Helen tells Elissa threaten them with all the secrets of the knockouts if they don’t vote for me to stay.


10:40am – 11:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Helen and Elissa are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Ginamarie joins them. Elissa heads to the kitchen and fills the coffee pot with 12 cups of water and then knocks over the coffee pot spilling all the water out onto the counter. Big Brother asks the house guests to clean the bathroom. Elissa heads into the bathroom to clean it. Aaryn comes down from the HOH room and starts making her breakfast. Big Brother calls her to the diary room. Out in the backyard Helen is running. Aaryn comes out of the diary room and heads up to the HOH where she finishes eating her breakfast, cleans up a bit and then goes back to sleep.

CBS Interactive Inc.
11:55am – 12:15pm Helen and Elissa are cleaning the bathroom. Elissa says we have been living in squalor. Helen comments that her, GM and Aaryn have all cleaned the bathroom. Elissa says I am glad GM cleans the bathroom because she is one of the messiest people in here. Elissa says we are living on a TV set. Helen says that is why we should keep it cleaner. Elissa says I take no part in the sloppiness. Elissa says these razors look like an infestation of bacteria and tetanus. Helen tells Elissa that she trusts McCrae but not Amanda. Helen tells Elissa that you can threaten them with all the secrets of the knockouts (Knockouts Alliance: Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen, Judd) if they don’t vote for me to stay. Don’t do anything yet, I am going to lobby for votes. Elissa tells Helen that she overheard Ginamarie talking about Helen lobbing for her vote, but she was still going to vote her out. Elissa says that she can’t handle their trashy behaviour. Helen asks Elissa do you think Amanda is trying to get me out? Elissa says I don’t know, probably. Elissa then says don’t bring me into anything. Helen says she won’t. Elissa says I just know Spencer feels really really safe and that’s weird you know. Obviously they want to breakup our votes. Helen agrees.

12:20pm – 12:30am Elissa says if they are working together, they for sure want you gone. Helen says of course. It’s going to come down to you, Andy and McCrae. Elissa asks did Andy, Amanda and McCrae try to make an alliance with you? Helen says no, we have gotten close but never made a deal like that. Helen says Aaryn, Amanda and I only worked together to get Judd out. I know Amanda is coming after me, it’s obvious. Helen says she needs to get McCrae to vote to keep her. Elissa asks do you think he will? Helen says I don’t know. Helen says that McCrae would trust me more than Spencer. Elissa says I don’t know if he will care as long as he gets it done. Elissa wonders if McCrae would want someone here to go after Amanda. Helen tells Elissa if I leave you are the swing vote, you can vote however you want. That will drive them crazy. Elissa goes to lay back down. Helen heads out to the backyard to do more laundry.

12:30pm – 2:15pm Helen cleaning the kitchen while all the other house guests continue to sleep. Helen heads to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. She does more laundry and then heads to the kitchen to bake slop muffins. Aaryn is awake in the HOH room getting ready for the day. Meanwhile downstairs Andy is wake and in the bathroom but goes right back to bed. Elissa is now awake again and in the kitchen. She puts Helen’s sloppy muffins in the oven.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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if helen wants to expose the knockouts, then she should do it. dont tell elissa to. but that is besides the point because the knockouts was never a real and solid alliance.

JOKES on helen.


Helen needs a life jacket this week. Doesn’t look like anything she does will really work in her favor because of the 3am alliance and the 5-person alliance.

The only hope she has is coming back into this game. BUT…she will have to fight Candice, Judd, and Jessie for that one spot.

Good luck with that.

I don’t feel sorry for her. There were plenty of opportunities for her to see that Andy was double-crossing her. She just let him sail through the radar and tell him everthing. She really believes that Jessie ruined her game. No, honey….u did.

Master Splinter

HELEN must feel like a dummy . Now she is about to go . Everything Howard told her came true ?


This is to funny. Helen is telling Elissa, once she leaves you have my permission to vote however you want. LOL! Helen will release Elissa from her mind control upon leaving the house, unless Helen wins the eviction comp and gets back into the house. Then Helen will reestablish her mind control over Elissa.


Gooogle Amanda realator twitter ? You will see info we are not suppose to know it shows her as a Los Angeles realator and her boyfreind tweets to her ? He is a huge Reality tv producer ? You have to google those exact words for it to come up AMANDA REALTOR TWITTER is the only way it will pull up ? Look it up and tell me i am a lie it shows she works in Hollywood . It shows that her boyfriend is a Reality tv producer ?


Pull up her resume and it clearly states she is a realtor and actor and shows all the shows where she has had an acting role, and that she has a SAG card. Also pull up Babara Zuckerman, I think that is the name, who works for CBS and it shows that she is related to an Amanda Zuckerman. Coincidence I do not think so.

