Big Brother Canada 4 Final POV results

POV Holder: Nick Next POV Done
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: Finale
Original Nominations: Tim and Cassandra
Current Nominations: ? and ?

Nick wins the POwer of Veto

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Cassandra and Tim were proud to say they were going to be cannibals this week when they thought they’d be devouring Kelsey and the brothers.
I’m delighting at the idea of the two of them trying to pick each other’s bones clean.

Production got their wish - production plant Tim and twists bros and quitter/2nd chance returner Kelsey to final 3

Really boring end to the season…a bros comp win procession…why would you want the most predictable end to the season possible?

Its starting to look a little SUSS.

So if the bros dont use the veto, the only reasons Kelsey will bring Tim to final 3…

Production slipped her $ as they want him in Final 3…or…she only wants 20k…or…she is an absolute moron…or all of those reasons

Every possible reason I can think of benefits Kelsey to keep Cass, just like it did last week.

The bros and Kelsey are taking each other final 2, so Cass instead of Tim in final 3 gives them better chance winning comps.

Kelsey has a better chance of winning final 2 v Cass than she does v bros or Tim(It also benefits the bros to cut Tim now – for jury recognition and easier final 2 scenarios).

Apparantly Kelsey plans to be friends with Cass after the show, Tim will no longer be in the country.

Tim definately doesnt need the money as he is absolutely loaded, Cass is in debt.

Cass has helped Kelsey multiple times during the game, including being most responsible for Kelsey surviving the Maddy hoh, and Tim has never helped Kelsey in the game nor done anything to earn her loyalty.

Kelsey has wanted Tim out for weeks, now all of a sudden its super important to her that Tim reaches final 3.

Tim repeatedly mocks and disrespects the north american bb format, Cass has been a fan since season 2.

Its an absolute lock Kelsey will not win v Tim or bros…her only chance is v Cass in final 2.

The jury will see it as dumb to bring a former bb winner to final 3 when you had the chance to cut them.

Only twice in 20 north american seasons has a female beaten a male in final 2(keeping Tim is virtual game suicide for Kelsey and like it or not male v female favoritism in jury is a thing).

It is beyond belief that Kelsey is not even considering keeping Cass, and that to me tells me she has been given incentive by production so that Tim ‘production plant’ Dormer can reach finale, along with productions other 2 twists the bros(who benefited from production going out of their way to tell everyone the bros would never split when they were potentially going to be targeted for that, all of which never aired) and the quitter who became the fake eviction returner Kelsey(the favorite player of Robyn Kass of bb casting). It is also very suspect the bros wanted Tim out, now they wont even enter into discussion about getting rid of him over Cass for final 3. The treaty final 3 alliance really is productions way of getting their twists to final 3.

Nothing is more annoying that to see a recruited player, Kelsey, who knew nothing about the game, who quit, who also was the only house guest given 2 lives along with an entire week off and safety, not only undeservedly reach final 3, but then evict the player of the season, strategically and in terms of entertainment, and someone who has been a fan for 16 years, really for no good reason…certainly for no reason that benefits Kelseys game.

If its true Nick was aided by production to win the veto then I’m really worried about the future of bb canada.

If on next Wednesday nights episode Kelsey chooses to evict Cass and keep Tim, then people are going to start asking questions about the legitimacy of the show, because there is no believeable reason production can come up with in the edit to sell to the audience as to why Kelsey would bring a male comp threat who is well liked in jury, who she cant beat, particularly a former bb winner to final 3 and cut the only player remaining she has a chance of winning against, a female who doesnt win comps who is disliked by alot of the jury. Nobody is THAT dumb. I dont buy the BS, not for a second.

Thinking of potential future allstars of this season – Tim is unlikely to return, and Mitch evicted so early and being a bit boring, and bros arent well liked and wont return as a duo, Jared was too boring and didnt play that great, Kelsey nope, Joel too boring. Cass would be the only one I would say for sure would deserve allstars.

