“He [Kyle] actually likes me I just thought he was a nice person” ** updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


11:13 am Monte and Terrance
Monte saying if there’s a guy with the girls they have to ask themselves what is their end of the deal. “Am I going to make it to the end with 6 other women?”
Monte – no, that’s what I’ve been thinking. I have had good conversations with the ladies and felt good about it but this week it’s changed man.. It feels weird. I talked to you know Michael and Kyle and they said POOCH said this or that.
Monte – I talked to POOCH to I never heard any of that stuff about them and they never heard about any of that stuff about me.
Monte – you know what they say you can’t play a player. I’ve been out on these streets.
Monte – I’ve had some good conversations with Michael and Convo With Kyle and we’ve talked about getting you and Daniel. I don’t think we need to include POOCH right now because the paranoia will drive him a little crazy. He’ll just tell everybody.
Monte – maybe a smaller convo with just the five of us just do sort of align.
Terrance – I know the best place.. have nots
Monte says Jasmine has been parked in the HOH with the HOH TV remote watching where everyone is.
Monte – maybe if they are down here.. As long as Jasmine’s not clocking it
Terrance – She keeps that mother f***er on Speed dial
Monte – On speed dial
Monte – if we’ve all been told something and it’s along the same narrative then we’ve been played. I respect us making a decisions based on what the house thinks but if the house if 5 women that ain’t the house
Monte – I’d be damned if I was led astray thinking … I like to confirm. I dunno
Monte goes on about not wanting to base his vote off what a segment of the house is saying. “If you are told a narrative and you don’t confirm than that is deception.. like a snake in the grass”
Terrance – it’ll bite you
Monte – I believe we’ve all been told something about POOCH that would make us want to vote him out. I’ve Talked game with POOCh before. Michael was told things that POOCH never told me. Pooch never told Kyle, POOCH never told Turner and POOCH never told Joe, or Daniel. Any of the guys. So where is this stuff coming from?
Monte – if Michael is thinking about voting out POOCH it’s on information that is not true which to me.. I won’t stand for that sh!t.
Terrance says the girls need them because by themselves they don’t have the votes “They only have 5 so they need to flip two people if you Can flip two people you can leave the other people out of the loop”
Monte – the thing is this could work if they weren’t so obvious about it (Girls have made it obvious they are working together)
Monte – going into this week Taylor was the obvious target. Why do I hear everybody wants to vote out POOCH.. Who is everybody.
Monte goes on about not hearing from any guys that they want POOCH out so who is everybody.
Terrance – If I win I’m putting up your critical hitters. Guarantee they would do it to us.
Monte – did POOCH do anything crazy this past week? Other than him volunteering himself.. that was just poor gameplay. Was it as egregious as what Taylor did?

11:40 am Michael and Brittany (Hard to hear)
Michael says Terrance likely wants POOCH gone.
Michael – I think POOCH will go..
Brittany – really
Michael – I think so
Michael – last night Monte was like if all the guys vote to keep POOCH that’s 7 vote. I’m like I am not going to do that.

12:40 pm Taylor and Ameerah
Ameerah – hey are you ok?
Taylor – I took a vitamin and it messed up my stomach this morning. I had to lay down because I was queasy.
Ameerah – How about last night you dipped our early. You ok?
Taylor – I’m fine.
Ameerah – you know you are safe.. I’m letting you know
Taylor – being on the block is overwhelming even when you know you are safe.. I’m not spiraling. I am a introvert so I need that time to ….
Ameerah – ok cool ..

12:44 pm Ameerah And Alyssa
Ameerah – Kyle really really likes you
Alyssa – what do you mean?
Ameerah – he told me he likes you a lot. He’s telling me .. like he’s afraid because I’m afraid I like her more than she likes me.
Alyssa – ohh .. no..
Ameerah – he’s afraid because he doesn’t want to be put on the block for a showmance.
Ameerah – I told him to lay low until Jury because right now people don’t know who they want to put up and will put up anybody
Ameerah – I could cry for you
Alyssa – he actually likes me I just thought he was a nice person
Ameerah – It’s perfect… you have to lay low
Alyssa brings up last season when Alyssa and Christian were targeted early.
Ameerah – I told him the girls aren’t going to put you on the block we love Showmances and love.
Alyssa says she’ll pick Ameerah over Kyle, always
Ameerah – Monte told me last night that the guys are gettign freaked out that the girls are up to something.

