“There we go, Steer everybody on the Whitney train”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner:
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hannah and Whitney are going up. I have a feeling this week’s vote might be contested. Right now Xavier was able to talk his team into changing their target from Hannah to Whitney. If Whitney wins the wildcard and safety for her team we’re in for all kinds of fun.. Whitney will be playing against Claire and BIGD/Azah in the competition.

8:25 pm DX and Ky
Dx talks about his experience in the have nots
“It was great I slept on a slant.. just the way my body just fell off and my feet hung touched the floor. it was great I loved every minute of it”

8:29 am Hannah and Ky
Hannah – I spoke to Christian
Ky – who did you say you would go after?
Hannah – I didn’t give names. I just said people would be in my ear about putting up a king but ultimately I don’t know what I would do. I’m not even sure I want to win the HOH.
Ky – I would say.. you didn’t want to put up a king because you think that would be a big target, Any one of them. You are playing a low profile game You were going after a joker because they wouldn’t be a threat and you would have to worry about them less..

Ky – say you talked it over with someone you trust.. I will let them know later that was me you said that because of the house pressure you probably put up SB because if you put up anyone else they would probably go home and you know that she wouldn’t.
Ky – I’m going to talk to them later and tell them that I what I told you to say..
Hannah – are they suspicious
Ky -probably
Hannah – are they suspicious of other people.
Ky – it’s not suspicions.. we just have to cover our bases.
Hannah – I pulled Alyssa aside before the HOH comp and said listen I’m not sure what you heard but if you hear I’m targeting Alyssa and SB did not come out of my mouth
Hannah – she said I would have never believed that

8:42 pm Xavier and Christian
Christian – I was looking at the wall no matter who I look at.. it only makes sense for those people. No one else.. besides those two people and the jokers would have come after me next week.
Christian adds he’s not even sure the jokers would.
Xavier says if they can make it through this week without putting u a joker that would be ideal.
X – let’s say we choose to take Whitney out this week. Hannah is still around there’s a target that will be left in the house.
Christian plans to meet with people after the wildcard competition
Xavier gives him reasons to say to Hannah and Whitney about his nominations. “I don’t have a clear target right now but both of you have voiced you have reason to come after me and my team and for that, I’ve made these nominations it’s nothing personal. It for myself and my team as well”
Christian – that’s super simple.. no one will get a sense of who is going home
Xavier says he doesn’t want Whitney in jury “She’s not going to vote for us”
Christian – Hannah won’t either.
X continues to give reasons to keep Hannah says it doesn’t make sense for Hannahs’s game to come after them but for Whitney it does..
Brit comes in for a minute.. After she leaves ..
X goes on about how smart everyone says Hannah is so it would make for her to want to take a shot at the jokers. “everyone knows our team is strongest”
Christian says she’s not scared of Whitney.
Christian adds that Wthiney won’t win anything she hasn’t done anything to scare him as far as comps go.

X – If Whitney wins she’s bold enough to take a shot at two of us.. If Hannah wins .. I think Hannah is more likely to win the comp I don’t think Hannah is dumb enough to put two of us up
Christian – Backdoor?
X – no.. She won’t touch us for her long-term game that doesn’t make sense.. she knows we’re coming after her.
Christian – Put Hannah up as the pawn and her not come after me next week?
X – yeah I do
X – When I see Hannah it’s like DerekX they are looking for someone strong
Christian suggests he gives Hannah a warning that she’s going up as the pawn.
X – Hannah’s the pawn Whitney’s the target

Christian – I don’t think this week will be unanimous
X – it’ll be a majority either way
X – who would be bold enough to take that shot (against them)

X – the person to make a bold move is Whitney
Christian – but Hannah is most likely to win
X – Hannah is kinda on our side. Whitney said she would put anyone of us up which has me concerned.
Christian – Hannah told me she wouldn’t put me up.. I can’t f**Ing put her up then
X tells him he can. The same thing that happened with him and Brit last week. He knew Brit wasn’t going.
Christian – I have got to put her up and then repair the relationship (Hannah)
Christian – I think Wildcard is at 10 o’clock again.

