Helen tells Aaryn – Let’s make a deal to go to the end together. If I stay, let’s just do it. I’m Ready!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa

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2:25pm – 2:45pm Helen heads up stairs to the HOH room with Aaryn to talk to her. Helen says first of all I wanted to say that the OTEV Competition sucked, Congratulation you got it over with. Helen says I don’t want it to be awkward with everyone if I go out the door. I don’t want to go out like Jessie. Helen says I think Ginamarie would be my deciding vote. I talked to her last night and I want you to know that I told her that I would be the deciding vote to keep her if you and her were on the block. I am going to tell her when she wakes up that I can’t keep that deal if I stay in the house, which will probably mean I will lose her vote to stay. There are people in the house that are trying to get us to go against us. If I leave then Elissa will go work with them. I know if I stay I get her to work with you and I. Amanda has been playing you and I. She is playing a great game, she is manipulating you and I. Helen says I want Elissa to go after Amanda and I am the only person that can get her to do that. Andy is going to just go with the house. If you want to back door Spencer I would appreciate that. The game changing move could be me, you, Elissa and Andy teaming up finally to go after Amanda and McCrae. Amanda has been pinning us against each other. If we all go at each other it will be McCrae, Amanda and Andy sitting in the last spots. Amanda will use you as a competition threat to get everyone out. Aaryn says I have wanted Spencer out forever and it kills me to keep him here. Helen says I want anyone in the house to win but Spencer. If I go, please evict him after. Helen says I kept Amanda safe and could have gone with Jessie to get out Amanda but I didn’t and it kills me. Helen says now that Elissa and I are on the block Amanda is treating me in a way that she has never treated me before. Amanda is trying to tear Elissa and I apart so that she will work with her and not you. You should look at the long term picture. Aayrn says I thought we were going to work together till the end. And now I hear that things got back to me that you are coming after me and things we have talked about have gotten back to me. Helen says as far as you and I working together till the end I never said that. We were working together so that we could go after the people we can’t take out ourselves. I need you to take out Elissa and you need me to take out Ginamarie. Let’s make a deal to go to the end together. If I stay, let’s just do it. I am ready to make that deal and lets not tell anyone. If I go then you will have to worry about taking out Spencer. Helen says that she is worried Aaryn says if you stay you can’t take out Elissa and I can’t work with her. I am done! Helen says I really don’t like that I heard Elissa doesn’t even have to go to Jury.. that really bothers me. Helen says if I stay and Elissa wins the HOH I will tell her that I will be voting to keep you if she puts you up on the block. And then I will have her take out Amanda. I won’t have her go after Ginamarie. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they return – Helen says if you, me, Ginamarie and Elissa can come together then we can take out the middle.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

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2:45pm – 3pm Aaryn says I just really don’t like how there are a lot of fake deals going around and I can’t believe when someone comes to me for a deal because I don’t know if its real or fake. I didn’t think you were coming after me but not I hear that you are. I don’t like that I am looked at as a threat because of my competition wins. Helen says I am here to play and to win, I know that Elissa and I will be friends after the game. Aaryn says that Elissa is coming after me and Ginamarie so we can’t work with her, she will never go against Amanda. Helen says not true. Helen says I can get her to go after Amanda and even if she did put you up I will tell her I am voting to keep you. Helen says I can get Andy to vote out Amanda too, I can manipulate him. Helen says Elissa is more loyal to me than to Amanda. Aaryn says I am just scared of it being a fake deal. Helen says we can all come together and talk about it. Aayrn says everyone is wanting to keep McCrae and I don’t understand why. Aaryn says you talk to Elissa and I will talk to Ginamarie – I am down with this if we can all work together. I just don’t want this getting back to Amanda and McCrae. Helen says it won’t get back to them.


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As much as I dislike Helen and think she is a snake, I hope she can convince Aaryn to get GinaMarie so they can work with Helen and Elissa. I seriously doubt it’ll happen, but there’s still one last chance for them flip the house on McCranda if Aaryn is smart enough to take it!

give me a break

This whole deal goes down the tube…when Helen tells Andy about the conversation she had with Aryan Nation……Andy will inform Onion of Helen last ditch effort to save herself….if Candice and Jessie was still in the house…Helen won’t have to go to all this this trouble to stay…what a dummy…ANYWAY….The one they call ONION, McPuss, and Andy the Rat is all they need to send her home…..This is the same deal she offer Aryan Nation when she won her first HOH and Aryan still put her up on the block along side Elissa……..Helen just don’t learn…. these people never liked her…, they just tolerated her….bye bye…

Johnny (the european one!)

about it being too late to get the 3 votes they’d need to ‘flip the house’:
I don’t think it’s going to happen, but it would only be too late after the veto ceremony:
The (Amanda-) plan so far is to put Spencer up. After that, Amanda and co. control the vote.

