Frankie says its morons versus geniuses. Cody says I am not by any means a genius.

POV Holder: ? POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

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1:15am Victoria says that jury is so bitter. So bitter! Caleb says oh I know! VIctoria says it’s kind of scary! Caleb asks What did we do? I mean I understand them trashing the house, flipping beds, throwing pillows. But literally like throwing all the clean dishes in the sink, pouring honey all over them. Victoria says dumping the trash. Is disgusting! Caleb says dumping the trash is the biggest one for me. I was like really, you think there’s a chip in the bottom of the trash?! Victoria says they would never do that. Maybe they would put it in the bottom of the thing. Caleb says under the trash bag. Caleb says Jocasta had a chip on her shoulder until she ate it. What did we ever do to them? They just wanted to vandalise the house. Victoria says bring on the hate. I am still here. Like the bathroom door. Caleb says I think it was Christine, she wanted to be the last girl. When they announced you and Hayden won Christine was stomping her feet. When she left she acted like a baby. You call yourself a huge fan but you act like that on national television. Honestly I am scared to death of where we are right now because I can’t play next week. Victoria says but you play in the veto and you control what happens. Caleb starts telling Victoria about the bomb squad. My alliance was a bunch of dumbos. Victoria says that’s what happens when you start an alliance day 2. Caleb recounts the events of the house and how the bomb squad influenced the game. Caleb says some people were gone because they had no loyalty to anyone. Like Jocasta and Brittany. You were never a target because Derrick knew you enough. Derrick doesn’t have the votes jury member wise. Like Jocasta hate him now. Caleb says Derrick is in the best position to go to the final 2 and win 50K. If it was me and Cody, that would be a tough one. Subscribe to the Big Brother Live FeedsVictoria says I would vote for you to win out of all the 4 guys. Caleb says there are literally 5, 6 people in the jury that are in there because of the bomb squad .. my alliance. Caleb says most times 3rd or 4th usually place wins America’s Favorite. I don’t think Donny will win it. Was he a good guy and won when his back was against the wall .. yeah. A character in general. I’m sure a lot of people liked him because he was funny. But he’s a 40 something year old man. I don’t think our generation would you know?! Victoria says no. I think if I was going to have to guess who could beat me in America’s Favorite maybe Frankie. Maybe even Zach but not really. He only won 1 competition. Caleb starts talking about Amber and how he held her hand and talked with her forever that one night. Victoria leaves.


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1:15am Meanwhile – Frankie and Cody are in the backyard playing a game of pool. Frankie says I honestly don’t know if Caleb knows he’s playing a game. Cody says no. Frankie says he just really doesn’t know what’s going on. When he put me up he said people were telling him so many things and he said he just didn’t want to think about it. It doesn’t matter because I’m not going anywhere. I have you, I have Derrick. Cody says so we can literally have fun in the veto tomorrow. Frankie says yup. We know what it is, but there is no way to really prep. Frankie says its morons versus geniuses. Cody says I am not by any means a genius. And you know that test we took coming in here, I know I didn’t do too well. Frankie says I didn’t do too well either, I spent way too long on the math.

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Derrick join them. Derrick tells Frankie that he doesn’t need anybody. You’re going to go out and win that veto and if you don’t win it and pull yourself off then you’ll see we have your back. Frankie says there’s a way to handle things and there’s a way to not handle things and when things are not handled appropriately there are repercussions. That’s all I’ll say! Derrick says when you’re here next week and you win HOH, you make your decision and we’ll respect it. Its very f**king simple. Its a game. Frankie says I’ve been saying this since day 1 .. well since Team America we’re going to the end together. Derrick says I hope so Frankie, I really do. Frankie says stop saying that. Derrick says I know you’ve been tight with Caleb. If I told you something different I would be lying to you and I’m not going to do that. Frankie says I just don’t want anyone questioning my word any more. Derrick says you haven’t told me that much we’re going to the end. I like hearing it. Frankie says I guess I’ve danced around it a bit. Derrick heads inside to shower.
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2:15am – 2:55am Derrick studies the memory wall with Coyd. Derrick comes up to the HOH room. Caleb tells Derrick all about his conversation with Victoria and how she told him she would vote for him (Caleb) in the end. Derrick says if I win the final HOH you know I am taking you. And if you win it I would be like Caleb Please! Caleb says oh you know you don’t got to say please, you already know I am taking you. Derrick showers. Victoria joins Caleb again.

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3am – 3:50am Derrick and Cody are talking. Cody says I am just very very very over Caleb. I just want to win the veto and send Frankie packing. Derrick says I know we’re all getting irritable. Cody says its going to be me or you that are going to beat him. Derrick says right, Caleb isn’t going to beat him. Cody says the thing I think about we could have gotten rid of Frankie before. Caleb’s ego is itching at me. If we blow it now, I would just be so mad. Cody says I don’t trust Frankie but I do trust Caleb .. he’s just an idiot. Derrick says if we can’t get out Frankie, we try to but if we can’t then Caleb goes. Cody says I don’t think I will slow ball Frankie .. I will say I’ve been trying to get him out for weeks. Derrick tells Cody about how Caleb told Victoria about the bomb squad. Just throwing salt in the wound. Derrick says he is trying to line up his votes but he’s not even going to be there. We will take Victoria to the final 3. Cody says lets just get it done even if she f**king wins. Cody asks do you think Caleb would use the veto on Frankie. Derrick says no. Cody says I just want to smoke Caleb on a different level you know. Victoria comes out to watch them. Cody heads inside. Victoria tells Derrick about about her conversation with Caleb. Derrick says we got Frankie on the block because Caleb thinks you’re a vote for him and you hate me. Victoria says Cody loves Zach, it disgusts me. We are dealing with children. Derrick heads inside because he says he’s getting paranoid. He says I love you, goodnight. Try not to marry Caleb.

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4am Derrick and Victoria studying.. Victoria heads to bed. Derrick stays up a bit longer to study the faces.

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9:45am – 11:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests but they all go back to sleep.. Caleb is up and studies the memory wall and then heads into the diary room.

12:10pm All the house guests are still sleeping..

12:35pm Frankie is awake getting ready in the bathroom for his diary room session.
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222 thoughts on “Frankie says its morons versus geniuses. Cody says I am not by any means a genius.

  1. Frankie is that the smell of karma…. sorry man u aren’t getting no sympathy what you did to Zach well the favour is being returned!!! #zachattack #teamzach

    1. Every time Cody says they should’ve gotten Frankie out when they had the chance, I find myself talking to the TV, saying “Ya think”?

      1. What’s worse is that Cody HAD his chance to make a big move and get Frankie out with his second HOH and instead he went after Donny and Nicole, talk about a BIG move…NOT!!! Cody is an idiot plain and simple. He should have made his move on Frankie 2 weeks ago and not discussed it with Derrick who of course talked him out of it.

    2. I agree, it’s all karma for Frankie for what he did to Zach, with that said how is Frankie’s game any different from Derrick’s? Because Derrick was nice about his actions. Frankie put Zach on the block because of Derrick. Derrick will do the same thing Frankie did to Cody or Victoria. I don’t like Frankie either, but with him gone and the season being as boring and predictable as it has been, Derrick, Cody, Vic and Caleb left in the house might as well be game over and just give Derrick the win. My only thing is as long as Frankie is in that house it will be a battle between him and Frankie trying to get the rest of the house to evict the way they want. With Frankie there it gives Derrick someone to worry about. With Frankie gone Derrick will continue to lay back like he did all season. If he wins he needs to work more for the win. He knows with Frankie gone he can lay around and kick the breeze, because no one left in the house will challenge or question him. Now that’s more boring. As much as no one wants Frankie to win at least keep him to final three and give us something to watch. If Frankie leaves Derrick won’t try for HOH or the Veto because only he Cody and Vic can play. He may even convince Cody to let Vic win by telling Cody Vic is mad at him and will put him and Caleb on the block and they can evict Caleb, and Cody may be just that dumb to try it, but if he doesn’t Derrick still won’t win because he wants to win the game but he doesn’t want to go on the block and he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty with the jury. He knows with Frankie there he’ll have to fight until the end of the game. Such a lazy man, but then again no one makes him work for it so it’s their stupidity. Donny, and Zach tried to warn them.