Thanks for the last 2 months Cass, you more than anyone has entertained me on a consistant basis with your energy, liveliness, feistiness, strategy, campaigning, manipulation, showmanship and humor on the feeds, DR and episodes. If bb can survives until then, see you in all stars Cass.

wow your really being a poor sport when things don’t go your way. Im sick of seeing negative people like you call production interference when your favorite doesn’t win but you would be saying nothing had they won. Cass had so many chances and even saved her ass last week so I’m not saying I don’t feel bad for the girl but it is fair when you can’t win a comp at this point in the game when it is crucial. They had already planned last week to get Cass out this week so they are just following through with what they decided, and Tim is very smart for making a final 3 with them. Speaking for all the people who have enjoyed the season, you can just leave if you don’t like it anymore.


I agree. At the end of the day you need to win comps. You can’t play a strong strategic game and lie and backstab (which I love) and still expect someone to take you to the finals. Win or go home.

sunny dee

this is what i said about Neda in season 2, she was F3, she needed to win, and she didn’t. basically, you can’t rely on the person who does win, no matter how close you are to them, to take you. Now Tim & Cass both had the chance to do this, and in the past, people had the chance to get the brothers out, and that also didn’t happen. The way the F3 comps go, the brothers are the most likely to win the first part, they and kelsey are also most likely to agree to vote out Tim, not Cass, to ensure that ending. tim has a shot at an endurance, and cass has zero chance at winning that. that and their consistency about not having internationals at the end, in spite of the treaty 3 deal, they will have to get rid of him anyway.

They are too arrogant to think that they would lose to Cass in a F2, for any reason. Kelsey would be wise to keep them thinking that, because Cass and the brothers are most likely to take her with them to F2 if that is the F3. tim is more likely to take the brothers, probably.

having the brothers win HOH was already a huge disappointment for me as a hopeful F3 fan, having them win the POV as well is just the nail in the coffin. F3 will not be any fun without both Tim and Cass, but if it has to be, then F3 will not be any fun without Cass.

Yes Sir

You used to be able to do that, but not anymore. Nothing wrong with winning comps to secure your spot in the end.

Production has done everything in it’s power to help Cassandra all game long.
They cast someone she knows before the show, and has personal relationship with. The two still share a social circle.
They gave her a designated slob cam feed for hours at a time so that she could lie around practicing her stupid voices in hopes of increasing her tvq likeability.
They put her into almost every build audience bond challenge situation usually with her foil Joel.
They brought back her best friend instead of her nemesis during the fake double by dubious means. This reintegrated the original power struggle that had Cass securely protected.
They brought in a ringer to perform for her in HOH to increase her chances.
They had a trivia only POV for the first time in four seasons that only benefited a physical / endurance fail. Look back at past POV comps. when have they ever been stand in your place and answer trivia? Even during season 3 the POV’s involved some form of skill in addition to chance or knowledge.
They added a day of campaigning last week that benefitted her ability to stay.
What more were they supposed to do? Put a leopard print veto in a pot of honey?

Best player of each season has never won Big Brother Canada

Tim, Kelsey and Phil/Nick are not the type of players I want to see win.

Kelsey is an idiot and should never win as she has already been evicted, and Phil/Nick have at multiple times looked like bumbling idiots, but bailed themselves out due to comp wins. Tim, who has bored me sh!tless all season with his safe supposed wildcard gameplay, has benefited from the absolute idiocy of Kelsey, Phil/Nick thinking its a good idea to keep him this late in the game. When not thrilling live feeders with his arts and crafts, probably the most interesting thing Tim has done is when he mentioned among his long list of Australian D list celebrity stories and adventures is that he regularly gets either friend zoned or cuckolded by females in his life. He also claims to be against bullying of any kind, but he is in truth a real asshole, with a mean spirit that he cant suppress, no matter how hard he tries.

An Australian winning big brother Canada? I just dont think its a good look for the show. Particularly a guy who openly mocked the north american format, treating it with disrespect as not real big brother.

Its unfortunate that after 4 seasons the best player of each season will not have won the show and they are the first 4 people I would pick for all stars.

