Cody “Victoria let everyone know what we’ve been dealing with.. you’re a slob! You’re a joke!”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 02-08-00-287

12:10am Caleb misses hitting his ball and Cody laughs at him saying missed your ball completely there bud! Caleb puts the pool stick on the table and goes to head inside. Cody says ROOKIE! Caleb says let me say what Cody says .. Umm he didn’t really beat me. Caleb calls Cody a CHUMP! Cody says yeah go clean the cups! Caleb asks did you like that salad on the table? Did you like that coke on the table? Did you like that glass on the table? Cody says none of that was mine! Caleb says you ate the salad. Cody says I made the potatoes and I cleaned the potatoes so shut up! Cody asks how much of the dinner did you clean up that you scoffed? Caleb asks you talking to me!? Cody says yeah I am, you ate most of it!! Caleb says no I didn’t! Cody asks how much chicken did we make?! Caleb says I didn’t eat the salad! Cody says you ate all of it!! Caleb says I helped make the chicken!! Cody yells did you help clean it?! Caleb says I cleaned my stuff! Cody says thanks for helping us clean yet again! Big surprise!! Thanks to Victoria for letting everyone else know though! Caleb asks what?! Cody says Victoria let everyone know what we’ve been dealing with for the last 89 days! 84? 85? Caleb asks what are you talking about? Cody says you’re a SLOB!! Caleb says you’re a slob! You’re a joke! Cody says you’re a joke! Caleb says you’re ugly! Cody says wow! Caleb goes inside and slams the door. Cody says I’m glad I said it. Caleb comes back out and watches Frankie and Derrick’s game. The guys continue to play each other. Cody and Frankie spin and the pool stick around like a “ninja”. Frankie tells Cody to try and kill me. Cody starts to attack him and Frankie bends over.

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1:50am Frankie and Caleb do their ab workout. Caleb, Cody and Frankie sit in the backyard chairs and talk. Caleb starts talking about his past girlfriends and lost loves.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 02-52-00-370
1:55am Frankie is up in the HOH room talking to Caleb. Caleb says I am done with this I’ve been in jail for 3 months. Frankie asks you don’t want me to be evicted do you? Caleb asks do I want you to go out? Caleb shakes his head and says no. But I have no say so if you are gone or not. Frankie says do you think I am going to go? Caleb says I don’t know that. They haven’t said to me you were, so if they do their thing, they didn’t tell me that. From what I know Victoria is going home that’s why were all wondering why she seems so happy. Caleb says Cody even said it that he hates that she feels so safe. She’s gotten here free. She hasn’t done nothing. Caleb says they haven’t said anything to me and as far as I know we’re going to be the final four and I hope we are the final 4. Frankie says me too. But what if you’re the deciding vote. Caleb says I don’t think I would be. I don’t think they would do that. They will both agree on something.. we will all agree on something. Frankie says it sucks that its even a question at this point. I am just pissed off that I got put up without warning. And then I got smoked in the veto. We have come so far to not be honest at this point. I’ve saved you so many times in this game. Caleb says you’ve saved me one time with the veto. Frankie says saved you in the battle of the block and two people tried to backdoor you in this house and I was the person that convinced them not to. Caleb asks who?! Frankie says does it matter. Caleb says yeah it matters. Frankie says it almost happened twice and I saved you. Caleb says I’m not worried about that. If you stay lets battle it out in the final 4 and final 2. I can’t wait to get out to see who really has my back in this game. Frankie says I don’t think they’re going to pull a swift one. Caleb says and if they do I will know about it and we’ll talk about it. Frankie doesn’t understand why he had to go on the block Caleb says you tried to get me on the block. You were talking to Christine about it. Neither one of them two have ever said to put me up. I had 3 people that have been loyal to me. Cody had been sweating bullets all week. Derrick didn’t get to play in the HOH twice so for him I didn’t think it was fair. Frankie says Derrick wasn’t going to win those HOH! Doesn’t matter if he played. Ever .. in a million years. I earned my right to be safe for the whole week. I kept you safe. Caleb says you were safe for that week. Frankie says I was hurt and felt blind sided. Caleb says those guys have never wronged me. Frankie says that you know of. Caleb says Derrick has never wronged me .. Cody I’m not so sure about. Frankie says why wouldn’t you take a shot at me the only thing is we made a pact together and I kept you all safe last week but money makes people do horrible things. Frankie says I don’t want to be blind sided and the world would be pissed. They end their conversation and Frankie leaves.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 02-57-42-380
2:50am – 3:55am Up in the HOH room – Derrick joins Caleb. They talk about the finale coming up soon and the after party. Frankie joins them again. They talk about how they sent everyone home. The discussion turns to talking about All-Stars and who would come back. Frankie says imagine coming in here where everyone is a beast from day 1! They head down stairs. Derrick talks to Cody about how its obvious Hayden doesn’t like us. Cody says When Nicole came back its obvious he told her there are people you can’t trust .. CODY. But I understand it I put a hot iron to his face…. to the back of his head. But he gave an awkward a$$ kiss when he was on national tv. Cody says yeah kid’s a f**king clown dude! But Zach’s my dude! Derrick goes into the fire room and says to the camera wow people don’t know when to shut their mouths… like Victoria do you want me to play for you as well?! Unreal! Unreal! Unbelievable. Just shut UP! Derrick lays in bed and then gets up and heads to the kitchen. Cody and Victoria joins him. They’re eating and talking about how bitter the jury is.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 03-53-31-182

