Aaryn says you only think of racism if that’s what’s on your mind. The person who misconstrued that was racist, not me!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


1am Aaryn and Ginamarie head into the lounge room. Ginamarie is crying and upset because she wanted to win the POV today. Aaryn says I wanted to win that today because I am HOH and I didn’t want to get more blood on my hands. Now I have to get more blood on my hands because I didn’t win it. You know how bad I want to have a record so it was devastating not to win. Ginamarie says that she tried but couldn’t find anything, I really thought they were going to do a Nick thing and I just wanted to find his name and to hold It up and be happy, you know what I mean. They didn’t even say anything about him. F**king Jessie and Judd they weren’t f**king nothing. Aaryn says it’s just because they were here longer. I know it sucks. That was legitimately all about luck. Ginamarie says I just wanted to have your back and to not change the nominations. Aaryn says its fine, even if you don’t win HOH next week. Spencer has to go next week. Ginamarie says that she can’t win things that are based on luck, the physical and mental things I can push through the pain and win. Gina says that she just wanted them to say something about Nick so that I could laugh about it and then I wouldn’t be upset right now. Aaryn says we are over half way you will see him soon. Aaryn tells Ginamarie that she needs to win the next HOH to put up Spencer. Aaryn says then after Spencer goes, Elissa will be next. Aaryn tells Ginamarie that both her and Andy have her back. If you are up against Spencer both Andy and I will vote to keep you. Aaryn tells Ginamarie that she won’t ever turn on her even though at some point Amanda and McCrae will want her to. Aaryn tells Ginamarie to stay focused because a half a million dollar can change your life. Ginamaire heads back up to the HOH room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:20am Up in the HOH room – Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Elissa, Ginamarie, Spence and Andy are talking about random things. Amanda says she would murder a puppy to have oeros and milk right now. Just kidding America I wouldn’t murder a puppy, I love puppies. Aaryn tells McCrae that what Amanda says reflects on him. McCrae says no it doesn’t. Amanda says wait what?! Aaryn says I am just trying to make McCrae paranoid. The conversation turns to talking about the fights/confrontations during the season. Amanda says I think I have been in the most fights with people. Amanda counts off all the fights she had with people – McCrae, Spencer, Jeremy, Aaryn, Candice, Jessie, Elissa, Kaitlin. They talk about how Jessie’s behaviour the last few days before she left. Andy laughs about he had a final two deal with Jessie. Elissa heads down stairs.

They talk about how Elissa has no spatial awareness. Spencer says that was the closest Elissa has even sat beside me. Amanda asks Aaryn what exactly she said about the fish. Aaryn says that they are segregated and that scientifically black fish swim on the bottom because its dark and they want to hide. Amanda says first off you started with segregated and that’s a racial term. Aaryn says no its not! Amanda says that segregation has to do with race. Aaryn says so it does and the fish are black and white. Spencer and Andy agree that you can segregate anything and it not be racist. Aaryn says you only think of racism if that is what is on your mind. Lighter fish swim on the top because they are camouflaged on in the light and darker fish swim on the bottom because it’s dark and they stay camouflaged in the dark. I am talking about that and somehow it gets turned into racism. The person who misconstrued that was racist, not me. I am f**king sick of talking about it and I am annoyed. Amanda says you brought it up! Aaryn says no, you brought the fish up. Amanda jokes and says I know, I’m joking with you! You’re having a blonde moment. Aaryn says she isn’t. McCrae says they’re both having a nutso moment and it’s driving him f**king crazy.
CBS Interactive Inc.


2:50am In the HOH room – Andy, Aaryn, Spencer, Ginamarie, Amanda and McCrae talk about Elissa and how they don’t understand her. They talk about how Elissa won’t talk about when she got married or her anniversary date. They think it’s because her son isn’t her husbands. They talk about how she is hiding her personal life. They think she has an illegitimate kid and that she never mention her step kids. Aaryn says it’s disgusting that her husband is 40. Amanda says that Elissa said she was a virgin when she got married. They talk about how none of them know anything about Elissa’s life. Andy says he feels like he knows all about everyone’s personal lives and he feels he is Elissa’s closest friend and he doesn’t know anything about Elissa’s personal life. Ginamarie says that Elissa has a sugar daddy type sh*t. Amanda says Elissa lies a lot about her family life. Aaryn says she feels like a lot of it might be lies. Amanda worries Rachel will tell Elissa how much sh*t she talked about Elissa and not let her go stay with her in Vegas. Spencer says I would rather pay for a place to stay than get sh*t for free and have to stay in her sh*t hole. The only reason I would go into her place would be to jack off on her sh*t. They continue to talk about random things.

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3:10am The backyard opens up and McCrae and Amanda head outside for a smoke. Amanda and McCrae talk about how Elissa has step kids. McCrae says that he found out last night and says that really bothered him that she never talks about them. McCrae says that he thought he was close to Elissa until he heard that. The conversation turns to talking about Spencer. The will keep him close until he is too dangerous and then they’ll get rid of him. Andy joins them. They talk about Elissa. Andy says that he knows more about David than he knows about Elissa. McCrae talks about throwing a random vote to Spencer to make it a 3-2 vote to evict Helen. They know Elissa is going to vote to evict Spencer. Amanda and Andy don’t think that’s a good idea. Andy says that he thinks it’s too risky. Andy says that it could also keep Elissa on our side if one of us votes out Spencer over Helen. Spencer and Ginamarie join them. They continue to trash talk Elissa and talk about other random things. Spencer and Ginamarie head to bed. Amanda and McCrae talk about Spencer. McCrae says he thinks Spencer would take out Aaryn before he would take you out because she is more physical and better in comps.

CBS Interactive Inc.

4:45am – 5:40am In the bathroom –Amanda and McCrae talk. McCrae thinks Aaryn is a better competitor than Andy. He says that Aaryn is more dangerous. McCrae says if we let Aaryn get to the final four then there is a good chance that she will win. They start to go over different scenarios going forward in the game. They head to bed. Amanda to the havenot room and McCrae to the other bedroom. McCrae and Spencer talk about us three boys (Spencer, McCrae, Andy) taking out the girls. Spencer says well dude I have been loyal and honest with you since day 2 and it’s not going to change now ..lets keep trudging along. If we can strike first then we make the move. Spencer asks if Amanda is good with Aaryn over Ginamarie in the final 5. McCrae says she is, she already thinks Aaryn is trying to move in on me. Spencer says if Aaryn makes it to the final two she will win. They talk about needing to win HOH next week. Spencer says he will get so much satisfaction with Helen leaving. She told me my game is really sloppy. OH you b***h! McCrae says that he keeps telling Helen she is good so she thinks she is staying. Spencer says my game will be better when she is gone. Spencer and McCrae decide to go to sleep.


9:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10:10am Still sleeping..
10:40am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back to wake up the house guests.

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I am so over this racism storyline.

Amanda's dog Woofy



It’ll stop when people stp saying racist shit.


in other words you’ll never stop:( this is america and people are allowed to say whatever they want so get the F over it “Name”. do you really thing that girl (aaryn) is ever going to give a sh*t what you think anyway???

whitie is f@&kup

great logic, whitie!! this is america, so i can say whatever you want!! but apprenlty other people cannot say whatever they want if it doesn’t applease you….hummmmm…i see! what a way to have freedom of speech!
ohh one thing! Go find your mom and fuck her cunt and let your dad suck yr dick! freedom of speech!


wow, you really got me “WHITIE IS F@&KUP”…have you made it past the third grade yet??? please go read a few books before replying next time… knowledge is power and it is apparent that you’re sadly lacking little one!


“applease you” is a perfectly acceptable phrase as long as it is followed by the noise hummmmmmmm.


Of course she will care how she is perceived, her job is 99% her image. Wait for an apology when she gets back to the real world.


Production will reportedly remove the dark fish from the tank today…. The light fish have complained that the dark fish said, “I am going to f**k the s**t out you”. CBS says it will not tolerate bullying of any kind.


I don’t watch BB15 for the strategy…because there is none this season. I don’t watch BB15 for the intriguing players…..because their are to few and well its the Amanda show every week. I watch BB15 for the science ….. thanks Aaryn for educating me about the black fish and the white fish. Aaryn could you clear something up for me on the next science update in BB15. Do the back fish and white …….do they …how can I say this delicately…do they intermingle, or do the white fish don’t want to associate with anyone not of their species? I might be asking that question wrong, ask Gina what I might mean.


@Educational..now that is funny!!!


Yeah, you’re right, it’s the white fish’s fault that the black fish want to swim at the bottom.
You must be one of those racists people are complaining about.


Hey guys I just looked at my fish tank that contains numerous fish; black, gold, grey but I don’t see any…wait, wait, there it is, the lonely fish wearing a white hood is hiding behind a fake reef.


Actually both black and white fish really do tend to “associate” with their own kind. It’s just like how blue birds fly with blue birds and green birds fly with green birds etc. Segregation is just a natural fact of life.

But im sure your cultural marxist “intellectuals” will probably blame it on some sort of pathological social construct that the privileged birds and fish invented. :P

Master Splinter

The white fish say they want to suck the Menstrual Blood off of Mcraes condom like AMANDA did on the live feed few nights ago ?


It’s not a storyline. Aaryn is delusional. She convinces herself that whatever she says isn’t racist and if she says something that offends someone else, then they are to blame for taking it offensively. She doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and words and projects the blame onto other people. Classic case of delusion.


