Derrick – I keep telling him you’re safe you’re safe.. if I win that Veto you’re going home

POV Holder: ? POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-11 18-59-29-087
6:58pm FIRE ROOM Derrick and Frankie
Frankie says him going on the block is an ego thing for Caleb Frankie doesn’t think Caleb as any intentions of sending him home. Frankie adds that Caleb did the same thing about with Amber.
Victoria joins them.
Frankie says he’s not going to study much now that he knows the POV isn’t tonight. He’s thinking about getting some rest. The POV won’t start until late tomorrow so he can study then fully rested.
Victoria says she doesn’t feel good she’s going to bed early. Derrick says he’s never gone to bed early once while in the house he doubts he will tonight. Frankie asks him to keep the action away from the Fire Room so he can sleep.

BB16 2014-09-11 18-59-41-590

7:04pm Pool table Caleb and Cody
Caleb telling Cody one of you Jamokes better win the veto tomorrow
Cody – Why don’t you win it.. back to back..

BB16 2014-09-11 19-09-20-047

7:08pm Derrick and Victoria Fire Room
Derrick – I keep telling him you’re safe you’re safe you’re save if I win that Veto you are going home
Derrick tells her Cody wants Frankie gone to so as longs long as one of them three win the POV Victoria isn’t going home.
Victoria says she cannot stand Frankie when he’s so paranoid
Derrick – lets see how he does in this game when he’s on the block.. he’s super smart though.. super smart.
Victoria says Frankie is 100% pissed about the button and the money.
Derrick – I really genuinely wanted to see one of the people that haven’t won any money to win it.
Derrick says Frankie and Cody both have money he really wanted Victoria to win it.
Victoria says Hayden should have been kissed her feet for being there for Nicole when she came into the house. If is wasn’t for Victoria Nicole would have been a wreck. Instead Hayden was rude to Victoria – “Hayden should be kissing my feet for giving her the time of day”
Victoria – Zach is such an a$$hole.. Cody is obsessed with him.
Victoria says someone carved out her name. Derrick tells her to just carve it again. Victoria is but she thinks it’s really evil for someone to do that.
VIctoria says the only people that didn’t like her enough to do that are Zach and Christine.
Derrick says F*** Christine she’s a nobody that is why he sent her home
Caleb comes in briefly, Victoria – who are you looking for
Caleb – Nothing.
Derrick leaves to study.

BB16 2014-09-11 19-29-46-212
7:20pm Pool table Frankie and Cody
Frankie brings up Caleb’s Nomination speech where he said he was the king.
Cody says he’s won few competitions and has more pull than Caleb, Frankie says won a lot of comps and has way more pull than Caleb. Cody figures there’s a person like that every season.
They start complaining about Victoria winning the money.
Frankie would have liked a heads up from Caleb.
Cody can understand that says Caleb really didn’t have a reason for Frankie over Derrick or Derrick over Frankie.
Frankie – it was his ego.. which I understand.
Cody – go in there and CRUSH it if you don’t you are safe..
Frankie points out that nobody has put Derrick on the block.
Frankie knows Caleb is going to try for that Veto like his life is on the line “He wants it.. he just wants it”

BB16 2014-09-11 19-36-39-927

7:36pm Derrick and Caleb Memory wall
Talking about America’s Favorite which is consuming Caleb more than Amber did. Derrick says if Him or Cody win the POV it means the three of them are going to final 3. Caleb says same if he wins the Veto.
Caleb seems pretty confident says he’s got everyone’s faces down.
Caleb – I hope he (Frankie) gets drawn first.. that way when his time is revealed we’ll know”
Derrick – they are smart they f*** with us
Derrick says if Frankie threw that HOH he’s dumb, “If he losses tomorrow he’s going home.. DUMB”


7:59pm Caleb and Frankie chasing each other in the backyard. Their wrestling spills into the kitchen.

BB16 2014-09-11 20-10-54-914

BB16 2014-09-11 20-11-25-344

8:11pm Cody and Frankie studying. Victoria joins them says that none of the Memory wall pictures have been “photo-shopped”

8:21pm Pool Derrick and Frankie Frankie thinks Caleb would use the veto on him if he won but he doesn’t think Caleb will win it it will be either him or Derrick. Frankie wishes Caleb had just kept the noms the same. Derrick thinks Cody and Caleb are Cool together every since that one night they got drunk. Derrick says if any of them take Victoria because they thinks she’s a easy win he’s giving Victoria the money, “That is a literally coward way out”
Frankie – Cowardly.. I think not sending her home this week is cowardly”
Derrick says when the jury members see the season they won’t think he’s a bad guy.
Frankie thinks production “egged” Caleb on to nominated him. Derrick says it’s possible it’s making for good TV. Frankie adds that him being nominated is the best thing that could have happened for the show’s excitement.
Derrick says this is a heavy weight title match.. and he took a shot at you
Frankie – that has been the story for weeks..

8:41pm Frankie “I just think what Caleb did today was a dick move.. Why didn’t tell me.. and he didn’t tell you “
Derrick – no.. I was with you the entire day..
Derrick adds that he thought there was a chance he would go up.
Frankie says out side of this house he would not be able to take Caleb. His friends are probably thinking “Oh My GOD”

Frankie says in his soul he though he was going up because Caleb doesn’t like to play second fiddle to any one “His Enormous Ego”

8:58pm Frankie says what Caleb did to him will hurt him with public perception.
9:07pm Caleb, Derrick, Cody and Frankie they mention how Victoria is CRUSHING the memory wall. Caleb thinks it’s going to mess her up studying so much. They get a holla from Jocasta. Derrick mentions how it’s obvious that Jocasta hates them all from how she acted today. Derrick asks Caleb isn’t Forgiveness a major part of the religion.

