“Somebody needs to tell Tiffany to not waste her time trying to remember shit..” -Frank

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

(feeds were down for a bit while the house guests were shown some videos. They believe it has something to do with the upcoming HOH competition. Everyone is studying and playing the who will you nominate if you win HOH game. )

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 19-58-12-709

7:58pm Paulie and Corey
Talking about Sending Tiffany home and Da’Vonne next. Corey says Da wants PAulie out first and Corey out next. Paulie now saying if Frank wins HOH he’ll put Da up. They’ll be safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-00-29-676

8:00pm Bronte and Natalie
Talking about how Frank’s team cannot win the HOH so the house can put up Frank. \
Natalie – I don’t trust Frank.. The plan is everyone is gunning for frank
Bronte says there’s a good chance Frank wins.. In the case Frank wins they need to have a plan. Bronte thinks Frank will put up Corey and one of them and Frank doesn’t have the votes to evict Corey.
Bronte – best case scenario Paul wins James wins..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-05-28-035

8:05pm Bridgette and Frank
Frank tells her he’s got a weird feeling, if he wins HOH he’ll put up Da’Vonne.
Bridgette – follow your gut
Frank wonders who else should he put up.
Frank – somebody needs to tell Tiffany to not waste her time trying to remember shit..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-13-36-889

8:14pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole – Zakiyah threw away Bridgette’s cookies
Corey – why
Nicole – I dunno they’re girls…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-14-41-886
MIchelle comes by Nicole asks why were the cookies thrown out.
Michelle explains that PAul was making cookies and Bridgette came by started bossing him around, tossed a ton of four with them and ruined them.
Nicole – awwww
Michelle comments how Bossy Bridgette is
Frank comes by .. they start talking about feeling bad about Tiffany.
Nicole brings up Tiffany cornering her and asking Nicole to look her in the eyes and say she’s safe.
Nicole told her yes
Frank – James is on board with Da
Michelle – really

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-26-04-543

8:22pm Frank and Nicole
Nicole brings up Da telling Corey Frank was targeting him.
Frank – she’s gotta go .. james is onboard.. I didn’t ask him he brought it up to me
Nicole – that’s sketchy..
Frank – no
Nicole – I trust you Frank I hope you know that
Frank – I know
Nicole wants to form a group of 4, Frank, Bridgette, Corey and her but it had to be real hush hush
Frank brings up Da’Vonne saying she’ll put up Corey.
Frank – I’m never going to throw you under the bus Nicole
Nicole – OK

Zakiyah joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-38-00-810
8:29pm Safari Room Zakiyah Brushing Nicole’s hair
Nicole saying Frank is mentioning Bronte again.
Zakiyah – I think he wants you to think that.. He’s really manipulative..
They start studying for the HOH comp.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-31-26-194
Corey joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 20-50-39-868
8:43pm Corey and MIchelle
Corey says Frank and Da’Vonne are targeting each other and he’s stuck in the middle..
Corey thought they were going after the 3 remaining people on the other side now they are going after each other.
Michelle blames it on Frank
Corey – the fact she wants to win HOH so bad is SHAAAAAADY
Michelle – I would feel better if you won, Paule won, Zakiyah Won , James won…

Michelle – Bronte is dumb as bricks
Corey – why are we keeping Bronte this week..
Michelle – ask Paulie why.. I don’t know.. Technically we have the votes.. Doesn’t make any sense.
Michelle says keeping Tiffany will keep Frank off guard during the HOH.
Michelle proposes they all say they give Tiffany a sympathy vote
Corey asks if James has mentioned getting Da’Vonne out.
Michelle says she heard it from Frank but not James.
Michelle – we can put Bridgette and Frank next to each other and guarantee one of them goes home..
MIchelle – Frank is nothing without Bridgette and Bridgette is nothing without Frank
Michelle – she’s too comfortable Bronte she’s a loose cannon.
Michelle warns that Bronte will put her up with Nicole, “I don’t think she’ll win next week but in the future”
Corey – You on Da’s side or Frank’s side
Michelle – probably Da
Corey – some of the things she says don’t make sense.. Frank is telling me stuff completely different and it make sense. Michelle tells him she talks a lot with James and Da’Vonne in the london room and Corey’s name has never came up.
Michelle brings up Zakiyah throwing out Pauls Cookies.

Michelle now saying Frank wants to go home that is why he’s going around too everyone trying to get them to turn on each other.

Natalie joins them.. It’s Corey, Big Meech and Natalie on teh couch with Paulie and paul playing chess. they are talking about dogs and Cats. Natalie mentions Gizmo, James’ pet cat. Apparently Gizmo’s belly rubs on the ground and James feeds him with a gravity feeder so it’s all you can eat.
they talk about Pauls Halloween party something they that is a “big deal” and they’re all invited.
Corey is into cats says he’s going to be a crazy cat man with cat’s hanging from him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 21-12-28-416

9:12pm Chit chat while Michelle rubs Corey down. (Now I’m full expecting Corey to be true to form and tell Corey that Michelle gave him H@ndy”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-13 21-18-17-454

9:18pm Chit chat or Studying for the Competition

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Hal 9000

I keep waiting for Bronte to turn into an Alien.


