Frankie says there’s been a casting change, you’re now Jocasta. Victoria “No F**K that! EWw.. NO! She’s boring!

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 12-52-14-120

12:30pm – 12:50pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return – Big Brother has woken up the house guests for the second time. Nicole and Christine are getting ready in the bathroom. Nicole comments on how her face it breaking out. I have huge boils on my neck. Its something in this house because I was clear in the jury house until I came back in here. Christine says her too. Have you seen my forehead I have a star constellation. Even Donny is getting pimples and he’s never had them before. Victoria joins them. Nicole heads out side. Victoria says they literally hate us on Sundays. Christine says I know they did that last Sunday too.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 13-33-34-357
12:50pm – 2:10pm Meanwhile – Cody heads out to the backyard to suntan by the pool. Nicole joins Cody by the pool to do her makeup. Big Brother says Cody please go to the diary room. Cody asks are you f**king me!? Son of a bee sting! Cody heads inside. Big Brother tells Victoria to put on her mic. Cody says Hey Victoria its Day 65 get with the program! Victoria laughs and says so harsh! Cody joins Nicole again. Cody says I wish I was a super genius. Cody says I was getting paranoid that I wouldn’t feel normal after this. Nicole says its easy. Once you leave and take your mic off you feel normal. Frankie and Christine join them in the backyard. Nicole says I want to get in the pool but I just took a shower. Cody says it not like the pool has any chlorine in it. It’s just straight water and pee from when Christine peeing in it. Cody says you disgust me Christine! Nicole heads inside. Cody says paper b***t! I can’t believe Derrick called me immature last night because I said that. Cody says I’m not going to talk any smack today and watch how much he talks to me! Except calling him a paper b***t! Then thats it. No I’m not going to say anything just watch. He was being a grumpy pants! He might be getting a little grumpy on us. Christine says grumpy grandpa coming through. Cody says going to get a good workout in and get swollen as F**K! Cody says these black shorts are attracting the sun. Christine asks is your Pee-Pee on fire?! Cody says yes! Christine, Nicole, Cody and Frankie talk about scary movies. Nicole says her fave is Texas Chainsaw. Cody asks why do you like ones with so much blood. Frankie says I drink blood for breakfast! Christine says prove it! I’ll slice myself open right now.. you drink it! Frankie says I didn’t say I drink your blood for breakfast. I drink Cody’s blood and it doesn’t come out of his neck! Frankie tells Donny about the BB Broadway. Donny says please don’t say I’m playing Brittany. Frankie says you’re going to play Jocasta. Maybe they’ll let you shave your beard for it. Victoria comes out and Frankie says there’s been a casting change .. you’re now Jocasta. Victoria says no F**K that! EWWWw.. NO! She’s boring! Christine says its just Joey has so many facial expressions. You need to step it up! Victoria says okay! Donny says that’s the thing I don’t want to misconstrue anything by playing Jocasta because she’s a friend. They head inside to marinate havenot tofu for the BBQ.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 14-06-23-352
Play Fantasy Football on the Most Awarded Fantasy Sports Game
2:20pm – 2:40pm Donny says if I’m Jocasta I will just be nice. Frankie says well we are definitely going to be mocking them. Donny says I would mock Devin. I’ve got a lot on him. Frankie says okay perfect. Derrick will be happy. Frankie says we could start in the living room. Donny says we could do everyones exits. Christine asks I forget who’s Brittany again? Frankie says big t!ts! Christine says no who’s playing her? Frankie says Caleb, we’ll have to get him grapefruits. Frankie says Christine when you do Pow Pow you have to make sure your vag!na’s out. Frankie says I’ll do Amber after her date with Caleb.. AHH.. absolutely not. Frankie asks Victoria do you want to do Amber and I’ll do Joey?! Victoria says yes, because I make fun of her in the diary room all the time. Frankie says we’ll do diary room sessions and someone will be Sarah or Amy and ask us questions. Frankie heads inside and tells Cody that Victoria is playing Amber .. And she’s got it down pat! Apparently he’s been making fun of her all season. Frankie says Derrick is now Jocasta! Cody says oh Derrick is going to be so pissed! Christine says Donny didn’t want to be Jocasta because he didn’t want to make fun of her… I’m like its just for FUN! Frankie tells Victoria I’m going to ask you about Caleb. You should say the complete opposite like I love Caleb. Victoria says I’ll be like why is Cody getting all the attention .. I’m the model he should be chasing after me. Frankie says perfect!

