Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


10:33am – 11:15am The Big Brother live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony. When the feeds return we learn that Elissa used the veto to save herself from the block. As the Head Of Household Aaryn nominated SPENCER as the replacement Nominee.

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11:15am When the live feeds return – Amanda and McCrae are in bed talking. Amanda talks about making a comment that its was taking a long time during the ceremony. McCrae starts getting mad at Amanda for the comments she makes. Amanda gets up and says she doesn’t want to listen to him bit*h at her. She heads into the havenot room.
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11:20am – 11:35am Up in the HOH room – Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and Gina are talking. Elissa tells Aaryn that we need to get out Amanda. Elissa says if you ever hear about me saying anything about you, do not believe it! It’s not true. Andy joins them. Aaryn comments that she doesn’t get why Spencer is mad because he said he was fine to go on the block. Helen tells Andy that she has Elissa and Ginamarie 100%. Helen starts crying. Andy asks why are you saying it like you don’t have me 100%? You do! Helen tells Andy that he will either be know as the traitor or the good guy. If you go with them you will be know as the traitor. Helen says we have stick together. Andy says if you have them (Elissa, Ginamaire, Aaryn) then you have me. Helen tells Andy and that they (Amanda and McCrae) only have 1 competition win and between us we have 10 competition wins. Which side do you want to be on? Helen says America is look at you asking you to make the right choice to be with the good side and not the bad. Andy gets mad and says that he doesn’t understand why she is questioning just him right now. I am with you. Aaryn says that it makes no sense that McCrae has never been nominated. Helen tells Andy that it comes down to him voting for her to stay. Helen tells Andy that he is being manipulated by Amanda and McCrae. Helen says America is saying Andy do the right thing! Helen says Spencer thinks he is safe. Helen says that Spencer would rather go on the block because they tell him to. They tell him not to let Amanda go up as a pawn because she is afraid she might actually be voted out. Andy keeps saying that he knows what is going on and that he is not stupid. Andy tells Helen that he has his vote. Helen says that America wants the good guys to win, they don’t want the Evel Dicks to win. Aaryn says Helen you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and it has been a honour getting to know you.

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11:35am – 12:05pm Aaryn says this is not big brother, this is the Amanda and McCrae show. We cannot let them win. Ginamarie says that she didn’t like that Amanda was trying to get rid of Nicks stuff. I don’t want to get rid of it, leave me alone. I didn’t even want to go to their wedding, I didn’t feel good that day. They continue to talk about how Amanda bullies people into doing what she wants. Aaryn says I guarantee this conversation gets back to them and then I am going to get the brunt of it. Helen says well we just have to make sure this conversation stays in this room. They all agree and Andy nods. Elissa says we all just need to be strong and stick together. Helen says that McCrae is a whipped puppy dog. Gina says over f**king pu$$y! Helen says that America is tweeting right now, what took them so long to figure this out! Aaryn, Helen and Elissa talk about how Amanda and McCrae are going to take Spencer to the final three because they know they can beat him. Helen says they are going to get Spencer to take you out so that they don’t get the blood on their hands and will still get your vote. Aaryn says that Amanda and McCrae are taking each other to the final two. They will get married when this is all over. Helen asks do you really think so. Aaryn says yeah especially if they win $500,000 that will set it all in motion. Helen says okay guys thank you for your votes and for your support. We just need to slay the dragon. Helen says I love you Andy. Andy says I do too, I am not even going to say it because you know! Helen says even if I go I want you to take them out because America wants you to. For all those kids watching at home – we are going to stick together and take out the bad guys. The good people, Friendship and Trustworthiness are going to win over evil. Aaryn talks about Amanda calling her a racist. Helen says this is her (Amanda) worst nightmare – Us four.. oh and Andy working together. Helen heads to the diary room. Aaryn says I don’t think Helen ever said that she wanted to get me out. Ginamarie says I never heard her say that. Aaryn says what makes me mad is that Spencer feels so safe and comfortable to go on the block. Ginamarie says well he only has their two votes so he can’t be too comfortable.


12:15pm Andy says I am stressing out because this is the point when I need to draw the line. Up until now I have been playing nice with everyone. Elissa says you have nothing to stress about because we have the numbers. Andy says its just hard for me. Elissa tells Andy you can’t think that and tells him that he protected himself in this game and not anyone else. She tells him to be proud of that. Elissa tells him he got to this point by himself and not because of anyone else. Andy says he knows. Elissa says hopefully they will have the Wall Endurance Competition and Spencer will fall. Andy says Spencer won’t even be here. Elissa says oh yeah. Ginamarie says yeah and I will go at it with McCrae again. No more of these pu$$y sh*t question competitions. Gina tells Andy that he is good, he is strong and has his own voice. Andy says oh yeah I know. Aaryn says that Amanda made the comment that we are best friends and I dont get why she said that. There is game in that but I’m not sure why. Aaryn asks Elissa – so did Rachel tell you to win competitions more than anything. Elissa says Rachel said to make the right allies. Aaryn says I wanted Spencer out this week and everyone can vouch for that. I can’t do it though without the votes. Elissa says that worst move was putting Helen and I against each other. Aaryn says I was told that Helen was coming after me. But it looks like we have the votes to evict him so what I wanted originally is going to happen anyway. Andy gets called to the diary room and Andy bolts out of the room and says okay!


12:25pm – 12:40pm After he leaves Elissa says we really need to be careful about what we say in front of him. They talk about how they will know if anything gets back to them because none of them have a reason to tell Amanda and McCrae anything. Elissa leaves. Aaryn tells Ginamarie I will never trust Elissa. Ginamarie tells Aaryn whatever you want me to do on Thursday I will do. Aaryn says I trust you and that’s that. I don’t trust Amanda or Andy and I want to trust Helen. Ginamarie says I trust Helen more than Spencer, that’s for sh*t sure. Aaryn says there is a reason why Spencer’s girlfriend’s family doesn’t like him. Aaryn says that week one Spencer was hitting on me hardcore and when he realized he didn’t have a shot he started talking about Marilyn being his ex. He talked so much sh*t about her and how he wouldn’t be with her unless she finished college. Then after he really realized he wasn’t going to get any a$$ in the house he started saying he loved her. Gina says when he gets home no one is going to be there.


