Big Brother Canada Gary completes One out of Four punishments and can now sleep..

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 930am

9am Big Brother starts turning up the lights and then switches on the alarm. Dan looks up and the jumps out of bed. He heads by the bathroom and sees Gary. Dan congratulates Gary on staying up all night. Gary says thank’s Dan. Gary heads out into the kitchen. Dan and Emmett comment how they can’t believe Gary is still up. They wonder how he did it and what he did all night. Gary says that he wants face wipes to take the makeup off his face. Dan asks for hygiene reasons? Gary says no, for Gary reasons. Dan laughs. Dan tells him he looks good, good job. Gary says he had no choice, I don’t want to lose the veto. Andrew asks if the buzzed him. Gary says yes a few times. Dan comments on how the wake up alarm is an awful noise. Dan says Gary I want to recap.. So you can’t sleep for 24 hours, you can’t bathe or change out of the prison suit for a week and you are on slop for the rest of the time in the house. Dan says that’s pretty hardcore. Gary says that the hardest part is hearing all the comments. Gary talks to Dan about eating glitter. Gary gets called to the diary room. Andrew and Dan talk about their favourite movies.

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 931am

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 935am

9:40am – 9:50am Dan heads up to the HOH room to use the washroom. Jillian tells him that she was thinking more about what he said last night and doesn’t want him to think that she is playing for second place. Dan says that it doesn’t matter what I think. Jillian says that truthfully every move she made as HOH was not his move, it was my move. Dan asks do you think they will see that? Jillian says yes. Jillian says and the same thing if I want to keep Andrew in the game.. I want to do it for myself not for anyone else. Jillian says that she doesn’t know if she will beat Emmett but thinks she has a good case.. I made bigger moves than him and won more HOH. Dan says it just seems like you would have a more difficult case.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 940am

9:50am – 10am Big Brother tells Gary that he has now been awake for more than 24 hours, he has completed his task and can now go to sleep. Gary says thank god. They all say good night Gary. Andrew says you’re not allowed to nap in the day! Dan says you did it! Gary says one out of four down! They congratulate Gary on staying up all night. Big Brother then cuts the feeds to the hush hush screen.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 955am

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 1003amjpg

10:10am – 11am Dan and Jillian head out to the hot tub room. Jillian and Dan talk a bit of game talk before Andrew joins them. Talla and Emmett then join them and they talk about past events of their season and Dan’s season. They leave the hot tub room for the pool. The conversation turns to talking about Emmett had $13,000 taken away from him at the border and the house guests discuss the backyard mural. Big Brother then switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen.

11:05am – 11:20am Dan asks the house guests what they will do when they get out. Andrew talks about decompressing for a day and then going down to Florida for 2 weeks with his family. Emmett says that he is going to get started building a corn maze and haunted house for the fall. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. When the live feeds come back: Talla is talking about going camping and to Las Vegas. Dan then asks them if they have ever put an apple in the microwave for 10 minutes. Andrew lets the Jillian is now in the bathroom as the bathroom attendant for the next 8 hours. Emmett goes to check on her. He asks her why she would ever take this punishment. He then asks her what she has to do? She says she has to turn on and off the taps, dispense moisturiser, offer a mint, spray bathroom spray, etc. Big Brother then tells her to clean the mirrors.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 1121

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 1122

11:35am Andrew and Talla are in the kitchen talking about jury votes. Talla says that she isn’t sure how the jury votes are going to go but that she won’t cry about it when its over. Andrew says that he will forever talk about how much he disliked this twist. He says that Gary coming back .. now one of us will not make it to the final four. Andrew says unless we can convince Emmett .. which I am not going to do. Talla says we Gary is now in the final four. Andrew says well so is Emmett. Andrew says unless one of us are given the coup d’etat.. which isn’t going to happen. Emmett joins them. The conversation turns to Talla wanting to get her motorcycle licence. She says maybe I should take my licence and if I pass and don’t hurt myself then I will take that as a sign. Andrew leaves. Talla tells Emmett that like she said the other day she wants him to do what is best for his strategy. Talla says one of us is leaving on Thursday.. I just don’t want it to be me.. When will you tell me? Do you know who is going home? Emmett says that he has a pretty good idea but that his mind isn’t made up and there are still 4 days before he has to decide. Emmett says that he can’t believe Gary is back and got a second life.. none of us get that. Talla says that she is going to watch her figure .. so she is going to watch her pop intake and workout. Talla leaves and Andrew joins Emmett on the couch. Andrew talks about how he tried to take all the punishments. Andrew says that it all still go according to plan. Can you believe being in the finals with Talla and Gary? Emmett says that Gary won’t win no matter who he is up against. Andrew says that if it was Gary and Talla at the end he would have to ask a math question.. What is zero times ten? Andrew asks when Dan came in yesterday? Andrew says that he still hasn’t had a talk with him. Talla comes back and Emmett leaves to visit Jillian in the bathroom.