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157 thoughts on “Derrick – I keep telling him you’re safe you’re safe.. if I win that Veto you’re going home

  1. If Frankie goes home this week you might as well hand Derrick the 500 thousand. Therefore as sad as it may seem I’m rooting for Frankie to win veto

    1. What dan said on bb the other night (and I am not a huge dan fan) was sort of true. If derrick gets to the final two he is going to have a hard time explaining why he deserves to win over anyone but victoria. He hasn’t been on the the block so he never had to pull himself off, or campaign to stay.He has barely won any competitions at all and hi HOH was a joke. I think it will be hard to explain to the jury that he basically sat around all summer and manipulated every conversation.

      1. Have you not seen the shows with jury house? They all said Derrick and Frankie are running the show.

        They said quote, “Derrick has had a hand in each one of them sitting in the jury house.”

        1. This is true but a part of me is wondering if they’ll end up being like, “so what?”
          They could potentially end up thinking that Derrick didn’t make any big moves himself. Like, “Oh yeah he suggested things but it was so-and-so who ultimately made the move, not Derrick.”

      2. Derrick better be careful, if he ends up final two with Victoria, she will beat him. The jury is acting like they don’t like her so that someone will take her to the end. That jury is much smarter than they think. Their ego will trip them up. And the jury is bitter toward Derrick and Frankie. If she wins, they will just die!

        1. They always say “if X is F2, we’ll vote for them” blah blah blah, but at the end of the game, the jury doesn’t actually vote bitterly, they seem to always choose the person who actually did play the best. We always hope they won’t, because we tend to dislike that person more than the other one, but even choosing to take Victoria as F2 to the end, will most likely get Victoria standing up and saying, Derrick here beside me? He brought me all this way and your votes should go to him

          8:58pm Frankie says what Caleb did to him will hurt him with public perception.

          Um, no Frankie, it will make Caleb really really popular. :)

    2. I want Derrick or Cody to win POV so that seals Frankie’s fate and off to jury he goes. Derrick FTW BB16 just because he’s made it this far manipulating people and never been nominated at all. I wanted him defeated for a long time but that never happened so now I say he might as well finish what he started.

        1. Dan is closely tied to Big Brother. He is not going to go on the show and trash a houseguest, that Big Brother is trying to promote. Let Dan get together with Dick Donato, and let them bat around the game play of Derrick. You will get an entirely different opinion.

          1. Of course anyone who you put up against someone who has already played the game is going to have to come up with a new game plan. That would be ANY former player, as all of their games have been exposed. It goes without saying that every person’s game technique wold have to reinvented and tweaked. As of right now, Derrick is the only one using manipulation to its fullest extent. The jury knows it’s Derrick who is the real puppet master. They could change their minds at any time but the other night they were all giving Derrick kudos for playing the game so well. They recognize they’ve been manipulated and they also recognize it’s part of the game.

        1. “Frankie says public perception of himself is very important to him because it will make or break him. That is why loyalty is the only thing that is important.”

          umm….hehe Frankie, you’re in for a rude awakening bud!

          1. I about spit out my coffee reading Frankie say public perseption will make or break him…QMG….He really thinks highly of himself….so waiting for the balloon to burst.

          2. If Frankie is so concerned about his image outside of the BB house, then why is being such a pig? Honestly there seems to be at least one gay house guest each season on Big Brother but Frankie has been a real pig this season asking the other boys to show him their penis and more than once. Frankie should have a little more class knowing everyone in america can see and hear everything he says and does in that house. If i were his family I would be so embarased.

    3. Correct. Veto can determine winner of BB16.

      Frankie doesn’t win veto, he goes home. Caleb can’t compete next hoh. Cody of Derrick win hoh, put up Vic and Caleb. Caleb goes home. Then Derrick either goes to final with Cody or Derrick.

      Then Derrick is winner BB16.

    1. Without Frankie in the house, there would be no drama. Not unless you want a house full of all boring people. If anything it’s Frankie who has caused in one way or another the most drama in and outside the house, with the exception of Zach, but that’s another story all together. What would people then have left to talk about if Frankie is gone? Caleb’s fascination with Amber? Cody crying for his dad? Victoria playing with her hair and telling Derrick how much she wants him to win? Don’t forget Derrick telling the other house guests they would be taking the food out of his daughter’s mouth if they nominated him. That’s really what you want?

  2. I think the jury was harsh on Victoria so that the others would take her to the final 2. I mean if she makes it she’ll probably win.

      1. Well she’d have Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Donny & Jocosta. The bomb squad has pissed half the jury off. Victoria (if she makes it to the final2) would have shown extreme strategy to get there while never having won a comp.

        She really would have deserved it the ultimate floater. She hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back and she made it to the end.

        Really anyone could beat Cody he’s the ideal person to sit next to.

        I wouldn’t take Derrick at all.

        I wouldn’t take Victoria.

        Caleb and Frankie I think will be a 50/50 shot if anyone took them.

        1. Although I find it very hard to underestimate this group of jury members, they aren’t so pissed off that they are going to reward a do-nothing, win-nothing blowhard over people who may have pissed them off personally. More importantly, the group of people in the jury may not like the bomb-squad/detonators as a group, but Caleb, Cody and Derrick are fairly well-liked. The wheels are already turning…on Thursday’s show, Donnie praised Frankie’s game and Christine praised Derrick’s game(something to the affect of “it pissed me off but was pretty damn impressive”) Jury members are always bitter at first but they usually come around in the end. If Victoria is in the final two, I’d put a ton of money on the player sitting beside her and would feel safe doing so.

