Aaryn’s Nom Speech for Elissa – You act entitled, bite the hand that feeds and you don’t appreciate this opportunity!

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
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Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
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11:20am – 11:50am Amanda heads up to the HOH room to talk to Aaryn. Amanda says that she has trusted Andy and McCrae since the beginning. She says she doesn’t trust Ginamarie but she trusts you so you have have influence over her. Amanda says that Spencer would put up Ginamarie and Elissa not you. He thinks that he is aligned with McCrae. Amanda says my fear is that Ginamarie would tell Spencer about our final 5. Would she? Is she stoked about it? Aaryn says Ginamarie wouldn’t say anything. Aaryn is super worried about Spencer staying and winning HOH next week because she fears he will win HOH and put her up. Amanda says that her biggest fear this week was telling Andy about getting Helen out this week, but he was totally down with it when I asked him. Aaryn wonders about asking the diary room about what kind of information the evicted people hear and see in the goodbye messages. Aaryn is worried an evicted house guest is coming back. Amanda says that she doesn’t think that will happen. Aaryn says that Helen wanted to set an example for her little boy and she is not doing it. They worry about Elissa getting America’s Favourite. Aaryn is worried Elissa would get it because of the Brenchel Army. We have carried her till now and we saved her from 3 evictions. Aaryn says practices her possible nomination speech for Elissa saying she thinks she acts entitled, bites the hand that feeds and doesn’t appreciate this opportunity. Those three things piss me off more than anything in a person. Amanda says instead of bite the hand that feeds, say she turns her back on those that have helped her. Aaryn says that she won’t get Elissa’s jury vote anyway so it doesn’t matter what I say in the speech. All of the speeches have been so PC and I can’t stand it. If you get up there and say this is best for my game I will punch you in the face. Amanda says that Andy wants me gone because he thinks I will take McCrae. Aaryn asks why would he think that far ahead. The take me because I will take you to the final two. Amanda says that’s what I was going to do. Amanda says I love Andy and want to go to the final 4 with you, me, McCrae and Andy. That’s why Helen has to go this week. Aaryn says I will not take Elissa to the final 5, other people can do what they want but I will not take her. She does not deserve it. Amanda talks about how she doesn’t like how McCrae tip toes around and doesn’t defend me. Amanda says I would never do that, he did it with Howard and he did it with Jessie. Aaryn says that McCrae makes everyone believe he is on their side. Amanda talks about what she would say to Helen in her goodbye speech – She would say that Helen had said that there will come a time when everyone needs to go against each other and I had to do this because I knew you were coming after me so I had to strike first. You are a fierce competitor and I couldn’t risk you being in the game any longer. Aaryn says that she thinks the diary room put it in Helen’s head that I am playing her.


Amanda says that besides the fact that Spencer is a man, crass, misogynistic he is just like me. I have seen the nasty side of Spencer and he will need to go next week. Amanda says that another thing that scares her about McCrae is that he said that he couldn’t have done what you did with Judd, which makes me think he would have gone to the finale 2 with Judd. Aaryn says that she is going to the final 3 with Amanda and McCrae no matter what. Aaryn says she is glad she had that conversation with Helen because I know now that I cant tell her anything. Amanda says I know that Elissa/Helen will come to you to tell you about my plan to back door you .. so act surprised about it. Aaryn says yeah. Aaryn brings up how Kaitlin was in a rap video and the guy was going down on her. Amanda says that’s weird, that doesn’t sound like a professional rap video. They talk about Jeremy. Aaryn says that if Jeremy and I were to date we would have a real relationship but he and Kaitlin would never have a real relationship. Amanda talks to Aaryn about keeping Ginamarie close to her. Aaryn says me coming in here like a hyena and acting like a wacko is the reason I am still here. If I had come in here all sweet and nice I would have been gone by now. Amanda smells her own armpits and says eww! Amanda says people aren’t getting out people they like, they are getting out people they can’t trust. Elissa joins them.


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12:05pm – 12:30pm Elissa talks to Aaryn and tells her that she really wasn’t trying to start a fight with Ginamarie or Aaryn. Elissa says that she was nervous about the HOH competition. I was in a bad mood and just didn’t want to be around anyone. I want to be here. I knew coming here I would miss certain events of my son’s. That is one of the biggest challenges of being here. Aaryn says that she really doesn’t want to make Elissa uncomfortable and says that the banana (banana condom) thing was Ginamarie. Aaryn says that she was trying to get me to throw the HOH to her and that she would keep me safe, that’s all we talked about in the bathroom with her. Elissa asks if Ginamarie is pissed off at me? Aaryn says she was just pissed because she though you didn’t to sit beside her. Elissa says I didn’t want to sit beside anyone. Elissa says she wanted HOH to get a yoga mat and a letter from home. I feel like I get less because I am Rachel’s sister. Elissa says if you have to put me up I will understand but I really didn’t want to get into a fight with you. Elissa say I always knew in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t see my family for a while but it just set in yesterday. Aaryn says between us, you know I do not like Spencer and I want him to go home. My plan is to back door him and there are two spots that he might not get drawn for the veto so that is my plan. Aaryn says that no one wants Elissa out. Aaryn thanks Elissa for coming up and she leaves. Aaryn goes into the bathroom and tells Amanda that Elissa is having a panic attack she knows she’s going up. Aaryn says don’t tell Spencer what I told Elissa but even if it does get back to him I have already told him he isn’t the target. Amanda starts asking Aaryn about her schooling and what she wants to do in life. Aaryn talks about the hosting job she wants. Amanda says that she always wanted to be a child psychiatrist because she had to go to one a lot as a kid (She was molested by a family member when she was 3 or 4 years old.)


12:35pm – 1:15pm In the HOH room – Amanda coaches Aaryn and gives her vocal lessons so that she doesn’t have a scratch in her throat. Helen joins them. They talk about Aaryn needing to practice every day so that she doesn’t have a raspy voice. Andy joins them. They talk about the havenot competition. Andy wonders if they will get a guest host because there are only 8 of them. Aaryn says maybe I get to pick one person to be a have. Who has been a havenot the most? Andy says me, Helen and Elissa. Andy asks what Elissa had to say to Aaryn. Aaryn says that she was sorry, it wasn’t about me and that she wants to be here. She said that everyone has bad days and that was hers. Helen and Andy say that was nice of her to apologize. Helen says that she was mad at Elissa last night for taking it out on her. Helen and Amanda both think Elissa would walk from jury house. Amanda says she hopes she does walk because the would free up America’s favourite. Amanda says even if Elissa said f**k you America she would still get America’s Favourite. Helen doesn’t agree. Amanda says that she thinks Aaryn will put up you (Helen) and Elissa because she doesn’t want you to win the veto and take Elissa off the block. Helen asks what if Elissa wins the veto and comes off the block. They speculate that Aaryn would put up Spencer. They discuss the knock out competition and how people were upset about who they were put up against each other. Like how Ginamarie was upset that Spencer put her up against McCrae. They talk about wanting the have/havenot competition to start. Andy laughs about how Aaryn’s arch enemy had to walk out in a clowie-tard. Andy thinks they should take away some of the rules and allow us to fight each other in the jury house. Andy says if they are bringing one of them back they probably aren’t even in jury. Aaryn says what if I get Pandora’s Box and if I open it it brings someone back. Andy says no one would blame you for that.

