“God I hope none of jury come back into the game .. that would f*** up my game ” Amanda

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


9:26pm HOH McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy in the shower
(Elissa’s recent POV win has scared everyone into thinking she has potential to win the HOH)
Amanda is ordering them to be nice to Elissa just in case she wins HOH. Aaryn tells them it’s going to be a combination of her, GM or Spencer if Elissa wins HOH and she wants to be up against Spencer. Amanda agrees with this.
Amanda: “For me I want to get rid of Spencer before Elissa.. “

Aaryn tells them that last week Helen came to her and said they need to get McCrae out so they can solidify their ‘3pm package” Aaryn adds that now Helen is telling people it was Aaryn idea. :I don’t know what she is doing she’ throwing everyone under the bus”

MC: “Everything she said doesn’t mean anything to me”
MC: “I would rather Elissa leave for sure cause I cannot stand her “
Aaryn wants to know how close MC is with Spencer. MC says they are close enough nothing serious.
Aaryn says her concern is Spencer will want to take out Amanda so he can go with McCrae. Or if he takes out Aaryn he can get with GM.
Amanda tells him Spencer has to be the target next week. Aaryn agrees.

Andy comes out of the shower asks them why are they wanting to get rid of spencer before Elissa.

Aaryn says her concern is that Spencer will put up her and Elissa and if Elissa comes down than Amanda goes up .

Amanda points out that Elissa and Helen are already at odds. Amanda told Elissa last night that Helen is dragging her game down. Elissa agreed and told Amanda she wants to start playing the game by herself. Amanda also mentioned how Helen was bawling her eyes out about Elissa in the HOH the other night.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

9:49pm Kitchen Helen and Elissa
Helen says Elissa was amazing on the competition she was so fast. Helen showers Elissa with compliments tells her how awesome she is and how awesome she did in the competition.
Elissa: ‘I never get nervous when “He” reads out the comps”
Helen: “Whats the difference between when he reads and Julie…” Feeds cut. (It think they are talking about the person that comes in and shows them how to do the comps)
Elissa: “We just have to make sure people are going to vote out Spencer”
Helen says they will not have to make any deals if the votes are already there. Helen: “As long as Amanda, McCrae and Andy stay loyal .. we have the votes.. I trust McCrae he knows SPecner is dangerous.. ”
Helen: “Aaryn should know Specner is going to put up her and Ginamarie”
Helen: “McCrae said he was happy and he said Amanda was happy.. that a good”
Helen says that Aaryn is probably freaking out right now because this is her third week trying to get Elissa voted out.

Helen says everyone is in the HOH sucking up to Aaryn because they are afraid of people backdoored. Helen keeps saying how mad Aaryn must be.

Elissa: “I felt kinda firey for that one”
Helen: “I’m glad.. I wish you could do that for more comps.. just do it.. ”


10:06pm HOh Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae and Andy
THey are all Agreeing Elissa and Helen walks around like the are better than everyone else. Spencer says it’s more Elissa than Helen, “I think Helen is a peach of a person but in the game… “
Amanda: “Helen is an annoying competitor.”
Spencer Agrees, he mentions how she told him that she can get him to jury after that he’s on his own.
Aaryn says she legitimately liked everyone in this house but the more she hears about Helen the more she’s not sure about her.
Spencer mentions how Helen is upstairs crying to them all and saying she doesn’t want Elissa to leave because she’s a jury vote for her.
Spencer: “Think of anything else to say.. think of anything that will elicit sympathy.. F*** I don’t care if you have one less jury vote”

Aaryn is worried about Helen making deals with GM. They say Helen has made final 2’s and 3’s with so many people in the house they are not worth anything. Aaryn says GM is easily manipulated. Amanda isn’t worried
Aaryn say how Helen told her they have to get MCcrae out then Helen tells Amanda to get Aaryn out.

Amanda: “HElen wanted me out so bad.. it killed me seeing her with Jessie.. “
Amanda: “the night before Jessie left she said to Jessie I know you are telling the truth”
Amanda says Helen lied through her teeth in front of Jessie and all of them.
Spencer: “If was brutal she tried to make Jessie look like a lunatic”.

Amanda: “she took Jessie and threw her under the bus.. it’s one thing getting through the game and then getting to the end without any votes.. you don’t see me blindsiding everyone”
Amanda: “I Don’t feel bad” (for Helen)
Amanda: “Jessie is going to be so happy to see Helen walk through that door.
Specner: “I bet Helen and JUDD will not get along.. they will take a couple days “

Amanda: “God i hope none of them come back into the game .. that would f*** up my game so much.. Thats not fair after 4 evictions”
Andy agrees, says if they are in the jury house it’s going to damage their game if the jury members talk.
Amand: “it f*** everyones game .. unless they are sequestered”
Amanda says if Helen asks her about the vote she’s going to say “I’m voting with the house”
Aaryn: “that is perfect because that is what she’s been teaching us”

Aaryn says she’s pissed because Helen had asked Ginamarie to be in a fake alliance. Amanda: “she offers everyone a fake alliance”
Aaryn: “I know.. I’m also pissed I lost the competition”


10:30pm Dancing around
Helen thinks she’s safe now that Elissa won the Veto so they dance around.