    1. Maybe she’s using reverse psychology and trying to make the remaining HGs think the jury treated her so bad, and therefore she’s not a threat which means one of them should take her to F2? Nah, this is Victoria we are talking about. She just likes complaining about everything besides her ‘brother’ Derrick.

  3. Derrick could talk a dog off a meat truck. This is at least the third or fourth time he’s convinced someone to put their own best ally on the block instead of him. Christine –> Nicole (twice), Frankie –>Zach, now Caleb –>Frankie.

    I wonder what he’d charge to come to work with me and talk to my boss about giving me a raise.

    1. Not really these people are already f*cked up anyway. Christine was never into Nicole. She locked into Nicole’s insecurity at the time. Nicole and Christine both had glasses and were supposedly “outsiders”. When it really wasn’t true for Nicole and Christine was a freak.She was jealous her especially with Hayden in the picture. Doing that to Nicole was satisfying. She just needed some back up. I don’t believe Frankie was every really truly into Zach and was jealous of him too because of his personality. They probably faux connected because they were from the same area . And Frankie maybe didn’t like how Zach would do things independently like when he put up Nicole and Christine since Frankie thought he was one of the stars of the show. And anyone manipulating Caleb doesn’t have to the smart as he is simple-minded moron who would vote against his best interest for egotistical shallow reasons. I mean he said stuff like he’s the king (Lol).

      1. You have a great read on these people. I never thought about Zach that way, but it makes sense. Frankie has to be the star & Zach’s personality rivaled Frankie’s. That’s the real reason why in Frankie’s mind, Zach had to go. Frankie is still justifying his betrayal. And Christine was positively jealous of Nicole & Hayden.

      2. I also think Frankie is very jealous of Zach, which led to his being evicted, especially when people started yelling positive things about Zach from outside the house. That’s when Frankie really seemed to turn on him.

  4. hope they win the veto so Frankie goes home. Jury will be pleased.

    I have no clue what happened with this luxury comp, obviously Hayden and Victoria worked together? Or what? the jury worked against them finding something, or worked trying to find something so they would win. who knows. I don’t see the point of trashing the place to look tho

    See with the right motivation (the word luxury) Victoria can pull off a win.

    1. I think production told the jury members to trash the house, so the remaining houseguests would have to do some good thorough cleaning.

      1. My read on it is that the current HGs didn’t actually play. Their “team mate” from the jury did the competition, and both of them won 5K…..Vic and Hayden in this case. I think she just got the luck of the draw. She would have been much more animated about her “performance” otherwise.

  5. No Frankie, Production did not fluence You going on the block, You are just universally disliked for being an arrogant, foul moron

    1. You are naive if you don’t think that production may have had a hand in Caleb’s nomination. NOT because production wants him gone, but because this would be the biggest boost of the season and be a nail biter all the way to the POV night. I think production has heard loud and clear the complaints of viewers that this has been a boring season, what would be more exciting than to see Frankie fight for his life in the BB house this late in the game? I mean he has done so many times before, but this is the most important game for him so far. Remember nobody in the jury house other than maybe Nicole/Christine has really any problems with Frankie, Zach has forgiven him.

  6. Caleb: “At the end of the day”,, Daggum this/Daggum that…..
    Derek: “That being said”
    Frankie: “My sister……my sister……my sister”
    Christine: “Cackle cackle cackle”
    Cody: “Snorrrrrt”.

    This is what this wonderful game has been reduced to. And these 5 a$$hats are largely responsible for this season’s suckiness.

  7. Fartoria is a disgusting bitch. She said the most sacreligious thing you can do in her faith is talk bad about someone……mmmmhmmmm. She’s such a skank with her too-tight clothing. Why would she tell anyone in the house (4 men) that she’s got her period. Who the fuc* cares…got find some hair to tweeze on your disgusting Fred Flintstone toes.

    1. you are an awful hateful person. these comment sections are a wreck, everyone picking apart at the house guests appearances and such, it’s disgusting and disrespectful and mean spirited.

    2. She also is impressed with vapid Kim Kardashian and looks in the mirror waiting for it to ask her who’s the fairest of them all. So I don’t think the majority of people are taking what she says with too much validity. But maybe announcing her period is because she’s been living with those guys for like 3 months and they are all familiar with each other.Or maybe because there’s a comp coming up lol.

  8. It sounds as if DePrick just slipped up by saying that if anyone takes Victoria to the finals is taking the cowardly way out. I don’t know if Fakie picked up on that or not. Obviously, if Victoria is supposed to leave this week (while Fakie is on the block), there would be no need to think Victoria would even be around after this week. DePrick may not be as smart as everyone is giving him credit for. Happy dreams everyone.

    1. Derrick has been given waaay too much credit for his so-called perfect game. What does that game consist of: acting like a 16-year-old in the playground who’s always got a story that captivates the guys attention and diverts attention from him. Cop skills. The other thing he did excellently was throw the drowning rat Victoria who everyone hated from the beginning; a life vest only knowing too well that she’s his meal ticket to 500K. Coward move. His constant use of the word fuc*in’ while talking to his jamokes is really juvenile and watching it is nauseating (so I don’t).
      I can’t stand the sight of him and his flapping lips in every conversation. I think he got presented with a gift wrapped in bow on top of a hair weave AKA Victoria and he is the biggest coward for taking said gift – every else relied on winning or being good at something. Not these 2 – Victoria and Derrick are, in my estimation the worst of this seasons players. In addition to that, they are the most horrendous humans to watch on live feeds.