IF Aary did put Amanda up, then GM, Spencer and Elyssa could vote to evict her, and Aaryn could break the tie and evict Amanda.
But again: I don’t think it’s going to happen. (Aaryn feels closer to Amanda than to Helen, plus I think she’d be terrified of having to face Amanda between the veto ceremony and the eviction!)
I’m looking forward to see Helen get kicked out, but I’d so much more love the idea of seeing Amanda get backdoored.


They had there chance when Howard was in the House ? When they find out America put up AMANDA twice they are gonna be like wait we should have voted her out back then ?

BB fan

Helen, you are going home. Your days of bullying and manipulating are over. Why would Aaryn pass a chance to break up you and Elissa (a sure thing) for a hope of breaking up Amanda and McCrae (a not so sure thing) next week? You are pathetic and are acting like a rat on a sinking ship. It’s too late for last minute deals, which are just lies coming from your desperate annoying mouth. I don’t even think they should blind side her now. Just tell her she’s gone that’s what the house wants. I wish we could tape your big mouth shut until your ass is evicted on Thursday because we know you are going to be doing a lot of scheming and fake butt kissing until then. Will be so nice once you and your botoxed stuck-up friend are bye bye!


at the end of the day, Helen no longer has any leverage to make any deals with anyone. she’s promising Aaryn she can basically make people go after who she wants. but the irony of it all, she can’ event make them vote to keep her in the house. Helen’s leverage to stay in the game already went to the jury house (Candice & Jessie).

Disappointing Season

Can someone PLEASE ‘grow some’ and kick Andys’ boney behind out of private conversations.

Beyond frustrating!!!


Well here we go again from one of the worst players in BB history. Any thought that this idiot knows BB is strictly delusional! Helen the douchebag genius is trying to make a deal with Arryn. Arryn cannot take her off the block and has no vote! Talking about her taking out GM and Arryn taking out Ellisa are you kidding me? She is one of the stupidest HG’s in BB history. Lets get all comfy telling Arryn you’ll nom/vote out her buddy. Counting jury votes really? Your skinny behind is 1/2 way out the door! She either gets Ellisa, GM, and Andy or she is done. Or she gets Ahandjob, Keychain and Ellisa and she is safe. 2 different groups of 3 that can keep her in the house. She should be making deals with either of these pairs minus Ellisa. Amanda and MC will vote the same. You either need Andy and GM or your safe thanks to McManda! We both know Andy and GM are her only real chance and it’s going no where.

Once it’s know for sure she cannot muster votes I expect Helen to turn on Ellisa maybe tonight. That is try to convince Ellisa to use the veto on Helen instead of herself. Perhaps even saying once Ellisa gets evicted she can then go home to her family instead of the jury. I’d love to see that scenario. Helen is morally bankrupt enough to try it. As good as Danielle being convinced to take Dan off the block and throwing away 50K last season no. But it would be a top 5 idiot moment if Ellisa uses the veto on Helen


Why didn’t they vote Amanda out when they had the chance ? America put her up 2 times

No Deal

Simple answer, Helen was protecting Amanda. Helen and Amanda are in a final four alliance, that didn’t involve Jessie, Candice or Elissa. So every time one of those three said is it time to go after Amanda, Helen told them no. Then Helen reported them as threats to Amanda/ McCrae which resulted in their eviction. The problem was all three were in Helen’s corner. Amanda got stronger as Candice and Jessie went out the door. Helen still hasn’t learned. She really thinks Aaryn would throw Gina overboard. Gina might of went to UNC and obviously there is something in the water that affected her, but she has been nothing but loyal to Aaryn.

So Aaryn is supposed to switch from Gina to Helen, a player whose proven to be disloyal to everyone that supported her. Additionally there is really no difference between Amanda and Helen, they are both master manipulators. So Aaryn gets one manipulator out this week.