2:45pm – 3pm Victoria, Christine, Cody, Donny and Nicole are out on the backyard couch. Cody brings up how Caleb said when I go to Texas he’ll take me to this one club where we would be the only 2 white guys in there. He said I’ll stick out like a sore thumb and people will want to kill me. Cody’s like why would I want to do that!? They all laugh. The conversation turns to talking about the BB broadway again.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 14-46-04-457

BB16-2014-08-24 15-06-20-325

BB16-2014-08-24 15-11-56-800

3:15pm Photo booth is open..

BB16-2014-08-24 15-25-04-364

3:23pm Donny and Cody

Talking about the TV show Scorpions, Donny and Cody both really enjoyed it a lot.
Donny – it had enough going on it could have been a movie.. that was a expensive show.

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A Name

Victoria you WISH you could be anything like Jocasta. You’re a vile troll with terrible makeup; disgusting


OMG they’re the two Queens, I wish they got along. Anyway, are those two options in the poll legitimate? If so, has BB stopped trying to be subtle about their rigs? The last few seasons, their tricks have become more and more apparent. It kind of takes the fun out of the game, whereas the rigs in S8 to save Dick, and S10 to evict Jessie, were actually entertaining.


I remember ED on that endurance comp that was wet and cold which went on forever. BB can’t even get these assholes to last a couple of hours now. Also, I wish people would stop trying to make Zach happen, he’s not charming or witty, just an average looking weasel.

Chuckles the Clown

Someone be jelly!

Nancy Boy Ragan

JUST SAY NO to Frankie’s Bustafooligan Broadway BS


I am shocked Production is allowing this to be considered a TA Mission. What the heck, all other missions have been something that would cause a disrupt in the game or cause confusion like the hiding of clothes, or voting against the house. What is this? This could be viewed as something to kill time. Frankie does this every single day putting on a show for the guests and acting out his plays so why is this being considered a mission? Just because he gets everyone involved? Well everyone has been involved when they watched him they don’t need to put on a show acting out evicted houseguests, we’ve heard them all talk about the houseguests that were evicted and some even acted the way they act. I don’t see how this is a mission that Production would allow them to win money over. If that’s the case just give them the money for doing nothing. They would have done better by trying to blow up someone game by turning the house against that person. I mean considering they want Christine out they could have made up a lie about her, like they did by blaming everything on Zach last week. This way since they don’t want to save Donny whoever wins HOH next week it would be easy to put her on the block next to whomever. This is a waste of a mission.


I agree it should not count for Team America. But it can harm them because of the people they are mocking will be the ones voting for a winner in the end.


But the Jury won’t see it before they vote so how does it matter? Its just plan stupid and BB better not give them $5000 for Frankie making on audition play for future employment that he thinks will come from all this. Sad to say….I DID love Frankie and would always stand up for him. Now I think he’s pond scum and he’s ruined this season!! And Derrick is pathetic. These HGs this season are so stupid and boring. Can’t wait for BB Australia!!

Kathie from Canada

This is just shameful. Frankie is trying to put together the backdrop for his big Broadway return. It is sounding like a lame, mud-slinging high school musical!!!! My Grade Sixers were far more creative! You would think that the others would have brains enough to refuse to participate … but then again, probably not! What idiots! They think they will. E able to embarrassed those who have already left, when in fact, they are the fools!


They can’t wait to mock and ridicule former HGs. Its not in fun its mean spirited.


Why are they letting frankie pick who they should portray? Don’t any of them have a brain….As for frankie experience. …lol….One night plays don’t count…but again he’s famous because he has a sister who sings….BFD….get that little creep out…get miss Lucy goosey out too….I hope Tim leaves her…..she can never be trusted.

Cocoa Puffs

If I wanted to watch a play I’d put on PBS. Yea Frankie here is your big break. Are the other hg so damn stupid they are going to of this? Unbelievable so friggin unbelievable.


Please save Donny and Nicole BB Gods

Diamond Power of Veto Question??

