Gary tells Dan I have to take Jillian the jury hates her and thinks she’s a lying backstabbing b!tch!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 414am

4:15am Dan and Gary are talking game on the living room couch. Gary tells Dan that he at least is safe for another week. I am going to be smelly in this jail suit though. Gary laughs. Dan asks what Gary plans to do when he gets out. Gary talks about building his brand and getting his name out there. He wants paint and laptops and to just be creative… and I want a puppy. Gary says one thing I know is that at least some people like me because I got voted back in. Dan agrees. Gary says that when he gets out he is going to hustle. Gary wonders if he will see Dan out at Big Brother events. Dan says probably not, I don’t do that much any more. Gary asks .. does Janelle.. I think she would. Dan says no not really she just had a baby. Gary comments that Dan is cut throat in the game. Dan says you have to .. these people are just chess pieces. Gary says that he is trying to set it up so that any situation he will get taken to the final two. Gary says that he thinks Emmett is cold blooded and will do whatever he needs to. Gary and Dan start talking about the votes. Gary says that everyone in the jury thinks Jillian is a lying, back stabbing bitch .. they hate her. Dan says you need to use that to your advantage. Gary says I need to take Jillian. I think it could be a 7-0 vote. Dan says that’s hard to do.. Gary thinks its possible. Gary says that he is thinking of taking Emmett and Jillian to the final 3 so that he can tell the jury that he kept his word. He says that he thinks Emmett will take him to the final 3 but Talla and Jillian wouldn’t. Dan heads to bed. He tells Gary that he did a great job today and that they can talk again tomorrow if he wants..

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 419am

4:40am – 5am Gary is now the only hose guest still wake. Everyone else has gone to bed. Gary is sick and complains about feeling horrible. He heads out to the backyard and starts talking to “Billy” his ball and chain. “Billy” comes off the chain and Gary says Bill, I don’t understand why you are trying to break up with me? I am never going to let you go .. well maybe in a week. Gary lays in the hammock and talks to himself. He says that Dan has been giving him some good advice. He says that maybe Emmett will have to go .. but I don’t want him to. Gary says Tree.. we haven’t talked since I got back .. how are you? Big Brother then tells him to change his battery pack. Gary heads to the storage room but Big Brother hasn’t left him any batteries. Big Brother then cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Gary is in the kitchen. He gets told to change his batteries again. As he walks to the storage room his ball and chain break again. Gary says can I get a new ball .. because I am over billy. Gary then heads back out to the backyard and then back inside complaining that he can’t get comfortable anywhere.

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 430am

5am – 5:20am Gary sits at the table eating slop and blowing his nose. He then moves to the couch and stares at the memory wall. Gary looks tired and keeps closing his eyes.

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 455am
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 521am

5:30am He gets up after awhile of almost falling asleep and says I am not sitting here or I am going to fall asleep. He gets up and heads to the bathroom. Gary totally fell asleep in the bathroom for a second and big brother played the alarm. He jumped up when he heard it.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 530am

5:40am – 5:55am Gary heads to the kitchen and starts cleaning his dishes. Gary then lays back down on the couch and starts to fall asleep again and big brother wakes him up with the alarm again. He sits up and says 24 hours .. then starts doing the head-bob. Big Brother wakes him up again for the third time. He says oh my god this is going to be hard!

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 540am

6:10am – 7:10am Gary is in the bathroom doing his nails to try and stay awake. when Gary finishes up his nails, he starts to fall asleep and big brother buzzes him. He walks out to the living room and continues to fall asleep on the couch with big brother using the alarm to wake him up. Gary wakes up and says oh my god I just heard a weird alarm.

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 704am

9am Gary is still awake while big brother now starts to wake up the other house guests.

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Gary is seriously falling asleep. And now the HUSH screen. I bet when the feeds come back, Gary will be up, thanks to BB!

twists are ridiculous

Wouldn’t it be nice it Gary fails this task…..and DQ’s this Veto. Now that would be exciting.


what kind of punishment does Gary get for falling asleep???..hope he will get his veto taken away and sent out the door again. I can’t believe that BB is tampering with the game this much….. I can see why Andrew is so upset!!!


Perfect, Big Brother will penalize Gary and take back the points for cheating (falling asleep) . This will give Andrew the VETO and the game will get back to normal. And Gary will be voted out of the house


I feel sad that Andrew is going home. I feel producers of the show are just really pro-Gary. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gary but I feel like there is no fairness in the situation they are in right now. J and E may have played dirty game but producers may just let it be … Twists were good and it was fine up until they brought Gary back. Having Dan in the house right now is an OVERKILL… sorry just thinking out Loud …


How exactly did e/j play dirty because they won or lied pretty much everyone did only e/j seem to get blamed for this. Not a fan of gary being back this close to the end amd think it was really unfair he was with the jury. I find it hard to believe gary fell for emmitts plan and he believes both jemmette will take him to the end.


