“A lot of the emotion and the empathy is manufactured and I don’t like it G you understand” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Terrance and Alyssa will be nominated. Terrance is the target. (Not confirmed but if Veto is played there is a chance Turner is a target)

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:00 am Sweet T getting ready for a big day.

8:07 am Big Brother blues

8:49 am Frumpy pants appear in fashion today

8:55 AM Feeds cut to the pound for Veto player picks

Feeds return Taylor and Monte are playing.

9:16 am Alyssa – I hope it Bowlerina that’s the only way I stand a chance..

9:17 am Terrance and Taylor
Taylor – why haven’t we spoken
Terrance – there’s been a strong disconnect G. Part of it is my fault. I will own that part that is my part.
Terrance – when everything rode out with the Kyle situation umm.. umm.. I was just so angry about everything that happened. I’m goign to speak on this later in a house meeting but you get a preview.
Terrance – I was just angry at the whole thing I understood that Kyle a role to play. A significant role to play but I still feel other people held the bat to. You know what I’m saying?
Taylor – mmmmmm
Terrance – With that I am a very detailed thinker you can’t tell me something and I don’t dig deeper into what it is.
Terrance says there has been a anger inside of him about all this it was never directed at her.
Terrance – before we left for Dyre fest Brittany and Michael knew damming information that affected every minority in this house that umm.. information that to me if we look at it on a real scale you know how I look at things IN Chicago..
Terrance – if you knew of someone conspiring to do something against multiply black people and you stood by..
Feeds flip to Turner and Monte chatting
When we’re back. Terrance talking about after Michael saying after he won the veto either Terrance or Kyle said “There goes plan A”
Terrance – I don’t know who said it I addressed the situation like If it was said I can’t Make a plan A I can’t make a plan B I can’t make a plan c I have no power who can make a f***ing plan? Do the f**iing math on that part
Terrance – So long Story go away we wins the veto..
Taylor – I love when you say that .. Long story go away
Terrance says Michael and Brittany exposing Kyle was “Purly a game move” because they were going to lose Taylor.
Terrance – have all these discussion and tell everybody it’s not game it’s all these things.. to not exposé the situation days ago.. WEEKS ago

Terrance says it didn’t “Sit well with me” that Michael used the veto on Brittany and not Taylor after all that happened that week.

Terrance – as A black man in this thing.. and to see umm.. the relationship with you is one that just disgusts me it seems like you are being taken for a ride.. I don’t and I can’t rock with that shit it’s like.. manipulative to me. To the point that.. I know a lot of F**ing information from Dyre fest.. A lot.. I know that when the girls started there little whatever crew. They didn’t include you and they didn’t include Brittany
Terrance – it’s so manufactured .. you care about everything.. and you fake care
Terrance says Brittany and Michael have no answer to why they sat on the Kyle information so long. “As smart as both of you are and you tell me you don’t make BIG moves you make smart moves. So you thought about everything you were doing. You knew the information that you had. You calculated to tell people umm.. you are in their face every day as a minority you vote out a minority..
Terrance – you are just to much to blame as Kyle is
Terrance – Kyle is the only one that has taken the repercussions of what happened.
Terrance says he did say they should keep kyle ‘For me it was for a moment to teach him something.. yes it would have f**8ed up your game.. I hear you” (LOL)
Terrance – I don’t like that he (Kyle) was the only one reprimanded for this
Terrance tells her he would like her to see her game right now the optics. “A lot of the emotion and the empathy (from B/M) is manufactured and I don’t like it G you understand
Terrance says he’s not angry at her he’s angry at the situation with the people she “rocks with”
Terrance – it affects me as a black person knowing that they were okay with the situation for so long what they knew affected each and every one of us in this house and it’s OKay for them to still be comfortable and move without NO problem in the house. They felt they did such a great thing and .. it was the timing it was the timing.
Terrance – it was the f*** not the timing it was purely my game and how I see this game going is in Jeopardy so this is what we have to do to further out game. It’s going to look a way but guess what it’s not going to look away.. Brittany you are safe I won the veto
Taylor – and leave Taylor on the block
Terrance – if it is and they do.. well we’re still here.
Terrance – everything could have flipped G
Terrance – when you think about it Kyle had to go for their game to.. not just the minority situation.. but for their game he had to go.
Terrance – I wanted you to see that perspective. I truly see things for what they are and I can’t allow for it to continue going forward.
Terrance – if I leave.. you all have to play in pairs.. you know Turner had Alyssa, Brittany has Michael.. you and Monte will have to be a team.
Terrance – I do not believe in my heart that either one of them (M/B) deserve 750K dollars. The way it stands they look to walk in (final2 together)