10:41pm MC, Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Spencer
Aaryn: “who would piss us off the most if they cam back in the house “
Spencer: “Jeremy or Kaitlin”
Amanda: “Helen.. this is going to be the most victorious eviction.. she’s been disloyal to so many people.. she’s lied to everyone.. she’s thrown everyone under the bus and she’s been after me.. she thinks she’s so cunning”
Aaryn:” They are (Helen/Elissa) trying to convince everyone that you (Spencer) are becoming too dangerous”
They chat about Who they would want to see after the show is over. Spencer and McCrae say JUDD. Aaryn asks Ginamarie, Gm replies grumpily “I dont’ know”
Aaryn says she wouldn’t mind seeing Jessie sure she will try to sleep with her boyfriend but she can be really nice
Amanda says her and Spencer were the only people in the HOH during Helen’s crying fit that didn’t look sympathetic.
Amanda to Aaryn: “You felt bad for her you vag!na face”

Aaryn gets called into the Diary room. Spencer Heads downstairs. Amanda asks GM what is wrong. GM curled up on the HOH couch says her stomach hurts and she’s tired. (GM is pissed that she didn’t win the competition)
CBS Interactive Inc.
11:01pm HOH Bathroom GM and Aaryn

GM apologizes that she didn’t win the veto. Aaryn tells her not to feel bad at all it was a tough competition.
Aaryn: “I’m telling you for real you have to work hard for the next HOH .. for real we are going to go home”
GM: “I know”


11:04pm HOH Spencer and MC

Spencer: “Who do you put up if you win the HOH”. MC says Amanda will want him to put up Spencer and Gm and backdoor Elissa. He doesn’t want to put up Spencer though.
McCrae: “I would like to see Elissa, GM and then Aaryn gone.. I guess.. I’m sick of Elissa.. Aaryn worries the sh!t out of me though”
Spencer: “For good reason’
MC: “Ya”

Spencer: “Yo DUde you know unless there is no other option.. I got you back.. even before moving company you and me talked and we are cool.. “

Andy joins them. They asks him what he would do if he won HOH.
Andy: “It would be Elissa and … I dunno maybe GM”
MC: “GM is so scarey” He warns them if they put GM up she will be gunning for whoever did it.
Andy asks them who their nominations will be. They say the same as Andy.

Andy tells them he’s going to have to get close with Elissa this week incase she wins the HOH. Andy is worried that Helen will taint Amanda with Elissa so he’s the only one that can get in her ear if she wins the HOH.

11:14pm Helen joins them in the HOH followed by Aaryn. They got Alcohol a bottle of wine and beers.
Andy: “Oh my god i’m going to get kinda drunk”
Specner joins them in the HOH and cracks a beer. Production told Mccrae that the back yard will be open late because they competition take a long time to dismantle.


11:20pm Kitchen Elissa and Amanda
Amanda tells her that Helen is going to be evicted and there isn’t any deals or alliances they can make that will change that outcome.
Elissa: “I haven’t been trying to make alliances with anyone”
Amanda: “Well She (helen) is.. the more involved you get into saving her the more it’s going to hurt you.. There is no way she is going to be saved.. I don’t think”
Amanda: “Helen is coming after me”
Elissa: “No she’s not”
Amanda: “Yes she is Elissa.. I’m not stupid.. I know everything that Jessie said about Helen was the truth i’ve heard it from multiple people”
Amanda: “I’m telling you nothing is going to change it.. nothing is going to change it”

Amanda:” Helen is more of a threat than spencer is”
Elissa: “It’s freaking me out because you knew aaryn was going to put me on the block..”
Amanda: “I knew you weren’t going home ”
Elissa mentions that Aaryn told Helen Elissa was the target 100%.
Amanda: “If Helen had gone off the block and Spencer went up you would be going home.. I told you that”
Amanda: “You know when Helen was crying … she wasn’t crying because you were her friend and was leaving .. the only thing she said was I’m upset because she’s (Elissa) a jury vote for me.. like it’s done.. she can try”

Amanda warns her that Elissa isn’t on the block the last thing she wants to to do is flip the house. Elissa: “I’m not going to flip the house”



12:28AM HOH Aaryn, Amanda, Specner, Andy, McCrae and Helen listening to music (She’s more like rocking out to the music)

Aaryn jokingly giving McCrae a hard time for calling macaulay culkin macaulay queer boy. She says McCrae is knows that the people watching the feeds are like so he really watching what he says. This is why it’s been 24 hours since he said “macaulay queer boy” and he’s still making a big deal about it.
McCrae says it is a big deal
Aaryn: “If anyone talks sh!t about me on the internet i’m going to give them a virtual middle finger”
McCrae: “I just don’t want people to think i’m some kinda homo phobe”
Aaryn: “Well you are so.. “
Andy: “YA.. i’m going to go to the psychologist and talk to her about that because i’m offended”
Aaryn: “I’m super offended by that because i’m a lesbian.. It’s out everyone I’m bisexual.. it’s out.. now you know I think it was obvious”

Andy jokes “The morning I leave the room the homophobic slurs start flying”
Amanda: “Shut your big gay mouth”


12:47am Helen rocking out

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suck it up amanda. we know life isn’t fair because we got stuck with you as a houseguest. you vile lunatic.


It would be nice if Duck Lips had a brain in her botox face and would use it and put up Amanda and McCrae, but she won’t because her dislike will blind her to the fact that she is getting played by Amanda and McCrae. She deserves to go home after Helen for being so stupid and believing Amanda.


Whoever comes back from jury shd not do any physical fighting she/he shd just they all think Amanda and Mcpussy have played a real good social game and anyone of them deserves to win. And if its Candice she shd hug GM and assure gm that its not her she shd be targeting and we try to get along. The only person I wud hate to see back is Judd or helen. I think Helen needs to go for good how many times does oypportunity need to knock for u to take action so pay the price for your own mess and I would love it if they used that line on her about voting with the house.