It’s been so long since I’ve seen a Big Brother season that had a Diamond Power of Veto, so quick question! In any of the Big Brother seasons, did they ever hide a Diamond Power of Veto (randomly) some place in the house? Kind of like Survivor with the hidden immunity idols? If I was Donny or Nicole, I would be looking around. You never know if they would do something like that.

Thanks for your responses!


Its very hard to pick the 3 i dislike most in the house


Holding out hope there is a break and Derrick really can put into motion a plan to save Donny. That was a candid talk the two had last night. I think the only person that could save him at this point is Derrick the manipulator.

Victoria, the most useless HG

Seriously Victoria? Saying Jocasta is “boring”? Oh the irony. ..


They could have a house plant stand in for Victoria and nobody would notice,except maybe the mirrors that are constantly being harassed by her.


This stupid musical idea is just as good as when they do fake weddings on the show. Stupid!


Don’t give Frankie that idea, he’ll dress up as the bride and make Beastmode Cowgirl be his husband.


Doesn’t America get to vote on this Why should Frankie get what he wants. What a waste


Summoning the BB gods – DPOV, DPOV, DPOV….Everyone join in.




Whoever thought of the idea of giving Frankie free reign to hijack an entire block of time to showcase his juvenile behaviour has rocks for brains. Whoever is making up these ridiculous ideas should be fired. In fact the US version of BB needs to fire all of their producers and look to other countries for fresh ideas and twists so that the audience will not be revolted by what they are presented with. I’ve said it before and I will say it again….bleh!

That is what's great about BB Canada

BB Canada seems to have the pulse on what the fans really want and throw the wrench in the game that will make the fans want to keep watching. CBS is just whoring itself out to Viacom and only worrying about the Frankie Grande show if anything that attitude might backfire and fans might start to think Ariana is just as messed up as her pedo brother.


Maybe should stop pretending that Frank is a celebrity. I have tons of followers on SM but they all add up to squat when it comes down to monetizing popularity.


The most twisted season!


P.S. I’M the only musical around here!

ORange RC

I can see why they’d want to do a fake wedding or something like that – they don’t have much to do in there and that would help with the boredom. However, a fake wedding or a BB Broadway show is just something to pass the time – it is NOT a mission.


Frankie has pretty much turned BB into his YouTube channel. The rest of the blob alliance can’t think for themselves so they do what they are directed to do.They are all back up singers or extras for the Frankie Show.


VileVicky your ugly & boring!!




Can we vote NO now and avoid this dribble ? I may not make it.




Gee, Victoria is really starting to come into her “mean girl” phase. Did you see the imitation she did of Amber? Their performances tonight should be thoroughly repulsive.


If the house guests refuse to do the play then the only hope for Team America is for them to save Donny. Let’s pray that they refuse and Derrick tells Frankie that Zack refusing to throw a comp for the team is nothing compared to him refusing to save one for the team. This mission actually costs them both money. See if that closes his slutty mouth. Then just say my good friend Cody still holds the power of veto. What power do you hold?

ORange RC

I’m right there with you – so sorry to say this. Of course they’ll do the play… Frankie and Derrick told them they’re doing it, so they’re doing it.


Where are the twists?


Still hoping the twist is that Derrick is on undercover assignment and will be arresting one of the other HGs on the live finale


He’d arrest Donny.


The only thing twisted this summer are these losers’ minds.


Hahahahaha ha

Just Me

What in the world makes them think we want to see Caleb and Frankie in drag?!?!? Talk about a STUPID idea!! Where can we vote? Nothing on about this. What’s up??

Me Too

I’m still not convinced this TA mission is real – I think Donny planted the seed in order to save himself – unfortunately, if I’m right, this play thing could be good TV for Frankie’s fans – and that just bloody sucks.


Some people (outside the house) are speculating that Donny made this TA mission up to save his own ass!! Could be a fake mission that was conceived from Donny

Team America fake

For those of you on here always complaining about the scheming of the house players and how poor Donny is playing a straight up game…he has made up this whole Team America mission to try and save his own skin…which I can’t say that I blame him, but quit saying how bad Derrick is and how wonderful Donny is. They are all just playing the game…


BB producers are so bored by the show themselves that they forgot to put up the option to vote. It appears they have moved on to other things.