Xavier – the key is before noms make everyone feel they’re safe..
Christian – I feel like whatever I do I feel like people are going to know it’s just not my decision
Christian leaves..

Xavier talks to the camera
“There we go, Steer everybody on the Whitney train”

9:24 am Alyssa has made avocado toast for everyone again. DerekF is hiding from them eating.

DF -F***ing hair everywhere I can’t take it.

9:43 pm Alyssa and Hannah
Alyssa says Christian is doing one on one’s with his team because he’s scared to do them by himself
Alyssa – do you know who was saying you were coming after me and SB? do you know?
Hannah – someone I trust said that someone else told him that someone else was told
Alyssa – I feel that whoever is saying that about you is wanting to do that
Hannah- someone told someone else that someone told someone I trust that told me.. I don’t know names.
Alyssa says she knew if the kings lost at least one of them would have gone up probably two.

9:53 am Hannah and Xavier
Hannah brings up what Kyland advised her to do. She’s not confident doing that.
Xavier talks her through what she should tell Christian. Hannah will tell them her target would have been the jokers. It would mean the least blood on her hands. If she absolutely had to put up a King she would put up the person that had the best chance of staying. Sarah Beth
Xavier – Don’t go around talking about our names with anybody. They are going to twist it. Don’t give them a reason to come to us with some sh1t

10:02 am After Hannah leaves
Xavier – alright things are starting to come through.. wasn’t planning on having to work this early
(Xavier has shifted the target from Hannah to Whitney)

Alyssa comes in says after their talk last night she’s fine with Whitney leaving this week. “It’s making sense now”
Alyssa – for the teams sake and for your sake you don’t have to worry about her cuddling with you and people thinking that .. I think we could get Hannah to work with us
Xavier says if Whitney wins HOH she would be bold and target two of the Kings.
X – if one of us goes up we’re fine if two of us go up one will be sitting there at eviction night and that is an issue.
Adds that Hannah is the better competitor but if she wins HOH she’s less likely to go after them and more likely to work with them.
Xavier – Christian agrees
Alyss a- but still put them both on the block
X – yeah
Alyssa – She’s smart and that worries me but that should make me feel better about it.
X – any smart person in this game wouldn’t come after us.. we’re bada$$
Alyssa doesn’t know if Sarah Beth will agree with the target changing.
Xavier says Hannah will be gone next week.
Alyssa – I’m agreeing more so now..
Alyssa says they can let Christian pick who he wants out.
Alyssa says Hannah is going on the block unless Whitney wins the wildcard..

X- I guess we’ll see how the wildcard goes.

10:09 am feeds cut to pound puppies for Wildcard

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BB fan

Hannah- “someone told someone else that someone told someone I trust that told me.. I don’t know names”

She is so full of SH1T after this comment-she made no sense! After last nights episode she said to Whit and Derek X I’ll do it I’ll be the one to take the shot to put them up and win because she thinks she’s a beast competitor that can throw comps and win whenever she wants too?!? Awful at comps she is.

They need to send HANNAH OUT THE DOOR NOW! You can tell she is lying to Alyssa face with that bullsh1t run around comment ugh someone this and someone said that and I don’t know names?!?
She had full intention of putting up Christian and Alyssa- they need to target her because she was so full of Sh1t trying to cover up her tracks !


Hannah is low hanging fruit, if theyre only going to put up 2 girls it should be Tiff and Claire with Tiff as the target

Alyssas forehead

Simon where can I find the houseguest solo swimsuit photos that they do every year in the backyard?


ya i want that gorgeous forehead in a solo pink bikini swimsuit photo too


Alyssa’s forehead, are you kidding me lol? Someone seems insecure and jealous here

Big Brother 23 Fan

Nice that they will let Christian decide since it’s his HOH. LOL

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Yeah and look who he put up….This has gotten so predictable, why not just have the playa’s read their scripts in front of the cameras….I’m confused, is this BBCAN or BBUS, can’t tell much of a difference. Nevermind, Christian is gone next week, guaranteed.