No, classic case of being spoiled and sheltered. They are all offensive. I mean seriously Elissa is talking about killing puppies but because she says just kidding America it is suppose to by okay. Spencer talks about killing kids and wow Aaryn is the villian. I think not. Amanda talks about gang raping and murder and Aaryn is the worst. Let us not forget comments GM, Andy, Helen, McCrae. Sorry but the entire cast stinks, but in no way is Aaryn the evil Queen because she is just a worker bee.


That was Amanda, not Elissa, talking about killing puppies!


Agreed. For some reason people are focusing on Aaryn. I’m thinking it’s because she’s young, cute, and blonde. Just the perfect target.


Think people are focusing on Aaryn because Production/Elissa’s friends want to try and cover up that Production/CBS/BB have played fast and loose with the rules and their little rigged show will get in HUGE TROUBLE if the truth comes out. Why not blame the blue eyed blonde from Texas to try and keep the fact that Amanda and Elissa are Productions’ pets from hitting the media, and that the show was rigged from the beginning for either Amanda or Elissa to win this season.


Nobody is blaming the blue eyed blond….shucks, you tricked me. You are hating on blonds and I took the bait. Aaryn warned me that their were those that made fun of her for being blond. Like Amanda, who keeps making blond references.


Nope it’s because she’s ignorant! Her hair color doesn’t mean shit. She’s 22 not 12, therefore should understand the statements she makes are stupid. If anything and must be mentally slow to think what she says isn’t absurd! But hey, you are what you’re taught and raised to be. So there’s another excuse her and anyone else that feels the same she does.


1st off Aayrin isn’t even that cute hell GM looks better then Aayrin also the reason why people don’t like her stupid ass is because the racist shit she have said just like GM and Amanda or are you stupid just like her or can you not fucking read and hear!!!!



GM and Amanda are the ugliest women to grace the bb house this season. And based on everyone’s comments online nearly everyone thinks aaryn is more physically attractive than GM as do I

I'm Tall

expect aaryn has the same chest i had when i was a 12 yr old boy! lol. pug face is not cute at all!


Amanda says she would murder a puppy to have oeros and milk right now. Please re-read what Dawg has posted. Elissa did not make that remark.


amanda made the kill puppy comment, not elissa


It was Amanda that said it not Elissa.


Sorry, your wrong. It was not Ellissa that made the puppy comment, it was Amanda. read your story line again.


I could have sworn that Dawg worte that “amanda”said she woul kill a puppy not elissa. Did i miss something?

Vee for Venom

Hey Name, Amanda, NOT Elissa, talked about killing puppies. I’m not a fan of Elissa, but you need yo get your facts straight


oh my god yes we know it was Amanda not e Lyssa.. god forbid anybody gets that mixed up! It was a joke people! Preety sure she said she was kiddin about th puppy commentgood grief people on this board are sooo freaking sensitive. I think that’s where America is overall. Too dang PC! and no I’m not talking about racial comments, either.



Killing, raping, molesting and racially hateful comments are the forte of certain people in the house and andy, Helen and elissa have yet to say anything vile the way GM, Spencer, Amanda and aaryn have. I’ve scoured everywhere and can’t even find one example and you yourself fail to quote anything that would be incriminating. And BTW it was Amanda who spoke of killing puppies.


I’m going to bookmark this and allow you to tell me what exactly Aaryn has said that was “racist.”
FYI, I’ve got a dictionary on hand.





You need more then a dictionary, you need to venture out into the real world for a few years to experience different cultures and get a grasp of what’s going on around you. Take Aaryn with you because she seems to live in a bubble surrounded by people who look and act like her.


Holy Crow,not enough time left in this day to list them all.


You must have amnesia. I’ll just list one of the many racist things she said: “GO MAKE SOME F**** RICE.”

Rest my case. If you want more, then you’ll have to do the work yourself. Put your dictionary down and start opening your eyes and ears.


Are you serious? You honestly think telling someone to “GO MAKE SOME F**** RICE” makes them a racist? Is it a rude / hurtful comment…yes…but it is not a racist comment. A lot of people seriously need to get an education and learn what TRUE racism is.



Well you are an exception because most others saw the comment as racist. And its not just Asians who see it this way but other races as well. Its so obvious that when you say comments with malice that make fun or target a stereotypical attribute of someone’s race or culture it is considered racist. The rice comment is no different than if aaryn were to tell Candice to go eat some watermelon or fried chicken.as Both are racist. And as an Asian who experienced racial bullying rice comments were a common ammunition in the arsenal of these racists.

72 Cent

This is one of Aaryn’s delusions: July 9th 2:42pm Cam 1


I understand what you are saying. BB has let this go on far too long and should have put a stop to it early on. Hey, BB enough already! Next DR session, tell all of the HGs to STFU NOW and show America that they are not miserable human beings.

Unfortunately this issue is far from over for the those on the receiving end. Hopefully the HGs will learn alot from the fallout after they get home.


Just wanted to say, this is absolutely the best BB website! I don’t watch the live feeds and know I can always get the most current stuff here. Great details! Thanks!

Just wondering?

if you think this is a great site, then support it. Simon and Dawg work their butts off to keep us entertained. I agree that this is the best site. Please donate to the site so they can keep this going.


I did! : )


Stop lecturing people. She already donated and probably would be more than happy to do it again….without your constant reminder.


I think everyone is. But why is Aaryn so concerned about colour all the time, and the tendencies of different colours to mean different things? The colour of protein powder, the colour of the fish. Everything with Aaryn (and GM) comes down to the colour and the inequality or superior quality of things that have colour? The inequality or superiority of anything? It is a constant barrage of thoughts consisting of differences and colour.

Can’t escape it.

Now if they stopped talking and comparing constantly then the whole thing could be overlooked. Because we know they are idiots, and if you want to continue watching it has to be overlooked.


I am sick of it too and listening to Aaryn explain what she meant makes total sense. She was not saying segregated in a racial term, but trying to explain why the fish black swim on the bottom and white fish swim on top and WOW have the say the girl had a lucid moment and she is right. Amazing how anything she says everyone is so quick to jump on the racist train but when talking about the fish she was right. Because Chen “claims” she was offended everyone is so quick to label and wow just think this girl just has a lot of “blonde” moments when she talks. Racist no, but a lot of PC incorrect yes and just bottom line that she has been so spoiled by her parents because she is an only child that when Spencer said Candice ruined something that was hers she went off the deep end, and Candice added to the drama by taking things that were not hers and rummaging through the other girls dressers which she should not of done. I think it was just a ploy by CBS and BB that everyone would jump on the racist train which they did and it would try and deflect from the truth that Amanda and Elissa are production’s picks and that Amanda has family that works for CBS. Just my thoughts but it makes total sense.


If they are Black Molly It’s going to be because you have too many dirty fish in too small of a tank. Lol but true.
Ok BB test the water. Lol


Seriously, these people are stuck in a house 24 hours a day seven days a week with no television, radio, newspaper, magazines or social media so you talk about the crap you notice and it is not always about race. I mean if I was sitting in that house with absolutely NOTHING to do but observe I would wonder about the fish if some stayed on the bottom and others on the top and her observations were very good. I had not thought of that but it makes sense. They have nothing to do 24/7 but sit around and think about things so of course they talk about people, fish and anything they can do to keep from going totally insane from total boredom. I mean can you imagine being in that environment with no social media, television, radio, music, newspaper or magazines. You talk about what you observe or people that are in the house because there is NOTHING ELSE TO DO!


So what your saying, that since Amanda, Aaryn and Ginamarie are bored it’s okay to demean and make racist comments about Howard and Candice. These young women want to treated like adults but instead they act like children. I don’t care if they are only child or their parents own CBS their behavior individual and collectively is poor and that’s the best I can say. Why didn’t the 3 of them at least make an attempt to get to know Candice? The answers is that they made up their minds that Candice was not one of them so therefore she needed to be kept on the outside. It too late to worry about perceptions, you ruined that in week 2.


Sorry bitch nice try just like Aayrin thought she was being smart but guess what it didn’t work here is why that bitch didn’t only talk about the fish being black and white that bitch talked about black Candice her and David did she did the Shanquia the shit she talk about Helen being Asian she said gay slur shit and now the bitch is trying to say that it’s disgusting that Ellisa husband is 40 No bitch your disgusting talking about people ethnic and age and sexual preference and was the most nasty is your mouth not only the shit that come out of but your nasty ass teeth

pot calling kettle

Your lack of intelligence is showing.


Aaryn and Gina Marie are both have nut jobs. Aaryn is so negative all the time and keeps some sort of scowl or displeasure on her face. It seemed like Amanda baited her and got her riled up again about the fish once again. I just hate both of those nuts didn’t go home before jury. They are both mind numbingly screwed up.


Aaryn was not aware of the reason why the white fish stay on top and the black fish on the bottom; I’m not sure if this is completely true. That was something that was explained to her later. It is all about intent. What was the intent when she said it and the other things she said? Unfortunately for Aaryn she may have forgotten all that she has said, but there is a lot of video out there to remind her once she gets out. She is doing a lot of back peddling now because she has probably been made aware of how she is being perceived in public.

I’m not sure why more focus has been put on Aaryn because Amanda, Ginamarie and Spencer have said just as many offensive things. I think this whole cast must have,at sometime ,forgetten that they are on live feeds because they have all said something that would best be left private. They talk a lot about not knowing a lot about Elissa’s life. Perhaps Elissa is just protecting her and her family’s privacy. After all she does have some experience with this because of her sister’s experience. Unfortunately, for the hgs, we all know far too much about their lives.