Taylor – you say they’ve been feeding me a lot.. I can hold a lot in my mouth doesn’t mean I’m chewing doesn’t mean I am digesting
They laugh
Taylor – I didn’t say swallow.. (LOL)
Taylor – there will be a time where I can say everything but for all the shit I had to endure since day one I see clearly and have for awhile. The moment you let people know you see clearly is the moment you sit on the block out the door.
they laugh
Terrance goes on about not wanting Michael or Brittany to make it to the end. He would rather it was Taylor and Monte.
Terrance points out how the jury is stacked for players like Alyssa.
Terrance – she’s got four.. (jury votes)

9:18 am Turner and Monte
Talking about how crazy it was for Terrance to pick Taylor for Veto over Turner.
Monte wonders if this is a way for Terrance to build a bridge to Taylor since he hasn’t really talked to her since Kyle.
Monte – he doesn’t trust Michael and Brittany because of how things went down with Kyle.. so he’s like you can win the game in here but there’s a whole other game in Jury
Monte – I told him how we talked about the timing thing as well..
Turner – last night Taylor was saying if will have the most savage speech when I don’t use it.
Turner – maybe he’s trying to get closer to her

Monte says when he was talking to Terrance in the car room they were discussing getting Brittany out next (if they can’t get Michael)
Monte – I don’t know why he stopped talking when you entered the room

10:09 am Monte and Michael
They’re confused about Terrance picking Taylor to play in veto.
Monte – Taylor came up to me asking ‘are we okay with the four’ I like YEAH! I have no idea what is his reasoning behind this
Michael talks about still wanting Terrance out.
Michael – he said he’s going to taint the jury because I’m not paying the game right.

10:15 am Taylor and Britt
Taylor says Terrance admitted he tried to flip the house last week against her and with Joe int eh bathroom “Back in the day”
Taylor – he explained why he was angry .. he said I picked you because I love you and support.. it was an apology pick
Britt – that’s not a thing
Taylor – he knows he’s going it’s to save his reputation with the house you know
Britt – do you think he picked you because he thought he could beat you more than Turner?
Taylor – no
Taylor – if one of us wins keep noms the same.

10:34 pm Brittany and Michael
Brittany going over what Taylor told her in the storage room
Britt – she’s totally convinced.. He admitted this joe flipping thing..
Michael – she’s not buying into it?
Britt – OHHH she’s completely buying into it.
Michael – like will she use it on him if she wins?
Britt – NO I don’t think that but she’s completely buying into it
Britt – I love Taylor to death she’s very similar to Joe.. I don’t think she has a handle … I think she gets caught in her narrative and it’s not the narrative.. you know what I mean
Michael – she doesn’t think he’s serious though?
Britt – ohh she is buying it..
Michael – he’s clearly doing it because he realizes how bad he f***ed up yesterday with his reaction
Britt says what Taylor is doing isn’t best for her game and their game.
Michael – don’t let her forget that twice he tried to flip the vote on her
Britt says Terrance has been “USELESS this whole game” She thinks he’s now realizing that and that is why he’s lashing out.
Britt – he’s not making smart moves but it’s his moves..
Michael – I wouldn’t want to make those moves
Britt – it sucks he’s playing so AWFUL.. and going after everybody ..
Michael – we shouldn’t be sending him home this week but.. I’m sorry I don’t want him here. if he pulls out a win then..
Britt -he’s coming after us (Who isn’t though)
They talk about Alyssa’s “Derrick Cody talk”

