Gary is suddenly worried Talla is the swing vote and that he might go home..

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 845pm

8:50pm Gary talks to Jillian in the bathroom about how he just saw Alec and Talla talking outside and they changed the subject to chicken as soon as he came out. Gary is worried because Talla will be the swing vote and if Alec is talking to Talla he thinks he is getting her to vote to keep Topaz. Jillian goes to the storage room with Emmett. Gary comes in and talks to them about how he hates the vote comes down to Talla. Emmett tells Gary to not fight with Talla then.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 850pm

9:10pm In the kitchen: Peter, Alec, Andrew, Jillian and Emmett are talking about random things. Meanwhile: Talla and Topaz are out in the backyard talking about relationships. Topaz says that there was definitely a connection with Alec but as of right now I don’t see a relationship with him. Talla says you had your fun all 42 days of it. Topaz says that she enjoyed the kissing and hugging and she is open to see what happens after.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 917pm

9:45pm Emmett and Jillian are cooking in the kitchen while Andrew, Peter and Gary watch. Jillian is making chocolate chip cookies. Meanwhile Topaz and Talla talk about their favourite TV shows.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 940pm

10:15pm Topaz and Talla are still talking. They are talking about dancing at clubs. Topaz talks about dancing on tables so that guys can’t touch her .. she sings Can’t Touch This Da Na Na Na. Meanwhile in the kitchen Andrew lays on the floor because he ate too much. Jillian asks if she can step on his belly. He says yeah, lets guess which end it comes out of? Andrew gets up and heads outside pretending he has a food baby. Emmett and Alec throw the football around in the backyard.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 1007pm

10:15pm Andrew and Talla go out to the hot tub room for a smoke. Talla tells Andrew about the conversation she had with Alec. She tells him that Alec told her that he thinks they have been tricked by Emmett & Andrew. She tells Andrew about how Alec wants Andrew and Topaz up on the block and how he asked her to be the sway vote to keep Topaz. Talla says that she tried to remain neutral and put it back on him. Talla says that he just wants to be covered on both ends.

10:30pm Alec and Topaz are in the bedroom. He is kissing her and says that he is still trying to figure out what they are. Topaz says that she thinks they are going full circle from Cuddlemance to Showmance to Brokemance and back to Cuddlemance. Alec, Topaz, Talla and Peter are all talking about going to bed soon.

10:35pm Andrew and Alec are up in the HOH room. They talk about whether or not Gary will get a twist to save him. They talk about how Gary isn’t even worried. Alec says its just awkward to talk to Gary now because he keeps talking about plans for next week. Andrew says yeah like with Tom. Alec brings up how Topaz isn’t even worried, she was having fun today. Alec says that he doesn’t think that Talla told her because he asked her and she says she didn’t. The conversation turns to talking about Aj. Andrew mentions that Aj really liked Topaz. They talk about the spin the bottle night and how Aj kissed Topaz. Andrew brings up how he kissed Topaz like 4 times that night. Alec says and I’m out of here you prick! Alec leaves. Andrew says and I am going to get your a$$ out of here … probably.. Andrew starts reading his letter.

10:50pm Talla and Alec go to sleep in the bedroom. Talla says sleep like the shirtless slop that you are.. Meanwhile out in the hammock. Emmett and Jillian are talking. Emmett wonders if they should send Topaz home instead of Gary. Jillian says that she thinks its time to get rid of Gary. Gary talks too much and he is stronger than Topaz. He has more confidence too. Emmett says I still think the only people we can trust are ourselves. He says that he trusts Talla more than Andrew. He thinks of this as more of a game and would put me up if he got the chance. Right now he wants to use me because I win comps. Jillian says I trust Andrew 70% and you 100%. Would you sh!t if I won HOH and put you up? Emmett says no. Jillian says she would never do that. Jillian talks about the cookies she made him. Emmett tells Jillian that he might not be able to find a girl that treats him as good as she does. I like that you like to cook. We just got to win tomorrow. Jillian says she doesn’t even want to talk about it because every time we talk about it we don’t win.