We are supposed to vote after its over. They have until the veto ceremony to think up and do something. Then we’ll vote on whether we think it was a mission and they completed it. I want Donny to get the money but I’m voting no. TA should be saving Donny not insulting former HGs.


I couldn’t find anywhere to vote at the site either. I think Donny just might have made this TA challenge up in order to try and save himself. Would be funny if he did it to see them all show their true colours and make either big fools of themselves. They’d kick him out still but he would get the last laugh on them. Show them how easy it was to outsmart them all. Especially, stick it to Derrick the master manipulator.

BB16 is the worst yet

Maybe they should do “The wizard of Oz” Victoria as the brainless Scarecrow Derrick as the heartless Tinman Cody as the courage-less Lion Christine as the Wicked Witch Frankie as Toto, just with fleas and in a dress Nicole as Dorothy Donny as the Wizard and Caleb as the head of the witches Guard That would be far more entertaining than the whole remainder of the season

you should work for CBS

so on point! lol

new to BB 14

Wizard of OZ cast

Derrick –Tin man
Cody–Cowardly lion
Calib-brainless scarecrow
Christine-Witch witch of the West
Victoria-flying monkey
Frankie –flying monkee
Donny –great and powerful OZ


Atleast jocasta gave good diary rooms and wasn’t up der rickshaw the while time, Victoria is just useless


DR Jocasta would’ve been my fave. Too bad we didn’t see her in the house.

Worst season ever...

Reading the contestants comments it seems like they believe if they get to the final 5 they all win. They don’t seem to realize the game carries on and there is only 1 winner. Sadly, they look at the money and opportunities once outside of the BB House as there is probably more money in being a BB celebrity anyways. Looks like BB is winding down and won’t be around much longer (at my house at least).


I’d love to see Derrick go rogue TA against Frankie and try to save Donny anyway, even if they go through with this ridiculous play idea. Not that I love Donny (if I had a vote, I’d probably pick Derrick as the strongest player, but I think he has a chance to be much stronger). I don’t mind Donny at all, he comes across as a really good guy, I’m just not a mega fan like a lot of people are. Big Brother game-wise I don’t think he’s done much, not that anybody else has either. I think saving Donny would be a huge move for Derrick and would actually be a smart move as well. Even if he took Donny to the final 2, I think Derrick would have the votes against Donny with this jury. Derrick flipping the house would be difficult with Nicole still on the block because finding the third vote could be tough. He has to get Cody on board, and I wish he’d give it a shot. Pull Nicole off the block and put Frankie up. Derrick, Victoria and Nicole vote out Frankie. Derrick and Cody finally start playing like “Hitmen” and take out a strong player at the right time. Derrick and Cody roll with Donny and Nicole with Victoria in Derrick’s back pocket, then they target Caleb or Christine next week. Lots of talk comparing Derrick to Dan Gheesling (complete BB blasphemy, by the way; Dr. Will and Dan are in a league of their own), but taking Frankie out now would be a bit like taking out Michelle in BB10 or Shane in BB14.

Kathie from Canada

Derrick is not a risk taker, he’s a control freak. The only way CBS could coax him into doing something risky would be if they cut him his cheque for $500,000 up front.


Very good analysis of Derrick. Dan was never a control freak; he control himself in the game. Derrick plays a safe but scared game. His paranoia is going to bite him in the buttocks in the long run.


I so want to see Derprick evicted before VapidVic. Karma Baby.

canadian guy

I don’t think anyone is a stand out. They all played this game and made desicions as a collective group. No one person is the leader. Derrick hasnt done anything but agree with a group. No one person has made a big move. Going down to final 5 and getting rid of derrick or Christine or Frankie is not a big move. Cody had a chance for his big move. Blew it sucka! Listened to the headless group


i hope america rejects this garbage mission


A big NO to the play!! LAME


I am wishing this task doesn’t work for them. It really doesn’t fit the mission. Just another way for Freakie to be in charge and on camera.


It’ll be so funny if this whole Team America mission is made up, and now Donny can laugh while the houseguests make fools of themselves.

Love BB

I love it! On BB CBS website, Derrick has 553 facebook likes, Frankie has 582, Christine has 789………..
And Donny has 1,500 !!!!!!!!!!!
Donny is Americas Favorite!