      1. I will admit I didn’t read most of what you wrote but I don’t know how you can say Zach tried to warn everyone.. He was just as blinded as the rest until he got to jury and Donny spilled the beans.

        1. He told Frankie, Vic, and Nicole, and by everyone when Derrick confronted him Caleb Cody and Chris was in the room, and heard everything Zach told Vic about Derrick, but Derrick fast talked Zach to the point Zach just shook his head and said yeah you’re right yeah you’re right. And with this information ALL of the remaining houseguest heard yet they never once thought any of it could be true or see Derrick as a threat. And yes even after Donny said it to each of them again they still didn’t pay it any attention. So again Zach and Donny both warned them.

        2. By that I also meant he told them about Derrick and the alliance and him using Vic. With this information no one seemed to think Derrick was in an alliance outside the members and no one saw him as a threat. Even Nicole tried to convince Vic that Derrick wasn’t using her which is the farthest thing from the truth. I don’t get how anyone don’t’ see the closeness between Derrick Vic and Cody and that Vic really believes Derrick will go to final two with her over Cody and that Derrick will protect her.

          1. It’s because they are all stoooopid!!!! They are all under the spell of the mist. I’m not a Derrick fan but even I have to admit that he has really snowed them all.

          2. Wow.. completely different take on everything that happened then I had. One Zach wasn’t outing the detonators to blow up Derr’s game he was doing it to try and save his game because he figured out he was at the bottom of the alliance. He was trying to rally the nondetonators into working against them to save his butt. Two, Zach never thought Derr was running the detonators, so again this had nothing to do with Derr. Three right after Zach told Nic about the detonators he also tried to form an alliance with her and then less than 5mins later ran to Derr and Cody and told them about it. Four he agreed to lying (meaning he lied that it was Nic) and didn’t defend himself about telling the truth about the alliance because he knew that would mean he would become target number one with the detonators, again not Derr. (PS he thought Frankie was running the show).
            About the Nic thing, Nic never said that Derr wasn’t using Vic.. her words were that Derr has had her back (which by the way he has.. because yes he was using her). Nic also told Vic that Derr had a final 2 alliance with her and then later found out that Vic repeated this to Derr… so EVERYTHING Nic said to Vic about Derr was in an attempt to get Derr to trust her. She was using Vic just like Derr was.

          3. Because you are right! Derrick seems to be taking Victoria to the end. I can’t for the life of me understand how Derrick can talk them all into keeping her over everyone. I give up! This is a total joke. Everyone is saying Frankie is this terrible person but in my eyes Derrick is the lier and back-staber. This is the first year that I have watched Big Brother and I watched BBAD too because of Zach and Frankie but if Derrick wins it will be the last.

      2. This is why I want Frankie to win pov, to make Derrick sweat and have a somewhat less predictable end to the game. Then if Frankie wins hoh and Caleb wins veto, Derrick or Cody go home. I want to see Derrick feel some real gain pain. Losing Cody would do it. Or, Frankie is on the block but wins pov next week. If Cody is hoh then I’m not sure who Frankie sends home.

      3. Yes, Derrick has played them all…all season long. He successfully got everyone to not talk to anyone else, just let him do all the ‘work’. It is as if these people haven’t seen the show before. I would love Caleb to go into the DR and say, I know what Derrick is trying and I’m letting him do the dirty work. Afterall, he is smart enough to tell Frankie mostly everything. Derrick is mad that he talked to Frankie, but that is the smartest thing for Caleb’s game. Now, I dont think Caleb is doing any of this as strategy, I think it is his dumb luck. But, I kinda want to see him win because he doesn’t have any Team America money, he wont get America’s Favorite and he’s won/played pretty good. Well, maybe it’s because he looks hot in his patrol cap ;)

      4. thing I learned about this game is you never know what is going to happen at the end why we keep watching it say they get Frankie out then caleb cant play next week in hoh they put caleb and Victoria up caleb doesn’t win veto and they cant take caleb to final 3 would be stupid so he gets evicted then it would be vic cody and derrick then say cody wins the final comp and at the last second takes vic and derrick is stunned Victoria will get 1 to 3 notes I think if in the finals but don’t think she can get 5 cody could be sandbagging knowing what derricks been doing would be classic or if Frankie wins veto derrick goes up Frankie flips its a 1to 1 vote caleb votes out derrick you just never know weve seen them change there minds before 5 times in 5 hours and the one thing that is almost for sure it wont happen like you thought it would or wanted to

    3. Did you see BBAD last night? Frankie turned into a big cry baby. Why did you pick me? Why didn’t you put somebody else up? I’m the best thing for your game. PLEASE DON’T LET HIM WIN VETO

      1. Frankie IS the best thing for Caleb’s game. Derrick has Vic and Cody on lock. neither of the two of them will take Caleb to final three. Derrick and Cody even admitted as much saying after this week if they get Frankie out next week unless Caleb wins Veto they will send him home and take Vic to final three. Which again Derrick won’t try to win anything in final three because Vic and Cody have been too stupid to compare notes and realize Derrick has a final two deal with the both of them because he knows he can beat them. Cody really thinks he can beat Derrick in the end, but what he doesn’t realize is Derrick has been playing him and Vic the entire summer, because while you may think Frankie is a cry baby, Derrick knows for sure he can only beat those two in the end, the other two he isn’t sure he will come in 1st in the final two.

        1. I’d kind of like Caleb to be in F2, but if I had a real preference at this point, with who is left, I’d like to see Cody and derrick. Not because i always wanted them to win in the end, but because they are the best of what we have to work with, and because of their Hitmen F2 alliance. I would like to see one alliance of loyalty to make it thru to the very end. I’m sure Cody thinks he’d have the votes, due to him having more wins. but the Jury isn’t under any illusions as to who has been getting them out.

          When Frankie, Caleb and Victoria get out to the jury house, that will only confirm that Derrick is behind stuff. Especially now that he is over and over saying he’s main goal is to get Frankie out.

          Wow, now that’s his goal? Even tho he decided to pass over 2 very certain chances to get Frankie out, but all of a sudden that’s his only and main focus. Too little too late, most of us could see that Frankie left in the game meant Frankie was going to win the next HOH and POV for sure. The only saving grace is that Derrick came so close to the POV last time, he has a really great shot at beating Frankie’s time. Cody mentions staying close to the board when looking at the faces, not moving back and forth could actually save the seconds needed to win.

          plus derrick needs to start winning more and more. next HOH he can play in, but they still have Victoria to vote out if needed, to get whoever to F3.

          1. What has Cody done this season? He’s in an alliance that has had his back for “loyalty” but he was mostly like VicBitch–just a number. While I find him the least objectionable person left in the game, he has done very, very little in this game other than stroke Crusty.

        2. Caleb was a fool to put Frankie up, can’t believe how easy he Is manipulated. But talking about babies, Derrick was having quite the temper tantrum when he thought he was going on the block – getting sick of his easy ride. (Don’t like Frankie – but Derrick needs to sweat)

      2. I hope Frankie does not win POV and goes to jury. All the crying and whining does not change the fact the guys want him gone. And on a very positive note, last night, Frankie was wearing longer shorts on BBAD. Thank goodness for that small blessing on this fiasco of a show.

        1. I don’t want Frankie to win the game but for some entertainment purposes I hope he and Derrick make it to final two. If Frankie leaves this week all we’ll watch for the last few days of the season is Vic lounging around, and Cody Derrick and Caleb stuck in a room together listening to Caleb brag about himself and Cody whine about how much Caleb gets on his nerves. No one likes Frankie, but at this point in the game the season is boring without him. At least it puts a fire under the other houseguest to try and win comps and sit around and game talk. With Frankie gone who’s going to game talk. The only left with any knowledge of the game is Derrick and he already has those three under his spell?

        1. Although I like both Zack and Donny, my vote for AFP is going to Zack. Donny has already won quit a bit of money from TA and Zack did a lot of the work on those task’s to help them win, he deserves AFP in my eyes.

            1. Love Donny and Zach, but their fans will cancel each other out, making it much easier for Ariana fans to give AFP to Frankie

    4. I don’t know whom I dislike most anymore, Frankie or Derrick. Frankie is Frankie and Derrick’s lying has really gotten to me. Cody’s a turd. Caleb is like a little boy, but probably most likable out of the bunch lately (still a no-no for any girl to date – he needs a headshrinker first). What a dreadful season.

