Big Brother 17 Week 7 Nominations results “I want the Blood to be on my hands “

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 15-42-01-222_jpg

3:39pm HOH Becky and Shelli
(Shelli and Steve nominated)
Becky says Vanessa is her target. Becky says Vanessa only cares about herself “I’m going to have a lot to say during the veto Ceremony”
Shelli – So you’re saying to me if you win the veto you’re using it on me or Steve
Becky – Steve volunteered to be the pawn this week
Shelli – Wow
Becky – Steve and John don’t like her
Shelli – really
Becky says Vanessa doesn’t need reason, “My goal is to piss her off at me only me.. and send her off to Jury”
Becky – You made me mad too late you’re on the block
Becky – I want the Blood to be on my hands

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 15-44-56-222_jpg

3:43pm Storage room Vanessa A twin
The twins – I want the nominations to stay the same..
The twins adds she doesn’t want Vanessa on the block

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 15-46-14-334_jpg

3:44pm Steve telling the cameras
“I was wrong is’t not Austin it’s Vanessa.. Vanessa going home for me is bad for a lot of reasons”

Steve – I need to protect us

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 15-48-59-760_jpg

3:46pm Have nots James, Meg, Jackie
James wondering if Austin and “Them” are going to try and keep Shelli

They agree jmac has got to be on their side this week for them to get Vanessa out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 16-04-29-128_jpg

3:50pm Have nots Meg, Jackie and James
James – Damn Jackie has spaghetti string underwear on, Like dental floss..
Meg – You’re not supposed to look at that
James – I’m a guy
Meg – we’re like sisters
James – no don’t say that
They talk about how they are a team (James is a self described DOG he has a crush on everything in the house)
They mention how they all really want Vanessa gone.
James- this season right here is about straight forward throwing people up
James – we’ve left all the floaters alone.. we’ve gone straight for the throat
Meg – welcome to the outcasts, we’re the weirdos
James says they are team underdog. (I guess because they are have nots)
They start talking about team names.
Jackie- it’s like Season 15 all the rejects got together
Meg – they created this the second they left us out in the dark
Jackie- they are the ones that drew the line.. they bunched us up together as a group
Meg is suspicious/worried of what Becky is selling to Shelli
Jackie – I don’t know she’ll figure it out

Jackie says they need to keep winning the HOH and take out everyone on the other side, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin “We’ll be good we’ll be home free”
Jackie – But one of them will come back
James – I’m good at crap shoots I’ll be damned if Shelli comes back in

James toys around with the idea of getting voted out just so we can win the comeback competition and prevent Vanessa, Austin and Shelli from coming back in. (LOL Do it)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 16-15-46-040_jpg

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Things fall apart. Stil trying to figure out why these HGs can’t keep things to themselves. Becky is oversharing and it will come back to bite her. The HOH should be RECEIVING information,not volunteering their own strategy to nominees that might be 1. Aligned with someone others and 2. Capable of getting themselves off the block and using that information against the HOH.


I’m looking at it like motivation for Shelli to win and use the veto on herself. Being up on the block at all is dangerous enough for her, factor in sitting next to a Austwin or Vanessa. Scary place to be, even if she stays next to Steve. Honestly Shelli needs to win the veto for herself so Becky can put Vanessa right next to Steve. Then it would just be “girl bye” from there


It’s motivation for Shelli… seriously? She is on the block she is not throwing POV for anything.
As for the rat she has already started one of the worst HOH’s in a very long time. Backdoor plan you blab about before the POV is played. Who ever gets picked will try to win to control POV for their agenda. Austwins for example won’t use it to protect Vanessa. James crew Want Shelli gone so bad they may leave Steve up. Johnnie Mac might just throw POV to stay out of the way. Steve might even not use it if Van convinces him Shelli going unanimously.
That brings us to the second part who comes down? Shelli comes off vote to save Van. Presume she has Austwins just 1 vote to go. J J M are stupid enough to evict Steve over Van any day. Steve comes off Van up Shelli gone unanimously no doubt about it.
After James didn’t get what he wanted last week why would Becky(moron) think she would this week?

Canadian Kevin

I’m not sure Jmac will stay out this time, Stan.

