Frank “What girl do we send home?” James “A vet” Frank “Day?! I wasn’t sure you would be on board!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 17-22-57-708

5:20pm Nicole, Zakiyah, DaVonne and Corey are chatting outside of the HOH room. DaVonne says I don’t want to give him the opportunity to play in the veto. But if ya’ll think like that’s what you want to do then we can. I just don’t want to swing and miss. I don’t want to be in jury with him. Nicole leaves. Tiffany joins them. She asks Corey you’re going to gun for HOH right?! Corey says I guess. Tiffany tells DaVonne he must think you’re alone. He must think I am too, to just throw me up.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 17-28-30-994
Storage room – Frank says she (Tiff) asked Michelle the other day if she should make a deal with me. I’m one vote. You want me to sway the vote, you sway the vote .. you got yourself up there. Am I on anyone’s pissed off radar? Frank says no just mine about the underwear. Paul asks moving forward what happens next week. Frank says I would be careful not to win HOH because the house wants those two girls up and I wouldn’t want you to damage your relationship with Bronte. I don’t want to put them up. I like Bridgette and she’s close to them. Paul asks who is the best bet to win? Frank says I wouldn’t mind if Corey or Nicole won it. I would let Michelle take it from my team or even Paulie. I don’t want it either. Frank says its too early to get your hands dirty bub. Paul heads to the kitchen and tells Paulie, DaVonne and Zakiyah about how Frank told him he wants Nicole, Corey, Paulie to win. Its too early to get your hands dirty bub!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 17-40-12-468

5:35pm Bedroom – Frank says if my team doesn’t win ..Paulie. James asks Paulie? Frank asks don’t you think? James asks ah ..I’m thinking maybe some girls instead. Is it too early to take out a big guy? Frank says I’m just worried him and Z are getting too close and he’s going to be a target anyway. Frank asks what girl do we send home that’s not on our team? James says man I’m thinking maybe a vet? Frank asks who are you thinking? Day?! Hold on is that really what you’re thinking? I wasn’t sure you would be on board with that. James says yeah. (James is lying to Frank, telling him whatever he wants to hear.) I’m down to do whatever the house wants. If we can get other people on board. Frank says I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t sure anyone would be on board. Bronte and Natalie aren’t winning anything and if they do win we’re not going up. I wasn’t sure you two had something or not because you were on the same season. She was hinting she wanted to put up Corey and Paulie. She was saying she wants to make some big moves. And that’s what scares me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 17-47-49-232
5:50pm Nicole and Corey are talking in the Havenot room. Corey says she’s bad news. Nicole says that Zakiyah and Day are too close. Corey says We need to get the roadkill. Nicole says I want to make a big move. Say if Paul is HOH and puts up Frank. I’m putting freaking Day up. And she’s freaking going home. Just the way she presents information .. she’s sketchy as hell. She changes the topic.. she changes what she says. She was saying you weren’t on his radar and then when you came in she made it sound worse. I told her that Frank was wanting to backdoor her. I want her to be worried. James joins them. They talk about Nicole’s first boyfriend and how they were together for 5 years before they had s*x.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 17-48-53-713

6:15pm DaVonne, Zakiyah and Michelle. DaVonne says the way he is playing is stupid. Like he wants to get caught and sent home. Michelle asks do you guys really trust Paul to win it? DaVonne says I’m going to try and win it. I think he’s a good guy. Zakiyah says he said he would hand it off to us if he could. Zakiyah says Bridgette has to go right after (Frank). Michelle says yes give her 10th place.. not even single digits. They talk about how Frank was thinking of saying to Tiffany “Your sister got 3 place and you got 13th.. have fun talking about that over Thanksgiving dinner. Zakiyah says ugly. Being ugly. Paulie joins them. DaVonne tells him how she thinks Frank wants to go home. Like he wants to be caught.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 18-09-18-386
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Havenot room – Tiffany and Nicole. Tiffany says I’ve got.. Day, Michelle, James, You and Corey. That’s five. Tiffany says I think I would at least deserve to not be blindsided. Nicole says I would feel that way too. Tiffany asks you would tell me wouldn’t you? Nicole says yes and if it changes I would run and tell you. So you talked to Day and she’s good. Tiffany says Day’s good, Michelle’s good, James said he’s good. And then you two. Nicole asks what about Paulie? Tiffany says he says he’d good.