4am Cody and Victoria start chasing each other through the house spraying each other with shaving cream. Cody tells Victoria he is going to wreck her. Victoria asks oh you’re going to wreck me?! Wreck me!? Cody says I am going to dump it all over you. Big Brother says that’s what she said! Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds comes back Cody grabs Victoria and she screams. Big Brother says I said STOP IT! Big Brother blocks the feeds again. Cody and Victoria are in the earth room. Victoria gets some shaving cream on his bed. He says this is where I sleep. Victoria calls a truce. Victoria goes into the fire room and Cody hides behind the door. She comes out and he chases her and squirts her. Big Brother says I said knock it off!!! Cody runs to the kitchen and Victoria goes to Cody’s bed and squirts shaving cream on his bed. Cody screams from the kitchen you better not get any on my bed!!! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 04-01-09-026

4:10am – 4:25am When the feeds come back Cody takes off his sheets and takes them outside to wash them. He tells Victoria that he’s bringing Caleb into it. Victoria tells him not to. He says I have no where to sleep!! Cody tells her that he is going got get her a lot worse then she got him. I hope you sleep well. I hope you enjoy it! Victoria ask what does that even mean? Victoria says you’re such a baby. Cody says I’m the one cleaning the mess you made! Cody says sleep tight! Victoria asks are you threatening me?! Is that a threat!??? Victoria goes into the fire room and then comes back out to follow Cody around. He tells her that Caleb and him are going to think of something good to get her back with.. and that she should sleep now while she can. She keeps saying he started it.

4:40am Cody is staying up playing pool while he waits for his sheets to be cleaned.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 04-42-52-348

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Frankies Skankie Shorts

If you don’t vote Frankie for AF the Bieb will egg your house. Also……what is wrong with Disney that they turn their tween stars into Hooker wannabes after they go through puberty? (My Everything cover)

Perfect Situation

Bieber is pussy with a small penis.


Like you?

bobs penile implant

“Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”


AFP voting…Christine 10 votes, Zach, 1000 votes, Donny 5000 votes, Frankie 70 million votes!

The group is starting to lose it over dirty dishes. Vic successfully planted the seed after their weak spot was noted by Julie. Again, Julie and the producers are rigging the game for Vic.


Here’s what we’re left with…snot sucker, death stare eyeballs, stinky stalker, leg humper and barney fife. Woo Hoo! Best season eva! Right Zane? 😉


I may have had a fleeting thought that it would be ironic for Victoria to win…but is would be a terrible precedent going forward to give the impression that you need to be a mindless dimwit to win the half mill.


Who’s from Disney?


His sister is on Nickelodeon in a show that has been cancelled called Sam and Cat… not Disney…when my grandaughter was watching I said omg that screeching voice is so annoying…and it was Ariana….

Eure ka!

Hmmm…you’re a grandmother and you find a young pop stars voice annoying. Perfect cliche’ much?