You are right production and Aayrin are back paddling but like you said it’s all on tape and anybody can clearly see what see was trying to say also I don’t think people are just focusing on her it’s just that she keeps saying im not racist and she keeps talking about the fish when the dame fish isn’t the only things she said and a matter of fact racist way and she keeps trying to blame Candice when the words didn’t come form Candice own mouth about Candice it came from Aayrin mouth and it was Aayrins on behavior and it wasn’t just racist stuff at Candice it was also at Helen and gay slur at Andy to if but no everybody isn’t just saying Aayrin is racist because we all know and saw Amada and GM if you notice whenever the other 2 other BB Hg racist start trying to say they are racist and they also try to put the blame on Candice bloggers go ham on them also!!!


the racism storyline is far from over. there are racist people still in the house.


And plenty more on this thread, hiding behind their PC masks.


Well thank God the biggest one, Candice, is in jury.
When GM gets to jury, Candice is prolly gonna be quiet as a church mouse.


Me too and as I told another guy on here earlier that if bad racist (or racial and there is a difference) jokes mean that people saying them are racist then half of professional comedians, black and white, should be considered racist. Some comments during those 2 weeks early on were pretty stupid and maybe even hurtful and I would not make excuses for them, however, I don’t feel that anybody in the house is actually racist. Immature, yes. Amanda and Gina and Spencer, especially, need to hold their tongue sometimes. Aaryn has clearly gotten worried about things she said, so I totally give her credit over it. A real racist would be proud and continue. Amanda is, by far, the most guilty, so I wish people stopped pissing on Aaryn so much when there are other targets in that house who are more deserving of criticism.


Agree Aaryn is a case of a girls not liking one another, but wow Amanda, Spencer, McCrae, Gina Marie and Helen just cannot seem to stop spewing their vile hate. Yes some comments were made early that were racially insensitive but that was more about girls being girls and not liking each other and add in a few lies which production has yet to correct and surprise, surprise they do not like each other. Why not Blame Production for not clearing things up which they easily could of done, and wow they made Jeremy get Elissa a new hat but when Aaryn’s is damaged do they do the same. No, they do not and yes what Jeremy did was worse but what is right for one should be right for both. It is clear from the very beginning with Elissa’s special privileges that she was the Pet of Production and that Amanda was the “rigged winner” because of family connections and that CBS and BB wanted to stir things up so that the truth would not come out.


Sorry, you can sugarcoat it all you want, but, Aaryn was raised to be intolerant of other races and cultures. She seems happy with her beliefs but is probably worried she’s revealed too much. Typical cowardly racist. Also, I can’t see Spencer holding onto his job for long. Railroad people are very conservative.


Did not know you were psychic? Obviously you are since you seem to have some inside information on how people are “raised” at home!

This Season Blows

It’s honestly just an overblown distraction at this point. Production is using it to deflect from the fact that this season has been a bust and as a way to artificially inflate ratings by creating controversy.

give me a break

Too Bad the 3 house guest are not over the being racist…Aryan, Amanda, and GM are still obsess with someone skin color…as Spencer is obsess with being perverted…… If you could trade Aryan, Amanda, and GM….with Jessie, Candice, and Kaitlin…you won’t hear talk about race all day everyday …..these 3 are just racists…point blank…not one week goes by without them saying something racists…or Spencer saying he wants to cum on somebody…..CBS pick these people….and because the 3 girls are racist and Spencer is a perverted this is the only conversation this group can muster up that excites them……McPuss doesn’t say much but, “YA”…. Andy is always nervous so he always talk game…, Elissa think these people are vile and disgusting and don’t want to associate with them……So what we are subject to;… are the topics Aryan, Amanda, GM, and Spencer brings up…..which mostly consist racist comments and rapist comments…..blame CBS for this group….we can’t control what comes out of there own mouth…

Mee too

I’m loving the back door Hellen I can’t wait to see if it actually happens. Nice and gentle back door with Helen type smiles on their faces priceless FYI still no live feed access the site continues to say blocked or forbidden error I’m in Canada any one have advice???

The Bark Bark

Common mistake almond both the HGs and newer fans….the term back door does not apply here. Somehow it has become synonymous lately with blindsiding, however you can not back door someone who was originally nominated. In order to back door someone, the veto must be used, and the replacement nominee has less time to fight (and sometimes doesn’t even compete in the veto so the essentially have NO control over their own fate), and then the replacement nominee goes home. That is a back door in big brother. Although I’m thinking Amanda has been working on redefining that term with mcpizza, in the hoh bed.

You So Funny

Elissa is 27, Aaryn thinks her husband is 40 and that’s gross.
Aaryn know what’s gross? You are!
It’s 2013 not 1953, racism, homophobia and bigotry are gross!!!


Give me a break Elissa’s husband is a LOT OLDER than 40. He is at least 50, and a lot of young girls think that is gross. I mean I know I would of when I was 22.


that’s your opinion. another one that bases on what they see over what lies in the heart of another human being.



Master Splinter

Bradd Pitt is 48 and millions of women don’t think he is gross ?


Elissa married a much older guy with 3 kids because he had money so she didn’t have to work and just do yoga all day. It’s clear as day. Her only job in life is to stay pretty, though she already looks all puffy in the face from her plastic surgery and I think she’s overdoing the yoga thing because she’s starting to look like a cyborg. Girl is totally pathetic and never more so than when she opens and mouth and starts speaking.


and you know this because…..you know her personally? Or are you another person who just assumes they know her . Humm.. no better then the rest!

Ex Fan

You forgot ageism.

Master Splinter

The guy from Mad Men all the ladies like is 44 or 45 so he would be gross . Brett Michael s is 46 or 47 so he would be gross to Aaryn . Aaryn dont like anyone ? If she goes on Jay Leno who is 62 will she call him gross ?


YOU SO FUNNY Be keeping the shit 100 I fucking luv you because you got that shit right and as you can see a lot of us agree with you!!!!!! FUCK Aayrin nasty ass!!!!!!

Aaryn is fugly

All these people do is trash talk Elissa and it is really annoying. The other houseguests must be very jealous. Jealous that Elissa has a better body than all of them, jealous that Elissa is much more wealthy than them, jealous that Elissa is America’s favorite, and jealous that her sister is Rachel. Probably one of the top 5 most popular person to ever play big brother. I could go on, but really they are mad because Elissa thinks she is better than them, but guess what? She really is.


I am a die hard BB fan and loved Rachel/Brenchel.. but this Elissa chick.. i don’t know. I loved the idea of Rachel’s sister being on BB..but the woman is useless and stuck up….I started this season hating AAryn and loving elissa, but THEIR actions have made them switch roles now…I don/t know about this season tho…I don’t even watch on television anymore, I just read this and watch the live shows sometimes.. Doubtful that I will tune in again next year.. sad times

aaryn is hot

i doubt anyone in the house is jealous of elissa and her duck lips, botox, implants, etc.. plus didn’t she get put up on the block by AMERICA as well so i don’t think your theory holds water here…i could go on, but …sorry, try again;-)


Let’s not forget her empty head. She’s pretty much an imbecile.


Top 5? I think you are stretching that by about 40 other house guest. How can she be a favorite when she gets less than 3 minutes of air time a episode? I think they make her look stupid the times they do show her.

I heart Elissa

Woo hoo Elissa! Im rooting for you girl. Don’t let these other monsters win!!


Nope! In defense of the house guests, that’s not all they do is trash talk about Elissa. They trash talk Candice mostly, then take a break by trash talking Elissa. They should get back to trash talking Candice by tomorrow.

This Season Blows

Thing is, if anyone says a negative word about Rachel’s Shadow, her obsessed fans melt down and blow it out of proportion and suddenly “all these horrible people do is bash Elissa.”

This Season Blows

“jealous that Elissa is America’s favorite, and jealous that her sister is Rachel. Probably one of the top 5 most popular person to ever play big brother.”

LOL…. delusional on all counts.


You are disgusted that all the HGs talk about Elissa? What about her talking about all the HGs? It’s never anything nice. You need to quit being a hypocrite and only singling out those you don’t like bc they aren’t politically correct enough. Elissa is the most stuck-up shallow person in BB history. Nothing like her sister even though she has been riding on Rachel’s coattails all season with America’s vote. In the real world she’d be eaten alive by these HGs. But in her princess gold digging world she can stay away from real people and live off the luxurious lifestyle her husband provides her. Elitist snobs like her make me sick.


The same thing could be said about how all you posters do nothing but trash talk Amanda … you’re jealous.


yes i am totally jealous of amanda. she is so classy and i want to be more like her.

NOT. there is nothing about amanda that makes me want to be like her.

Master Splinter

AMANDA sucked Menstrual blood off of Mcraes condom few nights ago ? And the whole show has been rigged for her to win it will come down to her and ellisa . Mcrae will be 3rd place ? Amanda and Elissa will be the final 2


Yes Ellisa is better then them McCrea says I was close with her until I found out yesterday she has 3 step kids and she don’t ever talk about them!?!?!?! So McCrea’s lil punks ass says that he is close to her that’s why 2days ago he was talking about how he was going to take Ellisa down it is going to be a blood bath really McCrea if your close with somebody you don’t say your going to take them down and the person you are taking is a girl! Also to point out more how fake McCrea is Ellisa don’t say much about her family and I can say I don’t blame her because you see how much shit they are talking about the other people family I feel bad for Kaytlin with Amanda and McCrea and them talking her family but anyhow Ellisa said she have the best mother n law and she feels her husband mother lives to make her husband happy she just lil stuff about the step kids but she said they are kinda like the brady bunch and she wasn’t more kids but also maybe because they are her step kids they told her not to talk about them on the show!!!!!!


