Nomination Results! Christian “I mean you were frigging smiling. What the f**k you psychopath!?”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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5:32pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the nominations Whitney – don’t look at me like that, I am honestly fine. Its just a game. A game for almost a million dollars..

HOH room. Hannah and Christian.
Hannah – oh my god I couldn’t help but laugh at seeing my face up there. Christian – I know.. you’re laughing dude! Hannah – I know. Christian – what did you think of my speech? Hannah – it was well said. Christian – some people get rude. Hannah – it didn’t seem like anyone was the target. And you didn’t want to throw the jokers under the bus. Objectively speaking it was well spoken. Christian – thank you. I mean you were frigging smiling .. what the f**k you psychopath! Hannah laughs. I was smiling because it was an out of body experience. Christian – yeah. Hannah – I’m on the block. Nothing I can do about it now. What’s the plan of action. Christian – the plan of action .. you know Whit, she is going to blow up her own spot. So you, based on the team meetings… you’re already good. Anything she says .. I don’t think she could fabricate anything too incredible that would be a good pitch for her to stay. So we’ll let her run her mouth .. I gave her a hug and she didn’t want to hug me back .. which is fine. She just said, yeah everyone lied to you. I truthfully believe everyone over her. She just chases where ever the power goes so.. Its odd because for the last two weeks she’s been trying to get close to the kings. Hannah – where as that is not me. Christian – exactly. You don’t run to the power which I respect a lot more. Hannah – thank you. Christian – You lay low. You already act like you’re unaffected by it. She is already acting like she is affected by it. See how that plays out .. But if we were to vote today you would still stay of course. I just have to make sure that stays that way. And of course there’s the veto comp. I think its best if Derek X plays if you get House Guest choice. Hannah – okay. And if he wins it stays the same and Whitney still goes home. I don’t expect him to use it. We’re both his teammates and I wouldn’t want it to upset their personal relationship. As long a Whitney does not come off the block, then I feel okay. Christian – I don’t want to win but I want to win of course over you or her. So I will stay in until I can confirm that she won’t be taken off. And that is you, her and literally anyone else could win. Hannah – and you’re pretty confident that people won’t use this to take a shot at me? Christian – no. Hannah – Talking with her (Whitney) I could say I could be the target, you could be the target.. I’m pretty sure they’re just trying to take a shot at our team but they probably don’t care who goes. Christian – you could also throw out.. maybe they’re trying to backdoor Derek X. Christian – we just have to decide with option to pick either that you’re the target or the backdoor option. Hannah – she isn’t going to believe that little old me who hasn’t won anything would be the target .. so I think the backdoor option. Christian agrees. Hannah – In the event that she does (win veto), you did tell me that you would put up Brit as the replacement because that is who I would feel most comfortable against. And I am trusting you on that. Christian – yeah, and she wouldn’t survive three weeks on the block.

Chess room. Alyssa and Derek X.
Alyssa – it couldn’t be you because you’re with us and he couldn’t put you up because you’re a guy and 3 guys have gone home.. so it had to be Hannah. Whitney was telling the girls that she was going after Christian and X … and telling the guys that she was going after me and SB. The only person Hannah said was that she would maybe put up SB if she had to. She was the only possible best pawn without pissing off another team. The only person that we would put up next to Whitney. It can’t be Big D because again .. 3 guys have gone. It can’t be Ky, Tiff or Claire.. So its either Azah or Brit… and we’ve already put Brit up so many times.. it would be the easiest option but I don’t think Whitney has the votes over Brit. That is why. Derek – that makes sense. And it makes sense because its the same team. Everyone wants to make sure the narrative is correct.. But when it comes to our team no one is worried about the narrative. But for our narrative why piss off two teams if we don’t have to. If one of them comes off the block then we put up Britini and Hannah stays. Derek – yeah I think it does makes sense.

Living room. Whitney talking to Xavier.
Whitney – I was being honest about all of it.. Like do you guys realize that all the other teams wanted you out and I came to you and said hey don’t throw it like everyone else is telling you to. That is the part that I am just really frustrated about. I guess I just needed to do a better job at lying than being honest.

