Head of Household Results – Demetres to Gary “We’ll have a talk”

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Head of Household Results

Winner is Demetres

Demetres tells Gary they need to talk..

3:16pm Ika, Dre and Bruno bathroom
Going over production shenanigans. Trying to figure out what production told them before the have not votes. THey wonder if the person with the most votes isn’t evicted because it’s backwards week.

(FYI they agreed last night if the HOH is the sole voter they will vote out Gary)

Bathroom: Ika, Sindy and Bruno
Talking about the HOH Competition. It was Endurance.
Bruno – I thin kwe’ll be ok.. next week is Key
Sindy – I’m only good at endurance.

Bathroom: Sindy Dre and Ika
Dre – I’m trying to figure out if I’m being evicted or not so in the slop vote did they mention vote for the person you want to be on slop.
Sindy – Yeah
Dre – they said it
Sindy – yeah, they said the person with the most amount of slop cookies will be a have not
Dre – that’s what they said
Sindy – yeah .. they said this is the slop vote you have 10 cookies, put it with the people you want to be on slop.. a have not.
Dre – on teh card Karen said
Sindy – Yeah,.. you have 10 slop cookies the person with the most amount of slop cookies is a have not (Shenanigans)
Dre – I’m trying to see if there’s a play on words..
Feeds cut.. (Of Course)
William joins them.

3:58pm Karen and Ika Bathroom
Krean – I don’t really want to play if he leaves.. I need my 2 solid that I can talk to.. you know what I mean
Ika – I want him to stay..
Ika is worried they might flip how the votes work this week.
Karen – will big brother be that crazy
Ika – they’re the queen of shade
Ika says her and Karen are on the same page with Gary.
Iak says Neda doesn’t want gary to stay.
Karen – they have too many on that side.
Ika – I know

4:04pm Demetres and Burno

Production – Gary please go to the Diary room
Ika – and stop putting on makeup

5:39pm Gary and Ika Storage room. What do you want me to say to Demetres? Gary – I don’t know. He’s not as 100% as I thought he would be. Ika – Why? Gary – because I asked are we good and he said we’ll talk. Ika – maybe because you said it in front of other people. Gary – it was just in the bathroom .. me and him. Is it just because he feels big and bad and maybe he wants to say that? Ika – no.

Ika – do you really think that I if I was like I don’t want Gary to go .. and do you think he would do it? And have me be angry at him? Gary – I think you have influence over him. Ika – I think other people have influence over him as well. Gary – at the end of the day you’re in bed with him. Ika – I am not in bed with him. Gary – I mean at the end of the day he rests his head with you.

6:30pm HOH Sindy, Dre Demetres and Ika HOH
Demetres to Dre – Obviously I’m going to keep you. Dre- I know .. but at the end of the day I don’t know what’s going to happen. Demetres – I know. Dre – I don’t mind .. if anything happens, it happens, you know?! Demetres – Yup, I just don’t want you to stress. Don’t tell Gary. I’m going to talk to Gary. Dre – I know, I know. Demetres – I don’t know what I’m going to tell him and if I’m going to tell him right away.. Dre – the thing is you don’t know what’s going to happen. I think its best not to say anything because at the end of the day he could always use. If its backwards then its backwards. Demetres – there is no way they’re going to do that.

6:38pm Kevin and Neda
Talking about getting Dillon and Emily to target the french connection over Ika/Demetres
Neda says Gary is horrible for everyone’s game he has to go.
Neda – Gary leaves then Dre that is perfect.
They’re nervous about the backward week twist.
Neda and Kevin agree getting rid of Emily is better over Dillon.
Kevin – Karen is going to go deep in the game
Neda – ugh it’s annoying
Neda – I just hate humans..
Neda goes on about how much of a toll talking to Karen is.
Kevin – Karen works herself into the protagonist in every situation.. every week she’s involved somehow. (LOL yup)
Kevin adds that Karen always thinks she’s the target.
Kevin says William is an attractive dude but his flirting with him is only game.