No Deal

As an Elissa fan, I don’t like Helen’s proposed deal. Elissa has been nothing but loyal to Helen; however, she constantly rewards Elissa by making final deals which jeopardize Elissa for Helen’s safety. At some point I hope Elissa plays her own game. Elissa might get evicted playing her own game, but at least she went out playing her game. Right now Helen controls Elissa’s game and it only benefits Helen.


lol there’s no way that gm and aaryn would ever work with elissa. they hate her and do not trust her. aaryn even blatantly told helen during their conversation that she does not trust elissa and she is DONE trying to work with her and then helen responds with “OK so you, gm, elissa and i will work together” LOL and as she is saying that, she is simultaneously throwing gm and elissa under the bus saying that helen/aaryn will help take the other 2 out. what a great alliance proposition! not.
she also promised that if elissa wins HOH next week and noms aaryn, that she will now vote to keep aaryn. so she’s claiming she can control elissa, but not her nominations? what aaryn should read between the lines is that helen has NOT had her back recently and that if she hadn’t won HOH this week, helen would have voted her out (bc she’s only agreeing to keep her now that they have this “new deal”).
if helen was smart, she would pull aaryn in on a deal with andy, instead of trying to get her in with elissa… basically what amanda did weeks ago. helen has been plotting against so many ppl that she doesn’t seem to realize that she now only has elissa and andy in her corner, and elissa has the ability to go rogue and andy is willing to vote helen out….
the fact that helen thinks she might have mccrae (without amanda) and aaryn/gm is completely beyond me. i used to think helen was a really good game player but now im rethinking everything. amanda and andy are really the reasons all her plans have worked in the past.

The Black Fish

The only way for Helen to stay is for her to get Spencer and Aaryn on board, and backdoor Amanda. Helen will never get Andy. I don’t get why she doesn’t understand that yet.


Isnt that what Howard told them ? So she is now doing the same thing Howard did ? How sad ?


Helen will definitely go down fighting. This discussion is good helps Aaryn begin to think beyond her petty need to be adored or race and more about the money.


Helen in the same position as Howard, Candice, Jessie were in. She don’t have the votes. Andy and Aaryn in a final 2 deal (a real one). She Aaryn would
Have to get him on board. If Andy smart he wil not want to do this. Because he will expose him and Aaryn are working together.

Let say:
Elissa comes off.
Amanda goes up on block.

Elissa – Amanda
Mccrea – Helen
Gina- Amanda
Spencer- Helen
Andy- ? I don’t think he is ready to do it.


I dont think Spencer has a preference between Helen and Amanda they just have to approach him with the need to break up the couple let him know they have no chance after this numbers and stuff. as for Andy if Aaryn asks Andy he could vote Amanda out given their inner alliance among the 3AM.

Hen Helen

Now she is working it! Might be too late. Hope she doesn’t use Elissa’s name to further her stay.
Like Helen is going to talk to Andy! That lil siisy bitch is causing the chaos in the house by not shutting his pie hole.
Gotta try to get that Amanda loon out!!!!


Hey better yet when Howard told them if we vote Amanda out it would be a level playing field for everyone . What did they do ? America put up Amanda twice and Helen kept saying the time is not right ?


I hope aaryn gm spencer helen and elissa can make a f5 deal and finally get that hypocrite amanda out of there. Even though I dont like helen for being so ignorant in the past, she is the lesser of the two evils….


Didn’t Howard tell them to do all of this 3 weeks ago ?


helen doesnt wanna go out like jessie huh?

you will go out exactly like her in thinking you could rely on rat bastard andy when neither of you could and had him stab you in the back. hopefully you will at least see it.


Aaryn, not Helen, said that..


Uh, oh! Did Amanda just say she doesn’t want what she says to go back to Amanda? LMFA…..hahaha


My bad. I meant did HELEN say……….

Amanda's Towel

It’s on!!

The irony of ‘Heron’ sounding a little racist LOL


if Helen can somehow get Aaryn to put up Mcpussy and have him evicted he might come right back but that will be a big move lines will have be drawn and the house might stick together to kick him or Amanda out right next


This is NOT going to work! Damn! After GrossGina talks with the others, she goes and talks to McPizza boy. GM she is not going to vote vote Helen to stay. What does pizza boy do? He pulls a Gina. His response to her was a FART!
Tell guests are despicable.


If this is for real and somehow, some way, Amanda gets nommed next to Helen and the vote somehow ends up in Helen’s favor to stay, then this season’s gonna pick up the pace!


Let’s hope! Bet Spence would be so excited he will masterbate over the dethroned bully queen’s clothes.