I wonder if there’s a DQ if he falls asleep & doesn’t wake up to the buzzer for say 10 secs; 30 secs? If there’s no consequences then Gary’s strategy is to just keep having 30 sec; 1 min naps cause he knows BBCan will wake him. A 30 sec or 1 min nap might not sound like much but that, combine with the jolt being waken by the buzzer gives you can keep you going for another 10 – 15 mins.

Be interesting to see how much BBCan will allow to slide… What am I saying – course, they’ll do whatever they decide they want to do.


Dawg, does the buzzer jolt you awake too?

I know many, many of us truly appreciate your (& Simon’s) devotion to this site. Being able to read your transcriptions of the goings on in the house & being as well as all the wonderful, insightful, funny, even the occasional rants posted by other devotees on this site, for both BBCan & BBUS games, is what turned me from a casual viewer of the game to a full devotee. Thanks all (I think. LOL!

Ahem, still hoping Gary gets DQ’d of his Veto or another Twist comes to save Andrew… hey, I’m nothing if not consistent in my support of my fav player.


If Gary is felling asleep all the time, then maybe he should have to POV taken away from him. I think that Big Brother should give you three strikes, after that if you fell asleep again, you lose the POV.


Andrew goes
Gary stays
Talla actually talking strategy

Bizzaro World shit going on.

The Knight

It’s so disgusting how the people on this site together bandwagon players. First you were drooling for The Shield then you moved on to E/J and now everybody likes Andrew….


BEen pro-Stooges even before the stores were formed. Always hated the Shield, and E/J I’m indifferent about.

I was hoping for an Andrew and AJ final!


You missing the point. I think majority here is tired of Milkmance and wishes other players could shake the house a bit. Emmett is def a good player but people go for the underdog.

Go Andrew!


i disagree i actually said this many times when fans complain because they don’t like the results, rules or who got evicted they swear they are not watching. having watched BB for years i know deep down i will get over it and come to cheer for someone else love to hate another player. i first was a fan of the shield had such high hopes for peter to walk the talk. he only had personality in the DR room but within the game offered nothing. i went to gary became he was the underdog and loved the way he played his first HOH. after he left i went toward Andrew that was up until this week. people change in the house when they go on the block, wish it was less complaining and more stragizing. this week i am not an andrew fan. it was telling when he spoke of his breakup with the woman he was suppose to be married to she couldn’t take his sense of homour” … homour to me is someone who is witting and funny lately he is just nasty. i hope he learns from watching this that it is really unattractive.


It would have been sweet if they didn’t buzz him awake and the other HGs woke up in the morning to find that he failed the task lol. BB is just going to keep covering for him! How is he struggling w/ pulling an all nighter, he’s 21!


I thought Gary was a havenot, so why is he eating cereal?


for a POV this important Gary should not be allowed to be falling asleep even for a second…the veto should go to Andrew, or Gary is not allowed to use the veto on himself…this is not a house task, its part of a veto…there is 100k on the line…at the very least, Andrew should get the opportunity of staying up 24 hours without food or sleep too and if he passes he gets the veto, not Gary…if this doesnt happen, then basically what is the point of having competition rules? it would mean they would have allowed Gary not only to be unfairly voted back in with jury info that he can tell some of the housemates he likes but not others, then blatantly break the rules of the veto punishment…if they DQ Emmett for his various comps then surely this must be a void veto or at least a fair redo to allow others to win it properly by completing fully and correctly the punishments associated with winning the veto


Gary is delusional if he really believes that bbcan will make him a star has bb done that for anyone. The answer is no he will fade into the background like so many before him. All his talk about his brand is crazy after bb no one is going to care you are their to play a game period.


I think Dan planted a seed in Jillian’s head that this next week might be the time to get rid of Emmett…Dan basically said she was an idiot for wanting to take Emmett to final 2. Of course, she had to blab that to Emmett!! Gary also knows Emmett will win this game so I can see them joining forces…But I really think they need Andrew (who is Emmett’s biggest threat) to get him out so they need Talla gone….Talla is not good enough in comps to make sure Emmett leaves next week…Whoever the 3 is, they have to make sure Emmett doesn’t win POV and they are golden (but having Talla there increases Emmett’s chances).