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156 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

      1. No one has the guts to make a move? What do you call putting Dictator Helen and Botox Elissa up? If the goal is to break up a power couple, mission accomplished: the pathetic crybaby bully goes home. These asswipes need to stay consistent when making the nominations and designating a target instead of shifting every day just because someone’s feelings got hurt. GM and Elissa have been a total waste this season, just floating by week after week. After Helen they need to go. Actually the guest who comes back Thursday needs to go since they should never have been allowed to come back. If these yahoos really think Amanda is so evil they should want to take her to final 2 because, according to them (who will be the jurors), none of them would give her the prize because they hate her. But they are stupid and really don’t hate her. Helen has to go this week. End of story. And it will be a pleasure seeing that egotistical thug walking out the door. She did it to Candice and then Judd and then Jesse. Time for a dose of your own medicine bitch.

        1. What do I call putting up Helen and Elissa? Doing what McCrae and Amanda want! Otherwise known as the theme of Weeks 1 -8.

    1. Helen cried on cue in the HOH room when she confronts Andy. That girl is good, the next Meryl Streep. Only problem, all that crying doesn’t work on the gay guy. Maybe if it was McCrae crying. I still think that was a Big Brother first seeing two grown men crying over the eviction of Judd.

        1. Yeah I really cant wait to see what she thinks of them when she see how they made fun of her because she is Asian Amanda said lot about her to but Aayrin and GM went a little further and said they was going to hit her to make her eye’s go straight such a shame the people she like’s so much are the very one’s that’s been making fun of her because of her race

    2. Helen says “If you go with them you will be know as the traitor…….” LOL!!!!!!
      Helen has now become the Law!!! you died and made her queen??!!!

    3. same old stupid BS excuses from these idiots. why is Aaryn even complaining for? this idiot is complaining about MC/Amanda a few mins after she places Spencer as the replacement nominee.

    4. Someone please explain to me if they are finally on the same page and realized Aman duh and MC is running the house, and Andy is a rat why in the hell did Aaryn put Spencer up? I’m asking the house this question “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?” Dang even Stevie Wonder can see the best move. I really believe the cast fear Amanda more than wanting the money.

    1. Aaryn is crazy every night. It’s a house of medicated crazy women. Gina, Aaryn. and Amanda are all on drugs. They must be taking some good stuff, because several times Elissa asked Amanda to go get her some from the Diary Room.

    1. Amanda is going to have the sheep carry her to the final 3, but she has no chance of winning, she doesn’t have the votes.

      1. What’s up with the downvotes, you sheep too? 9 people in jury, now how many like Amanda? Aaryn, McCrae, and Andy… You do the math, she DON’T have the numbers to win.

        1. I don’t think you’ve been keeping score here. Amanda has a great shot, not only can she talk her way into a HOH without winning she will be able to sell that jury by the time she’s done with her final speech. She has never placed anyone on the hot seat but was fully responsible. Judd blames Helen and Elissa, candi blames them as well and really hates spencer that she is blind to everything Amanda said. The list keeps going and the one common is nobody blames Amanda for anything! They just say she runs the show but not once do they say negative things. Trust that if she is sitting at the final 2 she wins.

  1. OK Dawg.
    Serious question for ya.

    I assume you are watching this HOH BR conversation right now.
    After listening to Helen spew this shit for the last half hour…..
    Who would you rather see go? Helen or Amanda?
    Curious as to your opinion.

    My Op- Helen is making me almost literally sick.
    That fake sugar sweetness is so over the top even Andy is not
    falling for it (Dumb ass child like Aaryn is tho!).

    The best part? GM’s entire motivation for wanting Amanda out seems to
    be her disgust that Amanda got a showmance and hers got cut short (Wedding,
    Engagement, Bachelorette Party), and the fact that Amanda said Aaryn and Amanda
    are like sisters. Gm says “That’s MY thing!”.
    OMFG she is seriously so immature, it’s like she never progressed past 14.

    1. Exactly what I’m thinking listening to this. Last night I thought that “buzzed” Aaryn (laughing that she says she has more clarity when a little drunk) had screwed up royally when venting to Andy & GM and then again with Helen & then Andy. I think she’s trying to play both sides so when Helen leaves Helen isn’t mad at her but at Amanda.
      How long before Andy & Amanda figure out that Aaryn instigated it atll & ratted out Andy to Helen?
      The funny thing is all this talk just solidifies the need to bring Amanda to final 3 – because none of these bitches will vote for her – or at least that’s what they’re saying now.
      Helen & her “andy the truster” killed me! About as much as Elissa getting all cozy with Aaryn & GM – who in secret she despises.

    2. …except that she is ripe to take Amanda out. We should be cheering for her. It doesn’t matter her motivation (nobody minds that Amanda’s motivation is that she is a bully). GM could have convinced Spencer to take Amanda out. That would have still left him McCrae and Andy, so I’m am sure it could have been done.

      But these HGs are fools.

      1. See here is where I differ from the majority.
        I don’t really give a shit who wins. Usually it is someone I do not like anyway (Hayden, Rachel).
        Last year I was glad Ian won, I thought he did pretty well to get through.

        He was not my favorite from the jump though, my fav was Brit.

        Same deal with Amanda this year. If she goes and Helen stays, it is going to be
        mind numbing. If you have the feeds you KNOW this to be true.
        Her voice, her false support, it just makes you want to kick your monitor over!
        SO, I don’t care if Amanda wins. I just want to keep beinge entertained until F3, cause
        once F3 rolls around it is boring as hell anyway, until they final showdown.

        PS- Also am realizing the REAL rat in that house is Aaryn. She goes back and forth WAY more than
        Andy with the alliance secrets. Seriously, she tells EVERYTHING to people she shouldn’t.
        Ironic that MC knew not to trust her and Amandas “read” of people was way off base.