6:40pm Frank tells Corey about how James said he wanted Day out. If he’s on board with it, then I’m on board with it. I was worried he would be butt hurt if we did that. He’s worried about the numbers. He wants a girl to go home. He knows everyone else would want to see Natalie or Bronte go. The only other alliance member he is worried about is Tiffany. It makes sense, its the only one I’m worried about after Tiffany. He knows if he wins he can’t put up Natalie and Bronte they’re on his team. Paulie joins them. Frank says like I was telling him (Corey) our team or his team need to win HOH. Paulie says I wouldn’t mind another week of safety.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 19-12-35-381
6:50pm – 7:15pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return the house guests are discussing videos they saw. (They watched photos on the living room tv and need to remember details for the HOH competition tomorrow.) In the bedroom – Paul, Nicole, Tiffany, DaVonne and Zakiyah are studying together. Nicole says crap I should have paid more attention. Tiffany says he (Frank) was so cocky he kept walking away.

HOH room – Bronte and Natalie are studying. Bronte says that Frank said he won the last one (Comp similar to this one in his season.) Natalie says Frank has a really good memory. Bronte says my goal is for us to be safe. I don’t care who goes home as long as its not us. i don’t think Frank will come for us. He is really close to Bridgette. Frank is probably going to go after Day or Z. I don’t think frank is an idiot… if the house is plotting to send him home, I bet he knows. Natalie says this game gives me a headache. Bronte says I would prefer Frank win over Paulie. Natalie says I’m not going to have any targets. What ever the house wants the house can get.

7:30pm Safari room – Corey and Frank are talking. Frank says Day was all up on those pictures. I don’t think Paul will do well, all he did was memorize the names. I’m going to go to Tiffany and says why don’t you get a good night’s rest to you’ll look great for Julie. I don’t think Nicole will do well at it. Corey says Day said I got it. Frank says she said that about the math roadkill comp too. Frank says the one thing I like about these comps is a big chunk of people will get knocked out quick.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 19-28-30-781

7:45pm Nicole, Day and Zakiyah are in the bathroom. Tiffany tells Michelle not to make fun of her bland speech. Michelle says I hate bland speeches. Tiffany says help me then! Michelle says no, you do you. Tiffany says I just don’t want to think about it. They say that Frank and the power puff girls can’t win it.

7:55pm Kitchen James and Paulie. James says you know who would give him (Frank) a run for his money in this one… Tiffany. Paulie says I might talk to Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte and give them wrong information on purpose.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-13 19-54-52-346

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Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I love how Nicole is talking smack about Da doing the exact same thing she does. At this point I’d rather see her gone. Her game is just as bad as anyone’s. People are going to find out she’s shooting her mouth off like Frank. Da needs to slow her roll. Does anyone here believe someone’s going to put Frank up in the next few weeks? Too scared of it not going through and him coming after them next. Please get Nicole out before jury!!!


So Nicole wants to put up Day alongside Frank when Paul is HOH, LOL, she do realizes that Paul is on Day’s team right? i really can’t deal with Nicole trying to think for herself. The reason she was evicted last time is because she allowed others to influence her decisions despite knowing the numbers. This time she is aware of the numbers and yet she wanted Day out who is still a part of her crew. It will be so funny if Day, James, Natalie, Michelle, wins the next three-four HOHs, I can almost see Nicole being a casualty on that arrangement and worse self evicting because Corey and Frank are now out.



Powder Puff Girls

Is this a Vote Tiff out day? I cannot keep up with them!