12:59 pm Terrance and Ameerah
Terrance – everything still cool?
Ameerah – yeah, next week I don’t know everyone is going for HOH so GO HARD
Terrance – I know
Ameerah – I have a feeling they want Taylor out if she doesn’t win. All the guys want her out they are afraid of her. They’re all shaking in their boots.
Ameerah says she wouldn’t be made if Taylor won HOH.
Terrance – I wouldn’t either. I’m not on her bad side.
Ameerah – She’s got a lot more people on her hit list than me. If I am on it I’m not at the top.
Terrance says if he wins HOH he’ll come to her for advice “I’m cool”
Ameerah – none of the girls are voting you out they want you in the jury house
Terrance – you know Monte is going crazy
Ameerah – cause he’s afraid of the girls?
Terrance – yes, he’s like F** am I crazy or are all the girls going against the guys..

Terrance goes over the main points of the conversation he has with Monte.
Ameerah – they [guys] are afraid of us
Ameerah – they are afraid. He said they all go on a room together they all talk together
Terrance – I’m like do you not know how girls move?
Ameerah – Jasmine is immobile
Terrance – POOCH volunteered to be on the block. This is week one the stupidity. Yes we all wanted Taylor out but it’s like Having money to go to the steak house and on the sign it says grand opening everything is free and saying f** I’m going to get the free sh1t I still have money to get steak later. We’ll always be able to get Taylor out. Why the f** we wouldn’t take the shot now.
Ameerah – Taylor we can easily get out later. I’m not worried.
Terrance says he’s going to watch Monte all day and “I’m going to check her a$$ because she so f***ing stupid I heard she was in the HOH room like ‘I’m winning HOH next week’ In front of everybody and POOCH was up there too. I was like why the f** would you say some shit like that.
Terrance – I’m going to scare her a$$. Be cool cause the narrative is switching
Ameerah – she needs to chill

1:00 pm For a couple hours the majority of the house in the HOH sharing stories. Monte tells them his father story and he cries.

3:15 pm Monte, Kyle and JOE
Monte – I was just in there (HOH) similar trend the five girls, Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa, Indy. In the middle of the conversation they talk to each other they turned back facing the rest of us. I know they are not talking Game but it’s very clear.
Kyle – I was in the bathroom talking to Ameerah.. Bullshitting around. She was like there’s no way I would vote for Jasmine or Alyssa. You guys can put her up just know I can’t vote for her.
Monte – what gives them the confidence to be so open about it.
Kyle – they have a little bit of power. They think they are planning out the game. They think They control the guys.
Joe – They are going to start picking at us individually. Getting us to start breaking against each other.
Monte – how can you be a guy like Michael and Daniel and not see your fate.
Joe – the only girl we can get is Indy
Monte – Indy yeah
Joe – she will stick with us and go along for the ride. The rest of them are too goal oriented
Monte – remember when Indy came up to you and me and said we better not f** her over.
Joe – Indy was saying that a girl told her I was were coming for her. She was trying to unite the girls.
Monte – Bro.. it’s happening with every single dude.
Kyle – Jasmine, Alyssa and Ameerah
Joe – jasmine is like hey Joe it would break my heart if you didn’t work with me. Another girl came to me and said that POOCH is after me.
They laugh..
joe – I swear to god
Kyle – If they are telling us this they are telling Terrance and Daniel which are the two people we need to flip the vote back. They are f***ing snakes.
Monte – I talked to Terrance this morning. I said listen bro there’s a narrative going around that the whole house wants POOCH out I don’t think that’s the reality there’s some girls planting seeds in everyone’s head.
Turner joins them. They fill him in on what is going on with the girls.