Amanda and others are afraid of a jury person returning because its not fair really its not fair but solution is get everyone together and agree the second they walk though the door all 7 say sorry you are marked for death and walk off


I don’t want to see Judd back because I think he will go back to McCrea and that whole alliance. What is the point of having him back if he will help McCrea, Andy and Amanda to the $500,000. I want someone in who would truly be ready to break up Amanda and McCrea. Helen has proven she can’t figure anything out so my vote is for Jessie. She may not win anything but she won’t be a part of McCrea and Amanda.

Repulsed by this season

Any thoughts as to whether or not BB cast members look at this site or others like it(this is best IMO) once they return to the real world? One can only hope……

I says

Amanda’s comment just proves production is managing this game. It’s perfect for her to say someone from jury would mess her game up. The house already agreed that the jury member who came back, would be voted out!


There is NO WAY production (Alison) isn’t feeding tons of spoilers/hints to Amanda, as well as a few other house guests I’m sure.

Simon you should make a poll asking people which jury member they want to re-enter the game.


No shit. I didn’t notice if Amanda got called to the DR for info but shit is gonna hit the fan. Amanda decides to tell Elissa Helen is going home. What happened to the lets keep it secret no more game talk for rest of the week. I think AG wants to up the rating for the week. FTW praying for all Hell to break loose.

Roisin Dubh

They’ve done that to pretty much everyone from Jeremy on down. These morons get some kind of perverse pleasure watching each other grovel and beg knowing that they’re still going to get voted out. Ahandjob wants Helen to just lose it and in the process see her and El get into it. I think Keychain knows she’s with a ho and he’s just using her for the mileage at this point. Judd getting evicted changed everything, you can see it in his eyes. He knows he can’t quit her now because hell will rain down on him. He just wants a few more BJs, a fat check and he’s ghost with her after the cameras turn off on finale night. Don’t be too hard on the other 3 you mentioned, they’re gonna get theres and then some after this is done. Spencer is the biggest dummy out of all of them. Dude had the job-yea those guys get paid, have retirement and excellent medical and he threw it all away just to fit in with these cretins in the house. Gm is gonna go through some serious therapy. Aaryn will get cracked by her parents for putting the family business in danger.


Please her family is in Texas. They will do just fine there.


The Federal Railroad Administration will look into this but Spencer will probably not be fired. There will be a hearing & the most that will happen is that he will be drug tested more often. He could also receive up to a years unpaid suspension.


Sorry to tell you but the Federal Railroad has nothing to do with Spencer’s actions. He works as a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad and he is a union member. It’s very difficult to fire anyone who is a union member unless they violate their (the railroad’s rules). I don’t condone any of his comments just saying it’s hard to fire someone who is a union member.

Is is next season yet?

I see what Amanda is trying to do. While everyone is lying to people’s faces about if they are going home or not, Amanda is telling them the truth so that she can say hey at least I told you the truth and not lied to you like everyone else. Which is a really good strategy. The others are morons bc they keep thinking lying to the person is a good idea. They dont realize that its actually losing them a vote. Its bad enough you get evicted but its even worse when you are lied to about it.

helen is clueless

As much as I want to see Helen’s face when she gets blindsided, I wouldn’t mind if she found out early to see what it’s like to feel helpless like Jessie and Candice did. To see how good it feels to be betrayed. It would be great to have her find out like Jessie did. The kicker would be if Helen overheard Andy joking about her fate. I wonder if she will do something horrible like Jessie did, and try to save herself or worse “try to flip the house”.


In a twist… Clownie returns from Jury on Thursday. Clownie comes back as HOH and forms a F3 alliance with Helen’s Zit and Andy. Immediately Clownie nominates McCrae and Amanda, but the target is to backdoor GM.
Zit: “GM is dangerous, she has got to go!”


Helen will leave Thurs! Then all FOUR evicted HGs will compete for ONE spot back in the house! PRODUCTION will want Candice to return (More DRAMA/RATINGS), but SHE can’t win SH*T so JUDD will win the comp. He will RETURN to the house and will team up with Aaryn/GM to take OUT McManda and with Spencer help run the house make it to the END!

helen is clueless

I agree that Judd probably has the best relationships in the house and knows who is working together so IF he wants he could shake thing up. I feel he probably goes back to being a minion of Amanda so that’s why i’m not rooting for him. Again if he wants to change things up, he’s got the best chance without a power.
With some power (HOH, coup d’etat, one week immunity etc)
Candice: no relationships, probably goes after the blondes
Helen: would know Andy can’t be trusted, has Elissa and would go after Mcranda. Minus, she has NO credibility, everyone now knows she evicts her allies
Jessie: (my choice) Elissa likes her, I think Aaryn does like her, and Spencer likes her, so she might have some options. She would target Mcranda if she has HOH or coup d’etat and she now has major credibility since Andy and Amanda are telling everyone she was telling the truth. Downside is I don’t think she pieced together Andy working for Amanda.


Since we don’t get to see survivor unfold life ill assume It happens but it really is cringeworthy to here over and over things like “your game is the same as dr wills”

For a player that not only has no game but one with zero entertainment value and personality.

