“Hannah makes such good point.. I think I want to nominate the same people I would rather Whitney goes home”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – WOW that was a lot of game talk in 2 hours. Christian will be nominating Hannah and Whitney. Depending on who talks to Christian/Alyssa last the target will shift. Right now it’s Whitney.

1:32 pm Jokers and the Kings
Christian – I want to know what you guys would do if you had won the comp.. the HOH
Azah – we all play our
DF – own games
Azah – I wasn’t personally aiming for you I was aiming for within the aces
Christian – Whitney and the aces or the aces in general
Azah – Umm my target was the W.. I don’t like to say names
Brit – for me personally Hannah has talked the least game.. umm.. I guess I mean I would have been the same .. the aces..
Brit – Hannah is playing a very good social game.. that had me nervous. I guess that would have been my target.
Christian – more scared of Hannah .. per se .. I guess..
Brit – we’ve all talked game with you all..
Christian – it’s interesting you picked the aces as the targes if they were in the same situation they would have picked you guys
Christian – they are trying to convince me of that. I want to have you guys back.. I want to make sure next week you guys have our bac… you know

Brit – you are saying in your meeting with them they said us? .. Interesting
Brit – they told me the exact opposite in every one of their one on ones. They said on their one on one ones that they hated the fact we were getting bullied. The word bullying was used. If one of us went up again it would be bullying round three
Christian – this is a team that has lied to get their team member out I don’t think you can say a single lie.
DF says if Whitney had won the HOH she’s coming for them. “it’s right there in front of your face walking with blonde extensions around the house.. you know what I mean I don’t know why we’re.. that’s just me looking from the outside in. I told both of you that.”
Christian – there is someone possibly controlling that blonde hair extension
Alyssa – do you think the W is the brains of it?
Christian – that’s what I’m trying to say
Brit – if you are getting to the encyclopedia in this house? I wouldn’t put it past her.
Brit says the vocal one is the W the encyclopedia is a little scary because of how much she knows about this game.

DF says Whitney told him “we should all go for the kings”
DF – for me you can keep her this week.. next week she wins you’re going up

1:42 pm Kings
X – I do remember what I wanted to say up to this point of the game our team as a whole has been position well
Christian – after that conversation I want my target to be Hannah if we lose they’re going after Britini
Alyss a- that was my point last night..
SB – that’s a good point
X – the queens want Whitney out the Jokers want Hannah the jokers want HTiney out the queens want Whitney out
Alyssa – WHy are we doing the work they want to do
Christian – that’s my point
Alyssa – they are not going after Hannah
Christian – the queens says Whitney and Britini
X – Britnini is the biggest threat on their team. (Jokers)
Alyssa – absolutely the queens will go after them the jokers will go after Whitney

Christian – I think Hannah is the target that’s what I’m thinking
X – let sput both of them up and see how the week goes
X – whats the likely hood the jokers win next week
Alyss a- they almost one
Sb – depends on what it is
X – true
Alyssa – no one is going after Hannah next week. Clearly, they were defending her.
Alyssa – KY just said as long as it’s not a royal flush I’m fine with anything
Alyssa – they are not going after Hannah next week
Christian – if I want Hannah to feel safe do I warn her she a pawn for Whitney?
X – say you don’t have a clear target right now.

X – at this point put their a$$es up one of them is going home .. F* it
SB – the veto might give us no choice
X – we might be f**ed put both of them up and Veto win is Hannah all of a sudden she comes alive she wins veto.

1:48 pm Aces have their meeting
Whitney – I want to push Ky as a nominee.. would you rather see yourself against BIGD, Azah, or Britini .. Or Ky
Whitney – he’s the only one that one a HOH that’s not a king.. he has a good relationship in the house. He’s made all these friendships. He’s a threat in every aspect of the game.
Whit – get out the social butterfly that’s also good at comps
Hannah – it’s definitely an angle..
Whitney doesn’t want to have the one-on-one with Sb in the room because she’s close to Ky.