11pm – 11:10pm Emmett heads up to the HOH room to talk to Andrew. Emmett asks what he talked to Alec about. Emmett wonders if they should tells Alec that they are thinking of getting Topaz out tomorrow just to see what he says. Andrew says no, because we don’t want to arise suspicion. Andrew talks about how he trusts Talla 100% … he says she is in the best position because she is in the middle with both sides of three wanting her. Andrew brings up the possibility of a twist and says fu*k you Alec I will twist you up and out of here. Andrew says the whole relation ship thing really chaps his a$$… not to mention that he already has 10 Grand. Emmett says that the worst thing would be for Alec to put both of us up together. Andrew says yeah but he is probably too much of a wimp to put us up. Although there aren’t many choices left to go up. Andrew talks about wanting to break up Alec, Peter and Topaz. Emmett heads downstairs to go to bed. Emmett talks to Topaz in the bathroom about her going to bed now. Emmett then heads back up to the HOH room to talk to Andrew.

11:20pm – 11:35pm Emmett and Andrew continue to talk up in the HOH room. They wonder who to put on slop if they get the choice. Andrew says not to put Talla or Jillian on slop because they’re psycho on it. They also wonder if Canada will get the choice on who to put on slop. They recount the events of the house and how they got to where they are and why Tom got evicted. Andrew comments on how usually strong guys like Emmett are targeted early. They continue to talk about Tom. Emmett says it would be interesting to come back and watch your season and see where you went wrong. Andrew says that Emmett could improve his social game. He gives Emmett a couple of instances of where he could have acted different. Andrew says that if he could do anything different he wouldn’t have aligned with Aj… just kidding. They comment on how they won’t take things personally after the season is over but some of the others will. Emmett gets called to the diary room. Andrew says that he is going to sleep.

Big Brother Canada April 3 2013 1131pm


12:00AM Talla and Topaz Talking about how hard it is to sleep.. General chit chat

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i’m surprised people voted for the shield on that poll.
i personally can’t stand them, but i guess others can.






I voted for the stoogies. Now if they could just align with Topaz and take out anyone else I’ll be happy.
What sucks is that Andrew might not trust Topaz.


I voted for Dawg. Funny how the Glitter Squad wasn’t included in that poll.
Is there something you guys know that we don’t?


At the time of making the poll I was confident that Gary was going home.. LOL now just watch Topaz will go home tomorrow..


Argh – The Shield is so annoying – Alec thinks he’s so funny, and Peter thinks he’s playing this amazing game (I’ll give him a decent social game, but he hasn’t even tried to win anything) and grrrrr they just make me mad. I know, that wasn’t very well said but it’s true!

And what is this locket that Topaz and Alec keep going on about?!


Dee, I also missed the whole Topaz/Alec “locket” thing. What’s it all about? Man, i miss my live feeds here in the US – *so* out of the BB loop! 🙁


For all the after dark episodes, that same site I gave you earlier has this entire season to date. The “Locket Incident”, the “Talla & Alec Confidential”, were both stories concocted by Gary and Topaz and Alec to pull the viewer in to a showmance drama. Apparently, that is a big part of BB’s appeal? Not for me. So Topaz’s game since day 1 has get a dude, and ride it, twist it whatever because that is supposed to generate interest in her. Aspiring actress – FAIL. This is what people miss as viewers of the TV show alone, without seeing all the REAL Big Brother from every angle. Hope that helps, and keep an open mind because my opinion may have flavoured this post. Check that site out Jim. Cheers from the north.


Babybare, you have a very kind heart. Thanks for both the “locket” lowdown, and the BBAD nightly site!!! So, as Frank Eudy said back in BB14, “Preesh!”


I will try to explain the whole locket thing from what i peiced together from different conversations but here goes and jillian was right this was stupid and has nothing to do with game.