Did Helen just awake from her coma?? Now she’s realizing what Jessie was saying!!
Helen, can you open your eyes wider????

you know - okay

Funny thing is – Howard, Candice and Jessie tried to get her to understand this! She voted out all of her allies that would have her back this week because the “House” wanted them gone. Well guess what Helen? The HOUSE wants you gone now!


Howard and Candice told Jessie ,Helen and Elisa to vote out Amanda ? Howard is gone ,Now Candace is gone ,Judd is gone ,Jessie is gone and Helen will be gone Thursday ? Why does no one see what is going on ? Amanda is being protected by production and Elisa is being protected by Production ? Open your eyes fans and AMERICA ?


If Amanda had smaller tatas, would they all still be scared of that psycho bitch???

Ians Beer

If the little snot would actually do it and team up with Commander Helen it would be a favourable blindside! but….. we all know that Alison Grodner will stick her ugly face in and interfere to make sure it doesn’t happen though, and Amantheduh will once more be saved *eyeroll*


welcome to bb15, new and improved, now with even more big brother!


And here comes Helens regrets about not getting Amanda out earlier.
Too soon?

Amanda's Towel

I wanna see Helen confront Amanda! Awesome goings on


Helen telling Aaryn the ole “You’re my friend” & in the same breath threatening her with her & Elissas jury votes… Sorry Helen, everybody has seen how you do your friends… Jessie is still trying to pull the knife out of her back….Does Helen realize Aaryn can’t vote this week?…. Helen is such a control freak sometime in the next few days she will be saying this whole thing was her idea…If I was Aaryn I would let Helen know I hadn’t forgot about Helen saying she would keep Aaryn around “til jury”… Helen got way to full of herself wanting to be this brilliant “mastermind”, talking down to people about “letting” them make it to jury, fake “pep talking”, thinking people can’t see through her crap, acting like she has already won, acting like she’s THE one that’s got everybody to where they are at now in the game & she has done that, by turning on & voting out people that were on her side…time for the water works again Helen…(i posted this on the last page but didn’t get it done in time so I copied & posted it here)


Finally! It amuses me that Helen still thinks she can manipulate Andy, but at least she is finally starting to play. Maybe America should have voted her on the block a couple weeks ago, maybe would have revved her to life earlier.

You So Funny

Helen we’re all gonna miss you… NOT!
She was actually a halfway decent player, I could just not get over her time as HOH, she acted like the second coming of Christ.

Jim 64

Don’t listen to her Aaryn you can’t trust her
Why don’t you ask Jessie that question.
Get out Helen PLEASE

This Season Blows

Can’t stand Helen but will gladly accept her staying if it means Demanda gets blindsided.


We all know how much Amanda loves getting ‘backdoored”. She is a shameless heifer!


i just want to see the jury house tonight i am not into these fake deals because like i said aaryn hoh is a waste hellen will be back …. Allison and elissa already have that covered with elissa winning HOH …. if hellen doesnt come back i can hear elissa pulling a CHIMMA lol


Wait wait wait a mother fucking minute? Is Aaryn really going to stop being Amanda’s sheep? Will I finally have a reason to watch the feeds again even tho they unwillingly renewed my subscription?


it definitely looks like Helen needs to win HoH after returning from the JURY House on Thursday…
She has two hypothetical nominations if HoH, namely Amanda and McCrae or Amanda and Andy.
She also has to hope Amanda’s groundlings don’t win the PoV after the next HoH competition. She
has a very busy schedule and right now if Aaryn is more loyal to her deal with Helen and warns her
about Andy, the game could flip over. If Aaryn backs Amanda to the hilt, Hen’s game will cease if one
of the other three win the four~ way “return ticket” competition. I think JUDD has an edge. This game
is Helen’s to loose. For Aaryn or GM or Spencer to really advance in the BB game, they have to break
apart the showmance of Amanda + McCrae. It behooves them to send Amanda to the JURY in 11 days.


in order to exile Amanda and 95% contain her, Helen has to have an extremely solid alliance with 3 of the 4 or 5 most bigoted contestants
this season. this is a sublime irony upon irony! I think the infamous BB15 showmance has to be prevented from getting to the top three!!!


