Ginamarie says “Once you f**k me I will f**k you up the a$$ so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week!”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


12:50pm Up in the HOH room Andy joins Ginamarie and Aaryn in the HOH room again. Aaryn comments that she doesn’t trust Elissa at all. Andy says this can’t leave this room. I love Helen but I don’t trust her. I don’t think Helen has your best interest at heart. I think it is best to get Helen out. Amanda and McCrae have been 100% loyal to me. Gina says they have lied to me before and I just don’t know if I can trust them. Andy says if we evict Helen and Amanda or McCrae win HOH then I will make sure you two are safe. Gina says I need to know that if McCrae gets HOH that he will put up Elissa and Spencer. Andy says he will. Aaryn says they are loyal to you. Andy says I have been so loyal to Amanda and McCrae since the beginning they aren’t going to screw me over, not yet, not with 7 people still in the house. Gina says I am voting with whatever Aaryn wants. Gina says for me everything that Helen has said she would do she has done. Spencer has lied to me so many times. Spencer is a f**k face. “Once you f**k me I will f**k you up the a$$ so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week!” Gina says if you are cool with me, we are cream cheese. Spencer has f**ked me over 4 times and I am not cool with that. Gina says that you say Amanda and McCrae have been loyal to you but they haven’t been in a position to have power to be loyal to you. They haven’t been in power since week 1 and it is week 8, 9 or 10 .. They’ve had no opportunity to keep you safe or to screw you. They keep saying the proof is in the pudding, where is the pudding, there is no pudding! Andy says that Helen is like a Judd, she is a good person but I have seen first hand that she is ready to turn on her allies.

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1pm – 1:16pm Andy says the best thing I have are my instincts and it has been good to me. I know that the best thing for us is to get rid of Helen. Aaryn says no matter what I will not ever vote to evict you (Andy) or Ginamaire. Andy says good same with me, that is why we need to stick together and to keep this under wraps. Andy says I know even though this is hard for me – this is the time to take out Helen. Please don’t let that get out. Aaryn and Gina say they won’t say anything. Andy says that then next week or the week after we take out Amanda or McCrae. Andy says for the three of us moving forward we need to take Helen out this week. Gina and Aaryn say okay. Andy says that Elissa and Helen are a power couple that we need to breakup. With Helen gone, I am the only person that Elissa will listen to. Aaryn questions if Elissa will listen to him. Andy says that he will work her to make sure she does. Aaryn says I trust you, just please don’t tell Amanda and McCrae anything about this. Andy says I won’t I will just say that we were up here appeasing Helen. Andy says I don’t want Amanda and McCrae here when it get down to it so we will get them out. Andy says being with you three is who I want to work with going forward. I love Helen but we need to get her out. Helen was talking about wanting for the good guys to win and not to let the bullies win but she was intern bullying me. Andy tells Gina that he has always been good with her. Gina agrees and says once it comes Thursday tell me what you need me to do and I’ll do it. No need to f**k me in my a$$. Gina leaves. Andy asks if Aaryn is cool about getting out Helen, I don’t want you to feel that I am strong arming you. Aaryn says that she agrees with him, she just feels bad. Andy says he does too and has cried about it all the time. Aaryn and Andy agree that they don’t want Amanda and McCrae in the final three, one of them need to go before then. Andy says my game is getting people to trust me and I have my hooks in people. Your are the one person that I tell everything to. Andy says that he will talk to Amanda and McCrae and tell them we were all just appeasing Helen. Aaryn tells Andy that I can’t trust you because you will go back and tell Amanda and McCrae everything. Andy says I will need to work Elissa. Andy says that he will think of something and talk to Elissa before HOH. If I was taken out at the hands of Elissa I would kill myself. Aaryn agrees. Andy heads downstairs.


1:20pm – 1:35pm Andy and Helen are in the kitchen looking at and killing all the ants that are everywhere. Gina comes into the kitchen to help clean. Helen talks about who Andy found ants in the fridge. All three of them clean the entire kitchen. They decide that they will only use enough dishes for everyone and to put the rest away so that there aren’t always dirty dishes everywhere.