      1. Really?! lol… You must have missed the part where he suggested to all the other guys that keeping Victoria around was a good idea, so they could ALL use her as a pawn and then dump her at the end. Of course, because it was Derricks BRILLIANT idea, he takes the heat for it while all the other guys agreed to it as well and have followed through with it as well. Not only that, it’s part of the game. Are you really that upset that he would (God forbid) use someone in a game that is all about deceit and getting far as you can by capitalizing on other people’s inadequacies by any means, such as mind manipulation?

      2. Really?! lol… You must have missed the part where he suggested to all the other guys that keeping Victoria around was a good idea, so they could ALL use her as a pawn and then dump her at the end. Of course, because it was Derricks BRILLIANT idea, he takes the heat for it (for what reason, I am not sure as it is a game tactic) while all the other guys agreed to it as well and have followed through too. Not only that, it’s part of the game. Are you really that upset that he would (God forbid) use someone (as I know he is the first one in BB history to do this) in a game that is all about deceit and getting far as you can by capitalizing on other people’s inadequacies by any means, such as mind manipulation?

  9. I want Frankie to win the pov bec he’s the only one that will take out Derrick I do not want derrick to win. his game was easy he’s been acting like he’s won for weeks he doesn’t deserve it he hasn’t worked that hard besides convincing gullible not so bright people like Victoria Caleb Cody. He’s dying to get Frankie out bec he knows he’s the only one smart enough to take a shot at him. Derricks never been on the block!! Caleb mentioned this and still didn’t put him up like I said derrick had it wayyy too easy he needs to sit on the block for once. I hope the one time he does he goes home.

    1. So you don’t have the live feeds do you? If you do you don’t watch them. Derrick hasn’t stopped ever.

      Like Dan Gheesling said. Derrick has been playing the game since day 1, 24hrs, 7 days a week.

      There isn’t a player in there that has worked as hard as Derrick. He brain has been on overload. He is always scheming someone on the feeds. That is exhausting to do for 3 months straight.

      1. Derrick- I know he’s been running his mouth and “scheming” 24/7 but just like Dan said it is a little overkill. He repeats the same idea over and over about how he’s not a threat and he can’t compete physically like the rest of them and he won’t get the jury votes compared to EVERYONE else blah blah blah. This is pretty amateur BB talk. He lied to the jurors walking out the door which is also expected of any BB player. He fooled a few fools that’s about it. He is a decent player but I guess he’s great compared to the other younger easily manipulated people he’s against

        1. He kind of has to keep bringing up the same ideas. These people are about as bright as a bag of hammers. Repetitions are the only way to get a thought into their heads. It’s like toilet training a cat, only the cat’s smarter and has a higher learning curve.

        1. How does Dan know? Because he isn’t biased and can clearly see how Derrick manipulates everyone just from watching the episodes. For BB diehards, the feeds show it even more clearly how he doesn’t stop. His game is on 24/7. No in that house has played BB this season as hard as he has. Period. If he wins, he deserves every dollar.

    2. Caleb needs to put derrick up if someone wins veto and pulls someone off. If he gets put out. Frankie has a good chance of being nominated again. This time if he loses the POV he for sure has no votes to keep him in the game . Final 3 Caleb Cody and Victoria. There will be so much turmoil in the Jury House (talk about jealous) to have any civil thinking or voting. Julie Chen might win LOL Lets hear it for Production!!!!!!!

    3. I have to admit you have a good point. As much as I dislike Fakie, I think I dislike Derrick even more. Can’t EVEN believe I’m saying that. LOL

    4. I want DerPrick on the block at least once too but I really want the Skank gone even more. If Frankie is gone I might be able to stomach watching the shows again. As it is now I can barely stand reading what Frankie says. I can’t even believe he’s complaining about someone else’s ego!

      Honestly I’d want him to win if he wasn’t so repulsive and delusional and soooo f*cking full of himself.

    5. ” He’s dying to get Frankie out bec he knows he’s the only one smart enough to take a shot at him.”

      Well, duh. I’m not sure if you realize how the BB game is played, but I’d call it wise to get rid of the only player “smart” enough(and you must use the term “smart” very, very loosely when referring to Frankie) to go after him. Even better, Derrick got someone else to do his dirty work for him.

      1. Frankie had the chance to take derrick out before and didn’t bec he genuinely wanted them final 4. And yes Frankie is a smart player to know that Derrick needs to go before anyone else and I hope he’s the one that gets to do it bec ur right derrick did have everyone else do his dirty work and hasn’t had the chance to fight for his life on the block and his HOH wins were out of luck. His cop game made it passed a bunch if 20 year olds except Frankie who if rather see at the end bec he was loyal great at comps and did play smart. Derrick played cop

        1. Is that supposed to be criticism of his game? He “played cop” because he IS a cop, so why not utilize his strengths. He bamboozled a bunch of “20 year olds”…the goal in the house is to defeat whatever group of people you are up against, no matter how young or dumb they are. You can’t first call Frankie smart for recognizing that he needs to go and then indicate that he had a chance to go after him/get in out and failed to do so. A smart player would both recognize the threat and try to eliminate such threat.

          You can attack Derrick all you want personally but your attempt to criticize his game is weak and filled with catty and substance-less holes.