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206 thoughts on “Aaryn’s Nom Speech for Elissa – You act entitled, bite the hand that feeds and you don’t appreciate this opportunity!

  1. “You act entitled, bite the hand that feeds and you don’t appreciate this opportunity”

    That just sums up Rachelissa. I assume her delusional fans’ response will be that the rest of the house is just making it up and she’s an innocent saint, though.

      1. Elissa is a reformed whore who married a sugardaddy, got religion, and is now better than the rest of us. YUCK.

        1. I do not like Elissa but what makes you say she is a reformed whore, prostitute or whatever? I mean she is Production’s little golden child but what in the world would make you think that?

          1. Because that’s pretty much what her sister is? Remember “Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100?s” That couldn’t possibly be the only whore thing that she’s done. Not judging her, I heard the stories of her getting money from princes in Vegas for her “time”, she’s a go-getter, I’m just saying, Neither one of them are much “lady like”, so they can’t talk about anyone else.

            1. Biggest issue I have with your comment is the phrase “lady like.” What the f*ck is that supposed to mean? When women don’t meet your standard of acceptable conduct somehow they are to be considered “less than” and not worthy of empathy? What a douche.

          2. Yesterday she told Helen she wrote a best selling self-help book called “Yoga Musings, Hair Tips, and How To Be Better Than Everyone Else: Tales of a Reformed Whore” by Elissa Slater. Look it up on Amazon.

            1. Holy Crap on a Cracker so she was a Prostitute!!! That blows my mind and she has the I am so much better than you attitude and yet she was a prostitute selling her body for money. I mean glad that she got herself out of that life but wow who in the world is she to judge anyone???????

        2. If you knew anything about folks from Regina, Saskatchewan you’d know there are no sugar daddy’s there. There a nice hard working people there.

        3. This is pathetic if instead of focusing on the fact some players have managed to stay in the game this far, forum participants are focusing on how people are eating, when they’re eating, the puffiness of their faces, their eyebrows, pointed ears,and trying to make up disparaging stories. That type of conversation is a sign of low self esteem. These type of comments are just as bad as what the HGs seem stuck on and it’s mean and moot.

      2. I really don’t think she is stuck up she just don’t like to be around trash like Aayrin and Gm everybody knows when you hang around trash and you start smelling like trash and Ellisa does talk to the other people that is and was inside the house she just didn’t want to really talk in be around people like jermey and them and can you blame her plus that was Aayrin and Gm bud and I think everybody can see why because he is nasty just like GM and Aayrin

        1. What gives Elissa the right to call someone trash if she used to be a prostitute. Sorry, but think she owns that label if it is true.

          1. Someone here had said Elissa briefly worked for an Escort Service when rather young and sorta in her late teens.
            She was never arrested for prostitution or being a call girl or for running a brothel. Not all the sweet thing”escorts”
            who hold some older guy’s arm all evening end up having sex with the client. Elissa was only just ‘eyecandy” —!!!

            1. HAHAHAHA, if you believe that then maybe you need to have your head examined. IF she worked for an escort service then she was a paid lady of the night working for her living by being on her back.

        2. Well Elissa did wonder why Jessie was still trying to figure out things at 25 because at the same age Elissa already had three houses already. Like why can’t Jessie get her sh!t together and marry a rich man. I’m gonna say that’s elitist and delusional.

      3. What the heck is wrong with Elissa face?? It looks super puffy. Maybe the slop is reacting with the botox making it expand. I’m afraid she’s going to blow. Not really.

    1. What’s funny is that Elissa probably doesn’t care and will be happy to go now? I think her purpose was to be an agent of chaos and she fulfilled her role.

    2. Have you heard her say these things? I’ve been looking to see where someone has stated exactly what Elissa says. These people are the last ones who should be talking about their feelings getting hurt! I’d really hate to see Aaryn win, but then Hilter had an army that followed him…Heil Aaryn! NOT

    3. watch elissa folding in the game on last hand and trying to explain math my lord I personally think she is slow mentally and its very apparent in comps a dingbat and people are fans of that lol

    4. No really it sounds like not just Ellisa but most of all it sounds like Aayrin and Amanda them 3 really sound like entitled little brats!

    5. Have you noticed that EVERY night when after dark is on Elissa is shoving food in her botoxed pie hole? She looks like a cow chomping on slop. I’m glad the Elissa / Dictator Helen era is over. Those two stuck-up twats are about to get a taste of being on the hot seat knowing they are going home. About time!

      1. I don’t like McManda but if that’s what it takes to jump start this season. I am all for it. We gave the house a gift two weeks in a row. So Helen gets what she deserves and maybe if she come right back in that she will play the game with a clear mind after she see the messages they will leave her. Actually I hope Jessie or Candice make it back in and start winning comps and destroy the house that Amanda Built. Starting with McManda, then Andy then Gm, Aaryn then who cares from there.

    6. Aaryn just wants to one up Ginamarie’s speech. She was so jealous when everyone said that Ginamarie’s speech was one of the best speeches ever. Aaryn made some kind of comment.

    7. Wow reading these comments allows me to see why American kids kill themselves and others. How could people say such vile things about people they dont know. Instead of focusing on how insulting u can be to rachel analyze exactly who you are in support of a Racist ( Aryn amanda and ginamarie) a pedofile (spencer) and wolves in sheep clothing ( helen mc and andy) but judging on these comments I just read you all are probably the same

      1. Because you can judge everyone else and people aren’t allowed to do that? Plus I bet Aaryn, Amanda or Gina aren’t even racist. You are making assumption based on what someone says. People joke around, and for crying out loud, I’m gonna take a quote from Paula Deen, if you’ve never said anything racist or made a joke that hurt someone else, I want you to pick up a stone and hit me so hard that it kills me. Just because you don’t like what someone says doesn’t mean you’re in the right.

        1. I completely agree with you agustustime but unfortunately 90% of the people posting on this thread do not know what the TRUE meaning of racism is. If they did they would know that none of the house guests are truly racist. In all actuality if we went by the 90% of people on this threads definition of racism, we would see that the comments they post are more racist than anything the house guests have ever said.

    8. Time will tell, Helen is toast! Production has more control this year than ever! Elissa isn’t going anywhere, not saying she shouldn’t, but that’s not in the script.

  2. the whOle daMMMn Triple A + M thRee A.M aLLiance
    IS FIXATED on being FINAL TWO… each wantz cash!

    1. okaaaaay youze three NEG rep people… i neatly GONZOed earlier

      the WHOLE damn (crass) A + A + A + M “Three A.M” alliance
      is fixated on being the FINAL TWO (because) each wants the cash

        1. variety is the spice of life… i like to mix in lowercase letters!
          sometimes when i must hold back on swears i alterate cases.
          i usually try to avoid typing with a complete uppercase palate
          becuz it brings to mind yesetryear’s telegrams and the like!

  3. there is no one left to root for in the house, thats why i quit watching and only read the blog.

    what i hate the most is how all these pathetic people decide to villify whoever they are thinking should be the target that week in the worst possible way. they do the exact same thing every week. why watch them do that every time.

    it makes it even worse when they talk so much hate in the worst possible way behind whoevers back, but then act all super hypocrite like when told whoever is talking behind their back. i hate the term now, “make sure your name is not in my mouth” or however it went.

    screw them all. but thank you to dawg and simon to where if i decide to keep up with whatever, all i have to do is read it and not watch these disgusting people.