Her Body is out of this world

Hal 9000

Her face is out of this world. Her body is “human” in this world.


And somebody needs to tell you to shut the frick up Frank. You d bag.

Joe daddy

Brontosaurus might think she’s smart but anyone who actually does math can see she’s talking out her ass. She is not smart. She is a fruit loop dingus.


I just don’t believe how Bronte can say she is a math genius ready to use math to save the world, and lost both math comps. A third grade math class could do them, hell Bridgette and Frank beat her. How is she going to face her math colleges after the show.


Even just the phrasing alone gives away that she has no idea: “I want to use prime numbers to fight hackers in the NSA”. It’s something a kid might say.


I’ll give her a pass if it was said in the DR. That crap is so rehearsed or coached, and I have no doubt that there are dozens of takes to get the “right” sound bite.


I rather have Jozea and his hat in the house than Frank, Paul, Corey, and Bridgette


Now let’s not go overboard…that’s like saying you’d rather have Frankie back.


Never looked at it that way!!


It’s not going to surprise me if everybody gets every question wrong! The cast always talks about how smart this cast is and every year the cast gets dumber. Frank is the smartest one but has the social skills of a Monkey.


Please do not compare Frank’s social skills to Monkeys. That’s an insult to Monkeys.


You’re right I apologize to all Monkeys!


Idiocracy is real


…And why does Nicole trust Frank??? Some of these people are idiots lol.


I dont know what youre watching but frank has been loyal to the 8 pack time And time again with the roadkills pov and bridgettes hoh.


Are you reading the feeds… because people in the 8 pack names are coming out of Franks mouth.


Only after weeks of the 8 pack secretly plotting to get Frank.


Weeks? The push to get Frank got serious last week, after Frank had been dropping names like a desperate diner at a 5 star restaurant since day 2.


If you’re in the house with Frank you’re a fool not to get him out ASAP. He’s a physical threat and intelligent which is why he’s a contender in any comp. And they knew this going in.


Corey saying it is shaaaaady how bad Da’Vonne wants to win HOH. Dude, there are a ton of shady things Da’Vonne does but you try to spin something that makes reasonable sense?? It is shady to want to win HOH and be safe when Frank is targeting you. It makes no sense to be motivated to be sure you can strike first.

Da’Vonne is shady as they come but this is not a shady move on her part. Not sure which makes him appear worse him thinking it or him being unaware how stupid he seems when he tries to sell it as shady to others.


That’s Corey’s version of planting seeds to get others to target Da because his master Nicole wants her out…


this why team need be reliagmeent since there doing teams!vote pail down 2,vote ourt bronte down 2,vote out tiffany down 2 memember!


Poor Zakiyah.. She’s so beautiful and yet Paulie just messes with her feelings and her game ..


She’s a catty mean girl so I have a hard time caring.

Big Brother Is Life

Ok Corey, the things Day tells you does not add up to what Frank tells you but when you brin it up to everyone else they make it seem like Frank is the shady one by day but you trust Frank more than day. That’s just another typical bro thing. A guy will trust a guy over a woman for some reason. And especially if the women is someone like day who I’m not saying is ghetto but is an African American woman who was raised in the “hood” that comes along with the bond. Like let’s say if Frank told Corey Nicole wants Corey out I doubt Corey would believe it because Nicole is someone he could for a bond with.

Also everyone was on board to get frank out. Like what does getting Day out accomplish for you Nicole and Corey? Frank has won 2 road kills as of now. He has full control over Bridgette, he threw you all under the bus to Paulie and continues to throw each and everyone one of the allaince he named under the bus individually. While day sticks to her roots. She trust people who was real with the allaince (Michelle,Zakiyah,NICOLE, and James). Also come on its not that Day is incapable of winning a competition but the thing with day is she has a lot on her mind. She will never be relaxed to excel in a competition.

After this week though only 4 Houseguests are fully safe moving forward while 2 moved up on strategical approach.

Strategical aprovement: Natalie and James. James may be all fun and games but this week he had very good strategy. Soon people will catch onto him and that will get him targeted but the guy is safe for the time being and his strategy is precisely good. While Natalie has moved up from her Victoria status. She hae the spy girls but now she James and now possibly will replace Nicole in day’s circle of trust.

Save moving forward like until jury stage: Paul, Michelle, Paulie, and Zakiyah.

Paul no doubt will continue to be nomianted but never was Paul the target and never will he be. Now with people wanting both Frank’s bad day out and if Tiffany stays her too. Paul is very safe. #Underdog. Zakiyah and Michelle are huge disappointments I love them but strategy wise they aren’t playing but that’s good for them. No one is ever talking about michelle or Zakiyah needing to go. Only reason Paulie was target week 1 was cause Nicole pawned him. The guy is in a sweet position. He has an ok relationship with people to the point he isn’t anyone first choice to nominate. And people like Frank would be looked as a bigger competitor than him.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Tiff is staying!