I think his statement to Vanessa herself that he wants her out, will get him to try and win POV.

At least i hope he does, since he’s in on the plan – the actual plan.

What bothers me is Steve and the twins saying they want Vanessa in the game. If one of them win, Becky’s grand plan is hosed – though i suppose Shelli will still go home over Steve.

But then James, Meg, Jackie, and especially Becky are done unless they keep winning.

I would like to see Vanessa go. I want to see what the twins will do without her, since she does all their thinking for them.

Would they cut Austin, and join the other side?

Would they rally around Shelli?

I would like to see, myself.


Shelli has the votes to stay next to both Steve and Vanessa. It could be a split vote but the Twins like Shelli. She’ll be fine. Vanessa basically has to win and win and she can’t do it every week since John, James, Becky, Jackie are all good contest players.

Once Vanessa is out the house the strategy talks will not be the same though, so I am not sure if her going is actually entertaining. I can’t listen to Austin/Twins/Meg/Becky/Jackie talk strategy.

You know Jackie will drop f bombs and call Shelli, Becky or the Twins bitches and c*nts soon since those will be the women left. And then she will call Liz derogatory names for her Austin thing more when the twins are FINALLY on their radar.


From body language Shelli is not that into Becky but Becky really wants her approval/friendship. I think Becky, Meg, Jackie had wanted to be aligned to Clelli (Becky likes both, Jackie and Meg loved Clay) rather than James etc. so now it’s extra good for them to get rid of Vanessa and live the dream.


Augh. I can’t believe she went with her initial noms. WHY??? If you want noms to change you have to put people up that veto will be used on!!!


I hope Vanessa wins VETO and takes Shelli off. Becky can’t put up the Austwins, she’d have too many people gunning for her. She’ll have to put up JMac as a pawn against Steve,then – ooops.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

It is so disappointing. Jackie, James, Meg and Becky have finally come into power and they are squandering the opportunity to really secure their spots in the house. What are they thinking?! We all know that the veto will not be used. The nominations will stay the same, and Steve will go to jury. Four people! You would think that one of them would step up and say “Putting up Shelli & Steve is a horrible idea!”. I am not a fan of Vanessa, but if she manages to make it to the final 2 she deserves to win. I can’t keep rooting for the JJMB alliance if they continue to make poor decisions.

the coreys

I initially thought this but I think I have it coveted.

Vanessa wins veto and pulls down shelli.. Austin goes up as the replacement.

Twins, shelli and vanessa vote to evict Steve.

Meg, james, Jackie vote to evict austin.

That leaves Jmac, he wad aligned with shelli and clay but I think he’s closer to becky now that he votes the way she wants. He’s a flatter after all.

Becky sends austin packing.

Not best case scenario but better than backdoor ing someone on your side accidently.

Everything is fine at the moment.


It really is disappointing. I was hoping that JMac would talk some sense into her; he had the right idea yesterday when he was talking to Steve and said he’d put up Liz. I don’t know how you don’t think through such an important decision. It’s just like James last week keeping noms the same.


Becky does need to work on keeping her mouth shut & not laying out the details. The best noms would of been Shelli & Liz. Posted this earlier before noms. If Liz went up & could not come down they could easily send shelli home if they wanted. Other twin & Austin would secure that vote along with Becky & crew. If Shelli wins POV, she comes down & Van goes up. Not sure why this is so complicated. The others would keep Liz & Van would go. Getting out Shelli, a great comp player,or Van, who is running other side of house is obvious at this point so why the hell put up Steve? Annoying…grrr…can’t wait for the veto comp tomorrow!

is it just me

what are they thinking?
let me take a stab at it
james: i wonder if audrey is a squirter
jackie: do these fake boobs make me look more like kim, may be i should get some butt implants too
becky: hey look over there, o shit, train

Beast Mode Cowpie

Agree 100% Put up Shelli and Liz. Then Austin and Julia have the incentive to win the veto AND use it, plus all of the alliance members. Few people would choose to leave the noms the same IF they won it, so the odds are good. Talk to Austwins ahead of time and assure them they are not the target. Worst case Vanessa gets picked to play, wins, and takes Shelli off but then you can backdoor any of the others that you want. Trying to backdoor a strong player like Vanessa, especially when she knows it’s coming, is a tall order. Becky’s stones are even bigger than James’ last week – just hope it doesn’t backfire badly for her.


