Gary must stay Awake for 24 hours – Andrew: “I’m going to sleep like a sweet baby tonight MOTHA F****ER”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


12:20pm Pool

Dan says Gary must be feeling pretty good to have won the POV after just entering the house. Gary is glad, he was going to do whatever it takes to win that POV short of cutting his hair. Dan thinks this is crazy talk you would throw all this away for some hair that will grow back.

Gary says cutting his hair is something he couldn’t afford to do.. because he wants to leave the house and make something out of this image. He’s worked hard on his image while on the show.

Gary tells Dan that he’s in the house for 24 hours so he’s going to stay up with Gary. Dan: “I’m going to stay up as long as I possibly can”
Andrew: “Gary.. i’m going to sleep like a sweet baby in my bed tonight MOTHA F****ER”

Dan jokes with them that maybe he’s in the game longer than 24 hours.. maybe he has a week pass in the game.
Andrew: ‘Don’t listen to him if he swears on it.. don’t mean sh1t” (ohh biam.. )


12:36am backyard Talla and Gary
Gary is saying that Dan is trying to tell Andrew to convince GAry to use the veto on him. Talla: “you think that will happen” Gary: “Thats crazy girl i’m using this veto on myself that’s no secret”
Talla is campaigning to Gary. Gary brings up that he’s skipped a couple weeks and now he’s thinking about Final 2. Talla’s campaigning revolves around pointing out that Andrew is the stronger player and she might be someone to take to the final 2.

(Video Coming)

12:38am Emmett and Andrew talking about Gary being dropped into the game with only 4 people left. They pretty much agree it’s BS, Andrew is more vocal about it. Andrew starts complaining about the tasks how Talla had a easy one and his was harder..



12:48am backyard everyone but Jillian
Emmett does his task tries to imitate Gary.Best to watch the video. Emmett says MoterF**** a lot.
Tells Gary and Talla that all they do is drink and be messy.
Emmett to Gary : “You were rolling around here with your nuts hanging out.. “

Dan says the task was to imitate Gary.. Dan thinks the dialect was wrong but gives him an “A” for effort.

(Dan had originally told Emmett to “clone Gary for 10 minutes”)


1:00AM Backyard Talla chats with Dan
She talks about her life outside of the house and how she was headed down the wrong path 5 years ago but has turned her life around. Dan wants her to tell him what it was but she won’t. She hints that it had to do with partying. They start passing the football around


Jillian joins them. Dan says Jillian throws the ball better than some football players do.

1:26AM Kitchen everyone but Emmett Andrew says to Gary that when he was HOH Gary told him to to make a big move and put Emmett/Jillian up. Gary: ‘No I said Alec..” Andrew: “Umm no you said Those two.. but congratulations you are back in the house”


1:33AM Gary is doing Gerald personalty mostly just chit chat and laughing.

(Video coming)


1:35AM Jillian’s Task is to splash a jug of juice all over her head..

(Video coming)

2:18AM Kitchen

Dan tells them in the Big Brother US house they are not given real knifes everything they are given is plastics.

Talla starts doing the “Talking with Talla”
Talla asks Dan what he’s thinking…
Dan :’I’m wondering about Emmett.. he hasn’t said anything in the last 15 minutes.. “
Talla: “you think it’s because he’s drinking spiced rum or do you think it’s game play”
DAn: “I think he’s Busy”
Talla squeals.. “There you have it ladies and everyone.. BUSY”

Gary brings up when he starts acting he’ll use the name Gary LEvy not Gary Glitter
Andrew: “What! you’ve never talked about Acting”
Gary: “I’m going to try everything when I get out of this house.. “

Dan asks them who was the most Pi$$ed when they got the letter that someone was coming back?
Andrew: “It was me.. I didn’t want someone ruining our game.. we already had this guy come back ”(Points to GarY)

They ask Dan if he was playing Big Brother he would like a past Big Brother Player to visit.
Dan: “I would be excited to meet me”
Andrew says he didn’t think it was going to Dan thought it was going to be Boogie. He was worried if it was boogies because he’s called him a Douchebag ont eh feeds.


