between the CO that their two is not a part of..
Claire is not a good player at all if she can still not figure it out and try ..just try.. to get a vote from Alyssa to stay

The Beef

Claire’s “ride or die” just put her on the block! In doing so, she basically explained to her that she could NOT be responsible for causing ANY of the black players to go home on her HOH. Claire is an AI engineer IRL, so pretty smart. She flat out asked Tiffany if she was in an alliance with them and Tiffany lied to her and said “No”. In light of what Tiffany just did to Claire and their relationship throughout this game, do you think Claire believed that answer? Do you honestly believe Claire is that stupid, that she hasn’t figured out what’s going on yet? She knows, and she knows there’s nothing she can do about it. She’s also afraid if she raises a “stink” about it, she’ll lose her SJW status in real life, and be accused of being a racist, which sucks for her because that’s not fair. But that’s the world we live in today, with social media and political correctness.

If for some reason Alyssa were to vote for her to stay, that’s still just two votes (Alyssa and Hannah). If the CO gets wind of Alyssa voting X out (Hahahahaha, like THAT’S ever going to happen), Hannah will simply switch her vote, and vote Claire out, while claiming that she voted for her to stay. She’s leaving on a 4-1 vote because that’s what X wants to happen.


They are not a typical alliance. They agreed not to vote to evict each other until F6, as long as 2 weren’t on the block together. And not to put up 2 members at the same time until F6.

They did not all agree to decide moves together, which is why X knows Tiff kept her word by putting up Claire even though she did attempt to trick Alyssa first. Tiff never said she would do what X or the CO wanted, other than not evicting each other until F6.

The difference is that each can do what is best for their individual game, as long as they keep the F6 deal.

The Beef

So if each can do what is best for their individual game, as long as they keep the F6 deal, why the Hell are X, Ky, Big D, and Azah pissed at Tiffany for winning the most recent HOH and putting up Alyssa instead of Claire? Why was the whole show on Sunday night spent with DR’s of mostly CO men calling Tiffany “selfish” for playing her individual game and going against “the group”? Have we not seen them discuss and usually come to a consensus on a group target for the week, up until this week, when it became clear Claire will target the men if she stays and wins, while Alyssa will target the women if she does the same, so is it a big surprise that as we approach the “jumping off point” (F6), their interests are diverging? Yet Tiff exercises her right (as you say she has from the group) to play her individual game, and 4 of the 5 other CO members are spewing venom about her!

I think these recent events would seem to make your whole argument as to the true nature of the alliance go up in smoke. It’s pretty clear Tiff’s alliance partners expected her to throw the HOH, her personal game be damned. If you can’t see that, you either have your eyes closed or you’re blind.

another name

Here’s the way I’m seeing nominations shaping up *at the moment*
for Thursday’s second HOH.

  • Ky, Hannah win HOH: noms Alyssa, Xavier
  • Couch wins HOH: noms Alyssa, Tiff
  • Azah wins HOH: noms Alyssa, Ky* (probably unless swayed to Tiff)
  • Alyssa wins HOH: noms Ky, Tiff
  • Xavier wins HOH: He’s a complete idiot. He should want to stay 10 miles from winning it. Noms Tiff and ?

My question: Does Xavier act out of self interest or ego? He Shouldn’t want to win either the HOH or the Veto.
Sorry, going to be around a lot less for the rest of the week. Life lifing and family funeral. Again.

Kid Rock

TIFF will escape the DE because they all plan to get rid of Alyssa! It would be best for Hannah n ky to throw the DE HOH so that all three of them( tiff, ky, n Hannah) can play in the final 6 HOH


If Xavier wins HOH and doesn’t nominate Alyssa, I predict it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. He should lose all the CO members jury votes, just as he threatened Tiffany would earlier this week. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be mad about that whatsoever.

another name

I don’t think so. All he has to do is count on the public reaction. The cookout isn’t just a mission but a threat. Sure, he’s been plotting to cut the mission at 7 instead of 6… but so have most of the rest of them. All he has to do is take credit for things he had little involvement with on feeds, and the episode edit, from what i’ve been reading, seems to be doing that for him (heads up, I wouldn’t be AT ALL surprised if Alyssa is actually given credit through bizarre editing for Claire’s nom).

The Beef

That would have to be the edit of all edits! Only a moron would believe Alyssa (not the sharpest tool in the shed) could convince Tiffany to put her “ride or die” OTB for a “good reason”, and that reason NOT be to keep from evicting a CO member, in which case it would still be Tiffany’s nom.

Maybe stranger things have happened, but I just can’t think of one right now.