Or just put up Shelli and Vanessa together, and if one comes down, then put up Liz. That guarantees nothing goes sideways.


I think it would have been much better gameplay to make everyone think Shelli was the target, with Steve as the second target so that Vanessa wouldn’t be so hyper alert for a BD, and all these fools (Steve/Twins), wouldn’t try to save Vanessa’s game. I understand trying to use her as a shield, but do Steve and the Twins not realize how close Vanessa is with Austin/Shelli?

I’m trying to look at this from a strategic point of view, but how does Steve think he’ll beat Vanessa at the end? He’s made no strong social connections (besides with the cameras) with the other HG besides maybe JMac, and JMac has wanted Steve gone too. Steve is expendable to everyone, and has done nothing to add to the gameplay this season. I don’t see him winning unless he’s up against someone else who hasn’t done much like Jmac or Meg.


He thinks he’s Ian.2…and thinks if it’s Vanessa he’ll have a bitter jury because of all het sh*t disturbing antics


steve is officially a moron. he wants to protect him and vanessa. vanessa doesnt care about you you fool


Well technically I do think she cares about keeping him more than Meg, Becky, Jackie, James, John, and dare I say Austin and Liz….but yes, ultimately she’s only going to look out for herself in the game of big brother.

He wouldn’t keep the noms the same anyway.

Im Confused

Does Steve like her in a romantic way or as a sister way? Does anyone know what she’s done for Steve for him to feel as if he needs to save her over himself. Does he not know she is Gay? Is he trying to change her? Any information will help me understand. Not trying the judge just trying to understand. Thanks BB Fans.


I think Steve likes Julia (thinks the twins are very attractive). I think he likes Vanessa in the way guys like their decent looking female friend who he may think is “cool”.

Vanessa is by no means ugly, but I don’t get the feeling that she is his type in age bracket or type of charm. She also has that gross puke green beanie that does wonders to lower her charisma (Or for her haters, further accentuates reasons they don’t like her).


Vanessa talked to Steve from the beginning and helped him navigate the rough waters of geeky awkwardness when everyone else was wanting nothing to do with him.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Steve will finally see what kind of person Vanessa is when she wins the veto and decides NOT to use it to save him. Even then, she could probably find some way to explain her actions, and he would accept her ridiculous explanation and forgive her. The relationship between Vanessa and Steve bothers me. I can see him being genuinely hurt when it becomes painfully obvious that she doesn’t care about him, or his survival in the Big Brother house.


Honestly believe you have a valid point. Steve has not wavered from Van & is the loyal minion. He even went to her(it was when Shelli & Clay were first nominated I believe or maybe when Jason was on block) & was like when can we be seen taking to reach other & she got all frustrated & annoyed by Steve & replies, already told ya, we can’t be seen together until only a few people are left in house. Funny how everyone knows she was working with Shelli,Clay,Austin/twins,but she refuses to be seen with Steve-really? His face looked so sad,& he was like I will leave now. People have commented on Steve running to Van a lot already,but honestly feel if she betrays Steve it will be beyond game betrayal for him. Sadly he is disposable to her.


I really think that Becky may regret not putting Vanessa and Shelli on the block together. That would guarantee one would be gone. If Vanessa wins the POV she needs to put Liz as the replacement and break that group of 3. I have a feeling that Julia may not stick too close to Austin if Liz is gone.


Vanessa still probably going this week. She’s not That great in Contests that involve anything physical. Even if it’s physical and mental blended.

I think she has a decent shot at playing POV though because Shelli and Steve may both pick her as HG choice if they get that. She has 50% chance of players on her side or herself getting picked.

I find the underdogs very very unlikable and hard to root for so I am pretty much down to hoping Julia or Johnny MAC wins the game.

I think Big Bro wants James to win though.

Jody H

The outsiders or Underdogs are pretty unlikeable. I wanted to like them. I just can’t. And they are not playing well. They are saying they trust the twins. So they are keeping a 3 vote together. As the numbers dwindle that is going to get stronger and harder to get out.
Even if it works out and vanessa goes home, it’s not boding well for them. I could be wrong.


