Becky “I lied & it felt so good! As you’ve taught me I’m allowed to change my mind in this HOH”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 01-12-00-552

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12:30am Backyard – Steve and Johnny are playing a game of pool. Julia tells Steve he looks good in red. Steve says you know what I look even better in? Nothing! Julia says STEVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEAAAAA!!!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 01-12-45-576

12:40am Havenot room – Vanessa comes into the havenot room and talks to Austin, James, Meg and Jackie. Vanessa says I have a really strong feeling that the plan is going to go through like we had talked about based on my conversation with Becky. That’s what we needed to do to build trust going into Double Eviction to do it again. Jackie says yeah why wouldn’t we. Vanessa says Well yeah, you just never know. So that’s really great. I’m on board to do something again to make something happen for double eviction. Jackie says I thought we did?! Why would it change. Vanessa says I was confused, I thought the plan was for this next eviction.. which was this one. Vanessa says oh okay so for the double eviction Johnny Mac is going to go up. Okay! So its all the same thing. Deal! So I’m just a retard! Sorry America, that’s horrible language. I’m really sorry, I’m just a dumb dumb! I’ve just been laying low and not talking game. Meg says I think everyone has since Thursday. Vanessa says that Steve wins when he needs to every single time. We cannot let him go any further or he will kick all of our a$$es! Vanessa says we agreed to vote to evict Shelli. Its going to be very hard for me but I’m going to go with the house. Becky joins them. They chat and Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 01-25-34-021

Jackie says she (Vanessa) needs to get out of here. She came to tell us what the plan is, like what the f**k! Meg says Jackie almost lost it. I watched her calm herself down. Becky says she told Vanessa yeah of course you have my word! Girlfriend… Becky then guestures a thumbs down. F**k the deals! Fuck the deals! Actions speak louder than words. She is all about her word. I say actions speak louder than words. Her actions are f**King everywhere! Becky says that the first people she talks to will be Austin and the twins. Not one of them touched my HOH or James’s HOH. And they like me. They don’t ever go on the block, they barely win HOH. This is summer camp for them. Becky says we need to hang out up in the HOH room not in dentist chairs. Becky leaves. James says this is why he doesn’t want to get trapped alone with Vanessa again. Buddy system.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 01-51-04-416

12:50am Bathroom – Vanessa, Austin and Liz. Vanessa says that it was James thinking through other options. Austin says but you’re the only other option right?! Vanessa says no sh*t, that’s why I had to go up there and talk it out. You were never an option. Austin asks she said that? Vanessa says yeah. I told Becky do you know how easy it would have been to put one of them up but I kept my word. I was like, I’m asking you to keep your word to me here! Its only fair! Austin asks so its John? Vanessa says yeah. And John and Steve have to go up next week for double eviction. Austin says yeah that’s the plan. Vanessa says guys we have to make a move though. Austin says I know. Vanessa says at some point. We can’t just be fools. I was like you could never put up Austin and the twins you would get so much blood on your hands with them in jury. She said she is going to tell John tomorrow night (Becky told Vanessa she is going to tell Johnny tomorrow that he is going up as the replacement.) She thinks Steve is for sure voting to keep Johnny. Austin says lets just wait, right now we’re all good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 01-26-27-263

1am – 2am HOH room – Becky and Jackie are talking. Becky says that Vanessa needs to stop saying that she saved me. Stop saying you saved me from putting me in bad situations. You put me on the block! She convinced Shelli in 15 minutes that she didn’t love her. She can make people feel singled out. She can instil that fear in people and make them feel like they can trust her. Jackie says the only deal I gave her was to keep her safe till jury. .. Well you got there and you get to be the first person in there. Meg and James join them. Becky tells them about what happened the night she was told Jason was going up on the block when Vanessa saved Austin. Austin felt like he owed her. Why would you owe her when you’re supposed to be with her she tries to backdoor you. “Straight up you don’t owe her sh*t!” Becky talk about her conversation with Vanessa and how she asked her if she would vote Shelli out. She says Vanessa said she would. I was like great, that’s what I needed to hear. Jackie says Vanessa told me Shelli she is voting her out. Becky says thats all we need.. her being disloyal to the one person that’s been loyal to her. James talks about how Vanessa cornered him in the comic bedroom. Becky says I have all the four votes I need to send who I want home. Becky says no one has her back. Austin and the twins care more about being here than having her back. Becky says when the veto meeting ends she’ll call Austin and the twins up to explain everything to them. Becky says Vanessa has a 25% chance of returning .. but even if she did no one coming back from jury has ever won the game. They’re always the first person people want out of the house. Even if she doesn’t win HOH she wants her hand in it. I will stoop down to your level Vanessa to get you out. Liz, Julia and Austin join them. They talk about past events in the house.

1:40am Bedroom – Steve talks to Shelli and says that he’s missing why Vanessa is the target. Shelli agrees and says there are other targets. Shelli says its going to be a sh*tty week for me. She is going to point some guns. Steve says you have the votes. The gremlins will support Becky no matter what she says.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 02-26-07-298

1:55am Bathroom – Vanessa tells Shelli her conversation with Becky. She told me I have her word she isn’t putting me up. And I believe her. Shelli asks she said that? Vanessa says she said it. Shelli says okay. Vanessa says this is f**king good for you. I think she’s putting up Johnny Mac. Shelli says I did the math and it would be you, Austin and the twins voting to keep me. Vanessa says we need Steve. Vanessa says we need to do some bury the hatchet kind of thing. I don’t like where this is going because if it keeps up you and I will be in jury fighting each other to come back in.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 02-44-17-530

2:05am – 2:40am Steve and James play a game of Chess. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Becky talks to Jackie. Becky says of course Vanessa asked for my word because those are her contracts. You have to get my word to say I can’t go against it. Jackie says and then she’s threatening to James that she’s going to stir the house up. And says to James you don’t want to get in my crossfire. Like what the f**k are you threatening? Like I’m going to go to jury bitter. Like Shut UP!

