OBB Kraken Hour Episode 4

In this episode of the Kraken hour we go over the twist and how much we hate it. We unravel the Ika and Demetres split then figure out why Demetres won the HOH. Spoiler! it’s to win Ika back. Karken ratings are explained for those that missed the first episode. He dole out Kraken ratings for the week and there’s some big changes. We discus how Bruno needs to add something to his game so production stops screwing him over. Here’s a hint It’s not social and it’s not strategic. How the Have nots competition went down on Saturday is explained and “surprise surprise” production is up to it’s old shenanigans again.

We had a blast recording this episode hope you enjoy it! please consider giving it a thumbs up or down and Subscribe to your channel. Thanks for the support everyone!

Q and A

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Help us improve .. Simon saying UMMM too much or picking his nose? Nick not drinking enough Kraken? let us know.

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Guy From Canada

Thanks for the chuckle @ 3am on the graveyard shift πŸ™‚ If possible could you discuss the secret room clip from the opening credits of the first episode and what silly twist would be in it? Maybe immunity to final 2? Oh, and yes Nick needs more Kraken on the video πŸ˜‰


Again Great Kraken hour. i drink something else but i indulge too.
A little background music would help when there is um’s, like ice cubes clinking.
i agree with Derrick’s season blah, but liked Dan’s workings. This backwards bs should of been set not improvised.
Tho i was please with results of have-not losers.
Has it been said William looks a bit like Charlie Chaplin.
Anyways enjoyed your analysis of HG’s play, also your OBB coverage.


What does kraken taste like?


Keep it up folks!


Awww, yay! You answered all my questions! ? (Even if one of those answers was a cop out, lol. I guess it is too hard to pick an all time fave, I would have a hard time too.)

1. You said my twitter name Shienara perfectly Simon, thank you!

2. Thank you for explaining the Kraken ratings. They’re perfect.

3. Kudos to you all, Simon, Nick, and Dawg for the work you do with the site, for the updates and the show. You guys help make BB so much more, and better, than it is on its own.

4. I firmly believe the Jejo showmance ruined the showmance game. Too many people watching just to ‘ship’ a couple rather than for BB itself. Derrick’s season was a tough one. When you can call the winner from week 2…sigh… I do tend to like the low key strategists, but I do really enjoy the fun personalities on the feeds more in general.

5. Question: Since it was too hard to pick an all time fave HG, what about your least favourite ‘twist’ ever? In either BBCAN or BBUS. Has there ever been a twist that you liked? Also, would either of you ever try out for BB?

In terms of the Kraken hour, do you have a preference in how people watch? I’ve been watching directly from the site when you post it on FB, or when I catch the tweet. But I know sometimes there’s a little kick back for channels on YouTube if people watch/subscribe that way. So if there’s a little benefit to you guys if I watch directly from YouTube instead, let me know. ?