Vanessa will go sooner or later in the next 2 weeks anyway. She has too many guns to her head. I think the final 3 will be James, John, and a woman.

Just by thinking who has the most DR sessions that don’t have as many targets. Plus Derrick mentioned those two and you know that shit is scripted.
The twins and Austin don’t have as many DRs.
Think production wanted Vanessa to get far given her DR count but the tide isn’t in her favour.


Lousy move. Becky should have put Vanessa on the block outright. Backdoor plans rarely work because too much crap needs to fall into place to pull it off. Why are these players almost always such cowards to play this game???


I don’t think Becky was being a coward, I think she’s trying to be a BB legend in her own mind. She wants the ‘glory’ of backdooring and blindsiding Vanessa. That said, the pieces may fall into place for Vanessa to go up, but it won’t be a blindside on any level and depending who’s up next to Vanessa, she may be able to rally the votes to stay.

the dumb get dumber

vanessa isn’t even on the block yet and these people are trying to protect her! Steve is on the block and he is trying to protect vanessa. she trained them well. I have to give her props for that.


Steve really confuses me because his mad style (I wanna kill Vanessa) soliloquy to the camera don’t match his actions.
I think he’s getting very lonely and not dealing well with the isolation as he lacks buddies the most, kind of feel bad for him but yeah, sometimes his quotes are extreme.

Shelley (not to be confused with Shelli)

So I haven’t been watching the live-feeds… is Steve that bad? Why don’t the house-guest like him? Watching him on the show and he doesn’t appear to be a bad guy… I need someone to give me the info on Steve!


So you need someone who’s not Vanessa to win the veto and use it…Austin and the twins aren’t going to risk one of them going up. Vanessa won’t use it. So this plan could work as long as those 4 people don’t win the veto…great plan.

I’d think it be more logical to just put her up.


van would take shelli off. why not?


But if Vanessa takes Shelli off, Vanessa can’t go up. The veto winner is safe from renomination.

Halfway there..

I can see this week backfiring completely. Why why WHY would they not use a a twin as a pawn to ensure the veto gets used?? If Liz/Julia/Austin win POV then it won’t get used. If Liz was on the block then it would be a whole different story. Ugh these people!


Becky is cleaning up for James.


i jope johnnymac get backdoor and hope that vanessa or steve wins pov!

Laura says

Are these people stupid or what? Steve is going to ruin Becky’s plan. It was stupid to begin with. She should have put up a twin against Shellie or just put Vanessa up against Shelly because now if Vanessa wins – she can take Shelli down. So dumb… These people need to listen to Jackie. She is the only one who has every one of the 6th sense alliance pegged for who they are. Let’s hope Steve comes off and Vanessa goes up. Ugh..

The train that hit Becky

Becky is the worst bb player this year besides Meg. why would you tell shelli van is the target . she’s gonna go and tell van. plus Becky is wayyyy to cocky and thinks she sooo smart


who is johnnymac more loyal to steve or becky?



is it just me

he’s chu chu choosing becky


I’m pretty sure he’s loyal to himself first and foremost, but I would say Becky. He’s talked repeatedly about trying to get Steve out before the end. He’s thrown both Steve and Becky under the bus (though maybe he accidentally threw Becky under it), but has only ever talked about getting rid of Steve. But that’s just from what I’ve seen. I may have missed something.

Nobody in the house wants Steve to reach the end I don’t think. Vanessa has a fake final 2 with him, but I’m pretty sure Vanessa really wants to take Austin to the end (which would probably be an easy win).


This plan hinges on three people winning veto: James, Becky and Jackie.
Only way Van goes this week,


at the sametime what happen if steve win pov?


Steve needs to win veto…then the world will be right…unless Becky’s stupid…


or steve… or shelli… or probably jmac…
Becky’s is not the best plan since it is ruined if van or austwin wins it… but you are still wrong.


Wrong! If Shelli or Steve win veto, Jar Jar goes up. Johnny Mac and Meg (LOL) can win, too. That’s a 7 out of 11 (64%) chance that Jar Jar will be the replacement nominee. The eviction vote looks like a 4-4 tie, with
Becky casting the tie breaking vote. Meesa wassa fool for starting uppa fight with Johnny Mac-a!!


