“God forbid. What if at the last second only me, Tommy and Jack wind up voting out Cliff and Cliff stays”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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3:08 pm Holly, Jack, Jackson, and Tommy
Sounds like sh1tful can’t decide to tell Kat or not.
Jackson, Holly doesn’t. they want to keep Kat as a mole
Tommy does. He’s worried it will expose their alliance
Jack does.

Jackson – we don’t need to tell her we have the numbers.
Jackson – we will have her on our side we’re the only people she has
Jack – what happens if Dave comes back .. she hops on with dave and Jess
Jackson – ok three
Jack – Bella, Dave, Jess, SAm

Jackson – we bring her into an alliance she will eat that up with a spoon
Jackson – she’s not a hard sell to get back she’s not even going to be mad. I will literally tell her myself
Jackson – this is how simple she is .. you have a bad poker face we couldn’t tell you but I told you it’s going to get a little crazy this week we had to but we couldn’t tell you

Jackson impersonates Kat “Oh your right I know I have a bad pokers face”
Jackson – done done
Holly goes on about how they all have been putting in work to make kat feel included.
Tommy is worried she’ll be upset if they don’t tell her
Jackson – no, she’ll be fine .. fine
Holly says at first she was thinking maybe they spread the target around to more people so then that would mean getting Jess to flip too
Holly – even if Jess and Kat vote with us do you really think Nick and Bella are going to target them they are going to be f*ing pissed at us
Jackson – so what’s it matter
Tommy leaves
Jackson – it’s not necessary
Jack – okay we don’t do it
Jackson – I don’t hold my ground on much but I’m not budging on this one
Jackson – she’ll feel left out for 30 seconds then we’ll bring her back in
Jackson – please take our word for it we do not need to tell her

Jack – look into my eyes I gotcha.. it’s done

3:28 pm storage room Christie and Tommy

Christie – I’m not trusting Michie and Holly, Jack just said they’re not budging
Tommy – no they’re not budging
Christie – OKAY why? what do they discern from not telling Kat (discern?)
Tommy – I was in there when I heard
Christie – If they don’t vote to evict Nicole and we do they will claim those votes
Tommy – I don’t think that’s what’s happening
Christie – I might be overthinking things
Tommy – don’t overthink
Tommy – they don’t want to tell Kat because they say she has a bad poker face she’ll give it completely away when we sit on the couch
Christie – okay if that happens I’m denying till I die ..
Tommy – same

3:34 pm Sis and Christie
Christie – I don’t understand the point, God forbid. What if at the last second only me Tommy and Jack wind up voting out Cliff and CLiff stays
Christie is worried if Michie and Holly are flipping their votes leaving Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Jack to be the only people voting out Cliff.
Sis – no you’re crazy
Sis and Christie want to tell Kat.
Christie – I don’t want Michie to think he’s president and makes all the executive decisions
Christie says Jack and Jackson had a final 2, “they think they can run everything” . Adds she wants to call them all in and make it clear they have to make this a group decision.

4:26 pm Holly and Tommy
Holly – I have a really bad memory I’ve had a lot of conclusions..
Holly says Kat know about the alliance “the 8, she doesn’t know the name of it”
Holly says she never denied it told her it wasn’t a thing and more it’s imploding
Tommy – if there’s a live eviction tonight Hoh won’t be till tomorrow.
Tommy goes over his lines to give to Bella and Nick when Cliff goes.
Tommy – we don’t have to draw the line yet they’re going to be suspicious
Holly and Tommy both for some reason think they have a live eviction tonight. (They seem to think there’s too much to cram into an episode if they have battleback)

4:46 pm Holly and Tommy area agreeing Bella should stay in the house for a bit she’ll blow herself up.
Holly says Nick and Bella are not close to her socially. Holly says she knows they are coming after her she doesn’t think Sam is.
Tommy – If I were you I would probably want Nick out first
Holly – I don’t know why he dislikes me so much
Holly says he told her she’s the one person in this house he wouldn’t hang out with outside.
Tommy – WHAT .. that’s so shitty

Holly – maybe I just have bad social awareness maybe I’m like Ovi and I’m not self-aware
Tommy – no you’re not .. you are so not.
Holly says she’s convinced Nick is in the DR sh1t talking her
Tommy whispers something (must be about America not liking them)
Holly mentions when Kaitlyn visited (during a comp?) she didn’t give him the time of day
Tommy – what I’m gauging this bully thing will be a big deal but ti’s the truth it’s not a lie
Tommy says Nicole was white as a ghost when Nick was asking her about her targets. (See image)
Tommy – and Sam was involved too

6:27 pm Christie and Sis
Further discussion about whether or not they should tell Kat. Christie goe son about how weird it is that Jackson and Holly are so adamant about not telling Kat.
Tommy comes in
Christie says there are 4 people in their alliance that want to tell Kat.
Tommy says they feel very strong on this they should just let Jackson and Holly have it.
Christie – I think it’s a mistake

Christie says if Kat is upset she’s going to tell kat they tried to tell her but Jackson and Holly were dead set against it, “I’m not losing a number”
Sis – they think they have Kat in their pocket they do for now but.