I agree with you, I think she doesn’t talk about her step children because they are older and she doesn’t want to put them in a awkward position. If she would of talked about them, can you imagine the vile remarks the others would say??
I have come to the conclusion, Elissa has problems talking to these people, because she has nothing in common with them. Elissa is not into vile remarks, therefore she does not fit in. She is very self conscious when speaking with them, and comes across vapid.
Has anyone else noticed that Andy is always the closest to whoever they are talking about, he knows them better then anyone else in the house. What a ego and what a joke.
McCray is pitiful, that is all you can say about him. Amanda took his manhood, hopefully she gives it back to him after the show.


Elissa is the ONLY person in that house who has the temerity to call those dirtbags on the filth coming out of their mouths. I too would be seen as stuck up because you would not catch me near Spencer, GM, Aaryn, or Amanda… in real life, those are not people who are on my radar. Go win this sucker Elissa and keep all those jerks hating on you… You, my darling Yoga sister, are my kind of people.


PUKE!!! Elissa is nasty as hell!!!! Fake phony slut/bitch. She don’t talk about her life because she can’t keep her lies straight. Skank lies about everything. And why the hell do you think this pile of crap is worth anything? Because she doesn’t say much. I say thank goodness for that, if she was smart enough to have an intelligent thought then her ugly assed botox injected face would be on my television screen more than it is. As for her nasty sister….I just threw up….if she would disappear forever that would suit me fine. Just another wretched thing squirming on the Earth that needs to be exterminated.


“Amanda says she would murder a puppy to have oeros and milk right now.” And we thought Evil Amanda couldn’t sink any lower…now she is talking about killing innocent helpless puppies!!? P.E.T.A & animal lovers are gonna LOVE This!! I truly truly believe (just like Howard) that “you reap what you sew” and karma WILL come back to bite Amanda on her stinky sloppy ass soon enough…..I wouldn’t be surprised if the second she leaves the house a large Piano drops on her head like in cartoons.


Amanda can say things like killing puppies, because she’s Jewish. Amanda has explained to us time after time that the vile things she says are Ok. For instance, Amanda explained that she can make fun of the holocaust because she is a Jew. That Amanda is such a kidder. She just cracks me up.


you know i noticed that too.she unapologetically says vile,racist ,homophobic things about others.i guarantee that if anyone made cruel references to hitler,nazi germany,holocaust or genocide she would hit the roof.and rightly so,there is nothing funny about genocide.genocide that is based upon the belief that an entire race of people do not deserve to live.hitler once said that no one was safe until every jew in the WORLD was dead.for amanda to say the things she does,i find especially heinous because she knows better,it is against the law in germany and france,at least,to make antisemtic remarks.you will go to jail.its because hate speech leads to hateful actions and nobody knows this better than european jews.but the thing that really puzzles me is that last i heard aaryn nation types despise jews in a very bad way.has it ever crossed her mind that arryn has just as much contempt for her,if not more,than she does for candance?just sayin.


Why are you selectively reading about what Amanda allegedly said and then attacking her? If you read the next sentence in the blog you know she immediately said she was kidding. So obviously she made the statement tongue in cheek. But haters like you ignore that and act as though she never made the follow-up statement. You are as deluded as Helen and Elissa. And no better.


Right…..and I guess that saying she wants to kill Jesse then rape her corpse is all just fun and games too? You have issues my friend and based on all the likes of your foolish comments many would agree with you…..NOT!! btw, I stand corrected “sow” not “sew” like needle and thread lol


it was spencer who said that you could use her blood as lube :( people always conveniently forget that spencer is often part of these conversations. I know Amanda’s “jokes” are disgusting and go way to far, but a rape joke is far scarier coming from someone who says serious sexual comments about Jessie and checks her out all the time like a perv. either way it’s not right, but spencer creeps me out 100%. I worry about him being drunk in the jury house with Jessie when his time comes (hopefully next


Amanda’s mom? Is that you?


But earlier this vile bitch said that she had taken fourteen Puerto Rican showers, Puerto Ricans stink because they don’t shower. But she is not racist because she has fucked Puerto Ricans in the past. And she can spew her malignant thoughts about African Americans because she has had a black cock inside of her. She always qualifies her statements with something stupid so she isn’t racist and now she is not a potential killer of puppies. Because she qualified herself.


Amanda always says she’s kidding after making insensitive or sexually disgusting remarks (which is very often). She has a twisted sense of humor, wouldn’t you say?

Many a truth is said in jest.


Its “reap what you sow” not sew.

La la la

I bet no one will want to be seen with spencer after the show is over his pervert fat ass is gross. I wanna throw up just listening and looking at him! Damn im starting to sound as mean as all amanda


Is it me, it looks like Spencer has not changed his Blue shirt since BB has started, if that’s so what else has he not changed (yewww, yuk).

MC is always talking stuff about Elissa, is it because she didn’t and wouldn’t give him the time of day.

Why, would Elissa or anyone tell their personal business it’s a game show not a show of let’s be bestees!!!


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I would never share my personal life/family with these idiots. They trashed talked everyone, yet they don’t understand why Elissa kept her personal life private. America is a very judgmental place and the public could and will trash talk about her personal life worse than the house guest. Smart move Elissa, it is none of our business, and I do believe when one is truly happy and content they have no desire to flaunt it “yes I know she talked about her homes and money”, my opinion she is putting more value on her family than the material things and keeping them private. Not a fan of hers, but it also reveals she is more mature than the others, because her spouse and children are off limits, the others don’t understand that type of loyalty and love.


I’m usually open-minded, but Spencer’s sexual obsession is getting “hard” to listen too. The guy is probably living in a fantasy world.


Probably? That pervert IS living in a fantasy world. I would be surprised if there is a Marilyn back home. What woman would give this sick perverted misogynistic sociopath the time of day? Besides, he is disgusting to look at.


BB you need to chastise Spencer. Really why do we want to hear from him about going to Ellissa’s just to ejaculate all over her personal things. For go she was nice enough to invite them all to stay with her. Spencer you are a sick human and I hope at the end of the game they will be waiting to cart you off! you are not cute! you are offensive!


You know I don’t see why Spencer and Amanda isn’t boyfriend/girlfriend or marriage up because him and her seem to have a lot more in common they both are fucking gross always talking about some serious weird sexual shit that makes one wonders how the fuck are these to people are not locked the fuck up somewhere he is talking about little kids in a sexual way and she and him both was talking about rape about Candice and Jessie and he said can use the blood for lube and she like having sex why she is on her period also people should also take notes of who is always their laughing the shit up with them when they talking about sick shit like that their is always to people around them when they talk like that. I guess the reason why Amanda and Spencer are not a twosome is because she cant control him but if they ever did hook up I can totally see them as Phillip and Nancy Garrido from the Jacyee Dugard case or if Amanda and Spencer don’t hook up I can totally see Amanda drugging some girl so whomever the sick dude that will be with her can use the drugged girls as a sex toy she just send those heebie-jeebies vibes out!!!!

Mama Pig

There is only one woman good enough for Spencer. Guess who?
She can peel 3 layers of bathroom wall paper off, leaves feces in the toilet for someone let to flush, can spell most word with less than 3 letters to it, curses worst than a diesel dyke, lives below ground, pops pimples, and loves anal sex.


Spencer is one sick f*ck. I hope he gets fired from his 80k a year job as a railroad conductor and has to work for minimum wage ($7.25 hr), so he can get a dose of reality. He thinks he’s so cool, but he’s really just pig vomit.


Well those of you who watched the movie “Unstoppable” saw what happened to that idiot after screwing up, can he say do you want fries with your order. Honestly, I’m am disappointed and a few times offended with the way the cast has spoken, however I do not wish them any hardship or depression from this. I just hope they learn from their errors, because society do not need anymore unemployed, depressed, hating vengeful people on the streets, and I will forgive those who asked to be forgiven, but if they leave the house only to make excuses of their behavior than whatever it’s a cruel world out there good luck.


Actually, that Elissa does’nt talk about her stepchildren is probably out of respect for their Mother’s wishes. That Elissa would not discuss family matters with that fool MC is a credit to her.

Beg to Differ

That’s one way at looking at, Elissa is differing to their mother. The other way is that Elissa is the one playing the game, and not the children. They knew nothing about Elissa ever since week one, that’s why it was so perplexing to Elissa. The house was hating on her from jumpstreet and kept putting her up on the block. Now several weeks later, they realized they have no basis for their hate of Elissa. However, its Elissa’s fault. She doesn’t open up to them personally. Elissa might not be the best player in the game and has a problem focusing, but I do think she is honest and real. You might not like her attitude and that’s fair. However, if she considers you a friend. I think she is their for you. Elissa considered Howard a friend and didn’t put him on the block even though Dementia tried bullying Elissa to do it.


REAL?? Who are you kidding? The woman has had more botox and plastic surgery than a Barbie Doll she is so insecure and fake. She did not have to stay with the other players before coming in the house and has an uppity attitude that makes her think she is better than everyone. She is disgusting and hope she gets out ASAP. HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE!!


The word Elissa and respect should not even be allowed in the same sentence. She did not respect Candice when she was laughing behind doors with Helen at the comments about Candice. She is a self entitled botox filled duck lipped hypocrite, and cannot wait till her nasty face is gone. Hope she self evicts when Helen is sent out the door or that Judd comes back and kicks her self entitled butt out the door.


Elissa’s sister was on the show so she knows with the internet that there can be backlash for the families. She has kept her private life private and that is to be respected. I’m sure the families of the other HG’s wish they would have done the same. Aaryn’s mom not writing a letter and her dad being cut out of the photo was a clue.


while i think helen is infinitely stupid, i’m hoping elissa talks to her to tell her whats up. anything to jack up 3AM.

then hope judd comes back after a good talk with jess and candice with a way to prove he wasnt MVP. that will definitely screw up demanda.