Hey Black Pussy Cat

You idiot!!! I just looked that up on Google, Bing, and even Facebook. You got the wrong Amanda. Are you that blind???


that guy should be on bb making sht up like that


No it is the right Amanda because her picture is attached to it. Try again!


Apparently you are the IDIOT because it is clearly her or can you not see?????


Subposibly 4chan has emails from Amanda to Alison. Not hard to find info on mirc. I have a feeling really soon here we are going to see something happen.


helen’s gameplay has really gone downhill. the knockouts were over when they backdoored judd. i don’t get why she thinks exposing the knockouts would mean anything. it’s crazy that she thinks she can control elissa and andy and actually goes around telling people she can manipulate them. both of them are really gonna dislike helen if they hear about how helen thinks she can control them and they are just a vote. helen has done a horrible job with her two main allies recently. she should have been focused on bringing in more numbers, like focusing on her relationship with aaryn and gm last week, but she didn’t. and she is targetting spencer and amanda, while trying to work with mccrae. LOL i have NO idea why helen would think she has the numbers/any control this week.


I would love to hear Helen say, “we should have followed Jessie’s plan to get Amanda out last week.” She owes Jessie a huge apology.

Hey Now

Helen will never say that. She would have to admit that she was wrong and she will never admit that. Helen is a control freak. Its a house decision unless the house is targeting her. Elissa self evicting affects me. Jessie wanting to flip the house threatens me. Howard is a threat because he is attempting to recreate an alliance, no one can have an alliance except Helen. No it played out just the way it was going to happen, Helen was the only one not understanding her own actions.


Very well said!


i would rather hear elissa say to helen:

“after amanda orchestrates your eviction, i’m next, and i’m worried. let’s go have a talk with aaryn, spencer and gm to see if we can get amanda evicted this week!”

Chai Tea Latte

Howard, Candace & Jessie all tried to tell her.

Master Splinter

AMANDA knows she will win the $500,000 dollars this looks so rigged for her .


This how i think Amanda is going to win. She is going to ask Andy to throw it to her and he will.


This show is disgusting anymore. I now believe the story I read that the show is fixed for scummy Amanda to win. I am done with this show. I honestly can’t stomach these people anymore or a show that is rigged.


No, the show is not rigged for Amanda to win. If it was then the producers wouldn’t have allowed for her to be nominated at all by the MVP. And it was up to the houseguests to vote her out and they didn’t.


What have you been smoking and what more proof do you need? Her family works for CBS, and she is a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and is best friends with AG not to mention the wonderful edits she gets on the CBS show!! Do you need a door to hit you in the fact to see what is right in front of your nose? The show smells to high heaven that it is rigged!


Black Lion we know it is you. STOP LYING!!!


Be serious what does he have to gain. Just google it yourself and see it is right there for all the world to see or just keep on denying just to spite yourself.


Did you google ? AMANDA REALATOR TWITTER . See i told you so thats her she has her picture on the twitter . Her boyfriend works for CBS too i think . hE IS A HUGE REALITY TV PRODUCER with many contacts . He also knows Alison Grodner ? And Amanda has family that works for Warner Brothers and CBS a fact .


I googled Amanda Zuckerman resume and WOW there was all the proof you needed and it clearly states that she works as a realtor and actor. I mean it is right there in black and white.

Here's Another Resume



To Name, regardless of her CBS affiliation, the fact that twice she was nominated and could have been voted off is proof this is not rigged for her. Yes she may have gotten in BB by her connections whilst thousands had to audition, but just because she’s doing well in the game doesn’t mean it’s rigged for her.

Andy and her alliance chose to align to her by their own wishes, the house voted to keep her on their own. It’s coz she was part of an alliance that was loyal to her. I feel that when people hate a houseguests all objectivity flies out the window. Truth is the girl is playing a great game. I mean her second MVP nomination the producers could have easily put Aaryn but it was Amanda that was nominated. Aaryn would have been an easy nomination, a believable one.

No matter the affiliation to CBS, at some point the houseguest is left to play the game on their own making their own strategy and alliances. The producers are not responsible for that. Amanda is lucky to have had protection but it was from her alliance, not the producers.


WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!! Your entire argument about it not being rigged goes out the window because SHE DID NOT GO HOME!!! Also, people that have relatives are disqualified from being on any show or network where they work. It is called CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Look it up!


She was not voted out because the other houseguests did not vote her out, not the producers. Really simple. She’s not immune to nominations, just like everyone else. The producers don’t control their votes, they themselves decide who to vote for. Meaning it had nothing to do with rigging quit saying it’s rigging when the fact of the matter is she’s playing the game and playing good.