1:40pm – 2:15pm Out in the backyard – Andy and Elissa talk. Elissa says that she likes Amanda and thinks she is entertaining. I believe they want us here for their game till this point. Elissa says I feel like I don’t really trust Aaryn and I trust Amanda but I think I will have to go out on a limb. If Ginamarie doesn’t vote the way we want to then we know it was Aaryn because she tell her what to do. Andy says he feels that it is a fairly easy decision to vote out Spencer over Helen. Elissa says then next week we vote out Amanda. Andy says agghhh! I know. Elissa says getting Amanda out will be a blood bath but the good thing is that she isn’t physical. Andy says yeah. Andy says so next week it will be me, you, Gina, Helen, Amanda and McCrae competing for the HOH. Elissa says that she feels like it is our only chance to making it past the final four. Andy says I feel like I will feel so much safer with Spencer gone because I have never felt like I could trust him. Andy says this is a big HOH and no offense to Helen but I think it will come down to you and me. Elissa says yeah. Andy says I guess Gina and McCrae are good too. Elissa asks Andy if he won HOH would he put up Amanda and McCrae. Andy says Ahhgg.. I guess if I had too. Elissa says that she doesn’t want to trust Aaryn but feels like she has to. Andy says it freaks me out that Helen doesn’t trust me. Elissa says that Helen got word that you were working with Amanda and McCrae to make a deal to get her out. Andy says I never said that. They talk about hoping this weeks HOH competition is an endurance comp. Andy and Elissa head inside. In the kitchen – Helen talks to Andy about his life outside the house and other random things.


2:30pm Out in the backyard – Ginamarie and Elissa are suntanning out in the backyard. Andy goes into the havenot room and talks to Amanda about the conversation up in the HOH room. He says that Aaryn was telling Helen whatever she wanted to hear but everyone knew she was just appeasing her. Amanda asks was she throwing me under the bus at all? Andy says no, it was all just the same stuff we’ve already talked about. Andy tells Amanda about how Helen told him it was good versus evil and he needed to be with them. He tells Amanda not to repeat it to anyone. Amanda says that she won’t. Andy says don’t say anything because Helen said if it got out she would know. Amanda says I won’t don’t worry.


2:35pm In the bedroom – Amanda curls up with McCrae and talks to Andy and Spencer about how last night Ginamarie farted and it was so bad she thought she was in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Amanda then goes on to talk about how she has a yeast infection. Amanda says that they are really common and that all girls get them. Spencer says that Marilyn doesn’t get them. She has a healthy vag!na. Spencer calls Amanda’s infection a sl*t infection.


2:40pm Amanda, Spencer and McCrae get up out of bed and head to the kitchen and backyard. Big brother calls for a backyard lock down. Everyone slowly heads outside.


2:50pm – 2:55pm All the house guests are in the backyard for the lock down. They all discuss how they hope the lock down is for something fun and not just a maintenance thing. Amanda sits down with Andy, Spencer, McCrae and Aaryn. Amanda starts talking about her yeast infection and how its taking so long for her to get the medication. Aaryn says it literally feels like fire ants on your vag!na crawling around and biting you. Spencer says there is nothing worse than over dramatic women talking about their vag!ina problems. Amanda says if you don’t have medication you can put yogurt on it. Spencer says I hope Julie asks me a question like what I miss from home. “Well Julie I miss masturbating privately.”


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Gutter Mouth, keeping it classy as usual.


Wait til GM pulls out her doubled headed d__do. Andy will be sore for a month.


I got to get to Brooklyn. If the girls there are anything like Gina, they must be very sexually free, count me in. I mean, granted I have to overlook the racism, ignorance, and close mind. But if you can ignore all that you are left with a woman that is just a shell…wait that didn’t come out right, let me try again. You will be left with a woman that is easily controllable….wait that doesn’t sound right either. Maybe I better skip over Brooklyn. I wonder what Jenny for the Block is doing?


unfortunately, woman like Gina Marie = Jodi Arias ….look how she is stalking Nik and she only knew him for what a week ….watch out for those who fall hard they will not be rid of so easily lol…

Just wondering?

her double headed d__do is named Nick


Andy will sell himself so bad in this BB that by the time the show ends, he will commit suicide because all that he has will be 13 grand and zero life!!!!


Gina needs to give the rat a real beatdown!!


She wont because he is white the sad thing about it is she like to call Candice a rat but Candice said a lot of good things about GM before GM got HoH in let it go to her head and she thought she could put Candice on the block in talk mad shit to and about Candice and think that everything was going to be cool. Gm keep saying she don’t like fucking rat’s but it looks like Aayrin GM sister and Andy are the biggest freaking rats just saying


Class is something everyone in this house lacks. But I gotta be honest…Elissa is really starting to grow on me. I know people say she’s stuck up and fake, but a girl can have fake breasts, fake extensions, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake enhanced lips, fake butt and even have a fake orgasm, but can STILL be more real than a backstabbing mom, sociopathic real estate agent, pussy whipped pizza boy, pedophile machine operator, Racist models & pageant girls and an untrustworthy school teacher. Truth is, “Real” isn’t how you look, but who you are inside & Elissa has EVERY RIGHT to want to be connected to any of these fake idiots!!