If Steve wins, Becky should still put up Vanessa next to Shelli…that way it’s not Becky’s fault Shelli’s still up there. Give her the old we got the votes to keep you save…like when Becky was up next to Jason…


On the Block with McCrea and Clausons interview with Clay talked about YouTube videos with Vanessa…you might want to enlighten yourself to see the person and player Vanessa is and watch…Then you may respect her strategy and game play more.


I am a huge Vanessa fan… I will say that she will be there at the end of the week because if you are going to take out a Vanessa you have to play like a Vanessa and Becky just played like a James… she will almost get her target out but it will be someone else that just isn’t as strong. I love what James did last week but he missed the opportunity to take out his target and Oh Shucks Pretty Boy went home instead…. just barely missing a brilliant move.
That veto will not be used and Meg or James will freak out and vote to evict Steve out. Shell and Vanesa will both be still in the house come Friday morning. Opportunity missed because they are going against people who just don’t know how to be ruthless because they are afraid of offending three people (Austin and the twins) who can only win dumb luck comps.
Vanessa will still be in the house on Friday. Becky did not do what she needed to do to handle her business. Next out will probably be Johnny Mac and Becky. I only offer up what I do because that is how you take out a Vanessa…. on the other hand minus Vanessa the rest of the Season will be a trade off of dumb luck and reactionary game play. Strategy (albeit paranoid at times) will walk out with her.
Still the Season will be the best in years and I will be loving it.

Johnny Depp

Becky’s plan will most likely backfire but at least this season has become interesting.

Bored Man

8 floaters in a house with 11 people has never been interesting.

Dr. J

By all means put Van and Shelly up but that didn’t happen. What should have happened is this. Put Shelly and Liz up because most of the house would take Liz off of the block. The house doesn’t really care about Shelly or Steve so doubt veto will be used. Might bite Becky in the butt big time and Van will come at her with a vengeance. I think she misplayed this. Becky could have let Austin and Julia know Liz is just a pawn but not tell them who she really wants out. Or she could have put up Liz and Van to get Shelly in her corner by telling her all the things Van has been doing. Just my two cents…


steve’s on the block. how does he propose he’s going to protect vanessa? if he gets HG choice, he can choose her then if it comes down to her and him, he has her win the POV. then she either uses it (which is likely, since the idea as far as she’s been told is put up johnnymac) but who exactly is she supposed to use it on? steve or shelli? and if she doesn’t use it at all, will her schemery mean that steve is evicted?

as someone mentions, he isn’t really gaining allies. I suppose it could be said he’ll be able to count on geeks and freaks for votes, but can vanessa be trusted to not go back on that as well? if i were steve i wouldn’t trust that one, at the same time he can’t stop becky from putting up vanessa if he wins the veto, or shelli does, and one comes down.

it’s a real pickle lol

i do appreciate steve talking to the camera, tho, it is about the only way we get a true idea of what a HG actually plans to do or what they are actually thinking when we see them telling another HG something.


Becky is an idiot. How can she not have noticed how close Shelli and Vanessa are after all this time. Almost a guarantee that if Shelli pulls houseguest choice she will pick Vanessa giving herself a chance to keep them both safe. She will then have to put up Austin or Liz and Steve is done. Damn. KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTHS SHUT!


shelli being used by freaks and geeks!


Becky is too nice. She does not have that killer cutthroat instinct much like James last week.
Nominating Steve and Shelli leaves to much wiggle room. Lets be honest if you are going to take out the Big Dog you better get ruthless. That is when you sit James, Meg, Johnny Mac and James down and secure those four votes so no matter what happens you have a tie.

Then you put up the twins… both of them, that ties the hands of Vanessa’s biggest allies because if the play PoV and don’t use it… your sister is going home. If you pick Vanessa the target as Houseguest Choice to keep Vanessa… your sister is going home and you tell Austin…. and if you give Vanessa the heads up in any way so she can save herself… your sister is going home.