        1. Couple things about BB 14. I’m with you I was a Brit fan too. Her DR’s and backyard rants have only been bettered by Chilltown in my opinion. I to settled on wee Ian also and the 6-1 win was better than the 4-3 squeker I thought could go either way. Nothing like a bitter jury!

          As for Arryn I think she has been using her HOH to test people by talking back and forth and telling secrets. What is not clear is whether she and Andy’s F2 is still in play. She said some things IF Andy didn’t know she was saying them in advance hurts his game. Like telling Heklen she never had Andy that Amanda did. Calling out Opie as the RAT he is another problem for rat boy.

          We’ll need a week or so to see how the next HOH settles. Fact is apparently Andy was added to the McManda radar. Maybe Arryn just shot herself in the foot. BB has always been about people riding high in the game then blowing it big time.

    3. NOW Helen wants Amanda out!!! Now she finds out Andy is a rat!!! They are all on a 2 week delay I only wish I could fast forward 2 weeks !!! This is so caddy. There is no real power play going on.

    1. Yep, Helen is quite the knitter.

      I hope Aaryn gets burned, because she really did have it made with 3AM.
      I believe they were really solid. I can’t wait for Aaryns HOH is over though,
      watching her pout and scowl on her HOH bed is getting old.

      1. Are you nuts Aaryn was screwed with 3m. Amanda wanted Elissa to take her out next week and I actually think that this plan probably works in Aaryn’s favor. Now they all hate Amanda and McCrae and hopefully they both get evicted. Cant stand that skank and pizza boy.

    2. Here is what I hope will sink Helen once and for all.
      One of her main points is how the “good girls” have all the comp wins.
      Andy has to be smart enough to figure those are the ones that need
      to be evicted.

      Never get it when people talk about how great they are at comps as a selling
      point for staying, LOL.


    1. Aaryn didn’t need to fight two battles. She already had Helen on the block. Give her credit for that! Then to try and fight Amanda after already nominating Helen and Elissa was just silly.

  2. Well Helen, even when you are told by two people that Andy’s a rat, you still don’t listen and let him get away with BSing you. He lies to your face and you still take it. But doesn’t matter, looks like Andy’s time in this game is done. I think after this week Aaryn tells him to go F himself.Enjoy the jury house Helen and watch your buddy El have the balls to do what has to be done because she knows it’s a game, unlike you who threw your “allies” under the bus in order to be accepted by the cool kids.

    1. It seemed like it was more obvious to Helen that they weren’t close allies during his HOH with his nomination choices. She’s just out in delusional land, it’s almost as if she doesn’t want to believe Andy is what he is for some reason.And I wouldn’t doubt it she really doesn’t want Elissa to go too far after she leaves. Either way, after listening to her throw Elissa under the bus, try to garner a mob if someone like Jesse or Candace pinned her in a conversation, not attempt to get Amanda out. Being unforgiving and taking it personal if certain ones lied to her as if they owed her something . Watching with her own eyes how Amanda operates and treats people but not judging as harshly as others.I have no respect for her in the game and glad she’s getting a “heavy hand” and a taste of her own medicine. I could maybe even tolerate Aaryn over a person who thinks she’s smarter than the average bear but is actually the most unsophisticated in her thinking.

      1. “Watching with her own eyes how Amanda operates and treats people but not judging as harshly as others.”

        Never more apparent than when Jessie and Amanda fought. Helen kept saying Jessie was so mean to Amanda. Not only was Jessie less mean, most of what Jessie said was defensive and amounted to “you should talk Amanda”. Candice even said to Helen that Amanda wasn’t so nice either, but Helen blamed Jessie. Now that Helen is on the block she’s going on and on about Amanda being a bully.

  3. Andy should know Helen is on to him, why would she question him so much.i hope Helen stays and nasty Spencer is off to Jury.

    1. Right!?!? The Big Red Sheep has been wanting to go to jury all along anyway…I don’t care either way…this whole season came off to be one disappointing. Hearing them say, “I just want to make it to jury.” ” I’m voting what the house wants.” These nerds are gonna be in for a rude awakening when they get out of the house and realize how stupid they look…can’t wait for that…I thought they were there to win the $500,000!?!? Blah! I’m over it…HaHa!

    2. Helen is still in denial about Andy. She will be out the door and in the Jury House while mumbling I need to talk to Andy.

  4. Well Aaryn you finally had a chance to pull the trigger and you didn’t take it, now I expect you will be the next target.

    1. I’m not a fan of Aaryn’s but why would she pull the trigger?? Aaryn KNEW she didn’t have the votes. She KNOWS Andy would not vote out Amanda and she was pretty sure that Spencer wouldn’t vote out Amanda (and she was probably right to assume that). Why would Aaryn put a bigger target on her back? This was the smart move. I know it’s frustrating, I voted to nom Amanda both times, but it’s a fantasy to think if she just put Amanda up, Amanda would just go home because of magic.

      1. She doesn’t need Andy’s vote. She has Spencer. No matter what he is saying in the house, he has made it known multiple times that if he has the opportunity to take out Amanda he would do it. But I do see your point from a game perspective it’s in her interest at the moment, however I feel like now that she even threw the idea of voting out Amanda around as a possibility with Andy sealed her fate. I really feel that she will be Amanda’s next target. But more than anything I just wanted to be entertained and it would have been fun seeing Amanda and Helen both campaigning against each other.

        1. if Aaryn was smart she would relize that stupid Amanda and Mcrae are useless. They can’t win a comp Aaryn wins but is their rag doll and does want everyone tells them to do. She should have put up Mcrae and Amanda this week and broke up that twosome. They are all losers. Who put these idiots on this show???? worst season ever!!!!!!