Becky says for her nominations she’ll say Vanessa please take a seat. I know that this is pretty shocking for you to be on the block and for me to put you there. This is a personal decision I feel very strongly about. At this point in the game I see you and Shelli as individuals but she is an individual because she has lost those that are close to her and you are because you continue to change who you’re with in this game and change your targets. I know you say you’re all about your word but if anyone trusts you more in this game its the girl sitting next to you. She honestly trusts you and wants to work with you in this game. You’re the one that created the plan to put her on the block.You’re the one that wanted to make sure I would follow through with the plan. You’re the one that wants to see Johnny Mac sitting in your very spot right now. So you can send Shelli home and you’ve already told me that you would send her out. Your word should be held up to her and you’ve done nothing but betray her this whole time. For this reason I don’t feel like you’re someone that can be trusted to work with in this game. You went after James, Austin .. but aren’t you with Austin in this game but oh wait nope now its Jason that must go home. This is my personal observation about why you can’t be trusted and why you need to be on the block. Jackie says she loves it. Becky says I just have to make it more precise and less wordy. Becky says I put butterflies and rainbows in her head. I lied and it felt so good! As you’ve taught me I’m allowed to change my mind in this HOH. Jackie heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 03-14-59-339

3:30am – 4:35am Shelli and Steve are talking in the bathroom about Survivor vs Big Brother. The conversation turns to Shelli talking about her life outside the house. Steve talks about how getting cast he was told he’s exactly like Ian Terry (BB14). He says that Becky calls him out for being like Ian too. Steve tells Shelli he thinks she’s good and that the votes will go 5 – 3. Shelli says she is afraid the campaigning will get nasty. Steve says he would be surprised if it didn’t. Just lay low. Shelli says since she talked to Becky she thinks she’s okay. Steve says that he thinks Becky is making a huge mistake for her game.. which is good for us. Shelli heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 03-25-01-982

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Guy From Canada

Loving it! Question is will Steve flip and save Vanessa who he has a vested relationship with, or send her to jury for a potential vote. Thumbs up for Steve saving Vanessa, thumbs down for sending Vanessa to jury 🙂

Ho Hum...

Dude! Somehow…someway (if Vanessa is voted out this Thursday), you know she’ll make it back into the house (& most likely people will still be falling for her lines). It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the new HOH (yes, I’m ready for this week to be over)…probably Austin & Shelli with Austin going home…

Canadian Kevin

Even if Steve flipped, Vanessa still goes home.

Austin and the twins, plus Steve Vote to keep Vanessa
Meg, Jackie, James, and JMac vote to keep Shelli.
Becky is the tie breaker – Vanessa goes home.

I’m more curious about what Steve said at the end of the post; Becky sending Vanessa home is bad for her game? Why? I don’t understand his reasoning.

Even if Austin and the twins – or freaks and geeks go after her, the numbers are tied up – depending on how Shelli goes (with austin and the twins, or with the outsiders).

But the twins might decide that Shelli is a better shield for them, and take the opportunity to get away from Austin for a few weeks..

And Steve apparently wants to work with JMac, who is working with Becky. So i’m not sure what his reasoning is, unless he thinks Jmac wants to work with him more than Becky, whom Jmac has been with since the beginning. Even if they both deny that.

Vanessa's Ghost

Imo, Steve thinks Becky is putting a big target on her back in the event (a) Vanessa gets back in the house (b) Vanessa’s crew, Shelli or Austwins target her for double eviction (c) Vanessa taints the Jury votes in finals. That’s why Becky is smart to campaign to Shelli & Austwins during Veto speech and after playing their protector. She’s better at it than James who plays hunter and prey big threats in his crosshairs with blood on his hands, saying I expect y’all to come after me. Becky is playing protector and hopes it maintains trust builds new bridges diplomatic mediator right fighter. Becky is more courageous, Steve passive, hides behind others as pawn in others games, rather than creating his own reputation for trust fairness. He likes others to take the risks while he plays ignorant innocent servant afraid to come into the room much less enter a conversation.

Canadian Kevin

Thanks Ghost.

The only thing i can say is that no matter WHEN Vanessa leaves, she’ll be a bitter jury member, if only because she believes she should win.

She has never stated that – but anytime she’s a target, or she believes she’s a target, she starts with the bullying. So really, it doesn’t matter who sends her out, or when, she is going to be bitter.

I think getting her out sooner than later is better – because if she did manage to make it to a final 3, who could compete with her?

But i appreciate your insight on the Steve comment.

Ian's lament

Steve is doing classic BB . when someone is saying what is good for your game its really just them saying what is good for their game and trying to manipulate.


Don’t get me wrong I want Vanessa out too
But JAMES! Shelli is explicitly coming after you! Why would you vote out Vanessa who is not coming after you. For the last time people Big Brother is not a team game!


He better send her to jury.


Who cares about steve’s vote, Becky only needs Jackie, Meg, James and Jenny’s vote and she will be breaking the tie! Bye venessa!


Um they are talking about the pov not steves “vote”.


and to be honest, people seem to forget that the twins are fickle. We don’t necessarily know how they’re going to vote until after all the drama at the POV ceremony. they could very well vote for Vanessa to leave to because they want to be safe with that other group. We’ve seen them do it before. The only loyalty they have is to themselves.


This is all a hug from baby Jesus!!!!! I LOVE seeing Vanessa grovel, but mostly I LOVE seeing everyone in the house having fun and laughing, while Van is doing mental gymnastics!!! This is precisely what they all did when Jace, Day, and Jason were dead men walking. Sweet justice!!

OH! I also LOVE how Jackie said, “We’re trying America! We’re hanging in there.” or whatever. YES honey!!!! America LOVES the underdogs, especially when the house has been ruled by a tyrant such as Van. Please, hurry and get to the NOMs.!!