Best strategic and arguably most entertaining player of each season that should be in all stars –
Season 1 – Emmett
Season 2 – Neda
Season 3 – Bruno
Season 4 – Cass

I’m not quite sure about Bruno.


Emmett season 1 made two strategic errors in his end game. He convinced Jillian to vote out Andrew in week 9 and he voted out Talla in week 10. He says he feared Talla winning the endurance part of the final HOH, meaning he and Jillian would have to battle each other for the second spot going into the trivia challenge to determine final HOH. in what universe would Talla win a trivia challenge? He or Jillian were guaranteed final HOH against Talla. They chose to go to final three with Gary. Architect of his own failure.
Neda would never have made it as far as she did without Canada’s HOH. It’s fact that the first five had decided Jon was next on the chopping block with Neda as pawn and Adel as renom if required. They discussed it. There goes Neda’s meat shield. Canada’s HOH saved Neda and Jon. Both Neda and Jon were going into the final HOH with the plan of taking the easy to beat Sabrina to the finals.
Bruno had a major failing in his season: he wasn’t adaptable. Bruno stuck to his boys. If he hadn’t made such a huge deal out of working with women, and placing a target on Sarah in particular, he would have most likely made final four. Because Bruno was so intractable in his view of the game, he became a target. To the ones that say Bruno was robbed due to the secret veto: He would not have become the target of the secret veto if it were not for his own ‘come on boys, let’s get the girls out that Sarah is poison’ rhetoric. Three times before he was offered an alliance, he refused each time.
Cass had a great social manipulation strategy that didn’t adapt as the numbers became fewer. She started the game social engineering targets by manufacturing evidence that they were ‘the bad guy.’ Once the numbers decreased, she should have focused on stroking egos more than continuing to create enemies. She didn’t adapt her strategy, while others did. This is Cass’ own failure. Her desire to get greater air time by making tv moment moves when she had the opportunity is the other. Nikki and Tim on the block, who goes home with Cass and Joel voting? Nikki. If you want to point out Cassandra’s demise: that’s it. That audience reaction attention she wanted: that cost her 100 grand if she is evicted in final four. Her reasoning wasn’t to keep Joel entrenched. Even exposed at that eviction, Tim would have remained the biggest target of the three. Joel would have become secondary target. There would have been no argument with the brothers. The brothers and Kelsey would have scooped up Cassandra and off to final three she goes. Her own hubris in her quest for camera attention was her downfall.


Well Looks like Kelsey gets to evict Tim or Cassandra.
Who will she choose?


I thought Kelsey won POV


The screenshot of Nick speaks volumes about people resembling their dogs. Meanwhile in the bathroom, his brother is watching the ‘Maiden of rubbing heads’ have her evening bath while he watches and gets blue balls.

bye felcassandra



What?! Is this for reals? I’m so confused. ffs Tim & Cass…wtf are you guys doing in there?


Kelsey criticized Maddy when all she has done is seduce Phil to get where she is now. She will save cASSandra because she can beat her.


That means, the only one, that can go home is Kelsey. 100 percent, she was putting Tim and Cass up, Tim won, Kelsey replacement so Tim is the one, who decides, who goes home.


Hurry – call the ambulance cause Tim’s about to get thrown INTO a bus.
Love it when she walks in the rooms – what are you guys talking about?
She’ll sell them the ‘you don’t actually want someone from Australia to win do you?’ Let’s see if she can wiggle out of this one…..

An ornery mouse

Well, Cass certainly needs to tell Kels and the Brothers that their “treaty” with Tim was a load of crap. That Tim planned to evict Kelsey and keep Cass safe if he won veto. It’s her only hope, she’s gotta do something to disrupt the love-fest happening between Tim, Kels, and the Bros.


That will not work as Tim has nothing to lose, he was always going to be in the final 3. That is why he made that deal with them.She will look silly and desperate. It is only a loss for her what would she say Tim was going to go against the treaty, to whose detriment, Kelsey’s? He could easily say I only agreed with you to get you off my back. She has lied so much they won’t believe her.