How in the hell does Christine have over 700? Does Tim have a job? Is he banking on Christine’s strategy to rub Cody so she can make it to the end and win money?
P.S. Go Donny…over 1500

Tick Tock Tim

Good old Timmy boy is using his wife’s skanky behaviour to further his own career – he even has a you tube website now to answer all the Christine and Cody rumours. A normal husband would be disgusted but not good old Tim the fame whore he loves the attention and new found fame.

BB16 is the worst season ever

When did Production give Christine enough time to like Herself 788 times ?


Nicole has 1800.

Fairy Godmother

Such a tough season to watch. I always get so depressed when my favorites have left the house or are on their way out the door.
Of the remaining
1. Donny – one of the kindest best people I have ever seen play the game. I’m so happy that casting chose him to be in here. The people who have bonded with him have grown as people and the people who haven’t bonded with them are showing their true colors.
2. Nicole – A younger, smarter Jordan. One of my favorites from day one, and when you add Hayden into the equation = tres adorbs.
3. Derek – every year I hope for one of these players. He’s as good as the bb legends. I think he’s disliked because people are too close to the season to see his greatness and he’s going against The heart of the season, Donny.

Worst (so many choices)

1. Frankie – pompous, arrogant ass. Like Zingbot, I wonder how his head got so big growing in the shade of his little sister. I feel okay about liking her and not being able to stand him. And any they show non-architypal homosexuals for once (Kenny:)

2. Christine – as much as I hate that so many seem to base their judgement on her partially on her looks, she’s a vile mean girl and has definitely brought this on herself. I hope she’s torn apart based on her Donny comments – what an awful human being.

3. Caleb – poor Amber! What a douche. How anyone can come around to liking him after hating Danielle for her lies is beyond me. Major ick


Derrick is a wannabe master game player, only has numbers and hiding behind idiots, he is overrated and BB wants audience to think he is so great and make it such a surprise that he is a undercover cop, it is so stupid. Derrick will never be back as an allstar because he is not one!


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.
He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

– Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
– Why the early bird gets the worm;
– Life isn’t always fair; and
– Maybe it was my fault..

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers:
I Know My Rights
I Want It Now
Someone Else Is To Blame
I’m A Victim
Not many attended his funeral because
so few realized he was gone..
If you still remember him, pass this on.
If not, join the majority and do nothing.

River Song

That was brilliant.

Amy Pond

Hi Mom!

Kathie from Canada

I remember when Common Sense had super powers. I mourn the loss. 🙁


Really? Can I really pass it on, because I’d like to?

It should be made into a teaching story to be told to our children constantly, like a well loved Fairy Tale. And maybe one day, long in the future, Common Sense might make a comeback.

Nielsen Ratings

BB16 in the top 10 Nielsen Ratings is a very big deal. CBS won’t give a crap about anything as long as ratings are good. Don’t look for any changes.


Sad to know how Donny must feel so defeated. All because he couldn’t get in with the “cool kids”. Him Britney and Derrick are the “old” ones I don’t count Frankie bcuz he acts like he’s 13 and looks 45. The only reason Derrick lasted long was because he knew how to manipulate all the 20 somethings into following him. Just because Donny is older then them they shun him. It’s horrible he never did a thing to them. They all say we respect our elders lol yeah okay you put him on slop and make him compete for his life every week. You gave Victoria a week off bcuz it was so stressful for her but you couldn’t do the same for poor Donny. I wish Cody, Caleb or Christine would dare to cross him I bet he would bite their heads off with all his hurt and anger towards them. The best part is knowing Donny will leave and be done with the show and probably never speak or look at those Lil devils ever again. They will all tweet and act like they are sorry but it will be to late. I dislike all these HGs as people maybe their good players but just bad people. The way they gossip and make shit up is just disgusting.


Its funny that Vic is a photographer but seems to be threatened by very attractive females.. Its also funny how Brit and amber gave no fux about Vic and ratine but they still can’t stop talking about them. Everyone please vote no for this stupid play. Skankie is such a bitch. I can’t wait for the finale. I think Christine’s gonna get majorly roasted and I can’t wait. I want live national TV tears from that miserable bitch.


Vic is a photographer alright, she’s so stupid she thinks taking a “selfie” qualifies her to say that.