Monday is going to be glorious. Van will have a chance to come back, but hopefully not too soon and if she does, I hope she goes right back out due to relationships formed in her absence. I dislike her so much as this point, I’ll be satisfied with this year’s BB if anyone else wins but Vanessa.


I hope Vanessa comes back. She’s not foul mouthed and cruel like Becky, Jackie, and Meg. I really hope someone puts those three up during the double eviction because I am getting sick of that side of the house – they are so immature and disgusting.

Chill Town

They are foul mouthed and disgusting? Get a grip, I think you’re a little bitter because fake BOB BB is over which is all about just numbers and the real game of BB based on strategy and backstabbing has begun and that means the narcissist with bigger teeth than her face and the strung out girl with huge Racoon eyes who you obviously love are on the block and going home. Your two favs over played from day one and now they get to leave. Becky and John are dominating this house now so get used to it. They’ve had a (2) person alliance since day one while forming multiple sub alliances or relationships throughout the rest of the house and now they realize it’s time to play and are ready to backstab, lie, deceive and be evil. You can’t love that but we in Chill Town sure as hell do, especially at the expense of the house married couple and their strung out paranoid meth addict friend. Best 2 weeks of BB in 3 seasons. We’d even possibly consider, considering the possibility of floating a couple of honorary Chill Town applications Becky and John’s way.


Aww bless your heart. You have serious issues , don’t you hon? Poor thing letting a TV show get to him so much. Honestly, you seem to be displaying the very meaning of bitter. Get real, it’s just a game on TV lol!


I have a feeling this week may see Becky’s plan backfire and see Shelli finally go out the door. Which isn’t such a bad idea! It’s no secret that James, Jackie and Meg wouldn’t be upset to see Shelli go and just last Week the twins wanted to make a big game move and get Shelli to go. So if Steve can flip it and make it seem as if the twins had a hand in it then be prepared for all hell to break loose! Would he blame it on Judas??? Maybe I would if I were him then target him for next Week’s Double! This is going to be fun to watch. I am loving it. – Loving the recaps Simon Kudos!


I would say that is a good idea… but…. there is one player they all want out more than Shelli but were to afraid to pull the trigger and that is Vanessa. Jackie and Meg last week wanted James to take man candy off the block and put up Vanessa. Vanessa is a huge target and without Clay they just see Shelli as being more open. Take out Vanessa and Shelli will be all Team Johnny Mac, Steve and Becky… sorry Austwins.


Steve isn’t flipping anything. He has no influence on anyone’s vote, let alone his own…


I understand with all the flip flopping that goes on in the house, why you may think that but no,not this week. Steve is taking himself off the block,Van is definitely going up. The fact that Van is despised greatly by JMAC,Becky,JJ&M, will send her out the door. I will be the first to apologize & own it if I am wrong. Becky is reveling in the fact that it is her that is sending Van home.
She is truly a bully & definitely over played her hand with not sticking to the plans & flip flopping, especially when it was Van coming to them with these fake alliance’s. This hypocrite actually has the balls to tell the others she has stayed true to her word/saved them, is a joke in their eyes. I don’t blame Jackie,I too would be fighting back laughter when talking to back stabbing Van. To come up to them & speak of honoring their 8 person alliance is beyond comical-Get out of my face with that weak sauce talk! Becky & crew have the numbers this week-it’s a wrap for Van when she is on the block.

Canadian Kevin

I agree with you a 100% Dr.

i think this is all just a culmination of everyone’s resentment at having been manipulated by Vanessa, and realizing it has gone on so long.

For four weeks Van and Shelli acted with impunity. Now, Shelli seems humbled (i’d be very surprised to hear another comment like her side is moral, and the other side isn’t NOW) she is more likable.

But the one who a) keeps getting paranoid, b) acts like a hypocrite (she keeps her word – tell it to Jason), and c) bully’s people to her point of view for her own ends, while accusing everyone else of that behavior (see point b – and the GOP 😉 ) is sealing her fate.


I want Becky out more than anyone else right now…listening to her power trip is the WORST right now! I hope the rat gets called out and sent to jury next!


Becky seems like she has a weird thing for Shelli. Shes SO worried about Shelli liking her, I get the feeling shes so vindictive about getting Vanessa out because she wants Shelli all to herself. Shes a very weird girl. Hope she goes out on DE.


Shelly is so going to take Becky out, probably at the DE. It’s going to be f*ing hilarious.

Canadian Kevin

Just because she’s stating her case, doesn’t mean she’s power tripping.

I saw that people were saying that James was power tripping too.

Just because you don’t like your side on the bottom, doesn’t automatically mean the other side is power tripping.

If Becky is power tripping to you, please explain why – because i don’t see it. People have said they were voting together, so it’s not like she is coercing anyone (unlike Vanessa, who’s always bullying people).

Please explain; i’d like to know what i’m not seeing.

Hitler becky

If u watch live feeds intently, YES, u can see becky attempts to exert her authority a tad too much.

She does NOT let anyone talk, interrupts them in the middle of the conversation (eg at meg), constantly talks OVER people, and rattles on and on and on none-stop.

Even James could not squeeze in a word at the beginning of her reign, when four of them were plotting in the hoh room.

In short, becky possesses 2 mouths n 1 ear.

Canadian Kevin

Well, i disagree – she just got excited, because she’s accomplishing what she wants to.

But i do appreciate you explaining what irritated you.


I agree. Every Hoh needs to beat every decision to death, and talk about it with everyone, to make sure everyone feels the same way and for footage. They are also retaliating, not doing the initial attack. Obviously Vanessa made everyone look stupid and manipulated when she flip flopped on her word, and redirected targets on a whim. I probably would have harsher words. Van duped them all good.


I know. Becky is on a power trip when in reality, she is so dumb. I cannot believe that she hasn’t put it together that Vanessa made the plan to put Shelli up but would never vote her out. Interesting is that Jonny totally gets it. He fully understands that Vanessa planned to turn the house to vote him out with him up against Shelli. But Becky doesn’t get that.