Just like Elissa, she had her Brenchel army now no more MVP and she’s playing the game like everyone they’re all even now. Just because Amanda is prevailing has nothing to do with CBS affiliation. People say this because they can’t stand her. All she has is connections that’s it. And the whole time Aaryn was Helen’s puppet but this time she chose Amanda. Was it the producers doing? Puhleese.

Plus Amanda has been shown in negative light, her fight with Candice where she called her Shaniqua. Give credit where credit is due and quit the whole ‘rigged’ thing just because a player people hate is still in the game.


relative are not suppose be on the show its a conflict there, yes American vote for her 3x and yet she stay could it be bb told who to vote out (they have done it before) and that’s the only reason why she is still there, the only reason why she called candies that name I believe she was told to call her shaqua(after all when was the last time you heard that name ) BB didn’t want her saying any race remark for fear that she won’t be hired in the future(SAG) but calling her a name was a safe thing..when was the last time you saw BB with so much sex going on really Amanda getting paid good money to hop on Mc,. And do you think Mc family wants her as a daughter-in-law someone who can’t be faithful to her boyfriend back home then shows everyone how much a slut you can be to get pai

Helen you deserve everything you get you had people (howard,jessie,candice, Elissa) who would had back you up but no you threw them under the bus now you crying for votes Are you going to teach your children to Lied and cheat in games to be the Winner.


Stop making excuses what’s with the ‘could be BB told who to vote out.’ Utter rubbish, now you’re just speculating. So the producers now tell them how to vote, that’s ludicrous. Production manipulates the game now and then but people vote based on what furthers them in the game. In this case it was because Helen taught them to vote with the house and that’s why they voted the way they did. I say this because that’s what one houseguest said and that’s what’s been going on. You just can’t admit Amanda’s army legitimately came through for her. That’s what alliances do sometimes, save their alliance members.

Everytime things don’t go the way some people want then they cry that it’s rigged. Get over it. Amanda’s kicking ass and people can’t stand it. Coup d’etat was production rigging the game, but people voting, come on.


Some people cannot see the forest for the trees and really show how they have no idea how the process works, but keep your heads in the clouds until you are hit in the face with the reality that is is rigged.


The houseguests could have voted Amanda out, but they didn’t. They are the ones that kept her in the game, not production. And she could be evicted in the coming weeks if someone decides to turn on her. Sometimes the villain prevails. Aaryn the hated racist won comps over Howard and Candice. It’s the way things turn out sometimes.
If there was to be any rigging then the producers would have gotten rid of the racists and made Howard or Candice win HOH, but that’s not what happened.
Yes rigging exists but not in every move in the house.


I bet Helen,Jessie ,Judd and Candace wish they had voted Amanda out when they had the chance after seeing that was there biggest mistake . America tells you vote her out twice and you all were so dum to go after Howard ,Candace ,Jessie , Judd,Jeremy ,David and Nick Uhass . They all should have voted Amanda out even Kaetlin the night she got evicted in her interview with Julie . Kaetlin said VOTE OUT AMANDA .


Whoa, Black Lion, what are you saying here? Are you actually admitting that Helen, Jessie , Judd and Candice have free will in the game and could’ve potentially voted Amanda out had they so chosen? This goes against everything you’ve been preaching lately. How is the season rigged for Amanda if these players could’ve voted her out?

Queen Bee, everything you’re saying is 100% right. Don’t worry about it, logic doesn’t work on the stupid.

Just Read The Book

Isn’t that the whole point of BB? Now let us get back to the game!


She’d wipe her ass with the money. Like many of them in their, they don’t need it. The ones that did are gone.

Master Splinter

Howard tried to get all of them to vote Amanda out . America put Amanda up two weeks in a row ? This is nuts now Helen is going home ? Everything went exactly the way Howard told them it would . They Amanda and Mcrae our picking them off one at a time and turning them against each other by planting mind bombs with in there by doing certain things .


at what point will aaryn andy, and gm wake up and realize they’re next, after elissa and spencer? i’m sorry, but hoh and pov wins are not a dime a dozen, and need to be used when they’re won.

alliances will only take you so far, and less far when your not controlling the alliance. wake up, people, here’s your first alarm, don’t hit the snooze button.


I just know in years past (when they had great BB seasons!! How I long to see that again)…..The players targeted the stronger players who won a lot of comps/HoH’s….Hint HInt….Maybe at some point they will want Aaryn out since she wins so much or have these super fans just become super naive!!!! I think they came in that way….never mind!!! Ugh!

Skidd Marks

Howard was terrible at this game, but at least he didn’t need a crystal ball to predict the obvious. He saw what was going on. Helen has already said that keeping Amanda around was crucial for her own personal strategy; that strategy has ultimately sealed her fate.

