Godfrey – “You just want to spread your genes yo.. it’s what we live for what we die for”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV April 10
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 16-24-18-765

7:24pm backyard S$x talk (Houseguests have been in the backyard talking about relationships etc)

Kevin says he’s not s$xually attracted to Johnny he’s a good looking man but s$x with a man is not for him.
Kevin stresses he not into Monogamy.
Kevin hates that Sl*t is a derogatory word “It’s great to be a sl*t”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 16-30-25-942

Godfrey says he’s an a$$ man “The a$$ is everything” he also likes girls with large noses “Not large like a fist” Continues that he likes chubby cheeks feels that models always look deprived with their cheek bones.
Godfrey – I like girls that are more quiet.. I find the girls that are more quiet have more self esteem.
Zach – I think there’s truth to that.
Godfrey – When I go to the store I don’t like to buy the product right away I like the mystery product.. If they are just quiet that is so hot..
Godfrey – It’s not about the meal it’s about the chase
Godfrey tells them his turn off is girls that put other girls down. Brings up a ex girlfriend that use to do that, “It was always a better looking girl”

Godfrey also doesn’t like high maintenance girls.
They ask Godfrey about a perfect date “Don’t say rock climbing” (LOL from his past story about a psycho girlfriend that tried to kill him rock climbing”

Godfrey says a good day ‘She buys me some chicken bro… I don’t have to spend a lot of money during the day.. come as you are don’t go out of character”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 16-43-57-729

Sarah is next up..
She’s physically attracted to all different types.. she points out that c*ck sized is not a factor. she likes blonde hair blue eyes, big beard, loves dreadnots..
Sarah – it’s all about the nose.. everyone has great eyes its the window to the soul.. I don’t like muscles.

Sarah – I’m all about the boobs.. they are all fantastic.. height.. weight.. couldn’t care less.
Sarah says she use to be anti religion but now she supports it because religion brings a lot of good things. Religion isn’t a factor for her.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 16-57-57-527

Bruno tells them about his wedding it was big with 300+ people, “90% of the people I wanted to be there 10% dates.. a good time”
Bruno – Girl has to be genuine and kind I don’t like the bully.. kind heart that’s my wife in a nutshell.. beautiful heart nobody can hate her
Deal breaker for Bruno is bad attitude, trying to change you, “Trust..trust is HUGE.. i’m not a jealous guy.. if she doesn’t trust you it’s not going to work”
he goes on about his family and kids

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 17-05-09-964

Willow is next .. She dates more introverts because she’s so extravert.. she likes them super funny but also very intelligent so that they help her think a different way.
three most important thing with their personality 1) Humour 2) Confidence 3) goal oriented.
“You need to be going somewhere..”

Deal breakers are “Somebody who is really spiteful.. spitefulness scares me.. can’t forgive” adds she doesn’t like people that are not appreciative.

Talk changes to men’s units. Kevin and Graig are the only two c!rcumc!sed guys. Kevin looks at Graig “C!rcumc!sion brothers!” After some giggles they go back to Willow. She says she likes guys with great shoes, likes to have a buzz during the day and relax. She likes “PDA” adds that somethings she likes to leave for the bedroom.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 17-17-42-760

8:15pm BAckyard Godfrey and Kevin
Talking about monogamy
naturally as animals we’re not monogamous says the only animal that is other than humans are penguins. Godfrey explains when a human is born it has such a higher mortality rate than say a deer. Women will seek out men that are monogamous so they help to take care of the baby. Adds that a human baby is really fragile compared to other animal babies.
Kevin – you know a sh!t ton about animal
Godfrey – I just read an animal book
kevin – you care a lot about animals.
Godfrey – Us humans are animals as well.. that’s why you see men are not monogamous
Godfrey – “our main goal on earth is to spread out genes that is what you live for what you die for.. You just want to spread your genes yo.. for a women it doesn’t make sense for her to spread her genes… she’s pregnant for 9 months. ”
Godfrey – We’re not even meant to be monogamous yo.. it’s just for survival of your kids.. if you are not going to have kids it doesn’t matter..
Godfrey – I hope HOH is not tomorrow man.. My legs are killing me bro.. just hope they don’t ask us to stand on something

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 17-24-35-881

8:24pm Willow and Bobby
Talking about Chopping during the vote. Bobby wants them to have a chop shop meeting tomorrow.
They both agree 100% loyalty to the chop shop. Willow adds Zach is with the chop shop. Bobby says so is Bruno.
Bobby is worried what Pilar or Kevin will do if they win HOH. Wonders if they are still up for taking Jonny out. Willow doesn’t know suspect Godfrey and Brittnee as a pawn. Tells him her and Ashleigh are going to go hard to win the HOH. Bobby is not going to throw the HOH unless he’s up there with a chop shopper

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 17-42-24-576

8:41pm Brittnee chilling in the HOH, Most of the other house guests are in the kitchen or getting ready for dinner.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 17-45-25-870
In the main bedroom Sarah and Pilar are chatting about their nails. Sarah says when Pilar had her hair tied back she looked like Audrey Hepburn. Pilar – “Whose that”

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Ashleigh is hot.

sunny dee

really is. And natural about it, too. not piling on makeup, i like that the majority of these women are not spending 3 hours in front of the mirror, that i can see anyway.


Ummm…. have you seen Ashleigh without makeup on? Yikes :S


She is bland and boring. Lacks personality so far.


Men’s goals are to spread genes? But women are the ones stuck carrying the baby while the men are out humping. lol

Team deluded- It's the fortress, baby!

Okay, If that isn’t …*in the words of Spike Lee* “coonery and buffonery”, on Godfrey’s part, I don’t know what else is! I mean, Homeboy be talking about wanting a girl to but him “chicken” *smdh*
I swear Godfrey is something else, LOL
To be honest, I kinda feel like he is over compensating because he feels like an outcast and ends up being over the top… I kinda feel sorry for him
… and yes, I am Black

The Truth

You seem to be going out of your way to use racial slurs. Somehow you being “black” makes it okay?

sunny dee

Godfrey is still very young. lol


And he’s trying to mask his intelligence and just “be one of the boys”… imo anyway


I kind of think so too, according to his profile this was his game plan.


Aaand, there goes the only person I liked this season – Kevin. Based on his views here, I don’t respect him. He and Godfrey are making excuses for their own lusts and desires. Humans are not like animals and they are created to be monogamous. Humans aren’t brainless and without logic and reason. People like Kevin and Godfrey are just trying to excuse their lack of self-control.