      1. Derrick lying for me wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t play the moral high ground all the time talking about his wife and daughter. People compare him to Dan G, but the one thing Dan never did was bring his family into the game. Derrick is beyond lying he’s also a hypocrite. He talks badly about the things he doesn’t like in other houseguests while he’s doing the same and sometimes worse. We can all hate on Frankie but when we look at Frankie we expect that because with Frankie what you see is what you get, he doesn’t deny being arrogant or a liar, he admits its a game strategy, while Derrick repeats 50 x’s a day he isn’t going to lie and do anything against his values because he has a wife and kid outside and he has a life outside of the game and even go so far to even tell the houseguest they will get home and watch how honest he’s been. Either he’s a pathological liar or he’s a delusional and has started to believe his own hype and the things he says.

        1. I agree with you. That’s how I feel about Derrick and why it bothers me. We can all see he’s trying to play US, the viewers. He must think we’re morons or something. Or what he said to Frankie about it being “cowardly” for any of them to take Victoria to final 2. Yeah, sure, because it’s better to take Frankie with his 9 wins and hope to win with honor or whatever (like that that guy on Survivor who lost a million dollars to the cop out of sheer stupidity). We may not like Frankie for obvious reasons, but he’s not stupid… he can tell he’s in danger. These lies from Derrick have not been Dan-smart, it’s that he’s been surrounded by idiots.

          1. And the funny thing would be if it’s Derrick in the final two with Vic and his words come back to bite him, because he’s told Nicole if Vic makes it to final two she deserves to win and if Frankie leaves he told Frankie about it being a cowardly move. Would be interesting to see if the jury uses his words on him, and if what Dan says is true about how will Derrick explain his game to the jury in the end, especially if he’s with Vic in the final two? Trust me Derrick is saying that to everyone, but he’ll take Vic over Cody, because he feels he carried Vic to the end, but Cody has won comps. Vic could turn it around on Derrick and said she carried him, because had she not been the pawn so many times to get bigger threats out he wouldn’t have her to hide behind to get to the end considering he’s never been on the block to have to defend himself rather than trying to defend her on the block.

          1. He only swore on his wife to Danielle, and as for my meaning of Dan not bringing family in it, Dan didn’t go to everyone in the house swearing on his wife or any other family member. Derrick brings his wife and daughter into all the time. And to be clear my point again was there’s no problem with him bringing his wife and daughter into it, but just don’t play the moral card about how you don’t do this and you don’t do that because you have a daughter and wife and home don’t want them to see you behave that way. If he wants to use his family that’d fine because at the end of the day it’s a game, but don’t act like you’re the only one with integrity and complain when other houseguests do things you don’t approve of, because at the end of the day he’s the only one in their with a wife and child. He bad mouths everyone about something they do that he doesn’t like yet he always say he doesn’t do them because of his wife and daughter and when people get home and watch they will see he was a stand up guy.

        2. Yep, I could care less about Derrick’s lying and manipulating. It’s just the class of his game is something I don’t personally like and maybe it would have been a little easier for me to take if he also didn’t go in the Diary Room with his bullsh*t and just owned who he was in the Diary Room. But I find him just as unlikable as Frankie but just less blatant. Any bad behavior any one is accused of he condones it so it’s not like he’s any better and if he’s really using Victoria than he’s next level. Because Dan and Daniellle’s situation started as a blatant team pairing. And I really couldn’t stomacher him after the level of mean spiritedness that was toward Amber in that campaign to get her out. And Derrick refereed to her as a b*tch in a scenario. Same with Britney. If they acted like b*tches that’s one thing but neither one of them did anything to him. He’s messy and I don’t think it’s game play. He’s just has been smart enough to restrain himself unlike the more train wreck obvious ones like Frankie. Who one can argue has also played a good game along with Derrick but both are manipulators. For instance Frankie’s crying. lol

        3. that is also a strategy hate Frankie but they all do a lot of the same things trying to win 500k personally I would give a sht less what the viewers thought of me its a game and its part of the game like it or not I don’t like it but it is what it is probably not being like derrick and Frankie is going to cost caleb 50k or 500k unless he wins out starting with veto next week

    5. Hopefully this isn’t another time where you wait in anticipation that a big move will be made (getting Frankie out) only to be spolied once again (Frankie winning the POV) If this happens again, I am done for the season. This season is by far the worst, the BOB did nothing but help make a joke of the season.

    6. An entire house full of morons, but hope the morons can manage to do one thing right this season and get rid of that Psychopath Frankie!!!!

      1. Did they purposely pick the biggest bunch of idiots this season. I have never seen a cast that have the intellect of a a 2 year old.

    7. I couldn’t agree more that Frankie is a scumbag and should have been voted out long ago, but now….as of 3:45 P.M. CST Big Brother has changed it ALL! They offered Derrick a bribe he probably can’t resist…if he AND Frankie make it to F2 they will give them an Extra $50,000.00 each! This is totally unethical in my opinion. Shame on you BB for messing with the game! I am disgusted!

      1. When did this happen? What were the terms? I missed this entirely and just read up at OBB, cannot find it. Either I read too fast, or i fell asleep!

    8. I admire Derrick’s game play (but have no respect for him as a human being – and grateful that he’s not a cop in my town). Derrick has set it up so that he doesn’t have to win an HOH or Veto for the rest of the game. He’s everyone’s F2, and everyone believes they can win against him – hopefully they’re right.

  2. Hope CBS will finally let the disgusting Cash Cow Frankie leave…he has said so many things that are not appropriate and his physical humping everything certainly has made this BB not family friendly. And Caleb thinks younger people won’t vote for Donny for America’s Favorite….really Caleb…..older people have more time to vote vote vote & he’d be surprised how young people will vote for Donny. Most of this group has totally disgusted America!!!

    1. Well, with a zillion hours of proof that Frankie is a sick jerk, now is the time for his family to do an Intervention! Duct tape him to a chair and Make him watch every sickening minute of his time in the house and if he doesn’t see what an A** he is, then he should be shunned.

  3. frankie u need to sit down and shut the fuck up you delusional, egoistic prick. what jocasta did was alright man, you can pick the pills up. why is he so mad at her when big brother/production made them do it?? cant stand him, fucking hell

    1. if Frankie doesn’t win the veto I am going to run around naked in my back yard screaming he lost the veto he lost the veto 300k subdivision high fences relax Frankie lost the veto Frankie lost the veto ok I feel better

    1. THANK YOU!!! I thought it was just me…that child pulls that chair thisclose to the wall and stares relentlessly at her OWN picture for hours on end.
      I like her and want her to go even further in the game (huge fan of Derrick/Victoria Final 2) and actually thought she purposely threw the morphed veto comp (is it just me or in the beginning was she doing really well with it?) but maybe…if the hg’s pic did not fall in her line of vision, she never saw it.
      Victoria is strange and spoiled and screechy but honestly, she is the only entertaining one left IMO.

  4. I’m starting to think derrick has brainwashed these guys soo bad that they don’t
    even want the 500k..they would rather derrick win it just to say they are friends in the end..this cast is horrible game players..i cant wait for them watch this season and see how extremely dumb they look….

    1. Good for Derrick if that is the case. Everyone harps on Derrick’s game, but honestly if the other house guests are idiots then whose fault is it? They can control their own destinies in the game. No one told them to follow Derrick. All I want to see is Frankie lose the Veto and see his behind out the door on Tuesday followed by Caleb on Wednesday. Caleb is constantly degrading Donny as if being over 40 is somehow a negative in life. The guy is an idiot, and I cannot wait to see his face on finale night as America’s Favorite goes to Donny. He seriously thinks he will win it, and even for a bigger laugh, Caleb and Victoria think that Frankie has a chance at America’s Favorite. Wait till the gets boos on Tuesday (one can hope for this outcome), then that idea will slip away fast. Hopefully, Caleb will then get a clue as well.