Topez has locket she is wearing she told alec it was a gift from a guy that she was dating when topez and alec got into that big fight she kissed the locket and walked away. Alec took this a sign she didn’t care later talla told alec that the locket was actually from her sister and she did care. That she only told alec that so she wouldn’t look like she was that into him. Later alec had a conversation with emmitt about the locket emmitt told alec that he has a friend that bought the same locket for a girlfriend (no clue why this matters or why everyone got so bent out of shape). Alec repeated this to talla and topez but he let the name slip who said it and then said he couldn’t say (not sure what the point of this is maybe to turn people against emmitt) later talla goes and tells emmitt and jillian what happened.

BB around Fan

DAWG for the win


Just watching the POV competition and it looked really unorganized and confusing. The ropes all getting tangled up and Jillian yelling about body parts just made it 1 of the most useless competitions ever. I would have gathered all my parts then just waited for Jillian to tell me if they were in the right place. I’m gonna take tomorrow off of blogging because until eviction it will just be the same ol’ same ol’…… And I’m not gonna check the site until after the eviction vote, so I don’t spoil the suspense like I did last week. Til Tomorrow nite people. Have Fun


Watching the Gary/ Talla fight on the show. At least this episode has a bit of drama. Did this fight happen when the feeds were down or what?


I have been a fan of Alec and Peter since the begining. They were the first to make a final deal and started playing the game right off the bat. I thought I liked Peter best but now I really like Alec. I think they have done a great job. but now it is getting pretty obvious they are working together. It should be interesting how it turns out. I’m really fearful that Emmet is going to coast to the end.


I agree with you Susan. I like the fact that shield had an alliance that they’ve stuck with. Sometimes reading this post makes me dislike.certain players possibly because the blogs are written to favor certain players.


What was Andrew thinking?? Taking Talla to a scary movie. That chick screams more than she talks!


I called it at the beginning: Bad Girls Club Canada is more like Topaz’s circle of peers. Bad acting doesn’t help matters. After tonight’s episode, watching Talla’s DR about that situation – she packs a mean kick without hitting below the belt. Lala Epic.


I’m afraid the true stooges always only was Andrew and AJ. Talla was on the outs looking for an alliance, and they were the only ones to let her in. So she became a stooge by default.
I wonder if Talla realizes that not having won an HOH so far actually was a good thing for her, since as an HOH she would have had to commit to someone or something.
I wonder if she thinks this through and realizes
a) she wins HOH -> she will be committed to Talla + Andrew + Jillian + Emmett (I hope that’s the side she chooses
b) she doesn’t win HOH -> she can still pretend to each side she’s with them.
Whereas Alec and Peter realize they’re in hot water right now and will for sure try to win HOH this time, I think Talla might for once not want to win!
Though I’d prefer her to go for the HOH and option a) because I prefer this alliance by far!


Great pic of topaz picking her nose…….NOT


All of the alliances have let me down:

a) The shield: manipulative Alec, and shameless in his back and forth rendezvous with Topaz.. Insults her then kisses her. Not a fan of Alec anymore at all
b) Milkmance: only into each other. Tired of watching Gillian do nothing all day but feel safe.
c) East coast: same as (b) – Gillian does nothing for me.
d) Secret wedding: its a wrap after Thursday.

“Floaters” as of Thursday: I just wish Talla, and Topaz could align. They are fun, they make the show entertaining, they haven’t backstabbed anyone, and i’d like to see some girl power !!!.. Most of the final two deals just dismiss the girls since they haven’t played ball as of yet… Get it together ladies!!!


I’d love to read Jim’s “The BB Translator” from last season. Can anyone tell me where to find it?


Johnny, I tried to do a search on OBB 14, but it didn’t pop up. Maybe Simon and Dawg can use their “special admin powers” to recover it, during a future live feed blackout. That comment was pretty generic to BB, and I’m sure a number of BBCA would enjoy seeing it here. Thanks for asking, kind sir!


what are you guys looking for?