Britt warns that Taylor has a “Plan B” with Monte.
Britt – If I were here I would think I had a better chance with Monte.
Brittany says with Michael out of the mix there’s two people in the house she has a shot against winning in finale, 2 she’s not sure and one she knows she won’t win against “that’s monte”
Michael – if Monte gets to the end he’ll win he’s played a very clean game while being a BIG target
Britt – I don’t win against MOnte I don’t think I win against Alyssa and there is a chance I win against Turner and Terrance.

Britt says taking out Turner would be best for them right now “This is the telling the Kyle thing is bad for our game this is the repercussions of that”
She laughs

Britt goes on about how she would feel better going into next weeks HOH without Turner in the mix.
Britt says turner will take a shot at Michael next week.
Britt – I just wonder where his head is at then what does he think is his path forward his jury management SUCKS
(OMFG M/B critiquing other houseguests on their jury management.. Kraken time)
Britt – we essentially hijacked his HOH
Britt goes on about getting Turner out saying it’s better they leave a Terrance/Alyssa in the game over a Turner/Alyssa.

11:21 am
Brittany – I’m pretty sure I woke up late at night to some activity
Turner – ohh I head about that
Taylor – it was under the covers if that makes you feel better.
Monte – okay.. okay
Taylor – and it doesn’t sound like there was any finishing
Mont e- Ugh.. alright.. umm.. I’m going to use the bathroom now..

11:53 am waiting for veto

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Having missed that conversation, why do I picture Taylor with Hera eyes as she is not completely buying what Terrence is selling….

The Corey's

Michael out here pretending to be a huge big brother fan but then this late in the game he’s nominating Alyssa and Terrance?

Where’s your bold move buddy? You’ve played it safe all season. Monte or Taylor as a backdoor candidate after the righteous bullcdap you spinned all last week wouldn’t work but this is the corner you chose.

I hope he goes home in the double eviction. That’d be fire.

The Kats Meow

He doesn’t need a big move at this point, he needs a smart move that gets him further along to that final. I don’t understand how people don’t see that. Nearly winning every competition he’s been in and every veto he’s been in is big enough. Doing it but not getting direct blood on his hands over voting out floaters I think it’s smart. What more does he have to prove by doing big moves, that would jeopardize his goal every further? Right now he’s on everybody’s radar, everyone wants to take him out including sneaky Brittany (she just won’t save someone camera.) Every single one of them knows that if the jury is not tainted they lose to him in a F2.


Agree with you 100% Kats Meow!


What Michael & Britney did to Kyle what not wright.


I’m really starting to like Terrance, I hope he wins veto, and the next hoh so he can take out that weasel mike.

Daniel Sucks

I’m really starting to hate him. I used to like him and now want him out. It is not Michael’s fault that Terrance screwed up his one HOH. He was gullible and now he is looking for someone to blame. Joe would not have been evicted if Terrance had thought for himself.


Amazing Terrance talks about wanting to keep Kyle in the game to educate him but doesn’t want M/B in the game to educate them. Terrance wanted Kyle for his game only so don’t talk crap about M/B doing it for a game move. Terrance is a hypocrite


Terrance is such garbage. He’s so full of crap. He does not care about Taylor AT ALL! He has never had her back, not once. He was trying to get her out last week, over Kyle, I mean WTF?!?! He can take his bitter *ss to jury.


good point Taylor to Terrance. “The moment you let people know you see clearly is the moment you sit on the block out the door”
Terrance clearly sees wrong, twisted plays. Lol


GOOD that means he ISN’T racist. Unlike the entire Cook Out from last season.
ALERT ALERT WAKE UP CALL: Taylor can be hated by someone who isn’t racist!