La Hoosers

If They don’t vote Frankie out on Tuesday then they all deserve to lose. Such an unlikable group of people that we are left with.

If Victoria somehow makes it to final two… I’d laugh my ass off if she won it. Imagine DerPricks face if he were sitting beside her.

Now THAT would be “good TV”


After the first 3 weeks, I was torn between Derrick and Frankie for the win. I looked forward to their very different game play and teetered on judging their success. While I still believe that of the remaining HG’s, one of them deserve to prevail, I find it difficult to cheer on either one. They both have shown a side of themselves that isn’t very attractive. Aside from the expected lying, deceiving, plotting and backstabbing that we all should expect, I saw character flaws that kinda make me sick. I will watch til the bitter end, but can’t say that I really care who takes home the loot. 🙁

Ariana Grande stinks

What do you think she did to come to the top of the charts?
It’s not her (screamy, froggish) voice…

The Truth

Her family is super rich. Frankie a couple of weeks ago, alluded to the family has spent a lot of money to make his sister famous. Money talks and bullshit walks is the saying.


Ariana is better than this show ok, her album is number one btw =D


First, this is a forum about Big Brother. Not Ariana Grande. Her brother is playing this game. Her being a “musician/singer” should be immaterial to this discussion. It is only an issue because Frankie is riding her coat tails. If he was going to become famous for his talent, it would already have happened.
Furthermore, since you have brought up her “talent” I will feel free to give my opinion. She makes a pretty noise. She however does not enunciate. So that all you can really hear is a garbled hum. She is a cute girl who does dress provacatively . It doesn’t make her a whore. Her family selling their souls for fame makes them all whores. Having a number one album, doesn’t mean it is good. It just means she is well marketed. And it doesn’t mean she will be famous next year.


Someone needs to do her and hard


AR Is nickelodeon not disney, smart ass hater, and woman can dress sexy without being hookers, who are you sarah palin, or newt gingrich?


People can dress like clowns without being clowns also… They still look like clowns

Get a clue

Misogynist. Yes, you are, by virtue of that statement. Maybe if you update yourself on the current state of gender repression, you’ll know why. Other than that, anything you have to say about it is only contributing to your ignorance.


Way to fight the cause! Keep up the good work 🙂


janellefan1 a dumbo.

Big Brother is only political INSIDE the house,

Yes, Janelleffan1 is a political ignoramus. Bless her heart.
She should Google some of the sexist quotes from Harry Reid or Joe Biden. A little education would really help you out JF1.

Mean Girls, BB Edition

Not that it matters much, but Ariana was a “Tween Star” on Nickleodeon. With our knowing a little bit of her family dynamics, it’s not too surprising that she’s taken the “slutty route” to pop stardom. After all she had Frankie as a role model as she was growing up. Remember he’s 10 years older than she is.


Yes Ariana was on Nickelodeon.
Yes, she dresses provocatively. The nudes that were allegedly of here where fake. Her response was not that classy or what a prudish person would deem appropriate “… they are fake I have a better ass.”
Her brother is a repulsive schmuck, so is my brother, just because he acts bad does not mean she does. Every family has that person that makes you go “Oh Nooo.”, we still love them.
There is a horribly awkward stage when performers transition from Child to teen to adult. Industry tell them to sex it up and especially the female performers are told to dress provocative and shed their good girl reputation. That is all smoke and mirrors, it is not real.
BTW…. stope calling people whores… the correct term is Sex Worker. Being a Sex Worker does not make you a bad person. Some of the sweetest people I know are Sex Workers or former Sex Workers.

Eure ka!

AWESOME last paragraph…you really brought it home.

A much cooler Christine

Fucking lol. You can really tell he went all out there.


JUST BECAUSE SHE CLAIMS THE NUDES WERE FAKE DOES NOT MEAN THEY WERE FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is trying to salvage what little is left of her reputation because she is a Tween pop “star” but bet THE NUDES OF HER ARE REAL and maybe the word SLUT is better than the word WHORE!!! She came from the say disgusting family as Frankie so pretty sure she is just as a disgusting slut as he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need a cheap BJ…maybe you could hook me up, brah?