2:40AM Cleans up a spilled drink

2:42pm Kitchen Talla, Emmett and Andrew
Andrew to Emmett “Hey look out for that guy.. he’s a dirty liar” (Talking about Dan)
Andrew and Emmett head outside to toss the football around.. Andrew: “I had the best Dan challenge”

Andrew says he tried his hardest to get every single penalty (24hours, hair cut, slop, cut up clothes) Andrew: “Kinda makes you think… I hit the buzzer as fast as i could” .. (Cams switch to Jillian and DAn HOH)
Emmett: “What you think your buzzer was tampered with.. ”
Andrew: “Ya maybe not tampered.. more like it.. it didn’t matter”
Emmett: “I was so worried about getting DQ’d ”

2:50AM HOH JIllian and Dan

Jillian: “I know I can’t compete as good as a guy because I’m a girl “
DAn: ‘But you have beat guys.. “

(Cam switches to the Kitchen *** Major audio right now on the feeds.. only cam 1 is working)

2:54AM Talla and Gary

Gary goes on and on about how Andrew has all the jury votes. TAlla doesn’t understand why. Gary doesn’t either something about flipping the house and playing both sides, “Apparently people like that” Gary smirks
Talla about Andrew :”He’s already won 10 thousands he can go home”

3:20am Dan and Jillian

Dan “Who will you vote out”
Jillian: “I need to talk to Emmett first”
Dan: “No right now who would you vote out”
Jillian: ‘I’m back and forth.. it doesn’t matter cause Gary and Emmett are best friends they hold the power”

Dan :’So who would you want out”
Jillian: “Gary”
DAn: ‘Out of those two people.. Andrew and Talla who benefits your game..
Jillian: “Andrew.. but he’s not staying”

Dan: “So you need to either convince Gary or Emmett “
Jillian: “What’s your advice”
Dan: “I don’t Know.. I play to win.. best possible chance to win the game?”
Jillian: “Emmett and Andrew”
DAn: “with Jury votes..”
Jillian: “Talla.. but I don’t want to see her get 20k dollars.. she did absolutely nothing”

Emmett and Andrew join them.. Dan says he’s running out of steam he’ll be going to bed soon. Andrew says the same.



3:35AM Gary splashes Talla with the Water.. She’s drunk and starts chasing Dan around with the pot. Andrew points out that the pot is empty, ‘What are you going to do hit him with it”

Dan, Emmett, Andrew and Jillian are hiding in the HOH room. Talla follows them to the HOH but they won’t let her inside.

(Video uploading)

4:15 Jillian and Emmett HOH

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Honestly, I liked BBCAN last week when they introduced some nice things like skype calls with families but bringing Gary back and then letting Dan in the house solely for the purpose of trying to get Gary saved is downright disgusting. This level of rigging is worse than Grodner’s and she is the maha rigger. For the nth time, this dumbass Gary has stated that he wants to work on his image……….like WTF he said he wouldnt shave his hair for the veto. If this doesn’t tell people about this guys intentions, then I don’t know what will. All Gary fans are clueless about the show and how it is actually played. Just save us the trouble BB and just put Talla and Gary in F2.

Sir Peanut

I’m so soorryy Simon!! I heard Gary had to be up all night and I knew one of you would be up all night blogging. It will take me hours to catch up with the updates. Best of wishes for tonight and tomorrow!!


LOL…Guess you will be “busy”. (sorry)

Sir Peanut

Or make a wish on a shooting star. He@@ it’s worth a try.!!


Stand by. I have Chevrolet on the phone.


The Watcher

Emmett is so effing boring…..

Is he mad because someone skinny (Dan) is getting all of them girls going nuts?

Thank god for the rest of the house guests because 5 Emmett would have been a bore fest for Dan!

Talla is still BUSY and you can call her anytime! She loves it!


I have to say, I was impressed with the conversation between Gary and Andrew. Gary tried to play Andrew, but Andrew saw right through it. I think Gary is thinking jury and trying to smooth things over, but I think he needs to think about his strategy and perhaps try to limit the game talk while drunk and not being allowed to eat anything. lol. I really think that Gary is here for entertainment purposes and for alot of people, myself included, he will definitely be entertaining! With respect to playing the game, I think I hear that Gary is not allowed to eat anything until the end of the game or until he gets voted out (did I hear that right?)… he has saved himself for this round, but he is screwed after the next HOH. If Andrew is voted out, this is actually going to clear an even easier path for Emmett and Jillian to keep winning HOHs! It would be great entertainment if Talla could win the next HOH (finally!)… I really think that either Jillian or Emmett are almost guaranteed to make it to final 2, with a strong possibility that it may be both of them at the end, unless Talla or a starving Gary can pull something out in the final 3 HOH, which is very unlikely. In the end, it would be great if it was Emmett OR Jillian against Talla OR Gary in the final 2.