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 12

12:10pm – 12:20pm Big Brother wakes up Gary. (They only let him sleep fpr a couple hours.) Emmett and Jillian are in the bathroom. Emmett tells Jillian that he doesn’t think Gary would take him to the final two. Emmett brings up how Gary said that he doesn’t think the jury hates you and wouldn’t vote for you. Emmett says you can just crush him in the jury. Jillian wonders if Dan gets to do something before he leaves, like have a hand in the HOH power. Emmett doesn’t think so, the HOH power is something I earned. Andrew joins them and says remember when I was HOH and I got Gary out .. and then he came back. Jillian says that the conversations with Dan have sketched her out. Jillian asks Emmett what do you think his (Dan) duty is? Do you think he gets to eliminate one of them, rather than a double eviction this week? That would be pretty crazy. Or that he gets to give someone a special power. They talk about how Dan has brought up a few times if they found anything in the house or if anything showed up randomly.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 1225pm

12:20pm – 12:35pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen. When they come back Gary is in the bathroom putting on his make-up. Talla is in the kitchen eating. Emmett joins her. Talla asks Emmett do you have a final two with Andrew? Emmett says no. Emmett asks do you have a final two with anyone? Talla says in the beginning Andrew said final two but that was the beginning when everyone was saying final two. Talla starts talking about how she has to think about who she could beat in the end and that she has to think about winning and not just going for second. Talla says that she has been told that Andrew will win against everyone. Emmett tells Talla that he thinks he would have a good chance against her in the end but not as good of a chance with Gary.

12:40pm – 12:55pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

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Dan trying to convince Jill to drop Emm.

Her heart won’t let that happen, Dan.

*pukes a little


I agree with dan the jury isn’t going to see her moves as her’s and that is the danger of a showmance. If she can win will be if the jury is voting personally or strategily. Gary thinks because he was there will vote for him but untill they vote you never know and peter hasn’t arrived with his thoughts and we know peter wants emmitt to win. I think anyone who goes to the end with emmitt is playing for second. The hoh and pov will be important hoh will secure their final 3 spot and pov will be the second spot and if not the hoh winner will determine who stays. Emmitt is in a good spot for at least final 3 gary, jillian and talla will all take him and as for final 2 he needs to win that because only jillian will take him.


Dan isn’t telling her to drop emmitt only to think what is good for her game and if the jury will believe her moves are hers at the end the choice is her’s


If Jillian takes Emmett to F2 she can kiss the money good bye and settle for second place. Her only hope is Talla or Gary. I think she lose to both guys in her Beast Coast alliance. Those two guys have kept their hands quite clean.


Jillian will take emmitt.


I agree as much as i want emmitt to win the only person jill can win against is talla maybe gary but that is a big maybe. I think them getting rid of andrew now is smart because even though anyone can win talla is unlikely to win which means if jemma wins the pov they are both going to the final 3 and they really have to only worry about gary instead of gary and andrew. Talla told gary she wants to get jill out and take emmitt so emmitt is sitting pretty good. I do think it us riddiulus gary came back and that they didn’t serquester the jury seperately like they do in the us when they do this twist.


Watching the feeds now, the convo between the stooges is awkward. Talla is giving him the cold shoulder, brushing him off…

The minute Emmitt comes in she gets excited and talks to him with eye contact. Talla is distancing herself from Andrew and not even joking with him.


Nature of the game


Lol… What’s new about that again? Nothing! Talla is just being herself: a jumper
Talla jusr floats to where the power is… Plus Andrew has been ‘mean’ to her (according to Talla) lately


I like Andrew. But he does have that sense of humor that a female could find mean or disrespectful.
He said his soon-to-be-wife left him for this same reason.


Talla’s has zero loyalty. She will loose in this game and make no friends.


Totally agree Meg… her because she is a jumper and slams people so she can continue to float think she should have a new nickname… perhaps TallaTwoFace…


The stoogemance is over…sad face..




Emmett got 13K taken away at the border ! Anyone know why he was carrying that much money?
Does anyone else notice how Andrew talks down to everyone and about everyone now. Ever since he got Gary out he takes cracks at every single person’s personality. For someone who thinks he has a great Social Game he is sadly mistaken.
Wow, Gary is going to get smelly real quick in the House with it always so warm and competing in Comps. LOL Hope they have a luxury Comp for Febreeze !!!


Andrew will take both J\E to final three. Gary and Talla will not, it’s better to get rid of Talla now…

They won’t think that, and it’s frustrating.

Not that I’m rooting for Andrew, it’s just the most logical choice.


They know Andrew would take them to the final 3, but they also know that he’s a very good competitor and once they GET to the final 3 Andrew just might beat them… it makes more sense for them to take Talla since they know she can’t win anything. Poor Andrew, though, he’s really been blindsided by this whole thing.


I would WORSHIP Jillian as a player if she casted the sole vote to evict Emmett.


She will never do that.