6:41 pm It’s been a pretty slow day they are still debating if they should tell Kat or not. Little real major game talk. Cliff is going to be evicted and so far Nick and Bella will be completely blindsided.

6:54 pm Bella and Kat

Bella – let me tell you one thing. Remember last week when you asked about ZING and there was 5 of us in here. I would have told you that if it was one on one. That day me, you and Nicole talked Sis came in remember? and got really paranoid she went to Nick and asking him why Kat was there when she’s not apart of anything

Bella – there’s not like there’s alliances it;’s all surface. I only trust Nick and Sams
Kat says in Dallas there’s a restaurant called Nick and sam

Bella – Ovi loves Jack and tells him everything so you have to be very careful

7:06 pm Christie, Tommy and Jack
(OMG guess what they are talking about)
Christie wants to tell Kat “minutes” before they vote.
Tommy – hearing them so passionate let them have it.
Christie – even if we lose an ally

Christie when we lose Kat as an ally I’m not taking the heat for it

7:15 pm Jack and Michie
Jack saying the group wants to tell kat “60 seconds” before the vote they are all voting out Cliff.
Jackson – ok, if it blows up I don’t want to say I told you so
Jack – it’s better it blowing up this way than on yo and Holly. I would rather it blows up on all four of us
Jackson – I’m not going to fight it I’m going to go for it. It’s fine
jack – I was the in-between vote here if I went the other way it was 3 on 3 if I go 4 and it blows up it doesn’t look as bad.
Jackson – it’s fine, Me and Holly know her better than anybody else

7:46 pm cudling …

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another name

review. second half of episode.
so… Christie’s kookooforcocoapuffs crazypants meltdown. and she’s trying to make it look good and justifiable and positive in her last d/r comment. suuuure. because it wasn’t a completely manufactured i’m a nutjob moment. oh goodie. It’s worse than Vanessa Rousso. At least when Vanessa was whackjobbing, she was actually being targeted.
When you make beaniebroad look rational…. wow.
But hey. at least they showed some of the absurdity of pre veto.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The crazy part is that she’s running that alliance at least for as long as it lasts, what does it say about the other Gr8fuls that follow her.


vanessa’s meltdowns were always kinda odd. it always seemed like she needed to portray things a certain way so the rest of the house believed it and in the process got herself to believe her own paranoia too.

another name

but whenever she’d get the read someone that her name was in someone’s mouth, and go meltdown, she’d be right.
crusty here… oh crusty is going to think the ants and the toaster are coming to get her.


At this time, Christie is 100% the worst one in the house. I could not stand watching her last night, it was so bad I almost turned off the show.


Are people voting on the ranking grid based on just personal stuff because Nicole, David, Kemi, cliff, ovi really haven’t been playing THE GAME.
They try to talk to people in very awkward ways and actually most of them have been voted OUT OF THE GAME already!! They haven’t won anything and really just complain…
besides the two racist jacks and Jess. The rest of the houseguests are actually planning and scheming and preparing and thinking about the game. So why would they be at the bottom of the rankings???


They are at the bottom because they suck.


You’re absolutely right!


Planning? They do a lot of talking, but planning, I don;t see it. Getting out David, Ovi and Kimmi are opposite of big moves and made the game boring. They could have made the moves they talk about and stop chickening out.


They’re not even a month into the game…I don’t understand everyone freaking about how there have not been big moves. It’s earrrlllllyyy. Even though I see this every season…the scrutiny on these folks is absurd. They’re playin a game, tryin to win the grand prize…and yes, they all…ALLLLL have flaws just like you and I


hahaha Me too. I’ll catch myself bein pissed and say jerk…and then I’m like…come on Jase…these are human beings 3 weeks into a 2 month game.


they’re not playing game much better. their alliance is super obvious to almost everyone outside it and although they all seem aware it’s going to break up, no one is showing much forethought towards what to do when it does.