Good point!! I would hate to be in that house. Elissa must feel like she’s in prison trapped with the scum of the universe!


ELISSA…….stay away and don’t trust RAT boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda's dog Woofy

elissa looks like a cute duck. It’s an unusual look, but i kinda like it. I like ducks.


Duck Lips are not cute. She was so pretty before she did all of the surgery to look like Rachel. I do not understand why she thought looking exactly like Rachel was a good thing. She was beautiful before all the botox and plastic.

Amanda's dog Woofy

If she was trying to look like Rachel, she failed. But if she was trying to look like a cute duck, she succeeded. Do you hate ducks ? Why hate ducks?


I love ducks but Elissa was very pretty before the plastic surgery/botox….why oh why do decent women hack up their faces?


meant to say decent “looking” women

Amanda's dog Woofy

I’m Glad you like ducks. Do you like dogs? Can you get me out of this doggy daycare place?


Amanda and McCrea’s BB shopping list
Amoxicillin 500mg or Penicillin
Monistat Vaginal Cream or Suppositories
Massengill Douche Floral Scent
Listerine Mouth Wash
Sterile Gloves “to prevent onion fingers”
and a Muzzle

Amanda's Yeast Infection

You forgot to add a noose to the list.


You forgot to add Amanda’s douche mixture: bleach and vinegar!

Yogurt in fridge



will Andy tell MCranda everything? any bets here?


I believe that Andy is sincere with Aaryn. He knows Mcranda were lying when they separately to Andy they would take him to f2. He sees Aaryn has been hot in comps and that GM gives them a third vote and someone to sacrifice if need be. If he sticks to that it’s a good move.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Andy is a habitual diarrhea mouther. He cannot help himself. Why couldn’t Big Brother U.S. bring in Gary Glitter from BB Canada? Sure he said pond instead of pawn, but he was EVERYTHING Andy is not – and freaking awesome (and I’m straight).

Yogurt in fridge

I agree. Gary was screwed by topaz. What a dynamic character. Would love it if him and Dan made a couple of guest appearances

Get on with it

And we are back to square one.

If he was straight

Andy is good. If Andy was straight guy he could have Aaryn or Gina anytime he wanted. They both know he is a liar, but he has a calming influence over them and they just abandon all their own self interests whenever he speaks. Andy you should either go into politics or religion when you leave BB. You are a natural.


His kind is better off in the priesthood or doing hair.

Varys Blackfyre

I can’t believe GM is actually making sense. She said “Gina says that you say Amanda and McCrae have been loyal to you but they haven’t been in a position to have power to be loyal to you. They haven’t been in power since week 1 and it is week 8, 9 or 10 .. They’ve had no opportunity to keep you safe or to screw you. They keep saying the proof is in the pudding, where is the pudding, there is no pudding!”


Oh, ginaMarie! So many feels I have right now. Oh mouth breathing oger, have thou seen the light??
Is she serious? She can’t be serious, right??
Am I to step off my moral high-ground and give her some credit??
It’s a dream, right? She will have another wine cooler and all sense & sensibility will be lost…RIGHT?
Yo, GM?? Are you REALLY Mensa disguised as a caveman??
Reveal yourself, potential genius. I demand thee.


so i decided to get the live feeds because i thought there was something wrong with my TV when watching BB After Dark because the sound keep cutting out a lot and now i know why, every 3rd word out of GM’s mouth is the F bomb!…Damb-it she cost me $9.99 when all i needed to do is say F**K every time the sound cut out;-(


I like pudding.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I like left overs.


I know right I can’t stand GM but I will give credit when it’s do and she made a very good and clear point so kudos to GM. But see that’s just another thing GM and Ellisa are playing the people in the house and half of BB viewers GM and Ellisa isn’t as stupid as they pretend to be well hum no they have book smarts but common sense I really don’t think GM haves any but I think it’s safe to say Ellisa does. Also GM said the other day she was taking some classis over at the university also I think GM is related to Cheri Oteri because not only do they look alike but they have a LOT in common also roll back on Ellisa when they 1st came in the house I think she is playing that hummmm dumb act!!!!!

grow some spines people

they are correct, this is the Amanda and Mcrap show.

Grow some spines people.


surprise andy doin mcreepy and amanduh’s dirty work, he is the biggest fool ever in BB history.


Omfg I am so sick of Andy and his pathetic game. He is a floater and he is a rat.


The Red Rat!


elf he is an elf take a good look those ears he is a damn elf and a creepy elf rat


andy is a elf…..a lying elf…………i hope he does not win this…..


andy will not win bb


I am no fan of Andy (the weasel), but his game play has him in a good spot. He seems to be calling the shots right now.