Looks like Milkmance might be spoiling a bit….


really, if his punishment is to stay awake for 24 hours,, and he falls asleep, BB shouldn’t be buzzing him to wake him,,, clearly he would FAIL, they should of let him fall asleep, not much of a punishment if BB KEPT him awake so he wouldn’t FAIL , BB is a bigger cheater than emmett., btw, BB just told him he passed his punishment and may now go to sleep,, shouldnt the 24 hours of started after he took it at the veto comp ?


It depends on what the rules were. They said he had to stay awake for 24 hours, but not that he had to stay awake on his on WILL for that long… it’s extremely difficult to stay awake that long with no-one else to talk or do things with so I’m not surprised at all that they buzz him.

BB Canada has done many questionable things this season (and many good things as well) but I wouldn’t call buzzing him awake cheating. It’s just part of the punishment.


i know in the US BB that it is not really 24 hrs.I remember Dan talking about it in BB14 last summer. So probably the same here


ya not only did they help him by buzzing him awake, he only had to “not sleep” for WAY less than 24hrs. i think gary winning a “how bad to you want it challenge” over andrew is BS. gary wasn’t even willing to do anything to his hair and admit it, he DID sleep, he DID drink (he’s supposed to be a have not but bb let him have alcohol BS!), he’s currently not even wearing his jail hat so he’s not in full costume. basically every single one of his challenges to win veto are broken…


It looks like wether andrew stays or goes will come down to emmitt. Jillian just told dan in the hoh room that she isn’t playing for second and that she will do what she can to keep andrew.


Hallie, whatever scheme Dan is trying to plant in Jillian’s head will quickly evaporate, the second that Dan stops getting in her face, and leaves. Jillian is being polite with him, but she clearly isn’t interested in Dan’s unwanted BBCA advice. Why should she be? Emmett and her have been doing just fine without Dan’s words of wisdom, thank you very much! Besides, Jillian has never even watched BBUS. Yeah, she’s been told he’s won BB before, and played twice. But she’s not getting swept up in Dan’s mist at all, despite his best efforts to influence her. Emmett has already told her not to trust Dan. Jillian trusts Emmett *far* more than she does Dan. For two months now, Emmett has repeatedly proven his loyalty to Jillian. Dan? Not so much….

Last week Jillian was HOH. She wanted Peter gone. Emmett didn’t. But Emmett said, “Jill, you’re HOH – evict whoever you want.” So she did. It’s the exact same thing this week, except that Emmett is now HOH. Emmett wants Andrew gone. Jillian doesn’t. It will take Emmett one second to tell Jillian, “Look, Jill, last week, when you were HOH, we evicted who *you* wanted. Peter. He wasn’t who I wanted gone. But I still voted for who *you* wanted to go home. I am asking you now for nothing more than the exact same courtesy I extended to you last week. I want Andrew gone. You don’t. I understand that. But I still expect you to vote to evict *my* choice to leave this week, not yours. And Jillian will. Because they’ve been both reasonable and honest with each other, all season long.

I know you want Andrew to stay. But Emmett doesn’t. He’s HOH, and Jillian just can’t cross him on this. I am very sorry that your favorite HG is now in such danger. Only Production can save Andrew now.

Finally, many are saying Jillian is crazy for taking Emmett to F2. No she’s not. She’s got a *ton* of blood on her hands, isn’t popular in jury, and she’s already long sensed this. As such, she’ll likely lose to anyone else in the jury vote; maybe even Talla! Fine. Jillian loses the jury vote to Emmett, and still wins 20K. And, if they end up staying together after BBCA, who knows? The entire, combined 120K, new car, and Brick shopping spree might all end up in the same household. If not, she still has 20K! Jillian’s downside to taking Emmett to F2? None.


F2 E/J.. Emmett wins… F2..Talla and Jill.. Jillian wins.. This is BB not a “Days of Our lives” soap opera…


Simon, Dawg, other hardcore BB fans, was there ever a “not allowed to sleep for x hours” challenge in past BB US seasons? If yes, did BB wake the person up? Or let them sleep and call the challenge failed? In BB Germany, this resulted in a failed challenge.

I wonder if Andrew would have ended up with more points than Gary if BB had taken these points off Gary’s total score.
If yes, I guess we have our answer as to who production wants out more… That seems to be the only factor to determine who leaves the game.

I’d first have thought that between Andrew and Talla, BB should prefer keeping Andrew, since he’s witty and understands the game more, but if you think about it, BB never bothered to showcase his wit during the 1 hour shows… So I guess those who only watch these hardly have any idea of Andrew being entertaining at this point?

Dan told Jillian that even if Andrew got evicted, she should vote to keep him so Emmett would have to get blood on his hands by breaking the tie. That wasn’t exactly a suggestion, more a direct instruction. At this point, I think I’m getting immune to BB’s interventionism. Too bad, makes me become indifferent to what BB has turned into. 🙁