      1. The sad thing is that his parents are over 40, so I guess he feels the same way about them. I don’t think it’s so much Donny’s age, I think he just don’t have any respect for Donny. He really feels and believes in his heart Donny is lying about who he says he is. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he and so many others see Donny is who he said he was an especially Caleb who takes pride in honesty. He will soon find out Donny and Nicole were the only two honest with him and especially Donny.

    2. There’s little hope for the future with this generation, they believe whatever is told to them and question nothing. It’s scary to think these full grown ‘kids’ vote.

      1. It’s scary to think these kids (generation) will be looking after us when we are too old to take care of ourselves. That’s my biggest worry.
        The movie “Idiocracy” comes to mind when I think about the future.

  5. So looking forward to this season being over. At this point it doesn’t matter who wins. They all suck! The jury house is more interesting than these 5 leftovers.

    Seriously BBUS needs to be revamped with a new production team. Saw the first four episodes of BB Australia 2014 and they make BBUS look like amateur hour. Their set and DR sessions are amazing. They got the house jumping within 4 days….more action in these four days than this whole season of BBUS.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. If anyone has not watched BBAU, WATCH IT! It is the BB show that I am waiting with baited breath, dying for the next episode to get uploaded! It is what our BB should and could be. Why does Grodner keep doing what she does when there is a perfect representation that she must know about that she could use for ideas?! She doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel, just make a copy of it! And REAL PEOPLE make the best and most loved/remembered/hated/AWESOME HGs. I’d like to see how many people accidentally sing/talk about production/talk about their DR sessions when they are fined out of their food budget and/or stipend $$! BBAU ROCKS! And usually the winner is who I want to see win! Even their support shows are hilarious! My favorite was the one that had a segment called, “First World Problems,” where they show one of them complaining about something totally trivial! I use the phrase now in daily life whenever I, or someone else whines about something truly unimportant except in our pretty cushy lives!

      Not as cushy as Frankie’s life obviously is, with his international first class plane tickets to go to Africa twice a year and teach African kids how to dance, when the cost of his ticket alone would probably feed an entire village for a year. And I mean really feed, not barely feed. How can he be so out of touch with reality to brag about his flight and then try to make us believe that he truly cares about African children?

      Everything he does or says honestly makes my skin crawl. (And I am gay, so I’m not gay-bashing here. He gives us all a bad name, and we’d kick him out of the club if we could!). And for the record, yes, gay people ARE born this way, so don’t let his ignorance guide you wrongly. He thought, I think, that knowing it is in our genes would give people a way of somehow weeding out the potential gay zygote if prospective parents could look for that gene and wanted not to have a gay child, so the idea of isolating such a specific gene could be a bad thing taken that far, but the reality is, and he should know this, that there is nothing at all any of us could do but be gay–it’s inherent, as it certainly is for him. He’s such a terrible spokesperson for us. So vulgar, so crass, so disgusting! He’s rolling back the clock for acceptance 20 years at least! Why can’t he just SHUT UP and quit humping on everybody! Sorry for that outburst. I’m normally a very peace-loving person, but….

      1. Where do I go to watch BBAU? I really enjoy BB, but truth it is not as good as it use to be. I wonder how much longer Allison Grodner’s contract is for. She has ruined our show. Needs to go!

        1. For those that keep asking, BBAU can be found by typing in BBAU 2014 you tube. Make sure you start with launch night 1 and then launch night 2.
          If you find yourselves at loose ends try watching BBAU 2013 also. Really good.

      2. What is amazing about BBAU 2014 was that when HGs broke any rules they got called out and punished by production right away. This is all in the first 3 days!!!!! Plus you can hear productions’ questions to the HGs in their DR sessions!!! This BBAU is definitely more twistier and follow the credo of expect the unexpected. HGs are punished and rewarded plus the viewers have a hand in the game including HOH selections. Plus their gay HG Jason is actually acting like a normal human being and not humping everything with a pulse.

        for example: When Skankie broke the nom rule for Zach …. Production should have called Skankie out and applied the renom rule asap. For some reason with this cast of losers …. production threw out the rule book and fair play for this season ….or/and Grodner was comatosed behind the wheel.

        The BB franchise from other countries are by far more elaborate, twistier, exciting and fun to watch. So sad that the US version is falling so far behind on creativity and no longer a leader. big F***ing deal about the installation of the HD cameras for this season … it didn’t do anything to help the game.


  6. Come on BB…change the veto competition! All this studying they’re doing would be for nothing! It’s ridiculous they they even have a clue what the comp will be. Maybe they could even do the face metamorphosis of all the past big brother players…that would be great!

    I think that Caleb is one of the most delusional people I have ever seen. It’s mind boggling really.

    1. Caleb lives in an imaginary world of his own creation. This delusional Broke Beast Dumbo is desperate to be A Somebody, Anybody except himself. There is a lifetime of disappointment, denial and unhappiness waiting for this boy. Wonder what he’ll be doing when he’s in his ancient, over-the-hill, washed-up, old man forties?

  7. Victoria is really getting on my nerves….YOU ARE ONLY THERE CAUSE YOU CAN’T WIN ANYTHING! Like, she been saying all this stuff about how she carried herself in the game and how she always took herself off the block; NO!

    1. Are you kidding? She’s the competition queen! She’s almost won every competition and she only gets nominated every week because she’s obviously a huge threat but she gets herself off every week! You don’t make it to top 5 in big brother by being stupid!

  8. Can’t wait till the link turd sees how much people really don’t like him. All this talk about how America likes him so much and blah bblah blah blah… Hope he gets booed worse then gonzo did.

  9. Derrick has an F2 with all the remaining HGs. Yeah Frankie it IS morons vs geniuses only you might not be on the team you think you are. Fruit Loop BustaFoolagan! #Zachattack.

  10. He has told so many people that he would be fine with the 2nd prize- 50K. Now, so many that he said that to went to Jury. They know he’s full of $hit, so if he makes it the the final two, he will come in 2nd.

    1. I agree Derr’s gameplay is a 2nd place game.. However you forget Donny is in jury and has told all the jury members how Derr is the mastermind, so Derr will win but to be clear he will win ONLY because of Donny. Hope he realizes this but he won’t because his ego is almost as big as Frankie’s and Caleb’s.

    1. If Frankie doesn’t win the veto, Cody and Derrick will both vote to evict him, so Caleb won’t have any say in the matter anymore.

    2. He’s been auditioning in the HOH for days …. he even asked Frankie if he thought his sister was watching and if he thought she liked him or not…. and Frankie said, yes of coarse.

  11. This year, we have to make definition of a third class of houseguest. In past, you have had players, and floaters. Obviously, the players made the moves, and decided the game mostly, while the floaters just hung on coattails and swapped alliances to the flavor of the week. This season, Victoria has thrown a wrench into the 2 category system. I am sorry to say this, but it is the truth… She does not have the intelligence and common sense to fall into either of the categories. Unless she was actually “recruited” by the producers at Big Brother, there is absolutely no way she could have passed any audition for the show. In fact, I am almost willing to bet she was recruited by someone in production due to naivety , sheltered, spoiled, aloof personality. This is not a bad thing, but it is obvious they are using her as a guinea pig case. I hate to call out other women, but she really has no clue what is going on. I am not going to spoil luxury competition results, but when you see it, assuming they air it, you will see how aloof she is. She is headstrong now, only due to repeating what Derrick has fed her to believe. Even when this season is over, she will never comprehend what she was part of, who she benefited or in any way understand her role other than the fact in her mind, she was a competition beast for staying so long. In fact, her actually living in that house for 3 months, has made her rationale worse, because she has developed a potty mouth, that used to not be there ( that we know of ). She has literally sucked up like a sponge every act from her perceived friends in there. She is in her 20’s I assume, but I almost institute her being there, as an experiment as to what the mind of a young child learns when in the vicinity of those who manipulate and lie, versus that of what her actual lifestyle and upbringing are, where all must be roses, drink umbrellas, and chocolate covered cherries. So, what would a 3rd group for this type of player be labeled as? The Forrest-Gumpus player?

    1. LOL. Well, Don’t you think we need another name for Derrick’s gameplay also?? What do you call a floater who manipulates?? What do you call a mix of a player and floater?? And, BTW, I know what you’re trying to do. PLEASE!!! I just don’t care.

  12. Yes, Victoria, Cody loves Zach. People with taste and are threaten by Zach loves Zach.

    Zach for AFP!