Andy isn’t running anything but his mouth and he’s a puppet doing all the work for the Mcranda! He think he knows what he is doing, but he is the idiot of all time. He needs to grow a pair of man balls.

Am confused..

haha….. Andy growing testicles?
Except the unexpected….. Andy the RED RAT is a woman. pussy!


He’s the swing vote this week but after that his everybody’s friend is over. No one really trusts him now and even a fool knows neither Demanda nor McMinute will take him to the F2. Being Demanda’s yappy, ankle biting lap dog got him this far but it’s about to end. And that doesn’t even take into account a returning juror.


i disagree- his game play will not get him to the final 2 . i dont get him- he’s aligning himself with amanda and mcrae who are only going to bring each other to the end- he’s better aligning himself with aaryn who wins challenges. but mcrae won the first endurance competition and the next hoh will most probably be an endurance competition.


Everyone should tell Andy the Rat that he is the deciding vote this week and everyone will know his true allegiance on Thursday. This will make him a potential target next week.


they should have told Andy he was the deciding vote when Amanda was on the block so they would know his allegiance


A damn Ginger Rat!! He’s like Howdy Doody…a puppet on Amanda’s string. Someone needs to cut the cords!!


Ahh Ginamarie, such a classy girl


What is with GM about getting F*cked in the ass??? She is nasty!!!


Those ants are due to that utter pig, Amanda. That queen bee needs to be terminate.


yea that was so incredibly disgusting to compare GM’s farts to the stench of Auschwitz- and Amanda’s Jewish. shame on her


please…. Amanda loves the smell of farts. Her and her sissy boyfriend never bath and they smell like head cheese! She loves stench!


I’m so done with Amanda and her venom she spews, really Amanda when was the last time you we in a Concentration Camp, Just not called for remark from her and it just isn’t funny at all, she makes me sick to even look at her, I hope this shit she says comes back to bite her in her big old ass! and believe me it will! As far as GM that girl is just nuts altogether!


I don’t like Helen, but I hope Spencer goes just to see the shock on Amanda and McCreas faces.


I’d like to see the shock on mr. and mrs. Amanda’s face. but I cant stand helen You Know, she needs to go, she needs to go now! like today! you know.
kick rice!!!!



“Kick rice!!!” Is this you being racist?


its stupid because we knowa jury member is returning to the game so the whole week is a waste evicting helen if she returns…


yes, but now she will put up Amanda & Mcrae if her or Elissa win. She may even be able to talk Gm to do it also with Arryns prodding.


Ugh Andy is disgusting. I would be so upset to see any of my close friends behave the way Andy has; no backbone and an insane ability to lie. If he was my best friend, I’d be alarmed and never trust a word out of his mouth again.


this is random but does anyone watch bb Canada? if so, is it even good?


I watched it. There has only been one season so far.

It’s different. But eerily similar to this season of BBUS. And apparently McCrae watched BBCanada. On that one the power couple made it almost to the end.

Maybe you should watch it to see for yourself


I didn’t think so at the time, but BBCan cast were GENIUSES compared to these nincompoops!


goodbye helen


Boy do I dislike Andy, he’s so delusional in his relationship with Amanda/McCrae, I’m starting to hope they do get to the end just so all these idiots can look back and see how stupid they really were in playing this game.


I agree with you at this point. I hate McranDah soooooooo much, but as each week goes by and all these morons in the house continue to protect them, I am beginning to feel that I would like Amanda to win (sadly), just so everyone (when this is over) can see how absolutely pathetic their games were. Besides the only remotely likeable person left in the house is Elissa and I don’t see her winning this game her heart clearly is not in it. She is though surprisingly good at reading people, and is not delusional like virtually everyone else.


Andy is not stupid at all. He’s playing a very Machiavellian game. He saw who had the power and allied himself with the power couple. He was friends with everyone. No suspected him until Aaryan told Helen. He’s gotten this far without once getting nominated. When the times right, he will cut them Amanda and McCrae. He’s with Aaryan and GM planning for that day.


I disagree Suzanne, Andy has “alliances” with everybody there and him going against Amanda wouldn’t have hurt his game at all, he’s had lots of opportunities to vote her out and didn’t, and for what reason?? He’s like a kid constantly trying to get his moms approval, so he backstabs everybody with hopes of staying in his moms good graces, it’s not gameplay, he was sitting pretty no matter what.


Get Helen and Amanda out. None of them deserves to win big brother.


At this moment I’d like Elissa to win the game, if she can’t then Helen or Aaryn. I would be very sad to see McRae or Amanda win. I’m sure if Aaryn had the votes she would have put Amanda up on the block instead of Spencer.