Speaking of Elissa… What’s her problem? Like does she have a form of autism cause she doesn’t seem all there and randomly goes through these periods where she talks at people instead of to them. It’s scary how there are many times ill see a picture of her and she looks like a completely new contestant.

love Elissa

I have thought she might have Asperger’s from the first week or so. She lacks special awareness, and struggles to stay in a conversation, she re-asks questions or just fires off questions. She makes harsh statements that people take as offensive, but I genuinely don’t think she even knows some of her statements are rude… The only thing is, she is also very aware how any information they say is used to talk about them and spreads throughout the internet, so I think coming from a upper class family, and trying not to speak about personal information in itself makes her far more awkward. Althought it could very well be a combination of both trying to keep herself from saying anything personal, and having a form of autism…

Either way she is hands down my favorite. It’s clear she is a very caring person, and has very strong morals and values. Lo

You know, Mystery Barf Edition

You know you won a competition you are so amazing. Dr will and evel dick might have won big brother but they are not half as good as a player as you. We can’t trust spencer he is so shady Ok ok Ok. Lets vote out spencer because that is what the house wants you know.


The back door will be open late? What does that mean? The door to the backyard?


Thanks for clarifying. I was just wondering if there maybe another door they can go through to smoke when production is doing their thing that we didn’t know about.


Message given to McCrae, so, backdoor open late is obviously Amanda’s. She is a very accommodating houseguest.


Producers can you ask the housemates to take off their microphones when they’re eating. All I now hear is disgusting masticating, slurping, munching and crunching.

Ex Fan

They are chewing their cud.


Elissa is the worse. Every night on BBAD she is shoving something between her botoxed lips and makes all kinds of noises while being all stuck up and throwing everyone under the bus (GM, Aaryn, Spencer, and Amanda). You aren’t better than them you condescending snob. After dictator Helen leaves this week, next week it’s your turn. But I agree, production should turn the mic volume down when the house guests eat. It’s like listening to hogs at the trough. Or better yet they should tell the house guests they aren’t allowed to eat during that time period. So annoying.

Where have You been?

She is better than them. Those are all the people that get constantly bashed on the site for being disgusting human beings.

Big brother addict

I’m so glad Helen is getting back spores I actually like Aaryn and Amanda this week.

Roisin Dubh

Yep Helen is gone baby gone. Even if she comes back she doesn’t have the numbers and her and El have to win every comp and veto till the end. WTF is right, Judd is the only one that can come back and have a chance to win it. He knows where everybody stands and he can make an alliance whereas the others can’t. Thursday is going to be beyond brutal if they can keep the secret. I hope someone says I had a big part in your eviction Helen. That would just drive her over the edge. You know Julie is gonna say something just to turn the knife a little more. Candice and Jessie are gonna be laughing their asses off hen they see her walk in there. She’s in some other world if she can’t see this one coming. Spencer on the block is just the icing on the cake. The stars aligned perfect for her blindside. I’m watching this Thursday. It’ll be the first time in about 3 weeks.Should’ve pulled he trigger when you had the chance dummy.


judd back in the house would be great, but don’t count helen out just yet. if she’s evicted, turns around and comes back in, wins hoh, then gets pandora’s box, anything could happen.

if only aaryn had enough sense to put up amanda as a replacement nom instead of spence, she could get gm, spencer, elissa, and andy to vote amanda out this week. that is, if aaryn ran her hoh instead of letting amanda run it for her. amanda couldn’t win the comp to re-enter against judd/candice/jessie anyway, so no worries about her coming back angry.

i wish aaryn would wake up to the fact she is the first to go out of 3am, and make a move while she has power, instead of just giving it away.


I think production is waiting for Elissa to win HOH, then they will release Pandora’s box with a Diamond Power of Veto in it.


That’s exactly what will happen. Along with Rachel visiting the houseguests. And Elissa will use the veto to take off her and Amanda and put up Spencer and McCrae


Really hoping Candy or Jess return on Thursday! Please don’t let Judd return, Alison, he’s a sheep. We want Candy or Jess for the drama !!

Did I Miss Something

Agree – any clue why Amanda is concerned about ‘someone returning?” Did I miss something or is she tipping her production connection? Any thoughts that with Julie showing (Tweeting) the Re-Set button that no one will be evicted on Thursday?

Ex Fan

Why is McCrae always in a supine position. He acts like a girl waiting for Amanda to mount him. It’s really disgusting. If he were a woman he’d always be pregnant!!! I swear he is always lying on his back waiting for McHANDa to come by and jack him off. Puleeeze!


I couldn’t agree more ExFan!! They are both the lazier two people I have ever seen. Both of them are either laying down, half supine or curled up together 90% of their camera time. First thing I’d do if in that house and HoH would be to tell them both…get the fudge off my bed…and anytime your up here sit up and shut up! Its irritating to catch Amanda and what she is saying most of the time with her face buried in his bird chest or chicken neck!!!

Just wondering?

Lazy does not begin to describe it. Amanda has won nothing in this house, not even close to a win. McCrea is a pizza delivery BOY and that is all he wants to do. Growup and get a real job. Pizza delivery has to be one of the easy jobs in the world. I don’t mean to offend pizza delivery people but is that what every young child aspires to be. I see it now. Little Johnny you can grow up to be a doctor, or a lawyer or President or PIZZA DELIVERY BOY!!!!!!