You put Vanessa up there with hopefully Liz because you could save Julia…. and send Vanessa home. You can always look at them and say you did not give a damn when you sent Jason, Da’Vonne and Jeff home… you drew these lines so don’t start crying when you get hurt by moves that Vanessa and Shelli made… you guys did this not me. I just am using it to get a Big Dog out….. it’s just business and not personal.

Joe's Special Sauce

You’re right. Becky needs to be quiet and let people bring information to her. But she wants to be liked so much that she’s feeding everyone information instead. It will be her downfall.

Big Jim

Alright James (Lawon) get evicted so you can come back sounds like sound strategy lol

Lawon's Superpower

He’ll get a superpower like me.


I loved Lawon but his “super power self evict” move was hillarious and tragic at the same time. Lawon was one of the few people who ever played BB US that was to good hearted to be a great player on the show. His game was ultimately weak but he was one of my top 5 BB players to watch and laugh with along the way.


Becky is always a question mark for me. Sometimes I like her, bur there is something that bothers me about her and can’t put my finger on it.


you must be talking about her ego and her smack-talking. those 4 should just rename themselves the smacktalk quartet. when you leave Austin and the twins in the game, you deserve whatever happens to you.

Big Jim

Train imprint on her face maybe?


I know what you mean. When the Season started…. Meg, Becky and Shelli all blended into the same girl. She s a lot like Shelli in may ways, they are very similar women. If you don’t like Shelli too… that could be your answer.

becky tv

hey Becky, if the nominations stay the same after veto, who are you going to send home with a tie vote.??..I’m not too sure??? you should of just put vanessa up with shelli and if one of them came down, put up liz..,.it will probably be steve going home..not that i care (he’s so clueless)..send a real threat home /Becky, what were you thinking ??…


Omg are you reading or listening to the conversations between James Meg and Jackie? And then there’s Becky…her pie hole just keeps talking…nothing but stupidity. At this point they deserve to get steam rolled right out of the house. They disgrace the game. Ignorant fools.


I stopped watching feeds as soon as Becky won HOH
I can’t stand to listen to her talk. At least she screwed up her noms
If Vanessa gets voted out I’m done with this season and canceling my feeds.
I hope Meg wins because she is so clueless it would be a perfect ending to this season


Meg is this year’s Victoria.


Meg isn’t so much the Victoria… you know whats weird… she’s the Enzo Meow Meow of this Season LOL

Ariana Grande stinks!

Steve is a real snake in the grass!


you can also say that bout any1 else to!


The Village officially has 4 idiots


If three idiots and Johnny Mac vote as a block you have at least a tie and Becky will get out Vanessa or Shelli…. probably Austin or Steve… OMG I have such lowered expectations for this week. I would like to see the first tie in years… because I love it when the HoH chooses and they throw a gauntlet down.


Bye, Bye Steve, what idiots, Vanessa and Shelli safe for another week. They would F’up the double eviction. That train locomotive hit to her face caused her loose logic and reasoning. Becky, made a horrible decision not putting Van/Liz or Julia or Van/Shelli up. They will be laughing James, Meg, Jackie, Becky out the front door.


i think clay realized where shelli was really going, looking for a long term commitment. clay is way too young and as for shelli being his “mama”, i think he finally woke up. he just wanted the hell out of there.

Clay's Brain

Yeah! That’s right, I’m so weak and pitiful – that I have to leave BB in order to get away from a cougar. No, what I REALLY meant was xdegtyuio but then I am an xdferqazw!!!!


Last I checked it was more him than her.

Ian's Beer

It bugs me that Steve thinks he’s being clever and copying how Ian used to talk to the cameras…Steve, it’s been done and you just don’t have it 🙁 I’ve got nothing against the guy but there is something just a tad off with him…he thinks he’s going to get lucky with Julia in the jury house….omigod lol


see if they bd van freaks and geek would save van anyways


It would be split 4-4 with Becky breaking the tie.


I’m not sure about that. I think Van would have a real shot at getting James. I think he wants shelli out more than anyone. Also he felt like Van was workable after she came to him yesterday about the jmac/clay info. I really think she may be able to flip him her way.


Meg is working my last nerve. she is a waste of sofa space. unfortunately she’s going right to final 2, at which time our eyes will all bleed in unison.