OMFG!!! As much as I don’t like Aaryn and GinaMarie….don’t listen to that Ginger Rat!! Vote out Spencer and get that sleazy Amanduh out next week!!!


Very disappointed that Amanda was not put up, but I’m also ok with Helen leaving this week.


I feel the same, Ella. Since there really has been no one that appealing to root for, I’ve just been hoping to see the demise of Helen, Amanda, and Andy. Helen has finally seen the light regarding Amanda, but she’s so late to the game I feel like she deserves to get taken out. Jess tried to tell her she needed to strike first.


Andy is the the biggest bitch ever. He is letting McPussy and Ms Fleabay control his mind. He runs back and tells them everything.

The Rat's Been Caught

And Elissa knows this…


Worst season….Aaryn has had 4 HOH’s and not made one decision for herself, whatever Helen or Amanda told her to do she did. You can tell Helen’s in politics with all the BS schmoozing she does and Amanda is just a very annoying spoiled human being


” Andy says that then next week or the week after we take out Amanda or McCrae.”

I hope Aaryn and GM caught onto that.


Right? Like they are going to have an UN blond moment!!!


I pretty hope that Judd walks back in and the whole 3am alliance will turn each other.


What? So Judd can lock his lips to Amanda’s crusty ass?


What are you talking about? He is here for Revenge!!!!!!!!!


BUICHIE!!!! I’m lmfao!!!! Judd show will have his mouth all over Amanda’s crusty ass!!!!!! So I kinda like Judd to but My dude game play sucks it would really be a waste of time if Judd came back in the game sorry but it’s the truth but I do like the J U DD!!!


Dude, what show you watching? That’s is a lie. Judd will walk back in and screw 3am alliance so that Amanda will walk out the door. Now that’s a truth.


Oh my gosh!!!! It kills me that every HOH has not done what they feel is right for their game. During the first of the season I thought this was going to be a great year but it has turned into a bunch of scared little kids hiding behind one another to make moves, and they have been stupid moves. Today would have been an awesome opportunity for Aaryn to flip this game in her favor by putting Amanda on the block. Andy and McCrae can’t make a logical decision without her and she has done absolutely nothing to be in the position that she is in. She has won no comps, just bosses everyone around and I have no clue why everyone is so scared of her. Shake it OFF people!!! Vote out Spencer, keep Helen and take out Amanda next week!!! If not they are going to make it to the end and win this thing.


Aaryn didn’t have the votes to evict Amanda, that’s why she didn’t put her on the block. Spencer, McCrae and Andy would vote for Helen to leave (3 votes). Elissa and Gina Marie would vote for Amanda to leave (2 votes). Aaryn can’t vote since she’s the HOH. It makes no sense for Aaryn to nominate Amanda if she’s not going to get voted out; Amanda would put Aaryn on the block the next week.


No, I’m sorry. I really think Andy would have voted the way Aaryn would have asked him to.


i want to see ginamarie scream from the top of the stairs.


and these houseguests are so gross…. this house is going to be disgusting once helen and elissa leave. eeeek.


actually the house might smell better once elissa is gone, no more spreading/opening legs everytime she feel to stretch or yoga.


are you serious? more like amanda with her nasty period blood infested towels laying around.


Is that you, Kaitlyn???

King Goldy

once again, Raggedy Andy snowballs people into doing what Amanda and McCrae want. I can not wait until Wednesday when they find out someone is coming back into the game. Let it be Helen, Jessie or Candice and one of them when HOH. I would put Andy up and Amanda and if one of them win the Veto then McCrae, if McCrae win and takes down Amanda then Aaryn for being so dumb. Watch Spencer pawn his way to the 500k.


No, don’t put Amanda and Andy up. If McCrea wins veto then he takes Amanda off and whomever goes against Andy will be sent packing. They have to put up Amanda and McCrea so if one comes off then they can put up Andy. Andy has less of a chance winning veti than McCrea.


Leave the ants alone, they’re the most entertaining HGs, in that house…. They’re just making big moves on the nasty food left HG leave around…


I’m actually surprised they don’t have roaches in the house, they’re THAT nasty.


They are the roaches


They can get rid of ants and roaches. Just have Amanda sit on the floor behind a garbage, no panties, and spread her legs.


Elissa is always cleaning, then Helen and Aaryn and Gina Marie. I don’t know about the rest.


Helen cleans up after these slobs every morning, and they don’t seem to mind it a bit. Today, they had a huge ant invasion and GM helped Helen get the excess dishes locked away, so that people would quit reaching for a clean dish instead of WASHING one of their own. SLOBS.