Uhhh….I HATE Bella! What a horrible person. And Nick is almost as bad for believing Bella. I hope when the show is over and they all watch it back that they all see just how awful they’ve been to Nicole. Even if Bella watches it, she will still believe that she did nothing wrong – that’s how stupid she is. She’s one of those people who will tell you that everything is someone else’s fault. Her and Nick ARE bullies!


If nick is actually a shrink he’s useless. He probably thinks it’s a good day if he manages to actually talk someone out of a suicide because it’s so rare for him. His voice alone makes me want to kill myself. And is he going to sleep half the time… what’s with his half closed eyes?

Douche Lords

Yaaaaaasssss! CBS finally shows an honest edit of those assholes! We were actually yelling out! #douchelordsexposedparty


i thought that too usually the bad people get a good edit


I think it was due to the subject being about bullying.

another name

I still think they showed the bare minimum and were very quick to distance a few people from the animus. (tommy feigning innocence, jackson sitting back and saying nothing, jack coming in late and yelling nonsense. they participated more than that).
Overall, it’s a better edit than we’ve seen so far.
I’m still feeling cheated that Kat wearing the veto for 48 hours straight wasn’t shown.

Douche Lords

Agree abt Little Tommy….. initially they showed him as the rat that he is, but then redeemed his character as “ being there” for Nicole…… fk him…. he’s auditioning for AFP….. Christie has been planting seeds that “ everybody loves Tommy”…..fake little fkr


tommy got a good edit.


I totally agree. Tommy is a FAKE. You know he thinks America loves him…well, I don’t. He’s a sly one trying to look like the good guy one minute, then being an opinionated, pushy mouthpiece the next minute. And doesn’t he really ham it up when he gets a DR session? Come on Tommy, we can see right through you!


I know, right? Kat is priceless! She even slept with it!!


bella and to a lesser extent nick came off as assholes. christie came off as crazy. no one else got an edit that made them look particularly bad.

Houka Inumuta

Now that everyone is finally believing me about Nicole. I’m going to get thumbs up for stating this.

Nicole will never get evicted from the game. I see into the future and Nicole wins the entire game.

Also, Does anyone know if Jackson Michie likes nick jr or Disney junior? I know he’s the same age as scooby doo fanboy Tyler?

1995 sucks when it comes to babies.


I would love for Nicole to win but I wouldn’t bet on it.


i think nicole has done a really good job of minimizing how bad a position she’s in. she isn’t getting used as a pawn as much as jess (despite being way worse for h8ful to keep around than jess) and has somehow managed to get most people thinking cliff instead of her for eviction. if she can just stick around long enough for h8ful to turn on each other she actually can make a deep run as they take shots at each other and overlook her.


I feel for Nicole as far as being treated like crap by Nick and Bella…but she is a terrible game player. She could still go far…I’ve seen bad gamers catch on and start playing better…but the first few weeks, she made some bad moves. Most importantly…trusting Bella AGAIN when she already knew she couldn’t be trusted with intel.


Some observations from the episode and I can’t watch the feeds much this year, so FWIW:

It was good to see Kaytlin, who just was creamed on social media last year. She looked great, and I think most people know the stuff they say during the season is often really mean and over the top. Kaytlin was crazy, but mostly in a self-destructive and amusing way. In the end, she was fun: BB always benefits from that type of crazy. We could use that type of crazy this year.

I think Christie is teetering right on the edge of the reason though, so there is hope.

Kat has whatever it is that makes someone likable on TV. She is a bit ditzy and threw herself at a guy the moment she entered the house, but the edit tonight I thought made her look very positive. Production can make anyone look good, but she came across well. In the feeds I watch she is likable as well.

Tommy is playing a really good game: and comforting another player is a great gameplay. Seems like a decent guy.

I really like Nicole, and it will be great if she survives.

I really hate Bella, and she is in for a surprise when she leaves.

Douche Lords

Kat has also been in bully mode bashing Kemi right and left… so, she’s fallen on my likability meter lately


I missed that: and that certainly makes her less likable.


Can these people all turn on each other already. I can’t wait for christines epic meltdown and jacks rage at being on the block.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Wow it was Grrrrreat to see Kaitlyn on tonight’s episode but did I miss the part where she officially invited Jess into the FOUTTE alliance?


OMG Christie is a nutter! If she screws up them saving Nicole my head will explode! Seriously dislike so many of this cast! Christie, Jack, Jackson and Bella are so awful I can barely stand to watch them!


Did you like the part where Christie says she doesn’t like the name nasty when coming up with new alliance name nasty 9. She’s so dumb she probably thinks she’s a nice girl not an other toxic feminazi.