Make sure you keep this quiet – VIDEOBULL.COM Yur welcome


Thanks, Babybare! I’ll check it out. (Simon, to answer your question, Johnny was asking about my “BB Translator” post, from BB14, last summer. Did a quick OBB search – couldn’t find it. If you get a spare moment, can you locate/bring it back for me, by “popular demand”, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal? Regular OBB $ supporter Jim (And, please, if you love OBB like I do, click on “Donate”, then do PayPal, for any amount, to help Simon/Dawg “keep the OBB lights on!)


Thanks for the Support Jim..

I don’t remember the BB14 translator post 🙁


Thanks, Simon. I’m obviously a legend only in my own mind!!!! But you did reply, both immediately and very favorably, when I posted it last season. No offense meant – I’m just hoping to bring a smile or two to some of you. It was basically:

OBB Comment: “BB just got totally boring – I’m never watching again!”
Translation: “My favorite HG just got evicted!”

OBB Comment: “The last HOH competition was rigged!”
Translation: “My favorite HG didn’t win the HOH!”

OBB Comment: “The new HOH is a lying piece of sh*t!”
Translation “My favorite HG just went up on the block!”

OBB Comment: “Production rigged ‘America’s Favorite Houseguest!'” (which *is* always true, by the way!)
Translation: “My favorite HG should’ve won it, and got ripped off.”

OBB Comment: “HG _____________ is a backstabbing liar!”
Translation: “My favorite HG was in an alliance with that HG, and just got evicted, the week *before* my favorite HG was gonna betray *them*, and send *them* home instead!”

OBB Comment: “HG __________ and HG __________ are always kissing in the BB house! It just grosses me out.”
Translation: I am alone and lonely in my own life, and I get very jealous and envious, whenever I see anybody else all happy and lovey-dovey!!!!!!”

OBB Comment: “______________ is a complete jerk!
Translation: “My favorite HG is on the block, and they just came in 2nd in the POV to _______________!”

OBB Comment: “We need more frequent Chevy Powershifts on BBCA!”
Translation: “I work in the BBCA ‘Powershift Department’, and there’s talk of phasing out my position!”

OBB Comment: “Production needs to do another twist this week!”
Translation: “Without one, my favorite HG is getting evicted!”

OBB Comment: “I hate the way HG ____________ always get a great edit on the TV episodes!”
Translation: ” ______________ is my least favorite BB HG!”

OBB Comment: “It’s so unfair that this week’s HOH comp is endurance!”
Translation: “My favorite HG needs to win HOH, or they’re going home this week, and he/she is best as quizzes!”

OBB Comment: “My favorite HG always keeps his word to all the others, but still get screwed left and right by the other HGs!”
Translatiion: “I have convenient memory loss!”

OBB Comment: “Why do most other OBB commenters ‘thumbs down’ my comments?”
Translation: “I am clearly a misunderstood genius, who will, sooner or later, get all the other commenters to see the error of their ways!”

OBB Comment: “______________ is going to win BB!”
Translation: “_______________ is my favorite HG!”

OBB Comment: “_________________ is nothing but a useless floater!”
Translation: “My favorite HG is being evicted this week, and ______________ is still gonna be in the house! I am so mad right now!!!!!!!!!!!”

OBB Comment: “That showmance was a complete waste of time anyhow!”
Translation: “My favorite HG just got dumped!”

OBB Comment: “Simon and Dawg rule!”
Translation: “Simon and Dawg rule!”


HAHAH love it.. your posts are awesome!


Mission Accomplished: you made Me smile, for one. I’m familiar with Frank Eudy but not the phrase you posted; I believe “Pheesh?” Please share.


Babybare, Frank was trying to expand his BB alliances through “schmoozing” constantly, and he would usually end his conversations toward that end with the abbreviation for “appreciate”, “Preesh!”