I cannot see the studio audience truly voicing their dislike when the hgs exit the house. The audience has probably been threatened with eviction if they say anything not scripted. We know JC will not rock the boat. She may allude to Crustine’s showmance but will avoid hard hitting questions. She certainly will not be questioned about asking Cody if his PEE PEE is hot. Skankie will be given a pass on all of his outrageous behaviour, including displaying his bollocks to the other pervs. Regardless of how much we dislike these guests it will roll off of their backs. Yes, now that we have FB, Twitter more opinions can be expressed but nothing will change.
The one question I would ask each remaining guest — “Why so much hating on Donny”? What did he actually do to cause your harm?


I guess I should have been more clear. The backlash I want her to get is from the former HGS during the finale. All evicted non jurors have tweeted about their dislike for Christine and I’m positive the jurors aren’t fans of hers either. She said she hated chenbot for calling her out. I hope Julie says something about that when she leaves in the next 2 weeks.


I want Julie to ask her “Why do you hate my guts, bitch?????


paper what?


Someone answer me damnit!! No thumbs, just an answer!


These houseguests are so disgusting! The sexual talk, groping……..ugh!
I’m going to write the FCC & suggest they make BB get an “R” rating. Might wake up CBS & make them get control of these animals!

Your response letter

You are reading a blog on a website and watching an internet stream of live feeds. The language and groping you are disgusted by is not shown to the same extent on CBS. The FCC recommends you cease watching the live feeds and reading the excellent OBB blog as it is the only way you will not be offended. We will continue to enjoy the filth of the BB house guests on the live feeds and here with Simon and Dawg. Thank you for contacting us, we hope to not hear from you again.

What what what.

Christine has more than Tims “like”. Amazing!’


Whoever makes it through this entire season deserves a medal.


Do you mean us or the people in the house?


I don’t know if I can read the updates anymore. These house guests are straight up disgusting about anything and everything. I really hope that witch didn’t pee in the pool, she’s nasty enough. I think I’ll go puke now.


I’m for a BBblackout, if they intend on doing this stupid broadway thing. I won’t see it anyway, just will read about it here. Cannot watch the Frankie show and hate on Donny show. This is where the real stuff is happening anyway. This site is all anyone really needs!

Time for a change?

Thumbs up or down. Would you like them to try a season like the British version where house guests nominate but the public votes on who leaves every week? I like it when the bad guys are trying repeatedly to get rid of someone and the public won’t comply.


Have never watched BB UK as they primarily do Celebrity BB which does not appeal. BB AU has the housemates nominate and the public votes. I would just like to see America given more opportunity to vote on noms or evictions, say 1 in every 4 but it would be random so hgs don’t know when it will happen. Would also like to see BB re-formatted to include less sleeping during the day, give them tasks and comps each day and do not have each year follow a set routine. The hgs always know when DE is, what type of comps are likely to occur. Next year should be BB 17 — Season of Darkness. It should also be a rule that ONLY the HOH sleeps or bathes in HOH room. Glad Cody found some tiny lemon drops and told Skankie he wanted to be alone.

Time for a change?

I think there has been 15 seasons or so of UK BB. Similar to the American version. I’ve downloaded a few seasons and really enjoyed them. They don’t censor as much, lots of nudity and the hosts are a lot more entertaining.


I hope Donny made up the hold TA mission, then sit back and laugh at the dummies.


These idiots think the twist is a five way tie for $500k! Oh, one more thing…I challenge Christine to the “bucket” challenge. No ice, no water…just wear a bucket on your head until the finale!

Cackling Hyena

Ha ha (I haven’t done that in a long while). I must say the idea of a bucket on Christine’s head is even more creative than this sorry excuse for BB Broadway play. [The thought of having to watch the bucket just might make the rest of the season somewhat bearable]


BB might be a ratings bonanza for CBS. But what goes up will come down. Last season I decided to give it one more season to get back to the interesting game it once was. I find this season to be worse and have been unable to stomach BBAD..did not subscribe to the feeds..and for the first time ever, have missed Sunday and Wednesday broadcasts. I am certain that I am not the only one. Not sure I will give next season a look at all unless it’s a second chances season of former favorites who have not won.


Victoria,Victoria. You can’t and will never be on Jocasta lever.You need to stay in a child place and continue to be used by Derrick to get further in the game.Then he will dump your stupid ass. Can’t wait until you look back at tapes and see how Fruit Loop Dingus you were.