    1. And yet you are still reading the entire play by play. Whats the difference? Are you somehow holier than everyone with that stupid grandstanding stance of “Look at me, everybody! I’VE STOPPED WATCHING”
      Said before, the only thing worse than these hgs are the sanctimonious on this board that advertise they aren’t watching and still participate at OBB or jokers or wherever.
      To all those how have made that glorious decision and stopped watching…GIVE YOURSELVES A GOLD STAR!! Oh wait, no. You already did that.

      1. for your information, i’m only skimming through whatever because its the same shit every week. also, i say i quit watching because i hope other people will join me because people quitting watching is the only thing cbs will understand when it comes to what they do in the future with pathetic people like that.

        for someone that wants to claim people are sanctimonious about talking about quitting watching, maybe you should look in the mirror. your comment was one of the most sanctimonious i’ve read on this blog. you dont like people talking bad about BB15, then find a different place to read it and quit acting like the pathetic people in the house with your kettle calling the pot black crap.

        1. I don’t care if you “talk bad” about this season, I care if you talk the same shit every freaking comment of every thread all day everyday. And trust me, others feel the same way.

          Again, do I particularly care for this cast? Nope. But the incessant whining and crying on posters makes me root for them b/c of people like you.

          Heres a dose of reality…Do all the grandstanding you want about “not watching” it aint gonna change a thing. Unless, this board is 95 percent Nielsen families then it wont change the ratings. CBS is still gonna get theirs. Its a proven fact that that more people will watch people they totally hate (i.e not looking away from a car wreck) than those they kinda like.

          Fact is, if you are still wholeheartedly participating in a board like this but say you arent keeping up or watching then you are looking stupid and your opinions ring hollow.

          1. you dont like reading negative comments, then leave.

            people have a right to comment what they want, when they want. just because you dont like the things said about your favorite HG or whatever else they say, doesnt give you the right to tell people to quit leaving negative comments.

        2. You are not alone, I too have semi-quit watching the live feeds. Maybe after next week’s twist it will be worth my time again.

        3. As much as I hate how the season has played out…I don’t blame cbs. The moving company turning on each other immediately was strange. Saving aaryn then going after candice howard and judd made no sense. Everyone has played in a way to protect mcranda for the last month or more when in any other season amanda would have been a target. That the houseguests have almost unanimously played such a nonsensical game is bizarre and not something I can pin on cbs. Heck they gave us the mvp to try to do what the houseguests wouldnt. Now they are bringing back someone that has been evicted. They are doing what they can to mix things up but it is still up to those in the house to win a competition and plan ahead beyond the current week.

      2. @BD22

        If anyone thinks they are holier than thou on here it’s you, the last time i checked this was a public forum where people get to say whatever the f*ck they want whenever the f*ck they want and if you don’t like it then stop f*cking coming here and reading our f*cking comments then.

        So why don’t you quit being a sanctimonious a$$ and go flush your head down the toilet along with the rest of your bullsh*t!! and let the rest of us continue to give our thoughts and opinions however we see fit.

        Then we won’t have to deal with your annoying, insufferable and life sucking intolerable comments that are obviously geared toward the players that we don’t like. BTW say hi to Alison Grodner for us since you keep going after everybody who says they’ve quit watching or that this season sucks and is the worst ever either you work for her or you are related to her. Maybe over Thanksgiving you can reminisce about how “great” you 2 think this season was because you would be about the only ones.

      3. I used to hate all those fans that would state they quit watching but continue to read the blogs and participate in the comments. But, really I am one of them!! I am a BB fan love the show but this year these people are just so nasty. The mean and ugly things said behind everyone’s back are just too much to take. I know why Ellissa has such a hard time being in the house. It has to be difficult witnessing this jr high mentality. I really only want to watch the last half on thursday hoping someone wins hoh that will actually do something.

    2. wish I was there and one of those girls said I don’t want to hear my name coming out of you mouth or you lied right to my face I would laugh and say that’s 75 percent of the game you don’t like it pack you sht and leave

    3. I agree with you about the same and ongoing tactic of vilifying whomever they plan to evict. It seems to make them feel better to have some kind of personal attack to launch so they can justify their actions. Have “game” reason and lay off the personal attacks. It makes them all look bad.

    4. Lurker you are full of yourself. What do you think BB is about? It’s designed for everyone to go after each other and align with like-minded house guests. Can you imagine a season of Jeremy, Nick, Howard, Spencer, Kaitlyn, Aaryn, and GM running the house and eliminating the others one by one? That almost happened. But if it hadn’t you are all the sanctimonious haters would be on here spouting off the same pablum. I actually like Amanda and Aaryn. They aren’t hypocrites and don’t care what politically correct yahoos like you think. If you are so disgusted and outraged as you claim why are you even reading this blog? You said there is nobody left that you like so why waste your time? Because you aren’t really offended, that’s why. All you are is a big noise. Nobody cares what you think so cut the condescension and blow it out your you-know-what.

      1. if i want to look at this blog and comment what i want then i will.

        grandmaster huh? must have taken your screen name from you position in the KKK judging by how you act and who you say you root for.

        what the fu*k is up with sanctimonious people like you lately on this blog trying to dictate what people can and cant say, or what they can and cant look at on the internet? i know in your little KKK meetings you are leading on the weekend in your grandmaster role you talk about how certain people shouldnt have certain rights. little tip, this blog is not your mom’s basement where you have those meetings trying to dictate who has the right to say what they want and go where they want on the internet.

        and since you brought it up, i challenge you to look at previous posts in the comments where you think i rooted for the earlier people that were kicked out of the house. tip #2, you wont find it, but you are welcome to look. my thing has been about whoever in charge of casting did a horrible job on all fronts with all the people in the house.

        1. Lurker, I am a chess champion, not a KKK leader. And from the sounds of your name you are a stalker/pervert. My point was that you do nothing but whine and complain about CBS and BB. Then don’t watch! But you can’t help yourself. It’s people like you, in addition to the shows fans, why the ratings are through the roof and why CBS will continue casting people with a-type personalities. If they put on people who you allegedly think should be on, there would be no controversy, and then for sure the ratings would not be there. I submit this is just pure fantasy if you or any of the other haters think you can put 16 people in a house knowing they have to throw out one of their members each week and think it will be all peace and harmony. You are a deluded fool for thinking that weaknesses won’t be exposed and then exploited to the others’ advantages. This game is survival. Those remaining have excelled at it, in spite of their imperfections. But this isn’t the convent. This is the real world. Kudos to Aaryn and Spencer to have lasted this long. Same to Amanda for running the house and not being a rat like Andy. Everyone knows what Amanda thinks and where they stand… She doesn’t act two-faced. Botox, stuck-up Elissa is the ultimate floater and Helen is a bully whose time has finally come. Aaryn can now tell Helen the house wants you out and that’s the game. But I digress. My advice to you Lurker is get a new attitude and stop watching the show and reading the blog OR just admit you can’t get enough of the show. Here’s some cheese with your whine Voyeur, er Lurker.

          1. chess champion my ass.

            and fuck you for your bullshit. and fuck you for trying to tell people what to do. if i wanna post all day long that i read here only and dont watch, thats my fucking prerogative. alot more people have agreed with that sentiment on this blog.

            you are a douche bag that tries to tell people what to do on the internet. fuck off and learn that you can’t do that.

            and to answer your question about the name, i lurked on this blog for a little while before posting. 3 people used that name, so i added #’s to it. you dont like that i attacked you before, maybe you and your dickheaded KKK like self shouldnt have initiated shit asshole.