Haha! That was hilarious! 🙂
Thanks for putting it back together, so funny but yet so true…
I especially liked the addition of:
“OBB Comment: “We need more frequent Chevy Powershifts on BBCA!”
Translation: “I work in the BBCA ‘Powershift Department’, and there’s talk of phasing out my position!”


Sorry hon’, I might have misunderstood what you were looking for. I reread and you’re looking for translator which I never heard of so the link I gave you gives you every episode including after darks Didn’t mean to tease you like that.


Hey Jim!
– If you can tell me around what day or event you remember having posted it, I’ll have a look…
– I wasn’t sure I wanted to dl the BBCA viewer, but I did and have no regrets: it works great!
– if you don’t want to, but still want to check the live feeds, check out bbnutters.
– Topaz’ locket:
. She was wearing a necklace with a heart shaped locket and told Talla and Jillian that a man she was “beginning to date” gave it to her.
. Alec heard of that and hence said he felt betrayed.
. Topaz then said she “just said that to test Jillian and see if that wrong info would get back to Alec” (imo: yeah, right!)
. Still unclear: who told Alec? Which of Topaz’ versions is true? Was Alec really pissed, or was this just a good opportunity for him to distance himself from her?
– Andrew: I find him refreshing because of his cynicism and sarcasm. Check the feeds, you might appreciate him more. But as with AJ, too much at once is exhausting!
– “Emmet’s choice”: I agree, BB probably tried to sell him and Jillian that they should vote for Gary to stay. But since they’d need a third vote, I don’t see any other houseguest even consider keeping Gary over Topaz. Plus, Emmett must count how many people he will piss off (later possibly jury votes!): Gary on one side, or Andrew, Alec, Topaz, Talla and Peter on the other side…
– I take from your 7:53 pm post that you seem to think that Emmett and Jillian are committed to their alliance with Alec and Peter. I think they rather want to work with Andrew and Talla at this point. (unless Alec or Peter win HOH, of course!) Alec’s and Peter’s fakeness has caught up to them.
– Oh well, I guess that’s the luxury problem each BB player would be willing to have: Emmett has such a good standing with everyone, he doesn’t know which one of these ties to cut off…
– maybe BB has a plan for Gary: Ford is jealous of Chevrolet’s TV exposure and wants in on the whole twist thing, so brought to you by Ford, the audience gets one extra vote to evict. BB subtly lets Emmett, Jillian and Andrew know that Gary is very popular outside and “BB will owe you one!”, so Emmett and Jillian vote for Gary to stay, it’s a tie and Andrew decides to save Gary! I guess we have to wait if there’s a new sponsor now! 😉


I am really getting to hate Peter and Alec.


did anyone else watching the feeds see the pop up screen shot of a surprise eviction???


I’ve heard about it..


Get right out of town–BBCAN is thinking of engineering some sort of sponsored twist?!?! No. Nope. Uh-uh. No way. Stop. Just stop. Seriously. STOP. You, sir (or ma’am), are just being ridiculous.

**This post “mailed” to you by the United States Postal Service. Be sure to check our website for special Alec Beall Express (Shrunken) Package Rates.


OMG! Emmett and Jillian are in the hammac right now actually discussing the possibility of sending Topaz home instead of Gary!!!


Long term, I don’t think it’s the wise choice for Emmett/Jillian to keep Gary around (too good at comps; too unpredictable as to gameplay), but certainly worth a discussion, since Alec and Topaz are now “smoothing things over” a bit. E/J have noticed. E/J may now see keeping Topaz as a 3-2 alliance against them, with Alec/Peter. And Gary and Emmett *do* supposedly have an alliance. To Emmett’s thinking, E/J keeping Gary would give E/J, not Alec/Peter/Topaz, the 3-2 “alliance advantage.” But Emmett going against Andrew’s HOH wishes may now be wise for E/J’s game, going forward. A new E/J enemy? Unless Emmett can talk it over with Andrew, who’s not in love with *either* nominee, maybe Andrew would go for it. Wow – could be a surprise evictee tomorrow! Thanks for the key new intel, Johnny!