Helen’s brain is refusing to admit that Andy is a clever spy and a total gossip. I feel it would take Elissa + Aaryn both suggesting
in unison that she “pawn” ANDY in order for her to put him up on the chopping block. If she EVEN becomes a HoH and this would
be a minor miracle, she tends to overly trust Andy. McCrae looked half serious about a nifty side deal, and given that he took Nick
down, he might be open to the same because it reduces the target on him! Helen has to win two or three competitions in a row in
order to flip the game around if she is voted out. Elissa, if sent into the JURY permanently willmost likely self-evict & quit the game.
I think nearly all the scenarios hand the check to McCrae. Amanda has made too many enemies + Helen’s bossiness is legendary.


Is there a link to go to tonight to watch BB?

VA Vet

As soon as Helen tells her plan to Andy, both Helen and Aaryn will be screwed. Andy wants to “float” until he has no other choice but to make a move.


Exactly. Andy is a little bitch!

Great Point

Agree – but could the rat trap be set? Possibly, if Helen leaves and then returns.


Andy was up there while the girls were talking about getting aboard to boot that fat assed Amanda out. Rat boy was all eyes but said nothing. Helen twice asked him not to repeat anything he has heard. Now you have 4 girls who have their sights on this lil rat bitch. He is stuck now!


Amanda will be pissed that Judd walks back in and win HoH. She will end up be on the block because of the whole house voting you out.


Amanda will not be Judd’s target though. Remember, he blamed it all on Helen and Elissa, and refuse to give them a goodbye hug believing it was them that did him in…so Amanda might actually benefit with Judd coming back.


Get Helen out now!! she isn’t worth the time at all, Aryraning and GM can’t be that dumb to think Helen has any power at all she does not, Have to laugh though because when almost everyone who has gone has told her to get rid of Amanda and what was always her response, next week, well Helen its next week and your boney ass is going!! So Happy! Now lets all work on getting them other dumb ass crazy woman out, Aryraning, GM and Amanda!! and do me a favor when you drop them off leave them in South Central LA and they can play a new game called Survivor! Hell Ya! now that I would watch!


So if you’re going to call people dumb (that’s OK), as long as you’re spelling names correctly. What’s up with Aaryn’s name? It’s not that difficult or am I missing some kind of joke about you spelling it like that. Now THAT is dumb.


What is dumb, issss yous trying tooo be a spell checck cop on the internet!


I think Helen should suggest that Aaryn put up Mcpussy as a pawn that way she wont look bad to her 3AM, besides Mcpussy once suggest using her(Aaryn) as the pawn and let Helen go to work.


There is something deeply disturbing about this season. There are two people (Amanda and McCrae) who are know to be the biggest threats, who have escaped eviction or even been put on the block by anyone in the house, yet they have offered nothing in return to anybody as a deal. If someone even utters their names, they are evicted. This is so baffling that there can and must be only one answer – something is going on whereby production has chosen its winner already and maybe/maybe the houseguests know about it but are OK with it just for the chance at playing the game and being on TV to promote themselves in the process.

Amanda was put up once by America and nobody voted her out? Why?

They all seem to be pushing an agenda for who’s to go next and then the next person after that, etc. You’ll notice Amanda and McCrae always end up being the last two.

I don’t know; I consider myself a pretty smart cookie and logical thinker and everybody seems to be a ‘reinforcement’ to Amanda and McCrae although they haven’t offered anything up on their end of the deal all along this ride. McCrae was HOH the very first week and since has been powerless along with Amanda so they really didn’t have much as far as bargaining chips, yet people are just doing what is ordered by Amanda.

Something is extremely amiss and it’s not because she has great gameplay, otherwise that would make her an even bigger target a candidate every week for eviction.

They seem to just know their role and behave as expected.

It is simply too odd to just write off as McCrae and Amanda are just too good at this game….

I smell a rat and it’s bigger than Andy.

I am going to post this a few times so that it gets a lot of people thinking about it. Please note that I do not know the truth but my suspicions are that something is amiss. Amanda is simply not offering anything to anybody.


One good post is plenty.

You So Funny

America put Amanda up twice.


Yes, thanks – I stand corrected. Amanda was put up twice by America as MVP. Thanks. I won’t keep posting. As one reply stated, one good post is plenty. Thanks people. Peace.