If we all... really loud at Frankie’s eviction, maybe CBS will make the necessary changes in it’s BB17 lineup. I suggest they open up an online forum for all of us to give our input on what we think will make the show successful going forward. Give us what we want and we will keep watching. Simple as that!


Frankie’s sister isn’t a Disney star…she was on Nickalodeon dummy. Not to mention she is 21!


Pretty sure Ariana Grande was a Nikelodeon hooker…not Disney. They’ve always been the B-list.


Not Disney. She’s Nickelodeon.




Le sigh~


“Frankie says I don’t want to be blind sided and the world would be pissed.”
WTF are you talking about Frankie!!!! You are really insane b#$ch…
It’s time for you to prepare your eviction speech. #BADKARMA for you…


The only reason I’ve continued to watch this season is to watch all of Derrick’s sheep get the treatment they dished out to others. After gleefully positioning himself to get the full reaction of other houseguests being blindsided………Frankie doesn’t want to be blindsided????? Karma is a b!tch.


Really Frankie? And “the whole world would be pissed”???? WOW…

The Whole World

For the record, I am ok with Frankie going home.


You said it brother


Speaking for myself and Mars, we won’t be upset either.

Sick in bed

That was way too funny for my headache.


Not pissed…..more like ecstatic!
After reading the latest Joan and Frankie (Ariana doing them) tweets the whole family s*cks!

Cackling Hyena

So the last two girls in the house decided to play like the silly girls that they are…

Clueless in Seattle

I didn’t realize until the last few weeks how clueless Caleb or should I say Beast Mode really is. He actually makes Cody look smart. And Victoria, why is she even on the show. It would have saved CBS a lot of money if they just brought in a blow up doll instead.

Blow Up Doll

No, No, I don’t want to be in the house and have those 4 perverts steal my virginities!!!!!

A much cooler Christine

Real question here is, “Why in the hell is Caleb still here?” Honestly, every single person in that house saw what a crazy unreliable person he is. His whole obsession with Amber was truly a bit insane, but shit, these housemates have no backbones! They let Frankie fondle them, they don’t realize Frankie’s rape jokes are offensive, why would they call Caleb out on being a borderline psychopath? It’s crazy what people wilol do for a shot at [after taxes] 300 grand.
Lol. Caleb still thinks he’s in the Bomb Squad. I’m really torn on who Caleb actually is as a person. A creepy weirdo or a delusional cowboy.


Every time I see Frankie with his brightly colored hats on sideways, I think he looks like a 31 year old trying to look like a 13 year old. Not to mention, “Frankie says, I don’t want to be blindsided & the world would be pissed.” [insert many other quotes that I’m too tired to look back for] **Gag** He is SO FULL OF HIMSELF. I mean seriously, what is it that makes him think the world finds him so endearing??? I guess the answer is: self-de·lu·sion >> the action of deluding oneself; failure to recognize reality.
“he retreats into a world of fantasy and self-delusion”.


Frankenpuff is trying to mist you beast mode cowpie….put on your big boy pants and kick that mango looking glitter boy out of the house…if you sit there during eviction night and keep your brain from working overtime and frankenpuff goes out to meet the great and mighty Chen bot America will love you… least for a minute…..remember cowpoke you are an all star…an all star flop.

What the Frick!

“Mango is like a drug. You must have more and more and more of the Mango until there is no Mango left.
Not even for Mango!” lol.

The Boss

Why does Frankie think “The world would be pissed” if he was blindsided???? What a POS, nobody cares about you Frankie….NOBODY! I hope they boo so loud his booty tenses up. Narcissistic prick. I would love to know what production tells this dingbat in the DR room, because they clearly feed his ego.

Kathie from Canada

I was cruising the net looking up Frankie and I came across an article where some nobody interviewed him before the season started. The question came up about how he would handle it if the fans hated him. He said he wouldn’t care at all because everyone is always jealous and hates ‘celebrities’. Apparently he sees himself as a celebrity! Can’t wait until he leaves and see how universally he is hated by BB fans!

Derrick's funky flip flops

I hope they boo so loud that his booty tenses up. Ok, The Boss, that just made me laugh out loud! Now that right there is some funny ish. BTW Frankie, the world would be freakin’ elated! Boy you truly are delusional. GTFOH.