        2. I don’t think she has Spencer at all. Sure he wants Amanda out but I seriously doubt he thinks it’s better and safer for him to work with the four girls. He has to pick a side and for him the winning side looks like Mcranda. But I think the point that was being made is, Aaryn can’t be sure Spencer would vote Amanda out. She knows he said he wouldn’t and she hasn’t seen his DR confessions. I’ve seen them and if he told Aaryn he would vote out Amanda, i wouldn’t be sure that he wasn’t just saying that so Aaryn would nominate Amanda to make Aaryn look bad and get himself closer to f4. I think with what Aaryn knows it was the right call.

        3. I agree for our entertainment Helen and Amanda would be better. Watching Amanda losing her mind when she was nominated was worth voting for her the second time even tho I knew she probably wasn’t going anywhere.

  5. And OMG Helen telling Andy he needs to be with them because
    America wants the “Good Girls” to take over…..seriously brought
    bile to my throat.

  6. ha ha Andy. Time to get some blood on your hands!!! The lines will be drwan in the sand this week. No more flip flopping around.

    1. Andy is with the Power in the house. McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, and Andy vs Aaryn, Gina, Elissa and Helen. McCrae’s alliance wins the eviction vote in any scenario. Helen goes home. Now when the HOH comp comes around. Aaryn can’t play and that leaves Gina/Elissa vs Spencer/McCrae/Amanda/Andy. If it is a question and answer comp, then just waive the white flag. Wait…did that come out racist? Does everyone know the white flag is a symbol of surrender? I continue on, if its an endurance comp, then Gina wins. All Aaryn has to do is say do it for Nick, do it for your future kids with Nick and its a wrap. Gina from Brooklyn wins.

  7. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Andy votes to evict Helen and she wins the competition to get back in the game? Talk about grenades going off!

    1. That is exactly what I hope is going to happen. That way Helen knows for sure that Andy is a rat and she will be hell on wheels coming back into the game.

  8. I have my fingers crossed that maybe ANDY for once will not be the rat that we all know him to be and that Elissa, Aaryn, GM and Andy will vote to get Spencer out and then next week Elissa wins HOH and puts up Amanda and MCCrae. That is the only way this sucky season can be saved. Please Production put the bugs in their ears and maybe this year BB can be salvaged.

    1. So the only way this season is saved is if the people you like win? Yes, we get it. Amanda, McCrae, Spencer are horrible people who don’t deserve anything. Blah Blah Blah.

      1. THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE AND DO NOT DESERVE TO WIN!! Amanda is there because it is rigged for her gag, Pizza BOY is just pig and a bigot, and wow there are not enough horrible words to describe Spencer. But I guess potential child pedophile is at the top of the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Please Production, PLEASE rig a contest so that Elissa can win so that her delusional fans can see what their hero would really do.

    3. Helen is completely snow jobbed here. Aaryn, GM, Andy are most likely playing with like a cat plays with a mouse before the “end”. I will be most shocked if Andy and GM will vote to evict Spencer this week. Aaryn cannot vote so she avoids blood on her hands. It is Andy’s vote that will be interesting. But, I think he realizes Helen is a bullsh$ter all the way. And what is with Helen thinking she can tell Andy what to do? Time to go Helen! Jessie had your number.

  9. This game is getting too predictable, every week we already know what is going to happen, no one has the balls to shake up the game and split up amanda and McCrae!!!

    1. Oh but trying to split up Helen and Alyssa isn’t a ballsy move? I’m sick of the whiners saying that a big move needs to be done but then once a big move is made they complain because it wasn’t the big move they wanted. Yada yada yada. No matter what would happen, even if Amanda and McCrae were nominated, it still wouldn’t be good enough and bloggers would be yapping.

  10. Why do people want Judd back, what gameplay would he bring back? He would just align with Mcrae+Amanda. I think Candace would stir up the house the most.

    1. And what a great birthday present for GM. If Candice is HoH then Aaryn and GM would have to work with her to get out Demanda. Now I call THAT karma!

  11. Shut up Andy. And for once, Helen is correct! However, America already KNOWS [not thinks] that Andy is a rat. Worst. Season. Ever.

  12. “Andy gets mad and says that he doesn’t understand why she is questioning just him right now”

    Cause you’ve been outed fool!

  13. I seriously was rooting for Helen to go. But now she’s my last hope in sending Demanda home. She just knows this house is hers. And how can it be with not a single win? WTF is going on in that d@mn house. Get it together people. Even Spencer behaves like a lil whipped child. If Helen goes, I’m completely down with this season.

  14. OMG Aaryn, GM, Elissa and Helen are forging a bathroom alliance, right in front of Andy. Helen just said people online are saying, “What took them so long to figure this $*%# out?” Exactly. Well, except for having this conversation in front of Andy. He’s going to run and tell… unless he knows what’s good for him.

  15. “Helen says America is look at you asking you to make the right choice to be with the *bad side and not the not-as-bad side.* ”

    fixed that comment for you helen

  16. This defies all logic I think they are under some Amanda spell right now. It doesn’t make sense. Aaryn should have nominated Amanda because she will find herself on the block next week. Andy you twit! Doesn’t he realize he is giving Amanda the grand prize at the risk of his own game! Why is he playing for Amanda? He is an idiot.

    1. He is playing for Amanda because the show is fixed. That could be the only reason that all the people in the house have been playing for her. Helen, Andy , Spencer, Aaryn and McRae all have made moves that benefit her. Production probably gives them money to do so. There is no way these people can be that dumb. Big Brother 101 – Break up the couples as soon as possible.

  17. I hope Helen stays evicted, she just annoys the fuck out of me. I hate when people think they’re the smartest ones in the room. I ‘m sure the crying does’nt work on Andy like it does her kids. Who knows though? Maybe BB production told Helen if she made the good vs bad thing work, they’ll throw her a bone. Maybe a comp that’s tailor made just for her!

  18. Helen – “the good guys”? since when? was not Helen aligned with McBalless and Ahandjob from day five? now she is one of the good guys? I do not get this psycho’s logic.