What is it with all the conspiracy theories? Do you really think the HG’s are just going along with production and refusing to vote out Amanda because they tell them to. That is ridiculous. The false story about Amanda’s sister being an executive at CBS is not true. Allison G. did not hand pick Amanda to win BB. Amanda’s mom is not an employee with CBS or BB. This is just crazy that you all believe this. The HG’s would not go along with letting Amanda win, They want the money too and would not let BB producers tell them who not to vote out.


i remember when helen was on the block in week 2…she was my favorite. she is smart and determined. i havent liked her since…but i knew that if she got on the block, her true strength would resurface. spencer is leaving, but helen i think is going to recruit people this week. (just like when she was on the block last time)


my gut says helen and elissa will be here next week (one way or the other). and they will gun after amanda and mccrae…..i just have a feeling


Aaryn: I hate it when my Helen gives me those puppy dog eyes. The only way I can swallow them is to imagine they are cherry tomatoes.


Finally! Hoping this finally works and they get their asses in gear.


Helen still thinks she’s controlling Andy? How freakin’ funny!

Helen’s greatest weakness is recognizing lying.

If the producers wanted, they could get Helen in the Diary Room and give her ‘clues’ letting her know the McCrae, Andy, Helen alliance was a lie.


Helen wouldn’t recognize a clue if America put it on the block 2 weeks in a row.


LMAO at that one! & it’s sooo true…


Helen thinks she has Andy? too funny, She should have picked up on which side Andy is on when she went to him about getting Amanda out & Andy almost pi$$ed his pants, he started shaking & sweating. Who wants to work with someone that all they talk about is to you is how her & her partner are going to F2 & she will “let” them get to jury but she’s their friend & she loves em & she wants their vote at the end because she is gonna let em make it to jury? I mean her so called “game play” flat out sucks!

Skidd Marks

This is the type of power move that needs to be made. Unfortunately, her best chance to get Amanda out passed her by about 4 weeks ago. Nice plan Helen, but too late…too late……


I almost respect Amanda more than Helen at this point. She is loyal to her friends, and Helen is an idiot that back stabbed every single person that would have supported her. Who is surprised she is throwing Ellisa under the bus this week, that’s what she has done all along. I hope they assure her safety all week and boot her like she did all of her supporters (Howard, Candice and Jessie). And when her eviction is unanimous, the houseguests can blame it on “voting with the house.” Good bye Helen, you’re disloyal and useless!


Demanda was real loyal to Judd. She’s got side alliances going on as well trying to convince others that she doesn’t want to take McMinute to the finals because she’ll lose to him. She is only loyal until you don’t do exactly as she says. Don’t throw a veto comp when you’re on the block–Demanda wants you gone. Don’t throw an HoH to her–Now you’re a threat.


So Aaryn is worried about fake deals… talking to the queen of Fake deals. What’s there to consider?


i see it going like this helen goes home with a vote 4 to 1 then she knows andy is more loyal to amanda an mcare then thursday she have a chance to get back an this game in she will win it then her an elssia reunited then elssia wins hoh in put up amanda an arayn on the block like i said before the final four elssia helen macre amanda going to be at the end watch helen is coming back i belive it cause elssia need someone an amanda need someone after she get back thats when andy aryan spencer ginamre all trun on eachother watch


“Helen says I kept Amanda safe and could have gone with Jessie to get out Amanda but I didn’t and it kills me. ”

Uh, cause it was all part of your brilliant plan for her to be the main target. Yet, besides Jessie you didn’t have anyone willing to boot her… which should of clued you in she had a posse.


why would anyone want JUDD back he will go right back to amanda and target hellen because he feel hellen made aaryn pull the trigger even though his alliance vote him out … … JUDD back does nothing big not even a big move hellen coming back and winining hoh will nominate macrea and amanda if one comes down put andy up ….. even though hellen is a day late and a dollar short she will come back guns blazing … lots of drama and lots of feed action


If Helen is evicted how will Judd side with Amanda to go against Helen? Helen will be out of the house


i want candice to come back but i think if helen come back watch out andy an aryan an mcrea an amanda the show will began then thats why helen whould be a game changer


There hasn’t been one post this yr where ppl haven’t commented about racism.. I’ve always loved the comments, but it’s been tough to partake with racism always the topic of convo.


it would be interesting when say Spencer gets evicted and Jessie/Candice comes back. Many more people in the middle. Andy’s game will be totally screwed His shomance with Spencer will be gone and that good bye message to Jessie and fake tears, how she will expose his ass.

Without Andy, Amanda and Mcpussy have no game or power, she(Amanda) already is messing up, in trying to get Elissa in her camp for next week and possible jury vote. In doing that she has alerted Helen and now Helen has four days to flip the house that’s plenty of time and might pull it off.