Jack Daniels

I think Aaryn has started to realize how much of a mistake it is for her to evict Helen. I think she hoped Helen would win veto, so her true target Elissa would be evicted. Amanda has set Aaryn and Andy up to be evicted in the coming weeks. The power will eventually shift, for a week in the least and Andy or Aaryn will take the fall so McCranda can stay in the game. I know a lot of people want Judd, to come back but he would be the least interesting. If Judd comes back, with the evictions being Jessie, and Helen, I think they would easily be able to blame his eviction on Helen & Elissa. Elissa would be nominated again, if Judd where to come back and win HOH. He would just be another minion of McCranda’s . He might even be convinced and manipulated into feeling happy that they got out Jessie, and Helen. Judd was very much like Helen, he had no perception of what was happening while in the house. I hope Elissa wins the next HOH and Candice comes back in the house. That would set the house on fire, and although it still would not be definite that McCranda is evicted, the sheer contempt Amanda, Aaryn, and Gina Marie would have with Candice walking through that door on thursday with Elissa in power would be worth it’s weight in gold.

Roisin Dubh

Aaryn can’t stand her. She’s hearing from everyone how Helen threw her under the bus and all the F2 deals she’s made with everyone. Helen has burned bridges with everyone except El. They all know she has no loyalty to anyone and the people that were in her alliance, she basically destroyed.

Amanda's Towel

Amanda calling Aaryn vagina face LOL! Am better check herself


I believe the game will not be impacted because no matter who comes back they will not do what needs to be done. (get amanada out).

Judd will gun for AA and return to Mc/Am’s side —- unless he thinks back to Candace’s warning.
Helen will come back and nominate Am/AA — idiot thinking Mc will back her up.
These two have a chance at winning a comp.

I don’t have faith in Candance or Jessie winning anything and being evicted the next week.

Aaryn fan

I don’t think Judd would hold a grudge against Aaryn. He knows it was Helen that was responsible for his eviction. Would love to see Judd, Andy and Aaryn make it to the final 3.


For everyone saying that Judd’s return would shake up the house you are wrong. He blames Helen and Elissa for his demise and he would go after Elissa. If he doesn’t win HOH then he will be the one to go. If he did stay he would continue to kiss Amanda’s ass and trust Andy so he would only succeed in furthering Amanda’s game.


Actually, if you listened to judd when he was back doored, he stated that Amanda and Helen were running the house…so if he came back he most likely would hit Amanda first not Elissa; and would stir things up which is what this season needs to try and regain itself in someway…no doubt this is the worse big brother in its history…wont these fools feel dumb once they learn it was America who put up Amada three weeks in a row, that they have lost their jobs, and probably wont be getting their 15 minutes of fame come close of this game…. priceless ending to the worse season of bb in its history…

AAryn fan

why didn’t dumbass Amanda stick to the plan? They should stick to blindsiding Helen. She is spilling everything to Elissa to try and get her jury vote. I would love to see Helen blindsided, and Elissa self evict.


I feel like this season has been played more personally than a lot of previous seasons. Anyone else?
Maybe Andy and Spencer are devoid of emotion, but everyone else seems to be playing personal rather than strategic.


I have never seen a season where they are less concerned with a power couple staying in the house to the final end. What Universe are they in that this does not spell DANGER!? Amanda is playing super sneaky and covering her ass on all fronts, that’s why she is concerned about being blown out of the game by a returning player. This is the season of leaving paired players in the house: McCranda (aka: super bedbugs), Hellissa ( ok, you know) and The AARAYAN Nation… now if only the two Ginges would hook up this picture would be complete. Strange season, money’s on Andy to go all the way with McCrae.


What makes Helen thinks she’s safe just because Elissa won the veto? This makes no sense.


With Elissa winning veto, Helen believes that they will BOTH be safe because Helen is naive enough to believe the lies she was told about Spencer being the target and she therefore would have the votes to save her

love Elissa

Because Helen was told Elissa was the target, Elissa was told the truth, and when Helen asked Elissa, Elissa lied and said she was told she is the Target, and if she came off Spencer would go home.. Helen belives she was only on the block so she couldn’t save Elissa or vote for her..


Everyone needs to think about this Amanda knows almost every game she knows how it what’s coming up next you know the people in the Dr or telling her every single move and who says what they’re also telling her what we are saying about her because she is so worried about what the people on the outside are thinking


Late the other night she made a comment to McCrae wondering briefly why America would think anything she did could be considered racist… I know I heard that but everyone I’ve mentioned that to did not hear that! … anyhow, it registered with me because where did she get this info???and now she’s cut down on the race bashing.


Aaryn said something to Amanda about it a few posts back but Amanda blew it off. I know everyone wants to think that the DR/Production is feeding Amanda information but if that was completely true then why does Amanda still believe that it was Judd that was MVP and not America. I think if DR/Production was feeding her info she would have caught on to that by now.


Who does Amanda think she is to say the BS she does and act so vile in the house. Walking around in her thong underwear and boob hanging out. She has no class and if McCrae was any kind of man (he’s not), he would not want his BB wife parading around like that. She so has not won anything and no o e should listen to her and kick her skanky ass to the curb. No respect for her parents watching also. Disgusting human being that doesn’t deserve to be in that house (as well as GM, Spenser and Aaryn). Spenser should be locked up when he gets out with his hand Mari lyn.

Okay then

It is really starting to annoy me that the HGs complain about the MVP and possible returning juror, saying it is unfair. Whatever happened to “expect the unexpected?” For that matter, production should be mixing it up with all the competition and stop recycling the same ones. It would make the game less predictable for the viewers and the contestants. Not to mention, it would be pretty funny to watch the HGs vigorously studying for no reason.