HOH room. Alyssa, Christian, Xavier and Sarah.
Christian – Hannah is chilling. Xavier – Whitney is not. Alyssa – Whitney didn’t even look at me. Christian – Whitney is fuming. Xavier – I had a feeling that would happen. Christian – Hannah and I talk about it and we were thinking that there is no way Whitney is going to believe that Hannah is that target over Whitney so I think .. Xavier – Whitney already thinks that she’s the target. Christian – I know she thinks she’s the target but that’s because she is next to Hannah. I think if we can make her think that Baby D. Alyssa – do you think we can get her to believe Derek X is the target. Xavier – I don’t think she is stupid. Sarah – I think it can work like Brent where he had just enough doubt to not freak out. Xavier – if we get rid of Whitney this week, we have to make damn sure Hannah doesn’t win next week. Sarah – but my worry is that we don’t have the support to get Hannah out. The queens don’t want Hannah out. The Jokers don’t want Hannah out. We’re hedging our bets that one of us three will win again next week. Alyssa – I do believe that if the queens win next week they will just want Brit out over Hannah. Sarah – if the queens win they’re not going after Hannah. If the Jokers win next week they’re not going after Hannah. Obviously, if Hannah wins next week she is not going after Hannah. Hannah is not going to go before jury unless she goes this week or we win again next week. Alyssa – damn that’s true too. F**K! Christian – everyone one of the queens said whatever way I want the votes to go they would vote because its my HOH and it doesn’t matter as its outside of the royal flush. Xavier – so you want Whitney. Christian – I don’t want her around like that. Alyssa – I am okay with either one. Sarah – we’ll just win again. Its time for a girl to win.

Whitney and Hannah
Whitney – Honestly I think I am the one going home if I don’t win the veto. Hannah – okay so here is what I am wondering.. because I don’t see why he would take a shot at me specifically or you specifically. I wonder if he is just taking a shot at our team. And what better way to hurt us than to eliminate Derek X. Whitney – so you think we could potentially be a backdoor for Derek X? Hannah – I think we could be .. I mean why waste your HOH on me or you. Whitney – I would rather just go home. I love Derek and I think he is playing a really good game. I think he is playing really hard. I am okay just going home to see my kids. Hannah – true but don’t just roll over and die. (WTF just let her go she’s against you on the block) Whitney – I won’t just roll over..

HOH room. Christian, Claire and Tiffany.
Tiffany – people are targeting y’all as a duo and it is obvious that Claire and I are a duo. So if they’re targeting duos then we’re just the same as you guys. It doesn’t matter the nature of the relationship. So it would make sense for duos to stick together. Alyssa – so then we look out for each other because they’re going to come after us first. Christian – we think that once it gets done to the royal flush we definitely think that we’re at the bottom.

6:38pm Bedroom. Xavier and Whitney.
Xavier – all of out names have been brought up. Whitney – out of my mouth? Xavier – you would put two guys up or two girls up. Which he will probably tell you that in your meeting. Whitney – did that come out of Hannah’s mouth or my mouth specifically? Xavier – I don’t believe that came out of Hannah’s mouth. We were told that’s what you were saying about us. Whitney – okay. I will wait for you guys to go back and watch these episodes so you can see that wasn’t true because I genuinely wanted to work with you guys. And YOU have been my favourite person in the house. Xavier – I was surprised when I heard that you said something about me too. So I am not exactly gleeful right now. Whitney – that never happened so. You have literally been my favourite person in the house. Literally your name never came out my my mouth .. but this makes a lot more sense now. Its just a game so I feel dumb for being emotional. Xavier – me too.. we’re two blubbering adults.