Chill bro, what are you even talking about? Why do you have to insert things about who is racist or who isn’t? Ok, Terrance isn’t racist because he hates Taylor, whatever the f that means, Terrance is a misogynistic POS though.


you can just hate Taylor and not be misogynistic


If it’s not a game of chance next HOH, Michael will win. Only athlete and brain left. Michael is short for Machiavellian.


Michael can’t play in the next HOH.

He’s the current HOH this week, next week HOH Competition will be played by Monte, Taylor, Turner, Alyssa and Brittany, if Terrance is evicted this week.


Slightly incorrect. He can’t play in the DE HoH competition but he can play in the next one


My word…Terrance is more salty than Taylor’s chips! Can’t wait till he leaves!


I think Terrance has been informed by the D/R, he’s not looking very good outside the house. Public opinions of the vile vulgar things he has said about Taylor, teaming up with Evil Elvis and Cruel Chef Narcissistic Nicole, then tried to flip the house to keep Kyle and send Taylor packing, it’s not a good look for him on the outside.

Me personally, I think Terrance has been flaky as hell during the entire game, the Leftovers saved him sent Ameerah packing, Nicole voted to evict him, Daniel gave him a pity vote.

Terrance knew Nicole voted him out, turned her back on him, this idiot fell right back in line with Nicole and Daniel, worked with them trying to get Monte evicted, all while telling Monte “I Got You”.

As I said earlier, the vulgar things Terrance has said about Taylor, are down right mean and very cruel, what kind of man is he? I don’t respect his sorry game play, he shifts with the wind, Terrance is a mean grumpy wannabe cool, and popular 47 year old man who has a high opinion of himself, that nobody else in the house thinks very highly of.

Terrance talking with Taylor, I’m sorry, it’s fake, and he’s not sincere, he is just blowing smoke, he does not give a damn about making things right withTaylor. He said in his talk with Taylor, this game was meant for girls that look like Alyssa, when he talks with Alyssa, he gives her his usual line “I Got You”. What does that really mean? I don’t understand? Terrance saying “I Got You”, it’s just words, they mean absolutely nothing.

Terrance is going to call another house meeting? For what ? Michael & Brittany holding onto the information they had on Kyle, Michael & Brittany need to own it, they saved that and used it to their advantage, when it would help their game, apologize and move on.

Terrance kicked Turner to the curb, he picks Taylor to play in the Veto Competition? Terrance is a fool, I’m waiting for him to walk out the house and go to jury.

Onto another subject, Brittany kills me when she makes it sound like her and Michael are such big threats, Britt is not considered a threat, she is known for being carried in this game by Michael, look at how fast she starts crying, putting herself down, has a pity party when she on the block. Brittany is where she is in this game because of Michael, she has done absolutely nothing.

Last thing, Alyssa voting against Kyle, voting him out, Alyssa is fake and full of crap. You kept having sex, and flirting with Kyle, talks about getting together outside of the house, you are just as flaky as can be, and if Zingbot said you are useless, he’s 100% correct, you had no game, never really played the game, you also are expecting someone to carry you to Final 2, and give you the opportunity to win $$$, Girl Please!! You don’t deserve it.

If Kyle has half a brain, he would be a fool to consider hook back up with you, you couldn’t even give him a sympathy vote, but you kept having 10-second sex with him. Kyle needs to kick you to the curb, you had a man outside the house, chased Kyle on BB24, Alyssa you added nothing to the show, hopefully you are sent to jury next week.

I’d like to see Monte, Turner or Taylor, maybe Michael in the Final 2.


While I agree with you that Alyssa hasn’t really done much game wise besides unknowingly and naively being an informant, I think there is a double standard here. Two adults made a decision, albeit a poor one, to have consensual sex while being filmed. Alyssa, who has no self-respect didn’t force Kyle to act a fool. Actually, he treated her pretty sh.tty! I’m not a fan of hers but I do hope that Alyssa grows some self-respect and shuts the door on Kyle.