Gosh, I would hope if I were ever in this house I wouldn’t cry as much as these cry babies. Helen fake cries, Amanda cries because she’s just cray, Andy cries because he LOVES everybody, GM cries because she LOVES Nick and misses him sooo much, McCrae cries because he just HAD to vote out JUDD because he was trying to take out (but wait…he wasn’t) his Queen, Aaryn cries because she’s SO not racist; she just has word vomit, Elissa cries because…well she’s Elissa. The only one I haven’t seen cry is Spencer, so I vote for him. Okay, not really, but at least he hasn’t cried.


Aaryn has won 4 HOH’s and comments that McCrae and Andy haven’t been on the block once….hmmmmm, imagine that.


Hmmmmmmm. Lol so true so true.


Now I do not want Helen to come back. I just remember Andy telling Ncmanda that he does not want to vote to evict Helen. They said they understand. So that’s why Andy keep telling her I vote to keep you. He is counting on Amanda Nc and Gina to evict. So if Helen is evicted she will come back think Andy is loyal when he is not.


WTF is with the poll? Who would want Judd back in the house? We don’t need anymore Amanda pawns. Judd would mumble around the house and do whatever McManda say. Bring back Helen or Jessie to take out that b***h!


Judd would be a better player the 2nd time around and I prefer him over Candice and Jessie.


I hope Helen comes back and is made HOH. I would like to see her put up Andy and Amanda. I think it would be fun to watch the rat turn on Amanda.


Yes that’s exactly what we all need to do. My vote will be for Helen to come back into the house. Hopefully they will let us decide.


If Helen is voted out she will know it was all Andy, so she will be against him as well as McManda.
He will have no where to hide…I don’t think she will forgive him even if he turns his back on McManda. He wil be the replacement nom if one of them win pov.


If Helen does come back and is HOH she will still say it is too soon to take Amanduh out.


If Helen is voted out, she’ll have a few days (sequestered or with the others) to be away from the battleground and think things over, especially if she’s in the JH with the others and they (Judd especially) are mad enough to tell her what they know. If Helen then comes BACK to the game, she’ll be extremely p!ssed and really go to war with McManda. I do think Helen can be a fighter.

I don’t think Judd will be as fiery – he’ll probably fall back into his friendship with McCrae and fall prey to McManda’s lies once again.

And yes, I agree that Andy looks like Howdy Doody, puppet strings and all (does that make Amanda Buffalo Bob?)


Looks like in the end.. only the rats and the ants will have survived BB15.


That’s alright once Helen finds out she has a chance of getting back into the house I believe she is gonna smoke Candice, Judd and Jessie! Then she’s gonna Elissa or Helen will win HOH and do the right thing!


oh Gina Marie. I am shaking in my boots.

(Not. you don’t even have a penis.)


She has a double headed dildo and knows how to use it

Amanda's dog Woofy


Oh Karma!

Helen… “we will leave the light on for you at the jury house “


Why do they not learn that telling RatBastardAndy is the Kiss of Death to any plan outside of Her Majesties wishes. Poor, poor stupid Aryan. Good-bye shady Aryan. Nobody in the house ever liked you any way. You are such a threat that you must be dealt with. Didn’t you know that this week was not the time to talk about getting rid of Queen Demanda. Okay, okay, we all love you though.

Bigot Brother

Does Andy have some underlying attraction to McCrae? Is this the reason he is so adamant about carrying out Amandas wishes.

Say What

Those feminine twinks like more masculine men. Why would rat boy wanna another submissive with a girlie body?
(please pizza boy, put your shirt on. Looks like 2 little pepperonis on a flatbread!)


I think this BB is like “groundhog day”. Every time they get a new idea (like Andy is a rat and we are playing Amanda’s game), the whole thing resets.

I guess that happens so that no goes against the queen, so that she wins (I am really starting to believe that rumour too)

Say What

What? I thought Andy the Rat was the QUEEN!!!!

Little D

Helen is not very smart. Helen said that many “big” moves had been made….bowel movements? Maybe. The house seems to ignore the fact that McCranda show is running everything without winning much. Helen had her chance to put up McCranda but blew it. The racist Aryn has now had 4 chances to put up McCranda and has passed each time. Now I read that gayAndy has mentioned FINALLY putting McCranda on the block? Uh, by then, it will be too late. The last and only hope is that Spenser wins HOH. I believe Spenser will put the Loving McCranda on the block and bust this show wide open—FINALLY.

Does McCray really believe Amanda will have anything to do with him when BB is over? Win or lose? I can see the two of them getting to the final two and McCray winning. Oh, the blow jobs and sex McCray will have while Amanda takes all his money…..on the other hand, I can see Amanda winning and kicking pizza boy to the curb.