The world will not be pissed if you are evicted Frankie; we will celebrate. No hard feelings. You’re just so annoying.


For someone who repeatedly said over and over again that it was just a game Frankie is making it seem like it’s a life or death situation that he is finally on the block. Newsflash Frankie: It’s a GAME…see you NEVER! He doesn’t want to be blindsided and America be pissed? Can he claim his one way ticket to delusionville, USA take Caleb the ‘ con man’s dream’ cowboy and leave us alone #goodriddance


Vote Zach/Donny for AFP!


I want zach / Donny too but my only problem with that is I’m afraid of a vote split between the two which will then allow arianators to band together and vote for frankie :/. I think fans have to band together and pick either zach or Donny!

mr ed

Fuckface Fakie looks like an old washed out buzzard.Wrinkly face and a canopener for a nose (beak).Screeches all the time too! Caleb is a full blown idiot.He thinks he is going to walk the red carpet with the stars.What a total ass!! Virtually braindead!

Hank Hill

Was that his nose? I thought he was eating a banana!

Double D

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE…Let Frankie get booed!!


I’ll give Caleb one, and only one, deserved compliment: He’s loyal. As far as everything else goes, he’s a complete idiot. He has no idea how this game is played. For some reason he thinks that the number of comps won is the only criteria for the win. For some inexplicable reason, he’s sure that he deserves America’s Favorite. Why? He lies about things that don’t matter in the game (his past accomplishments; schooling, writing songs, etc.) and his delusions of grandeur are out of control… carpets, opening for major acts, cruising with Amber, ANYthing involving Amber, dancing with/dating Ariana Grande, giving that poor child in the airport the thrill of his life, winning Survivor, being the Bachelor, owning nightclubs, television series about beating poor hogs with blood splattered all over him, meeting Amber’s father, marrying Amber, beating Amber (I suppose I should say ” reminding her of her place”) with blood splattered all over him and giving money to the church. I can’t take him anymore. I know he’s becoming a favorite on these boards, and to tell you the truth, that scares ME. I’d like to know why he’s becoming so well loved. Short memories, I guess.


Caleb, loyal?
– Just today, he told Derrick that to make sure they both get to F2, they should evict Cody before Victoria if they get the chance. “Cody would be mad, but he’d understand.”
– after his fight with Devin in the backyard, he went to the guys at the pool table and told them he wanted Devin gone next. They all said “we have your back, he’s gone next week.” Then he ran back to Devin and told him “everybody in our alliance (except me, of course…) wants you gone!”
– after he brought up to Derrick and Cody that it might be a good idea to backdoor Frankie a few weeks ago, and they agreed and then had a long discussion about it, he later told Frankie that the 3 of them discussed it.
– Him, Derrick and Cody discussed that he needed to put Frankie up to make sure that, if Frankie won the Veto, he couldn’t screw them over by taking Victoria off the block. They all agreed they would only tell Frankie he’s a pawn, and that the reasons were “Cody was the pawn last week and Derrick couldn’t play for HOH”. They specifically asked Caleb to confirm he wouldn’t tell Frankie about it. His answer: “of course”. His action: He told Frankie.
– and the list goes on and on.
Caleb is not loyal. Everytime he seems loyal to 1 ally, he’s disloyal to multiple other allies. He plays this game like a rat, which makes his constant talk about loyalty and honor so unbearable to witness.


I agree…..a lot.

A much cooler Christine

I wholeheartedly agree!

I Don't Like Derrick

Caleb is such a DUMBASS!!! When Frankie was HOH, and Cody was on the block, Derrick and Caleb were planning on evicting Victoria. When Caleb is HOH, and Cody is safe, Derrick and Cody plan on evicting Frankie, and the DUMBASS cannot figure out that the two of them are working together, and that he is next. And he told Frankie, that people were telling him stuff, and he didn’t want to think about it. FOR $500,000, the DUMBASS doesn’t want to think about it?? But Frankie was a dumbass for not being more persistent with Caleb before the noms. Hopefully, whoever wins the Final HOH will evict Derrick. That’s what Cody will do, if he is smart.