Kyle asked A to not vote for him to stay after she mentioned she had been thinking about giving him a vote.


Wow I pretty much agree with everything you said!! I feel you summed it quite well. But I would love to see Michael and Taylor as a final two. That would be really cool. I hope Michael wins, but if he didn’t I would be happy if Taylor did as well.

Verdella W Fisher

Everything you said… Uncle Rukus needs to go. Terrance wants to focus on timelines with M/B, meanwhile talking “transgressions”. From day one, he transgressed against Taylor, will he own that? Brittany and Michael, along with Joseph, are the only people who ever protected Taylor’s game. No, they didn’t agree with Kyle. They calmly ventured that the CO wasn’t happening. Yes, they held that yt alliance info. until it was useful. It’s BB after all. Terrance is an evil, nasty twist, who has no game. He needs to leave.

The Kats Meow

I want Mr Potato aka Ya Boy aka Mr I Got You, out of the house just for my own sanity lol. From day one he has been as useless as tits on a wild boar, with one leg, down in Georgia (sorry needed my Jasmine dig). He’s near 50 years old and acting like a whiny little heb*tch everyday. His behavior must be making wifey so proud back home. They need to send him to jury with vengeance. I mean if we’re honest he’s going to have as much sway and jury, as he’s had in the house, which is none

It's me



Yes Taylor put that damn hood down. Hiding from ????




I laugh at Brittany talking about Terrance as a player what has she done besides kiss Michael ‘s butt and do his bidding. She is as disgusting as Michael especially what they did to Kyle. Hope Michael goes on the double and she can follow him out.

un autre nom

What happened to Kyle was Kyle’s own doing. He’s 29. He alone is responsible for what comes out of his mouth. If he wasn’t STILL saying it after he learned Terrance and Jasmine were targeting Monte on week 5, maybe I would say he could make logical assumptions because of some of the house dynamics and what Monte and Joseph were saying… but he persisted after he KNEW it didn’t make ANY sense. He continued for a whole WEEK until the end of week 6.


Yes! Thank you!!


Ok, reading Brittany saying that her and Michael “Hijacked” Turner’s HOH, they just drove the nail in their own coffins. By that I mean, they just admitted in my opinion, that they did exactly what Monte, Taylor & Terrance said, used Kyle’s words about an all white Alliance against him, they saved it too when it would benefit their game.

Brittany is annoying, she runs back and tells Michael everything Taylor talks with her about. Why the hell wouldn’t Taylor consider working with Monte, Taylor knows she’s #3 when it comes to working with Michael & Brittany.

Brittany is a snake, she keeps trying to drop little seeds about evicting Turner this week. If the veto is used, Michael puts Turner up, that would not look good for Michael, that would show Michael’s word means nothing.

Brittany’s reasoning is, Turner is going to come after “Us” next week. Brittany is getting a big head, there is no he’s coming after us! Everyone is gunning for Michael, Brittany is no threat, she would just be on the block, because that’s 1 less vote to keep Michael.

I damn near fell off my couch when I read where Brittany said Terrance has been completely “Useless” this entire game. Brittany, what major moves have you made? How many HOH’s have you won, that brought you to where you are in the game today, Brittany, how many times have you saved yourself when you were on the block, by winning the Veto ?

Brittany saying Taylor is buying into what Terrance is selling, the entire house is buying into what Terrance is selling, with the exception of Alyssa, who knows what Alyssa is thinking.

Monte, Taylor, Turner & Terrance are 100% not buying into you and Michael blew Kyle’s game up, used his words when it was necessary to move you and Michael further in the game. Nobody believes you just could not hold it in any longer, because it was just wrong for Kyle to feel like he was feeling, you and Michael used Kyle when it benefited you and Michael. Karma’s a bitch, this still might come back and bite you in the ass.