    5. Lurker, I totally agree with everything you said and I wish I could give you 50 thumbs up. I am also reading this website only. Simon and Dawg are rock stars for doing this. (Thanks Guys)

      I feel better doing this than watching and giving CBS any kind of support. Nor TVGN. F*&K ’em. I think I feel like I’m wasting way less time, also. Good feeling.


      1. SHIT…just realized I sent that after he said his one comment. SORRY!! I had clicked here around noon and to comment from Lurker’s 11:57 statement, about people treating people like shit in here. And really, it never has been this bad before.

        That’s all. Over and out, and

  4. I already miss Jessie, the rest of are the girls are very unlikable as people..I cringe when they go off on their personal attacks on the house’s next victim :(

    1. amanda absolutly makes me sick to the point of no return…and you are right, its the same ole shit every week… i use to hate aaryn, but now after seeing these disgusting hipocryts I think aaryn deserves the 500,000$ the most, especially because she made such racial comments that cost her her modeling contract and lost her contract with a talent company out of texas, so she might as well win the half of million because she is the ONLY competetor winning the competitions

      1. It’s sad that you think Aryan Nation should get 500,000….i will never sympathize with a racist person or love them like you do……G.M., Amanda, and Aryan don’t deserve to win…..

      2. Name; you and i finally agree on something. if you were to look back , i have been saying , even though i am not crazy about Aaryn she is the only one doing anything & if she make`s it to the end , i say give her the money

    2. Jessie gave me my life last night!!!!! I love that she found enjoyment in TERRORIZING those fools. Thats who needs to come back in the house.

      Or maybe Candice so we can see her and GM fight!!

      1. Yeah I do hope Candice and Jessie come back in the house and clean house with these stuck on stupid people left inside the house I wonder if GM is really mad at Candice because her Ex left her for a black girl or a girl that looks like Candice and I really think Aaryin is just plan jealous of Candice because those to bitches cant stop talking about her and if somebody else says something about Candice in a good way them 2 chicks go ape shit crazy!

  5. Hey Aaryn. Put up Helen and Elissa
    And ship Helen two face right out of the
    House and let’s hope hurricane Jessie
    Wins and gets back in the house.

    1. Helen’s “game” was blown when she evict people who would be her allies out the door! Howard, Jessie, and probably Candice were all on board to evict Amanda. But Helen, for reason I cannot figure out, think it was “not the time” to strike and evict all the people who would work with her. I have no sympathy for her, and would love to see her blindside/backdoor.

    2. I prefer Candace to come back because there will be more drama in the house Jessie might cause drama but judging by the way she went out she will probably just make a big move but Candace will make a big move and there would be drama. Candace vs GM and Aaryn Round 2

      1. I would not want Candice to come back…..that house is just feel with vile people after Helen and Elissa goes home…..They have a problem with Elissa because she did not want to sit next to Aryan Nation and Gutter Mouth…….but are okay with the racism….and believe Candice and Howard are to blame for the racism because they we’re born black…..I would not want Candice to come back…these people get real crazy just knowing a black person is in the house…let alone sitting next to one….

    1. because there is more girls than guys and women run on emotion before brains how many big fights have you seen between 2 guys on big brother vs 2 girls its going to be 5 to 1 girls no matter whos in the house think about real life ive seen the same at work for 30 years hate each other one day going to lunch together the next

      1. Women are not more emotional, but they might be more verbal. However, I’d still like to see the stats on your theory. I think all the fights were between guys last year, they just voted most of them off this year.

    1. Once Helen and Elissa are gone Amanda will go for Aaryn. Amanda will not win this BB15 because people will take it personally and will vote for someone who has actually won something….strike that. These house guests have never done anything remotely logical!

      1. Amanda playing this game of trying to poison Aaryn against Andy could backfire on her. I want to see Helen scramble and see her face when she’s blindsided BUT if Aaryn runs to Andy with this, maybe he’ll rethink this and say it’s time to go after Mcranda now before they get lucky with an HOH win. I doubt it, he thinks he’s set but Amanda better be careful not to say too much.

        1. I don’t really care for McCrea or Andy but I would much rather them boys to win over Aayrin and Amanda racist asses!!!!

    1. No, she works at a family firm. They just took down her info until all this is over. She will be fine once the show is over and that pisses off so many of you. And it makes me smile that it does.

      1. look, amanda’s mom joined the blog to comment.

        aren’t you so proud that a clip like “amanda zuckerman: social justice warrior” could be compiled for youtube about your daughter?

    2. have not heard them talk about it unlike spencer its not best to give your companys name if you do then you are a reflection on them

    1. I would much rather be know as a snob like Elissa than be know as a dirty obnoxious whore like Amanda , or a racist evil AAryn or even a classless aging foulmouth Ginamarie!

      1. Yah lay off her people Aaryn Ginamarie spencer Candice Jeremy Amanda McCray have all made fools of them self on national tv and its all over you tube like will they be able to get thee clips off the Internet??? I looked up Rachel’s stuff it’s still there. This is an example of how people are hard to please Elissa doesn’t act like a gutter rat and gets a bad name anyways totally unfair

  6. I just want to put this out there for the record: these hateful people don’t discriminate about who they will talk about behind their back.
    : when it was Candice (because she is VISIBLY) different people started screaming racism.
    : they will hate on whoever they feel like regardless of colour, sexual orientation – they just
    hate equally
    : if someone was older and they started their hate-filled rants, they would be called agist
    The reason I say this is because some people seem to only be in tune to the racial hatred – seeing what they want selectively.
    My theory is that when someone attacks, they go for the thing most visibly obvious (one leg, colour of skin, weight, etc.), which actually makes them the least intelligent and the most childish.


    1. I feel ya Boxer, but that’s still no consolation for the ridiculous things they have said. True, this group is hateful to the core to everyone, but that doesn’t minimize the racist, homophobic, sexist things they’ve said. It takes a special kind of bigot to drop an n-bomb on national television as if nobody’s watching. It tells me they feel comfortable that the majority of the audience will take it lightly–and those who don’t are just “overly sensitive,” “playing the race card,” or “being too PC.”

      1. I thought I’ve watched and read everything. People dropped the N-Bomb? I wasn’t aware that they were using the N word. Did they?

            1. Hi, can you tell me when Amanda used the N-word?

              I know when Kaitlin said it she was using a kind of catch phrase and actually taking about herself. Some inappropriate things have been said in the house, but when I read many of the comments here I feel like people are often being purposely obtuse. They take things completely out of context and don’t take into consideration the speakers intention.

        1. Gina said welfare is “n****r insurance”, both her and Aaryn made racial references about Howard, Candice and Helen.

      2. Absolutely – it takes a ‘special kind of bigot’.
        That’s one title I wouldn’t want attached to my name, eh?
        I would not minimize any kind of hate.
        Is there a degree of hate? ie. Are some things MORE hateful than others that are said?
        I’ve been thinking about it today…. Hate doesn’t have a barometer (IMO), it’s all ugly.

    2. You would think no one had ever watched Big Brother.

      People talk shit, they are all competing for a half mill.
      After you regurgitate the same game talk over and over you
      are probably going to move on to ragging on people. A very
      few I have watched in that house have been able to not talk
      shit about another HG (even your precious Dr. Will talked smack
      about others).