Worse is that there is nothing that Vanessa can do to get Johnny to vote for her. He will save Shelli, 100%. The only hope Vanessa has is to convince James to keep her. That is her only hope. If Vanessa can put it together that Becky is saving Johnny and that is why she is making the play she is making, and really is a flip flopper never intending to be with the goblins, and thus James cannot trust her with DE coming up, that is Van’s only hope.


I totally agree. Van’s only hope is to convince James to keep her. All she has to do is to convince him Shelli is coming after him no matter what and Van isn’t. Point out his alliance isn’t really looking out for him by keeping the one person gunning for him. They want Van out cause Van will go after Jackie and Becky (Meg is a non entity) so they are protecting themselves and keeping Shelli – who DEFINATELY isn’t going to go after them first. Bring James in on her alliance, point out how she went to bat for every member she is loyal too. She flipped the house to save Austin and campaigned hard for Shelli. She can also mention how James actually did her a favor by getting rid of Clay at the time – Shelli would never have really been 100% as long as he was in the house, so clearly she has no hard feelings towards James. Besides Becky and JMak have a weird thing none of them will ever be a part of and no one really knows where his head is at anyway – He’s not someone James can count on. Bottom line do you think Meg, Becky, or Jackie are smart enough to help you if/ when you need it? – They barely get the game to begin with! If James is smart he will keep her !!!!

Whore Christine

You are just jealous of Becky. This is what makes for great BB television! James and Becky HOH weeks have been awesome for this season! Vanessa and her crusty bloody hands gotta go!


Wtf jealous?? Lmao


Hmm. I’m starting to like Becky. Maybe she isn’t as dumb as I thought. Girl has a plan for sure and it’s a good one. For this week anyway, but it seems she’s been planning to get in this position for a few weeks and I like how she’s handing the Shelli thing, to be honest, not really trusting her after all but still keeping a workable relationship with her for what may come.


Okay,let’s not get all crazy…Becky IS as dumb as you thought! If she were smart she would have won her prizes and not gone for HOH! You never want the HOH before a double eviction because you cannot play and you are a sitting duck! The smart move this week was to move on the Three Person Alliance of Austin/Twins…that is my opinion.
For everybody wanting a smooth week of Vanessa packing nicely and walking out without a fight, that will never happen. She will see her final card tomorrow, have a look at the players and go in gangbusters on the weakest link.


Becky is an ugly personal inside and out, please someone get her outta the house! I can’t handle the wanna be popular girl anymore!


What’s ugly is your comment.


Say what you want about Becky, but the fact of the matter is, no one was really on to Van like Becky is. She may act all smug and arrogant, and a little obsessive over wanting Van out, but she has the right to feel proud that she blew up her game. Vanessa has a strong mist, and Becky had her rain suit on!

Good Golly Batman

I’ll agree that Becky is the only one who has had the courage to send Vanessa home, but she definitely wasn’t the first person to catch on to her lies; that was Johnny Mac. It was their random and very private conversations that JMac was able to plant that seed and watch it grow. JMac was right and Becky latched on to the idea. Is JMac a Dan Gheesling… too early to tell, but if he is, people will point to this moment as the beginning.

Chill this Town

OK, so really all that needs to happen right now is we need Austin or the Twins to reveal to Steve that Vanessa was saying to target him next. then there is really no concern here whatsoever.

Vanessa’s big mistake is obvious(Austin situation), but really it was more that she had a real ride or die in Jackie, and she screwed it up. Jackie would have been the perfect partner and they would have steamrolled the game.

nice to see Steve continues to work his “game” on Julia, I personally hope somehow Liz goes first very soon. Steve winning the double eviction HOH would be beautiful. but to me it almost seems like a lot of the obvious outcomes end with Steve nominated next to Meg or James on double eviction night. In the heat of the moment, they often revert to what is considered to be a consensus target or an easier target.

and Vanessa the “pissed off juror”, you can do better than that. S7, S8 etc has proven you can have bitter jury members and still win the game if you stack the deck in such a way where the alternative repulses you even more.


Anyone remember the look on Frankie’s face when he wasn’t in the too 3 for America’s favorite houseguest goooood times gooood times #randomlatenightthought

Frankie's Ego

What you said! Priceless! Have you seen Frankie on America’s Best Dance Crew as a judge with Broadway credentials?! It’s a joke the way he hogs camera time, preens and pranced staring straight into the cameras instead of watching and talking to the dancers. He’s still opening his jacket and twisting his nipples and licking his fingers in every shot. Eeeewwwww. How did he get that gig?? And gossips on the Talk too with Julie?? When he’s not creating an international incident trying to get Arianas dogs across borders without vaccinations. Maybe he got fired from the tour – American-hating Ariana needs a better handler after crying assault in Europe, dog abuse and donut-gate.

Call him Frank

I hear that E! Network is tapping Skankie for a new reality show. It’s a documentary about his transgendered journey into becoming a male.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Sssssteve the Snake should be evicted ASAP too!


Becky is great and I am loving every second of her right now but in the eyes of a pro like Vanessa, she sure forgot one thing….Vanessa can read body language quite well ( one of her many set skills ) and can tell when someone is lying that’s why she’s always staring at their face. If you rewind to the convo of her talking to Becky up in the HOH room starting around 11:55 CAM – Becky unconsciously rubs her nose like a million times. She also touches her mouth a few times, which are surefire telltale signs of lying. It’s totally hilarious knowing that Vanessa knows she’s full of shit.
I have also observed Steve covering his mouth allot when trying to lie when he’s trying to squirm his way around a situation. Man if you took a drink every time some one touched their nose or face lying in the Big Brother house, I swear you’d be in the Betty Ford Center under major alcoholic hallucinosis!