1:57 pm Christian, SB, Xavier, Alyssa
Working on what Christianw will tell the nominees. Whitney and Hannah.
Derekx is not a pawn and he takes away a vote the aces.
Christian – that way i don’t get more blood on my hands
He doesn’t want to piss off two teams.
X – Ensure Whitney goes home. If she’s up with DerekX he goes home
Christian – I can’t put up another person
Christian – after the team meetings I know that the house is going after Whitney

2:16 pm Kyland and DX
Going on about what DX should say to Christian
DX – should I even try and like.. reinforce that line of reasoning putting up two jokers or is it not worth it
Ky – you as a flush member should just play that .. he’s all about the flush
Ky give him a debrief of the meeting in the HOH between the kings and the queens

2:33 pm Christian and Alyssa
Christian – Hannah makes such good points..
Alyssa – I know I keep going back and forth
Christian – I think I want to nominate the same people I would rather Whitney goes home
Alyssa – Ok good
Christian – Hannah was like I’ll be pissed off. She hasn’t lied to me yet.
Alyssa – she’ll work with us

2:40 pm Hannah, Alyssa and Christian
Alyssa – I’m telling you now if you are next to Britnini there is no way Whitney is staying
Hannah – do you think people will view her as the ultimate pawn
Alyssa – I see Britini as a threat, not a pawn
Hannah – 3 questions. My first question is if you put me up as a pawn will you gun for that veto? will you look me in the eyes?
Christian – I want to win everything
Hannah – is it in you best interest you’ve already won two comps
Alyssa – if it has to be him win another comp or Whitney wins it he’s going to gun for it
Christian – oh absolutely
Alyssa goes on about how Christian will win the comp if Whitney is coming close.
Christian – I wouldn’t want Whitney gone I want her out
Hannah – do you see anyone using the veto on Whitney and taking her down
Christian – after those team meetings I can tell you HELL NO
Hannah – you don’t think Britini?
Christian – no no
Alyssa – she knows one of her teammates will go up
Christian – I can tell her that
Hannah – so everyone is keeping noms the same
Christian – the only person that will use it is Whitney
Hannah – why are you so hesitant to throw up a joker next to Whitney, Why risk me going home when you have someone here.
Christian – you said you would vote with the house
Hannah – Whitney goes where the power goes
Christian says if a joker doesn’t go up this week it’s the best chance he doesn’t go up next week.
Christian explains he doesn’t want to piss off another team.
Hannah says if he takes out Whitney he doesn’t make her or DerekX mad
Hannah – you can’t promise the jokers safety because if one of us comes down one of them goes up they must know that
Alyssa says now that the two of them are safe what the house wants is Whitney out.
Hannah – the house meaning your team?
Alyssa- the house wanting Whitney out?
Hannah asks does her team thinks putting her up will take a vote away from Whitney.
Christian – that’s what eth house thinks.. because she’s on your team
Alyssa – if there is a joker you will vote for a joker over your team. that is what they believe.
Hannah tells them that the jokers told her they are going gun’s blazing and they would “the two of you on the block”
Alyssa – them as a team or BIGD?
Hannah – BIGD
Christian – ok
Alyssa – there is not way Azah and Britni are thinking what he thinks his logic is not logic
Hannah asks if she wins veto and they have to put a joker up “you have the jokers coming after you even more so”
Alyssa says BIGD won’t be winning any comps he can say whatever he wants.
Christian tells them it’s important that BabyD doesn’t know anything yet. “he’s not the greatest liar”
Hannah leaves

2:48 pm Tiffany and Xavier
Tiffany – who are they putting up?
Xavier says his teams reasoning is to keep Whitney because that keeps a prime target in the hose
X – it makes sense it’s hard to argue against
Tiffany – I thought of that to
Xavier pretty much says they came on too hot. This morning it was clear Whitney was the target but after the meeting it went sideways.
Tiffany – the thing is we have the votes but it will blow up our alliance
X – at this point Hannah has to win that damn veto we need to talk as a group
Tiffany – DerekX can win it pull her off the block why wouldn’t he. he’s in her alliance
X – Hannah has to win that Veto that’s the only way nothing gets exposed
X tells her he did so much work this morning, Christian and Alyssa were on board.
X – after that meeting with the jokers they were like the jokers want Whitney out really hard.
Tiff – why do I feel like all three of the jokers are just one?
Tiffany – they belong together what the f** did Frenchie do to them (LOL)
X – I don’t know
Tiffany – they’re all the same thinkers.. like they
X again this morning everybody was on board for Whitney
Tiffany – it’s because they don’t have a strong leader.
X – jokers needed to be first
X – they went last and now my entire team shifted to Hannah (I love jokers)
X – the jokers were so adamant and passionate going after Whitney