Master Splinter

All they had to do was vote Amanda out when she kept going up ? America tried to help them ?


when it came down to the dumbest moves this season, Helen was involved with every single one of them….even with her own eviction.

Dan Fan

yup like that Jeremy backdoor during Helen’s HOH…that seemed rigged too.

you know ok...

They should all tell Helen “This is what the HOUSE wants” She should understand that!

Say What

Nope this is a classic Helen move. When Helen felt threaten by Kait, she rallied all the Super Friends and had them do her bidding. When Helen temporarily felt threaten by Amanda, before being talked out of it by Andy, she rallied everyone to her bidding. Now that Helen is threaten again, she only has Elissa, and needs Elissa to do her bidding. Helen is going to play the rational one and say look what you are going to be stuck with if you vote me off in Ellisa.


Elissa could not even buy her way into Chapel Hill much less get in on her own merits. She is an insult to my alma mater!!!

Hey Now

Does you, Gina and Aaryn have the same alma mater?


I think it was the school of hard knockers


None of these idiots could get into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is one of the top notch schools in the country, and I doubt these people could quality to get into a trade school much less a prestigious university like Chapel Hill. None of them have enough clout or cash to buy their way into that school.


No, but from your use of the English language I assume you and Gina Marie do.


North Carolina is ok, but Duke is way better. I wouldn’t go bragging about going to UNC. Everyone in North Carolina knows you go to UNC when you can’t get into Duke University. So I am guessing Gina and Aaryn did go to UNC.

bb needs to step in..

Why is Big Brother allowing all this cheating??? Howard, Candice and Jessie tried to save themselves. Jessie is the worst, campaigning, trying to flip the house, exposing secrets when cornered. Helen knows anyone to do this has no character and now she’s doing it. Lol bye Helen

helen is clueless

Exactly Helen is doing and about to do the same thing she vilified Jessie for for. Now she wants secrets exposed. Oh Helen you hypocritic, you don’t want that, Elissa is gonna hear what you’ve been doing.


Good grief can these people be any lazier or ignorant. You cannot get tetanus from a razor; you get it from RUST!!!!


She was probably talking about rust on the razor


Rust on disposable razors bwahahaha!


What is Helen referring too? Secrets of the knock outs?


Gina’s farts!


I don’t thing they meant Gina farts as the ‘knockout’, but good try. We all know they can clear a room though.


Never heard of the knockouts, and I read all the feeds and watch the show………who is in it??


Elissa and Judd are/were Knockouts also Dawg.
I believe your update on July 16th tells of the naming of it (it is the title of the update, LOL).


OK I could swear Dawgs post only named the 4 of MC, Aman, Helen and Andy when
I replied with Helen and Judd also.
Did you edit your post Dawg? Or am I finally losing my mind? =(

Oh well…..crazy ain’t so bad I s’pose


Thank You Dawg =)


Dawg, if you think there are too many alliances, think how Andy feels. lol


Thought the k.o. was GM’s quaffing!

Say What

What’s so funny about exposing the KnockOuts, is that no one cares. The whole dynamics of the game has changed. The secrets of the KnockOuts would of made a difference if Howard, Candice and Jessie were still in the house. However, Aaryn, Gina and Andy already know they are up against Spencer, McCrae and Amanda. Elissa is a wild card could go either way. So exposing the KnockOuts does not for Helen or Elissa. Both sides need Elissa until the other side has loss a player. Then they can get rid of Elissa.

The problem with Helen, she kept voting out her own supporters.


Poor pathetic, Helen. By the time you leave BB your family as well as Gina’s will have moved and taken the house with them.

Missing Boil

What happened to that think Helen was growing on her forehead last night? Did it give birth to something? It’s gone!!!!


Amanda got to it last night and sucked it off, too.


It got sick of Helen and self evicted.


In an effort to boost ratings, CBS announced today that it will hit the “reset” button on the cast of BB 15.
The new cast will consist of Helen’s Zit, Clownie, Nick’s Hat, 2 of the lighter colored fish and Elissa Slater, sister of BB 13 winner Rachel Reilly.
The Rev. Al Sharpton as host will replace Julie Chen.

Master Splinter



Now Andy… Don’t be hating on Rev. Sharpton. He is simply there to moderate between the HG’s.
The fish are completely jealous of Elissa’s lips.

Master Splinter

AL SHARPTON makes money as a poverty pimp

Master Splinter

AMANDA has to have been pre selected to win . No way she has got this far ? Why do they all keep saying they have to ask AMANDA before they do anything ?


Amanda is a loud bully, they may be intimidated by her
So they talk to her to keep her temper down. Gina M. Is the same way. However, I don’t
Remember her every asking Amenda , she does what she want.