  19. Aaryn is an idiot!

    If Aaryn had put Amanda up in place of Elissa, she would have GM for sure to vote for Amanda. If she convinces the others that they are all just pawns in Amanda’s game, then she could have Spencer (and it would keep him off the block. A welcome relief for him) and Elissa vote Amanda out. That is three votes. Mccrae and Andy can vote anyway they want. Who cares? With Amanda out of the house, who is there to be afraid of any more?

  20. why would anyone believe Andy is all the sudden going to change now??? and wtf’s up with Hellen saying “this is what America wants”???

  21. I am hating Helen again. She keeps trying to control people by crying. Helen is going to cry her way to the final two. Ah! Helen, you have been told countless times now that Andy is not to be trusted. Aaryn, Gina, Elissa and Helen are discussing strategy and in walks Andy. How many times can Andy get away with this scheme of his. Its like a magic act, pay no attention to my deceit but do go on and share with me your plans. Helen telling Andy America is going to know him as a traitor. A very harsh word. Helen can I apply that same word to you in your dealings with Candice, Jessie, Judd and even Elissa. Helen you told Aaryn that you needed her to get rid of Elissa for you, wow! Way to have Elissa’s back

    For some reason Jessie, who was just trying to save herself. Helen says she is not going to leave like Jessie. What did Jessie do that you are not going to do? Jessie tried to flip the house to save herself, same as Helen. Jessie tried to cut a deal with Aaryn, same as Helen. Jessie got in a confrontation with Amanda, same as Helen. Nope not seeing the difference between Jessie’s actions and Helen’s.

  22. I have been voting for Judd to come back into the game but I am thinking Helen might be a better choice to actually stir things up. Now that she is on to Andy it could make a big difference in who she confides in. He has done more to “ruin her game” than Jessee did. However, if a player comes back in he/she would have to have immunity for a week otherwise they would just be voted out again.

  23. The MVP twist ruined the game because the house majority gets to vote out the person, not the HOH or strong competitors. That’s why we have the stupid slogan, “it’s what the house wants.” The MVP twist got rid of strong personalities (Jeremy, Nick, Kaitlyn) and now all the weak players bow to Amanda. To make things worse, it’s clear BB production favor Amanda given the great edits she receives.

    Clearly, the worst season ever and it can be solely blamed on BB producers. These people need to be fired or the show is doomed.

    1. The MVP is just another thing in the game, the houseguests failed to eliminate the people they needed on more than one occasion because they are spineless. I think MVP was a good idea, but they shouldn’t have included it the same season they had Rachel’s sister. In a game with completely new people with no other ties, it would be a good thing.

    2. Heln needs to go and she dOesent deserve to come back.
      She’s a delusional little idiot who thought it would be wise to axe her friends/allies to appease the other side of the house.

      Why was Howard targeted? What threat did Howard pose to Helen? Andy sabotaged Helen’s entire game and she’s still too delusional to see it.

      Helen betrayed poor Candice as a sacrifice to appease the supremacists but Candice was an ally and a vote against Amanda just like Howard and Jessie.

      The poetic justice of this eviction is seeing the rat Gollum-Andy tell GM and Aryan that Amanda is more trustworthy than Helen and you know what….he’s exactly right.

      Why does everybody that’s against Amanda get evicted?

  24. Andy is right fycked at this point, his only allies are McManda and Spencer, the former who don’t see much use left in him. Serves the little rat bastard right.

  25. i’m not really a Helen fan, but I would rather Amanda leave this week over Helen. I love the twist this week with a jury member coming back. I would love if that person was the HOH this week. Amanda and McCrae have got to be split up, have these people ever wathced BB???

  26. Helen says America wants the ” good guys” to win but I don’t remember it that way Dan basically lied and used the bible to lie to everyone’s face. Gm is a liar, always talking junk about anyone who is not in the room. Helen is a big liar too. these assholes need to figure it out soon because it could be that GM or Spenser could win by default

  27. “Helen tells Andy that he will either be know as the traitor or the good guy. If you go with them you will be know as the traitor. ” The NERVE of this backstabbing bitch to call ANYONE a traitor!! Yes, Andy is a traitor and a Ginger Rat, BUT Helen is the ULTIMATE TRAITOR!!! I have never seen such a self delusional woman before in my entire life!! Helen….GO HOME!!!

  28. Wow! Helen is really messing up Elissa’s game. Helen telling McCrae that Elissa is coming after them almost guarantees that Elissa goes home next week. Helen stating confidently that she controls Elissa just makes irritates me.

    Helen says that Howard and Candice had to go. Yes you are right Helen, and don’t forget about Jessie as well. The three people that had no power in the house you just had to make a priority to get out the house. Elissa is going to look at Aaryn like she’s Candice. Ah! Ellis I don’t think that works in reverse. Aaryn looking at Elissa as if she’s Candice means ……. well lets just say the black fish don’t eat when you are in the room.

    Well I have to give Aaryn credit, unlike Helen, she knows not to trust the gay guy at least. However, after she states not to trust Andy, Aaryn, then proceeds to include Andy in her discussions with Helen to put up Amanda. The next thing, Amanda is storming the HOH room. I am with the Andy on this one. Who would you rather have, Aaryn that’s scared of Amanda or Amanda that scares both Andy and Aaryn? Yep I would rather have Amanda as an ally. A few chosen words from Amanda to Aaryn and she went scampering back on her threat to put up Amanda. Whatever Andy has I want, even when they know Andy is a rat they still tell him their strategy. Aaryn follows up this great insight with some delusional comment of wanting to be Jessie’s friend outside of the house, but fearful that Jessie might steal her boyfriend. Yeah right Aayrn, you just wanted to get another dig in againist Jessie. Did Aaryn get enough sleep last night? This girl can hold a grudge. Now she brings back up that Jessie had David rub lotion her back. David was in the house two weeks. Aaryn how close you and David could of been in two weeks? You enter the house on a Sunday and on a Monday Jessie is supposed to know that you and David are an item. As I recall, you, Amanda and Gina decided who got what guy. So Jessie was supposed to honor your territorial rights of David just because you three agreed how it should go down. You don’t have to worry Aaryn, Jessie wanting to be your friend is the last thing she wants.