I’ve always tended *not* to root for BB HGs who talk game over 75% of the time. (They can *think* game all they want, like Peter; except for his “Liza Lapse”, I think Peter thinks it 24/7.) But, by not verbalizing it, he doesn’t “wear me out” on it.

To me, 4 BBCA HGs have exceeded my “game talk % limit.” Kat, Tom, Liza and Andrew. The first 3 are history, and I therefore root for Andrew to join them, for that one reason only. His “Prince Of Darkness” schtick aside, I like more “subtle” in my HG persona than Andrew brings. Since I don’t do Dropbox, I’ve missed the live feeds the last couple of weeks here in the US, and therefore have far less “intel” than usual. Andrew’s popularity, both inside and outside the house, continues to astound me.

Therefore, I’m convinced I’ve missed something here, in the last couple of weeks, regarding Andrew. Besides Gary, I think Andrew’s the biggest “two-face” left in the house, as best as I can tell. So, to me, why would Alec/Peter/Emmett/Jillian ever even consider compromising their longtime joint alliances, bail out, and align with Andrew instead? It seems Andrew’s made *some* headway on that score, although nothing “rock solid.” Why do so many HGs now think Andrew is *so* valuable to their own game? I know strategy changes with fewer HGs. Is it simply that Andrew is a powerful “swing vote?” (I know the HGs are even schmoozing Talla on that score.) Please enlighten a “blacked out” US, BBCA fan! What exactly is it about Andrew that both so many HGs and so many of my fellow OBB-ers see in him, to find so “root-able?” Help! Any words of wisdom is appreciated! Signed, a “baffled” Jim


I like him personally for his sarcasm and sense of humour. I do see where you are coming from on him talking a lot of game. I find he rambles a lot but his funny comments make it worth listening to.


Thanks, Name. That’s exactly the kind of feedback I was lookin’ for. Peace!

Sir Peanut

Jim Good question .. What does Andrew have? The week or so before AJ left, Andrew was talking to all of the house including Jillian. It wasn’t two minutes of hi how are you?. They were long conversations. I don’t remember AJ doing that. He was around but he didn’t seem to talk game for any length of time except with the other stooges. Other than that Andrew won the last HOH. That’s what I saw.


Thanks, Sir Peanut, for helping me better understand the “Andrew Mystique!” (And I always make sure I keep a jar of “Planters Dry Roasted” on hand!) 🙂


Not words of wisdom but just my opinion. I like Andrew because he was and perhaps still is an underdog like Talla. I mean they formed the 3 stoogies because no one approached them for an alliance. I always tend to root for the underdogs in Big Brother. I know other people have their reasons and this is mine, so I’m thrilled he’s now in an alliance with Emmett.

And the question of what’s so root-able abut him will apply to anybody. What’s so root-able about Peter, or Alec or Emmett or Jillian or Gary or Topaz. I guess this depends on who you like in the game. Different reasons.


Queen Bee, you’re a long time OBB poster, so I really appreciate your kind feedback. I understand your “underdog” argument very well. I had this NCAA “Sweet 16″ US women’s college basketball game on, just last week. Baylor won last year, and had star player Griner (6’8”) back for her senior year. No one gave the other team (Louisville) a chance. I was rooting SO hard for the underdog, Louisville. And they shocked the world, winning by 1 point.

Good luck to your BBCA underdog HGs, Queen Bee!


