Gary Levy Enters the House to Dress the House Guests for the BBCAN Awards!

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big brother canada 4 gary levy enters the house

Gary Levy from Big Brother Canada 1 & first couple seasons of The Side Show enters the house to help dress the house guests for the Big Brother Canada awards. They head to the HOH room to try on outfits.

BBCAN Awards

Find out the results on the Sunday May 8th Episode
Favourite Prank
Dallas gets Cassandra to smell his fart in a jar. VS Jared and Tim get Raul to eat shaving cream.
Favourite Complainer
Tim complains about everyone and everything. VS Dallas complains about the heat. A lot.
Favourite Speech
Mitch calls out the Third Wheel Alliance. VS Maddy calls out Jared and Kelsey.
Favourite Awkward Moment
Nikki and Joel get hitched in the Little Chapel of Have Nots. VS Maddy gets Phil to break up with Nick for her.
Favourite Original Song
Joel sings his workshop song. VS The Pool Boys rap their Big Brother rap.
Favourite Call Out
Jared calls out Loveita. VS Mitch calls out Kelsey’s game.
Favourite Wipeout
Paige wipes out during the ‘What The Shell’ POV. VS Jared bails during the ‘Ace In The Hole’ POV.
Favourite Meltdown
Nikki loses her mind when she becomes a Have-Not. VS Nikki’s inner troll comes out.
Favourite ‘Big Brother Says’
Big Brother says that Raul must give a lap dance. VS Big Brother says that Phil must eat a ghost pepper.
Favourite Temper Tantrum
Dallas throws a tantrum when he loses the POV. VS Tim throws his bat when his ball gets caught.
Favourite Kiss
Jared and Kelsey steal a kiss behind a teddy bear. VS Nick and Nikki’s truth or dare makeout.

(I’m hoping someone pulls a Neda and gets too drunk at the awards today to go to the nomination ceremony later.)
big brother canada 4 gary in the house

11:50am The Live feeds are still blocked..

3:50pm Still blocked…

4:50pm Nothing yet..

6:20pm The Live Feeds return … The house guests are just lying around waiting for the nomination ceremony.

6:55pm Feeds blocked again for what is likely the nomination ceremony.

7:25pm Still blocked..

8:10pm Still nothing..

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Nail Clippers

Hate that guy.


Oh God please stop giving this guy a platform. He has no fashion sense to begin with and is one of the most unentertaing people I’d had to displeasure to be force-fed.


arissa loves him – could be because he looks like one of her relatives? she is very biased towards colored and gay people.

Fall Guy

That’s a condition of employment.




You are an a$$hole!


you don’t even know what the word means!

ya right

I hate to break it to you but racists are entitled to their opinion same as blacks were their freedom and gays are entitled to marry u can’t puck and choose who/whats acceptable and not be an asshole yourself

Douche Nozzles

“arissa loves him – could be because he looks like one of her relatives? she is very biased towards colored and gay people.” <<—–What kind of asshole statement is this? Bias towards colored people? What fucking colour are they? Blue? Pink? Purple. You're a total idiot. And all the other idiots who thumbed these stupid comments.!

Maybe you dicks should look up the word asshole, then the word bigot then the word acceptance.

Americans I presume?


Considering Canadians can be ‘bigoted’ too….. We are not all puppy dogs and rainbows

Tie Dye

Oh boo hoo. I guess I was right then eh. Rude and awful attitudes man.



Um i’m Canadian … I said WE (canadians) are not all puppy dogs etc. Meaning we are not better than americans and are no less bigoted (although) i never use that word. This has been the only instance

This is not an issue to get up on your high horse about. There is just as much racist crap here as there is any place. Sit down.


You guys hush. Gary’s hilarious and everyone loves him but you two. He has his own sense of style, who cares what he wears. Go hate some where else.

Here at home

There were rumours that Gary was a pain in the A$$ when he was on the Sideshow. If he was wearing blue, no one else could wear blue. The problem is that Gary would change his outfit at the last minute and demand others changed too. One of the kicked out houseguests who was featured, walked out before her interview because of this.


According to twitter it was Neda. Twice. First time she showed up in the same colour, and was asked to change. Second time she asked ahead, wore a different colour than Gary was to wear, when she arrived he changed his mind and insisted she change. She left. Annick was the short notice replacement.

bye cassandra

you got your wish, you can leave now!

BB Fan

The more I see of Cassandra the less I want to see.