Mister Pickles


Powder Puff Girls

so it looks like the house is still undecided by the thumbs up and down


God i almost purged my dinner out when the screenshot of Frankie Grande appeared in tonight’s episode when Paul mentioned him, is there a way BB can just ban any use of mention of Frankie in the BB house? I’m sick of hearing about that talentless turd.


He had a show on some channel, Own, Oxygen, or something, it was commenting on internet videos…I’m sure that it went well.

I guess originality was never an option.

Captain Crunch

Nicole is the last person who should be calling someone sketchy with all her flip-flopping.. She actually thinks she can trust Frank lol when everyone in the house knows he’s trying to get everyone to do his dirty work by making everyone go after each other but she doesn’t care. I see her time ending like in BB16 when she cried to Donny saying she cant “trust these people” when all the signs were there but she’s worried more about her trying to find a bf than play the game.

Worst Season Ever

This crap is so bad it’s not even funny anymore. This is the last season of BB it will not get picked up again after this epic failure season. Think I’m lying? Google Nielson Ratings.

Goodbye Big Brother. It was a good run. Rest in PeaCe.

Nicole helped knock the show ratings down in Season 16 and now she has officially ended it’s run.

Powder Puff Girls

it is too bad BB is down in Google Nielson Ratings. I love this show and look forward to it every year (and BBCan). If it was ever scheduled to end I would be the first to petition to keep it on. I like the cast this year.

Mister Pickles

You like the cast. That’s the problem.

Powder Puff Girls

I have to ability to like the cast and at the same time dislike their gameplay which does not affect the Neilson Ratings.

Jake K.

Neilsen ratings are a bit down. But the show has won it’s time slot every night including the Sunday before July 4th and most nights wins the night. For the show that Sunday of July 4th to get a 1.5/5 despite the holiday, BET awards, and NBCs Olympic Trials with Michael Phelps is impressive as it both won the time slot and the night. The show has decreased with age but the audience and fan base has gotten older which explains a slight droppable in Nielsen ratings yearly. I follow ratings pretty closely and this take comes off as a bit ignorant. If I’m Moonves, I’m seeing the low cost show which continues to win nights and DVR ratings 3 nights a week as a cash cow I will continue to put on for years to come.

Fuzzy Num Num

It’s not the worst season. Did you forget the year of fluids with Amanda and McCrae? Or Frankie Grande and his pink poofff? I was afraid those stamped paid to the whole enterprise.


They won’t “cancel” Big Brother, just surrender the rights. CBS doesn’t own Big Brother and other networks would probably kill to get it. The rights to Big Brother are sold to a broadcast company, much like a franchise, they don’t own the game, name, etc. They surrender it, Big Brother will just go to another network.


Nicole is handing Frank the money.


Nicole is truly pissing me off!!! Honestly, why does anyone like her? Her and Corey are the sketchiest in the house. I hope their game blows up major.


Right now who leavin’ tommorrow?


Seriously Frank has to be one of the most clueless people to ever play. I almost feel sorry for him, How can he lecture Paul on decorum (put on some pants) when he farts in people’s faces while they are eating. I don’t know why people are afraid that keeping Tiff will tip him off that he is a target. He is so self absorbed he has his sock puppet Bridgette whispering “oh Frank, you are THE man” in his ear. He could be sitting center stage with Julie Chen and still not realize he has been evicted. I can’t remember when a BB houseguest has had 11 people all agreeing that they are the #1 target and that person (Frank) not having the slightest clue. I am waiting for Nic to be the one to spill it.