In a world where racism, bullying, etc. don’t exist:

This could work. In your favor Lol. It keeps the rats and chickens in
Line. So the game really starts when Gina M and Amanda come face to face.
I thought Helen was a power player, but watch for Gina!

She gave up her Hoh when she want, and take back to show I do what I want when I want to.
Look how she followed Aaryn around, lol, woke up the house and command them to
Rise! Lol they were like little chickens. Anyone mad No.

So in another world, or planet. Gina the boss!


It was so disgusting watching those flashback feeds from last night saying Elissa’s life is fake outside the house and saying all this horrible shit about her. I had to turn it off. These people are so vile and have no backbone, especially hearing Amanda say, “this will be my victorious win yet.” about getting Helen out. Why are the other houseguests not getting it through their heads that Amanda is always saying shit like that and it should be a red flag. They are all just bending over and taking it from her like little minions.

Judd or Helen comes back with vengenance – that would be pretty freakin sweet.


Helen is going home. Can’t wait. I wonder if she’ll cry.


I don’t know why anyone would want Helen to win the comp to enter the game. She is terrible at the game. Poll results 1 Judd, 2 Helen, 3 Jessie. I would prefer to have Jessie, Judd or Candice NOT Helen.

you know ok...

For pure entertainment value I would like to see Candice come back. GM would freak the hell out and self evict. Also I think that the team of Candice and Elissa will shake the dang house up! If Judd comes back, they will all be happy and welcome him back, since they are probably sequestered Jessie has not had a chance to fill him in on was behind him getting put out. He will still think Jessie, Helen and Elissa are the reason, he wont shake s&*t up, he will just go back to being laid back. Jessie will still be an outsider and she will be out in one week unless she wins HOH. Helen just sucks at this game and I just personally want her out! But Candice has that I don’t give a da*n attitude and Elissa will follow her and they will go after the mean girls and not give a care. It will be some great TV, IMO.


I like Helen becuase she would learn from her mistakes and would not trust Andy anymore and would go after them. I like Jessie because she is the only one who would target Amanda and McCea first. I like Candice because she would bring out the worst in Aaryn and Gina Marie and remind the public how terrible they are. However, I don’t think any of them could win another HOH. If Judd came back I think McCrea will drop Amanda and there would be a guys alliance and the women would be in trouble. But he might also go back to doing whatever that alliance would want him to. I wish they would show us what was going on in the jury house so we could see whether they would play their own game once they return.


VENGEANCE lol. sorry felt a little too passionate about that. I think mainly I am getting sick of Amanda’s nasaly voice penetrating through the rooms.


helen, do your own dirty work. if you want the knockouts threatened over secrets, do it yourself.

btw, you trust mcpussy but not demanda? get a clue and figure out they are 1 in the same.


I guess it’s time for Helen to start her threats again. LOL. It’s been a while, but she’s so obnoxious.


Helen…doll….pull a Jessie if you still can’t open your eyes to what is going on…..start evesdropping on doors. Maybe then, you might be able to see Andy for who he really is before you leave BB on Thursday (or save yourself….if that is even possible with McManda controlling the votes).

Ooh scary woo Oh so scary

Helen might expose all of the secrets of the house, be afraid be very afraid. HAHAHA yeah right, no one cares about you exposing secrets Helen you are going home


” Helen tells Elissa that you can threaten them with all the secrets of the knockouts if they don’t vote for me to stay. Don’t do anything yet, I am going to lobby for votes”

Helen do your own damn “dirty work”! Why should Elissa go out on a limb for your safety. I bet Elissa is thinking, “you presumptuous twit you had your chance to get rid of Amanda for two consecutive weeks and now your on the block facing eviction. Keep me out of your mess.”

Mama Pig

Elissa tell Helen nothing, ‘ don’t bring me into anything’.
Fuck off, Helen!! Bye, bye and don’t let the door hit you in the ass of the way out.


Props to Elissa for not disclosing to Helen her discussion with Amanda.


Yeah, and Amanda is positioning herself quite nicely for next week should Elissa win HOH, as someone who tell s Elissa the truth therefore garnering her trust. That way Elissa believes Amanda is on her side, so she’ll nominate someone else.

Love or hate Amanda, strategically she’s playing a good game.


Does anyone recall specific lies that Amanda has told directly to another HG? If so, I’d be interested in reading what any of you may recall. Maybe that’s been Amanda’s strategy all along — not to blatantly lie to anyone (let others lie, yes; omit information or not directly answer, yes; but not to directly lie to anyone). Thoughts?


How about less than a week ago when she told Jessie she wasn’t the target from the beginning. We can work backwards from now if you want.