  29. I like how Andy has not said a word the whole time the girls are bitching about amanda. Why doesnt someone just tell Helen to STFU

  30. As much as Helen’s constant campaigning is getting annoying, Im glad someone is fighting this hard to stay in the BB house. Hopefully this leads to another Amanda blowout that leads to Andy switching his vote. Worst to best case scenario -he doesn’t change his vote, Helen gets voted out only to come back in, Elissa/Aaryn/Ginamarie/Helen win HOH, puts up MC/Amanda and puts up Andy as a replacement nomination if needed.

    oh i can taste how sweet that would be.

    sidenote: McPuss (dont try to order that at Mcdonad’s folks) should really try to think about what his image will be once he gets out. I mean its clear you dont like the btch. Team up with someone who would get her out for you so your chances of winning the game can increase x10000.

  31. For all of you, “BB has rigged it for Amanda to win”, Aaryn slipped and said she started changing her mind during a DR session where she was told America thinks she is doing what she is told instead of making her own choices. That is just wrong that BB does that stuff IMO. They tried to get her to save Helen and put up Amanda.

  32. Every year everyone complains ‘this season’ is the worse ever. Ive heard it so many years. Yet you all still watch, read the blogs and make comments. If its so horrible, then why do you do keep watching, reading, blogging and commenting? I’m confused w the hypocrisy..

    1. I personally have never said that about a season before. When I have seen those announcements before (worst season) I just thought it was dramatics. Not hypocrisy.

      But then if you were one of the people who said that last year and you are saying it again this year, it could be because they couldn’t see the future. Maybe BigBrother is on a downward spiral. No expects the next season could possibly be worse than this season. And then it is.

      But I for one truly believe that this BB is the most disappointing. And maybe that’s good. I have watched them all and maybe they need a new demographic, one that is not familiar with the “way things were”. They have to keep those advertisers happy. Right?

  33. I would love to see Helen come back, win HOH and watch the back peddling start! See how the rat spins his demise… Watch amanda go ballistic!

    CBS, SAVE THIS SEASON! I want to watch because it is good rather than a train wreck.

  34. If Andy was smart he would vote to keep Helen…Mcrae and Amanda would never choose him over each other, so his best chance would be to keep Helen so Helen/Andy/Elissa/Aaryn/Gina could take out the showmance.

  35. What would be a huge twist would be if that the jury member that comes back on Thursday is the new HOH…that would rattle the house for sure,

  36. Andy time to put up or shut up! Love that he is no longer trusted by the house. I like Aaryn’s sly comment towards Andy that she knows McManda will hear about the HOH talk and that she knows Andy will be the rat if that happens.

    1. That was amusing. She’s been on to him for awhile really.She probably just maybe didn’t know how bad he was. But no since of making sly remarks now, she should have put him up for eviction. They would have really injured Amanda and McCrae game since she didn’t put those two up.

    2. I hope Andy does tell Amanda and McCrea what happened. Andy overall has a better chance in a final three with Mcrea and Amanda as he has a better chance of wining competitions then they do. McCrea hasn’t won anything either, though, he needs to start playing his own game soon if he wants to stay. Helen sucks for Andy’s game – simple! Andy has no chance if Helen stays in the game. Plus, she will turn on him with a flip of a HOH.. The point of this game is to be the last person standing. So, how is Andy a rat in terms of competition? He has said in multipel DR sessions he will play all sides to get the best advantage for his position. Vote the liar Helen out Andy and then get rid of useless Elissa!

      1. Andy won’t get to the F3 if he sticks with McManda. Everyone is on to him and this is his test. Rat Dog needs to choose a side.

  37. Lol at phony Helen. There is no good vs bad side . Did she get that from Howard or maybe she’s has no self-awareness and thinks the audience is also dumber than her. They were all on the same side. They just aren’t on Helen’s side now.

  38. I love how McCrae and Amanda always replace someone from their alliance. Like they did with Helen, Elissa, Judd and now Aaryn. Yet no one realize what’s happening

  39. If the returning houseguest doesn’t get HOH or some sort of Super Power, this’ll almost really just be a complete waste of time. And as much as I liked Judd, theres no way i’d want him back in the house.. he’s just gonna be another McCranda puppet.. we need Jessie, Candice or Best case – Helen to come back for the sake of turning this season into the game we all know and love… I Absolutely detest Amanda and Mccrea!

  40. Andy will not vote out Helen over Spencer.

    He is not stupid. He could get on of his besties back and still keep Helen. Gee even if Judd came back, Andy would be fine. And he can risk Spencer being ‘mad’ at him in case he returns….. because he would have the numbers (and I think they are really bad in counting) it is still a frigging 3:2 vote for fucks sake

    1. i do not get it, seriously! the comment is voted down, so i guess people disagree. that is all well and fine. but i do not understand why? it is 8 people in the house this week and it will be 8 people in the house next week.

      the 8 in the house are playing a game that is at least a bit strategic. ok?

      they know someone will come back (only gm thinks it will be nick, but again, gm is mentally operating out of the current reality, so it will be the next evicted hg or the last three evicted hg.

      for andy the swing vote, what would be best all scenarios considered?

      he evicts helen, and she returns? not good, because (unless a unanimous vote and it won’t happen because of elissa) helen knows he ‘betrayed’ her.
      he evictes spencer and he returns? good, because it would still be a 3:2 vote regardless who wins hoh and he would be WITH the majority even if spencer, mc or amanda win. because those 3 out of 8 would still be one down because of hoh.

      unless andy is really dumb, he should go with evicting spencer. all things considered, let’s say judd returns, it would be helen(spencer) gm, elissa, aaryn and andy telling him, mc and amanda wanted him out versus 2 out of 8