X says if Hannah doesn’t win the veto “We’re going to have to POW WOW”
X – after nominees Whitney might blow her own sh1t up if she acts poorly. Whitney might f** up so bad that it makes sense to get her out with everybody or Hannah has to win the veto that’s the position we’re in right now.
X – I did a lot of work this morning
Tiff – Whitney will come after me
X – she’s come after everybody (yeah she’s winning all the comps)
Tiff – why would someone go after someone in the house that is coming after everybody?
X really stresses how he had it all set up for them to target Whitney “BIGD came in with all that attitude”


X – I put my plan in place this morning and that sh1t worked until F**ing BIGD, Azah, and Britini open their f***ing mouths (see gif)
(This morning he’s right it was locked. Gotta love the sloppiness of the joekrs)

2:58 pm Christian and Alyssa after their meeting with Hannah.
Christian – that went really f***ing well
Alyssa – I feel so bad
Christian hopes Derekx plays for her and he hopes he wins so they can go “Ohh we won another one”
Christian – now I’m not stressed I think she’s the better option to stay
Christian – it’s got to be Hannah and BigD next week that dudes f**Ing nutz
Alyssa- he just doesn’t make sense.. Coming at us like that like he’s pissed at you because you had that discussion already with him what does that have to do with it?
Christian – we’re in a group setting dude I have to do this
Alyssa – he takes it too personally
Christian asks if he should do the other one on ones for “appearance”

3:06 pm Claire turns up the chill
(it’s been a good year for sunglasses.. first Azah’s giant squares and now Claire’s Hungarian punks)

3:12 pm Whitney snuggles in..

3:51 pm Claire and Christian
Christian says he’s not allowed to say who the nominees are.
Christian – I feel good about the target it’s the same target you have
Claire – I have a theory though it might be a double this week
Christian – THIS WEEK?
Claire – it makes sense it didn’t say I had safety for two weeks it said I had safety until Jury. If you think about it. Four wildcard comps. Four teams every team had four players like having a fifth wildcard comp kinda feels like awkward..
Christian – what would that mean I would have to nominate again? (LOL)
Claire – no
She explains how the double work
Christian – that’s terrible
Claire – that is a potential theory
Christian – you must feel good
Claire – yeah
they laugh
Claire – we’ve talked in circles but you, me, Tiff, and Alyssa
Claire – you’re doing a great job as HOH it’s hard..
Christian – I’m giving out too much information
Claire make sure you get good information too

3:56 pm chit chat about season 21 and Jackson assuming David had been “incarcerated” because of his skin colour
Claire runs through the kitchen.. They laugh because she’s Audrey from Big Brother 17

4:16 pm Kyland and Christian
Kyland says he doesn’t like that Britini is trying to protect Whitney.
Christian – if the double next week I’m screwed..
Kyland says his preference to go home will be Whitney but if Hannah were to go home it doesn’t change things between them.

4:22 pm Christian called into the Diary room. He panics. Kyland leaves and Alyssa come up to help him with his speech.

Feeds cut to Pound Puppies..

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So Christian is the “baby” of the group the way he is eating up advice especially from Claire & Tiffany. I just need clarification on 1 thing: Why did Christian say Derek X is a bad liar?


He doesn’t lie easily. He’s very honest so his face gives him away when he attempts to lie.

Paul Sucks

Bust out the Kraken Simon. This week has officially crossed that threshold.


Ok here is a fun thought, if whit wins the veto takes herself off, Claire is safe, and X keeps him from nominating a male.

So the D,s and ky are safe, leaving Tiff, Azah and Brit, the cookout would be forced to show their hand and push for Brit.

hopefully the showmance sees what is going on and throws Tiff or Azah up, personally I would throw Tiff up, simply to put scare into them.

Feeds Gold

so another bottom of the totem pole house target is selected for another boring week


big brother lover

it would be crazy if christian put up tiffany