Tell me I’m wrong.


Here is a great “win-win” scenario. Elissa wins HOH and puts The Red Queen up against Stoolie the Toad (out of anger at his blatant lying to her about Helen). Only Stoolie the Toad isn’t really her target. She plans on backdooring Aaryn. Through some “miracle”, Elissa wins the POV and takes Stoolie off the block, substituting Aaryn.

Getting either one of them out of the house is considered a “power” move. And if Elissa was lucky enough to make it to the finals, that would definitely be a plus for her.

Let’s not forget about McCrae (the “Sleeping Giant”). His game strategy is to remain dormant until he NEEDS to win HOHs. The Red Queen has bullied and threatened the entire household into doing their bidding. I think if The Red Queen were to be evicted (wishful thinking on my part), the Sleeping Giant would suddenly awake with vigor and start competing for his life.

Am confused..

Is the RED queen Andy the rat????


Actually, I can understand how some might have confused my name for Amanda as a name for Andy. I started calling Amanda “The Red Queen” (from “Alice in Wonderland”) because of her sense of entitlement and her behavior in that house. She runs around giving orders as to who to put on the chopping block (sort of like “Off with his head! Off with her head!”) and the other houseguests always fall in line like a pack of cards.

My name for Andy is “Stoolie the Toad”, which is somewhat kinder than what he is now being called, “Rat Bastard”. Both are equally fitting.

F O L L O W M E ! !

It would be great if CBS could do a cartoon of the Red Queen with Amanda’s face screaming, “off with their heads”.

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda has Done Nothing but give herself many “atta girl” pats – on her – own back ! O m g! McCrae the puppet has been basically sucked into her crotch – and is stuck! He wants out but is stuck…literally! If only he hadn’t gone there….he could wake up … smell the roses ( not onions ) and play the fuckin game!! Send Amanda to the crazy jury … where she belongs-people!


I’m starting to really like Aaryn. Hate it if you want, she is not that bad.


I’m a little slow, but I finally figured out why these people are soooo scared of Amanduh. They are all afraid of confrontation! If they talk about putting her up, she confronts them and they get scared.They think she will talk bad about them (even though she does it anyway) in front of everybody and expose thier lies.

Right or wrong, if you confront them loudly they will run scared and do whatever you want.

Your Right

Except for Elissa and, at times Spencer… Elissa is on to her MO.


OMG I HATE ANDY. I mean, everyone lies, obvs, but Andy is the most weasel-y and he’s really the only reason Amanda is so in charge of everything in the house. I have no idea why he is so loyal to her. UGH. Actually, Andy totally reminds me of Sherri, the straight shooter, with the nature of his relationships and lies. I REALLY hope it blows up in his face the way it did for her.

I don’t love Helen or anything, but I think she is too nice and mature to really hold Andy responsible for totally effing her over the way he is. She’ll still want to be his friend in real ife when really she should hate him more than anyone else in the house.


It is so annoying to read about the feeds and see that Pale Chicken Legged Andy is almost always in the room during the conversation.if not, He somehow finds his way to the room while it’s going on. He should apply for a double agent job after the show. He thinks he is befriending everyone and playing a great social game. His tattling is going to catch up to him. The problem is these people know he takes information back to Mrs and Mr Amanda but they don’t use it to their advantage. I would feed him so much information about Amanda She would be so paranoid, she would be jumping into the trash can instead of hiding behind it. (that was my favorite moment on the show last night …… Hilarious )


with Andy still running around lying to most everybody in the house. I would want Helen to come back from jury (until now I have been wanting Jessie back). Then she and everybody would know Andy is the one causing all the trouble and start going after him. I would like to see the little rat squirm for once in this game.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

So guys if you may see what you think about my assessment for the remainder of the season assuming HELEN LEAVES.

Who in the world wants a GM, Aryan, Andy Final 3 = Nasty Girl, Racist Girl, Conniving and Snaky Dude

Clearly Disgustmanda and Pizza lil Boy do not make a more attractive final 2 but I still a 4 vs 4 after this Thursday

HERE are the Possibilities (assuming HELEN is evicted)

1. Helen wins the jury comp and it becomes — Helen, Elissa, GM, Aryan, and Andy vs McCranda/Spencer = in 3 weeks McCranda is gone (boring)
2. Jessie wins jury comp and it becomes — Jessie, Elissa, GM, Aryan, and Andy vs McCranda/Sepncer = in 3 weeks McCranda is gone (boring)
3. Candace wins jury comp and it becomes — Candace, Elissa, GM, Aryan, and Andy vs McCranda/Spencer = in 3 weeks McCranda is gone (boring)
4. Judd wins jury comp and it becomes — Elissa, GM, Aryan, and Andy vs McCray, Amanda, Spencer, and I would hope Judd = 4 vs 4

Come on GM and Aryan are just as disgusting as Slutmanda
Lets have a 4 vs 4 and see what happens cause if it becomes a 5 vs 3 or even worse a possible 6 vs 2 if Spencer goes and Jessie/Candace win we probably go back to house votes.