Sorry to hear of family funeral. Sending prayers and hugs. PS Hope X throws HOH and win POV

The Beef

Given Tiff can’t win HOH, Hannah has stated she doesn’t want to (she’s so loyal, the thought of winning to protect Tiffany will never enter her mind), and X SHOULDN’T want to, that leaves us with Ky and Alyssa as the two players with the best odds of winning, since Couch and Azah haven’t been close yet. Given Ky’s ego and the fact he knows Alyssa will put him up, I’d bet money on a Ky win, depending on the comp type, unless Alyssa goes down fast, in which case he might throw to Couch (of course, that assumes Couch outlasts Alyssa, lol). Since it’s a double, it will have to be some type of “quicky” comp of some kind I think. They usually are in doubles, which may open it up to the lesser competitors. Guess we’ll see.


Sorry to hear that. Take Care Friend. ceya next week.


Sorry to hear of your loss, Another Name. My best wishes to you and your family. We’ll do our best to have insightful discussions in your absence.

The Last Neanderthug

He said he didn’t want to be HOH this week.


Condolences to you and your family.


Sending you warm thoughts and hugs Another Name — I’m so sorry for your loss.

As for X – he’s played IMO his worst week of the season exposing ironically just how selfish a game player he is. We’ve assumed his game plan was to break the CO by taking Ally deep into the game (likely F2) but everything he did this week exposed him for ridicule whether he tries to do that or not moving forward. He’s proven to be completely unable to adapt throwing tantrums when everyone doesn’t play precisely how he DEMANDS. It’s likely part of his antics stemmed from a belief Tiff wouldn’t put the CO first if forced to nominate Claire — but she did.

X won’t try to win HOH & it’s doubtful Ky will either (unless he wants to stop Ally from winning). With Tiff not eligible that leaves Ally (Tiff/Ky), Big D (Ally/Tiff), Azah (Ally/Ky) & Hannah (Ally/X) vying to win. Barring hell freezing over DF is out which is fortunate for Tiff b/c that’s the one scenario where I could’ve seen X pull a fast one to win POV & burn the CO to save Ally & guarantee Tiff’s oust.

The craziest part of X’s constant Tiff bashing for being selfish is it’s all based on her not following X’s orders to keep Ally longer. And, that’s ridiculous b/c it’s equally selfish since Ally would protect him to take out originally Ky or Tiff but now X wants Tiff or Hannah targeted which is far trickier b/c Ally has a F2 with Hannah. STILL equally selfish. The problem is X has been on a Big D type roll this week to the point that Tiff knows she’s his target & Hannah also recognizes he isn’t on board with her either. He entered the week safe with them to F3 or F4 & his antics have moved him up to their priority boot.

To that end, there’s an outside chance X could be in trouble this week if Hannah wins HOH & Ally wins POV. In that scenario Big D is re-nom & should theoretically get voted out. And while Ky has seemingly shifted to being closer to the guys he’s also constantly hearing how X will win the game sooooooooooo if X/Big D are up could Tiff get him to recognize they should strike while the iron is hot & promise (maybe on family??) that her/Hannah are sincere about going to F3 with him & he can pick the boot order.


Also — Hannah started the week thinking she would throw the HOH but KNOWS now that she can’t. Typically DE HOH is Q & A (sometimes before/after) or speeches or memory. If it’s the latter I’d expect Hannah & Tiff to pull Azah into a room to help her study & in that scenario if Ally goes out before either of them Hannah can throw it to Azah (proving her loyalty).

AND Azah who intends to put up Ally-Ky and originally was going to re-nom Hannah but now knows she’d need to put up X as renom instead. The tricky part will be if Ally wins POV instead of Ky b/c that’s when things could get tricky with Tiff/Hannah wanting to vote out X. WHO would Big D save – – X or Ky?

I’d almost like to see it go down this way with Ky/X OTB & Hannah pulling Ally aside & telling her X threw the HOH b/c Ally was the target for the house & that he KNEW Tiff was putting them up but wanted to use Ally to take out Tiff or Hannah. She would have to reinforce their F2 deal & tell her she KNOWS X has F2’s with each of Ky, Big D & also offered her one plus she assumes he also has one with Azah. Plus he has F3 deals with Azah/DF, Ky/DF & her/Tiff so he’s covered in every way but the girls need to change the course of the game now by taking him out & her/Tiff & Ally can do that.

The Beef

One of the reasons I like your posts so much is because they are always so well thought out, so detailed and so logical. Hannah may realize she can’t throw this week, but I still believe she doesn’t want to win (shocker I know) so that she can still compete in the F6 HOH, so if she can throw to Azah, I think she’ll do it. I also think she’d throw to Ky or Big D, despite the threat that last one would be to Tiffany.