Froot Loop Dingus

First a comment on how dumb Nicole is in this recap. If Pail is HOH even if you win the roadkill you can’t put up Davonne.
No on to the complete shit show that aired tonight. I agree with Worst Season Ever. I will be shocked if this isn’t the last season of BB
Tiffany -aka Vanessa 2.0. If you don’t want to be compared to your sister, stop crying and picking your face while you in fact compare yourself to her.
Bridgette – an embarrassment to women everywhere. The baby voice (fake) the skipping and acting shy, and then climbing on top of Frank. Ugh.
Bronte – also embarrassing. Stupid voice, and the thing with undressing in front of James. And talk about implants. He bones poke out everywhere but she has flotation devices.
Nicole. – stop whining and flipping
Paulie – he really does look like a bobble head
Frank – so obnoxious and fake. You can tell the diary room segments are set up to make him likeable, but he’s still coming across like a douchebag.
James – I think I hear Meg calling him.
Da’Vonne – it’s like watching a blaxploitation movie every time she talks. Wagging her finger and bobbing her neck. She is ghetto. All that’s missing is her pimp named Huggy Bear. Frank popping her ass is the least she should worry about her child seeing.
Michelle, Cory, Zakiyah – are they even still in the house?
Natalie – has really grown on me. Showed a lot of character and brains tonight. She has potential.
Paul. – also like him more and more. He’s playing a smart game by playing the fool. And in this house no one will probably figure it out.
And finally, I think they should ban the phrase “your boy”. So lame.

Jimmy 64

I’m lost !!!!

Powder Puff Girls

Not sure where they are right now I asked the same question.



Misty Beethoven

My white board and colored markers couldn’t help me follow this hot mess. Cue the Benny Hill music…


Watching the live feeds right now, Paulie, Michelle, Z, Nicole & Corey have decided to keep Tiffany. They’re not even telling Day about it.

Then Paulie, Corey & Nicole are now talking about keeping frank next week and he can help them get Tiffany and Da’Vonne out in the coming weeks.

Corey's slippers

Hey Frank! Do you want Corey and I to do a little dance for you? Grrrrrr!!!!!

The Roach Coach

…still a fruitloop-dingus


As Dora the Explorer oops I mean Bridgette says “Frank really does know best” ugh she is something else…I just can’t listen to her ,Frank or Nicole. I think Tiffany has had a raw deal since day one. I Feel bad for her.

Joe daddy

Feel sorry for the crybaby? Why? Just like her sis. “I’ve been loyal-” Uh-no you haven’t. You didn’t try to throw the veto comp like you said you would. See, just like sis, you want your team to have your back, but you not have theirs. What is it about that household that raised such selfish crybabies???


Zip it Donald. No one cares.


It was really hard to watch Bridgette snuggle with Frank the slimeball on tonight’s episode. She is either really that naive, or really that lonely and desperate. Either way, it made me sick. She has drunk the Kool-aid.


The thing the live show got completely correct tonight was how cringe worthy Bridge and Frank are together. And that “thank you” she gave him when he told her he won RK and put her up week 1 made me shiver.

Day not helping Nic study with her just created even further doubt in Nic’s already paranoid mind regarding Day/Mich. Corey just told Paulie that Day is coming for the both of them and that she might need to go next week.

As the vote stands now it looks like Tiff is going. Unless Day, Z, or Paul win HOH (and I don’t want Paul to, I want him to stay UTR) then next weeks potential targets will be Frank, Day, and Bridge. I’m so ready for the fireworks though. Things are getting really good this season!


So who is going home?!?!?!?!?!?!?????



No worries

No worries Tiff fans.

She will be back. And will not leave again till finale night. Not confirming or denying that she is winning the season.

Just do not fret tomorrow if she leaves house.



If Tiff is gone, she’s gone.
There’s no comp she can win nor would CBS want that snoozer back in the house to sit around and just stare at everyone.
Her campaigning technique is the worst I’ve seen… “I’ve got your vote right?? Cool! Hey, I’ve got your vote too, right? Cool, my work here is done”.


Boooo! Not u Simon but Tiffany going out. Stupid ratcole. I hope she’s out next week and Tiffany kicks her butt to get back in.

That True

Illegal aliens. Vote Trump.


Da’vonne is not ghetto! Quit trying to elicit whatever it is that you’re trying to elicit. This season of BB is depressing me for many reasons. It’s been lacklustre at best.
Which is sad for me because it’s my summer thing.
I guess I will just keep my fingers crossed that next year will make up for this year.


Who’s going home at this point? It’s always hard to tell because people always tell other players what they want to hear, so it’s hard to know at any given time what’s real and what’s BS.