  13. I’m really surprised how Derrick can tolerate Victoria any longer. However, their friendship is great to be honest. Derrick watches out for her even tho she doesn’t necessarily deserve it.

  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor Cody! Did Cody really think Frankie was referring to him as one of the geniuses? The remaining cast definitely goes down as the most delusional cast in BB history!

  15. So happy he’s nominated! All that’s left is to hope he doesn’t win POV, hope that the guys follow through with their plan to get rid of him

    1. Actually there’s no excitement left to be had for this season. The only salvageable possbility is the reactions of Caleb/Frankie/Cody/Derrick when none of them win AFP on finale night.

      1. Julie: By an overwhelming vote…Frankie you don’t win.
        Julie: Donny’s not able to be here to accept live because he’s guest starring in several shows so via satellite it’s America’s Favorite Houseguest of all time, Donny!
        (several minutes passes until the crowd stops cheering and clapping)
        Donny: (as Justin Bieber hands him a glass of water and a sandwich) I’m so glad and honored to be awarded the fan favorite…(standard Donny charm).

  16. this is a post from the NY Post from Wednesday seems like Julie Chen is a bit delusional herself! best season of BB yet, BULLSHIT Julie, Plain BULLSHIT

  17. Awwww poor Cody! Did he really think Frankie was referring to him as one of the geniuses? The remaining HGs really are the most delusional cast in BB history!!!!

    1. I had to laugh out loud when Cody said “I’m no genius”. Really Cody, you figured that one out , all by yourself. Good Boy!

      Now, let see if Cody can figure out, that Derrick wants to take Victoria to the end.

      Caleb is delusional, but at least he has an excuse. {the war} What is Cody’s?

  18. Lord these idiots are delusional! Your generation?! Really?! I would hope that the majority of our generation in no way shape or form feels or acts the way you disrespectful children do. Donny will win AFP and I can not wait to see all of your faces when they call his name.

  19. after reading the New York Post (wed) I have come to the conclusion that Frankie or Derrick or both will be in the end (CBS made sure of this) My bet is Skankie will win the veto!! my second bet, Frankie wins it ( and believe me I think he is the most vial person ever!!!) a true scumbag.

    1. Yeah, I kinda thought the fix was in for Fakie since before we knew who is sister was. As soon as Nicole and Hayden mentioned getting him out they were gonners, then with Derrick talking Cody out of evicting Fakie, it seemed something was off…I hope we are both wrong.

  20. I really lost all sympathy for the evicted jury members after their antics with the luxury competition, except for Nicole and Donny as it seems they were just throwing clothes, and Jocosta, because I never had any respect for her before, with her speaking in tongues antics. Zack’s behavior in the house was entertaining in a house full of dull people, but it was always immature and forced. This is more evident with his actions during this competition.

  21. Poor Caleb won’t he been in for a surprise.Saying Donny is too old to win America’s Favorite and he can beat Derek.oh my what a fool.

  22. who is Skanies life coach and shrink? they both should hide in a whole, they taught him to be this delusional, self centered, nasty spirited, over the top fruit and to be a fame whore. revoke their license now!!!

  23. Caleb needs to shut up. How many competitions has he won? What is this obsession with AVP? He’s not going to win it, so I don’t get his obsession. Caleb – things are pretty bad when useless Victoria points out that an alliance of 20 formed on the second day of being in the house wasn’t a good strategy. Can’t believe they’re still complaining about the trashing of their dirty, smelly house. I bet given the opportunity, they’d trash it, too.

    I’m not a fan of Christine’s, but I don’t get this logic that since she’s such a fan of the show, she should’ve left on friendlier terms!?! She was stabbed in the back by her alliance. She jumped through hoops for them, and ‘proved’ her loyalty to them time & again. I wouldn’t have squat to say to them, either, if I were her. Plus, she was caught off guard.

  24. When Frankie wins veto( he will , prepare yourself) then Victoria goes home? Caleb will put up Derrick as replacement nom and the vote will be 2-0 to evict Victoria. After that, it will
    finally get interesting. It’s all about the next veto comp. the next HOH is not as important as the next veto. I actually would like to see Caleb or Cody win at this point. That would be a fun final 2. I think you may all be surprised if Cody wins final HOH and brings Caleb to final 2. I don’t see Cody bringing Derrick to final 2. Caleb is about 50/50 of bringing Derrick to final 2 over bringing Cody.

    1. I just wish we hadn’t spent the entire season week after week saying, “finally things will get interesting”. And so far it never has.

  25. for America’s Favorite…..favorite what I am unsure……

    Caleb probably thinks there will be a runway fashion show of Beast Mode merchandise greeting him.
    Frankie is still convinced that all of America adores him to the moon and back!

  26. Derrick always has been on my short list of “gonna win.” However, I did not see Victoria and him working together coming. I like it!

    1. I love your choice of words: “working together”! ;)
      A handyman and a screwdriver don’t “work together”.
      The screwdriver, aka tool, aka Victoria, gets used by the handyman.

    1. Why though? Listen, I’m not a Derrick “fan” but I get the impression he’s a good guy… can you provide a reasonable explanation of why you don’t like him as a person? I’m not even trying to be mean, I’m genuinely curious. From what I can see he’s an average down to earth family man who came into this game to try and win money for his family. People who say they hate Derrick because he manipulates and lies is very confusing to me. Is that not the entire point of this game?

      1. I get what you’re saying, but he turns off the good guy the second someone isn’t on his team. Think about how he bashed Donny and Nicole. They were going home, because he’d already convinced everyone to vote them out. There was no need to say the mean things he said about them. Then he’d just go back to them and say how hard he tried to keep them. It’s just a lot to stomach.

  27. Oh Caleb. Fortunately, the bulk of your generation isn’t as dumb as you and they will recognize who deserves America’s Favorite Player. The best part of the finale will be watching these buffoons stand agape as Donnie(the bearded and apparently ancient-and-decrepit-at-40) accepts his prize.

  28. I guess inside the house, deprived of all other information, it is hard for them to see who might be Americas favorite. I am still going with Donny. I think he will win it.

    As far as who wins this: Hard to say. HOPEFULLY, if Frankie doesnt win the Veto, they do the smart thing and not the loyal thing. Smart thing is to send Frankie to Jury. But, the reality is it all hinges on who wins the next two HoH. If Derrick cant win one of them, I dont think he makes it to the final 2.

  29. The size of Calebs ego OMG…is he really that into himself? AFP??? Over Donny or Zach? Give me a break…and he actually thinks he can win the game? and Derrick with his puppeteering…at this poit i wish Frankie wins the veto and this plan blows up in their faces! Now that would be more interesting than watching these pple get played by Derrick…and Victoria, what right has she earned to call any one a baby…has she looked in the mirror. Shes the most immature and self absorbed (tight competition between her and Frankie ) in there. Cody doesnt have a clue hes just escorting Derrick to the 500K, at best he gets 2nd place. T

  30. Do they just not understand that there is game play and then there is just being jackasses? And to most of the jury, they were jackasses. And, do they not understand, as they are voted out, they are going to the jury house? Oh, wait, they don’t! Look what happened to Tim’s wife. Oh Calub, you froot loop dingus, Donny is sooo much above you, you cant even see the bottom of his feet!

  31. Frankie has it right about the morons verses geniuses. He just does not realize which side of the fence he is on. OMG.. all Derrick has to do is play to these moron’s egos and they are putty in his hands. Frankie does have some smarts, but if his ego is stroked, his ego gets so big that it overrides any brain power that was once there. And Derrick knows just how to play him, just pump that ego of his, and then he is on such an ego high that he can not see what is right in front of him. Caleb’s conversation with Victoria is him just reciting what Derrick has put in his head, and this clown believes it. Everyone that is writing in on this site is saying that this season is boring, are you kidding? This is so much more entertaining than last season, Derrick is fun to watch play this game, he is working each of these players so well. And he does it without being nasty or mean-spirited. This has been a great season to follow, finally we have a good BB player in the house. Thank you Simon and Dawg, y’all are the best! You are what makes Big Brother fun to follow. Much gratitude for all of your hard work. :-)

    1. I agree, Derrick is BRILLIANT!! He knows their personalities well enough to know how to cajole them and blow up their egos. A lot of posters are stating about the IMMENSE egos that the remaining house guests have. Derrick can’t be faulted for figuring that out and knowing how to play their egos to his advantage. He’s smart. With that said, I wish Derrick would have to sweat it out at least once by being on the block… considering that is part of the total experience!