I have a feeling that by Thursday things could changed and perverted Spencer
Is blindsided.

Jealous haters

Insecure people always put down pretty people or people who are doing better than them. Jealous haters all they do is dis Elissa everytime her back is turned. Sad society we live in.

Bob barker

I agree with your comment however this blog is full of the same type of people trashing these people in the house. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard someone say “I hate _” or “he or she is a disgusting human being”. I guess it’s ok to say these things and judge these people because we’re all hiding behind a computer right? What makes us any better that them? If it were any of us in the house there would be a reason for each one of us to be hated whether its warranted or not.


it is not the same.

commenters here are not putting their lives, mentality and beliefs on full display for tv. the HGs are and often times showing their ugly side, which is what people here get mad about.

This Season Blows

The funny thing is that Rachelissa’s fans are constantly ripping Demanda, Helen, GM and Aaryn to shreds on here, and often for good reason – yet when it’s time for their HG of choice to be criticized, suddenly they whine that everyone’s an “insecure hater” and “despicable.”

I don’t get why people can’t just be objective about what’s going on in the house. Nobody in this cast is perfect, and every single one of them has had their fair share of annoying traits and outright horrible behavior. Yet if it’s not Demanda, Aaryn, GM or Helen getting criticized, some people melt down and don’t want to hear it. Pretty sad stuff.


Not true. These people are horrible and I would say it to their faces if I could.


Im sorry I don’t think anybody is Jealous of Aaryin Amanda and GM because note a one of them 3 is beautiful they might be cute but beautiful nope they don’t fit in the beautiful catagory and there body’s are not past a 5 and they attitudes are just gross then we have Spencer McCrea and Andy nuff said I don’t have to go there about there looks but I will say this those 3 boys attitudes are better then those 3 girls then we have Helen and Ellisa I say those 2 girl are cute to I could see my self more like them because they seem to give you a chance rather then just by the way you look in what color you skin is only thing Helen is to dam much of a fucking cheerleader for me I will be like tone that shit down and Ellisa I would have to tell her ass do it look like I would want to workout 24/7 there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be healthy but can a mofo have a chill day


If we examine the men who was easily voted out by the other men I agree with you. David, Nick, Howard and Jeremy were the more attractive men in the house, and the shaggy non showering hippie guy, Bitch tendencies Opie, and pervert uncle Fester are doing very well now that the eye candy is gone. Women are not the only gender to have jealousy and insecure issues.

the Truth

Can’t wait to see the look on little Miss Politician’s face when she gets blindsided and has to hit the bricks! Still…wish it was that disgusting beast Amanda getting the boot.


So these HGs all bash Elissa any chance they can get but are confused when they all realize they don’t know anything and about her personal life. These people need to get a clue. Elissa doesn’t need to think she’s better than you, she just is.


Elissa is a snob and she is not better than anyone even though she thinks she is. She is a trophy wife to an old man who has had so much botox that her face does not move, and that speaks volumes about her insecurities. I hope she self evicts after Helen is gone because I am sick of seeing her self entitled self, and people cannot stand her because she should not of been allowed on the show since she knows everyone in production and got special privileges. She had an unfair advantage from Day 1 and do not blame them for disliking her. She brought it on herself with her self entitled thinking!


sounds like to me your jealous too!


Jealous bwahahahaha!! Jealousy requires that the person has something that you want, and duck lips, botox injections where your face does not move, constantly bragging which just shows how insecure you are as a human being, laughing at someone who you contend was your friend does not make for jealousy. Elissa is a pitiful example of an insecure brainless trophy wife. She is a laughing stock just like those silly Housewife shows. Sorry, but a brainless twit is not anyone that would emote feelings of jealousy.


They could be jealous of her confidence to NOT participate in their nonsense and NOT be worried what the rest of the house thinks about it.

After all, they are scared of Amanda, and will participate in the nonsense to placate HER! (Let’s just say for a moment that they are not really racist/misogynist) They could be jealous that Elissa can have the confidence to carry on like she does without one thought of how she is perceived by the house. And Queen Amanda, because one swipe of her wand and Elissa is public enemy number 1.


Well the house guest is staying true to form, whomever they want out of the house they trash talk more and harsher when they are on the block. I’ll make it very clear I really don’t approve of how Amanda conduct herself on the show, her sexual relationship, nasty habits, racial slurs, bullying tactics and plain and simple disgrace to the female gender, however she is playing the game better than everyone else in the house. Her voice sends the cast running for cover, and if she says jump they will reply “how high?”. For that reason Amanda will win the game if she makes it to the end, I don’t know why but she has put major fear into the cast, they are afraid to eat without her permission, especially the men. Amanda picked the most subservient man in the house, McCrea, that is why she hated Howard she knew he would never bow down to her.


If BB does the returning jury member correctly and gives them the HoH this will really shake things up. That is unless Judd comes back and believes the boys alliance and doesn’t put up Demanda. Hopefully he has been listening to Candice and Jessie in the jury house.


Why are these people so butthurt over Elissa?? If she wanted to tell you about her personal life, she would. Otherwise it’s none of your damn buisness…this is Big Brother, not the Real World. Elissa doesn’t have to tell you shit about her personal life. She obviously doesn’t like any of you assholes!!! And to top it off the house guests are always talking about how much they hate Elissa, yet they are offended that she doesn’t open up to them?? GTFO


Breanna, I hear you!!! My exact sentiments too!


Breanna & Sociology – I agree. If Elissa revealed anything about her stepchildren (which could be prohibited by the agreement her husband has with the children’s mother), these vile houseguests would just use it as fodder for more hateful and vile comments.

I don’t hear McCrae or Amanda for that matter talking very much about their siblings, and Andy hasn’t said very much about his personal life.

The slurs directed toward Elissa are against her attractiveness – they claim she’s all Botox and plastic surgery (said without any proof) yet NO ONE says anything about Amanda, who has admitted to Botox and plastic surgery (breast implants) or GM, who also admits to having had significant plastic surgery.

Now they are attacking her husband and suggesting her child is illegitimate. What miserable, vile individuals Elissa has to live with.

This Season Blows

“Elissa doesn’t have to tell you shit about her personal life.”

She has no problem bragging about it when it makes her feel superior to others (i.e. her boasting about the 5 houses she owns and her wealth).


I think it would be hilarious if Aaryn gets Pandora’s box and the” couples twist” is unleashed for a week like in season 13. While we all know that was just to save Rachel and Jordan, it would still be funny. Elissa teams with Helen and because she has the veto they are both safe. Aaryn has to put up another couple either Amanda and McCrae or Andy and Spencer and a jury member comes back. Hopefully Candice so they have the numbers. This would definitely change the game. I still think Aaryn does not believe she can win against anyone but GM and it is her plan to take GM to final 2. Even though GM would be a guaranteed vote for her in jury, no one will vote for GM to win. I am not a believer in physical violence but I hope Elissa’s husband smacks the shit out of Spencer for the disgusting things he has said and has threatened to do. I don’t blame Elissa for not telling these assholes about her family. It is none of their business and would only give them more ammo to talk about her. As far as her having an “illegitimate” child, as a single mother I am so offended by this. We all know Aaryn, GM and Amanda have had sex out of wedlock so they could easily have an “illegitimate” child as well. The jealousy from these 3 is so obvious. GM shouldn’t knock anyone having a sugar daddy (which I don’t believe is the case with Elissa) because she is going to need one since she will have a lot of trouble finding a job after her actions this season.


I almost think this house would vote for GM over Aaryn in the final. Everything is so personal with them. I think they’d feel sorry for GM b/c she has so little and also b/c they know her obsession with Nick won’t end well. I think Aaryn could win against Elissa or Spencer.


You gotta think there are no pictures of aaryns dad because he requested production to not show his face because of the flack he would get….like, congrats old man, you raised a flaming cross white robed racist. I would have done the same thing, except I wouldn’t raise my daughter to be prejudice.


So true he must already be embarassed in his town and would hate for his face to be plastered for all of America to see.He raised a disgusting daughter who is racist with a mean heart..


I am sure that Aaryn’s parents have written her but that would not play with CBS/BB storyline. CBS/BB are trying to keep the heat off of their own dirty hands by getting America all upset about some ignorant racially hurtful comments so that the true story never hits the press. Can you imagine how much trouble CBS will be in if it does get out that the entire show was rigged. They will throw anyone under the bus to keep that covered up. Hope CBS has to pay and pay dearly to all of the players if it comes out that it was rigged from day one, and with Elissa’s special treatment and Amanda’s family ties to CBS it definitely looks like it is.


Some people need others to think for them. Aaryn for instance is waiting for Amanda/Helen to tell her that the reason her Dad’s pictures were cut out was because of her racist ways whether or not she knows what she is doing, bottom line her parents didn’t teach her better.

i like how they are starting to scratch at each other the 3am i mean, with Aaryn trying to get Mcpussy paraniod and Amanda getting defensive and coming back with her own jibe bringing up some old segregation bs to throw Aaryn off her high horse, and doing it without offending Aaryn to even n think about blindsliding or backdooring Amanda, by adding you know am joking. soon these wont be jokes no more.

whats about to happen to Helen will happen to Aaryn.

Aaryn senses the danger she can do something about it now but is too closed minded to do something. Telling GM we have to win next week or we go home. you have the power now why not run your own numbers and see what happens. I think the best move for her would be to put up Amanda and tell them you two have been running the house now you two duke it out on the block.