Whore Christine

She’s so nervous right now she can’t even find any tells. Beckycdold it great.! Immediately after she goes to Shelli and Austin and says the plan is to get out Johnny Mac. So she really couldn’t tell at a which is why she is not the bad ass poker player people think she is lol


oh thats why she has won 4.5 mill


But, She did feel pretty relieved after talking to Becky. She may be good, but Becky may have stumped her.

AKA Twistin' ....

Becky’s speech will be an awesome one. It will make Shelli’s campaign that much easier for her if she believes V screwed her.Gonna be a dicey week!

I have to say though…the biggest floaters in the game are Austin and the pussycats. They are V’s foot soldiers and have done nothing at all on their own…they don’t even have a strategy of their own. If V directs Austin to do something he’s on it immediately and his little posse follows along like two brainless twits. Now that they have to make a choice between the one they “looooooooovee-aaa” and their commander, it’s going to be interesting because they might have to think for themselves moving forward. Better get Austin on the same train V is on on Thursday night!


With respect to someone coming back in the house to play from the jury, this isnt exactly what Julie said. Julie said “just because you are in the jury, doesnt necessarily mean you are out of the game”. This doesnt overtly mean someone is coming back in the house as a houseguest. It just means you might still have an impact on the game. Recall last year the jury members came back to play in a competition outside in the yard (while the houseguests were locked inside), and a houseguest won cash depending on which jury member won the competition.


That’s the thing. You already have 17 players, this season is 98 days and last season was 97 with a rewind thrown in. So they have the week for it but then they couldn’t do a rewind unless they also add a double eviction.

Canadian Kevin

And you had Julia come into the game – so that might negate the whole Jury memeber coming back.


Has anyone heard anywhere as to why the BB Takeover was dropped after only 2-3 weeks? Very odd since it was so heavily promoted. Did maybe a scheduled takeover guest become unavailable and they decided to just end it given that the season had some momentum?


Good point, I agree, the return is for a prize not a return to play. The HG’s only come back in after sequester not jury.


I think they planned the twist in case this season turned out like last year’s snooze-fest. They would use the twists to create drama but since there was some decent drama in the house they held off on them.


Good point. Last year was a snooze fest. Just odd that this was completely dropped. Julie said during the premiere “each and every week…..”. After ‘Gronk’ in early July, this went away.

Just wondering if anyone heard anything on any blog or former houseguests youtube channel etc.

Curious as to what Simon or Dawg’s view was?


Seems like Vanessa s going home – Jackie, James, Meg, JMAC are basically locked against her and Becky as the HOH would easily send in the tiebreaker Vanessa home…but Becky needs to pray that her side will win the next HOH(I ll pray w her coz I m stanning for James&Jackie) otherwise she s in the hot seats.


I hope someone is planning on breaking up the threesome on double eviction that would be the best move instead of letting them get by their numbers get stronger every week

Right on the money

I do understand where Becky is coming from regarding Vanessa’s antics…Unfortunately, I this may very well bite her in the butt….and I’m wondering how will Shelli act with her once (if) Vanessa is evicted….oh well..with DE coming UP next, they won’t have time to dwell on this..


Meanwhile…………….Shelli comes out smelling like a rose.


First of all I’m loving Shelly without Clay, she seems to mingle more with people.
Secondly, Id rather Steve go than Vanessa. I’m not a fan of nessa but atleast shes playing hard and her never ending lies are hilarious. Steve is .. meh


So here is what I do not want to happen, Vanessa gets voted out and Shelli starts attaching herself up Becky- who is so happy to finally have the popular girls attention which is all she ever wanted and Shelli stays in the game for a long time because Becky protects her! Puke!


Vanessa should go up for sure, it’s the right move but I think Vecky’s movie is more about getting her competition for Shelli’s attention out than realizing Vanessa is a strong player. I have a feeling that if Vanessa goes home Shelli will be around for a long time because Becky will protect her new BFF.


Maybe. However, Becky has stated that she wanted Vanessa out because she knew she could not beat Vanessa.


I’m loving Becky and Jackie right now!! Can’t wait to see Vanessa leave on Thursday! It’s gonna be a good week!


I so very much wish that Vanessa never picked a fight with Johnny last week. There was a chance that he would have pooled with her, like Clay wanted. My dream team would be Johnny, Shelli, Vanessa, Steve, and James. That team would be unstoppable and get all of the poor players out of the house. Can Vanessa save herself and create an alliance with Steve, James, and Johnny? Probably too late for that.


vanessa’s “word” means jack diddly squat. she’s used her “word” so many times for everything. people finally know her “word” means nothing. jason and dark moon alliance was the start of the domino effect, karma is coming knocking on her door. there is absolutely nothing she can do or say that will give her redemption, she made her bed, now she gotta lay on it.

Uh huh...

I’m loving the looks of things this week 🙂 Hopefully Vanessa doesn’t find a way to worm herself out of being nominated. That would be a huge disappointment. Becky certainly doesn’t sound like she’s gonna back away from it though, so all should be good there.

And assuming that Jackie, James, Meg, and John all vote Vanessa out – which would be enough for Becky to break the tie if needed – it will still be interesting to see how the Austwins trio votes. I say this because if those three (plus Steve) vote to send Shelli to jury it shouldn’t be hard for her to realize such a thing. And upon realizing this it would serve as good reason for Shelli to swing over towards the Jackie, James, Meg side of the house (and possibly now Becky, although I won’t presume she’s fully aligned with them beyond this week at this point).

I’m so glad to see Becky making a play here that favors the other side of the house instead of allowing Vanessa to dictate her game play and push her into being near bottom of the totem pole amongst Vanessa and Co. Just as soon as I began to like Becky is when she started playing to all sides of the house during James’ HOH. I couldn’t tell if it was simply a clever approach by her, or if she was really becoming the “rat” people began to label her as. It turns out she saw right through Vanessa though and is now making the right power move upon obtaining HOH. I’m now able to like her again 😀

The only thing that seems like it could dampen this is if John ends up being turned into a vote for Vanessa instead of against her. From what I’ve gathered up to this point though, John should ensure the minimum fourth vote needed allowing Becky to break the tie and send Vanessa packing!