  32. The best “twist” this Summer was having the jury re-enter the house. I love how they trashed the place and totally pissed these d’bags off! Also it rained all over this idea that they were all “cool” w/regards to the boo’ng and how America feels about them. Now they again are all scrambling and realizing that they aren’t America’s darlings. And that prick Derek showing his true colors again last night w/his nasty comment regarding Brittany. From time to time he lets his true self show (like when he found out who Frankie’s sister was) or when he was a total douche to Nicole when he made her APOLOGIZE.

    Caleb is a numbskull… last night Sgt. Snout was playing him like crazy beating in his head that he should be sitting next to him in the Final 2 b/c he has no chance again the BEAST blah blah blah. I swear other than Frankie (who I hate) the rest of this crew are the dumbest most gullible people to ever play Big Bro.

  33. I want Derrick to loose and realize that he was so close but lost and I can’t wait for Caleb,Frankie,Cody,Victoria and Derrick to learn that either Donny or Zach won the AFP.Victoria and Caleb still don’t realize what they and the other players left did and said to the jury members to have them be bitter.

    1. Oh how I can’t wait for the AFP results. Caleb is downright OBSESSED with it and the way they all DISMISS Donny and Zach for AFP is so ridiculous. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when either Donny or Zach win it. And if they reveal the top 3 I’m sure none of these self absorbed fools will even be in the running. Ha!

  34. This whole boring season will be worth it to see the YouTube mogul ejected with Julie’s “Frankie you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”

    1. How we can only hope this is the case. There have been questions on whether or not he will get boos when he leaves… I think he will. Frankie being on the show had to be in CBS’ plan considering that his sister’s management already had major TV plans for her “career” advancement. However I don’t think it went as they expected. Frankie was loved at first and went down hill with BB fans. His sister was all the craze until her unearned “diva” status was reported all over TV recently. Her actions actually reflect on his. They act similar and both should be thankful for the opportunities they gave been given. Instead they are both very self absorbed and care very little on who they step on and over to get to the top. Both very dilusional.

      1. If Frankie doesn’t win veto I think it will he will have a very interesting melt down which will show even more of his personality. He is very transparent.

      2. AGAIN, for the umpteenth time, CBS has NOTHING to do with Ariana Grande. That would be Vivendi, which is not owned by CBS Corp.

        Give this conspiracy theory a rest.

        1. Sooty I didn’t mean to imply that CBS was in cohoots with anyone or any other company. I was pointing out that publicity is publicity. And we the viewers watch more than just CBS. So with that in mind, there has to be cross over fans and NOT fans now.

  35. Seriously, shocked. Shocked. That Caleb put Frankie up. Good going, BMC. You got your bb pants on, finally. :) Frankie must go!

  36. Frankie-stein has a huge tell…he is less handsy and almost standoffish when he is upset. He is handsy when he feels he has the upper hand and wants to gauge if someone is on his side.

    Can I just request that we vote more wisely for TA next season? He and Derrick took TA as a mandate to further their own cause.

    1. The truth, of course, is that Donny lasted as long as he did because of TA. He would have been gone a few weeks earlier otherwise — because Derrick and Frankie weren’t sure what would happen if they led the charge to evict the beard.

      Derrick and Frankie were already in the Bomb Squad when they found out they were members of Team America.

  37. Hmm, I see Frankie winning veto, and Vacancy going to jury… Hopefully Derrick or Cody can win the veto, and send the Rotten Pink Panther packing..

  38. Don’t count snuggles out yet. He is the best BB player of all time do you really think he won’t win? Foolish, you guys think with your hearts and not your brains. Frankie for President1

    1. Oh, Frankie’s Lover, I have to admit that you put a smile on my face because of your tongue-in-cheek comments about your sweety. Frankie’s reaction to his nomination is so much like a young child’s displeasure with his friends when they say or do something he doesn’t like or he thinks is unfair to him. “Nobody loves me; everybody hates me; I think I’ll go eat worms!” Many of us have “voted to evict Frankie” a long time ago. It’s way past due for the HGS to do it and send him to the JH where he can be given a warm Christine-style welcome.

      1. That’s the problem we all wanted him gone a long time ago, but since he’s still there along with a bunch of other people that don’t deserve to win, it’s doesn’t matter if he stays or go. Had Nicole Donny or Hayden still been in the house instead of Cody, Caleb and Vic then we would all be shouting YES get Frankie out, but what good is it to get him out now? No one ha figured out yet even if Frankie made it to final two that jury will not award him the win. Whether he deserves to be there or not the jury will not allow him to win because they can’t get over the fact of not only his actions but knowing his sister has money. They would give it to someone else before giving it to Frankie. So him staying is beneficial to everyone left and besides once he’s gone if you think the season was boring before just watch how boring it will be if he leaves. At least he give the other houseguest motivation to try and play the game.

    1. Its more likely to snow in Southern California than it is for Victoria to win. BUT if by some miracle she does, she will not use the veto to pull herself off. Derrick probably already has at least 6 ‘good’ reasons why it would be bad game play for her to save herself.

  39. I like Zach and all but he gets away with a lot of crap just bc people like him breaking Vic’s necklace and scratching her name off the door all because she destroyed her own pink hat and she only did it bc she was tired of him talking shit about her all summer long and she never did anything to him. He was horrible to almost every girl in the house and kicked them when they were down but apparently when it comes to him he can’t take it?

  40. Do I detect a note of jealousy from Derrick when he told Victoria “try not to marry Caleb”? He’s the one who told her to get close to Caleb but now he’s not liking it? That’s what you get when you want to wh*re your “wife” out!

  41. Sorry, I meant to say “pimp” your wife out but was thinking how she (Victoria) acts like a wh*re for Derrick’s purposes.

  42. Ugh I can’t believe I want Frankie to win that veto. This house has been so boring can we get at least a little excitement? I want to see which one of these guys backstab each other first. Victoria needs to go! I cant believe people are rooting for her that’s how bad this season has been. Does anyone not recall how nasty she has been in her DR sessions towards the other girls? She is just as bad as the rest of them even worse in the fact that she hasn’t done a single useful thing in this game. Don’t even get me started on the pig who thinks he is still in the police station trying to control everyone. Frankie has done well in comps so there’s that. I vote Cody and Caleb for final 2. With Donny winning AFP by a LANDSLIDE

  43. As an avid watcher of BB ( since S01) I am very impressed with Derek’s game play. Being able to get a multitude of people to do your bidding and then thank you for the help is manipulation at it’s very best. This is Big Brother… The name of the game is to find a way to get to the end without pissing off the jury and to have things go your way every week. Every week Derek has controlled what has happened. I think he is playing an incredible game ( it is a game after all ) moving the players around like pieces on a chess board. It is much more difficult to control the game through strategy then comp wins. I am very impressed by Derek and would love to see him in an all star season.
    Frankie is no dummy either but he has also been swept away by Derek’s ability to read people and play to their weakness/paranoia.
    Derek for the win as the best player this season hands down. And from what we have seen from the jury house they feel the same way.

    1. Derrick only had a hand in Zach going and a partial hand in Donny going which everyone in his alliance wanted. True Derrick did an amazing job at getting people to like him and not go against him, but he stood behind Frankie while Frankie made the moves with getting people on the block and getting them voted out. As a group they discussed getting Hayden out because Hayden wasn’t a part of they’re alliance and he felt Hayden Nicole and Donny could pull Chris or Vic to their side. He tried to get Frankie and Christine out under Nicole’s and Donny’s HOH’s but failed both times, no he wasn’t behind getting everyone out.

  44. The highlight of AfterDark last night was Caleb spilling the beans to Frankie. I already thought Frankie was “on” to Derek and his manipulations but this sealed it. Especially since it was LITERALLY (lol) moments after Derprick was guaranteeing Frankie he had his back.