She has plenty of time to convince people to think about the money and not a loyalty to some couple that is planning on dropping all of them anyways. I still cant understand Andy and his claims to know the game. He is a third wheel in every alliance and he is okay. He should and has the power to stir things up and break all the couples but he is not he is just happy as it is and mean as hell to people who confine in him. Like Helen he does not know the people best for his game.


Helen was horrible after her insanely early HOH win. counted her sheep too soon, talking about who her jury votes would be. now again, she’s jumping 5 paces ahead of herself. aaryn has no vote this week because why all of a sudden would everyone not “do what the house wants.” that’s all that Helen has preached all summer and now she wants to change that because her ass is on the line. she should have went with jessie who had no reason to betray her but she was too scared to make a legitimately big move when she wasn’t the target. it wasn’t jessie who stamped her ticket out. it was Andy. and the funniest thing is she still thinks she’s controlling him. sad. so sad.


Helen’s Achilles’ heel will always be Andy. He has unknowingly tipped his hand many times but she will not accept his disloyalty. So, although I much prefer Amanda out the door, it seems Andy made his decision a little while ago. Also, Helen needs to learn that her judgment can sometimes be way off (perhaps too much political wrangling?).


counted her chickens. lol that’s embarrassing.


McrAmda has a final 3 and 4 with everyone. The stupid other houseguests are just happy to secure being part of “their” final. They need to think about themselves being in the finals and getting rid of the two that are running the house!


arayn to me this was a supid move you could of put up spencer an andy but you didnt in on thursday when helen walks out then walks back in after the win in win hoh you going to shit on yourself with guilt cause you listen to amanda i really wish dan was there cause he would have been in got amanda out an mcrea too aryan im telling you this now you made a mastake cause helen an elssia will be coming after you in you think amanda will send mcrea home so you could stay think again andy an your hoh arayn was a waste an you two will be in the jury before 5 meeting candice judd jesse


Yea so far Helen has killed it in competitions. Judd has done better and has played in less of them.


so basically it depends on who aaryn puts up as the replacement nominee. if spencer goes out helen is going out, but if amanda goes up, then i’m pretty sure aaryn/mom squad can manipulate:
elissa – amanda
spencer – amanda (probably aaryn can go like oh i won’t put you up if you vote how i want)
gina – amanda (probably aaryn also controls her vote)
andy – helen (or he might float depending on his game)
mccrae – helen

so basically if amanda goes up then it’s 4-1 or 3-2 vote. bye bye amanda!
so aaryn please put up amanda please thank you.


Helen still has chance, if she’s smart (unproven to this point).

There are 3 pairs in the house (Amanda/McCrae, Aaryn/GinaMarie, Helen/Elissa). Clearly Amanda and McCrae have the power. If Helen can convince Aaryn that she is in the weakest position with GM, she may be willing to break up the pair. GM and Elissa are sure votes to evict Amanda. Spencer is the wildcard. At this point, after being nominated so many time, Spencer knows he is expendable. He would go for a final three deal with Helen and Aaryn.

Helen needs to promise (for what her promises are worth) that she has no other option but to get bloody. If Aaryn puts up Amanda, Helen will target Elissa next week and GM the following week. That leaves the 3 of them as the last alliance standing.

It’s the smartest move for all of them.


If Aaryn is still a sheep, the conversation with Helen will get back to Amanda, I hope she finally shed the wool and is going to start playing for 500k, instead of continuing to help write a check for Amanda and McCrae.


So you believe Helen will choose Aaryn over Elissia who is will be friends with after BB is over? You are more delusional then Helen thinking Mccrae is working for her against Amanda. Once Amanda is gone.. Andy go crawling back to Helen and Aaryn is history.


Oh don’t worry! It sure did! Aaryn and GM took care of that for us. Now Amanda and McCrae are discussing evicting Elissa next week while Andy is telling Aaryn that they need to stick together and use GM to take out McCranda…at a later date. I just can’t with these idiots anymore…

Besides – I’m convinced that Elissa is Amanda’s end game, so this is all for nothing anyway. I’ll be shocked if Elissa walks out that door next week…why would she when Amanda 100% knows she can beat her at the end?


Aaryn: Now is your opportunity to get Amanda out before its too late. You are on her radar. I can see you almost get it . . . the way A is starting to treat you . . . somethings not right. If you don’t get rid of Amanda this week and GM doesn’t win HOH next week you are gone. So come on and make a big move. Put Amanda up.