Brittany is being carried by Michael, she has a lot of nerve judging or down playing anyone else’s game. Brittany has been TOTALLY USELESS when it comes to pulling her weight in the team with her and Michael. Michael is, and has always been the one to guarantee they are safe. Brittany has been total dead weight, she being dragged along by Michael.

I don’t think Brittany deserves to be in Final 2, she has been no help too Michael. Stop dropping seeds or hints to betray Turner and put him on the block, win an HOH, then you can have Michael Hijack your HOH, Brittany, you are Useless!!!


AMEN! Thank you? You saved me from typing. That Britt is such a “little girl”

un autre nom

So from a game perspective, and only game perspective:
Michael and Britt hijacked Turner’s HOH.
Monte, one of the people that benefitted, has taken the opportunity to tank Michael with a potential juror. He’s goading Terrance and pumping the gas on Terrance’s dislike in order to turn the jury…. Because Monte sucks at comps and hasn’t been able to beat Michael.
The game has become: whoever takes out Michael wins… while Michael is HOH.
The game will become: whoever took out Michael wins… gotta take them out.
That’s where we are.

From the other perspective:
Michael and Britt used information about Kyle’s bias that they sat on for 2 weeks. Michael wanted to stay in the middle. Britt deferred to Michael.
Monte had already been targeting Michael, and benefitted from that disclosure but refuses to acknowledge it, has used the disclosure as his Vanessa reasons in order to justify targeting Michael.
Terrance, who didn’t care about the information while it was good for his game to disregard it, is morally outraged now that his game is jeopardized. He had no clue during dyrefest despite talking about the wall yeller 3 times. Sideye.

From my perspective:
Should have dumped the info during Taylor’s HOH. That was my view then, and my view now. It still would have been twisted by Monte, make no mistake about that, and part of the viewing public would have said he isn’t there to defend himself. Truly, there was NEVER going to be a time it was revealed where people weren’t going to say weaponizing.
Monte is the same guy that intentionally got the hate mob started on Taylor. It was calculated to cover as Vanessa reason for getting her put on the block as renom (Daniel had ALREADY agreed to renom her but mentioned he didn’t have a good reason… enter Monte). He is the one that told the house NOT to talk to her AT ALL. Further, as part of the pound, he was always part of the scam to make Taylor Michael and Britt think it was an alliance against bullying, when in fact that was just the cover they used to keep them loyal as numbers for the pound’s benefit. He’s now doing the same Vanessa reasoning about Michael.
Terrance has been talking jury poison for weeks. He’s performative and only talks about the cause when he can get a benefit, when it’s to anyone else’s benefit and not his own, he doesn’t give even 1/2 a shit. He didn’t care about the information when it was wall yellers, wasn’t good for his game. He didn’t care about the information when it was disclosed, wasn’t good for his game. The man is carrying 12 strings of pearls and clutching all 12 now that his game is jeopardized.
I’m intentionally leaving out Turner. Only reason? He’s currently pulling a Michael and trying to blend into the wood work, so he isn’t actually a part of the current action. I’ve got strong opinions about him, but because he is not a part of the current action… meh.

Paul Sucks

Love Brit calling Terrance’s game useless while she rides Michael’s coattails.

Honest question, does anyone believe she could actually win sitting next to anyone?

If so, who?

un autre nom

Britt, even having been part of the team that won a veto, then won another on her own (throwing not throwing… irrelevant to the stat), has NEVER had a chance to win.
The house doesn’t have ANY respect for her and HASN’T had any respect for her since the end of week one. She knows this. She became completely aware that she loses next to anyone late in week three, or early in week 4. That was one of her have not office hours talks.

Paul Sucks

The funny part is that if Michael wins veto to protect himself on Thursday, she is the one that takes the fall.

Don’t see her winning HOH on the double eviction.

un autre nom

That’s if HOH is Monte or Terrance. If HOH is Taylor? Turner might take the fall. If HOH is Alyssa or Britt how the hell did that happen.