Of course they’d bring him in for the final 4 again, wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an instant eviction today & Gary gets to stay to compete.


Tim looks like a Rocker love it !! Steven Tyler or Slash 🙂


He looks like a beach bum!!


When do they normally hold POV and is there any chance we will see it before feeds go down?


Yep… like I have said all along .. TIM is Gay….. no and ifs or buts about it .. he walks , and sits , only problem tho is he has no fashion sense .. ie; those bathing suites OMG.. and the jeans.. now tell me he is not ..


So, what relevance does that have to the game or anything else for that matter. Hate labels


lol… did it to piss off the Tim lovers.. I do not have to like anyone who puts down Canadians .. time and time again .. and that’s exactly what he did .. so there… as to what its got to do with the show .. nothing .. just like a lot of what people say anyways… lmao


I never thought gay, maybe Bi.? I don’t think it has to do with the way he dresses ,(being a little stereotypical there for a minute) for me its his mannerisms that I questioned. Not that I care more of a “I wonder”.


Tim already told (I think Dallas?) that he wasn’t exactly gay but he’s not exactly straight. He lives with a gay man in Australia but they’re not out as a couple. I’m glad he can be who he is and everybody should have that freedom as well.


Pfft his roommate Jake is NOT gay! He was on BBAU the season after Tim won & he met his girlfriend Lisa on the show & they are still together.

say WHAT?

that geek ended up with Lisa?


Tim has 2 flatmates. He’s said it many times.
During his new year’s story (the sh*t his boxers story), Tim said he woke to find Meatloaf had destroyed the boxers and there was crap everywhere. One flat mate was passed out on the couch, and while he was cleaning, his other flatmate arrived with his girlfriend.


Who’s Meatloaf? Is that Adam Sandler’s dog or the guy from fight club and everything else he is credited for?


Where can we go to vote?


gee, maybe one of them will pull a Neda and get so drunk at the award dinner that they can’t attend the nomination ceremony.
So I’m guessing they’ll cut the feeds before the pov is played tomorrow. Seems like they are cutting the feeds a little earlier than season 2 or last season, But the “surprise” eviction will most likely take place Monday to be shown Wednesday.


Really with that out fit Gary. Good Grief. Its hideous.


Did he really put Kelsey in that ugly blue dress or is that hers? Either way….needs something nicer. Lets see what blanket they put chubby in.


what dress did they put Tim in .. has to be black to go with the black beads.. lmao


had to leave before i could finish my comment about the season 2 drunk neda… pushed post comment instead of just leaving page. oops. was going to say that brought back a fun memory. thanks Dawg. Made me laugh.
So if we’re going to get all “integrous” about this season, can we just send Kelsey out to play with her friends in jury now?
Anyone reading Joel’s exit interviews reading them in his whispered tones mixed with a little bit of bitterness? That’s where my head went when he mentioned Kelsey’s game.
We all know where this season’s going. lol. Kudos to production for not being as obvious about it in season 4 as they were in season 3. That’s an improvement anyway.
The jury segment in the show not matching the jury segment they showed on the sight in terms of juror thoughts about house guests was… interesting. Excuse me while i side eye that for a while.


I hate production! It’s a well known fact.. I loved your post.

No question prod force feed the Cass played a great game crap in jury house. It was so freaking obvious last night. Just scream vote for Cass!
And you are so right about Season 3 stinking and this season same cheat with Cass but much better disguised by bringing Kelsey back.


I’ve thought about the whole return of Kelsey debacle.
Which of Loveita or Kelsey is more believable as the one that would not target Cassandra? Her bestie or her nemesis?
On the designated cam how many times did Loveita say “when you go back in” to Kelsey. Far less occurring “when I go back in” from Loveita than Kelsey. Occasional “or you” from Kelsey.
Why did Emmett make such a big deal over not wanting to lose that chip hiding competition? For a glass of cheap Canadian sparkling wine and canapes? No. If Kelsey had won the chip hiding, that would have been the segue back into the house. A check into their own comment section on their feeds showed a preference for a Loveita return, so the public vote became a beta test survey. With the chip reward comp on feeds, and failing, production resorted to house guest unanimous vote. Floaters and middle grounders versus established in your face alliance. No rigging there. Nope.
Actually, name a twist this season that was bad for Cassandra progressing.


Does anyone know were I can read Joel’s eviction speech?


brother will scrw this up now!