Love her and jack telling David his being quiet meets their approval and then threatening ovi because ovi said he didn’t like them bullying Nicole.


they’re underestimating david a lot. i hope he comes back and makes waves.

Feeds Gold

the christie/jack/tommy/sis and jackson/hollie mini fracture re telling kat or not…

christie/sis noticing jackson/holly are becoming distant within six shooters and jackson getting p!ssy over the decision

another name

You’ve got the guy that the house has allowed to dictate their caloric intake, so therefore believes he can dictate all game moves, versus the woman that believes the universe speaks out of her queasy bladder who also believes that everyone is in the house just for her. with mr. i’m bigger and yell louder playing the middle. What could possibly go wrong?

Feeds Gold

im surprised jackson folded so easily(for now)

its unlikely but i still think theres a small chance they may try to convince nick/bella/sam tomorrow to be ok with them voting out cliff(as he is targeting couples including nick/bella, with potential of him linking up with ovi and his power) to avoid blowback should sam/bella win, then just saying everyone in the 9 will for sure put up jess/nicole if they win hoh(sam really wants jess out and bella will want a 2nd shot at nicole, should either win)

another name

Jackson is keeping his list of grievances and every time he adds to the list, he eats another 20 lbs of oatmeal until he’s ready to enact his King Jackson and his harem alliance. Maybe a week and it will happen.
Doesn’t Jackson know that Holly already hinted to Kat? Yesterday? He doesn’t want anyone else to know that he’s already pulled Kat in to his side alliance. He wants her as far away from the 6 as possible.

Feeds Gold

its pretty incredible kat still wants anything to do with jackson/holly considering how much they have humiliated her

another name

Kat and Holly know each other. the two of them are playing a you take one side of the game, i’ll take the other approach. Everything Kat is saying and doing in the game is artifice. it’s all for camera. The only real thing she’s showing is when she complains about the other women in the house. Everything else is for camera time.

Feeds Gold

i wish kassting would just put in 16 who have never met


I agree about dictating caloric intake…but that was the first time I saw him dictating game moves for everyone. I feel like it’s always Jack and Christy doin that.

another name

he complained numerous times during Jack’s hoh that he told Jack what to do, and Jack didn’t do it. Then he would complain that Christie and Jack don’t agree with him when he tells them what to do. He’s very much trying to dictate, but he’s unsuccessful often when the other two members of the bermuda triangle take the ultimate decision from his hands.


Fair enough…but when I hear dictator or w/e…I imagine someone shouting orders and getting them accomplished or at least everyone trying to accomplish them for the dictator. And I still see Jack and Christy more so. And I see more people influenced by Jack or Christy. Whereas with Michie…in regards to Kat or David or Holly or Kemi…I see him on their level, not tryin to be above them.

another name

many a dictator that’s been overthrown failed to accomplish their stated goals. Doesn’t make them less a dictator. or dick-tater as the case may be with Jackson.


LMAO…absolutely true…BUT….I did say “when I hear….blah blah blah.”


Well done CBS! I’m sure it’s only due to the subject but it’s still a breath of fresh air!!
Anyone else notice every time Nicole started to speak, Sis broke her neck getting out the door?! Haha! I missed that the first time around!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I didn’t realize Sis was driving the bus that ran over Nichole.


It was Sis and Holly that called Nick and Bella bullies, then went and turned it around to say that Nichole said those words


Watching episode now. Just got to part where cliff runs and tells jack to go upstairs. What an idiot. Sooner he is gone the better.

I loathe morons more than assholes, especially morons who let themselves be manipulated.

How could Davis, cliff, ovi just go up and be told to leave and not see there is a large group working against them.

Good for ovi for saying something about their treatment of nicole but he is still a grade a idiot.

John Doe

I cringed when Cliff did this. He should have kept his mouth shut. He was trying to suck up big time. The others should have instantly had a clue that they are an allowance.


I agree 100%…the posters on this board may hate the jerks more…but watching this game…I can’t stand the pathetic ones. Like why go on this show. Cliff and Ovi in particular really got on my nerves in last night’s episode, for that reason.


And when I say pathetic ones…I mean pathetic game players, not pathetic people

Feeds Gold

when six shooters try to bring in nicole theyve gotta use the line “we know youre a straight shooter nicole, and we enjoyed helping you dodge a bullet this week”


Literally I can’t… cliff… the poor mans donny. I hope those a holes do one thing right and send him home.


Tommy is fake AF! He was actively participating in the mob and was the one that ratted Nicole out to the jerk offs ! Can’t stand him either


Question for everyone- when this cast rewatches the season who will they blame for their terrible game play, stupidity and bullying?