You know, Boring Season Edition

You know Ellissa the house wants to get out shady spencer, there is no chance I am going home ok ok ok. My super friend alliance is better than the renegades,brigade and the chilltown alliance, people on future seasons will try to make a alliance like the super friends because we are a powerhouse, you know.


I know you are being humorous, but actually modeling future alliances
on “superfriends” is not so far fetched.
They pretty much ran this house the entire season. Yes they are starting
to get picked off now, but that was to be expected.
If I was on BB I sure as hell would be happy to be in any one of the 3AMs
positions (3 of them original superfriends). They may not make F2, but
they had/have a way better shot than anyone else.

PS- No matter that we as viewers find it boring, they are there to win
the money. To entertain also, but above all, to win the game and the cash.


They are supposed to be their to win the cash but most of them are there to be famous. That’s why this has been The Season of Get to the Jury. Most of them never even thought about winning just getting their face on tv so they could get media jobs when they get out.

Well they’ll definitely need PR people like Aaryn’s mom hired but they have mistaken been the villain on a reality show with being a horrible human being.

BB better get casting under control next season or it may just be their last. Unless Amanda wins and the FCC investigates and finds something inappropriate was done. Then CBS might just pull the plug.


Helen, pull my finger!


Watching BBAD and Helen never shuts up. She repeats herself over and over again. I have to fast forward every time she starts talking. I am so ready for to leave and glad she is clueless about it. Next, someone has to get Amanda out. Its so obvious that she was hand picked for this show. She hasn’t done one thing but sits in HOH every day ruling the house. And Andy, I have to fast forward him too. Especially when he us eating. He eats like a cow. Anyone else bothered bythat too ?

Bring back dawg

Dawg I am rooting for you to win the competition Thursday, So you can return into the BB house.


Looks like the clue-by-four to Helen’s head is starting to do some good. She is starting to see her hours in the house are numbered. Too bad that clue-by-four didn’t work a few weeks earlier. Hey Helen, are you sure it is too soon to evict Amanda?


Are Amanda and Gina still standing when they urinate?


YEP. Gina has poor aim.

BB Fan

Bye bye Helen. You are pathetic. Elissa is off the hot seat and you are still trying to manage her? Little do you know that everybody knows about the fake alliances HGs have with you and Elissa. Can’t wait to see your sorry ass evicted Thursday. About time!


Helen is playing the game – Amanda is a bag of shit. There is quite a difference. I don’t dislike Helen but if this cast was nice and normal I would for the way she played. Not sure why everyone is saying “bye Helen” or whatever.


Helen IS Amanda.
Just the PC version of her.
Helen is just as ruthless, selfish, and scheming.

Of the 2 I prefer Amanda.
Rather the devil you know…..

Not to add Amanda is a zillion times more entertaining to watch.
Helen is boredom personified.

Oh yeah, no need to answer with Amanda is a racist, hag, gross, crude,
nasty, ugly, fat, any jewish related put downs, or rigged to win.
Heard it all many times, it’s redundant.

Ex Fan

I know, I know but I keep staring at Amandas big musty smelly ass. It has to be soiling the HOH bed.


Game Play 101. Break up the showmances ASAP. America handed Helen Demanda 2 weeks in a row but ok ok like ok next week.

Dan Fan

Bag of shit is flushing helen on thursday. What up!

Bye bye dictator Hell en

How is Amanda not playing the game Monica? She has her alliances and gets them to vote the way she wants. That means she has a great social game going otherwise she would’ve been gone a long time ago. Helen is no different except she gets right in your face and outright threatens you to vote this way or else. She is going to get a taste of her own medicine this week. Then phony stuck-up Elissa will follow the way of Candice and Jessie and just go into a state of depression and isolate herself from everyone. Good riddance to them both! Amanda deserves to win because she has controlled every eviction without ever having won a competition. You may not like her as a person but you should at least be objective enough to give her credit for making it to this point and having everyone to be aligned with her. I hope it’s Amanda and Aaryn at the end. They deserve it the most and it will genuinely be a hard vote for the jury given how each of these two fabululous women have played their game.


Helen truly believes she can control her minions, it’s funny to listen to her. bye Helen.


as much as i don’t like helen, i want her to come back and take amanda out.


I’d rather see Jessie come back and take out Amanda, but I’m not picky just as long as someone takes out Amanda.


I still want GM’s birthday present to be Candice coming back as HoH, putting up Demanda and McMinute and letting everyone know if POV is used, GM goes up.

Come on people what could be a better birthday for GM?

Dan Fan

Not happening…Jessie’s game was so bad even Nick ran away from it.


What would Helen do if she came back? She is more likely to grow another monstrous zit than to stand up to Amanda!!! They are all scare of that bully.


helen,it’s over,your leaving


Elissa tells Helen don’t bring me into it. Famous lasts words, that guarantees you are brought into it. Andy tells Helen be nice to Jessie and don’t bring me into it. What does Helen do next, confront Jessie and brings Andy into it. Of course Helen is going to bring Elissa into it, once she realize that she is on her way out, then all bets are off.