Jack Daniels

McCrae is a complete phony. He acts like he truly liked Judd and did nothing to prevent his eviction. Judd’s eviction was 2 weeks in the making, it did not just happen. In reality Judd was evicted because he was too close to McCrae and Amanda could see that. She is a smart girl, she often evicts her closest allies friends to ensure their loyalty. Judd’s eviction ruined McCrae’s game, he now has to hope Amanda stays loyal. He mopes around the house, trashing Elissa at all times. Im completely over him. He has been riding Amanda’s back just as much as Elissa has done to Helen. He is not a major comp threat, I wish he would leave the inflated ego behind. He acts very smug, especially as the weeks have progressed and he is the only real male presense in the house. Spencer is nothing but a toy, to be used and discarded and Andy is gay and therefore gets to play that card. I hope if McCrae makes finals he loses to AManda. If they make it together it will have been her game he benefited from. Past duos have always lead with the “leaders” name ie(Dick&Dani-Jeff&Jordan-and now Amanda&McCrae). I hope he is always remembered as her little bitch!!!!


Beg to differ on one point…..There is absolutely no male presence in this house this year. McJellyfish is a bitch!!!! He is no man, Queen Demanda carries his little pebble balls in her pocket. I have said this since week two…..Mcellyfish has no game. He has been a lap dog since he turned on “The Moving Company”, the nasty little pussy. I am bewildered by those who think this loser is a great player while he hides in Queen Demanda’s skirts. The more I see of him the more I loathe him, even more now than RatBastardndy who is as worthless as the day is long.


If I understand correctly, Aaryn is mad at Helen for making deals and not keeping them. Hmm isn’t that exactly what Aaryn did. Aaryn had a deal with Helen and then she made the 3AM alliance and then she brought GM into the 3AM alliance which GM is not really a part of. So far Aaryn has done nothing but get rid of people who were coming after Amanda. She may win the comps but she has no loyalty either. If it wasn’t for Helen she would be gone instead of Kaitlyn and the only reason Helen kept her was because Jessie told her what deal to offer Helen. Then she treated Jessie like shit. I understand she thinks the 3AM alliance is going to help her win because she thinks she can beat them all in the comps but she betrayed he deal with Helen first.


Come on people, open your eyes and stop griping so much about Amanda. Have you not noticed the vulgar, repulsive things he says. Very rude towards women in general…


I was speaking of SPENCER in the above comment btw…

captain obvious

men can be mean and repulsive because they are men. a strong woman on the other hand is unacceptable and must have her looks called into question be called too pushy, bossy, and manipulated and generally be called repulsive. didn’t you know that’s the sexist society we live in? no one cares that spencer says disgusting things about women “most men think that way.”

Totally Agree

LOL knew you were talking about Spencer even before you clarified it. Wish Production would remove him from the game immediately for all the vile disgusting threatening things he’s been spewing off, e.g., threatening to confront Elissa by saying he’ll stalk her to Canada and do horrible things to her child to rattle her next week into losing. How long will CBS tolerate these vile, disgusting, homophobic, racsist scum?


Spencer is a vile and savage pig but he dOesent try to hide what he is and/or lecture to others about their behavior like Amanda.

Spencer is a beer-bellied bearded hick from the country who drives a train pulling coal back and forth from point A to point B, so we look at him and expect a crass uncultured hog.

Amanda is a vile savage sow but she tries to mask it with a fake persona and a “Jewish Princess” mask.


Can’t believe Judd is the most wanted to go back! Judd would be the worst person to go back!!!!! He would just go back kissing up to Amanda, Mcrae, Andy, and Aaryn…It would make no difference since he blames his eviction on everyone but them 4! The ones that need to go back to cause some tension are Jessie or Candice, and Helen if evicted (Although I would hate for her to get another shot)


it would be great if Elissa won the next HOH and got pandora’s box and brought back Helen before the Elissa nominates anyone for eviction…the look on Amanda’s face (fear) would be great to see.
NOTE: I do not care who wins, I just don’t want Amanda to even get to the final 4.


I can’t wait to see the look on Helen’s face when she gets voted out 5-0. Elissa is next and they were just too dumb to see it coming. Their husbands must being going nuts seeing these two idiots being played and thinking they were in control. Jessie was so much smarter and she knew what was happening in the game dumbo (Helen) I hate that piece of crap(Amanda) When she gets out she thinks she’ll be America’s sweetheart but will be more on the level with Casey Anthony. She’ll about have to hide from people. I wish she would get evicted next (but not anyone smart enough left to make it happen) so I could see the look on that bitc-es face when told America voted her to be put on the block. Her parents must be so proud. Ha ha

Candy J from Canada

I am just super happy that Elissa won the veto!!!!! HAHA Aaryn, sucks to be you :p
I LOVE Elissa and hope she wins. Super Sweetheart and Gorgeous. I used to like Mcrea until he started hooking up with Amanda and now I cant stand him. He has no game. All he does is hate on Elissa which makes zero sense. First off, if you dont think shes a big threat why focus on her. Second, if mccrea REALLY wants to show he has game, go after Andy or Amanda. Now that would be a huge game move that America would LOVE him for. But hes an idiot. I think hes just jealous of Elissa being prettier than him and having better hair Bahahaa


Oh GAG me with a fork. This stupid bitch wins one competition an she is some kind of fucking goddess. This is a very fake and phony individual who is a complete waste of space and oxygen.


The only way things are going to change in this game is if they send someone back into the game as HOH with the nominees voted on by America. America will have to put up Amanda & McRae and Andy if POV used. If they send a player back into the game , they will be voted right back out and it won’t be anything unexpected.( no game changer) A useless move, so don’t waste your time or ours with a dumb move like that.

production rigged it

Either that or they have to give them a week of immunity or a power like a DPOV which was good for 2 weeks or well you had to use it within 2 weeks back in season 12.