      If Mother Theresa and Jesus were HG’s people would talk about
      her bad fashion sense and JC’s goody-goody hippy attitude.

      People talk shit, that is just a fact (LOL just look at this forum!).

      1. Oh I’ve watched BB PLENTY of times, yet, I’m still appalled by some of the things I’ve heard! It’s beyong sh*t-talking. I LIKE sh*t talking. I PARTICIPATE in sh*t talking! But even if JC and Mother Teresa were attacking each other’s fashion sense, at least they can CHANGE that if they chose. I might actually be amused by that! But if JC called MT a c*nt and MT hurled anti-semitic insults to JC then that’s a problem! Neither could change their ethnicity or gender even with all of JC’s magical abilities!

        1. Right on FOXYBEIGE!!!! I’m with you 100 shit talking on how a person dress or comb there hair is just that shit talking but when you start talking about a person race be or saying very hurtful gay slur that’s not shit talking that hate spewing!!!!

      2. I’ve watched alot of BB and these people are the worst ever. Some have gone way to far!! The proof is in the actions of some of these players employeers.

        1. The employers have acted because of politically correct anals like you. This a game. Played by adults from different parts of the country and different backgrounds. I’m tired of reading about all the morally outraged people who feel people should come onto the show but leave their inhibitions at the door. Get real. If BB offends you so much stop watching and reading about it. Or just SHFU about how much you disapprove of what comes out of someone’s mouth. Is this America or China?

          1. quit telling people what to watch and read.

            if the original poster wanted to watch purple painted midgets beating up on KKK grandmasters (something i bet you know about), then he can watch it.

    3. The racial stuff was more in your face but I agree in general this is a hateful group of people and that’s what is so disconcerting. Because they are very immature for their ages and very entitled in thinking they can do and say anything. But don’t want anyone holding them accountable for it or calling them on their sh*t. And it’s not just in that house but something I see in our culture here in general. Aaryn’s supposed nom speech is an example of that . Now she wants to come at some one that way than whatever gets dishes back she should be able take it. I think the average reaction to socially intelligent people isn’ t because they want them to be PC. But it’s just being disturbed d by the general hate and mob mentality of this group on so many levels. You have women who are so insecure they can’t stay out of a mirror. Some of the stuff they say and how they go at people doesn’t have anything to do with game play but with them being screwed up in general. You have a bunch of insecurities, laziness, entitlement people to the point they think it’s okay to run their unfiltered mouths in front of an audience without possible consequence. And anyone who goes against the politics in there is mobbed and a hate and character assassination campaign is activated instead of just sticking people on the block and voting them out.

    4. So I guess them saying black Candice this and black Candice that and you cant see that black bitch in the dark and on in on they went they said it to her face and behind her back. And then said stuff about Helen but they didn’t say it to her face but I know she had to hear Aaryin say shut the fuck bitch and paint my nails. They said and cook me some rice and paint my nail bitch and I will punch you in the eye’s and make them go straight and the gay slurs to in about Andy

      1. Saying a black person is black or a Jew is Jewish or that a gay person is gay isn’t being racist or hating. Discriminating against them, treating them differently, or bullying them because of something like that is what constitutes hatred or bigotry. I don’t think joking around with someone over who they are makes you a hater. I’m black, and it drives me crazy when people go out of their way to NOT say that I’m black. They’ll describe me from across the room and say, “It’s the tall lady in the red shirt, standing next to…” It’s okay to say that it’s the black lady in red. Geez, Louise. Talk about over-sensitivity.

    5. So where is the Puerto Rican that Amanda made bigoted comments about that is in the house…..G.M. used of N-word in front of Nick and Andy, …and Aaryn saying the white fish belong on top and the black fish belong in the bottom and calling Candice Aunt Jemima….. go make me some pancake and Helen make me some rice …please stop trying to defend racists…..Helen was mad at Jeremy and she never said anything about his race, his height or any thing hateful………Elissa and Jessie didn’t sit around making hateful remarks about Howard….Elissa believe Howard was using Candice…and Elissa never said anything racists about him…….but Amanda, GM, and Aryan Nation…can only see color…can only see Candice, Howard, and Helen as a color and not people…..i’m not surprise Helen is leaving….she’s not white… this is an all white group that is headed by 3 racist women…….

      1. Give me a Break you need to watch that video someone made because every single person in that house made a mean, snarky racial hate filled comment and all of them laughed at the comments. Granted, the only ones that used the N word were Amanda, Kaitlyn and GM, but Candice’s “so called” friends were the worst of them all. Spencer was probably the worst because he is just a disgusting pig, but even Elissa laughed at all the comments directed toward Candice but she did it behind closed doors and then acted like she was Candice’s friend. BS, they are all bigots and have all said racially insensitive things. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY and Candice was no Mother Teresa either. She did her fair share of wrong. They entire cast is awful! Not one person is exempt from being nasty and hateful.

        1. Candice friends: I never seen Howard and Elissa laughing when Amanda, GM, and Aaryn made racists comments…Elissa did not hang with these people and Howard just played pool and talk to Candice…stop trying to defend to racists behavior…it’s sad…………Aaryn has you fooled……..

      2. Thank you I forgot all about Amanda saying that shit about Puerto Ricans and then isn’t this the same bitch who said 2days ago her ass smells like fucking onions her old nasty stanking ass!!!!


        1. EXACTLY, bd22 whines just as much as everyone else, yet tells others to stop whining, yet continues to do the same? Guess some can’t take their own advice they just push it on others.

          Last time I checked every season of BB has it’s share of complainers, this season is no different.

          It’s a known fact that every season HGs gives us a reason to talk shit about them. If you have a problem with that don’t watch reality shows, because they’re packed with degenerates that begs to be talked about..

      1. Request denied. Sorry! If you have the right to say f*ck PC people, then I and others have the right to try to talk some sense to people.

        1. Just so we’re clear if your comment was directed at me mine wasn’t directed at you mine was directed to bd22.

      2. quit telling people they can’t comment. they have every right to say what they want here. no one declared you the internet police to dictate what can be said and not said on this blog

    2. Too many oversensitive people looking for drama. That’s what I think.

      There is also a difference between racial and racist, which many don’t seem to get.

      Listen to some a real supremacist speech and then compare that to these comments on BB that were racial but mostly stupid and said in the heat of the moment or as bad jokes.

      This is a pretty immature cast, for the most part. But I doubt there is any real racist present.

        1. You have two much more ‘racist’ people in the house, and yet you continue to concentrate on Aaryn. That tells me it is about something else to you than whatever she may have said in the past. Maybe you’re a fat, unpopular, girl from her high school and are taking it out on her right here.

  7. Unfortunately these hgs actually represent a good portion of what Americans act like and think like when it comes to the racism and hate I’m sure most of you have said or thought the same things that u vilify them for but are too embarrassed to openly admit to the only difference between them and the general public is that they have been given a platform to spew there hate whereas the rest of u do it amongst yourselves

    1. Really? You have major trust issues. I don’t know where you were brought up, but I have never seen people behave or talk like they do. They are vile and disgusting. News flash, most of America gets it! You are may be revealing how you think?

    2. Sorry, but my part of America-s friends & families do NOT think nor speak that way. It’s called respect for others & these houseguests do not have have any respect for others. Some of us were “raised right” & do – I do not appreciate being lumped into or compared to this group of classless people.