In conclusion, I really only like McPizza but from a game move what Andy and Aryan are doing makes sense but when i hear and see them and GM/Elissa/Helen I want to punch them.

Any opinions ??


First of all, ANY scenario where Stoolie the Toad votes with someone AGAINST The Red Queen and McCrae is not a possibility. It won’t happen. No one can include them in an alliance to go against The Red Queen at this stage of the game even if he swears that he will. The only time Stoolie would consider doing that is when he, The Red Queen and McCrae are in the final three and he wants one of them to go. In that instance, and ONLY in that instance, would he want to get rid of The Red Queen. I think he’s been hoping for some alone time with McCrae ever since they entered the house.


It will not work. Andy will always honor his final 4 deal with Amanda. So no matter who come back he will not be with them no way. Plus any of the ones that come back will not trust Andy. Except perhaps Helen only if he votes to keep her ( only because he knows others will do the dirty work) proving in her he not a traitor.


I do not think Helen or Aaryn will trust Andy enough to work with him if Helen gets evicted. I would put Andy on the Amanda/McCrea side. Nobody really knows how the next week or 2 will play out. It all depends on who comes back from Jury, and what kind of power they have ( I do not believe they would bring a jury member back without some kind of power. Even if its just 1 week they can not be put on the block). Odds are someone America hates will win the money, but will need to use it all to try to fix all the damage they have done to themselves or their families. So, really I do not see a actual winner this year.


F’ you rat bastard andy.

while i’m not a big fan of helen, i’m officially rooting for her to win the evicted member return thing. she’d be the main one to get demanda and mcpussy and the rat bastard too since she’d now know where he stands.

i dont know who i’d wanna win, but i know it not any of those 3 due to such scum baggary actions.


here’s what i’ll be rooting for and i hope all demanda haters might think about too…

1) helen wins the evicted HG come back contest
2) due to the nature of coming back, that HG is given HOH for protection
3) helen puts up demanda and mcpussy
4) she and elissa shuns andy from then on out due to how much of a rat bastard he’d been
5) helen tells rat bastard that if either demanda or mccrae come off the block, he’ll go up


Well, we’ve heard Stoolie the Toad’s comment to Aaryn and GinaMarie…that he would kill himself if he was evicted at the hands of Elissa. That would be such blissful Karma. Stoolie the Toad is blatantly patronizing Elissa and lying to her face. When Helen is evicted on Thursday night, guess who will have revealed himself (once again) to be a lying rat?

As for his promising to keep Aaryn and GinaMarie safe from going up on the block if McCrae, The Red Queen, Spencer or he win HOH? LMAO! It will never happen. They weren’t just appeasing Helen with their “evict Amanda” discussions. At some point they were actually considering doing it. The Red Queen will never forgive them for lack of loyalty and allegiance. Now there will be four people whose goal it will be to get Aaryn and GinaMarie evicted.

aunty nobody

Truck drivers, longshore men, & construction workers find the magnitude of GM’s foul language embarrassing…

Amanda's Therapist

AGREE that the BB house is full of ball–bags ! BB house is full of crying in “slop” dumb ass game players!
Andy = #1 baby….he is going to freak when HE is not in the final 3 or final 2 …. what is his “excuse” going to be … that he did not put the “duo” up?!?
Oops! Don’t have a gay winner this year – sorry in advance people!


Why aren’t the 3AM alliance pissed as hell at
A Man Duh for telling the HG targeted they are
going home, when the rest of the group was vowed
to keep quiet. It makes the rest of them look
shady. I don’t understand why Aaryn and GM
can’t figure out they make it to final four with Helen
but only til next week with Amanda. And to listen
to Andy is just stupid, as Aaryn is the one who
pointed out he is the one running back and telling
McCreepy and The Man everything. Andy is caught
but no one is doing anything about it!!!


This is so crazy they are even debating not voting Spencer out! Amanda and McCrae are going to win this game if they don’t get them out soon! I actually don’t like Helen that much but if they keep her at least she will go after McCrae and Amanda. Okay mostly Amanda I just want out lol


Lindsey Lohan used to (claims to Oprah she is not taking it any more) take adderall. So aaryn and amanda are in good company.

Amanda's dog Woofy



WOOFY! Which houseguest would you lift a leg up on?