Didn’t I read Monte is saying he needs Turner to win HOH so HE can strike at Michael bc Monte will expose his game if he puts MB up? And then his plan is to shoot back at Turner & go with the three girls to F4?

I don’t think Taylor takes the shot in the double — not enough time for Monte to flip her w/o looking SUS.

With Ally knowing from Kyle that Monte/Turner likely has a F2 I wonder if she might take aim at Monte in a double. I want to see the post-POV chats to see if Michael elects to make some sort of deal with her recognizing Britt could get cut in the double if he manages to win POV to keep himself safe & tells her he’ll make sure they take out Monte/Turner/Terrance & once they are F4 anyone can win.

Also anxious to see the POV results (5 hours they’ve been down now – so will we get an accurate winner or will TPTB decide the winner?)


Come on Terrance, you are mad at something that was Okay’s by Julie Chen last season. It should have been stopped then. Can’t be okay then either.


“Terrance – I wanted you to see that perspective. I truly see things for what they are and I can’t allow for it to continue going forward.”

This is the superior, righteous wiseman, putting his game aside for truth and justice. So good of him to counsel Taylor, the black woman he has so much respect for.

Haha, just kidding!!

This is Terrance begging for Taylor’s help to keep him in the game, by any means. It has nothing to do with poor Kyle or the evil M/B who he feels used poor Kyle for game.

With Terrence, it is not about principles. He is basically doing the same thing everyone else is doing, using the moment, the big reveal, to further his game. He is using the cause to manipulate Taylor. (The woman that he has unnecessarily and disrespectfully trashed in a vulgar manner the entire game!)

Admittedly, I can’t stand the BB Terrence and I resent TPTB for giving him such good edits, at least so far. As a few others have pointed out, while blaming M/B, ALL of the others are using the situation to further their own game.

My point being, why are M/B taking all of the heat? I’m not here to argue whether or not Kyle is a racist but he is the one that brought racism into the game, using fear, stereotyping, in an attempt to influence others of same to further his game. I do think both, M & B struggled with Kyle’s ideas/comments and were also very aware of the optics. (I bet Kyle regrets not listening to Brittney’s advice now!)

M/B definitely missed an opportune time during the split house to spill the beans to Taylor and Monte. Unfortunately for them, the waited too long leaving them desperately scrambling to save their own game. So yeah, the timing was most probably a game move. Let me ask though, do you think anyone else would have sat on this information if they were about to walk out the door?? I mean, this is BB and it is a very, very dirty game. Kyle was playing an extra dirty one and it backfired big time because someone else decided to go all in and fight back. All of them are trying to figure out how they can use the reveal to their advantage whether they recognize it or not. I think they were genuinely hurt by Kyle but Michael is the biggest threat and not that they needed it, pointing the finger at M/B is an extra oomph to use against him.

Everyone one wants to cash that check.

Side note here:

I’m not arguing about whether or not Kyle is a racist, if it’s implicit/bias, whatever. I just want to say this ..again, because some people are having a hard time grasping this. The backlash Kyle is receiving from social media started weeks ago in reaction to the things that Kyle said/did. It had nothing to do with the M/B reveal which came weeks later. So if you need to be angry at M/B, blame their timing. They are not responsible for Kyle’s downfall outside of the house. He did that all on his own. I do applaud and admire the empathy and support from the ones affected by Kyle’s actions. I think in the aftermath, there will still be some hurt and anger felt, a lot of emotions to deal with for everyone.


Wow, I love how you summed everything up. Agree with you 100%

Jasmines stinky boot

Didn’t you see in the feeds where Michael said most definitely Kyle has to be put out and exploiting him with his comments would be the only way to get Kyle out and keep Michael IN.. Terrence was spot on in his assumptions of the timing. The. Brittany tonight said to Terrence that she swears on her life that it wasn’t a game move… Liar liar pants on fucking fire. ?. Puke face Brittany… My God.