Aaryn and Gm are every emotional players. going after a Candice cause you don’t like her voice or color and getting offended when they themselves are treated as second class citizens. Now instead of thinking of a wining strategy their number one target became Elissa, elminating people they dont like not necessary people in their way to the prize. This might be because they really have no faith in winning and are just happy to keep going and hoping that some luck will fall their way.

But with all the winning streak you would imagine somewhere Aaryn would look out to get people who posse some competitive challenge and go after them and not put your energy on someone who doesn’t want to sit next to u, but posses no really competitive threat thats why you are still panicking and yet you are HOH, cause that’s your ticket out.

I think Spencer and GM can be convinced to get rid of Amanda. and Andy and Mcpussy would suddenly find themselves lost and thus far Helen’s lack of power has already been exposed and Elissa and Helen would owe her somehow if necessary make a fake alliance with them and i dont see Andy ever going after anyone but Ellisa and GM

Despite her racist ways, based on game play alone if Aaryn takes out either Amanda or Helen or both in addition to those who have gone on before these she deserves to win the game and she can then deal with the consequences of her racist ways there after.


forgot to say her, cbs and the hgs can deal with a racist winner.

72 Cent

Here is one of Aaryn’s racist ways: July 9th 2:42 pm Cam 1 It’s a doozy!



Are you contradicting yourself? You just said a little earlier or later that Aaryn wasn’t racist? And I’m really surprised to see you posting so much today since you just said yesterday that you would be leaving this blog and going to another.


That’s right Elissa, keep your personal life on the DL. Sometimes it’s better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel because it will only hurt you when you know they can hear you but they can’t understand.

As she has stated before: “She does not want to have anything to do with these people outside of the house”…Preach baby girl, preach….


I think Elissa is so closed off and private because she regrets coming into the house in the first place and having to associate with most of these people. Not a fan of her game play, but her life *does* seem to have more going for it than most of these people’s… being trapped in there with these folks for that many days, it’d be hard not to think you’re superior.


I keep wondering when Aaryn will piss off Amanda so much that Amanda will demand that Aaryn has to be the next to go…


Al, the sh*t will hit the fan between Aaryn & Amanda when Amanda’s insecurities lead her to believe that Aaryn wants McCrae. She’s already made a few comments about disliking McCrae saying anything in support of Aaryn. Amanda seems to have a poor self image, and is jealous of Aaryn’s youth and attractiveness (such that it is). I think she made comments to that effect last night on the live feeds.

It’s only a matter of time before Amanda sees that green monster Aaryn trying to steal her man – and Aaryn will be on the receiving end of Amanda’s wrath!


This game is solely intended for one winner and for one person to leave each week.
I understand there are different ways to play this game, whether wrong or morally right. These people
Are in here with the intention to win a large amount of “life changing” money. Some who have annoying tendencies and some
Who may appear to look good. In my opionion, I feel that many people are upset with Helen or Amanda for their game play. I would like
To say that it really is a personal game play and no one should take it to heart what we see at home. These are real people with real emotions.
So please keep this place positive and stop the hating!!
Pc out!


It’s really funny you say these people are playing with real emotion so keep it positive HELLO WHERE IN FUCK HAVE YOUR ASS BEEN AT SANDY 4REAL why do you think a lot of people cant stand Aayrin Amanda and GM because of the racist shit they said and fucking hate Spencer because of the shit he said about lil kids in a sexual manner!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You So Funny

Figured out why Elissa doesn’t share her personal life, “That’s not Rachel’s sister, it’s a man, baby!”

Real Scandals Phony President

Here is a link to the CBS chat with Jeff and Jordan. i love how Jordan tells the truth when she is asked about this season. ” Boring and predictable.”


me again again

I wouldn’t go around spilling my guts about my personal life either! You don’t know who’s watching feeds. As far as age….I’m 38 and my husband is 49! Arryn would think that was really yuck. Lol….11 yrs between us. Still loving Elissa. I don’t care if she sat in the corner and never moved or spoke a word the entire game I’d vote for her over everyone else this year. The others are nasty…skanky…disgusting and I can’t understand any of the conversations because every other word is bleeped out.


Quote ” They think she has an illegitimate kid and that she never mention ….”

Who says that? Illegitimate? What decade does that phrase come from?


Someone had said that she used to sell her body and that is when she got pregnant. Oh yeah Elissa is one classy woman!

just older

Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it true. Do you have any proof that that is a true statement? Anything at all that would indicate there is even a possibility she was an escort?


there you go again. Do you believe everything people say about someone? there’s a reason Ellissa doesn’t divulge information. its because of people like you.


I know right MELANIE who say’s that these day’s they are post to say My baby daddy or My baby Mama hehehe Nah I’m just playing being a smartass joking around. But on the real if her lil boy is by another dude who give’s a fuck it’s not like we have to pay for him they have money in the bank you feel me she isn’t getting government help for him nahmean!!!


Spencer has talked nasty ENOUGH. Please ask him to can it!!!! Sick of reading his nasty talk!!!


I bet if amanduh starts saying “Andy’s feet stink we need to vote him out”, everyone else will be like “yah, I’ve been saying that from the beginning, he has to go!” This will then start the “we hate Andy club”, and he will soon be voted out.

Amanduh: “Andy has an alliance with Clownie, we have to break them up because they are a power-couple!”

The House: “Ya, they are dangerous! Let’s backdoor them, wait….backdoor….Andy…..let’s just surprise him.”

Elissa FTW

These houseguest are so butthurt over Elissa. It is hilarious. She really is better than all of them. Not her fault she got stuck in a house full of vile people. I would look down on them too.

This Season Blows

Let’s not pretend that she ever gave anyone from this cast a fair chance to begin with. She refused to even go on the show in the first place without getting to avoid the preseason sequester, being given a bigger stipend than anyone else, and getting a rigged twist to force her through the first few weeks. In addition, she’s been totally judgemental and snobbish towards everyone else all season. She’s even been two-faced with her supposed “allies,” from how she threw her alliance under the bus publicly for wanting to vote Kaitlin out instead of Aaryn, to how she laughed at the racist insults behind Candice’s back, to how she’s refusing to go to jury and give Helen her vote if she gets to the final 2. I can totally understand why nobody else in the house likes her, and it’s not because she’s a superior person – it’s really all her own doing.


Those of you who think Judd is getting information from Candice and Jessie in jury, they are not in jury. They are all sequestered separately. BBCA made the mistake of bringing someone back who had been in the jury house and they had a huge advantage going back in. BBUS would not make the same mistake. The jurors will not go to jury house until after the comp on Thursday.


its called wishful thinking. i’m hoping they are all together too talking to compare notes to screw up whoever in the house when they come back.


On the live show, when Jessie was evicted Julie said this:

“It seemed you and judd were good friends, he even blamed you for his eviction. How awkward is it going to be when you say HELLO at the jury house”

That says to me they are pulling a BB Canada move. They even announced at the beginning of this season that they were taking some ideas from BB Canada.


Wow! I thought everyone wanted Candice or Jessie!!
Judd is so boring and useless.


because judd and helen could do more damage if/when they came back.

candice would only come back to make it personal with gm/aaryn and jess never really connected enough with anyone more than who is already connected left in the house to where she could rally whoever to flip.


Im sorry but Judd is just as much as Big Pussy as Andy and McCrea how many times did Judd have the chance to change this game but he wanted to keep being a lil bitch the best part about when Judd got out is because Aayrin is the one that got him out after he worked so hard to keep her ass in the game so yall can keep saying bring Judd back in the house because he will get this game going humm sorry but his past game play is a great indication that we wouldn’t get anywhere with Judd he seem like a cool dude but not cool for big brother if you bring back Candice and Jessie any thing can happen because they know they don’t have anybody in the house for them it would be a no mercy I don’t owe you nothing but a vote to eviction vote to get yo ass on up out of here and they prob wouldn’t care if they get their vote to win the game but they Candice and Jessie would really wouldn’t care just as long as it’s not everybody else that’s still in the house and they know if they don’t when 500.000 they could get 50.000

Elissa's Botox

Aaryn is racist. That is classic narcissist behavior where she tries to turn it around & call the victim racist for being offended.

That fish comment was worse than the shaniqua voice she did


I think that this season sucks!


Title 47 of the United States Code Part 509 is the law against Television shows being rigged. Let Black Lion speak about his findings regarding how BB 15 is being rigged or will it hurt the advertisement for 24/7 viewing. I believe a class action suit should be filed because this game is being fixed for Amanda to win.


if there is a fix, all the people who paid for live feeding could enter into a class action lawsuit to get their money back and whatever else in damages (which probably wouldnt be very much, but a little is better than nothing) regarding time wasted.

Master Splinter

I looked up what Black Lion talked about . Amanda has some very close people she is related to or sleeping with that work at Warner brothers ,CBS and in the reality tv production world . The guy Jessie she says on her old REALATOR TWITTER any of you can pull it up she calls him her boyfriend and if you click onto his full twitter he is a big time REALITY TV PRODUCER the connections he has must be huge ? Also Amanda has family that works for Warner Brothers . Her reality company shows she worked in Hollywood,CA ,Beverly Hills,CA and Los Angeless,CA . She must really know the Big Brother creators and producers they must be like family to her . She because of that should never have been allowed on the show . SOME COULD SAY ELISSA should not be on here also . I just wish we could of had a more level season . Amanda has controled every eviction since the show started ? And it is like they all know she will win the $500,000 dollars .