Beatrix Kiddo

No Tim, wear the Vest with necklace and scarf (you can even leave the scarf off) The jacket doesn’t look like some thing he would wear and he seems uncomfortable in it.
Glad Cass changed her shoes (Gold). I feel she will kill herself in the black ones.
Glad Kelsey changed that dress. I also didn’t like the blue but the Gold one looks good.
Brothers look dapper too don’t lie!!
When did Gary get boobs?

Should be a fun show.


What is this, Saturday Night Fever? Button up 2 of those buttons man hahaha.


i really hope tim or cass get the secret power of veto aka jackpot soon

say it isnt so

if they poop out a veto at final 4, this will be my last season of BB Crapanada

u know

poop out a veto, as in Allison pulling a secret veto out of her butt


Where can Canada vote for these awards? Is that how the winners are chosen?


The vote for the awards was on the global site for a few days.
seemed to take forever to load each category.


Watching Kelsey rub Philip’s head is like nails on a chalkboard.


As a viewer that doesn’t have a horse in the race for the finals (all my initial and later preferences are long gone), I’m hoping this opinion will be viewed as impartial.
Phil and Kelsey are fools for saying get rid of Cass before the final three. Cass is worse at comps than TIm. If you have the choice to knock out someone that has beat you at least once in a physical and at least once in a mental comp, over someone that has won one mental comp but could only win at endurance if it was a pie eating contest, always get rid of the bigger immediate threat. But then, it’s pretty much a running reality in the season that P/N and K aren’t as bright as they think they are. Going into finale week, Phil will be the competing brother. Phil barely won “how bad do you want it” while on the block when five people playing weren’t even trying.
If the POV in final four is a stand in your block and answer trivia: that will be a complete rig for the season (that they’ve already done once this year ; a first in big brother Canada I think, to have a trivia pov with no physical or chance attributes whatsoever).
Cons to each house guest in front of jury:
Kelsey: already threw in the towel once (week four). made decisions for her alliance, but let Jared take all credit; made decisions for her alliance based on her personal bias not strategic game play. Has the image of shielded damsel in distress. Will likely call on friendship and personal relationships as her finale arguments.
Brothers: repeated to everyone in the house how stupid they are (everyone already knew from actions, but perception is everything and the jury now thinks they are stupid no matter what they say moving forward in arguments so there goes strategic points). Have never owned up to any of their negative behavior or mistakes that other house guests saw them make. All indications in the game thus far are than Phil will make final arguments: Phil’s been as perceptive as a furless bat; Phil’s cockiness will turn off jurors. Will only do well against Kelsey in the end even then it’s close to a tie. They have to hope Nick’s comp record has a heavy sway, with that jury it won’t.
Cass: her comp resume is woeful. She’s not a whole package player because the rubber duck could do better at most challenges. Godfrey syndrome of the invisible game could affect her, and her explanations may get bitter jury votes if next to someone other than Tim. If she doesn’t win either final four veto or final three hoh, could be viewed as a goat (not saying she’s a goat, saying she could be perceived by jury as a goat).
Tim: If anyone pulls the nationalism card (rolling eyes but it could happen). If anyone calls out his behavior on feed rather than edits he could get a bit of bitterness. If he goes into finale playing the same tune as he did in the last two weeks of d/r edits every juror is going to be wondering if they were in the same house.
I’ve had my episode edit pick as production darling to the finals chosen since week two, and she’s still sitting there at final four. I didn’t choose her as one of my favorites for two reasons: I disliked her initial characterization so pre-season and first couple of weeks I couldn’t support her, and I really really dislike production edit picks, the harder the edit tries to make me like them as time goes on, the more I resist. IMO production would very much like Cass to be in the finale. Every production scenario I look at, I see her there against somebody.


Serious question: Has anyone set the bros. and Kelsey straight on how final four works yet?
Last time I heard it discussed Phil was convincing the other two that the final HOH got to choose which of the three remaining would be evicted at the POV ceremony.


The blind leading the blind. lol


Phil if he has a brain it is a mass of numbnuts about final 4 and he says to his bro Nick “your so stupid”,explaining final 4 to Nick, Phil is clueless but hilarious to watch. Numnuts!!!


Yeah: the final HOH does evict the last person to go to jury. Final HOH : when there are three people left.


Phil is saying the final 4 HOH has the only vote in the final four eviction ceremony. skipped writing four in the second sentence. When Kelsey said the person that isn’t on the block after POV in final four has the only vote and they decide, Phil said no, the final four HOH has the only vote.