Vanessa needs to make a deal with James,Jacquie and Meg that they won’t target them during double eviction and will go after Becky and Johnny Mac. It would be better for James alliance to keep Vanessa in the game. Explaining to James that he is always going to be a target with Shelli because he is the one that put them on the block.If he leaves Vanessa in the game she will always be a target that Becky and Johnny Mac want out and she will target them also. Shelli. Becky,Johnny Mac and Steve will probably start a new alliance which is bad for James and his alliances game.


the benefits of taking out vanessa outweigh the disadvantages by a significant amount. JJM already know that they are target #1 with or without vanessa there. keeping vanessa is NOT an option period. they’d be stupid if they did kept vanessa over shelli, even stupider than what they are now.

Gurls Played Out...

Vanessa has beaten herself, played out, brain scrambled, burnt bridges, exhausted from manic gameplay, I don’t think she’s a comp beast at anything anymore. She knows the score, she’s good at math, she’s tabulation stats and knows she’s such a longshot, she can’t concentrate. She can’t believe she screwed up such a numbers heavy alliance with all her nasty double dealing and backstabbing her own crew. She got tangled in all her safety net alliances and really deluded herself she was smarter and everyone else too dumb to see through her lies. She knows no one is afraid of her anymore and she shredded her credibility so her threat game is over, even on slop the underdogs are stronger mentally and physically. Ego crushing. Let’s see if rehab in Jury House will make a difference in her game. Or just plain old honest reflection and adjustment of her social game.


Getting rid of Vanessa is a huge move.
You are further fracturing Sixth Sense, you take away Austwin’s brains and isolate Shelli.
Steve will continue to be in an (non-existent) alliance with a jury member.


The first 4 weeks of the game when the sixth sense dominated I really didn’t like them. I thought Vanessa had potential to be a gamer but she went on tilt far too early. However, now that the ‘underdogs’ have seized control of the game I like them even less. Pity.


I feel the same exact way. I didn’t care for sixth sense rolling over the house but after last night I can’t stand these 3 even more. Totally losing interest in this season. There’s just no one to even root for at this point.


Steve & Shelli said it best when they agreed that it’s strange that Vanessa is the target this week when there are more obvious targets around. So yeah Becky, you aren’t a baller – a baller would have gone after the twins/Austin with the support of the remaining houseguests to get through double eviction. The only this is a baller move for Becky is if it had happened at recess during Becky’s 3rd grade.


you’re missing a few points here. steve AND shelli dont know that vanessa is throwing them under the bus, if they knew the information the “other side” figured/found out about vanessa, they both would be singing a totally different tune. AND for the record, the only big target after vanessa is shelli not the austwins.


I think Becky and Jackie and maybe James finally realize just how much influence Vanessa has in the house. Everyone knows Austin and the twins are there and they will be targeted right after Vanessa. You have to remove Vanessa in order to be able to fragment the Shelli/twins/Austin set-up.


If you remove Liz, Austin begs to go out. The only thing that will happen now is that the twins/Austin and Shelly and Steve are going to gang up as a unit, JJM is going to stay tight, and Becky & JohnnyMac are going to be the easy targets for each of those sides. Becky should know better than to think she can just create an alliance half-way through the game and do nothing to protect herself during a double eviction in which she can’t play, but yeah, third grade sounds about right.


Without Vanessa, Steve and Austin are no where near solid and Steve knows Shelli’s not his biggest fan. I see Steve merging with John and Becky.


Vanessa definitely overplayed her hand. Her need to create a “reason” to put someone up aka smear their name (you are a liar! your are starting an alliance!) actually tipped her hand. Too much drama around her HOHs. Also should of stayed out of other HOHs. The Shelli/Clay thing, should have let the chips fall where they may. Biggest mistake letting twins in and relying on Austin. The flip flop on Jason really a dumb move. I guess poker is easier the rules are set and cards don’t change. In BB you can go for the pot with people thinking you have an ace up your sleeve only to find out it’s only a deuce or a joker. Also I really enjoyed the comment from the person whose dad was a coach. Too much trash talk before the game is over can come back to haunt you.

Big Jim

I’ll love Becky forever if she actually says that when she replaces Steve with Vanessa will be epic!!


At the veto ceremony if Van questions Becky about her unexpected flip flop on the nom Becky should say “I learned it by watching you!”


I hope Becky follows Vanessa, that would be an entertaining jury house!

Becky Stinks

I’m glad the week worked so far the way Becky wanted but she is a bad game player and needs to go during DE. Something about her has bugged me since the beginning. Her desire to please Shelli will be her downfall and I think once Vanessa is gone she may be seen as a self righteous annoying houseguest herself.


Everyone was all over getting Shelli out last week in the comments but now she’s okay to keep? She’s due to win again and when she dies don’t be surprised when she starts taking the house over again.


wrong, everyone wanted vanessa to go up against shelli by replacing clay’s hot seat. that never happened, hence wanting shelli out. and now, we get to actually see it THIS week instead. everyone wanted to see which of these 2 had a better game. im wondering if we will actually get to see it now. i cant wait to see vanessa IMPLODE.

is it just me

why does Becky keep talking about working in retail as an accomplishment its the kind of job that literally will hire anyone and requires only one skill which is showing up on time.
i know she is in “management” but store manager is not management it just means when everyone quit and moved on with their lives you stuck around because you had no other options. If they hope to go to middle management from there its a pipe dream most times because middle management requires schooling not just seniority. Thats why most people in management never actually worked retail they were busy getting an education. Climbing the corporate ladder might have been doable in the 60s but that has ended long long ago. Now unless you actually have an education or some serious connections retail is a dead end job even as store manager.
Just irks me that someone passes it off as an accomplishment when its really not. Its like driving yes it takes some skill but most people can do it.