The only problem I have with your scenario above is Azah. Azah does NOT always think logically! She may now know she needs to put up X, but emotionally, I’m not sure she’s ready or capable of doing that, given her illogical attraction or “crush” as she says, she has on him. I do think she would put up Alyssa and Ky in the beginning, but somebody’s winning that veto, and with only 7 players, there’s a high probability either Ky, X or Alyssa will win it. If X wins, I believe he takes Alyssa down, saying he has to do it to “cover” for the CO (lol – isn’t that rich). Tiff then goes up. If Alyssa or Ky win, I’m just not sure Azah has the emotional strength to put X up! I mean, she WANTS him, and the whole CO outside of Hannah, wants Tiff OUT! It would be far easier for her to just slam Tiffany OTB and send her to jury, than risk having Ky and X both up there! Now if Ky wins, it might be easier for her to put X up, since Alyssa will still be up there, and X, theoretically, isn’t going anywhere, but you never know at this point in the game.

So, I’m not disagreeing with your logic at all. In fact it’s spot on as usual. I’m just concerned about Azah’s HEAD, and who’s living rent free inside of it. lol


Is it just me or is anyone else extremely annoyed at Azah’s desperation over X. I GET IT! He’s handsome! However he treats her like a rag doll and annoying gnat! Whenever he wants her, to think his way i.e. VOTE, he’s attentive. As soon as the votes done he ignores her and practically chews off his arm to get away. Has anyone called her “DESPER-Azah yet?


Yes, Azah’s desperation for X is bothersome on two levels: 1) It blinds her to his gameplay (she’ll keep X over Tiff/Hannah, not realizing that he’ll dump her at F4); 2) He exploits it to his advantage (he offers cuddles whenever he wants to persuade her opinion toward a certain game move).

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

I don’t think X is handsome at all….. good body, yes…. His personality is butt ugly


He should grow hair. His skull shape is almost pointy. Maybe he’ll realize when he watches the show back…bald is not a good look for X.


he is like Leon on Curb your Enthusiasm


J B Smoove

moaning myrtle

I agree. As I said, IMO, Azah is a weak player but a gem of a person. X called Alyssa a “dumbass” if she used the veto on him. Right or wrong how many female players put up with this man-baby thing? Why? How many females would call a strong player like X, positioned to win as they all ( even those in jury) believe, would call him a dumbass to his face for all the “Tiffany wronged me and I need to get my way” pouting he has been doing?
There is a reason men seem to dominate this game.


Has Granny been around this season? I miss her comments on the discussion boards.


Nope, Granny appears gone. :(


I miss her posts, too. :-(


I miss her…

moaning myrtle

oops sorry hot dog fingers this was a repost
But first, thank you another name, San Diego Gal, T..with basketball ( my sincere apologies for not getting it exactly correct) and all the other faithful regulars. This last Hail Mary by Tiff, sadly, will not work. I have really enjoyed your keen and witty observations. We all know and probably can agree that X will win. I am not seeing where X is a good gamer. He is a diplomat,athletic and I am sure all the skill sets he presents make him a fine lawyer, but ( I apologize for not finding your name) hit “the nail on the head when he/she/they said, they all think of him as the peacemaker and when their( houseguests) brain accesses schema,they can’t think of him any other way even when he is behaving selfishly, which he is doing now. I believe Tiff will follow Claire out the door on Thursday. X is really into Alyssa and his wanting to take her to final 4 is REAL – so much for the CO, Ky knows he can’t win next to X so it will be interesting to see if he takes a shot at him. Ky is so arrogant and condescending I believe he thinks he can out comp X to a win. Hannah is positioning herself for F3 cause she knows ( loves/respects Tiff but..) X will ditch them all for Alyssa.
Where I am frustrated is big talk do nothing Big D( CBS may never admit it but how it got 100 bucks for two weeks is sketchy, I genuinely believe people confused D with X) but he is ALWAYs , when I am HOH I’m doing this etc.. X and K are smart take D or Azha to F4 they can’t win anything and Azah, despite X telling her ( What game are you playing?and Azah can see X is going to protect Alyssa) If he “cuddles” with her just once Azah will do as he commands.For the first time I am not really rooting with enthusiasm, for anyone of them to win. If Big D wins AFP I think I will loose it! Jury should be fair: From the exit interviews Sarah B, DX, even the incoming Claire seem to have licked their wounds and are ready to vote for who has played the best game ( schema accessed =X because his bankability is his likability, with Alyssa coming in 2) X will successfully blame the burnout of the CO on Tiffany. My question: who do you think will moderate jury discussion Dr. Will ? DaVonne? I hope they get into it and ask some juicy questions. I know it’s an entertainment show but there is so much to unpack here..and I hope Tiffany not Big D gets some type of entertainment gig after the show ends- love her or hate her she is good tv. yeah I said that Sh**t.