Omg :((

I hope anyone but the brothers win,
Cass would be an awesome winner, same as Tim.


I might be in a minority but I am glad Cass is going at 4. Tim outplayed and out manoeuvred her as he has all season. I hated, this last week she got the hero edit. When without him she would have been a goner!
I hope he wins!


Oh Shane Oh Shane Oh Shane…………. Is it possible Timmy and Cassie Poo can pull a Dan(coaches) and convince the Bro’s not to have baby Kelsey cast the 1 vote to evict? I can see it now Cass saying she wants to be the vote to evict Timmy and Tim celebrating the final 3 deal(puke) and wanting to vote out Cass. I think with this collection of noobs it’s possible.

The talk was Cass out before Timmy. Talk about bad strategy. Comp competitive Tim or do virtually nothing Cass F3. If you want best game hope Tim stays. If you want productions choice hope for Cass. If you want a Tim versus Cass final hope the bro’s don’t know the coaches season or heard of Dan. They’re stupid enough to drink the Koolaid all over again.

PS I wonder how Pimple Popper is doing?


Koolaid get your Koolaid her….. Tim’s game is far beyond the rest of these noobs it’s so not fair. LOL The 3rd vid where Tim basically holds court in the HOH room is cherry. I can’t choose Cass to stay because I don’t like her game and she cannot win. ROFL I swear there is a chance the donkey brothers could have Cass versus Kelsey up. Cass stays as Timmy is above all things BB a lying Aussie turd. Pay lil Timmy his money he freaking earned it.


The brothers are going to get the girl and the money.

Haters gonna hate


Hopefully the only thing the dummies get is a shit kicking by Cassandras Dad. Still baffles my mind that the two dumbest players in BB history can fluke it off to the end like this when they have no clue what they’re doing.


Her dad should be kicking himself for spoon feeding his child so much that even now,as a grown woman, she acts like an spoiled eight year old. Then how she talks about people when she don’t get her way. Seems like Nick/Phil played smarter than her so not sure what you’re talking about.

They’re going to get any girl they want!


What girl?


Thank GOD finally Cass or Tim will be leaving!!
Can’t stand either one of them. Feel free to vote down on this 🙂
Like I give a fuck

Kit Kat

I can’t stand Tim or Cass either!


Tim needs to go home. He is not a Canadian AND he has already won BBAU. Canada give the chance to a Canadian to win.


Yeah go brothers!!! You played a great game guys. Flawless victory


If the morons win, what an embarrassment, and a waste of a season!


Even though Phil is playing the final HOH, there is a way for the brothers and Kelsey to get to final 2. They need to evict Tim this week and keep Cass, throw the first part of the final HOH to Kelsey so that she automatically gets to play in the final part. I believe Phil can beat Cass in the second part because it is partly physical and usually comes down to speed. That leaves the brothers and Kelsey playing in the final HOH.

But Phil is really dumb. He’ll evict Cass and lose the third part of the final HOH to Tim.


The first part is usually physical just like how Godfrey won last year and then the second one is more about days with a physical aspect to it just like ashleigh beat sarah in. Then the third is the questions.


Kelsey gets to chose whether Tim or Cassandra goes to Jury. It should be interesting to see which of the two can manipulate Kelsey the best.


Kelsey won! Not Nick.


Are you kidding me?!?!?!!? The brother win POV too???? They’re building up quite a resume to win this now. This is SO annoying! Now for sure they’ll take Kelsey and will get rid of Tim or Cassandra. Any thoughts as to whom they’ll evict???? Tim and Cass are my favourites!! I’m so annoyed, ugh!


If they get final 2. They deserve to win over anybody. They were the targets since final 7 and they’ve managed to win and keep themselves in(minus kelseys hoh) every week since. Kelsey will likely choose who goes home and if she as true to her word as she says she’ll keep Tim. So congrats kelsey for coming in 2nd!