Meow Mix

Finally Cody grew some balls and told Caleb off. Every season there is a verbal argument and I thought I was gonna get ripped off this year. BTW anyone notice how Caleb creeps on the other Houseguest’s food


Have u noticed that Crayleb hardly ever ever showers. He is stupid AND gross.


He hardly ever showers OR brushers his teeth. Other Hg’s have complained about how bad he smells. No wonder he’s looking for a woman who cooks and cleans in addition to being a perfect 10. Its funny how his standards for everything and everyone else or so high while he barely has his own sh$t together.


I wish BB would include “Please Chew With Your Mouth Closed” over the PA to lip smacking – slurping Frankie, Victoria and Cody. Who raised these kids? Their microphones are just a few inches away from their mouths and I had to trun off BBAD last night while they ate. I have seen better table manners at a hog trough.

Just Sayin'

This is seriously not meant to be an insult, but my guess is they’ve got to be giving Frankie some meds. He was so hyped up and paranoid and evil, and then he very suddenly seemed to get more normal and quieter again. Now it seems like he’s acting kind of goofy… IF they’re giving him stuff, I hope they’re watching it carefully and making sure it’s balanced. He may not be a favorite anymore, but I kind of worry about him.

And Caleb… that guy needs more help than a pill could give him. I’ve been wondering since the beginning with his weird treatment of Amber, if he was messed up before or after he was in the military. He seems like he means well, but he’s just a few weird mistakes away from a prison cell. To me, he’s the scariest person in there. I hope he does ok when this is over.

No one else worries me (psych wise) as much as those two. (Ok, maybe Jacosta, but she’s living it up in the Jury house now!)

Still never figured out how Squidward was out of water that long......

Correction Frankie, the world will be pissed if they DON’T evict you. On a side note, the jealousy of Hayden and Nicole coming from Cody is “literally” cracking me up

Victorias Brain

What ?

THAT's Sad

They play with shaving cream to entertain themselves.


Well there is no mud to make pies with. And I really think Big a Brother would frown on them flinging poo like the monkeys they are.

Victorias Brain

Was that me who just farted?


Ok Victoria did I not tell you over and over that it is impolite to fart and chew with you mouth open? Listen to your dad now and stop acting like a cow…mom and I raised you better that that…you fruit loop dingus.

Beach girl

I think Caleb wants to split the vote to keep Frankie. He thinks he is going to be extremely popular when he leaves and that Frank will be able to help him with his career. He is going to have a huge let down after he leaves the house. I do mean a major let down.


He wants the vote to be split so HE can vote Frankie out because he’s a HUGE target….and he’s Beast Mode Cowboy!!!!! (Dude going to have a huge awakening when he gets out!)

La Hoosers

If They don’t vote Frankie out on Tuesday then they all deserve to lose. Such an unlikable group of people that we are left with.

If Victoria somehow makes it to final two… I’d laugh my ass off if she won it. Imagine DerPricks face if he were sitting beside her.

Now THAT would be “good TV”


We love good tv.

Karen B

Frankie needs to go! I don’t give a shit is his sister or justing beiber have him a shout out on twitter! Talk about loyalty Frankie? Do you remember Zach?!!! Ultimate Betrayal


CBS/Big Brother
It should be apparent to CBS that the majority of BB Fans want Donny to win Favorite Player. For Frankie to win that award only because of his sister’s celebrity status, influence and fan base is a travesty to BB Fans. It’s up to you to level the playing field.
A simple solution is to let only live feeders vote during a two-hour window. During that time, remove the ‘Try it (feeds) Free for Two Days’ option. If the mommies of Ariana/Beiber fans want to give their kiddies Live Feed money to vote for Frankie, then CBS just made a small fortune.
It’s time to give something back to your live feeders for their loyalty to Big Brother.
Ps: Please end unanimous house voting next year. Do NOT tell the HGs how eviction voting went down, just announce who’s evicted. And stop being Wimpy Big Brother. Strictly enforce rules and impose penalties for breaking them.
For the first time I decided to voice my above opinion to CBS. Will it do any good, probably not. But if anyone feels similar, feel free to copy/change my note and send it as well. Although I adore Zach and would love to adopt him, I’m voting Donny because, with the bigger fan base, he has the best chance of winning against Frankie. Also, Zack has “IT” and I anticipate that he will be brought into the CBS fold.