It would be helpful if you had a rown in your table header for ‘current consensus to go home’ or something like that.


Who’s going home at this point? It’s always hard to tell because people always tell other players what they want to hear, so it’s hard to know at any given time what’s real and what’s BS.

It would be helpful if you had a row in your table header for ‘current consensus to go home’ or something like that.


if frank wins hoh tomorrow the people who want him out will turn against each other in I bet day will be the
one to tell all


Wouldn’t it be funny if the videos isn’t the HoH but the PoV… looks like favorites are being done again production must want Frank as the new HoH… oh well.

I am so glad I am not in that house because they would all drive me crazy and I would have blown up all of their games this week and messed with their heads because they were annoying me. I have no idea how people do it.

I have no one I am cheering for… maybe James… Mamma Da and Zak… Paul and Corey for Straight Guy for the Queer Eye Candy… but hopefully Victor comes back…. Why do Gay Canadians get the Hot Gay BB houseguest to cheer for??? unfair… we get Jozea and Franky Grande, haven’t had a good gay hottie since Will Wilkie so unfair… just venting.

I hope Victor or Tiffany come back… but it would be great if they got out Frank and he came back with a vengeance and the clicks get way smaller and real tension blows up the house. I really want a good Game Blow up now.

I think Nicole needs to go, Frank needs to go and Michelle needs to go… I would like to see three- four weeks of blow ups. Am I going to get it…. nope.


Frank will be HOH whenever Frank decides he wants to be HOH.
As for your “I would of done this” & “I would of done that” chest puffs, I have a simple response… No you wouldn’t of.


but maybe we would have or would’ve, but never would of. 🙂


I’ve seen several people not liking the game James is playing. I personally think he has a good rapport with all the houseguests.
He talks game with Frank, Paulie, Da, Nicole and Corey.
He is friendly with Paul and Brontesaurus.
Michelle is smitten with him even if she won’t admit it.
Nat is is snuggle bunny.
Z is just a cool gal.
Bridge is bridge so she is expendable.
He is not on anyone’s radar except Frank’s, but who isn’t?


I can’t wait for the fallout from those videos….with Frank acting so confident and having won that game before. The fear and loathing will coat the house and Paulie and Da will completely lose their sh*t. So the question becomes who runs to rat 1st. Paul is the natural pick since that’s apparently his only function in the game, but I tend to think it’ll be the spy girls. Then Nicole and Corey slide closer, James will do whatever Nat says.

Pretty soon Paulie, Z, and Day will be on an island….


Nicole is the biggest paranoid snake around…I can’t wait until James tells day and Michelle what frank said and I wanna see Corey and Nicole’s game blow up! Also, why isn’t z talking game with day…where does the rest of the house stand ????

Joe daddy

Every year people say worst year ever last season ever and they are wrong every single time.
Dayvonne told Frank move yo big ass he said shut yo mouth then she went crying ‘he told me to shut my mouth! SOB’ What a dillrod. Playing the offended card for what? Attention? Why just make random enemies? That’s what got her booted last time. This is a GAME. learn to play it.

Never worse then bb15

I almost stopped watching after season 15. That season makes all other look better IMO. My blood boils still when I think of that fist full of a holes!!

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

I would have paid big money to have Nicole there as Michelle was giving Corey a massage. You may think she may not think it’s a big deal. Trust me it would have driven her mad and her face would have been priceless!


Bye Tiffany! I don’t think anyone but Da cares if she goes! Nicole is throwing a wrench in this whole lets get Frank out next week she doesn’t have the ovaries to get him out although I don’t think her name has ever come out of his mouth to vote out….

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Go Michelle! Michelle to Paulie: “With or without you We have the votes to keep Tiff”

Save Tiff!

Paulie is so pissed! LOL!

Franks face tomorrow! BOFL!!!!



Bye Bronte!

#Tiff for the Win!


I wonder what Bridgette’s boyfriend thinks of her after tonight’s episode showing her gag-worthy cuddle session with Frank.