  8. I hope they bounce Helen and her damn political demeanor and talk (though I strongly wish it was Amanda leaving) , and I hope Judd wins to get back in and starts taking heads

    1. Yes, exactly!!! Some people want Jessie to come back, I say why? She’s not going to do sh*t. Bring back Judd, he has the knowledge of what was done to him, he’ll come back guns blazing!!! J-U-D-D!!! =)

      1. Sorry Judd is where he should be not inside the big brother house and if Judd dose come back inside the big brother house he is still going to suck and even worst he would come back and be further up Aayrin and Gm ass!!!!

    2. Really Judd? He wont do shi*. He is one of Mcrandas sheep and will go right back to kissing their ass. Dont matter who goes back in they cant win shit anyways.

  9. Methinks had lil Missy Aaryn any actual class, panache or moxie in her
    body she’d PRAISE Elissa’s more cautious gameplay as she adroitly
    nominates her!!! Elissa almost compensated for Helen’s blind spots!!
    Aaryn’s Realtor mother has been loosing tonz of clients as in recently?

  10. These so called human beings are a disgrace to society. None of them have any morale’s, what kind of up bring did they have? Big Brother production you have stooped to all time low this season. In my opinion, no-one deserves the prize monies and therefore, should be split and awarded to charity organization’s. I have stopped watching BB and once in a while I will check out the BB live feed on the website. SHAME, SHAME BB for a horrible season. I understand that this is a reality show. However, some of the derogatory remark’s made by these participant’s towards other ethnicity, is truly uncalled for. I am appalled that BB has not suppressed this type of behaviour and allots it to continue. Other reality show’s do not allow this type of behaviour. WHY DO YOU BB?

    1. i do wonder what the show would be like if they cast only people that are married of various ages. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to endure another showmance, but these producers would probably get people on the brink of divorce lol.

    2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So you want to suppress the 1st Amendment, do you? And what, do you want to script what comes out of the house guests’ mouths, too? Grow up. If this show offends you then don’t watch. But obviously it doesn’t if you keep on ‘occasionally watching the live feeds’ or reading this blog. You certainly are entitled to your opinion. I only question your hypocrisy since you are questioning CBS’s opinion to cast these people or the house guests themselves for having the temerity to say things you otherwise may not. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in your house. I wonder if you (or all the other alleged BB haters) would pass your own moral-stamp-of-approval by not saying anything politically incorrect or mean spirited. I doubt it!

      1. for some who apparently is trying to defend the 1st amendment, you certainly try to tell people what they cant watch or read on the internet alot. hypocrite much?

    1. it looks like they all are jettisoning Elissa & Helen and are turning
      them into space debris before they dreadfully cannibalize each other!
      several weeks ago Simon was hoping for the fissures & fault lines
      in the “superfriends” grand alliance to go 95% seismic on the game!!!

  11. Is anyone besides me really pissed that Amanda is still running htis game? Helen screwed her game up weeks ago when she didnt listen to those around her and evict Amanda when she had the chance.

  12. Imagine if Elissa is playing all of us. I could see Rachel coming up with an ‘opposite persona’ and practicing with Elissa. It makes absolutely no sense to poison GM and Aaryn just before a HOH comp … unless that’s your intention. Aaryn’s Elissa hate factor has lowered recently … can’t have that happen poke, poke. No one, especially Rachel’s sister would be throwing out her financial details, acting the way she is …. if anyone knows the ‘game rules’ it’s Elissa!!

    1. I agree with you about Elissa, Something does not add up, I watched her commercial, she didn’t seemed to have a problem with speech or being coherent, yet, I have problems following her conversations, they make no sense.
      I know she is aware that Andy can’t be trusted, {of course you can’t tell Helen anything{, maybe she has decided why try, this game blows.

  13. I watch what I can…I was hoping Elissa would win, but I am seeing that people don’t like her. Why? I did not like what she said to Jessie, but other than that I don’t see how she’s a snob? What am I not seeing?

    Second, I watched some past episodes of BB & they never got so personal. I mean some heads bumped, but it did not get so catty like this season. This season they actually talk about killing others. I think this season they are abusive. Past seasons you knew it was game this one is just terrible.

      1. Meeoowwwww!! Relax, question wasn’t posted to pi$$ YOU personally off!
        Guess we’ll chalk that snipe as “work-related” stress”… due to the demands of your real life job as
        President of Alone4ever Enterprises.

      2. Geez, I wasn’t asking for a book or anything. Just a simple question. I’ve been reading and watching what I can. I don’t get tvgn with AT&T unverse so I can’t watch after dark. I thought maybe I am missing her being mean and belittling people. Doesn’t make me lazy. I guess by your name we can all tell how nice of a person you are. The entire cast has been pretty mean in regards to comments really. Wow, I didn’t know posting a question here would make me get attacked. This is on the computer…I can only imagine being in a house with people like you. That would give me a reason to act mean towards you if that’s the way you talk to & treat people you don’t even know.

    1. I have never seen such a group of despicable people in the BB house. The language they use is so vulgar. Their actions are those of someone that has no morals, scruples or an ounce of class or values. And Ginamarie ranting on last night how upset she was with Elissa talking so bad about others. And how she would never talk about anyone in such a horrible way. What a complete joke! What GM has said about others is in no comparison to what Elissa has said. She is most certainly delusional. I read on BB that GM has been on several shows as an actress? Wondering how that is possible when she is illiterate and cannot read or write? And is so, why is she so dirt poor? And yes, I do believe the game is rigged, to many statements being made in the live feeds, proving it to be so.

  14. Elissa doesn’t even want to be there anymore though. She has done what she was supposed to do. Cause chaos in the earlier weeks. She will still get that check for America’s favorite over the rest of the b***es in that house still. And I cant wait for them to cry especially ugly Aaryn, Amanda, and Gina.

      1. Im sorry but Aayrin is a cute girl but she is definitely not a beautiful girl ((((not because of the stuff she have’s said)))) I don’t see how she is model she doesn’t have the height or body type so I think she is just saying she is a model so she might can try to link a job up after the show ends and those picture’s of her I think her daddy made them for her because that’s his job. Also to be really honest Gina Mari looks a lot better then Aayrin I think Kaytlin was the best looking girl in that house and I don’t like her it goes like this 1) Katylin but she is a beautiful girl as is 2) Candice and 2)Jessie and 4)Ellisa 4)Helen 4)Amanda and 4)Aaryin are cute to but like I said 3)Gina Mari looks better then them with a 4 by their name!

        1. You have GOT to be kidding! I haven’t posted word 1 about how people look, etc., but come on…GM is of the better looking girls? Whatever flies your freak flag, I guess.

  15. I really can’t wait until next week when a player comes back in the house. I really hope it is J-U- double D! And I really hope he stirs the pot and shakes things up in the hosue.