Bb anonymous

I’d love to see Tim and Cass campaign now and throw one another under the bus !! Lol


Nick is really a huge, huge competitor. Even though he can only participate in half of the competition, he managed to win 2HOH and 3POV. I know people hate the brothers but they deserve to win. I know they are not strategic players and were fooled by Freak Show several times. But they play a really good social game in the first half of the game and they were never put on block until week 9. After week 9, they breastmode through competition to get to final 3.


Bros are just sweeping the competitions. Should take Tim out because Cass will more likely to mess up in the Final HOH.


If I hear the word integrous ONE more time, like stfu Phil and Nick. At this point I’m rooting for Tim to win. If Kelsey can pull out a win and take herself to the final then she deserves it. The brothers can just GTFO. As if they’ve never lied during the game.


I’m guess that this is all apart of tim’s plan, right?

In all seriousness though it’s probably going to be Tim this week because the brothers will think Cassandra won’t win any challenges. It’s possible that the brothers win the first round of the HOH competition then Cass beats Kelsey in round 2. In that scenario I don’t think the brothers win round three, then they go home, and Cassandra wins.


no way cass wins part 2 against kelsey it is a days/houseguests comp and she hasn’t been studying as hard as kelsey.


the brothers= fruit loop dinguses


Good job production. Im done watching the rest of the season. Stupid outcome.
Wasn’t Phil supposed to be playing this pov?


So nick admitted on live feeds that production helped him win pov. Absolutely not suprised, but completely disgusted.


What did he say? How?


See, that makes no sense to me, even though I believe it! Why would production wanna help 2 of the most dumbest, idiotic, immature, hated players in BBC history? Wouldn’t they wanna keep the intelligent strategic players that don’t sound like they’re 7 years old while they talk.
Is this the demographic that they want to appeal to. Are the viewers just as stupid and immature as the dummy bros? Could be!


He totally said production told him the “error” was Kelsey’s pocket! Wtf?!


When does he say that???


They were talking about the Oxy POV. Ramsey won it not the brothers. So it was not helping them win it. It was probably to hurry it up after Nikki took so long.


He was referring to the Oxy POV that Ramsey won. Give me a break. That was not helping them win.


1. It’s a game ..produced quite well to get us all fired up like this.
2. Perception is everything. .you can come in balls to the wall like Cass and steamroller everyone till you get your way which I believe IS who she is if you watched the feeds of her alone…or you can play trying to do the right thing which is how I personally feel the brothers played. So many references to their mother show who they are. Sure they act cocky and say and do dumb things..they are young men for Pete sake…they behave exactly as they should for 20 yr Olds. Joe’s speech disgusted me calling them out as immature…he’s got 15 years of life experience on them…he’s immature for sulking about it and not realizing they are just young and we’ve all been that way. Those boys played a good game. I hope they win.


Y’know it’s really hard to like anyone at this point. Just when I thought Tim was a great guy, I’m reminded of some things (by you guys, of course) that he did. I do think Nikki was the meanie of the two of them (meaner).
But…I just have no dog in this race and I’m glad because it’s really hard not to dislike the rest.
I find some videos ridiculous of Phil looking at the camera to say ‘their parents are watching’. These two – well too easily seduced by girls and just bizarre not knowing if their schtick is an act when they pump each others tires or if it’s for real.


Phil is Raymond)RAINMAN)
Nick is Charlie Babbitt
Woe to Nick


C’mon “Teem” has to go,they gotta keep Cass, anyone will win against her.


If the brothers don’t win the game it will be a travesty. Seems people dislike them, I don’t know why. They have played great and been entertaining


I know Cass with fight hard to stay but Tim is too chill & he’s already warning them that it’s going to get crazy with Cass. I personally thought Cass looked completely desperate last week & she came across as that to everyone in the house..that’s why Tim started helping her. She will get like that again & I don’t think anyone will believe her. I wish the brothers would use the veto on Tim so bad! Hopefully he can come up with something. Why wasn’t Cass saying anything to anyone? Lol she already looks like she’s gonna lose it. Maybe she was waiting for Tim to go to bed so she could see if he had a plan before she goes off about Tim to everyone…


Sure does seem like the Bros/Kelsey are intent on voting out Cass. This will tickle Kelsey to be the only female
remaining and I wonder how long it will take for her to start flirting with Tim especially if she doesn’t win round 1 or 2 of the final HOH. Hey it’s a strategy and it got her to game end so, it was smart.