I agree that the feedsters should have more say in a winner. Not sure that it is feasible nor would CBS want to make it so. Pros and Cons to it. But realistically the feedsters have more of an understanding of the real game than the jury does in some cases. Maybe somehow let the feedsters give the jury an opinion/ranking of who should win.


CBS is not going to alienate the broadcast viewers but they could get the live feeders something extra like double the amount of votes for AFP or some other special vote like “LIve Feeders Choice” with a prize like a vehicle. This case shows exactly why any family member of a celebrity should not be on the show with regular type players.


I get what you’re saying but there’s no way they’ll let only live feeders vote because that will be shutting out the TV only viewers and I think many of the TV viewers are not live feeders so it won’t be fair to them. It will be like saying ‘thanks for watching and giving us good ratings in the timeslots over other shows but no you don’t get to vote. Coz BB seems to be doing better than the other show reruns in its timeslot.

What CBS needs to do is not bring any celebrity relatives in the game. But since they are in the business of making money, well….

Valentina Corleone

Blindside me and the world will be pissed? What world? Not the one i live in! Frankie, who is giving you all that crack you’re smoking? Or is it the effect of all the pharmaceuticals you mentioned on BBAD? Face it, you are the HG from Hell, right up there with Rachel and Amanda. Just go. Quietly. NOW.


That would be devin’s world of devtopia.

Kathie from Canada

I guess there is no chance that CBS added a clause excluding Frankie’s being eligible for AFP given the resounding advantage he would have given his sister’s career? They must have just assumed he would be first or second on finale night. Very short-sighted on their part.


Well Frankie is goanna win Americas favorite which sucks. Donny for the win!


I’m starting to believe that Frankie with win AFP. His sister is back on twitter (under his account) begging for new followers so Frankie will ‘be happy’ when he gets out. She even got Justin Beiber to tweet him! Beast Mode Cowboy will piss himself when he finds this out! 🙂


Everyone says Derrick has played a good game and he has in a way…I would like to see what his game would have been like if they had put him on the block earlier in the game…I think it would have been a whole different game…It also bothers me that he thinks he’s really the only one entitled to the money for some reason. He’s a whiner and one of the best liers in there..what bothers me is when he talks to the camera he’s trying to convince the viewers he’s being straight up. He’s a legend in his own mine. The only way were going to see the real Derrick is if he loses! Now that would make for a good final!

Rhode Island madam

Agree with you …. Derrick will not reveal his true nature unless he loses. Than you will see just his angry and controlling he is. His accomplishments in his own mind are only surpassed by his diarrhea of the mouth.


Caleb talks about his past girlfriends and lost loves:

“And then it happened again! We fell in love. She played hard to get, you know, pushing me away, restraining orders, standard stuff. Then she went into a club and the bouncers stopped me from following her and I never saw her again.”


I think she was a Nickelodeon star. But definitely similar evolution for both orgs and their tween “stars”.


when they tell Frankie hes going im sure he will tell caleb about way back when amber was evicted that they were trying to decide to take caleb out or amber out first and then the detonators and many other thing so if caleb wins veto he just might take out derrick so its not over yet. you just know Frankie is not going out easy derrick should have convinced cody and caleb to blindside Frankie these small details could be the difference after Frankie is gone don’t care who wins derrick is the only playing the game remotely like its meant to be played but you never know if someone does turn on derrick it would be funny everything he did to others happened to him so for drama sake caleb needs to win next veto


i dont know what derrick meant when he said to the camera that people should shut up and watch their mouths. can someone explain that plz?


He had just found out that Victoria told Cody that Hayden hates Cody.
He wants Cody to feel confident to have the Jury votes against Derrick, so Cody takes Derrick 100%.
Hayden hating Cody was supposed to be a secret, so he’s pi$$ed at Victoria for having spilled the beans to Cody.


He is talking about other house guests, Victoria especially, spilling the beans.


Derrick feels he’s the only one that should be able to make comments or even speak for that matter…lost a lot of respect for him! I was going for him to win but the more he talks the more I hope he loses just so I can see the real Derrick…what is bothering me about him is he thinks we the fans are stupid…everyone says he’s the nice one watch if he loses..I think he’s the biggest baby of the season! Him losing would make for a better season!