  10. I just bet that Derrick wishes he had thought to put an X over his name in the bathroom (if it is there) then he could say “see! the jury hates me!” I bet it just eats at him that he didn’t think of it.

  11. I think if Frankie gets sent home This week Derrick needs to watch out actually. Derrick is good at comps but not a comps master by no means so the chances of Cody or Caleb winning HoH is more likely and I think Both Cody and Caleb are closer and would most likely get rid of Derrick before the other. Vicky is going all the way to final 2

  12. I think if Production was smart they would cover the Jury House with more coverage. Think of how interesting it will get if Frankie arrives. Talk about drama and attitude!!!!. Let the remaining 4 bore each other to death in silence (talk about dead air space). No one cares who wins! The Jury House is where the show is!!!!

  13. Gee Frankie…saying that Caleb has an enormous ego is like the pot calling the kettle black and despite you thinking that you are so loved by everyone watching…Caleb is now a hero with the public perception!!

  14. I would rather be remembered as a villain/asshole then be remembered for being
    completely and utterly useless like Victoria.

    1. I don’t like Victoria and she looks too much like Lea Michelle mxed with Kim K for me to like her, but she’s not that bad. Frankie is a terrible person and so is Christine. There was also Devon.

      The house was full of unlikables this summer.

    2. Caleb is just another victim of Derricks. He does not realize that Frankie was the closest thing he had to getting to the final two before he nominated him. If Frankie is evicted, then derrick will definitely get rid of Caleb next. Hes so easy to manipulate…its frustrating watching him. If Frankie somehow wins the veto he will work day and night to get Derrick as the replacement and voted out this week.

  15. First Fakie talks about Caleb’s “enormous ego” and then adds that Caleb nominating him “will hurt Caleb’s public perception”. Fakie is SUCH a narcissist! I hope they use a live audience to boo him when he’s evicted. (Fingers crossed).

  16. Oh get over it Frankie about your meds, they were skittles or m&m. You can replace them, through production
    since you’re their golden twat.

  17. So why exactly should Hayden have kissed Velma’s feet? Didn’t he win her5k? Is it cause here Claire’s necklace got smushed? Did Hayden even know she was around? I mean she is easy to overlook. We’ve been doing it all season.

  18. All of the jurors are poor sports. They need to realize that they suck….especially Christine, Hayden, Donny and Nicole! Bye-Bye Nerd Herd 2.0. Hayden looks like he stinks like someone’s dirty butt crack on a hot summer day. Nicole looks like glow worm! Forget the Bold and the Beautiful, Donny should audition for the lead in Deliverance 2. And Squidward…oops I mean Christine… where do i even begin???? Wait, what? Who’s Jocasta? Oh that creepy African-American lady who speaks in tongues! Yes, I think I remember her…. she scares me….

    1. Yep , production didn’t have anything to do with them coming in so that people would tune in Sunday. The bitter jury was so mad they escaped from the jury house devised their own luxury comp, had t-shirts made, and drove themselves back to the house to simply trash it because they are bad sports. I guess the only thing they forgot to do is grab Izzy and have him take a huge dump in the HOH room for them to clean up before they left.

  19. How is Frankie not home watching the live feeds? Any of that sexual harassment would not be tolerated if he was doing it to a female. Disgusting! The guys’ allowing him to constantly harass them exposes their weakness also.

    1. Frankie is a VILE person who sexually harasses these men in the house. He just today bragged about tea bagging Derrick!! Derrick was angry but that is not allowed in BB, so Frankie gets away with it. Why doesn’t Production do something about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. How many times do I have to say this? Without Frankie there would be no drama or controversy!! Every season has had controversy in one form or another. Last year was racism, bullying, sexist houseguests and of course lots of homophobia.. This year the only controversial houseguest has been Frankie Grande. So you can say it is Frankie who is carrying the “villain” role all by himself this year. Without him there would be nothing outrageous or controversial to talk about, thus a total snooze fest in other words.

  20. I wasn’t sure who I hated more out of the 5 remaining hg’s until Frankie stated going off on Jocasta when the luxury comp was over. She had every right to toss the trash–that’s the game!. Those Hg’s had been living like pigs up until recently so what was the problem? Frankie also kept saying how she didn’t deserve to be there competing for $ 5,000. Who’s fault is that—they kept her in the game for a long period and now they are blaming her??? Every HOH said I don’t want to waste my HOH on Jocasta so STFU.
    Also, if these Hg’s weren’t so boring, unpleasant and untidy the house trashing would never have happened. But in their self deluded minds someone else is always to blame.
    Cant wait for this season to be over and that Frankie loses the veto and goes home next week. “It will be one less problem”

  21. I’m watching BBAD and Caleb is standing firm as to why he put Frankie J up on the block. Its actually kind of interesting – Caleb is holding his own really well. Can’t follow a lick of what he’s saying half the time, but he is not backing down to FJG’s wheedling, whining, and persistent questioning WHY he got put up. Good for you, Caleb. About damn time someone didn’t cave to the so-called mogul.

  22. You think it’s easy manipulating people and getting people to trust you in a game where the players know others are going to lie and manipulate? Derrick’s social game is pretty strong, and great social play is a HUGE reason that some of the legends of Big Brother are legends.

  23. It’s so funny how much Zach and Vic get under each others skin they both can’t stand each other but are always talking about each other haha
    What a great love story they would be!