I’d heard Cass and Tim discussing how annoying it was that she thought she had already won last week, so I
wonder if the 2 of them will only go after each other OR if they will smartly try a last ditch effort to swing
something to try to get Kelsey out.

Tim would have to pump the Bros how they can’t beat Kelsey as her friends Jared, Raul, Mitch and with Nikki/Joel not liking them and remind them of how she used Jared and is now using you (Phil).

Then Cass can go to Kelsey and tell of how the Bros’ word means nothing “integrity”. She should remind Kelsey how they were the people chanting not to have either international at the end but they will cut her to take Tim, no matter what they say. Plus she should tell her Tim sent Joel to jury with the sole purpose of letting everyone know you are all over Phil so that either the Bros or he win. .

They could also pull the old “let’s talk so they overhear me & pretend we don’t know they are there’ And get Tim to tell Cass with one of the Bros within earshot. Yeaaaaaaaah its all good. Kelsey is going to play along and dump them at F2.

If that doesn’t work then perhaps Cass should call Kelsey/Bros in a room and tell them both that Tim has won the game with Joel working jury and now she will too if they send her out.

Hey they should try what the hell. But, something tells me Tim didn’t want or try to win b/c he knows Cass is the only one would could beat him. I think he knows he’ll have Cass, Joel, Maddy, and Mitch’s vote and with only Kelsey/Bros in the house likely get Nikki’s. Jared/Raul are tied to either the Bros or Kelsey and would only have shifted had Cass been in the final with Tim IMHO.

You never know, maybe Kelsey would get indignant and stop doting on the Bros which might get them to put her up or maybe if Tim is as good as everyone says he could convince them to let him vote out Cass b/c of how mean she is being.

It seems unlikely Cass will stay, but it’s worth a shot.

BTW: I found it rude of Kelsey when Cass came in the room and they all stopped talking. She asked why and they said they didn’t but the white noise was deafening. Then when she left Kelsey said well if you aren’t
talking game she doesn’t want to be around and we weren’t talking game. Then she proceeded to lead a game discussion for the next I don’t know 45 minutes.

That said, I don’t mind her. She went in planning on using flirtation and it worked. Of the people I was hoping to get to F3 I can’t say any of those 3 were on my list. I really like Mitch, Cass grew on me and also liked Joel/Ramsay.

It’s funny the Bros had each other to work separate rooms and always have their fingers on the pulse, Kelsey got to come back and had meat shields the entire game and Tim a previous winner had lots of skill and
production help. As much as people on here think Cass had it easy I felt she had to work the hardest to be there.

With feeds going down I have to admit since Cass will be gone, there won’t be much other than head rubbing self appointed greatness back patting and Tim feigning naivety going on for the next week anyway LOL


It always strikes me as odd that every season the players forget to keep track of daily events and study from the start. It’s not only the end game comps it applies to but often several throughout the season. I don’t know why Joel and Cass didn’t study more together it would have really helped them both.


If Tim goes to final 2 I think that production will do everything in their power to see that he does not win. Also the Canada vote for jury is probably not the fans voting but production’s way of controlling the game in their favour. I would love if Tim was the winner but it will never happen.


If Tim loses against either Kelsey or the brothers then the game is flawed..I would never watch another episode of bbcan again.


If Tim was Canadian from Toronto he would have been booted from the house long ago. Same with Nikki… The Canadian weakness for British and Aussie accents has these 2 in the top 3 as favourite players… If they were Canadians with Ontario accents they would not have gotten away with all the crap they managed to pull.

Tim throwing the bat blindly over the wall into a crowd, playing mean spirited jokes, insulting people… If he were a local guy he would be seen as the pretentious a..hole he really is.


Tim should win – he’s been the best player. I’m even okay with Cass. The brothers are not very strategic. And Kelsey, blech.


Go back to USA, Canada don’t want you.