6:50pm – 7:10pm HOH room. Whitney and Christian.
Christian – I hope my speech made sense. Whitney – I talked to X and he made it all really clear. I don’t know where that would have come from. Because I came straight to you guys and said just so you know the whole house is planning on taking you guys out and I said I wouldn’t trust Hannah because she keeps saying for you to throw it. Don’t throw it because this is what’s happening. And I straight up told you if I won this week I would probably do Sarah Beth against someone else .. just to save face with the house I did tell you guys that. But literally you name, Alyssa’s name and X’s name never came out of my mouth. Like you three are my favourite people in the house other than my own teammates. I don’t know Sarah Beth that well which is why I said her to save face for the next week and after that it doesn’t make much sense because its jury after that. I look forward to you going back and watching these episodes to see that I didn’t say that. I would have done the same thing in your position .. I am just so confused. Christian – from my perspective how could everyone get on the same page with what they said. Whitney – If I go out this week I would keep an eye on Kyland. I’ve had a weird feeling about him.

Living room – Whitney and Big D.
Whitney – so basically you know how everyone wanted the kings out. I was talking to my whole team about .. and I know you’re going to hate me because I know you like him but .. I see that Ky changing a lot the last several days. I see him creating a close friendship with a member from each group. I’ve seem him act differently. I told my team that it should be Ky. Literally a second after I talk to my team he grabs Ky and talks with him for an hour.

8:40pm The house guests have dinner.

9:20pm Big D – Welcome the BBC auditions for the theme song to finish up season one!

First up – Tiffany: Tiffy Toes

Second up – Kyland and Derek X: Rush Hour

Third Up – Hannah and Azah: The Brigette’s

Forth up – Sarah and Brit: Sarah & Brit

9:30pm Storage room. Alyssa, Big D ad Xavier deliberate to pick the winner. They come back to the living room and tell each of the hopefuls what they liked and didn’t like about their auditions.

The winner is – Hannah and Azah: The Brigette’s

9:50pm – 10:05pm Episode 7 of the Big Blue Couch (BBC)

10:15pm – 11pm The house guests are playing their BB Mafia London edition game.

11pm Living room.
Big D – I’m just f**king bored and I’m hungry and I have to go to sleep soon. Claire – how is the havenot room. Big D – Lovely! I just love everything about the havenot room. My feet just slide down like I’m on a slide. I love every minute of it. I love every time I move it sounds like a f**king elephant is coming through the room. Everything is beautiful about the havenot room. I just love the sound of someone coming to kill me in the middle of my sleep. Love it! Beautiful! I wouldn’t be surprised if I fall through the floor soon. Do you miss the havenot room? Claire – no! Xavier – you’re really avoiding that room like the plague. Big D – its horrible because I can literally move and wake up the hole.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

111:20pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Whitney.
Whitney – when I saw my name I was incredibly confused because as far as I knew we had a really good relationship. Alyssa – me and you? Or the team? Whitney – Like I thought I got along really will with you guys. I don’t know. I thought so too. Whitney – so the only thing that could have happened because the whole house was against you which is why I went to you and I said hey I know you were told to throw the veto like by Hannah. Telling Christian that it might be a good idea to throw it. Alyssa – throw the veto? Or the HOH? Whitney – the HOH. So that is why I went to you guys and said Hey I don’t think that’s a good idea. I wouldn’t have done that if I was actually against you. Alyssa – it was mainly because when we asked people who to put up a lot of people were saying your name. And a lot of people were saying you were telling the girls you were going to put up X and Christian and you were telling the guys you would put up Alyssa and SB. Whitney – and that never happened and that’s why I wanted to talk to you so badly. I straight up told you guys I would put up SB. I told you, Christian and X about that.. So I didn’t lie about that and I would have put up someone else as well because I still wanted to work with you guys. Then I had a meeting with my team and we decided we would tell you to put up the two of the jokers because you’ll have less blood on your hands and they aren’t a huge threat. And I was like what about Ky? Because I’ve seen Ky have different relationships with people and act kind of sneaky over the last few days. So I had a conversation with Derek X and said I know you guys have a really close friendship and relationship but I really think that Ky is the biggest competition so it would probably be smarter to get out Ky. Alyssa – I know that Christian didn’t want to put up a guy because 3 guys already went home. I knew that he wouldn’t put up Tiffany and Claire is safe so I knew it would be someone from your team. Whitney – I know that I am most likely going home. It is whatever, I get to go see my kids. I really do think that Ky is a really good orchestrator. Alyssa – I just know that Christian didn’t want to put up a guy. Whitney – I get that, I just don’t want you to think that I actually said that.