    The one thing that made me bonkers was Caleb’s excuses for NOT nominating Derek. “Oh well it not fair b/c he didn’t get a chance to play in HOH twice. Big whoop he has NEVER been on the block so his ass should be feeling some heat. At least he was stressing last night after find out Caleb had this “talk” with Frankie. Oh and HELLO IDIOTS Derek is spending more time w/Victoria now then he did before the “fight” SO WAKE THE HELL UP!

    1. It’s interesting how many women on here dislike Derelict (except family members & friends of his wife). Put him in a house full of 40+ yr old women and he wouldn’t last a week. Been there, done that, heard it all. Save your breath Derelict, we’re on to you!

  45. The argument Derrick has been repeating that he got ‘boned’ in the last two HOH comps because he couldn’t play – yes but when has he ever really got screwed over in this game? Never. He’s never been put on the block or had to fight to stay. Everyone’s attention has been on other people so Derrick saying he somehow got screwed over is ludicrous.
    They don’t even see that? Why can we see it so clearly and these boneheads can’t.
    I still feel if anyone takes Victoria to the end they are nothing but a coward.

    1. But Derrick used the fact that he didn’t get to play in two HOH’s perfectly with the perfect person: Caleb. Like him or not, Caleb does have this sense of right and wrong and I think he honestly felt that was not quite fair. In his own Caleb kind of way.

      1. Derrick has used Caleb’s mess up childhood against him. Caleb’s mom had a rough time when he was growing up, therefore, Derrick tells him how he is trying to make a better life for his wife and daughter, that he would be happy with $50,000. As screwed up as Caleb is, he does have a soft heart, along with his loyalty. In terms of BB, he is screwed.
        I think if Derrick takes Victoria to the end he will not get the money. Everyone has already said they would not respect that move… and I agree. He takes Cody, I think he will lose. It would be close with Caleb. With Frankie, a maybe.

    2. “Anyone who takes Victoria is a coward.” Be realistic. Taking Victoria would not be cowardly. It would be smart. In past seasons, Julie would sometimes ask, “Who would you rather take? Someone you can beat or someone who deserves to be here?” And I have never heard anyone say “Someone I can beat.” They always say, “Someone who deserves to be here.” BULLSHIT!!! No dumbass is going to take someone they think will win, over someone they could beat, simply because the would be winner deserves it. If you were in that house, and you won the Final HOH, would you take Derrick, knowing he would beat you, or would you take Victoria, knowing you could beat her?? You would absolutely take Victoria. So, your last statement is absolute bullshit. Caleb might take Derrick, not because Derrick deserves it more, but because he wrongfully believes he could beat Derrick. If Cody wins the Final HOH, and drops Derrick, and takes Victoria, he is not being a coward. He is being smart. Derrick could take either one and win. The only person who may not care so much about the $450,000 difference is Frankie. Be honest. You just hate the idea of Victoria getting to the end. Would you sacrifice $450,000 for yourself or your family, just because the person you could obviously beat didn’t deserve 2nd place?? NO.. Unless you’re rich, and just don’t care about the money.

  46. I can’t see why people would root for Victoria just so the other guys don’t win. Has she really earned 500k or even 50k? I’m just not seeing it….If you’re one of those rooting for her, please explain her game….

    1. It would be so awesome to see someone win who did not overthink the game and stay up all night scheming. Plus, they have all been pretty mean and degrading to her – especially about her intellect. It would be poetic justice. And, it would probably be the only “unexpected” to an otherwise painful season.

    2. For me, it’s more a matter of I don’t want any of the others to win than I want her to win. All the others want to win so bad, especially Derek, and have been so mean and awful all season that I hope they don’t get what they want.

    3. I dont like Victoria at all… but I would want her to win only because Derrick has been using her, dragging her to the end and belittling her behind her back all the way, because he thinks he can beat her in the F2. It would be a big kick in his arrogant balls for her to win after the way he and his stooges have treated her.

    4. No one thinks Victoria should win but quite honestly the hg’s this year have embarrassed themselves so badly they may as well get the biggest embarrassment of all.
      Congratulations to the winner of season 16 … Victoria???

  47. Caleb, you were the Number 1 dumbo in the Bomb Squad and that hasn’t changed, so I wouldn’t be talking shit Bitch Mode CowGirl with Stalker Tendencies.

  48. “Frankie says there’s a way to handle things and there’s a way to not handle things and when things are not handled appropriately there are repercussions.”

    And since, you’ve never held up to that, these are the repercussions.. Remember what you did to Zach, because he wouldn’t f*ck you?

  49. So if Caleb has faith in himself, he’s delusional and a moron. If Cody admits he’s not a genius, you guys rip him apart for even thinking he was being referred to.

    Half of you posters are 10X more negative and spiteful than the house guests.

  50. It’s really annoying how everyone keeps talking about people “Lying” in the game. It’s a game and if everyone else is dumb enough to fall for it, Derrick deserves to win. NO ONE has ever won this game by being completely truthful and you can’t judge someone because their lie is a different type of lie than someone else’s, that’s just stupid.

    1. I also think that Derrick is quite skilled at telling people exactly what they need to hear at the right moment. He spends a lot of time thinking out his options. He just doesn’t blurt out what he think they want to hear or just talking in general without thinking about it. That type of game is a good reason why some people such as Zach and Nicole are not there. It’s like a chess game to Derrick and he’s about 3 moves ahead of everyone all the time.

  51. I was surprised at what Julie Chen said to the NY Post, just shows that media has there own spin on everything. CBS can’t be seeing what the fans are thinking of BB 16 and Shankie.

  52. This photo veto has got to be one of the easiest for production to rig the outcome. Since they all do it on their own, with none of the others watching, and that ridiculous board they use to show each persons time, production can give any of them any time they want! Especially when it’s close like DePricks and Skankie’s was last time…I was not surprised at all when Skankie won it and if he is still productions “golden boy”, he will win it again! Disgusting!!

  53. Derrick keeps saying if anyone takes victoria to finals they are a coward. he and cody plan on final 3 with her. That makes them idiots. Lol. Thats not going to get them jury votes

    1. Derick and his bitch Cody are both hypocrites. All this yapping about it being cowardly to take Victoria to the end and that has been Derprick’s plan from the start. I hope it bites them in the ass.

  54. This hatred you all have for the gay man is not healthy.Last season everyone bashed Andy,This season everyone is bashing Frankie And next season everyone will bash the effeminate gay man they put in the house.

    1. The dislike for Frankie has NOTHING to do with the fact that he’s gay…he’s just an utterly disgusting person who happens to be gay.

    2. what????? everyone is bashing the pink hair clown because of his actions and his words that fly out of his mouth, along the facts he is a vial scumbag!!! have you not watched the show idiot???? as a gay man im not taking the comments as being “gay bashing” has nothing to do with him being gay, he is a fame whore low life pervert scumbag!! plain and simple!!!! You have no clue !!!!!

    3. It has nothing to do with him being gay. He is arrogant and thinks he is entitled to win and thinks he is better than everyone else !!!!! He said yesterday that he was mad that the jurors took away his money and messed up his house. He has already won $20,000 with Team America.

    4. I have no doubt that there may be some bigots who post but to assume everyone that takes issue with Frankie is one just goes too far. Frankie doesn’t represent all Gays and his game at times was dirty. His need for constant attention is annoying. I don’t like his game. Lying to people in a way that hurt them is not positive game play. Frankie is not a nice game player and that has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. He crosses boundaries that make him appear to lack class. I would like to see him go home but I know he may not. Andy had lousy game play too and his sexual orientation had nothing to do with me not liking how he played the game. I did like him better than Frankie because he didn’t mug the camera as much , that is annoying whomever is doing it. Play the darn game and forget we are watching….

    5. Anonymous, are you suffering from some sort of delirium? HAVE YOU READ SOME OF YOUR PAST POSTS ABOUT Frankie? You really should before you accuse others of having homophobic tendencies.

  55. I really want Derrick to win the POV so Frankie leaves this week. I don’t think the others have a chance to win it based on the previous attempt. That being said (haha), next week will be interesting regardless. Option one is that Frankie loses the POV and is evicted which leaves Derrick, Cody and Victoria to play in the HOH. Obviously one of the guys will win it and put up Caleb and Victoria. Can you imagine how Caleb is going to feel about being voted out before Victoria? That could make for some good TV. Option two is that Frankie does win the POV this week and Victoria goes home as planned. Frankie will be doing everything in his power to win that next HOH and if he does, you can almost be sure that Caleb is the next one out that door. If Cody or Derrick win it, then it is a battle between Frankie and Caleb. I think it will be fun to watch it go down myself.