But it sounds like it’s gonna be awesome! How could mocking people and belittling people be horrible?


What in the hell makes Derrick and Frankie think we want to watch some dumbass play? They shouldn’t get a dime for this idiotic idea. If I was Donny I would tell them where they could stick their play.


Happy to see Cody finally admit to someone that Frankie’s dry humping bothers him. Maybe there are some cracks beginning to show in the alliance. Caleb called Cody a part something, I think maybe p@$$y. Derrick might actually be thinking Donny would be a better ally than in jury where he can influence the votes. I hate the way I keep getting my hopes up only to be let down week after week.


Caleb called Cody a paper something that should have read.


Is this really happening right now? And they think this play will be entertaining? And I thought this season couldn’t get worse? At this point, I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with ME for even watching this anymore.

Teri B

I’m done for now. I’ve deleted both of the shows from my DVR. Can’t stand to watch the Derrick/Frankie show anymore. For about a week I’ve been not watching them anyway, only reading here. I have to admit I’m still hoping (in vain, I’m sure) for a miracle or for Derrick to at least NOT WIN. See you guys on the other side!! I will continue to lurk though, and purchase my Amazon stuff through this site! 🙂


Like if you hate the ugly, glitter, troll Frankie and the nasty witch Christine!


BB Broadway play? Bad idea for TA mission. I will vote no and will not be watching. These people are nuts. Not what America wants to see.


I hate that Donny will be going home. He is such a nice guy. The only 2 players left that should win is Nicole or Derrick. I don,t like Derrick that much but he has played the game pretty good. I have never missed a show and I would hate for Christine or Caleb to win anything.


I am not watching the show on TV tonight , one person will not make a difference but if we all stand together on this maybe CBS will get the message. Talk is cheap actions speak louder.


I am not watching it tonight or Wednesday. I probably will watch Thursday, because if Donny is evicted I want to see all the cheers he gets.


I haven’t watched in the last few weeks only on Thursday’s to see who will become the New HOH & every single time I’m disappointed with the outcome, so sick of the Twat Squad running the house!!!!! I can’t stand those ass wipes (excluding Donny & Nicole).


Same here Kellym……


I for one am getting tired of people like you whining about this season.. If you don’t want to watch, fine then.. But spare us all the bitching! There are still those of us who are watching and will continue to do so until the finale.

GodSbabygirl Rollins

Fear not, fellow lovers of Donny or Donny-mites; he will at least win Fan Fave. I am sure of that.


The other night on TVGN I watched Caleb cover his private parts with a pillow to block Frankie. {Very sad this behavior is being allowed! I thought they had stopped Victoria’s from her cuddling behavior, why aren’t they stopping Frankie?} This is my opinion, I believe Caleb is not quite as stupid as he portrays himself, but acts like a imbecile to appear as unthreatening as possible. Caleb believed Nicole, Donny and Zach when they told him about the alliances, and he understood he was not in them, unfortunately, he can’t go against this group, he told them he would be gone next. The other night Derrick found out from Caleb, that he is there to win the money, and he does not think he can win against Frankie, even if he announces he is giving money to wounded vets. Derrick is going to try to use Caleb to get rid of Frankie then they will take out Caleb. But perhaps Caleb was talking to Derrick to see if he would get out Frankie? Then Caleb could take out Derrick. One can only hope!


If Derrick gets rid of Frankie (soon) I may have to jump on his bandwagon.

Donny Sucks

This play is gonna be so tight. I can’t wait. Wish they could do the pet idea too. Don’t think we can handle both in one season, have to pace ourselves. Also, y’all think Frankie’s balls are really bigger than lemons? That’s what I’m talking about.

Nera's Mommy

You’re just a special little snowflake, aren’t you? Now step away from the computer and go read your Tom of Finland comic book.

Donny Sucks

You’re such a homophobe. You’re also jealous, jealous of Frankie’s fabulous sister, jealous of Frankie’s Youtube stardom, jealous of his social media moguldom, and jealous that none of the men in your life have engorged testicles that dwarf all manner of fruits and vegetables. I feel sorry for you and your loved ones.


You are clearly one of two things……too funny or…Frankie.