7:00pm Ika and Dre getting tipsy on the tequila

(Videos coming)

Bruno and Gary by the Pool. Gary – I felt really defeated and for a moment there I wanted to self-evict. Bruno – you can’t do that. Gary – I said for a moment. I’m a fighter and I’m going to fight till the end. I came in here with a goal and it would be nice if I could accomplish that. I have a lot to offer this game and I think I have a lot more to offer than the person on the block beside me. I’m just going to express my feelings to the HOH and after that its out of my hands. Bruno – its crazy its down to one person. Gary – one man named Demetres. Bruno – That’s a lot of power. Gary – I honestly don’t think the person sitting on the block beside me would benefit his game. I have a lot more to offer.

9:26pm Ika and Demetres HOH
Talking about Neda wanting Gary out and how Neda is trying to take out the players that have firepower against her. Ika says Neda is going to claim she controlled Demetres’ HOH. THey agree Dre is a loyal person.

Gary and Karen in the bedroom. Karen – Cindy comes up to me in the bathroom and says that Dillon is asking her am I close to you. AND I lost it! I was like I can’t even have 1 friend to talk to .. they want to get rid of my one friend?! And she’s like people were questioning her are you with them? Have you ever seen talk to Cindy?! So I planted this seed – I said Cindy if they were smart they would know that I haven’t talked to Dre since I was HOH and she’s with the french connection and Jackie. And Gary and I talk about makeup and his boyfriends and sisters… way more than we talk about makeup. Dillon asked me who do I want and I said I want Gary because he’s my friend and its not about strategy and game. Gary – yes, friendship. Karen – they just want me to be alone in this game and not have one person to talk to. Gary -they’re scared of your brains and your wit … and you’re able to confront people.. and me winning… we could be really strong. People are afraid of that. Dillon knows I’m just as strong as him. Gary – Demetres is torn because people are getting in his head. He blew me off 3 times tonight. He wants to keep what they put in his head tonight. I hope Ika is working him right now. Karen – she is.

1:20am Bathroom – Ika – You are f**king Gary! You’re the baddest b***h in big brother history! Gary – its not looking good for me. Ika – I will talk to him. You are the biggest personality in big brother history. They want to embarrass you. They want you out of here and we will fight to keep you here. So stop, just stop it! I will fight for you. Gary – I was in a good place. This wasn’t what I wanted. I’m gagging. I’m groveling .. that’s not what I do. I’m not trying to give them this. Even if I do stay .. its like a f**king army. Ika – we’re an army too. Gary – a small army. Ika – You’re not going to leave like this. Gary – I’ve made it further than anyone else. .. and to leave pre-jury.. Gary starts crying. Ika – you still have time. Gary – I don’t want to come out of my character and lie and backstab.. I’m not like that. You can win this game with a little bit of integrity and honesty. Gary – I will go after whoever you tell me to. Ika – I want you to do what you want. Gary – I want to go after Neda’s head. Ika – she’s safe. Gary – then I’ll go after then person closest to her. I learned my lesson with Cass …I’m not afraid to just draw the line. Why are people so pressed on me.. What is the T?! Ika – because Neda made you a target. Gary – yeah because I made it farther than her. I’m trying my hardest but all the chips are stacked against me. 48 chips and Neda tells me I have to beg her… BEG HER! Ika – she does not care … she is safe and is up to her a$$ in loyalty. Gary – there is no more faking it with them. I’m not giving them any more camera time with them. They’re not getting any more air time with me.