Jim…. Alex and Peter, always looking for a warm bodies to do their dirty, pitched to Andrew he was their bro… Andrew became HOH.. Alex and Peter were conflicted about who to get Andrew to get rid of.. So Andrew did his own thing. Peter and Alex worried if they arued against Andrew picks he’d be suspicious of them.. (He already was.) Enter Emmet, knowing Andrew was busy kissing the shields ass to get futher in the game, became friends, pals, neighbours while Jillian flirted. This to ensure they wouldn’t be put up if Topaz or Gary came off the block.. Andrew is a nice guy who doesn’t get that Gary isn’t a threat to him. Glitter can’t win the game.. Who in the house would vote for him except Topaz… Andrew could have used his veto to back door his real threats, Emmett, Alex and Peter. But he feels safe playing in between the two main alliance…

Name… Peter’s tried to win the veto so he could see the movie. Finally he tried to win something.. But, alas, failed to perform….

Production…I didn’t understand why if the contests where blindfolded. Jillian was telling them how they were doing along with what they needed. With puzzles usually the players hit a buzzer of some sort to know it they got it right. And if not have to figure out themselves what part of the puzzle is wrong…


I have a feeling this is NON eviction week, why would they play the comment of Topaz saying “pray for a miracle Gary and I stay this week”?


I would love to see that happen- they do owe Topaz for messing up her game!


Madmax, there’s a *big* part of me that still isn’t believing that BBCA Production will actually allow Gary to be evicted on Thursday. I just won’t believe it, no matter what the HGs decide, until I see Gary out on that stage, talking with Arisa. I think if you polled BBCA Production, Gary would be the *one* HG that they feel is *most* essential to remain in the house. Just my gut. But I think Production would be just fine if Topaz was voted out. But if Production intervenes yet again, they really do run the risk of making a complete mockery out of the entire BBCA season, at this point. However, if Emmett/Jillian decide to keep Gary, last-minute, might they be actually bailing Production out here, big time? Any possibility that the DR planted the “You Two Should Keep Gary” seed in Emmett’s mind today? I’d bet *big* money on it…….


I’m not sure if you looked for an answer to your post (about BB14) earlier, but I replied might be what youre looking for. Hope so.


I think they are going to let this week go….Gary will probably leave. And then the week after next they will have a Canada votes to bring someone back in.

So there’s AJ, Gary(probably) and whoever gets out next week. Canada will probably vote Gary back in.


I actually like reading the posts and seeing that we don’t really know:

If Gary will go
If Topaz will go
If there will be a twist.

Way more fun than the predictable blah blah blah…


I’m not sure if this question has already been answered somewhere, but what ever happened to Gary’s power (from the Pinata) to veto one of the POV players for this week?


JT, I think Gary traded it in for a re-supply of blush and eyeliner! 🙂 In all seriousness, with only 8 HGs left, most HGs now play in the POVs, anyhow. Let’s say Alec and Peter weren’t playing POV this week (haven’t seen the episode yet.) Gary surely wouldn’t want to use his POV thing, to have either of them play – they both want Gary out! At this point, his “prize” is hardly worth anything to Gary, in my opinion.


nothing can be predicted until after the hoh comp. its been that way all season long. talla will side with whoever is hoh. if peter or alec win than i think andrew is gone. emmitt will try and backdoor either alec or peter. topez will be dumb and hook up with alec again (who will not take her to the end), if talla wins than i think she will put up andrew and peter. so my suspect alec and peter are in trouble. bad bad move on alec’s part not to vote out andrew. people don’t trust him, if he can turn on topez than it shows something about him. just think what would have happened if talla would have won … i think e/j would have been in trouble this week. can’t wait until tomorrow.


This show is so emotional..

Its ruining my life and I’m just a viewer

I like that its BB with a little real world thrown in.

I wish I could respect alecs game because I like the thought process but if he is straight up using topaz like that I don’t even know what to say.