I think the reason Becky and her allies want to backdoor Vanessa is for the “perfect revenge”. She backdoored Jeff when people expected Audrey, and Jason when people expected Austin. Thus, they want to punish her in the same fashion. A desire for poetic justice, I guess.



Why did Becky pick her friends Meg, James, and Jackie to be have-nots
for the week?


They’re keeping the rotation going and so it was their turn.


Simon/Dawg: I’m not sure if it is important but the time you typed in is wrong. It should be 3:39pm, not 8:39pm.


Becky is a knucklehead.


The odds are 50-50 right now whether or not Becky’s plan will work. Once the players are picked for the POV, we will have a better idea. Out of the 8, Becky has gotta hope that nobody pulls Vanessa, Austin, Liz or Julia name out of the bag. The odds of that happening is somewhat low. Worst case scenario: 3 (including Vanessa) out of the 4 will be playing in the veto. Best case scenario: (Of course! None of them getting picked). But to be realistic about it, only 1 get pick maybe Austin or Julia (They are the weakest competitors out of the 4). Becky also gotta hope that out of the 3 (Shelli, Steve and herself) she is the only one that pulls the houseguest choice. Becky wouldn’t want Shelli to pull it for obvious reasons. And after this latest stunt with Steve (talking to the cameras) talking about Vanessa leaving now is bad for his game, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that Steve pulls it either. I would like to think that Steve would use it to pick JMac but now not so much.

Jody H

Oh my god… these people are clueless. Is James serious about pulling a Lawon? Wow… Anyway, interesting to see what they are talking themselves into.


James. Please stop. Last years comp for jury members re-entering the house was a crapshoot. I mean Jocasta almost won her way back into the house. *yikes*

Focus on breaking up the other side of the house. The person who comes back usually gets targeted, and booted again. Just ask Brendan, Judd, and Nicole.


This plan has clusterf##k written all over it. A TON of things have to go right 4 this to work. At least Vanessa will be sweating it out til the POV comp. As long as Vanessa doesn’t win, hopefully either chiclet or Vanessa goes.


Who is this new guy Steve? Never saw him in the house before. Where did he come from??


Vanessa asked Shelli if she picked house guest choice for veto to choose her so that she can save herself and Shelli. That puts Shelli in difficult situation, if Vanessa doesn’t win veto,then Shelli is just putting a target on her back going against Becky’s wishes and most likely be voted out by their side. If she doesn’t pick Vanessa for house guest choice, then her side of the 6 alliance will be upset with her.


I understand what Becky is up to. Becky wants to team up with Shelli and JMac. She has never been impressed with the group she is aligned with at the moment. She is proving to Shelli that Shelli can’t trust Vanessa and seeing if she can trust Shelli. Shelli didn’t tell Vanessa she was the backdoor plan and Vanessa didn’t tell Shelli she was Becky’s target and going up on the block before nomination ceremony and Shelli knew Vanessa knew.So far Becky’s ‘test’ is working out for her. Meanwhile she has the votes to evict V even without Shelli. Unfortunately her plan completely backfires if noms stay the same.


I can’t get feeds in Canada?

Too Funny

OMG!!! Plz james get purposely evicted so u can win the comp n come back instead of Vanessa Austin or the Twins or Shelli…Lol ever heard of Lawon he tried that same plan n never came back in the house… jacka** move n ur not that good!!! I swear does this group think???


No feeds in Canada????

Min O'Pause

Ever notice that the more paranoia Vanessa gets the thicker her eyeliner gets? I predict that she will look like Uncle Fester very soon.


It’s really to early to tell if Becky’s plan will backfire or not. There are more people who would probably use the veto than those who wouldn’t. And there are so many different variables to take into account.

Plus even if Vanessa did win Veto, and took Shelli off, Steve would be furious. He’d finally see that he is nothing, but an expendable pawn to Vanessa. Becky could throw up a Twin (I say Julia because she’s better in comps), and James/Jackie/Meg/JMac could vote out Julia. Steve could jump ship to the Outsiders, and then it would be 6 vs. 4 come DE time.

But alas we won’t really know what’s going on until post Veto. I’m still praying that anyone but Vanessa/Twins/Austin wins, because the Veto will definitely be used, and Vanessa will be finally walking out of that house.