Go Broncos

I have been checking this website for some time and this is my first time leaving a comment. But I have to say I am so happy Helen is going to jury and would hate for her to come back. Can someone please tell me if the returning jury member will be the new HOH? I can’t see the point of them coming back without some power. They are going to be coming back in alone. And will be voted out the next week. If they don’t have any powers they have to pull a Jesse and blow up everyones game. I would start with Andy the rat.


nothing has been stated regarding coming back with HOH power. however, it would be logical to give them that or something else to help them remain longer than 1 week.

its also not been stated if jessie, judd, and candice have been together or sequestered separately. though i think most people hope they are together to where they can compare notes to best prepare whoever returns.


There is something deeply disturbing about this season. There are two people (Amanda and McCrae) who are know to be the biggest threats, who have escaped eviction or even been put on the block by anyone in the house, yet they have offered nothing in return to anybody as a deal. If someone even utters their names, they are evicted. This is so baffling that there can and must be only one answer – something is going on whereby production has chosen its winner already and maybe/maybe the houseguests know about it but are OK with it just for the chance at playing the game and being on TV to promote themselves in the process.

Amanda was put up once by America and nobody voted her out? Why?

They all seem to be pushing an agenda for who’s to go next and then the next person after that, etc. You’ll notice Amanda and McCrae always end up being the last two.

I don’t know; I consider myself a pretty smart cookie and logical thinker and everybody seems to be a ‘reinforcement’ to Amanda and McCrae although they haven’t offered anything up on their end of the deal all along this ride. McCrae was HOH the very first week and since has been powerless along with Amanda so they really didn’t have much as far as bargaining chips, yet people are just doing what is ordered by Amanda.

Something is extremely amiss and it’s not because she has great gameplay, otherwise that would make her an even bigger target a candidate every week for eviction.

They seem to just know their role and behave as expected.

It is simply too odd to just write off as McCrae and Amanda are just too good at this game….

I smell a rat and it’s bigger than Andy.


Not only is that part that you said BOXER is odd but when she had the balls to say in front of all the house guest that I don’t know who keeps putting me up your just wasting your time because im not going anywhere and she had so much mouth when she went after Spencer outside and Spencer put the bitch in her place and the shut up to him but all so she tells Spencer yesterday you take all the punishments and Andy you can take some because you deserve it and she told Spencer also the other day to through the POV when he was up on the block and she had the audacity to get mad at him because he didn’t and you would think this would be red flag for the house guest that she goes in tells Jessie everything that “The House” is doing to get her out of the game and she is doing the same thing with Ellisa but she wanted Ellisa and Helen up on the block because they are pair and they need to be separated really and what dose “The House” Aayrin do put them up so what blood does Amanda have on her hands nobody cant say this game isn’t rigged and that production isn’t telling them information


Not only is that part that you said BOXER is odd but when she had the balls to say in front of all the house guest that I don’t know who keeps putting me up your just wasting your time because im not going anywhere and she had so much mouth when she went after Spencer outside and Spencer put the bitch in her place and the shut up to him but all so she tells Spencer yesterday you take all the punishments and Andy you can take some because you deserve it and she told Spencer also the other day to through the POV when he was up on the block and she had the audacity to get mad at him because he didn’t and you would think this would be red flag for the house guest that she goes in tells Jessie everything that “The House” is doing to get her out of the game and she is doing the same thing with Ellisa but she wanted Ellisa and Helen up on the block because they are pair and they need to be separated really and what dose “The House” Aayrin do put them up so what blood does Amanda have on her hands nobody cant say this game isn’t rigged and that production isn’t telling them information if I was one of the people that paid for live feed I would be setting up a class action lawsuit!!!!


I have had enough of Amanda lying in the HOH bed, as if she is entitled to be there. It is like seeing a picture of Sarah Palin behind the desk in the Oval Office.


So Gina could of won the POV but she kept looking for a Nick clue. Ah Gina, now the comps must also include Nick as well or you emotionally breakdown. Gina you are doing such a good job reminding us Nick yourself. Like when when you say the soap, bed, shirt, hat, chair, knife, table, stairs, and sunlight all remind you of Nick. BB just thought they didn’t have to give a shout out to Nick, because you give him one every 5 minutes.

So Amanda, the standup comedian, makes a joke that goes flat about killing puppies. She then immediately wants to deflect the attention from herself and wants to remind us that Aaryn has said worst and is a racist. Oh Aaryn what did you say about the fish? You know darn well what she said about the fish. Aaryn told you herself and you agreed it was not racist. That Candice took it the wrong way according to Amanda and Helen. Then Amanda after bringing the fish story up, accuses Aaryn of having a blond moment. Wow! That Amanda is such a fun person to be around. Aayrn, Amanda may or may not be a racist, but she is just plain evil. Amanda keeps setting you up in front the viewers and you keep falling for it.

I am with Elissa, I wouldn’t share my personal lives with any of these remaining house guests. Andy says he’s Elissa closest friend. That doesn’t say much Andy…ah, you were Judd’s closest friend and you placed the knife in his back. You just think that Elissa considers you her closest friend. Spencer who I just thought was a misunderstood good old boy that was a straight shooter, is just plain vulgar now. Spencer, here is a clue, forget about the 3am vice the 3pm girl. Spencer, get any girl that is demented enough to have you and count yourself lucky. Spencer, why would you say such a stupid comment about jer$$$g off on Elissa’s sheets at her home. McCrae is upset that Elissa hasn’t talked about her kids to him. Really! Here is a clue McCrae, you are just not that important in her life to talk about her kids with, this is a game and her family is not game pieces. Get over yourself! Elissa is a guarded person, that’s her personality, but she opened up with Candice and really miss Candice. Why should she have to open up to fake friends. Amanda, you really thought Elissa was going to let you stay with her in Vegas? That’s game talk baby. Elissa doesn’t like you, but has to play the game with you.


And remember Elissa knows that there can be backlash for the families from things said on the show. She is protecting her family and whether you like her or not give her credit for that.


Are the jury members sequestered from each other?

Beg to Differ

That’s a great question! However, I don’t think so. I think they are living together and I don’t see any reason why not. That would be to much of a disadvantage for them to come into the house and not know whose come and gone and why. However the twist changes nothing. Lets say Jessie comes back. She knows Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn are not to be trusted. Whose left in the house to work with? Gina is not going to help Jessie. Spencer is not going to help Jessie and Elissa is not enough to flip the house. Maybe Jessie can cut a deal with someone? But she tried that on her way out. Nope sending anyone back into that house this late into this game is not going to flip the house.


we don’t know yet. but most people here hope they are together to where they can compare notes.

VA Vet



Only I know – and only I know if the reset button will derail an eviction on Thursday…. I liked how it saved Frank last year, but I’m still trying to make up my mind.

gags Beazly

I can’t wait to see the look on Helen’s face when she gets booted out this week.

To be honest, I hate Amanda and Aaryn more but at least one of the three slimebags is gone this week.

I hope that TMZ do a paparazzi on Amanda when she gets out. Her family and boyfriend are going to be sooooo mad at that slut for embarasshing the Zuckerman name. Amanada and GM have showed Jews in a different light. Many people think Jews are liberal and considerate of minorities. Amanada and GM has proven that they are just as bigoted as everyone else in mainstream American.


So now jtjs time to hate the Jews, right? I’d rather hate scumbags like YOU.

Master Splinter

Gina Marie is Jewish i didnt know she was Jewish she has never said anything about being Jewish ?


GM isn’t Jewish she is Italian!!!!!!


I personally don’t know if I want judd to come back. When he left, he didn’t want to hug Helen and Elissa, but hugged the members of his alliance, the people that helped it become a unanimous vote and stabbed him in the back. He clearly ignored all warnings before that Amanda and McRae were coming after him, and if he comes back in the house, I feel like hell be back on the Amanda and McRae bandwagon. And why is everybody mad at Elissa, don’t hate, lol.

Common Sense

Racism is treating someone unequally because of their race. Not liking someone is not racism. If you don’t like someone because they wear a funny hat or are loud or talk uneducated or ghetto is not racism. Mocking someone is not racism. Saying the N word is racism. Not giving someone a job because they are a minority is racism. Giving someone a job because they are a minority is racism. Saying a black person is good at basketball and likes fried chicken is stereotyping. Saying Aaryn is a Texas Racist is stereotyping. It drives me crazy that the racism word is flung around anytime people of different races interact in a negative way. She was fired because stereotyping and personal jabs are not acceptable in the workplace. Her being on TV reflects on her workplace and her family. It is not the same as being on her own time at a party where language is not under such scrutiny. Here’s racism: Blacks-only washrooms, lynching, no blacks allowed signs, WWII Japanese internment camps in the US. Calling someone a ghetto crack ho hardly meets that level. It is not nice but it is NOT racism.

One More Example

And GM’s comment regarding the black fish….’like riding in the back of the bus’…. and Aaryn laughing….

pot calling kettle

OMG, now it is a sin to laugh. Hey we have all laughed at one time or another at a PC incorrect joke and if you say you haven’t then you are not being honest. Geez, that high pedestal most of you are sitting on is going to really hurt when you are knocked off of it. People do not like people and just because the person you do not like is of another race does not mean you are a racist; it just means you do not like them period.


“Giving someone a job because they’re a minority is racist”. I read that buried in your overlong missive and think, YOU’RE A RACIST! Nice try!

This Season Blows

You’re an idiot. Racial hiring quotas absolutely are racist.

at Pat

So are your saying if a white person gets a job because they are white it’s wrong, but if a black person gets a job because they are black it’s ok?

Master Splinter

Howard and Candace both have college degrees .


I hope that whomever comes back into the house gets booted right back out. It seems like these type of “events” are always to change the pace of the game. It’s a game and this is the way it’s being played. There have been all sorts of people who’ve won this game (good players, floaters, liars etc.). So why try to totally change the game. These people in the Jury have already been voted out. Keep them out of the game!