and this is whats wrong with this world. people that make a lot of money, have a better job than everyone else thinks, that because they have it better THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. working at doing anything should be an accomplishment regardless of what the job is or how much money you make. it is not good to undermine or belittle people beneath you… just because YOU don’t consider something that she does as an accomplishment does not mean that it isn’t to her…


Listen to Becky talk. EVERYTHING she does is a huge accomplishment. She is so full of herself and I have no idea why. I’m thinking all these people “loving” Becky do not have the feeds. She brags way too much about even the smallest thing. I personally do not like her personality, at all.

oh my

That’s kind of snobby. There is nothing wrong with being a store manager or retail worker.

is it just me

i realize it sounds snobby but it was not meant like that. not everyone has the same oportunities in life and working a dead end job is a necessary evil for alot of people. however, its not brag worthy. sorry but its not. if i flip burgers at micky dees i dont brag about it. its just a job.
i also realize to her it may be an accomplishment. but so is reading to an inmate who spent 30 years locked up and learned to read at 60. to the rest of the world its not an accomplishment. and standards are based on the real world nobody gives a shit about your own personal milesotnes. its hars but its life deal with it.

is it just me

Sorry for the rant just bugs me that society now caters to the lowest common denominator. I’m sorry i find the mundane not praise worthy. I’m sorry that it makes me vomit when i hear someone say “he got off drugs what a hero”. Umm no he’s a social parasite. A real hero is a guy like Johny Mac who went to school and made something of himself and didnt get into the drugs. Any idiot can fuck up and be sorry about it after don’t mean society now owes you a medal that you decided to grow up and do what everyone else is doing.

Audrey's Little Helper

What about what was said about Vanessa trying to cheat on the hoh game and production stepping in. THAT should put van out the door


lol becky is making a huge mistake by taking out vanessa? i still dont see the logic behind keeping vanessa. becky and her alliance will still be going up as nominations regardless if vanessa is there or not if they dont win HOH. how is keeping vanessa in the BB house beneficial to becky’s game? vanessa is good at comps that arent physical, and she’s a master manipulator bully, how is this a benefit? to keep someone thats so good at many things and is AGAINST your group? how? am i missing something here?

Twistin with the twins

If Becky follows through with the POV speech she recited to Jackie when she puts up Nessy that could be epic. Could be the defining speech of BB17. If Becky continues to win she could use this moment to put her in the winners chair. It will be high drama from the end of that speech till eviction. Nessy is gonna go completely off the rails. Good luck explaining the betrayal to your so called best friend. Cant wait to see that develop.


It truly would be something to tune in for, twisting with the twins.


Why does CBS insist on scheduling firkin football during BB? They do this every year. I do not live in North America so cannot access feeds nor can I watch missed shows. This Thursday eviction looks to be good and am mighty annoyed that I won’t be able to watch.


How does everyone know the double eviction is coming up? Did I miss an announcement


They announced it on the show on Thursday


BB game hasnt changed its stripes, hence them knowing when is what and what comps are next.

Clap 3 times - I believe, I believe, I believe

Due to Julia’s flirting, Steve will want to go to jury house and not use the Power of Veto. This would leave both Shelly and Vanessa in the house together and leave the Gremlins to pick up their jaw!


Becky and Jackie act like bitter bitchy high school girls. They aren’t pllaying the game well. They don’t think anything through….they just want to play mean girls and it looks like immaturity…NOT gameplay


So let me just get this straight because you all are such clueless haters that it is hard to follow you…

So if Vanessa stays this week you will say the show is rigged and “Vanessa sucks”.

Ok just so we are clear. 🙂

#Nessa will win BB. I promise you that.

“Oh I really hate that Free guy. How does he know for sure she will win?”

haha. Let’s just say I know for a fact.

Buh bye now haters 🙂


Please, shut up. Vanessa is not a god, she is a human. And you don’t know for a fact that she is going to win Big Brother 17 because it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t even think she would appreciate you being so obsessed with her. I think it would make her feel uncomfortable. So please, go away.


Oh and btw free from what you are can post whatever she/he wants. How about YOU stfu. If you don’t like someone’s comment, thumb it down, skip over it, you’re not the moderator of online big brother comments so stfu! Who are you to tell someone what to post and what not to?

In Your Dreams!

Poor Messa! If only “that Free guy” were in the house to spruce up that look with another shower of disinfectant, clean up all her messes, tie her cheating hands for her, maybe Vanelli would have a friend and a chance of winning BB. Since that ain’t gonna happen, pick another housemate to worship blindly. She wouldn’t listen anyway, she thinks she’s smarter & martyred than everyone.

No more nasty comments or threats to edit free thought here, she won’t be back for All Stars either. Now ask how we know that! 😉


Stop being a bigot. “Messa”? Really? And I highly doubt she gives a shit about being on allstars…she’s a millionaire lol.


Any opinion noting Vanessa’s “messy” game doesn’t qualify as bigoted. Stop harassing contributors by playing bigot card. Audrey & Jason didn’t use it. Get a sense of humor, don’t resent those who have one, you’d enjoy life more. PS Vanessa applied for BB for 5 years, and played poker because she likes money. Unless you think she’s planned these hystrionics to get her own reality show, in which case it’s still for more money. She made 3 million 3 years ago it goes fast! DJing can’t pay all the bills.


You can try to downplay VANessa’s success all you want. I saw her house, cars ect that someone posted, and she’s doing perfectly fine. Much better than most, and I’m sure that includes you.


I’m sorry but am I the only one kinda hoping Shelli leaves this week? : ) I mean I’ll take Vanessa leaving but Shelli is still so lame.


I don’t what it is but I have never liked Becky and her behavior this week is not helping. Seems like the barely started playing the game, won one competition, and now wants to act like she is in it to win it. I’m willing to bet Vanessa finds a way to stay in Becky will be out the door soon enough. I seriously doubt she will even make it to the final 4.