  16. I loved how while fake crying about not getting Elissas vote Helen thought to throw Andy in there, when she said she asked Elissa, “you mean you wouldn’t stay & vote for me or if Andy made it you wouldn’t vote for Andy to win?”…Trying to let everyone know Andy has been on their side, or so she thought…Helen talks about people ruining her game? HA! She had no reason to tell Aaryn Jessie was trying to get Amanda out…Then she gets mad cause Jessie told everyone the truth about how Helen was behind that deal too?…Helen thinks she is so smart but she has screwed her own self over & over….I hope she don’t come back once shes evicted & I hope while in jury JUDD has figured out McManda wasn’t on his side…

  17. lets be real people the whole couch thing was because of amanduh at least elissa would of put up Amanda but they needed the Adderall queen to win the comp ok so people don’t like elissa cause shes snotty well she has been a have not for quite a while germy wiped his ass with her hat the whole house has treated her like crap except for Candice and Helen although Helen uses her for gameplay its all a bunch of crap if you ask me elissa might be entitled but she doesn’t seem to stand down to the ugliness in the house did you all see the crap that come out of spencer and gina maries mouth and the way mccrae acts as wel as Amanda and aaryn its disgusting and vile cbs has no respect for us whatsoever they do not care about the well being of others or what people say and as much as I like judd I could not want him in the game as well as Jessie cause they would just be two more people against elissa I almost wish Helen wins jury comp elissa wins next hoh endurance and shakes the house up

    1. I agree with you jasonlee your are so on point Aayrin Amanda and Gm will not be able to win on that’s the end of cbs yes Helen gets under my skin but she is not a vile as those 3 and she has played the game not the way I would have but they cant give it to McCrea because he just did whatever Amanda mad him do Spencer cant win because can you see the shit storm that would come at cbs when he sad that stuff about jacking off to little kids so Spencer Aayrin Amanda and Gm cant win or that’s the all so wrote for cbs so that really leave Andy Helen to win the game Ellisa would be in 3rd

  18. Hope who ever comes back next week gets a coup d’état that would make things fun especially if its Judd, he could karate kick the door open and try say coup d’état mess it up then go back out of the of BB and come in for a retake.

  19. Elissa is the only one that seems to have a moral compass. And that is the reason i like her but i agree that she SUCKS when it comes to playing the game. I respect Elissa as a person but i do not respect her as a game player. She needs to stop complaining and step her game up. And if she does then i will start to respect her more as a player. Honestly if i were Elissa i would feel entitled too only because i am stuck in a house that is full of racist,ignorant,misogynistic, hateful people. Also these house guest need to stop with the bashing sessions. Every time someone is going to get evicted all they do is bash them. it is annoying as Fuck. They did it to Howard, Candice, Judd, Jessie and now Helen, and Elissa. Like the person is already getting evicted no need to spew hate at them,oh wait i mean behind there backs.

    1. “Elissa is the only one that seems to have a moral compass.”

      Yes, when I think of a former prostitute who found a sugar daddy to marry, “moral” is the first word that comes to mind. Riiiight.

      1. Where did you get that from? You cant just go calling people “former prostitutes” without any evidence better yet without even meeting the person. Wow you obviously have alot of weird hate for Elissa.

        1. I recall reading it on here. Even if that story’s bunk, she still has had plenty of classless moments in the BB house.

          I don’t have “weird hate” for anyone, I simply criticize when it’s warranted. I’ve criticized nearly every member of the cast this year at one point or another, and I’m far from the only one on here to do so.

  20. ? Still hoping that somehow Elissa wins the whole thing! I know she has some negative qualities (immaturity that causes her to be boastful, worry too much etc) but I can see that she has a good heart. Obviously she will grow up and learn not to be so snobby and be mire humble etc. but still, she is much more pleasant than the others. She is not AS mean as the others. She shows more compassion especially when the others were racist and saying mean things. At least she doesnt act gross like the rest. She is by far more ladylike. GM passes gas, talks slang, gossips etc. Amanda and Mccrea are just nasty. Andy is two faced and really, Id say he is more stuckup than Elissa. Spenser can be seriously mean too and sneaky.
    I wish Jessie and Elissa would have made an alliance as they are the ONLY two that had the guts to get out Amanda n Mcrea. The prob with Elissa is she finds its hard to trust people. But she is def not dumb. She has seen thru alot of the BS. She just couldnt do much when majority did not support her.
    She is sweet though and compassionate if you look past the boastfulness which is part of insecurity and immaturity. Either than that she has said the least mean things and has behaved the classiest and sweetest.
    If she doesnt win, Id want Jessie to return and win. And if not then my reluctant next person to win would be GM. She can be gross and trashy but she is comical and I can see a good heart in her. The rest are dirty and mean and snarky and racist.

  21. I think in final 4 Andy or McCrae will stabbed Aaryn or Amanda in back before final 3. If I was Amanda or Aaryn, I would turn on the boys and have all girl final 2 deal.

  22. Elissa is a succesful marrid woman with a career and a child, she seems to be an upstanding member of society with class and character so I’m not surprised that she didn’t want to sit between two known racists who’s vitriol was so disgusting that their employers fired them from their respective jobs.

    We all have co-workers, classmates, and colleagues who are evil racist-bigoted uncouth foul-mouthed bullies and we keep our interactions with them to a minimum but we don’t want to be standing next to them during staff or company photos. We extend courtesy to them but we won’t be sharing bean-dip with them at the company picnic.

    GM & Aryan are two of the most despised and disliked characters in the history of BB, their drug-addled rants, obsessive-compulsions, drug-use, bulimia, bullying, racism, bigotry, and dysfunction have made them the pariahs of the BB franchise. These two characters are emotionally unstable train-wrecks are so delusional as to their own behavior that us viewers are stuck in a state of disbelief that any one could be so clueless.

    I don’t fault Elissa for not wanting to be sandwiched between to mentally-iLL Nazis during a live television broadcast, it’s bad enough she has to live under the same roof with such filth.

    1. Funny, she had no problem with the racist comments when she was laughing at them behind her “friend” Candice’s back.

    2. I agree about Elissa. But what I fault Elissa for is not standing up for what she wanted after she was back in the fold and allowing herself to so influenced by Helen and falling right in with the House voting. At a certain point she had nothing to lose if she sees what kind of people are in there. To cringe your face out while you are voting out your friends is bending towards being spineless.

      1. She had no choice ………. helen should have been listening to Ellissa but no she continues to confide in Andy and we know who he is loyal to. I believe Amanda is only loyal to Mcree and Andy is still waiting to see where the power lays. What good would it do her game if she was the only vote to keep candice or jessie or judd (who believe helen and ellissa are reason for his eviction). Helen and AA just did amanada’s dirty work. AA knows that Spenser will put her up so why is she listening to Amanada? She can get through this week and still be golden??

  23. I have a love hate relationship with this season. On one hand I hate what everyone in this cast stands for but on the other hand I am intrigued to watch every week. At first i felt a strong dislike towards Aaryns,Amanda,Kaitlin, and GM for all of their racist and sexiest remarks but than I had to remember that at times I say things out of anger or just plain stupidity, that i do not mean. Whether if anyone wants to admit it i believe we all have at one time or another said something cruel about another person. What I don’t care for is the way everyone is this house acts so weak, no one has their own mind. Like my mother use to tell me “stand for something or fall for anything”.

    Ps. In no way shape or form am I making excuses for the derogatory things that were said by these people. I myself am a black woman so I was definitely at one point enraged by the racism. I just choose not to dwell on other people’s ignorance.