Ika – I love Dre but I’m sorry you are better for the show .. you deserve better than to leave this house like this .. I will fight for you just stop

Ika – I will fight for you
Gary – I’m crumbling.. I’m trying to hold it back
Gary – Even if I do stay it’s like a F****g army
Ika – we’re an army too
Gary – we’re a little a$$ army
Gary cries about going home pre jury
Ika – nobody thinks about Big BRother Canada without thinking about Gary F*** levy

Gary – my Gut tells me to go after Neda’s head
Ika – you should .. as does mine but that b1tch is safe right now
Gary – whose second in line to her
Ika – she has a whole army right now that is completely loyal to her
Gary – we have an army too.. We have to organize and get strong .. we can’t afford to lose william if we lose Dre

Gary says people on Neda’s side are already telling William Gary is gone so join them.
Ika says if Dre stays in the hose she will be loyal to Ika.
Gary – I learned my lesson with Cass I’m not afraid to draw the line
Gary wonders why the house is so “Pressed” on him.. What is the tea
Ika – Neda has made you a target

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Wouldn’t it be funny if Demetres votes to evict Dre thinking Gary will be going home based on the Backwards Week Have-Not Comp and it turns out Production screwed them again and Dre actually goes home and Gary stays! Jokes on you House Guests! Never try and figure out what BB is thinking. Expect the unexpected. Demetres is not to be trusted in that house. He lies to everyone in that house just like Ika does.


I actually hope Dre goes this week … sick n tired of hearing her blaming blond blue eyed ppl for all her problems. FU Dre! Go back home. I’m not a Bruno fan but he is absolutly correct, How can u play the game when the rules keep changing. This backwards twist has to be one of the dumbest twist ever. Hey BBCAN … stop coming up with stupid twist as the bar closes, maybe try alittle acid or shrooms instead. Dumb asses!


Omg are Ika and Dem the dumbest people ever in this show or what? Vote out everyone in your alliance…smart

RIP Sitting Ducks

Are we watching the same show?! How is fraggle rock Neda the top favorite this week?! Thanks OBB for the updates. I stopped watching live once Cass left but will go to the site when my addiction to BB is calling to catch up.


What happened to big brother after dark?


I thought Ika is really with Neda’s side but just getting information from both sides. I recall Bruno saying to Neda to get rid of Ika but she was not having it. I think they’re pretending to not be together.


It’s not fair that Dre and Gary were not allowed to compete for HOH. They had no chance but it was dumb that they didn’t vote to nominate Bruno and Kevin. Why are the fans hating on Neda? Is it because she is in control, like get over it. People are so personally invested in these strangers and have no life. If Nedas side were underdogs the fans would love them. So typical of these crazy fans.


Thank you for existing 🙂

Fuck y'all

Fuck Big brother Canada. You guys do some backwards shit and just call it backwards week to justify it.


Neda needs to go & ika next!!!!!


Ika is so damn messy


Ika is all over the map. I thought Karen was “bat-shit”‘ crazy. Ika is worse. Every single week that girl stirs up shit, and causes problems. She isn’t happy unless she is right smack in the middle of it. Tonight she tells Kevin to go cuddle up and get close with Gary. So he goes and does it and then Ika says that Kevin is doing it basically for “Shits and Giggles”to Gary. And that idiot she is in bed with goes along with everything she says. I hope Dillon gets the HOH next week and throws their sorry asses right up on the block. At least one of them will go. And if they do keep Gary, I would put him right up there with whoever might come down. Say what you want about Neda (and I agree with a lot of it) but she isn’t the backstabber and liar that Ika is. I’ll tell you, when Demetres gets out of that house his mother is going to smack him upside of the head for making such an ass of himself over Ika the snake.

Demetres' mother

You seem so pressed right now lmao. Why you mad!?! Okay is playing by far a better game than the last time she played. She has everyone’s game figured out and waiting for the perfect time to pounce while she’s setting everything up.You call her “bat sh*t crazy” cuz she’s not your favorite player.

Guy From Canada

I think production will send out Dre either way. The way it looks like Gary will get the vote, but I feel that Gary is the better option. if Gary is saved by Demetres, I feel like that will be better for his long game as: It leaves a bigger target then him (with 2 hoh wins now he needs that), it keeps someone on the other side to keep him safer (his own alliance, French connection and gary/Karen only leaving an enemy with Dillion/Emily….if he is still an enemy with him). I believe at this point with SO many targets keeping Gary is best for him as Gary does respect loyalty until he has to stab in the back (like he did with Emmet in BBCAN1. Right now Dem is only playing for Jury, which is a shame 🙁