Judd will go after Andy. Judd knows that Andy is a rat and that he started a lot of the stuff to get Judd evicted. Judd does not like Helen, Elissa and Andy. I love Judd. I hope Judd comes back and makes it to final 2 or is voted America’s favorite. The only way Elissa will win favorite is Rachel fans. I like Rachel. I can’t stand Elissa.


I feel really bad for Helen that she doesn’t know they have already sealed her fate she is acting so delusional I mean come on do you seriously think that you have Amanda and McRaes vote, and I can’t wait to see Amanda’s face when the jury member walks through the door

Roisin Dubh

The only time you should feel bad for Helen is when she’s back at home with her family watching the episodes when Aaryn and GM were saying the racial stuff about her. That’s gonna hit her like a ton of bricks. Remember, she thinks they only got racial on Howard and Candice and she’s gonna feel stupid for trying to get all buddy buddy with Aaryn and GM. Then it’s gonna sink in that everyone must think she’s a sellout and not to bright on top of that.


If Helen leaves the game then Amanda, Mccrea and Andy go to F3.


not necessarily, they are not that strong in competitions and aaryn and gm are. even spencer and elissa will give them a run for their money in veto competitions. i think they are fighting an up hill battle from here to get mccrae, amanda and andy in f3.
at this point, i think that the only ppl who actually have a shot at winning the whole thing are aaryn, mccrae, amanda and andy simply bc even if elissa, gm or spencer get to final 2 (which i highly doubt since no one would bring them there), they wouldn’t even have the votes to win. but i think 3AM will lose a member before final 4, simply due to who will win comps.

Amanda the hypocrit

All I have to say is I think it’s hilarious that everyone sits there while Amanda spews all this bullshit about Helen lying to people, throwing them under the bus and making a bunch of fake alliances… Did she not just describe herself? I hope 1) Elissa tells Helen what Amanda told her so that it blows up in Amanda’s trash bag face and Aaryn mans up and back doors Amanda and she leaves (cause we all know she WON’T win the comp to come back) or 2) Helen leaves and comes right back and screws Amanda’s “game” ( let’s be honest she isn’t playing anything but McCraes penis & she bullies people into doing what she wants and exploding at them when they don’t… Like what happened with Jessie). This unanimous bullshit of a season has to be one of the worse EVER! Bring back Dan Gheesling and watch the real pro work the game. I have had enough of Amanda and her puppet McCrae.. Which sucks cause i actually like McCrae and I wish he had played a separate game and stayed away from the “hellmance”. if McCrae backdoors Amanda that would be epic! I hope Helen makes a comeback just to see the look on Amanda’s hypocritical face


They need a pandora’s box that all the remaining house guests get to walk through, then someone should press an eject button and do America a favor.


I would like it if they let all the jury members compete for HOH with the houseguests, but only let a jury member stay if they win.


Won’t shut his cakehole rat turd Andy.

Roisin Dubh

Jesus, Aaryn just doesn’t learn. How can someone be that ignorant? At least Keychain has some awareness. The rest of these people are just in a bubble. There is no hope for Aaryn, can’t even feel sorry for her. She is just one nasty piece of work. I just hope Candice doesn’t do interviews trashing these idiots, they’ve done a spectacular job in sabotaging themselves. Must be the effect of using too much of Dan’s mist, your true self comes out.

If only

In a perfect world Aaryn would put up Amanda and let the two power players duke it out, foricing the house to openly choose sides and since Aaryn doesn’t vote she wouldn’t need to worry too much, other people would become targets in the aftermath of a Helen/Amanda campaign battle.

Jessie Kowalski

How is Judd #1 on that poll???


Helen once said, “Howard is the biggest threat because he is physically dominating.” Helen 80% of Big Brother has to do with the mind and strategic planning…Although Howard was nice…he was NO WAY the biggest threat during the time you voted him out…(Strike 1) Helen once said, “Candice stirs up too much trouble in the house.” Helen…Candice was ALWAYS on the defensive having to deal with derogatory comments being made about her to her face by team “Hate” AND having her mattress flipped for no reason…But Helen…you opted to vote out a girl who was just sticking up for herself. (Strike 2) Helen once said, “Judd needs to go because he is a mastermind.” Though I like Judd a lot…a singing trophy fish on a wall has more intelligence than Judd…but you swore he was a threat and voted him out (Strike 3)….YOU’RE OUT….of the Big Brother House. Why you may ask?? Because you deemed all your possible allies who would have rallied behind you as threats, hence leaving you to have to face the Beast Amanda alone. Job well done Helen!! Now return to the bench you foolish foolish woman!!


The reason Howard went out because Amanda was getting feedback from McCrae that he was throwing the comps. Amanda knew Howard was strong and couldn’t be fed to the sheep, so he had to go.


Oh please! Candice was not being bullied in any way. She had her mattress flipped one time after Candice ran her mouth and pissed off Aaryn. If that had not happened, everyone would have seen what a mean girl Candice was. Instead we get, Oh poor Candice.


I know I shouldn’t feel this way
but i like Aaryn more than Demanda/Andy/Hele/Elissa


Wow, reading over all these boards I think you guys need to thank Amanda for being on BB this season. That’s ALL you guys talk about is your shared hatred of somebody that you think hates on everybody.. That just confirms my thoughts: I like Amanda and I’m glad she’s there because the rest of this cast is a SNOREFEST.