Also Shame on tommy for letting his alliance he lucked into bully people. Some mediator. Telling poor Nicole to just take it by saying just relax and breath while saying nothing to Bella.


Just saw the part where Nicole calls out Bella. Love her even more.

CBS should run an anti bulling promo to really nail it home and shame these jackholes “the real alliance name for h8tful).

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

CBS should also publicly condemn the racism.


I don’t condone racism in any way, however not everything is about color. It just so happens that they were sent out due to certain circumstances, David was last out the door, Kemi because she not only made waves, she announced she was going to put the current HOH out the door. DUH! Ovi, not sure but have a feeling because they didn’t care if he was upset or not. I don’t like any of the house guests equally (with the exception of Sam & Nicole) and it has nothing to do with their color!


Don’t bother…people who only see color…are the ones to claim others are making moves based on color. There’s no way to debate with them…trust me, I’ve tried. You can list precisely the reasons why A, B, or C should have been evicted, but when people have their ingrained views, that’s all they see. Also, CBS clearly states that they do not condone any actions of the houseguests…there are lots of things people can say to offend diff people.


that may be but the N word was apparently used by Jack or Jackson in the first few days from what I read…THAT is racism!


They actually did not say the N word, it’s just something being thrown around by people who hate white people and want to say every white male is a racist. However, Jack and Jackson are some of the most repulsive guys I’ve seen on this show!


True….and same with the domestic violence arrest stories. They are unconfirmed and not from a reputable site. They may end up true…but as of now, either charges were quickly dropped or it was a case of a different person wit the same name. Fake news….racism…and reverse racism are very dangerous things.


I found tonight’s episode hard to watch. My heart was breaking for Nicole. When Cody was bullied like that I hated it, but I felt he was man enough to let it go. With Nicole you could see the pain it was inflicting. She seems like such a sweet girl.

The Worst BB

I actually cried watching… so painful.


I think Nicole is going out. I mean after all that are the jackholes holly and sis and Christie dumb enough to send cliff home over her and basically announce to Bella and nick that Nicole was right about what she said.

Never mind, Nicole will probably be staying because yes they are that dumb

another name

what does cliff bring to their game? if cliff would pretend to everyone else he hated nick and bella instead of being standoffish with everyone else and being nice to nick and bella, he’d be in better stead. He isn’t reading the room. He’s sucking up to the hoh after the veto ceremony, instead of the voters. If Nick were an alpha, that would be good. Nick is not.
nicole is really only a consideration because she’s more likely to join the targeting of nick and bella than cliff.


yeah, nicole made a good read that only bella wants to keep nick so as long as she can sell to the rest of the house that those two are her targets and not the rest of h8ful, i get their keeping her. (nicole should probably target jack and jackson though and try to blame nick and bella for it).

Feeds Gold

they know for sure cliff is targeting them(add the potential of an ovi return and his power, thats dangerous)

it would be very surprising if nicole wanted to work with bella(after being saved by another group)…trusting her a 3rd time after being burned twice would be moronic…if she is smart she sides where the numbers are

Oldie but goodie

I know I am showing my age but does anyone else think Jackson looks like the cartoon character Clutch Cargo from the early 60’s cartoon? I thought of it the first time I saw him with his square head and jaw. Too bad he is not a good guy like Clutch was.

John Doe

More like Dudley Do Right.

Ovi's tongue

More like Beavis, as when Julie Chen said “Settle down, Beavis” on the live show.


This is the worst season yet!!! I feel super bad for Nicole and Bella needs to GO,


i disliked bb15 a lot more. 19 and any time rachel reilly has ever been on camera were also really bad.


15 was amazing. Better cast and every episode was crazy drama and twists. First season I watched and the reason I am watching today.
Agree Rachel is truly annoying don’t get the love for her at all.


bb15 was so racist they started putting up a disclaimer before episodes. mccrae and amanda were super gross. and everyone’s strategy was just saying “too soon.” it was a dumpster fire of a season.


I’m with ya…I’ve seen much more mob attacks on several of the last few seasons….I don’t think this compares. The only reason it looks so stark is because Nicole has anxiety issues and appears frail at times, so it looks awful. But I’ve seen meaner mobs in seasons past


Rachel is still a horrifically annoying human.


Great season things will get even better(Meaner) i think when the alliances all fail.
Rooting for Sam.

another name

Jack goes to bed early crying. says he can’t legally talk about it.
yeah. must suck that you’re such a winner that nobody in your life is willing to sign a release form.