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San Diego GAl- spot on yet again, yes Azah that why keeping her around makes sense. though I sure she would be a dream of a friend to or for anyone, is a weak player. It makes sense , game wise to keep Big D and Azha around. I am disappointed that she allows X to steer her as much as she does. “foot soldiers” so right on point! @ another name sorry about your loss your posts will be missed. Beef I couldn’t agree with you more: please let’s have a jury moderator like Dr. Will someone who knows the game and will not dance around the important questions. Yeah I still believe X has the game in lock and IMO Tiff will be gone on Thursday, Hannah is slyly moving to the next safe place for her to be in a final 3. How will Tiff feel when it is confirmed what she already knows : Kyland , X and Big D have a final 3 deal they fully intend to honor each one planning to take Big D to F2. Watch for X to save Alyssa every chance he gets. Who do you think will be AFP?


You are 100% correct that Azah would be an amazing friend IRL, but she struggles in the game. Her blind loyalty to X is painful to watch. X has been showing signs for weeks that he was never going to let his “plus one” (Alyssa) go. But the rest of the CO is so loyal to the cause (and to him) that they haven’t questioned him.

My guess for AFP is Derek X. He didn’t have the best game, but he remains top seed in all of the polls (not just OBB), which shows he’s beloved by the fans. Hannah is also very popular on BB Twitter and rising in online polls, so as of now, I could see her winning it.

The Beef

I agree that the CO are loyal to their cause, but I don’t believe any of them are loyal to each other. If so, name the “ride or dies” among them! To me, X’s “ride or die” is Alyssa, and I believe he’s shown that, putting her safety in front of the CO agenda (at least the F6 one – they’ve already got the “Win BB23” thing on lock). Ky’s “ride or die” was SB, and he too put her in front of the CO, by winning HOH when he wasn’t supposed to do it, and trying to win on another occasion to save her. Azah and Big D are close, but there’s no way they are “ride or die” close, not the way Big D talks to her, and Azah was a lot closer to Britini than she ever was to Big D IMHO. Big D is only close to whoever he thinks will drag him to final 2, and in order to be a “ride or die” that feeling has to be reciprocated by the other person. I don’t think either Ky or X see Big D as their “ride or die” guy. That leaves us with Tiffany and Hannah, the two with the closest thing to a “ride or die” relationship in the CO, but is it really? Tiffany was closer to Claire for most of the game, and wanted to work with DX when he was still in the game. Hannah was DX’s #1 “cuddlemance”, until she backstabbed him, and of course she’s always running to X to download everything Tiffany tells her, right after she says it, just like Andytherat as Another Name so aptly put it, so that’s not really a “ride or die” relationship now is it? In fact, I don’t think Hannah is loyal to anybody in this game, as she’s the one that came up with the “sitting duck” strategy during the COD week, and then talked Claire into playing, so that she couldn’t play in the HOH the following week (this week), which means, SHE’S the one who is ultimately responsible (in a round about way) for Claire going home this week. Now Claire certainly isn’t in the CO, but she’s been working with Tiffany and Hannah all season long, and we’re getting down to “nut cutting” time, and if X gets to keep his pawn, why shouldn’t Tiff and Hannah consider keeping their own, if in fact they were loyal to them?

Because they’re more loyal to the CO you say? I say they are loyal to the cause, but they damn sure aren’t loyal to the people, and there is a difference – a difference they are about to find out about on Thursday night and going forward. Depending on how things “break”, we may find that some of them aren’t even as loyal to the cause as some may think. This alliance, that some are trumpeting as the “goat”, is filled with non-aligned people, loyal to no one but themselves. I think we are about to see chaos unveiled upon the house. The only question is, who will take advantage of it?

Hopeful for a Good Season

I just watched Sundays episode. Tiffany is ridiculous. She sent Claire to jury. I hope she follows her during the double. She thinks she’s winning 750000.

The Beef

Sunday’s episode was a terrible edit for Tiff – a complete whitewash of what really happened. Ky was supposed to drop BEFORE Azah did, so that everyone could throw the HOH to her. When Alyssa dropped very early, they were primed to put their plan into action, but Ky failed to follow through. When Ky did that, Tiffany refused to drop to allow Ky to get his 3rd HOH win, and thus pad his resume’.

Don’t let the production narrative and editing skew your view of what really happened in that house. It’s pretty clear production wants X to win this season, so they’re in favor of Claire going this week instead of Alyssa, so they were in favor of a Ky win over Tiff for sure. That’s why Claire’s name wasn’t drawn to play in the veto comp (her chip probably wasn’t even in the bag) and also why the veto comp was one in which a person with small hands (Alyssa) was favored to win.


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