NOW WHAT Hann and u other bitches?

Hell yeah!. BOFL!


So who are they sending home?


The wishy washy decision making is getting kind of annoying. There is no miraculous piece of info or manipulations going on about why to keep or get rid of Tiff coming from these HG. If she stays she’ll go after Frank, well so will the entire house. If she goes Bronte will still be after Paulie, well so will Tiff. If she stays then she probably won’t be back in the block for a while, well the same is probably true of Bronte.

Now Paulie, Nic, Mich, Z, Corey are talking about keeping Tiff and evicting Bronte in a 6-3 vote. So who knows what is going to happen later today, The only thing I know is that Patty is safe for another week.


Anybody notice when Nicole said Tiffany cornered her and asked if she was staying? When was that? I like to see Nicole on the block she would be freaking out way worse


New polls please! 😀


Thanks Simon.


I can’t believe how Bridgette was laying all over Frank in tonight’s episode… BARF!!!

The Roach Coach

If they do decide to flip, and Bronte goes, this could seriously fracture the Frank/Bridgette connection, she should be really mad at him for nominating one of her main allies and sending her home, then again… this is the same girl who thanked frank for putting her on the block…


So who’s going home?


Right on Tiff fans. She is going nowhere!

Props to Michelle and Paulie. Paulie reluctantly went for it when he saw they were about to go ahead and save Tiff without him.

Going to be a epic eviction show. Frank is going to be stunned. He is going to be so busy trying figure out who the votes were to save her there is NO way he winning HOH.

Congrats Tiff fans. Never give up!

#Tiff for the win!

Powderpuff girls

Thank you Vanessa!


Um.. no nicole you think you’re slick but you’re not teaming up frank will only end an catastrophe even though your not gunning for frank other people are Michelle called you out on your bs so now you’re not trusted and also in the risk of not getting hoh with two peoplr

Hal 9000

Frank reminds me of someone you see on To Catch A Predator with Chris Hanson.


I understand people get emotional watching this game but implying someone fucks children is way beyond the line in my opinion.


My reply was moderated but again I will say, it is crossing the line to imply someone f**ks children.


All comments are moderated. Sometimes Simon and Dawg are right on the comments and they appear in just a few minutes of hitting post. Other times they are sleeping, working at their normal jobs, or having some family time so the post can sit for a couple hours before it hits.

This is mainly for those folks who wonder why their posts can take a few hours to hit the sections and they can check the thumbs down.

Bye Bronte

Did you see how happy Nicole was they all finally decided to keep Tiff.

Theres hope for that girl yet! Ha!


Why wouldn’t she be happy (for selfish reasons only)? Tiff is on her team and has a good shot a winning HOH AND keeping Nicole and Cody safe!


yes they should get the best player frank out off the game so he want win but the time is wrong even if he get vote out he sill have a chance to come back by keeping tiffiny they think it make frank forget suff but they wrong
frank might turn in to a beast in the comp


So long as the HOH comps are still played in teams Frank’s so called ‘beasting’ is meaningless when one of his teammates are in eligible and at least one of the other two are throwing the comp possibly both. Frank isn’t just competing alone, he is competing with anchors attached to him while other teams are highly motivated to win.

skeptical onlooker


Funny how things change

For the first couple of weeks if you dared to say anything negative about anyone in the glorious 8 pack you got bombarded with thumbs down.


I mean I’m tired of the “no I want tiff to stay ” and ” no I want tiff to leave ” like make up your mind the biggest is nicole the snake I actually want Bronte to leave but these hg’s are so dumb if you take out tiff your losing a number for later on and eventually the spy girls will have the numbers and decide who goes home but tiff is going home .
I actually don’t want these following people to win HOH :
( anybody on frank’s team frank , paulie, and Michelle bridgette can’t play) &
Fruit loop dingus and goat boy
I’m going to get a lot of thumbs down for what’s coming next : I want someone from big sister to win HOH like Paul or day because if day wins(which is pushing it to the extreme and prob want happen ) I honestly think day will pull the Trigger on frank or Paul will do it either way it would be entertaining and like if the roadkill picks nicole she’ll be on edge all week and get all paranoid . One can dream either way it will be good next week


Wait…. Is Michelle and Corey together instead of Nicole and Corey? Did this ‘Handy’ really happen?


For Corey, a handy is when a hand, either male, female, or goat, is in the same room with his genitals.


The funniest thing about this cast is as soon as anybody gets a piece of information, has an angle they could play to stay safe or get a little coverage….they immediately go and tell somebody that negates any advantage they might have had.

Misty Beethoven

Corey wants to be a nurse now…I’m crying!!! Thank you, Simon!!! Needed that (wiping eyes)


As far as I know many gay men love cats , Corey wants to be a cat man and have cats hangin off him . well Bronte you math wiz is this the answer >> 10% 2 gy 4-NF w 96 cats = CB