Yes Frankie, America is going to be so “pissed” when you get evicted… dumbass.


If you want to watch Joey rant about Christine in a funny way, as well as describe the other HGs – with regular additional stabs at Christine – for 15 minutes, look this up on yt:
” BB16 Joeys opinion on each house guest ”
(I’d give you the direct link, but that would get me blocked)

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

When Skankie bent over, Cody should’ve taken that pool stick with fish hooks glued to it and shoved it till it saw the light of day at the other end. Then slowly, in a twirling motion pull it out, all the tongue, esophagus, lung, liver, stomach, intestine and colon meat fragments could’ve been used by Caleb for fishing bait.


Frankie’s 150mm Butt Plug– a sicko dumbo!

Buffalo Bill

Frankie get back in the well……..”It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose
again” . Fucking creep! Come down off your pedestal you have created for yourself. The rest of us DO NOT hold you in such regard.

Roommate Etiquette

These assclowns have none. Nice to see pussy Cody calling Caleb out for being a slob and not contributing to cleaing up more than just what he dirtied. I’d be booted early in this type of situation. I couldn’t have bit my tongue for this long.


Sadly, if Frankie gets the boos…he will probably think it’s because they are all mad and sad he was evicted…..

He is disgusting.


I won’t believe it until I see it, but I am so afraid that SKANKIE will not be evicted. DePrick and Cody will do a split vote and then Caleb will send Vacant and her tweezers to jury.

C'mon Derrick, Cody, and Caleb

Please tell that pink haired a$$hole that he is going home before Tuesday. Don’t deny us the ability to see FrankenSkank completely melt down completely for the next 3 days.

We deserve to watch this after all the antics we saw that entitled, perverted scumbag pull for the entire show.

Think of all the HG’s that FranenSkank bad mouthed when they were up for eviction and how he had no issue trashing them when they were on life support,

What goes around, comes around.

Kathie from Canada

Tell him and then completely shun him like what was done with other HGs. That would push him completely over the edge not to be the centre of attention!!


Victoria is acting like a spoiled brat and over confident. She may not be the best choice to keep for the final three. She is a loser in the game and the way she is acting she isn’t presenting very well for her character. I want Frankie gone and I don’t really like any of the house guests but the worst ending would be for Victoria to get a piece of the winnings. Production is treating her like a child and she is acting like one.


Caleb keeps saying that it wouldn’t have been fair to put Derrick up on the block because Derrick didn’t get to play for the HOH… Caleb is such a fool!!, What is not fair is that Derrick has never been on the block!!!!

Derrick for the win

Why is it so bad for derrick to win he is the only one playing the smart chess game? Why all the hate? It’s exactly how to play the game, don’t get put on the block and manipulate others to get to the end. Duh hence big brother the GAME. Love derrick want him to win!

big donny fan

If they manage to get caleb out next it would be neat if cody won the final 3 hoh and took victoria. It would be ironic if derrick came in out of the money.


I haven’t been used in a sentence since the mid 1960’s

Habs Rule

Holy Shit people relax!!!……..Can read the headlines now…..BB16 contestant drives all feedsters to brink of insanity and all end up in mental institution where they spend the rest of their lives rocking back and forth while tearing chunks of hair out of their heads mummbling something about a guy named frankie!!…lol


Frankie is going to Jury… and I do wish he gets booed.
people go crazy in that house it brings out everybody’s worst personality traits. Frankie believes that he is a big star and endearing personality because he has been living on the periphery of his sisters fame. He escorts her to award shows and is protected by her security. He confuses followers with fame… anybody can have tons of followers… if they want to. The thing about Frankie is he did not earn a single follower on his own merit.

As far as being blindsided, he delighted in people being blindsided. he thought it was the best thing when Nicole and Hayden were blindsided. he even helped them make up a term for it “Project Brittany.”, for when you are not going to tell the target they are the target. they did it to Christine. I think since there is nothing to blow up at this point, it is just cowardice to not tell the person being evicted. Cowardice he was doing last week when Victoria was going home last week.

Doctor Who

Some people are just really delusional! Caleb and Frankie both need to see a doctor.