  41. I wonder if Helen still thinks its to soon to target Amanda? The last couple of people who were evicted tried to tell you girl but you wouldn’t listen. smh lol! Ok This is how its going to go Helen ok. Your going to ask for votes all week ok. Ok people are going to lie ok to your face ok. They are in turn ok going to vote to evict you ok. smh ok lol !!! Can we please get some real action CBS?!!! Step one: BRING BACK THE COUP D’ETAT POWER! Step two: Bring back Candice or Jessie. Step three: America chooses either one of them or elissa to receive the power. Step four: Day of eviction, the power holder stands up and changes the nominations! Step five: Throw Amanda and his woman macrea up there and lets get a game going here! Honestly, I would rather someone have the balls to put up Amanda a lot earlier than that, so I can have the satisfaction of watching her full blown melt down all week long, which will also have the domino effect of her little 3am alliance meltdown lol. I got a feeling Amanda has a lot more crazy to give, than just shamelessly sitting behind a trash can crying like a baby that’s lost its bottle. I must say, I’ve been watching bb since the first season and I have never seen a season so boring and predictable. Saddest season in the history of bb. I have never seen a cast where most of them actually fight to benefit not there own game but the game of one certain fellow cast member aka Amanda smh….Sad Sad Season.

  42. Andy and Mc Crae need to go on the block next (I don’t recall either one of them ever being on the block) and either backdoor or blindside Amanda. Glad Andy has been exposed as the rat that he is. There’s still a little hope left in this awful season

  43. Dear BB15 House Guests,

    Hey, you know all those times that you said “We don’t have the votes”?

    Guess what: Part of the game is **getting** those votes!!!! You convince. You deal. You negotiate. You haggle. You bargain. You fight. You don’t wait for the votes to just “happen” – you MAKE the votes happen!

    Seriously, what you guys are doing is like playing Monopoly and never making a single trade because you’re convinced that “Oh, they won’t want to trade for what I have, so why even bother trying.” Learn to play the game, people!!!

    Yours truly,
    The Viewing Public

  44. Aaryn is digging her own grave with this talk. Spencer is going to slide right into her spot and when Judd comes back in, he will go to his boys and Amanda.

    Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that the bottle blonde with the freaky eyebrows and 4…FOUR HOH wins, can’t understand why McCrea has not been nominated…

  45. Quote:”Wow! Helen is really messing up Elissa’s game. Helen telling McCrae that Elissa is coming after them almost guarantees that Elissa goes home next week. Helen stating confidently that she controls Elissa just makes irritates me.”

    Helen’s feelings of betrayal (Elissa stating that she would leave the show if in jury, thereby ensuring Helen doesn’t get her vote) manifested in revenge. Who would have thought that a “mom” would have it in her.

  46. It makes no sense to ditch a final 4 for a final 5. Aaryn done good fucked up. She ratted Andy out, who she had a final two with. So McCrea and Amanda take each other to final 2….so what? You two (Andy and aaryn) would have done the same. Its a final 4 then 2 vs 2. Its not that hard. if you think Helen and Elissa won’t take each other to the final two, you are mistaken. And McCrea is right to tell Amanda to STFU when it comes to her jibes and opinions. To quote a wise green Jedi, It rubs the wrong way people does. And of course Amanda gets all pissed off. Andy can do whatever….stay strong with McCrea or go with the femmes. . .IMO, a boys alliance sounds pretty good right now. Aaryn pouting and scowling is getting very very old. She must be thinking of the black fish overthrowing the white fish and sending the white ones to the back if the bus. Final twos are looking very gross. . I don’t want Helen in it, she will win. I don’t want Elissa b/c of her disposition, not gm for being nick loony tunes and racist And aaryn is enough said. That rice comment was fucked up. GeeZ, who to root for?…. who to root for?…….umm, yep. BB16.

    1. I don’t know about BB16. No one I know watches BB. The ones that do watch reality TV are mostly into AR. My sister who does’nt watch reality at all, watched about 5 mins with me the other night and was like, “bunch of bad actors”. The whole season with the racist remarks has really turned me off.

    2. Did you actually think that Andy would honour that final two? Aaryn no longer had any reason to think so…

  47. So good riddance to the 3am crew I hope. Anything can happen between now and Thursday. Let’s see how Andy the rat is going to vote

  48. Hell naw!!!! Helen…you almost had me back in your corner, if only to get Amanduh out, but when you started spouting that crap about “to the kids out there” , “good vs bad”, “America wants me to prevail…”(my own words), you put the stamp on the envelope for me! Put a sign on your mouth that says “DON’T OPEN TILL X-MAS!!!”

    Time to go…Amanduh won’t be far behind because now the sheep are on to you and Rat-Boys-R-Us. I guess we’ll have to settle for you for now, oh well. CYA!

  49. “The good people, Friendship and Trustworthiness are going to win over evil.” Helen, helen, helen. That’s why you are leaving this week, because you are none of those things. Those are the people you help evict stupid!!!

  50. They r all playing for Pigmanda! Production is telling them to. There can’t be that many stupid people in that house! It’s impossible!! The game is rigged for Pigmanda to win!!! So sad but so true!

  51. Helen’s rah rah Big Brother speeches drive me crazy! Good vs. evil- for the kids watching… This show is not an After School Special! However if this annoying little sap can get Muck-Rae and Amanduh outta here, I can endure.

  52. Random thoughts…

    Okay, IF there is a plan for Amanda to win then for the DR to hint at putting her up would just be for drama because she would somehow, miraculously win and come back into the game.

    Ugh! Every time someone goes to talk to her it reminds me of the movies when someone goes to the mob boss. All she needs is the cotton to stuff in her cheeks… but if she keeps stuffing her mouth it will happen naturally.

    Amanda and McCrae look old now, don’t they? There is no way they are the age their bios say they are. If the bios are true they both need to stop the smoking and drinking or they will be hags before they know it!

    Lastly, Ellissa’s attitude to the other house members bothers me, as a Christian grace is an important aspect of the faith. Christ said that we will be judged as we have judged, to stand on our “morals” and not want to talk to people who are different is wrong. I am disheartened when people believe their sins are somehow more palatable than others. I know in God’s eyes sins are all despicable regardless of how we weigh them.