  24. Caleb is suchhhhh an idiot! He basically just told Frankie that they are targeting him. Frankie is definitely going to win that POV tomorrow! Why is it always Caleb that spills the beans? He is incapable of keeping anything or thinking about what comes out of his mouth. He can’t even keep his lies straight, so it’s not a surprise that he dug himself into a whole while talking to Frankie. I don’t want Frankie to win, but if Caleb or Cody make it to the final two, I am going to scream for 24 hours straight!

    1. Caleb did what bascially 90 percent of houseguests on every season always do. Very few people in this game can keep a lie going when living in the same space with someone 24/7. Which is normally what makes the show interesting.

      Derrick’s worked hard this season to keep this to a minimum, which is why that alliance held together and the season has been short of the usual antics. Caleb confessing to Frankie wouldn’t seem so out of place in any other season.

      And still, even if Caleb didn’t say anything, Frankie would still know the deal. He isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, but he is smart enough to realize that Derrick isn’t studying the face wall to ensure that he beats Victoria.

      1. People spill the beans all the time in BB, but most players don’t usually give outside information to people that they are trying to get rid of. Every time that the bomb squad has tried to backdoor or get rid of some one, Caleb finds someway to blow it. People go to Caleb because they know that he will tell them everything. That’s why Frankie has been working on him all day. Caleb runs his mouth so much. He is just blind. He hasn’t made one move in this game by himself without the guidance of Derrick and Frankie. They have literally held his hand. If he would have been playing his own game, he would ruin everything because he can’t keep his mouth closed! In my opinion Caleb doesn’t know this game. He has watched the show, but he knows more about the personalities of the people than the strategy of the game. As we say in the south, Caleb is “as smart as a bag of bricks!”

  25. Here we go finally the unexpected!!!!Frankie doesn’t win veto he slithers to jury?He wins Cody goes.Princess Warrior studying?Smh:)

  26. Caleb is such a liar, on BBAD, he spilled the beans to Frankie, and now is lying through his teeth, re telling to Cody and Derrick, I really hope he goes home after this week, reason: stupid!

    1. We all know Caleb has to be spoon fed his words and orders. Scheming doesn’t come naturally to him. This isn’t the first time Frankie was able to get him to spill on his being targeted. I’m surprised Frankie’s not camped out in the HOH room blocking any discussions that don’t include him.

  27. I thought getting the HOH win was a personal and privileged part of this game. I didn’t hear Caleb say, help yourself to anything in my basket while you’re in here listening to my music, lying in my bed, scheming about getting me out.
    Victoria has enjoyed the perks of everyone’s HOH, without asking first if she can ‘help herself’.
    I didn’t like watching her chow down on everything in Caleb’s basket while he wasn’t there, making herself nice and comfy and smug as ever.

    1. Victoria doesn’t think those rules of social etiquette apply to her,only others. Who could forget her constantly complaining about Amber using her stuff without permission or using too much of her ‘very expensive’ cosmetics?

  28. Derrick flips out at the thought of going on the block. and yet he can’t understand why Frankie is nervous, Ahhh, I believe it was just a few weeks back Frankie found out they almost backdoored him. With not many people in the house, you should be nervous on the block. Remarks like these, are the reasons I dislike Derrick. I forgot…only Derrick is entitled to the money.
    I am watching TVGN, and I felt sort of sorry for Frankie, but I still can’t like him, He also feels entitled.
    I can’t stand Cody as well, he is just plain clueless. Caleb just can’t see the forest for the trees. My mother taught me “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, with that in mind, I have nothing to say about Victoria.
    I hope next year is a better cast. This makes 2 years in a row I had no one to cheer for. please BB get better people!

  29. If they (production) do the same faces again, I may burn my TV to the ground…. Cuz, I need new faces. I don’t wanna see the same freaks on this POV. ..or maybe a completely different POV. For cryin’ out loud… Get Frankie out loud…he does DESERVE to win due the damn COMPS. BEAST MODE???????? !!!!!! ??????….his name is Frankie. GAME mode….um, Derrick just needs to win this game. ….Derrick. This cop who literally can win JUST enough to be winable, but also smart enough to portray himself as beatable. He may just DAN himself to be the F4. Then the final 3. And when it gets to that……dude……this POV is Frankie’s lifeline……if he loses…damn you for being the beast….The BEAST you are. Caleb is too full of himself…..Cody (c’mon man)…. and Vic (yup?????)….if its D – Dog and F – Pimp on Final 2…..gonna be an Epic vote… Like a “what the mutha – %$#@ gonna happen!?!?! OK….thumbs down!!!!! Commence!!!!

  30. LOL to Frankie saying that public reception is everything to him as it will make or break him. I guess he forgot that approximately 3 weeks ago he flipped out about the overwhelming no for the TA mission and proceeded to tell the live feeders right to the camera that he doesn’t give a f*** about what the public think of him because he is gonna be famous one day and famous people are hated…ugh what a jerk!

  31. It’s kinda frustrating how Frankie and Christine get so much hate. They maybe have their faults but so does everyone else. Frankie’s full of himself ok?? And?? Everyone left in that house is!!! At least Frankie’s funny and entertaining and he actually treats the houseguests like family.
    Derricks knowingly plays with the mind and heart of a 21 year old girl when he knows she’s practically in love with him and he’s a married man. If Christine got booed for touching Cody Victoria and Derrick shouldn’t get an applause as I don’t agree with booing someone like that. They act like a married couple the houseguests have even said that.

    1. Treats the HG’s like family. When is the last time you tried to grab your cousins d*ck? Or groped your aunt? I would love to be at your family reunions.