\i really did see that pop up on the screen when watching the live boring feed of Jillian baking cookies. Imagine if Gary does go this is what we can expect to see alot of …the big brother dating game….the big brother house will be so boring hope they switch to the jury house. So sick of watching the domesticated Jillian and Emmets love life play out on screen, alec is such a snake I can’t wait to hear what topaz thinks when she does see his diary confessions. Peter well how can one even know what he is thinking how can he be playing a social game when he has no social skills what so ever, can you imagine him in the outside world ..real life of the party that fellow. andrew reminds me of the uncle everyone has but hates to admit its their uncle I do hope what I saw that their is a surprise eviction is true and Alec emmett or peter goes ..would make for one interesting game seeing the others scramble …with them kicking out Gary won’t be fun watching at all


I’m not sure how anyone could really respect Gary after the way he tried to intimidate Talla like he did. Getting into arguments and stuff is one thing, and I’ll admit to being the first one to beg for drama, but a man shouting down a woman like that is totally unacceptable.


I’m not a person who gives an ess about thumbs up/thumbs down comments (really, I don’t care–it’s the Internet), but what kind of human being thumbs down a stance against a man terrorizing a woman?


I may be old, but I can not get over how disgusting Jillian is in the kitchen, she grazes and licks her fingers and goes back in, over and over, why not just spit righ into the damn food, and people watch her and noone seems to care, duh! It makes me crazy.


Talla is a loud mouth and deserves worse.


Calling out a request: SIMON/DAWG/FELLOW BBLOVER: Does anyone know when that argument took place between Gary/Zoe and Talla that aired last night? Was it in the last week? If you have it on this site Simon and or Dawg, could you post the video of the night that it happened? I know you may have already. but if you happen to have it, it won’t go unappreciated. Good Day from T.O.


the argument was not on the feeds that I know of and we all know how big brother edits…as well, calling Gary a man is kind of calling a daisy a rose. And Talla is known to flip out and by the looks of things talla was holding her own in the argument. As far as Emmett and alec jumping in emmett admits he did it to show Talla he has her back so what is worse..screaming at her when she may have deserved it or pretending to have her back for a vote..I woulld rather have someone scream at me then pretend. Where were they when talla was drunk….obviously it didn’t bother talla too much when she was drinking with Gary the argument was forgiven, but emmett didn’t have her back and help her out.when she needed help and was the most vunerable …that was what was unaccetable.


I have to question how is one supposed to be loving and accepting of a cross-dresser who is 6′ something, about 200 lbs. without prejudice, and then say it’s ok to take on the posture that well he’s actually effeminate, so it’s an exception to the rule and it’s ok to take on that stance? If you know ANYTHING about body language and AGGRESSIVE positioning, THAT is what illuminates the most on the situation. It was nothing short of threatening, frightening and I expected someone to come out of the dark from Production (probably never done). I think it’s great to love that Gary wants to break down barriers and so forth but crossing the line as he did was in no way defensible? I’m shocked that ANYONE would fail to see this.


Not sure if it was just the way it was edited but Gary looked in the wrong there. It seemed like Talla was sitting at the dinner table with most of the other HGs and realized that a pot was still on the stove or something so she asked Gary to simply take it off, no big deal and something totally typical in the house. He was standing closest to it so it’s not like she meant to be malicious or anything.

I root for Gary about 80% of the time but sometimes when he overreacts like that he loses track of his game. He could be a force to be reckoned w/ but yesterday he spent 10 hours looking at himself in the mirror and at the end of the day started worrying about the votes lol? Also I crack up every time he cries, I have no idea why!


So I’ll ask again, SIMON/DAWG did you happen to have that argument of video on a previous thread (between Gary and Tall). If so, just point me in the right direction and I’ll find it. If not, thanks anyway and I appreciate all the time and effort you two dedicate to this and us. Peace.


I catch last nights episode but dawg was telling me that he’s pretty sure the fight was not on the feeds


Thanks Simon.


I think the ‘fight’ between Gary & Talla aired on BBAD


Last night when they showed Gary going after Talla the way he did was disgusting. The look on her face you could tell she was afraid, E/A should stepped in long before they did. Production should have done something also.

Gary has flipped out before but never this way and it was unacceptable for him to treat Talla this way. He needs to go as do Alec and Peter.