Seriously everyone is still going on about the twist?! Yeah, they got it wrong but we all have to live with it even the house guests. I am glad Andrew is sweating. From the time he got HoH when he put Gary out up until now he has been walking around like the big man on campus and up until then really hadn’t done anything.
If he wants to stay in the house then he should really campaign against Talla and really show everyone what you are made of instead of complaining about Gary being back. Put all that energy into trying to stay and make some deals. Geez cry me a river and you can swim your way out of the house next week.


soooo none of my feeds are picking up the mics for dan/jillian convo is that just me?????


probably because they haven’t gone this long before without the hush hush screen hahaha i dont care about anyone else i just am curious whether jillian actually wants emmett F2…guess we wont know!


What happens to Gary’s veto if he falls asleep?


i was wondering that!!!! he doesnt look like hell make it!


I don’t think it matters. He’s also supposed to be a have not and he’s had a bunch of wine.


Seriously?!!!! Andrew is going on about how it didn’t matter how he pushed the button on the Veto comp. That’s lame. Now he’s complaining the game is rigged. What did he say in the DR when Emmett freaked out after the last DQ …. shut up and be a man. Time for Andrew to take his own advice. Players know that the motto to BB has always been expect the unexpected. If Andrew put half as much time into making a deal or trying to then complaining about what happened this week he might have a fighting chance. I wanted him to win but after seeing him be a baby the last 2 days he can watch someone else win.


hoh room just seemed miiiiiighty chilly!!!!


Damn Feeds. No sound. I want to watch Dan and Gary talk while everyone else is asleep. I missed what Emmett and Jillian were talking about when Emmett went off on her.


jillian to emmett: Dan thinks that I am being an idiot taking you and playing for second place…he just doesn’t understand

sounds about right jillian…..youre so smart…..


yep, she’s smart enough for this game but not smart enough to win it. What is the equivalent to “pussy whipped” for a female? Oh yeah. It’s just desperate.


Well Jillian I too don’t understand why not only are you playing for second place but also doing everything you can to help Emmett win.. Like Peter said, either there’s something I haven’ seen or something she doesn’t understand.. As she didn’t know who Dan is, makes me wonder just how much she understands the game,, E.g. Jillian doesn’t want to take Talla to F2 because she feels she doesn’t deserve 20K.. Jillian Talla get 20K.. You get 100K.. Clearly you don’t understand…Jillian is however willing to give Emmett 100K etc and be happy with the 20K.. What Jillian doesn’t seem to understand is that Emmett is going to take the money, car and gift card back home to his family.. She’ll be lucky to get a dinner out of him. Well Dan tried to get her thinking about this with no luck at all.


Gary just asked for medication for his “cold”. Since a lot of medications contain caffeine so you wont be drowsy, I dont think BB should give it to him.

He has coffee there. And BB can just give him hydrasense. it is natural saline and it works just as well (if he is sneezing, then it is more likely allergies). But no extra caffeine. (this sounds like an ad. 🙁 But it would just be another unfair advantage that BB has been dolling out all season.)


Jillian doesnt want F2 with Emmett as she knows she loses for sure…Jillian admitted to Dan she would vote Andrew to stay…if she wants to win the game she must convince Gary, with the help of Andrew, to do the same(or convince Emmett)…they were talking F2 earlier(Gary/Jill)…and Jill already has F2 with Andrew

maybe unlikely Emmett agrees to save Andrew in a tied vote so maybe a blindside FLIP 2-0 vote to save Andrew…then all 3 Andrew, Gary, Jill play the F4 HOH(Emmett sits out)…then try to get the favorite Emmett out in F4 veto…then all 3 actually have a chance to win with Emmett gone(they all lose to Emmett F2)

F3 Jill wins part 1 endurance…part 2 Gary v Andrew…then after part 3 Gary or Andrew would both take Jill F2…Jill may take either


if there is a pandoras box and/or second veto is it likely to be Sunday afternoon or early Monday? before veto ceremony? if Gary does not stay awake the entire 24 hours does he lose his veto? can anyone clarify the rules of the veto comp and his punishment task that won him the veto?


Andrew: “what would you do if I killed you”(in italian accent)…Jill laughs so hard her drink goes through her nose

very funny

i appreciate Andrews humour, I have had many laughs this season from his antics…he would be a great radio DJ or comedian

even if Jill votes him out etc he will not hold a grudge…I think those 2 will be great friends…I enjoy watching her enjoy a laugh listening to his banter and jokes…she said he is the funniest guy she has ever met


Well to be fair, Alec said that all season, even right after he was evicted. It’s from Justin (BBUSS2) who was an original member of Chill Town before uttering that phrase with and knife and getting expelled.