      1. Well they’re obviously not blood related which is why it happens. They’re all grown a$$ men who should be able to stand up for themselves and tell him to stop if they didn’t like it. Cody seems to like it the most but his sexuality is a whole other topic of conversation..

        He cooks for them, is there for them when needed – he cried with Victoria the other night he actually cares for them and tried to include everyone in the house in group activities and things around the house, he was social with the house as a whole as well as individually.

        1. Clearly this is your first time watching BB. Frankie is not unique, there are other seasons of BB where HG’s cooked for one another and included all in house activities. Ummmm, as far as “being there” for other HG’s, you are naive, he would “be there” for Jack the Ripper if it excelled his game, as would the other HG’s. I mean after all Derrick has comforted several HG’s this season.. why you ask? Because he is trying to win half a million bucks!!

          1. There’s no need to try and zing me because you don’t agree with my opinion. Some of you need to relax let people state their opinions which is what this site is about and stop acting like they’re getting the 500k.

            Naive and happy – why you so mad

          2. Well he’s the only one in this season that does cook and include all hg’s no one else in this season does that and I have watched others thanks.. Frankie is unique his social game is great which is why Derrick is threatened by him.
            Who did derrick comfort? He only spent time with Nicole before she left for the 2nd time. He wasn’t there for Donny or Zach, the two you would’ve expected him to BE THERE for. He’s a decent player only bec he was put against young hg’s.

  32. “Frankie adds that him being nominated is the best thing that could have happened for the show’s excitement.”

    …………………………… damn, he really lives in his own little world

    1. Have you not been paying attention to the reaction that Frankie has been nominated in other sites such as BB16 Facebook page? This is the most exciting thing that has happened so far this year! Frankie is right, his nomination is making this game exciting for the viewers. That’s no lie. Not unless you consider his nomination boring? You can say with certainty that Frankie is one of the best competition winners in BB history, and that all the controversy surrounding him has his haters foaming at the mouth in anticipation that he will be evicted. Don’t forget these same people will be back on all the BB sites complaining that he took himself off the block once again if he wins the POV. There is your excitement that Frankie is talking about.

  33. Now that Frankie knows he was lied to as to why he was nominated, ALL THREE GUYS are panicking, studying extra hard to make sure Frankie doesn’t win. It’s sad that the only person they are honest about being “the target” was Nicole. They are trying so hard to cover their a$&es that it really makes me want Frankie to win the veto just to see what lies they will tell to further add to the lies they are telling out of fear of Frankie winning future competions.

  34. Last week Frankie put Caleb up and Caleb took it like a man. He pouted a little bit but he still was mature about it. This time the exact same thing happens to Frankie and he takes it like a child. He needs a time out (in the jury house)

  35. Beast mode Cowboy can’t help himself, he has 2 tell on himself and crew, over and over Caleb trips over his own feet.And on bbad:Frankie acting like the scorned ex girlfriend finally a worthy performance ,from the self proclaimed Broadway Movie and music!!Frank the fish is on the hook:)

  36. I wonder will Frankie be booed once evicted, what do you guys think? I mean Cristine was booed. So it would make sense for Frankie to be booed. However every time he makes a comment the audience seem to laugh.

    1. They’ll make sure there is no boo-ing, feed the ego some more. The reason why people laugh is because they are just flabbergasted by his narcissism. It’s almost beyond believable…almost.

  37. production please let Frankie win pov please I do not go for him at all but he should be there to the end all the comps he won please help him

  38. ?Is was Caleb’s mask army issued or are you telling me he is also the Creator?I just cant!!!I’m spent on this season so hard to keep up!

  39. Frankie is mad that Caleb put him up but then hes not mad and understands ? For some reason he is just so weaselish I don’t know what it is about him. Come on Cody or Derrick, win that POV. I wonder what they will put in the house to save Frankie.
    This isn’t the most bitter Jury. There have been a few but people did eventually come around, but this jury (after reading that some of them went over board) does seem a little more bitter then usual lols.
    I do think they were right saying that Derrick and Frankie are running the game. Derrick is the brains and is way more influential with people and Frankie wins stuff. If Calebs ego wasn’t so big I don’t think he would have put up Frankie. The big ego seems to work for Caleb for some reason.

  40. Oh wow Frankie is self absorbed. He thinks hes a fan favorite and his “friends” are watching so he wants the loyal thing to be a big deal, he pretty much said that. It could make or break him my God I cant even go on. Wait til he sees what a jerk people think he is. All the Gucci and Pucci talk and wants to win the game not for the money but to show what a fabulous groping rude “loyal” friend he can be. But wait……..He loves you too.

  41. Am I the only one who finds Victoria to be hilarious! “I’m going to win this competition.” “I’m the last girl for a reason.” LMBO Victoria is the first girl left in the BB Competition history that did not have to fight to continue! Yes, she has been on the block all season long; and she has done a darn thing to remove herself off the block. #EpicFailure #VictoriaRewatchBB12&SeeHowARealWomanWon

    1. Same.
      If ever there was a reason for me to do deep breathing, this is it – Victoria’s presence on my TV screen daily. Her voice, her attitude, her hair, her self-absorption, her juvenile behavior, her street-walking high-heels, her extra 20 lbs of hair from her ‘carry-on’ luggage that she believes is a ‘secret’. Her diary room voice and ‘ghettofabululous’ head waggin while she rants about the evictees ‘disgusting’ behavior. I could but won’t go on.
      Day after day to see this horrible person’s face, which is so incredibly mean unless she flashes her smile (which she says is her best feature), – fake because everyone in that house ‘disgusts’ her except her hero Robin – er, Derrick.
      Too much?