Helen, ah….I might be wrong here. But aren’t you the one that said its a house decision and the house should get what they want? So don’t be a shit starter like Jessie and try to save yourself. Wait…..BB update, Helen is trying to save herself. Ah Helen, so you want Elissa to threaten them for you if they try to vote you out. How does this helps Elissa game again by her threatening them? Oh it doesn’t, but when Jessie asked for your help, did you do any threatening on her behalf? Helen you keep changing your own rules and it confuses me. BB update….Helen just informed us that was always BS about it being a House decision. Well that clears that up.

Now can you clear up something else for us. The hot topic today is about the black fish and the white fish. Do the white fish eat more then the black fish? I personally don’t care about who eats more of the fish food, but it seems Aaryn knows lot about fish.


Evidently, Aaryn has not seen “Whales” in action. Or for that matter “Orcas”. She must be thinking about “Great White Sharks” that are known to eat humans; something she can definitely identify with. But sharks tend to dive deep in the dark ocean recesses once they have eaten.

Hmmm, I wonder if that is college major: Fish research is a branch of zoology known as ichthyology.

She is such an enterprising young woman. I wonder how that fits in with her desires to be a “Host”. Maybe she can get a hosting job at Red Lobster and stare at the lobsters in the tank…..

It can Happen

Hosting job at Red Lobster. That’s funny.

This Season Blows

Helen is such a joke. Nobody cares about your “secrets,” Helen…. GTFO! And of course, Rachel’s Shadow being snotty and elitist as usual.


OMG, Helen your done. It’s over!!!!!


is hellen starting to get a clue that it might be her heading to jury??? if not, someone please give her one so maybe there will be some entertainment this week


Can’t wait to listen to Helen’s BS when she goes out the door and starts talking to Julie….NOT!!! It will be all about how SHE was the biggest threat, biggest and best game player yet, yadayadayada…………..

Elissa's Botox

Lol Elissa is trolling


it would be awesome for helen to stay and any evicted houseguest come back besides spencer gina marie would hate Candice to come back and so would aaryn judd will find out Amanda had planned ju double ds eviction cause she thought he was mvp if Jessie comes back she could make amends with elissa plus elissa has shown her true feelings that she loves Candice and Jessie by keeping their pictures for the veto comp why would anyone want spencer to stay over Helen he said he would rub his dick on elissa he would pull down his pants and fart in her mouth as he sat on her face he would kill her kid all kinds of horrible stuff and im so sick of mccrae and spencer calling woman cunts and bitches these people are vile disgusting humans including amanda gina and aaryn they said last night that we the online people are cowards basically well if I ever got close to mccrae or spencer I would show my cowardism by breaking their jaw for disrespecting woman and children

Dan Fan

Mr. Park — We regret to inform you that The Korean-American Barbecue Alliance has cancelled your membership…for ur comments duh…


Insightful comment. Hope you overcome that punctuation phobia.


Wow Jessie and Elissia there is a dangerous duo. I think you are missing the puppet master that is going to pull both their strings

GM's farts YO

Yo Helen, Momma gonna knock you out!!!

Butters Mom

Elissa… such a piece of work… wait… has she suggested that Helen go make out with Spensor or Andy or McCrae yet to get them on her side? She is so full of great advice and puts so much thought into the things she does for this game. Would not surprise me if she did. Sick of that girl!! Actually… sick of ALL OF THEM!!


Elissa should tell Helen:

Now is not the time to vote out Spencer. In addition, I have to vote you out as the house wants you out.


Helen you are one selfish lady.


Every time Amanda wants someone out of the house it is because they are coming after her. Why are these people so dumb. Then she says if someone comes back in the game it will really screw up her game. Huh? Talk about selfish. She should have said it would screw up THE game not just her game. These people are so oblivious if they don’t see it. Aaryn’s an idiot. She is only there because of Helen and now she wants Helen out because Helen will go after Amanda. She should either take out Amanda herself or take out Spencer and leave Helen to take out Amanda. Aaryn thinks she will win every other HOH and make it to final 2. Anyone who trusts Amanda deserves the blindside. What can she even offer. She has never won anything. If Elissa gets HOH I hope she doesn’t put Spencer or GM up because they will go home. If she really wants Aaryn to go then she needs to put Aaryn up against Amanda, Mccrae or Andy otherwise Aaryn will stay.


She has used and try to use others to make moves for her so she doesn’t get her hands dirty. Didn’t work last week. We’ll see if it works this time

Dan Fan

Sure Helen. That knockout alliance that voted Judd out. That’s guaranteed to flip the house.