    I also want to add that I don’t think that Frankie has/had any intention of taking Caleb to the F2. He’s 2nd in comp wins, hasn’t really been too responsible for anyone’s eviction and I think that Frankie might still remember the BMC shout outs at the football reward. I think the only guaranteed F2 option would be Cody and Derrick and that is only if Cody gets to pick who he sits next too. I think he really intends on being there with Derrick. Up until the last day or two I thought Derrick would take Victoria, but I am not sure who he would rather have in the jury making his case, Cody or Victoria.

    1. I still think he wants Victoria over everyone else, but she isn’t doing anything to clear that path for herself. Derrick being Derrick,has already hedged his bet. He knows he can also beat Cody. This means Cody is still in the running for a F2 with him.

      I’m getting the feeling that the powers-that-be (AKA Production) want a Derrick/Frankie showdown though, so Derrick’s preferences might all be for naught.

  56. Donny and Zach are a tie for my favorites. Considering Donny has made a lot of extra money with TA and will with his upcoming bold and the beautiful guest appearance, I think Zach deserves some extra money too. He worked extra hard to entertain us this season and is a genuinely good kid. So he deserves something too!

  57. Truly curious: what is it with all the Donny love? The man was a perceptive player I give you that, but a good player? He had zero social game and performed well in competitions but he was a “have to” winner. Meaning unless he had to win it, he didn’t. Except for the veto comp that sent him to JH and I have to say at that point, he just gave up since both he and Nicole put the veto on a platter and handed it to Cody.
    He was not entertaining and reminded me of some segment of Hee Haw or maybe Andy Griffith show; the homespun wit and charm were okay but got dull and boring (much like this entire season) after awhile.
    People say he was ostracized by the younger houseguests but he wasn’t until it was official “word on the street” he was leaving the house; and he is not the only one who was ostracized. Nicole and Zach were also but no one is saying poor them. The only reason the other jury members weren’t ostracized is because they were all blindsided in double evictions.
    People say he was so sweet and innocent but Donny had plenty of crap with him also: when a TA mission did not fit his gameplay, he flat out refused it with no thought to his other teammates. Yet, he tried to guilt both Derrick and Frankie when Donny’s suggestion for a mission would not fit in with their gameplay. He is not old, but played up the “old man” persona to the hilt. He did everything the other houseguests did as far as lie and manipulate (they all did) and I get it: there is a way to do things and the house was basically good vs evil if you will, but what makes Donny stand out from the other “good” people?
    Not a troll and not hg bashing, just would like to hear the opinions of others who are Donny fans

    1. I like Donny but I don’t love him. His plan of playing HIS game so early instead of trying to find a group he could work with was his and Nicole and Hayden’s downfall. By the time he was willing to join up with N&H it was too late. That being said, Donny will get my vote for AF because he figured out what was going on in the house and told pretty much anyone who would listen. By then, no one had Donny’s back because he wanted to play HIS game too long. Don’t get my wrong, everyone must play their own game but no one wins by themselves. And mostly we want Donny to win AF because he is the most likeable houseguest of the season.

  58. Of all the houseguests this year, I find myself most shocked with Hayden. Early on he was a favorite of mine with his quirky humor and antics in the house. But it didn’t take long for me to start questioning his game. He started a showmance of sorts with Nicole, and they started to play and think as a unit. BAD FOR GAME! They both should have known that. He sat back and only won 1 comp. and watched in the weeds as the game went on around him. Since his eviction, I think he has turned into a little brat. Personally I am tired of looking at his bare ass on the TV screen, and his throwing of the chair when he discovered that he had won $5000.00 for Victoria as well as for himself was just downright childish. Victoria had done nothing against him in the game. Just looked like a childish tantrum to me.

    1. Victoria is useless. Please get her off the show ASAP. If she wins 50k for attending summer camp then I will lose an ounce of hope in this world. says:

      Can’t stand Victoria, but I agree that Hayden was a massive disappointment on the show. He was unfortunate that the week he decided to actually start playing was the week that he got betrayed finally, but still he had a golden chance to get in with the core of the defunct Bomb Squad and gain their confidence, but instead decided that he would rather continue to be goody and lazy throughout the summer.

      He had his chance to shake up the game and failed. As far as his humor, Zach was spot on that he tries waay too hard to be funny The fact that the jurors returning on the live feeds got cut short because he decided he would moon the camera actually pissed me off as well.

  59. Next week I expect to see everyone’s impersonation of Pinnoccio . The big whoppers from everyone is going to cause noses to grow into tree branches. I know lying is part of this game but this week it is lying overload.

  60. Did anyone hear Frankie telling Derrick he’ll be 29 on his nexted birthday?….I googled him and his 31!….I guess I really not surprised..boy oh boy…..

  61. Now Production just told Frankie and Derrick if they are both in the Final 2 together then the winner will receive a bonus of $50,000 so $550,000 total for the winner because of Team America

  62. Just when you thought Frankie was out.

    Production steps in to rig the game and tells Derrick he will get a 50k bonus to take Frankie to the F2.

    WOW. I guess Frankie realized he was all by himself after Caleb put him up and went and whined about it to the DR so now they come up with this BS out of nowhere to try and save Frankie.

    It’s pathetic really. Very disappointed in BB this season. If Frankie loses the veto yet somehow stays on because of this mess, then it is a travesty. I’ve never seen such blatant cheating and manipulation from production on behalf of a BB contestant in my life.

    I guess when you have a sister who is a pop star people will bend over backwards to appease you so that they can get a piece of her pie as well. Good business you are doing CBS in trying to bend over backwards for the Grande family for better publicity. At least we know where your priorities lie. Who cares about providing an entertaining show which would be better for the long run of the show. It’s all about taking advantage of the Grande name to cash in big in the present.

  63. Dawg!!! Please confirm. I just read on another site that DR told TA that if they both get to the F2 the winner gets an extra $50k. NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    1. Yes I’ve just done a post about it… bb is offering them another 50k to go to the final 2 together.. funny how they’ve offered this once its clear Frankie is the target.

  64. when you realize that bbrewind saved the most useless houseguest of the season and not production’s precious Frankie like they designed it for.

    LOLOLOL. Now production is vigorously trying to fix their ‘mistake’ by offering Derrick 50k to keep Frankie and get rid of Victoria.

  65. My big brother better not be evicted this week. I went and complained to BB production and told them I would get all my fans to boycott the show if Frankie got evicted so now they are offering Derrick money to take my big brother to the F2 to avoid my wrath.

    Being famous, popular, and wealthy is so much fun.

    1. This morning when they were separately called into the diary room they got another team america card that stated one of them would get 50K if they both make it to the end.

  66. I am so confused! Now Derrick is telling Frankie that he and Cody are not flipping to vote him out.

    I thought they wanted Frankie OUT

  67. I agree at this point I don’t care who wins they are all egotistical lunatics. Also to be fair to Hayden he did realize his mistake in trying to play the game to late he wanted to float a little and then form an alliance when he entered but he tried too late. Also Hayden and Nicole both tried not to be perceived as a showmance though you would have to be blind not to see they couldn’t stay away from each other. One last thought the jury members were told to go into the house and cause a mess, I’m thinking because they cleaned last week and it was rewind I’ll have to reserve judgement on the chair tossing until I see it not sure what that was about but I do agree enough with the mooning

  68. Just read a leak that CBS had only their employees in the audience when Frankie was evicted and didn’t allow anyone to boo! What the hell is that? You didn’t care when he violated all the guys space and bodies constantly, said such vile things sexually about Victoria, and when Cody won POV he literally opened his mouth while Cody was lying down and went towards his pelvis. But CBS supposedly is affiliated with Ariana’s record label…guess they didn’t want to ruffle any feathers even though Frankie was one of the most deviant people ever in the BB House. Everyone wanted to hear the true fans reaction when he was evicted, guess his ginormic ego couldn’t take the truth.
    Questions: Any way to vote for AFP without putting in all your personal info?

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