Philip was asking Tim what is further the moon or Australia? Tim looks at him not believing the question and Philip told him because I can see the moon but I can’t see Australia.


Bahahaha …. oh my goodness …


Big Brother has tweeted that surprise, the POWER OF VETO COMP is going on right NOW, so FEEDS will be DOWN for MOST OF THE NIGHT.
Oh, look, another change to established routine. Last week they added a day of campaign time for no reason (other than who was on the block, and an estimation that it might take four days instead of three to break down Kelsey’s well documented stubbornness and the brothers’ pigheaded tendancies even with ten diary room calls lasting anywhere from three minutes to 45 minutes that equalled a total of 45 seconds of d/r time each on the episode). Now they are having POV on the same day as nominations. If they follow pattern, this is intended so that in case Tim or Cass do not win veto, they will have time to each attempt to manipulate the veto holder or sole voter before the projected Sunday / Monday surprise eviction to air on Wednesday.
Now, honestly, the evil part of my brain does cartwheels at the thought of “air-time” Cassandra or Tim exiting to an empty studio… but I doubt that’s the plan. But still, the sadistic part of me says that would be karma for people that have sucked up to the cameras so much that it got to be a ridiculous joke.

Early veto

No, it’s because there will be an eviction on Sunday’s episode. So they need to get it done and edit the show in time.


I thought Arissa said tune in Wednesday for a surprise eviction.


Kelsey keeps telling Cass that there is no way they will keep her if they win the veto. Didn’t she ever think that maybe Cass might win the veto. Why would Kelsey tell Cassandra that and just not say anything. Any chance that Kelsey had with Cassandra to keep her over Tim, she threw out the window. Most likely Cass will vote out Kelsey over Tim, but she did know that.


Sounds like POV is still going on! as the feeds are still blocked – must be some intense endurance comp!

Tim and Kelsey were talking about how veto was tonight before the feeds cut.


At this rate, if the pov comp doesn’t look harrowing enough, i’m going to start wondering just how many times they had to do it. was it best three out of five?
Maybe it’s who can drink the most milk and eat the most steak against the lactose intolerant one and the vegetarian.
Okay, enough knocking the powers that be for their machinations. It’s not like reality tv has ever been reality, I just hate it when the writers (how does a reality gameshow program have that many writers in the credits?) become visible.
Hopefully the feeds come back on and they’ve done the veto comp and the eviction and we will see see the final three for five minutes before the feeds are blacked out again permanently. Yeah. Not going to happen.


feeds return 246am eastern.
cam one Cass alone looking dejected.
Nick won veto.


I try to refrain from watching ‘sideshow’ but I would actually venture to recommend the last one with Joel. It’s very touching and it occurred to me how wrong I was about his last 4 or 5 days in the house. I could have sworn he was behaving like a defeated victim as a strategy.
How wrong I was. He actually felt very shattered and rightfully so.
He actually did play decently. Arissa should NOT have said ‘for all the weirdos’ or some such nonsense and it was horrifying.
He never was a weirdo anyway (at least not from my perspective).
As for Tim’s sexuality that seems to be the buzz of the day; he knows he’s different (hence the threekshow was born) because they all 3 understood their unique oddities.
Anyway Tim has shown us warts and all and I still gotta love him. He really has not been vengeful, malicious and purposefully mean.


You had my agreement until the last sentence. I’ve found a lot of Tim’s talk about the other house guests with Nikki to be very malicious. When Cass wasn’t following his directions as HOH, he was pretty malicious. The entire trick Joel into thinking Nikki was romantically interested joke was not an act of kindness through inclusion, it was making one person uncomfortable by using someone else without the social awareness to realize it’s a farce.
Tim has a mean streak in his humor. doesn’t mean he didn’t play the game well, just means he’s got his issues as well as anyone else.


Tim threw a baseball bat over the wall, blindly into a crowd of people 30 feet away…

Just because you laugh cute after playing mean spirited practical jokes on people doesn’t mean the pranks were not malicious in nature.

If Tim were from Canada with a generic Canadian accent he would have been perceived MUCH differently. Imagine if Jared or Dallas pulled the things Tim has… Canadians are blinded by certain accents… & there is excessive tolerance for despicable behaviours demonstrated by perceived underdogs / self identified socially stigmatized individuals, who quickly label everyone around them as being the pretty people, the jocks, the brainiacs etc and deserving of anything and everything they’ve got coming at thye hands of the underdogs/ misfits… and excessive intolerance of subjective borderline behaviour by anyone labeled as the socially advantaged. There is no benefit of the doubt given to those who are perceived as already having an easier life than you.