The only thing that could possibly be an exciting twist with the evicted HG coming back would be if they automatically won HOH as well. I was an Amanda & Helen fan in the beginning but find myself loathing them now…..still hoping for JU double D coming back…..and seeing Amanda blindsided and backdoored…….and yes har-har something that she’s prolly used to

This Season Blows

All the evicted players suck ass. The winner should feel lucky to be back in the house at all, handing them HOH would be a joke.


who r these 23% wanting Helen back!?


I don’t know. Judd is the only one of those people who can save the house from itself.


They’re letting zits vote.


Helen is such a dufus!!! She probably thinks it’s too early for her try saving herself! Just the opposite….too late!


So who is going to mock Helen’s goofy shoulder routine in the goodbyes messages once Helen is out the door. My money is on Demanda.

Once Helen is out the door why should Elissa stay or want to stay she in her mind is like a Princess stuck on a third world island. Does she need the money? I doubt it… daddy can pay the bills. I see her only incentive for sticking around would bebuying more plastic parts. Maybe then she will seem a little more motivated.


I want Helen back for 2 reasons. First it would be a waste of Aaryn’s HOH just like week 2 and second because no one else will go after Amanda. Once Helen is evicted and realizes that even Andy voted her out it will be her and Elissa against the house. Judd will team up with McCranda and Jessie and Candice can’t win anything. So for pure entertainment and the look on all their faces, I want Helen to come back.

Help Me Understand

Why does Amanda keep parading her flat ass around in panties? She has the worst body out of all the BB15 season of women.

Ex Fan

Agree. Whenever Amanda parades around in panties or those god awful sweats I close my eyes and take a shot of tequilla to kill the pain. When she wears those black s-t-r-e-t-c-h pants I take two shots.


Cause according to her she looks much better now then she did in her early twenties.

This Season Blows

Demanda is the grossest HG in the history of this show.


Exactly, and she had such a problem with Jessie doing it, but she was just jealous of Jessie’s body.

You So Funny

I don’t want anyone to come back, there are sixteen HG’s this season, no need to.


The reason Helen repeats herself over and over is because this is what Political consultants tell candidates to do-to brainwash the people their are trying to influence. Like a commercial -repeat, repeat, repeat(Oh no am I repeating myself?) until the message is ingrained in someone’s brain. Helen is a pro at that. Remember how many times she repeated the lie that Elissa didn’t mean to offend Aaryn and GM?? She was just tired and missing her family? And, she sent Elissa up there to repeat the same story. She is vicious and relentless. I am glad to see her arse out the door.


I hope next week that Judd is back in the game and screw the 3AM alliance into pieces. He will put up Amanda & Aaryn for voting him out. 3am alliances, better watch your back because Judd the studd will come after you.


As for the show being rigged and Amanda the chosen winner..

1) Them showing Aaryn saying racist stuff while editing out is fishy.
2) Mcranda dont make sense. Mccrae on the first few shows looked like he should of been on “King of the Nerds” more than this show. Demanda sounds like she is a whole lot insecure but come on the guy delivers pizza’s. Didn’t he say he made something like 180 bucks a week? It dont even sound like he works fulltime.

How come people dont come out and their are media store like “I know Mccrae we went to high school and were in the comic book club” stories about him or current house guests.

He could of been hired to be her “running mate” and the backstory of him as a pizza boy is false. Where were the spotlight stories about Spencer, Jessie, Gina Marie talking to their families?


First off I would I would like to thak simon & Dawg for the hard work, you two do an amazing job with the site. It is the best BB site on the internet hands down. You two keep me well informed when I am out at work and miss the action. I had a question for either one of you, I watch the live feeds and I really get into the dynamics of the houseguests expecially trying to figure out how they think. I noticed something very interesting for the past few weeks and something sticks out to me as of why Aaryn seems to protect Amanda for some reason. I know they have the 3AM alliance but I see Aaryn & Amanda looking out for each other as a big sister/little sister thing psychologically, especially Aaryn towards Amanda. I noticed that Aaryn seems to copy a lot of things that Amanda does. Aaryn is getting better strategically through Amanda but also in the way she dresses. Aaryn is now sporting the shirts dropping down on shoulders(80’s look) or whatever girls call it and now today when Aaryn woke up she is sporting that hair band thingy that Amanda wore Thursday night during live show. It may be coincidence but it seems there is some dynamic to it. Just wanted your opnion on that b/c it could answer as to why Aaryn seems to be so loyal to Amanda.


I have made several comments but don’t see then posted. Why???


Yo Helen, for someone that says “YOU KNOW” in every conversation you have, you sure don’t know that all your alliance members are going to vote you out this week. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!