4:00 pm Michael, Kyle and Brittany
Talking about the HOH room and how the girls all sit with their back turned to them.
Kyle – I don’t want to go up there cause I feel like I’m disturbing something
Brittany – I want them to think I am with them but I am not with them.
Kyle – I think Alyssa is starting to figure out how people are feeling. She sat on the couch and made an effort.
Brittany – It’s not smart for them.
Kyle – they have a very strong cause similar to the cookout last season. Which I can respect but it’s very apparent
Brittany – I know very much they don’t like Taylor though.
Brittany says Daniel is playing both sides.
Kyle – why are they so cliquey up in that room
Kyle – if the power switches these girls are dangerous and it’s that core group Ameerah, Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine .. are the solid ones. We are the outsiders.
Kyle – I feel confident that POOCH is gong and I feel that is where my vote is going
Brittnay – for you from the conversations I’ve heard from the girls and take this with a grain of salt because I’m not part of that core clique. If you voted POOCH out you woul be the last on their hit list.
Kyle says the one thing POOCH has going for him is that he’s so bad at the game.
Kyle syas he’s leaning towards voting out pooch but if there is a rally to get Taylor out that might chance.
Kyle leaves.
Brittany – how do you feel
Michael – I feel good about Kyle, He’s just worried with the women in the house. He’s not their first target once that get momentum and if they can keep the numbers. I understand where he’s coming from. He will probably vote POOCH out.
Brittany – he is sharing stuff. How do you feel about Monte.
Michael – Monte talked a little bit of game last night. Monte wants to keep POOCH Really bad
Brit – so Does Joe.. it’ll be Monte, Joe and Turner.
Michael says Taylor is the better player but he would feel safer if Taylor wins HOH.
They agree Taylor won’t use them as pawns if she wins HOH.
Michael – it’ll be interesting to see where Nicole lands this week too.
Brittany – did you guys not see that she was no where near you last week. She’s not going to be anywhere near you if you don’t win next week.
Michael- last week she was all about ‘All my friends are guys.. I’m a guys girl blah blah blah’
Brittany – Daniel and Nicole would be such a good couple for us but I just don’t trust them at all.
Michael – I don’t either
Brittany says Ameerah is the core of the girl clique
Michael – they need 7 votes and if you and me are voting POOCH out, Indy will. Alyssa and Ameerah will be and Terrance. that’s 6 for Jasmine to break teh tie.
Brittany – I really do think Nicole is done with POOCH.

4:22 pm Joe, Michael and Brittany
Joe – in regards to predicting the next move POOCH is a lot easier to figure out
Michael points out that Taylor has nothing right now so she can do whatever.
Brittany asks who POOCh would put up.
Joe isn’t sure.
Joe says Michael is good at competitions that is likely someone POOCh would want to work with. Brittany and Michael are seen as a pair now.
Joe says its easier to talk to POOCH than Taylor if they won HOH. “If POOCH was coming after me I would see the punch”
Joe says Taylor was two seconds away from beating Michael in the veto. “if she wins HOH HAVOK in the house. she will trash this house”
Brittany – this is the week to get her out.

5:24 pm Monte, Indy and Joe
Indy – if anything happens I would be POOCH’s first target.. one of the first. My heart tells me that. I know you have a relationship with him don’t mess your own game.
Joe – if POOCH’s agenda messes with mine like if POOCH comes to us says I’m after Indy we can stop him
Monte – is there anything happening with the ladies targeting us?
Indy – no, I think everyone is annoyed with him [POOCH] I am so annoyed. I went to work out for peace and he wouldn’t shut up for 70 minutes
Indy says she uses working out as a meditation and POOCH was in there talking about the plot of a movie they had all seen.
Joe – from a game point of view POOCH and Taylor were both trying to win the veto. POOCH got crushed by Michael and Taylor
Indy – POOCH is not good at competitions
Joe – Taylor was this close to winning the competition. If I have to play against someone to win the game it’ll be POOCH.
Indy goes on about how she can’t stand POOCH. She agrees with the guys that she has no clue what Taylor would do if she won HOH.
Joe says in terms of personality the three of them are similar.
Indy – you are the guys I trust most even more than the girls. I don’t like gossip and I don’t like bullshit. I prefer to stay with guys that don’t bullshit me than with girls.
Indy – I question my relationship with you because of him (POOCH)

Indy to Joe “if you hurt me all my Brazilian friends will come kick your a$$”
Indy says she doesn’t feel she’s a target. The only person she doesn’t know is Taylor “I don’t talk to her”

5:51 pm HOH crew
Ameerah says that Brittany is going to pin a rogue vote on Daniel.
Daniel – F** that bullshit
Nicole – what did I say
Daniel – I’m f***ing sending her home.
Alyssa – that’s what I’ve been saying. Michael and her might be too close
Terrance – She keeps Michael under her f***ing thumb
Nicole – today I was trying to talk to Michael in the kitchen and he was like saying thing.. he’s not trying to tell me anything
Daniel – he’s floating in the middle