  24. amanda andy aryan helen spencer mcrea gianamre sucks

    i like elssia jesse candice

    i want helen to go

    i want candice to comeback

    so her in elssia could tear up this house

    so this what i say to aryan an amanda karmel is coming

    in her name is candice an elssia

  25. Dawg or Simon, 2 questions please…
    1) When/If Helen gets evicted will she go to the jury house or will they do the comp to come back fast like double eviction?
    2) Do you think Helen will tell JUDD about Amanda AND Andy wanting him out cause of the MVP thing?
    I would love for JUDD to come back but I don’t want him thinking McCranda & Andy was on his side…I want him coming back for their blood, especially Amanda & Andys…I want Andy & McCrae to get a taste of the block then backdoor Amanda…

    1. I think what they did in the past was have the eviction. Let’s same Helen gets evicted and than Julie will announce that a hg will be returning to the game. They will than have an immediate competation between judd, helen, jessie and candice to come back into the house. The winner will than compete with the hgs for the next hoh. Really hope it’s helen as she is the only one who really knows what’s going on the others will have effect on the game. bet it will be an endurance!!!

  26. Why isn’t Aaryn practicing her Nom speech for Helen? The bone-head move would be for “the house” to vote out Elissa because that will give HelenTheTerrible time to work on Aaryn because there is nowhere else to hide now folks! Fake alliances are about to come to light. I would say things are about to get interesting, but that would be lying.

  27. Andy would be a dumbass taking Aaryn to final 2… he would never win…none of them should take her ..they’d all loose …All i know is if i was in the house i would take Ellisa or Spencer to the final. Guaranteed win!! Theyr lucky America doesnt get to vote between the 2 finalist .

  28. Number 1 aaryn gained weight
    2- I hate how they think we would vote for Ellisa as America’s vote because she’s Rachel’s sister. AMANDA NO ONE would vote for you even if you were the only choice… Ellisa has done nothing in the house but i would give her the vote because she is the only person with common sense left in that house!!!

  29. I am a fan of Elissa, and so naturally, I hate Amanda, but even I have to admit that Amanda’s gameplay is the best this season. Amanda has an Evil Dick thing going on. Her presence exudes intimidation. I don’t think the other players are oblivious to how big of a threat she is, i think they’re just flat out scared of her. She could very well win this thing. Not only is her social game impeccable, she has managed to intimidate people in a profoundly strategic way.

    1. I can’t explain it. Amanda has done nothing to warrant the amount of respect the other houseguests seem to have for her as a player. She has played a good social game, but there is really no good reason that I can think of that no one other than jessie was really willing to go after her. That she and helen got this far with no resistence is crazy. They have run the entire season while only winning one comp. Just very weak play from the majority of the housguests.

  30. Elissa is intentionally putting other housemates down to their face for their short comings and picks on people. She only talks about herself and her old husband and her creepy frozen face. She needs to go home. If she has all this money then why is she on the show? I feel like when people have to constantly brag about their possessions and themselves they are compensating for something and are very insecure.

  31. Helen can’t believe Elissa wouldn’t want to stay & vote for her because they are “friends”? Does Helen not remember Elissa has been there & watched Helen turn on & evict her other “friends”?…. Helen just can’t believe people haven’t bought into the whole “you’re my friend,ok,I love you,ok,”… I hope Spencer says, Well Helen, you’ve made it to jury but that’s as far as I can carry you”….The croc tears & mom card are gonna really come out this week…. Helen got zero sympathy when crying about not getting Elissas vote….

  32. Still nothing too exciting in this house this week I guess…

    I find it kind of funny how GM and Aaryn are offended about someone not wanting to sit next to them and treating them like they are garbage material.

    Although it was not based on racism, I am happy that they are tasting a littlebit of their medicine.
    It sure taste awful right girls? Bwahahahahahaha!

  33. I wonder if all the HG get scripts to memorize, or just a few of them. You know, just give them a few lines to say every once and awhile to keep it “interesting”.

  34. I know that this has not been the best season but I keep watching just hoping that somehow Amanda gets the boot.

  35. I hope Aaryn opens the pandora’s box and she gets locked in there with Candice for the week, while Jessie comes back into the game and controls the hoh for that week.

  36. Nobody in that house deserves “America’s Favorite”, but remembering past seasons a douche bag homophobic HG got it twice, so all the bigots have a good shot at it.

  37. I don’t want neither power couple to win this game. However if I had to chose one it would be Helen and Ellisa. I am so sick of this junk. I have not watched live feeds in two weeks and I am getting it free. That is just how sorry this year is. PLEASE CBS DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! Force Aaryn to put up Andy and McCrae then back do Helen. I don’t care what it is, just do something.

  38. we all got a short term memory,lol
    everybodys on the hate elissa bandwagon,but wasnt aaryon and gm the racist,
    don’t you think production has informed elissa about them outside the house,so she’s staying clear for them,
    the reformed whore elissa is going back to her life,
    aaryon and gm are going back to there jobs, oooops lol i mean there going back to find new jobs,

  39. I never understand why the HOH always spews such bullshit at the nomination ceremony. Why not simply go with, “I have nominated you two because I feel it’s the best strategic move for my game”. It’s honest (one would hope that’s how the HOH determines the noms) and there’s no legit reason for the nominees to be pissed off. All you’re saying is that you’re trying to win the game, which is what everyone is doing. As if any nominee has ever believed, “I put you up because you’re a strong player and I think you will win the POV” and the other bullshit HOHs say.

  40. One last thing – I think Aaryn should recite MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the nomination ceremony.

  41. WOW! I’ve sat here for a couple of month now and have read the disrespectful comments some of you have written about all the house guests. How old are you people , like 5. It must make you all feel pretty good about yourselves to put down Ellisa more so than any of the other house guest about her appearance. Grow up and write something usfull about big brother other than calling Ellisa Duck Face. You must all love being hateful people. Get a life!

    1. While I agree with you – this blog has not been pro or anti Ellisa, most here (in my opinion) are enjoying their summer pastime and are just responding to the posts. Most here seem to be hoping that ‘the house’ will blow itself up and someone, anyone will toss the grenade!

    1. Aaryn and Amanda are going to be shocked when they discover Thursday and evicted jury member is coming back. The look on Andy, Amanda, McCrae, GinaMarie and Aaryn face will be priceless! Guess what the comp for HOH next week is likely endurance which means Amanda is out and Aaryn can’t compete. Whoever comes back is going to fight like hell to stay in the house. I hope they win HOH and shake the house to its core. Just imagine if Helen gets evicted and comes back. Fireworks galore as she’ll be gunning for Andy, Amanda and Aaryn can’t wait till Thursday!!!!

  42. Amanda wants Helen out – she’s done! Elissa isn’t going anywhere! This move will be Amanda’s downfall….

  43. Elissa is the most terrible BB player of all time. She does NOTHING. Floats on Helens coatails. She will turn on Helen in a second because shes so selfish, CLUELESS, ignorant that this is a game and a waste of space. Rachel must be disgusted that her sister is the biggest floater of all time. Elissa is a plastic faced pig. Just my two cents. GO McCrae!

  44. Aaryn is patting herself on the back because she thinks she’s become a power player in the house. What a joke! She’s one of The Red Queen’s mules and nothing more. A real “power” player would move to backdoor The Red Queen. Helen is a joke and eventually would be evicted from the house (probably by Spencer or GinaMarie). It’s the audacity of The Red Queen (and her sense of entitlement) that no one can go against her wishes that Aaryn should be rebelling against. That would garner her a lot of power (and respect) in the house for being able to take the The Red Queen out once and for all when everyone else was too frightened to make the move. But instead she complacently falls in line (yet again) with The Red Queen’s wishes.

    Boring season; ultimately boring (and predictable) outcome. Yawn.

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