    2. That’s why she has to win!
      Can you picture the faces on these fools when she’s crowned the winner?
      That’s the perfect ending to this season.

  42. The Jury:i will have to go back and re-watch all the pre-vote deliberations among the jurists from the last 8 or so seasons that were not all stars or mentor season. As i recall, most of the jurers each normal season vote for the most worthy of the 2 and thats who wins. The few that harbor bitterness are outvoted. You can win by never having gone on the block. You can win by being “evil” like Dick. If Derrick is final two he will win.

    1. Go back and watch season 14. That is the type of jury this year is. This jury will not give Derrick or Frankie a win. If it between those 2, all bets are off.

    1. It won’t happen. After the reaction when Crusty was evicted, I don’t imagine CBS will allow a repeat if it is their beloved Pink Poodle who goes through the door. The audience will probably be filled with staffers from now until finale.

  43. “Caleb says they had a discussions and they think out of the 4 of them they thought Frankie would be the most likely to use the veto on Victoria.”

    I KNEW the wimpy rube was gonna do something like that. He’s deeply IN LOVE with Frankie…

  44. Why does it say on tv that Caleb is a huntet guide? When he quit his job at Lowes to be on the show. Cody’s says sales something but is he not a stripper/ escort or something like that?

    So prediction::: frankie wins POV. Removes himself, Cody back on the block ( due to Derrick manipulation) Victoria evicted

    Frankie wins HOH. Nominates Caleb and Cody. Frankie wins POV and Caleb goes home. Must see if this happens this week

  45. Brittany’s face is plain? That’s hilarious. Sorry that her face doesn’t have a certain piggy snout distinction to it, Derrick!

    1. In a season where one of the themes was ‘big noses’, Brittany’s nose would be reasonably plain.
      Nicole’s Missing Chin: Christine’s got it. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

  46. I don’t like OR AGREE some of the things Frankie has done (i.e. being so self involved, stabbing Zach in the back etc) or some of the characteristics he has exhibited but i certainly don not hate him and or wish harm to come to him. Its ironic that you must be as nasty as you claim Frankie to be if you would actually spend your time hating him! This is a game that has no rules, he is playing the game. What a hypocrite you must be to imagine that any of these people are being honest in their gameplay or are expected to be. In my understanding, its a race to $500,000 and i don not imagine that you or i have to approve of the methods used. After this everyone of these house guests goes home to theor own lives and ours move on as well, so please people as Dan Gheesling famously said, ‘Remember its just a game…’ so stop taking things so personal.
    On another note, the reason I dislike Derricks game play (although i must admit he is the one to beat) is that he tries to lie to the feedsters just as he does his fellow houseguests. How fun it would be if he let us in on his diabolical manipulations so that when he made his moves we were in on it.

  47. Hmmm? I wonder if production had a role in Caleb’s nominations? A real nail biter this late in the game is what is needed to hook the audience, I can see the ratings jump for Sunday’s show if people tune in to see if Frankie took himself off the block or not. Having said that I can see a Diamond Power of Veto being introduced and the battle for POV would be Frankie vs. Derrick. Cody and Victoria are merely place holders for the POV comp. My gut feeling is that Frankie will win again, and either Caleb will have to nominate Cody or Derrick as a replacement nominee, with my guess being that it will be Derrick on the block simply because he has never been on the block before, and Caleb promised Cody he wouldn’t put him up this week because he had a “tough week” in the house. If Frankie wins the Diamond Power of Veto then I can see him also nominating Derrick as he has said many times before Derrick has never been on the block. Those who are hoping Frankie will be gone come Tuesday may see Derrick out the door instead. Victoria is too easy of a player for everyone to beat and it wouldn’t be in anybody’s best interests to send her to the jury house this early, not until the last possible moment. So I don’t see her going to the jury house.

    1. I forgot to add that Caleb won’t win the POV either, simply because this is a comp that requires mental tasking… LOL That also disqualifies both Victoria and Cody from winning… LMFAO!

    1. And he is so narcissistic that he will see it as any publicity is good publicity, good bad or indifferent. It won’t even phase him.

    2. Frankie’s such an ass. So, he makes a joke about a girl losing all of her virginities via gang rape, thinks that’s hilarious, but gets nominated & is trying to say that Caleb should be concerned about public perception? What a lowlife.

  48. “Frankie adds that him being nominated is the best thing that could have happened for the show’s excitement.” “Frankie says what Caleb did to him will hurt him with public perception.”

    Come on! Is this guy in flipping bizarro-world? I love that he has no idea of whats coming to him….I pray that the show allows people to boo his ass, worse than Christine!!!!! Looks like Julie is a Frankie lover though, so I doubt she will allow it to happen. UGH! That is manipulation at its best

  49. So happy he’s nominated! All that’s left is to hope he doesn’t win POV, hope that the guys follow through with their plan to get rid of him!

  50. ” Derrick mentions how it’s obvious that Jocasta hates them all from how she acted today. Derrick asks Caleb isn’t Forgiveness a major part of the religion.”

    And with that line Derick lost any respect I had for him and his game.

    WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? How dare that hypocrite try to use the Bible & God against her to justify his lies!!!!!! Like she’s the bad one?!?! He says this shit but we know he was pretending to get close to her and used her faith as an “in” against her while completely lying to her about his voting. Got some news for ya L’il Piggy, God doesnt work that way – it’s YOU who has to ask for forgiveness, And another tidbit for you – just so you know Derrick, your not exempt from God’s judgement in the BB house.

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