Jasmine joins them.
Daniel – she’s going to vote for POOCH and blame it on me that is f**Ing horse sh1t.. but if it’s split you (jasmine) decide.
Ameerah – she’s gotta go next week
Daniel – YO she’s gotta go
Nicole – we can’t say anymore in front of her
Ameerah – I told you guys from the beginning I didn’t trust her once I told her I wanted POOCH out and she ran and told him
Daniel – I don’t think she’s smart enough to win this game the right way (Right way?)
Daniel – she’s trying to float and is doing it wrong. She spreading too much information to both sides.
Terrance and Daniel tell them that Monte is going around saying that the girls are teaming up. They fill the girls in on some of Monte’s talking points.
“The girls are teaming up and they are giving us a narrative to follow”
Daniel says it’s clear that Michael “vibes” with Brittany so the guys must think he’s riding with the girls.
They start getting worried that the vote might flip.
Daniel thinks they can get Kyle’s vote if they come to him Thursday morning “be like bro we’re doing this. I get a good feeling from Kyle. He spoke to me this morning about doing it.”
Nicole – I’m really pissed.. I’m sorry I’m really pissed
Pooch joins them.

6:12 pm Nicole and Indy
Nicole fills her in on Brittany.
Indy – we got to talk to Michael
Nicole – not yet.

Nicole – You, Me, Ameerah, Alyssa, Terrance, Michael, Daniel.
Nicole – Turner, Joe, Monte, Kyle, Brittany. that’s only five they don’t have the votes to keep pooch.
Indy – did you hear Kyle talking about POOCH
Nicole – I don’t trust any of it.
Indy – I still thinks it’s possible
Indy says she loves Joe but she can’t trust him any more. She told him it’s because of his relationship with POOCH
Indy says she was just talking to Monte and Joe and told them both she loves them but she doesn’t know what she will do on Thursday “watch yourself”
Indy – they try and be good with me just in case I win HOH
Indy – I’m not the fastest one or biggest one but I can win shit
Nicole – that’s what they are scared of every female in the house is determined.
Nicole – I wish we would have known about this before the veto meeting Take Taylor down put Brittnay up.

Nicole – the thing I don’t like is if She is saying something that means she’s throwing Terrance and Daniel under the bus and that pisses me off.
Nicole – now she’s starting to say Daniel isn’t voting our way.
Indy – I’m going to talk to her Thursday not today.
Nicole – lets leave it until after the vote.
Indy – that’s fine but then I’ll kick her a$$
Nicole – you can kick her a$$ on Thursday during the HOH. safe that sh1t the decision is already made POOCH is going home. We don’t talk game in front of her any more.
Nicole – that’s why these girl alliance never work because there’s always one.. and if there’s one she’s gotta go

6:17 pm Taylor and Daniel
Taylor – if you were to win HOH are you playing your own game?
Daniel – playing my own game but I’m not putting you up that’s not part of my game that was part of the first week.
Taylor – You are 100% SAFE
Daniel – if it’s who I think it is I’m 100% behind you
Taylor – who are you most afraid of winning HOH?
Daniel – two people because I don’t know what they would do. I don’t know what Indy would do and I don’t know what Monte would do doesn’t mean I am against that.
Taylor – If Monte wins I go on the block


6:40 pm houseguests chit chat around the kitchen.

6:54 pm Ameerah and Monte
Ameerah asks him if he won HOH who would he put up
Monte thought the plan was Taylor
Ameerah – I forget she’s in here.. the next HOH
Monte – we need to talk about who we want in Jury right.
Ameerah – Listen to me
Monte – You going to hurt me woman
they laugh
Ameerah – what’s up with Brittany. People are saying they see her talking to you. I saw her talking to Joe. What the F*** is going on
Monte – she is trying to do as much as she can to stay in this game and she’s doing little small agreements with people
Ameerah – I want her out.. I want her out before Taylor
Monte – I’m less concerned with Brittany winning a comp than I am Taylor.
Ameerah – you are correct
Monte – I’m still even a bit anxious about next week.
Ameerah – Taylor first than Brittany.
Monte says they haven’t had a lot of communication with the 6.
Monte points out to her that the guys are noticing the girls always camped out in the HOH.

Monte argues why they should keep the POOCH highlighting how crappy pooch is at the game.
Ameerah – I don’t want to flip the vote.
Monte – how many votes do you have?
Ameerah – everyone except for you and joe
Monte – count the votes please.
Ameerah = Me, Daniel, Terrance, Michael, Brittnay, Alyssa, and Indy. Everyone except for you, Turner and joe.
Monte says he wants to stay true to the six more than anything “I don’t want to go with an all guys alliance. I talked to you about us two to. If I am going to lose to somebody I want to lose to a woman and a black women.. I’m 100% I’m serious”

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Monte has got to go. I like that Terrace told Ameerah about his conversation with Monte. I think once Pooch goes and if a girl wins HOH, that Kyle will stop clinging to Monte. I’m still hoping Michael can rally a good alliance. Michael, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, and a mixture of Brittany/Indy/Nicole would be a pretty strong alliance. Monte, Turner, Daniel, Jasmine, and Alyssa can go, these are my least faves. Joe can stay or go, I’m not really interested in him either way yet.