    Now that Amanda and Elissa supporters will disagree let the thumbs down begin! Haha!

  53. WTF Andy, comes out of DR and starts spewing crap against Helen again to Aaryn. Litte weasel, hope he goes next. She should have put Amanda or Andy up.

  54. I think Andy will vote out Helen. In the bathroom he had that annoyed look on his face when he has to calm Helen down when she goes all crazy/paranoid (sometimes legit) or when GM starts on a Candice rant. He definitely was mad at having his loyalty questioned and being told how America will perceive him. (Have to LOL at that angle). I think trashing Amanda AFTER putting up Spencer has seriously jeopardized Aaryn’s game. She will have to get lucky that the incoming Jury member is super anti Mcmanda and that whoever wins HOH is also anti Mcmanda. Otherwise hell hath no fury like an Amanda scorned! I just hope in the end that Helen and MCmanda are gone when the dust settles for the final four. I been reduced to not caring other than that.

  55. andy aint gay, hes so far up amandas ass,he’s in love with her,lol
    i dont care what anyone says andy is in the house for amanda,
    that article about amandas being allison gordners friend is looking more true each day,

  56. Why is Aaryn still having this talk after putting Spencer up? If you wanted Amanda out, then you should have put her up! I hope Andy votes Helen out and she stays out! She is trying to Flip the house like Jessie. LOL Helen, give up with your fake tears! Andy is not going to vote out Spencer just to help Aaryn and Helen get further in their game.

    1. McCrae of course is the little girl. He is NOT the Enforcer, he is a little girl ;)

      (Just wanted to do that. He said he doesn’t care what they call him, as long as they don’t call him “a little girl”)

  57. thursday will be a big blow to everyone who wants amanda out. helen will leave. judd will come back. and he will play WITH amanda. against aaryn, GM and ellisa. you could see this during his eviction. he was mad at helen and ellissa.

    i pray and hope that candice or helen comes back and go after amanda. but AG has the whole show set up for amanda. and all players are stupid and playing for amnada to win. so its not going to happen.

  58. I’m not saying I like Amanda or anything (although I do enjoy her sarcastic diary room sessions…sorry), but Helen is just as conniving as she is. I continue to love (note sarcasm) the comments from Helen about friendship and loyalty and trust and blah blah blah blah. She is just as big of a liar as anybody in the house. Heck, even Elissa lied early on the game when she told Jeremy that she never said Gisele Bündchen was her sister. I’m so sick of all the crying between Helen and Amanda. Helen’s guilt trip crying and Amanda’s I suck so much I can’t win anything crying. Bunch of cry babies. Ugh. So to end this rant, I want to see Helen gone and then Amanda. I’d hate to see either one of them win this game for the sole reason that they both annoy me with their tears. Thanks for listening (reading)

    – Helen, every five seconds when things aren’t going her way

    How the hell has this crybaby managed to have a career as a lobbyist? She’s not particularly cutthroat or convincing (though she’d like to think she is) and her solution to every problem is to fake cry and act like a victim. I would never hire her if I ran a lobbying firm.

    1. Where were you when Amanda was on the block? She cried, had hissy fits and yelled also. She had the meltdown crying behind a trash can because she didn’t win the veto. How many times has Amanda cried when she didn’t win comps?

  60. Andy is so idiot… He and Aaryn could have made the move of the century. Had Aaryn backdoored Amanda, Andy could vote for her eviction while letting Spencer take the fall for him. No matter how much Spencer would deny it, McGrae would believe him over Spencer so Andy would be safe and Helen would protect him. I can’t with Andy, I had never seen someone play a game for someone else, it is absurd

  61. Apparently the current houseguests are still clueless about The Red Queen’s agenda. Whoever comes back from the jury, and it could possibly be Helen since this show is rigged; but if it is someone other than Helen, he or she would immediately be threatened to swear allegiance to The Red Queen. For example, Judd or Jessie would automatically join The Red Queen’s team purely out of fear. Players like Aaryn, GinaMarie, Elissa, Spencer and, yes, even Andy, would be quite dispensable. The Red Queen’s next target is clearly Aaryn. Only her winning the POV will save Aaryn from being the next evicted. With Helen evicted, there will be no “other” team. Everyone in the house is there solely to play for The Red Queen. They are all terrified of crossing her. Elissa won’t have anyone to back her in any attempt to break up The Red Queen and McCrae and she will have to attempt to allign with someone, most probably The Red Queen herself, who might keep her for another week or two and use her for her votes.

  62. I hope Aaryn is pretty stupid that Helen will walk out the door and Judd walks back in. The whole 3am alliance will fall the part.

  63. I cannot believe that nasty low class piece of trash who goes by the name of Gina Marie! This girl is so disgusting that watching any segment with her in it makes me want to puke. She’s so nasty that I wouldn’t take a piece of bread from her even if it would save my life…….don’t know what her hands touched before handling the bread. She has the most disgusting habits – passing gas and burping out loud in the midst of the other HGs instead of heading to the bathroom. I get the impression that she was raised by wolves. The nerve of her to keep putting Candice down as having no class. I’ve always found that the people who keep talking about being classy wouldn’t even recognize class if it jumped up and bit them in the you know where. She is a disgrace to women everywhere and in my opinion any man that has a relationship with her is probably a piece of trash like her, e.g., Spencer. He’s a nasty piece of work himself and I would rather visit a sex toy store than have him touch me with a barge pole. Ugh!!!!!!!! Oh by the way, I’m mixed race black, white and East Indian and I was born and raised in the only English speaking country in South America. I would have been hung from the ceiling if I had ever displayed such behaviour or even used language like these women do on National TV. Have they no sense of decency?

  64. “Helen says America is saying Andy do the right thing!”
    -No, more like we are so over this season

    “Helen says that America is tweeting right now, what took them so long to figure this out!”
    -Wrong again, more like how dumb are you for JUST figuring this out

    Helen, just stop speaking for America! By the way, if nothing should leave a room, KICK ANDY OUT!!

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