11:35pm Xavier in Whitney’s bed. Whitney – I’m on the block sorry but I really need a hug.

11:38pm – 11:55pm Bedroom. Xavier and Alyssa.
Alyssa to Xavier – Dad, I need some advice. Alyssa talks to Xavier about how Christian wants her to sleep in the HOH room but she isn’t sure since tomorrow is the veto and she knows if she goes up they’ll stay up later. She then tells Xavier about her conversation with Whitney. Christian joins them. Xavier tells them – once you pick a target, don’t go back and forth. Christian – no we’re good. Xavier – good, now all we need to do is compete. Alyssa tells Xavier – if he (Christian) gets House Guest choice he is picking you. Xavier – okay. Alyssa – SB would be the second choice and then Me.

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Not necessarily. 1) Whitney could win the POV and we would see the drama stemming from that 2) Hannah could win and there would be drama in terms of the replacement & 3) Drama having nothing to do with the nominees. Claire (even though she didn’t need to be) & Tiffany were crafty as hell with Christian since he is the youngest of the group. Also I don’t know why he had to have Alyssa come up with an idea (and most of the words) for the Nomination speech for him


ya 4 boring weeks of house targets,….now this is gameplay worthy of 750k…FACEPALM

Fraggle Rockbottom

Going all according to “the plan”. See BBCAN. It will get interesting once there is no more diversity in the house. I also doubt my truthful comments will make it past the censors.


Awe shucks! What will become of BB without an all white ending?? But kudos to you for wanting diversity.


I was hoping to see two jokers up there but there is still hope that either Hannah or Whitney comes down and he throws one of them up regardless. It’s time for a girl to go home imo.


Sarah Beth is starting to be catty w her whiny voice

another name

I didn’t know how to adequately express this in words.


Interesting map. I saw another map. What I realize Whitney made a couple alliances but unfortunately at least one is dead. Did she not realize that she should of officially aline with Xavier. I think he enjoys flirting and cuddling but you’ve never connected in an official partnership in the game. Right now she’s a free-floating piece in the house. So getting rid of dead weight is easy. All can change if she wins POV.

another name

It matters little to me if she stays or goes. Realistically, what has she brought to the table so far? I can say that about many of them, don’t get me wrong, but she’s included in that number.
Her big game idea last week was post veto ceremony trying to start an alliance with every comp winning man she feels she can successfully flirt with or manipulate… and one other woman she considers expendable, leaving her surrounded by phallic symbols. Even in that grouping, she brought nothing to the table in terms of her ability that would make them want to partner with her. What was their incentive? That hoodie?

The Beef

I totally agree with you about Whitney, but there are so many others like her in that house. They’r’e pretty easy to name and you tell me if you disagree with me. Azah, Britini, Derek F, all of who have won nothing so far in this game, but not only that, they also have contributed nothing to the strategy or the social aspects of the game. Continuing with Alyssa and Hannah, who also have won nothing, but Hannah has at least been active in social gaming, while Alyssa has been more concerned about what Christian has inside his pants. Now I actually think Hannah has been actively involved in the game, and while she hasn’t won anything yet, that’s because she either threw competitions intentionally, or didn’t need to win, so I don’t really include her in with the rest here.


no point trying to map out the alliances this season, its so messy

another name

true. but these two specifically CANNOT win HOH and nominate 2 houseguests without exposing their own game because they have an alliance with basically EVERYONE, right?




These people frustrate me. Maybe I missed it, but have the “outs” figured out that the kings and queens are working together? From reading this convo today, it doesnt seem like it.

Not one person that i read commented on how fishy last weeks wildcard was with DX and Tiffany ganging up on Brit, and then Tiffany saying no to the least harmful option….

No one on the outs (brit, whit, hannah) have put it together.

I dont count azah and bigD on the outs…. they are protected by the cookout…

none of them have put it together…. very disappointing.


Having seen the actual wildcard comp last week, they were perfectly within their rights to do what they did. The way she was carrying on I thought they did a version of a football blitz on her