Michael needs protection so he needs to join an alliance not start one. Turner will show his villainous side more when Pooch leaves. Brittany is a train wreck with the bad gameplay she has done so she will be out before jury. Joe can go ; I greatly overestimated his potential at the beginning. Nicole is the most level headed of this whole group and unless Daniel does something really stupid they will remain in an alliance together. I haven’t quite figured out Indy except there have been some red flags I have seen regarding her with some of her interactions on the live feeds. Monte is…Monte and all I can do is shake my head (I was rooting for the bug when Joe and Monte were going after one in a room they were in)

un autre nom

I will say again what I say every season.
Hate me all you want for it.
A women’s alliance in big brother does not work because of the rule of three.
A women’s group only works in numbers up to 3 where there is an obvious alpha (the Karen if you will), the wannabe alpha who backs up everything the alpha says (a Becky for lack of better term) and a sub that they make fun of behind her back but play nice with when she’s around, who thinks she’s one of them… but really isn’t (the Debbie). Why not more than three? I still say socialization to see each other as competition and threat, but a small group of three can intimidate individuals. Any more than three? Max 2 week lifespan before they turn on the extra (s). An entire complaint of Karens (like murder of crows, herd of cows, clan of Hyenas)? Can’t work any more than you can have a pack of wolves with two Alphas.

Britt is sloppy as hell. When they say she’s floating wrong… they are correct.
However, now they’ve decided that the conversation she took back to them that she had with Joe… is lies. She actually told the truth. She just omitted Michael was present.
I think Daniel actually wants Britt out because Britt said she wasn’t sure if Daniel would vote with them, because he tried to get a pass to vote with the guys. He did. So…. wtf dude? This is more of his keep the numbers even bullshit isn’t it? Easier to be in the middle if it’s even numbers. She called out his game (playing middle), and he wants her out for it.

What is the dumbest part of the current get Britt thing? The women will have a number advantage, and will throw it away. Are they going to ask Britt if any of what Daniel says is true? Of course not. The only person who could slip and ask? Alyssa. But Alyssa has a history of twisting answers like a broken telephone game.
What COULD this mean:
Daniel will throw that hinky vote to make sure they go after Britt. Then he can still play nice with the guys telling them he voted with the men. For some reason his big concern is Turner’s reaction, as discussed with Nicole last night.
Not one woman wondered if Daniel is just trying to make numbers equal for another week or two so that he can ride middle. Get out of the HOH once in a while, ladies.

The women have been cocooning while Monte gets more and more adamant about getting the votes to save Pooch. Ameerah of course, is ratting out everything to Monte, except her part in the get Pooch out conversation. It’s basically Monte had a plan, the alliance disagreed, so Monte is moving against his alliance who is moving against Monte (in a pretty cowardly way since they are afraid to say his name). I don’t see Monte buying anything that doesn’t fit his own narrative (he doesn’t believe Pooch asked to have Monte on the block… to the five people Pooch brought it to because it doesn’t fit his plan).

Alyssa is getting clarification from Britt. How will this go? Oh. Britt, you should ask each of them if you’re okay…. while they are gathering the wood for their next witchburning. Will her explanation strike a chord with Indy? Joseph went to her with the same crap today. How does she explain the other convos? I think how come all of you can talk to him, but I can’t is the cover.

Pooch is mad that Joseph told him to stop being touchy feely with him and keep Indy around and stop annoying the women. Pooch is talking shit about Joseph, who is throwing away his game trying to save Pooch. Oy. Kyle has joined Pooch and Turner. lovely. So let the Alyssa is a good girl nobody likes Indy talk begin. And it pretty much does immediately.

Yup. Indy believed the explanation Britt gave. The other women? Puhlease… these women love talking about female empowerment while they dismantle the worth of another woman. That’s their way.


SPOT ON (especially that last paragraph!

david bb22

Loving this messy gameplay. The season is starting to pick up.

un autre nom

Jasmine and Terrance about Monte:
i know we don’t have a thing like last year, but don’t actively go after one of us.

Also Jasmine: put Taylor on the block.
Also Terrance: Told Jasmine that Taylor isn’t a sister.

Sideye. mmhmmm. One eyelid spasming during an eyeroll. shakes head.