Tons of people decided Jared was the favourite to “win it all” based on their own bias and the collective social bias… because he was perceived to be such a threat it justified how everyone acted and behaved… and then there is Tim mocking Jared for having only won one HOH and really pointing out that despite the label Jared was not a huge threat at all. That he, Tim is, was and has been the biggest threat the entire game… but the sheeple can be relied on to isolate and pick on the half decent looking white jocks as the biggest threats to win the entire competition every single time.

When the perceived advantaged people present ideas or courses of action without adopting the weakest most self apologizing methods possible the self-identified underdogs / good people depict them as being dictatorial, arrogant, overbearing people… but when they feel no one ever listens to them and must assert themselves just to be heard they are justified and not at all like or worse than those they condemned. When I share my ideas I’m just sharing a point of view and trying to sell it to you. Ultimately you have every right at all times to take it or leave it but when you do the exact same thing with me you are telling me what to do. How dare you! What right do you have. This is my game. My HOH…. oops one hour later you are the new HOH and I am in your room doing the exact same thing you did but again, I am not telling YOU what to do, I am just bouncing some ideas off of you and hoping to promote a perception of mutual best interest. Hypocrites!

It is frustrating how easily people are manipulated. The viewing public always paints the biggest threat targets on the people they grew up feeling had advantage over them in their lives… they pick the reasonably good looking athletic males as the biggest threats to win it all…they pretend they are part of the underdog misfit, freaks group if they don’t fit in with or aren’t accepted by the LGBT representatives and these groups are held to a different standard of acceptable behaviour by virtue of the perceived social advantage afforded the pretty people… and the pretty people are held to a very strictly intolerant standard of behaviour as some sort of fair and reasonable leveling of the field.

Big brother is all about creating a public venue to provide an opportunity for self perceived underdogs and misfits to self-righteously triumph over social injustice… when it actually perpetuates and creates social injustice.

Our society is sickeningly hypocritical. Justifying petty, destructive and manipulative behaviours by certain groups and individuals as a means of balancing out the playing field in a world you believe is stacked against you / them. Society is built on divide and conquer and the masses play into the lie all day, every day. Competing with / Opposing each other, holding each other back as the truly advantaged exploit our stupidity. Continue to lie and deny that you have it harder than the pretty people… continue to justify being ugly inside and cruel outside to people you have decided deserve it because your personal perspective manufactures the reality of struggle imposed on you.

Go ahead make heroes of manipulative liars, schemers and back stabbers because they cannot win anything honourably, with integrity…. go ahead make heroes out of petulant pricks with accents who throw baseball bats into crowds who would never expect it and probably don’t see it coming…. he was lucky it did not hit someone in the head. His actions would have then been criminal. Substituting a household cleaning product in a bottle of mouthwash isn’t funny… he could have sent someone to hospital with that move as well. It makes me sick that Tim is Canada’s favourite player… he is not just getting away with behaviours that would never be tolerated from players like Jared or Dallas but he is being rewarded and favoured over others who were vilified for far, far less aggregious behaviours thanks to the double standard.


Nick (Brothers) won POV!


How long before Cass starts going to the brothers and reminding them they said they didn’t want an international to win, so why take one to the final three?
How long before Cass starts saying to Kelsey that Tim can beat them in final three comps and she can’t?
I’m betting by 11am she’ll be pushing these thoughts.


Why shouldn’t she? She should try very hard to stay and not lay down and just hope things work out for her.

Time is running out and waiting could be game killer for anyone in that house. of course she should get at it!


I wasn’t casting judgement against her in my comment, though segregating herself while the other nominee is crawling further into the other house guest’s brains… isn’t that what a lot of people held against Joel last week? She should have been thinking ahead and planting seeds hours ago, action instead of reaction. Instead she tried to get everyone to throw her the veto at final four and they could trust her, after saying her dream was final four.


I think its messed up that people are kicking off about how Kelsey keeps “rubbing the brothers” heads. YET no one gives any thought to when she did it to Joel or still does it to Cassandra. I guess she is flirting with all of them then? Maybe she just misses interaction since it was her and Jared for so long.