Terrence’s conversation is….something and given how he has hardly talked to Michael before I am sure raises red flags with Michael and others

Game fan

If Alyssa is getting evicted, it means all of the five sweters got out in a row.
Maybe this fake alliance should of been a real one for Joseph and kyle , and things would of turn differently.

Terrance’s big crack

Ha ha…… “ your boy,America! “ otherwise known as “ Sweet T” …..good one, S/D


Not ‘my boy’ nor is he sweet…


After Terrance, I think either Turner or Taylor will win HOH. If Turner wins, Brittany will follow Terrance out in the double eviction. If Taylor wins, Turner will follow Terrance out in the double eviction. Michael and Monte will be the last strong players battling towards the endgame, and Alyssa will be the goat.


That would be awesome if it turns out like that! I’d be happy with that order


I could see that.

un autre nom

Terrance going to Michael for answers. Sideye. Let’s be 100 here, Terrance didn’t give a crap what Michael says, he just wants the performative soundbyte.
Do I buy even half of what Michael said… not quite half. Do his answers fit logic? Pretty much. Are the fact? Not totally.
Why he didn’t say during dyre fest? Because Kyle could have been evicted, and what would be the point if Kyle was evicted.
Why did he wait until after veto? Because if he didn’t, it would have been twisted to just trying to save himself. Revealing it when he had veto around his neck meant he wasn’t just trying to save himself.
Not truths, not lies… and nothing that Terrance is going to care about because Terrance is trying to fix what he perceived as an image knock for trying to save Kyle.. so now it’s a full on white power rally so he can be outraged.

What Terrance slips: the backdoor Michael plan wasn’t the plan created by Terrance (It was the entire After Party during dyrefest, Terrance’s part in it was if Michael doesn’t get rid of Monte we take out Michael).

For storyline, with Turner not playing in veto… who do i see winning? It’s an individual time comp so… skill doesn’t matter, it’s what does storyline want… I have no clue. There exists a possible world where Prodo, though pissed with Michael, will still let him tie Janelle’s record… but it totally depends on how petty they are that they had to ditch all of their sanitizing efforts, and even make Julie backtrack on previous puppet statements.
Does Monte make sense? Not really, because if Monte doesn’t save Terrance… petty Terrance stops being Monte’s jury whisperer.
Does Terrance make sense? Terrance never makes sense. He’s…. i don’t see it. zipline Terrance? That’s like the entire can of bulllllllshit used to make Couch look good in the comics veto. Not win. Look good.
Does Britt make sense? um. really? okay, gotta stop snickering…. stawp. Weebles wobble but they fall off ziplines. Sorry that was the mental picture that had me snickering.
Does Taylor make sense? maybe maybe not. good for resume…. possible.
Does Alyssa make sense? maybe. makes Michael make a bigger villain move to cement blowback and reasons…. but realistically it will take some prettttty wild editing and clock cutting.
(referring to the veto switch out they did when Frankie was in danger, the comp Frankie won without his partner… because the comp was easier with one person).

Rachel E Kennedy

I gotta say, I really enjoy your take on things and genuinely agree with what you write.


The BB house is full of hypocrisy!


Just so I can understand this. Taylor blatantly said she would not vote out Jasmine ONLY because she’s black. If it was reversed and a white person said that about another white person wouldn’t they be attacked and called racist? Last year The Cookout formed an all black alliance because of exactly that fact they were all black. Isn’t that racist? So when Kyle brings up the strategic possibility of that happening again…and why wouldn’t he… Wouldn’t anyone “playing” the game wonder it could happen again this year especially after Taylor said she would not vote someone out because they were black… But let’s forget that part and instead say Kyle’s racist!? What?? Was it considered racist when The Cookout was formed last year even though they were
completely and purposely excluding every white person. Isn’t this all such a double standard and so hypocritical???

That being said…Go Monte!