While you are correct in the overwhelming hatred for Amanda has it ever occurred to you that the rest of the cast is a snore because they are not “allowed” to have an original thought. Anyone who has a thought outside of what Demanda has told them gets voted out. They are a snore because they are followers and if Demanda wasn’t there we might see actual game play.


Who are you saying doesn’t allow the house guest to have a thought of their own? Amanda? If that’s the case, it’s WAY FAR from being her fault, it’s because they are a bunch of spineless nitwits! How sucky would it be that you have to take out the strongest personality so that the “less fortunate” can even the playing field?


i love this site, its great! but could we kill the screen shots of amanduh in her undies? i can the bulge in the front and its scary hahaha

Ted Marie

Whoa McCrappy! Pump the brakes a little with your foul mouth talking about how you would push Elissa and grab her foot and run her down and he’s saying f that, I wouldn’t put up with that sh*t!! You’re such a big man with a bigger mouth talking all your big boy bs. All he does is bitch & moan about her and everything else. Such a big man laying on his back 24/7 spewing his poor baby bs. I’m so over him and his lack of a spine. Oh my heck, now Helen is doing one of her “amazing, amazing” speeches to Elissa. Help me Otev, I can’t take it anymore!


With Helen being evicted on Thursday, I can only see her or Candice’s return with an HOH win stir up the house.

That’s just my opinion (:


Amanda and Aaryn’s Mutual Friend?

Does anyone remember Amanda’s surprise when she walked into Aaryn’s HOH room and saw a picture of Aaryn with someone that she (Amanda) knows? Amanda seemed shocked – Aaryn appeared to behave coy. Amanda said the mutual friend’s name – and Aaryn just grinned and nodded yes. It seemed as though Aaryn already knew that Amanda was going to recognize the person in the photograph – and it also seemed as though Aaryn did not want to talk about it.

I never heard it mentioned again – which I find strange as Amanda is very demanding. Amanda does not seem like the type of person that COULD NOT know HOW AND WHY Aaryn had a picture in her HOH room of herself (Aaryn) and someone that Amanda knows. Amanda does not seem like the type of person that would just forget about seeing one of her BB competitors photographed with someone that she (Amanda) knows.

I tried to watch the flash back showing Amanda’s shocking discovery of Aaryn and Amanda have a mutual friend, and, Aaryn appearing to behave that she (Aaryn) always knew that she and Amanda had a mutual friend.

I cannot get the flash back to work for:

July 25 10pm HOH Room

I do not know if it is just me – if there is a technical problem that everyone will encounter if they try to use the flash back for 7-25-13 10pm – or if BB has taken away the ability to watch Amanda find out that she has a mutual friend with Aaryn.

I can get flash back to work for all times except the above mentioned time. This – and the fact that I never heard / read Amanda probing, investigating, questioning Aaryn … Amanda talking about knowing the person in the photograph with Aaryn – I find both odd and interesting.

I never heard Aaryn explain why she never told Amanda about their mutual friend – again, when Amanda sees the picture Amanda is shocked, and, Aaryn behaves as though she already knew. I never heard Amanda discuss the probability of two strangers entering the BB House having a mutual friend – not just any mutual friend – a friend that is significant enough to put in Aaryn’s HOH room. The rumors regarding that BB15 is “fixed” for Amanda to win, IMO, make this mutual friend mystery – well – more mysterious.

IMO, it has seemed as though these house guests have gone out of their way to “push” Amanda into the “winner’s chair.” Helen was given two weeks to vote out Amanda – with Jesse, Howard and Candice Helen had the support. Helen made up every excuse to keep Amanda – and – to get rid of players that were not coming after her.

Thanks to anyone that has any information regarding the “Amanda and Aaryn’s Mutual Friend Mystery.” Also, thanks in advance to anyone that takes their time to see if they can get the flash back to work for 7-25-13 10pm.

As always – Simon and Dawg thank you for the hard work! You are both very generous to maintain an online community for BB fans. Your contributions have a positive impact, and, make Big Brother enjoyable.


I just tried it for you and it wouldn’t work. it keeps taking me back to midnight in the hoh room….tried it a few times……interesting huh?


Thanks so much Name!

I do find it strange that the flash back will not work showing Amanda reacting stunned to seeing her friend in a picture with Aaryn.

It is also very strange that Amanda never has discussed this out in the open – with the way Amanda talks, I would think, that Amanda would be going over all of the many scenarios she could think of regarding the odds of someone in the BB house not only knowing her friend but also having a picture of her friend in the HOH room.


That would have been on BBAD. I still have them DVR’d, I’ll check when I get home.


Is it true that some of the HGs use Aderall. The only reason I am asking is because one of the MLB player’s is in trouble now for using it.


Yes, Amanda and Aaryn both regularly take Adderall


You can’t be in trouble for using Adderall if it is prescribed to you. It is not a performance enhancing drug.

Tweetie Bird

Never have we seen such pussies before on BB that are SCARED to put up someone. If you are scared of them, YOU PUT THEM UP!!!!

Ted Marie

Does McCrappy have narcolepsy or what. Holy crap, every time there is a picture of him or they show him on BBAD he is literally always laying in a weird position or has his eyes closed. Wake up McCrappy! You’re supposed to be living your dream right now. Maybe we should throw him under the same bus he keeps throwing Elissa under for not showing appreciation for this opportunity. What the hell has he been doing to show his mad respect for living his dream by being in the house. Talk about a double standard on his part.


Every screenshot I see of McSlug looks like a man who has lost his soul (and his spine) . He has “stared into the abyss” (that is Demanda) and he’ll never recover.