Uh huh...

Like others have mentioned… How is putting Vanessa up bad for her game? What is she supposed to do – let Vanessa dictate the way everything unfolds just so she can be with Steve at the bottom of the remaining members of the Sixth Sense totem pole?

By putting Vanessa up she has gotten herself in good with Jackie, James and Meg now. It should get her in good/better with Shellie too. And it may end up that it results in John feeling that he’d want to keep her around awhile longer over other remaining houseguests. And in addition to that it removes the brain power behind the Austwins decision making.

It may also result in the Austwins – mainly Liz in my opinion – becoming the next group to target amongst most of the others. My reasoning here is that they’d be the only remaining group that hasn’t been splintered. Take Liz out and suddenly the link is gone that brought Austin and Julia together. Those two seem to be getting along better now, but neither really liked the other much until Julia came into the house and was reasonable enough to not blow apart what Liz had going with Austin. Would Austin and Julia really hold tight if Liz got evicted?

On the flip side, should one of the Austwins win the next HOH, I would have to imagine they’d want to chip a block off the Jackie, James, Meg trio; and it would be either Jackie or James obviously given how unproductive Meg has been at competitions. But again, going back to the start here, none of this is bad for Becky’s game the way I see it.

Cheaters Never Win

Love BB calling Vanessa out for obvious CHEATING during HOH comp! Like housemates calling out her SMEAR TACTIC campaign strategies because LEGITIMATE power and wins is not her style or in her grasp. She knows everyone is lying to her now and her threat game is over while they use her own tactics on her, of course without the cheating and smearing because her own actions did her in. She’s definitely not reading people well or using traditional power strategy well (don’t show cards, play close to vest, hold back chips, counting cards or friends, controlling emotions, keeping cool head etc.) or her hand wouldn’t be over so soon. Even if she tries to taunt the Jury or gets back in, don’t think she made any friends in this team sport.

bb17 patrol

This year its all about the mean girls, and the stronger players for the most part, are the girls. (exception MEG) Without Vanessa in the house, Shelli will probably gravitate towards the other side, since she has somewhat of a friendship with Jmac and steve. Especially if they (Austin and twins) vote shelly to go.. Unless Austin and twins win hoh, I see them as the next targets, once Vanessahead is eliminated..If Twins win next hoh expect to see the house flip again..In the mean time, .I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the fireworks this week when Vanessa goes on the block GREAT TV Folks. I’m also interested in where Steve’s and Jmacs loyalties really lie.

Zack attack take over

I am impressed with Becky. She is so smart to put up Shelli and Vanessa. I see Vanessa freaking out this week ( worse than normal). I am also very This season is about straight up taking a shot


I started out being a Vanessa fan, but she overplayed and over strategized when she didn’t need to. Sometimes the best strategy is to do know when you can’t control what’s going to happen and blend into the decor.

Game ending mistakes:
1. Taking Jason out of the game was the first mistake,but she managed last week to let Shelli and Clay take the most heat for that one. This is the move that made everyone think again about her loyalties and what she is capable of in the game. She made Austin and twins nervous threatening Austin, making him go and get her a reason to not put him up, she promised Jackie and Becky that Austin was the target and then put up Jason. She had pissed off half the house, even her allies saw how volatile she is, not something that makes your allies feel safe. Even Shelli is not so sure about Vanessa anymore.

2. Her inability to just lay low last week. Once Shelli and Clay were on the block she should have laid low but instead she spearheaded the campaign to save both of them, which I get since they are her alliance, but once Veto was over she should have become a cushion on the couch instead of trying to control the vote. Rule number one in BB is that after veto is played, if you aren’t on the block you don’t rock the boat. Better anyone else if it’s not you!
3. Sending Clay home instead of Shelli. Clay probably would have won this HOH, and Vanessa’s alliance would have been safe this week.
4. Her most fatal mistake was creating a fight with JMac and Clay right before the eviction show. She was worried about double eviction, but she should have worried about that earlier in the week. You only stir the pot before eviction if there is a chance that you can still flip things, which wasn’t the case because by then everyone knew that Clay was leaving. Instead of just letting it play out and being glad she was safe, she was trying to set up someone for the next eviction target before knowing who would be the next HOH. She exposed herself when there was no need to. None of her mad scheming changed the outcome. There was no double eviction, Clay still would have self evicted, she still would have been safe and Shelli would still have been the target for ADC over her.
5. She has a deal with every person in the house. The problem with that is that the others talk to each other when you are not around, they compare notes and they figure out that your deals are crap.She was blindsided by the end of the BOB. She had planned out her game all the way to final 2 based on BOB, but she had no plan for classic front door BB.

She still has a good chance of coming back into the game, I wish she had played smarter and been around longer, but her game sucked.


The biggest game move was none of those. It was James winning BOB. That left her in the worst position and she did not find a way out.

Putting Austin up would have killed her sixth sense. She would have lost Austin and the twins probably would have been against her too. Liz was adamant to keep Austin.

Relying on the BOB and that being taken away messed up her gamble too.

In the end, her trust in Austin and the twins was the worst thing she has done. They were not looking out for her best interest and she gave them so much help and nothing was ever reciprocated back to her from them.


Becky is digging quite and eviction hole for herself.




I miss the days when Becky was innocently flirting with Johnny Mac and hoping those two would get together. Times have changed and the innocent has turned to a raging bitch. Meg, Becky, Jackie – be gone!!! Double eviction cometh!!!

Member of the Ant Farm

Couldn’t agree more…me thinks that Karma is going to jump right back at her and bite her in the arse!! I don’t know what it is with this years HOH’s getting all holier than thou but as you can see Shelli and Vanessa have had their troubles of late…what goes around comes around!! I guess with the last eviction and this one, that means the twins, Austin and the VanShell survivor are the new underdogs to root for. AND yes…Jackie just needs to just shut up herself!!