Everyone should be dying to take Talla to the final 2, she’s perfect for the second spot. She can barely form sentences, she hasn’t won anything, and she has made zero moves in the house. There’s absolutely no way she can win against anyone from what I see, as much as I enjoy her personality, she has no chance of taking it all. Jillian was talking about how she doesn’t deserve to win second place money but who cares as long as you win the whole game? I’d take talla in a heart beat, that’s smarter than risking it against Emmett, Andrew, or Gary.


seriously! and the people that are saying that talla’s strategy is keeping low/acting stupid/jumping, i find that hard to believe because i think she would have at least mentioned it in the DR sessions. in survivor, sandra played that strategy “as long it’s not me”, but she kept saying that in her confessionals. And maybe some of the jury members went to bat for sandra who knows, but in the bb jury, everyone is saying she doesn’t deserve to win.

going against talla in the final 2 is a guaranteed win. topaz/alec/peter will definitely not vote for her and jillian/emmett/gary will also not vote for her if they end up in the jury. and how stupid is talla as well? she should be aligning with gary now, if she even wants a remote chance of winning the game.

I would love to know what’s going on inside her head about the final two? especially the reasons on why she thinks she has a chance to beat jillian or emmet if she takes them. Did Dan ask her that?


You would love to know what’s going on inside Tallas’ head? NOTHING is going on – no one’s home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jillian needs to drop Emmett but she has to manipulate or convince one of the other house guests into doing it for her. That way, Emmett can go to the jury house and campaign for her to win. At this rate, all the jury members hate her and if she gets out Emmett herself, that’ll just be one more Jillian hater in the jury house. Even if it’s revealed that she tricked someone into getting out Emmett and lied to him about it, the only person who will be mad will be Emmett lol because I think the others will respect her game play. So any way around, this is her best shot. Besides going to the F2 with Talla, she isn’t going to win against any of the guys so she better start planning on how to eliminate all of them… Emmett included!


It is a little late for her to get rid of emmitt and they have come this far i don’t see it happening and she really doesn’t need to manipulate anyone i think they all know emmitt is a 100% win but if he wins veto he is in regardless. Gary is also liked so he has a good shot to the only one that she can win against is talla and both e&j know this but i don’t see them turning on each other.


If what the HGs said to Dan yesterday (in one-on-ones) was true, then everyone wants to take Em to the F2. Gary believes if he can get Em to turn on Jil than he can use that as another notch in his belt to the Jury as being a great game player. He thinks he has made enough moves in the game to win on merit over Emmett. Dan has had to convince Jill to see she has a better chance of winning if not against Emmett. Otherwise she would continue doing everything Emmett wants. That is if these HGs were being honest to Dan. And i believe they were because they all wanted Dan’s approval.


It’s not too late for them to turn on each other… we just saw on the latest episode that Emmett is thinking about getting rid of Jillian at some point… so Jillian better wise up and do the same!

And, yes, it will take some convincing to get someone to take out Emmett because they all like him much better than they like her. He’s played a good social game as well as a good competitive game. Jillian has won comps but all the jury members hate her and both Andrew and Gary would rather stick it out with Emmett than Jillian.

It seems like Emmett is in favor of Gary getting out Jillian so that he doesn’t have to… good move. Jillian should be doing the same.


Taking Talla to the end might backfire on the others. Talla is useless and has done nothing but the others have lied, backstabbed and cheated. Well, maybe not Andrew, but those in the jury might vote against everyone but Talla and give her the money. Just thinking.


I agree that Jillian needs to get someone else to win HOH and put up Emmett. Actually, at this point in the game, I think its worth it for Jillian to not win the next HOH, strategically, so that this can happen. IF she is in it to win in. If not, then she will try to win HOH so that she can protect both herself and Emmett. This next HOH may be the one chance to get Emmett out of the game and I would hope that if there is that chance, that Gary and Talla (or Andrew) would know this and take out the person that almost everyone in the jury will certainly vote for. Ideally, I think it would be really interesting if Jillian and Gary were final 2. It would make for a really interesting final 2 and jury statements. Then it would actually be really unpredictable who would win… I think alot of it would rest on how people respond to the jury… If Jillian can show how she played her own game and not Emmett’s, then she should be the winner. On the other hand, Gary made big moves but ultimately, was voted out and came back, which is definitely a mark against him, in terms of jury votes. Up to this point, definitely Emmett and Andrew have played the best games, but if either of them get to the final 2, it would just be too predictable (especially Emmett) that he would win, so I’m hoping for a more unpredictable ending….


Finally Andrew talks to Dan. But I missed it. Phone rang 🙁


thanx so much 🙂


I’ve said it before and i will say it again i love this site. Just went into the bb fb page and all people do there is complain. I really appreciate everyone’s comments it gives me something to think about. I love the different points of view and that it isn’t as mean here. The most important comp next week will be the veto in my dreams gary wins both. i don’t care but would love to see j/e go home … i don’t care who it is but will just make it more interesting. love how dan is questioning who is playing for second place guess it’s in everyone’s human nature to think they will have the votes. i know everyone knows that talla is the best person to take to the f2 but i don’t understand the concern about her getting any money if you have a better chance to win the big prize.


dan really needs to stop wearing this RED SHIRT i was sick of this shirt last season and hear he is again with it wtf …..

MY BABY ANDREW in deep shit . i cant stand glitter


Talla claims that she works in the “Mental Health” field – doing what – driving people nuts?!!!!!




Thanks Dawg. Guess he didn’t realize that anything over 10K is a no-no LOL


sowhat lol thumbs up