Master Splinter

Howard and Candace both have college degrees .


One of the Definitions of racism:
1. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. The belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics. How was this belief manifested : That was the whole point of the Shaniqua mocking, the fish tank conversations, Referring to the black fish as Candice. Remember she is mix could she be the white fish , the chocolate / white protein power comments and laughter.

2. abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief.
The aggressive Bed flipping , laughter, mocking, up in your face came very easy for them.

Personally I do believe that they care and or concerned about how they are viewed. They seem confused how to interact with difference other then their on beliefs. True Case on point: I’m not prejudice I love black people my best friend is black. I just don’t want my daughter to married one. She knew how to befriend a black person but with this relationship surfaced new deep seated emotions.


Um no in the eyes of the law Candice is black.


Yes and was the point of the mocking to remind themselves, Candice, and us if it.
Racism at its best.


It is always entertaining and interesting to watch, listen and read about someone, who is more likely than not “white”, trying to explain racism , racists and derogatory comments to people of color. As if, that person knows first hand the historical significance and impact that racism has had on people of color. How ccould he/she remotely understand someone’s reality and perceptions, if they have not suffered or endure the same.

The topic of the root of racism is always very broad; there are always many different roots of racism. So one little obscure paragraph is not going to define it and all will be okay, Just my humble opinion….


Part of the sentence is actually part of definition of racism straight from the dictionary. You can’t argue with the dictionary. You can only argue with explanations, examples, and instances.


Melanie, my comment was not in response to you, it was a response to Common Sense. Understand how the blogs work before taking offense to a response.


yes, realized after it was a mistake. But it was too late. Careful now cuz i don’t want to offend anyone. And i didn’t take offense. Just commented. Not personally involved.


In actuality Amanduh and McRaped have about as much “power” as clownie does. McRaped won 1 HOH, that’s it! Clownie #1 (Original Clownie) and Clownie #2 (Amanduh) are tied with wins…ZERO! How can you save someone when you have no power? But these idiots have been buying into it for weeks now. I think Clownie is actually playing the best game socially and competition wise. He’s not perceived as a threat (yet), and everyone likes him (for now).


This is the most ridiculous season ever they dog everyone on the block but cool with them til that point I guess they r trying to justify their stupid moves. Elissa has done nothing to know one and I am not taking up for her because of her sister I can not stand Rachel and her Man. She has not been mean ugly or vile to know one she has said the wrong stuff but nothing close to what the rest of them have said about everyone, I dont understand where all the hatred comes from. Please let them expose their lies in their goodbye messages then I hope that is the person that returns and expose them all to each other.


Love to see Andy get blindsided. He has never been on the block as well as Mccrea. Both needs to be up to see how feel and how they will turn on the 3AM allance.


Love to see Andy get blindsided and Andy, Mccrea to go up to see how it feels.


I want to talk about parents and families.

Parents do not control 100% how their children (adult children) behave or control what those children think. At some point (and it happens quite young) children are open to influences OUTSIDE the family home. Friends, teachers, other people’s parents, the bully down the street, people at parties/movie theaters, sports teams. If parents had complete control i am sure none of these HGs would be behaving/saying some of the things they have.

Contrary to popular belief “only” children are not always spoiled. And families with more than one child can have spoiled their children too.

I would say that these people are acting this way not because of parental persuassion but because of their peers in the house (based on their feelings about their peers outside of the house). The peers override the parents. After all, they are adults. And they find their own way in this world.

So blaming anyone’s parent’s is redundant. Unless these HGs had “helicopter” parents (which I doubt because for one they are too old for that, and another they were “allowed” to leave home to go on this show) it is all on them.


I agree peer pressure is powerful. They may not believe half of the comments said, but going
Along with it so they do not stand out as different (like Elissa). Spencer had seen what has happen
So now he going along with them with his over the top comments. As soon a you don’t go
Along with the crowd you’re OUT!

So if I close my mind on the fact that there is no such thing as racism, bulling, etc. then from a game
Standpoint it’s working to get closer to the prize. Hmm. Well be got to make something out of this
Mess BB made.

This Season Blows

Let’s be real: there isn’t a single person they could bring back from jury who would actually make a big move and shake up the house. Either they can’t win competitions or they’ll just go back to taking orders from Demanda (or both). Not sure why anyone’s excited about this lame twist.


Anybody from jury can make impact not by winning comps but raising hell in the house.


I have a tiny hope that Helen could *finally* go against Amanda/MC if she is evicted and then comes back with a power. She’s gonna be so surprised and pissed. It’ll be funny to watch on Thursday as she’s blindsided (although I can’t imagine that Elissa won’t spill the secret by then). Otherwise, I agree that none of the others will do much.


Wish it is perverted Spencer that is leaving.


More and more I believe Elissa is ‘playing a role’ and sucking us in along with her housemates. Helen made a comment to Elissa a while back along the lines of ‘your very high IQ’. Elissa floats along everyone believing she’s not bright, good a comps, intentionally insults and provokes housemates. Her sister was on this show twice, knows the game inside and out. There is no way in h*ll Elissa doesn’t know what she’s doing. I believe McCrae is starting to get this feeling also with her ‘ass backwards’ comments. She even knew how to ‘naively’ poke Helen with her “i’ll will not go to jury’ comment .. what a better way to say ‘if your planning on getting rid of me so you have a vote in jury … think again’. The funny thing is it threw Helen for such a loop, she blabbed this to anyone who would listen, effectively nullifying the Helen jury threat down to 1 vote instead of 2.

This Season Blows

LOL… so let me get Rachelissa fans’ “logic” straight, since I’ve seen this theory plenty of times on here:

When Rachelissa insults/provokes someone, she’s “just playing a role” and “stringing everyone along.”

When anyone else in the house insults/provokes someone, they’re clearly the most vile racist bigoted scumbag to ever walk the Earth.

Funny how that works.


I have thought the same about Elissa for several weeks now. I believe she is keeping everything low key and close to the chest and soon we will see a different side of Elissa and her gameplay. As for keeping quiet about her personal life, she is more than likely trying to protect them from some of the nut jobs in the world. Spencer comes to mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have said before Elissa is not what she is portraying. You can’t tell me she didn’t watch her sister on BB. I think she has thrown some competitions, like the log rolling, Any of the other players would of fell off the log, but she was able to get back up, that took strength, concentration, and agility. Then she falls off going backwards {please}. The veto contest she won last night, takes brains, speed, and agility, and endurance. The others think it was luck, no she knows what she is doing.
The minute she came into the house she had a target {Julie’s life vest remark, that was to out Elissa} she even admitted to Helen she couldn’t play the game the way she wanted, so she is playing the game the only way she can.

This Season Blows

Yeah, she’s had it soooo rough. It’s not like she was handed a rigged twist for weeks simply because she’s Rachel’s sister and friends with production or anything!

Not Buying It

Nope, these idiots kept her even though she was on the block – riddle me that one? Their logic was so they would control the MVP vote – Dr. Will, Boogie, Dan, Janelle and others would have sent her out on day one. But this bunch couldn’t see the writing on the wall.


Blah blah blah you change what people can and can’t say and you change the whole dynamic of the game. Weak people .

BBUS/Can Fan from Saskatchewan

BB has always been fairly decent summer entertainment. Its bad enough to listen to HGs vile bashing of fellow HGs once they are on the Block ( this season 15 cast I will say are the worst I have watched in 15 seasons as while as BBCan ) but to see it on forums is deplorable.I thought BB was a reality game show. it is not about people lives out side the show nor their choices in life they have made. I watch feeds daily & read updates so yes I see & hear whats going on. But as for comments on Forums, I thought I would read about the Game Play & Fan favorites. Boy am I wrong season after season I see people who claim to be Fans of the show do just as much if not more Bashing of HGs & Production then the Hgs themselves.
Like who Cares about skin color, Plastic surgery, wealth Hgs families. they are not part of the Game. Isn’t BB suppose to be about strategies/competitions/social game. ( social Game doesn’t mean they have to sit around talking about their families at home or their life styles. So lets get off the personal attacks on people & their families & discuss Game Play & Fans Likes/Dislike but leave out personal attacks.


Agree with a lot of what you said, but I think it’s hard to focus on game play/competitions/social game when this season has been so boring. When you pretty much know who’s gonna go every week after the veto ceremony, there’s not a lot to talk about except the things the house guests are saying. I feel like, instead of watching a reality game show, I am watching a train wreck waiting for the house guests to explode or do something stupid. Wanna look away – but. just. can’t.

Cunt Aaryn

Lol Aaryn is so ugly with her goblin teeth and swollen purple face. The only person I like in that house is Elissa. Maybe Helen would get a clue if she came back, but I doubt it. I would also like Candice to return, but she really can’t win anything.




I can’t say that Aaryn is 100% a racist but she makes some of the most racist comments. Just the fact that these people are knowingly being recorded & saying some of the things I’ve heard just shows that they are either idiots or just prejudice against everything from diff races to sexual preferences! I can only imagine how they are in private & their daily lives. I actually thought I’d like Aaryn & Gina Marie in the beginning, but boy was I wrong! Lets stop giving them the “Oh their young & don’t know any better” or “their just joking”…. Bullsh*t because I’m younger than them & would never make those comments! They are not comedians & nobody thinks they’re funny but the other “bigots” in the BB house! SMH I really do hope next year is a BB Allstar where they actually play for themselves so these idiots can see some real BB play! Until then back to our regularly scheduled crap!