Frankie says Caleb is now campaigning for me. Christine says he is so stupid, in a good way.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 09-37-52-188

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9:30am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Donny is awake pacing around the kitchen eating. He then sits in the living room and then heads back to bed. Up in the HOH room – Christine and Frankie are talking. Frankie says I’m going back to bed until they call me. Frankie asks are you getting Victoria to host? Like I mean I think you should. Or Nicole. Christine asks if neither of them have hosted? Frankie says neither of them. Frankie goes to sleep and Christine is the only House Guest awake and getting ready for the day.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 10-21-56-341

10:25am – 10:40am Up in the HOH room – Christine and Frankie are talking. Christine laughs and says he is going to attack me so hard. Frankie says don’t worry I will stand next to you. Christine says thank you. Sorry house that I didn’t ask for alcohol. Frankie says I wonder if we get to interact with other humans. Christine says you mean other than football players. Frankie says I’m sure we get to see something. Christine says like bilboards in the limo. Christine says I am scared about what we will miss when we’re gone …like everyone forms a 6 person alliance. She doesn’t know how to bite her tongue. Frankie says she said she would rather kill herself than work with Victoria. Umm okay well go ahead I guess. Frankie says Caleb is the most important player. All we need to do is pull the Amber trigger. Christine laughs about about how they were talking about Amber. Christine says I have never met a more immature, sad 23 year old (Zach). Christine says Zach has played in a lot of competitions and never won. He is not that good. Frankie agrees. Christine asks am I a crazy villain now? I’m confused. Nicole says that Hayden didn’t get that big of an applause. …I bet that was because he attacked you. Frankie says I can’t remember I was in flight or fight mode. Christine says I can’t believe I won an HOH. Frankie says that Caleb is now campaigning for me. Christine says he is so stupid, in a good way. Frankie says he is calming Zach down for me. Its amazing he hasn’t had more outbursts at me. Frankie says okay I’m going back to sleep.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 10-35-28-010

11am – 11:20am Christine heads downstairs to eat and then sits in the bee hive room alone. Nicole wakes up and heads to the bathroom. Christine leaves the hive room to join her. Nicole says just so you know I am trying to feel out Cody for information for you. Christine says he never asks me about you but I think he’s too scared to talk to me after everything. Nicole asks really? Nicole says Frankie thinks you and him are best friends. Christine says and its annoying!! Nicole says I think everyone feels bad for you that he’s up there with you. Christine says you know how you were sad the other day when you found out who his sister is… imagine me I found out and now I am trying to get him out. Nicole says that Zach is pissed about Frankie saying he’s donating his money to kids in Africa. He was going off to the point that Cody had to tell him to get out of here. He said in the end he would vote for Frankie and thinks we all would too if he was in the final 2. He is PISSED! He was like he already has $25G’s in his pocket for fan favorite. Zach wants him out. I don’t know if Zach is going out this week though.. Christine says so much can happen. Frankie joins them to get ready for the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 11-07-00-393

11:25am Frankie asks are we good for awhile now?? Nicole says I hope so .. it makes a lot more sense now as to why you were acting so different. I didn’t want to make it up in my head as to why. Frankie says I feel like I can start a new. Nicole says that in the end it doesn’t really matter because America see who we really are. Frankie agrees. It was liberating to not have any responsibilities or answer questions about who I am. Nicole asks questions like from us? Frankie says No like from you, like normal people. I never get to hang out with people without them knowing who I am. It was nice to take a time capsule back to two years ago. Nicole says I am glad I didn’t find out you were donating to a charity because I never would have put you up. Frankie says yeah I didn’t want to tell anyone. You can come. Nicole asks to Africa? Frankie says yeah.. I can’t wait to see Victoria lugging cinder blocks. Nicole asks did you already go to Africa? Frankie says yeah 10 times, and I can’t wait to go again. I’ve gone twice a year for the last 5 years.
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11:35am – 11:55am Christine tells Nicole about how Frankie said that now he has Caleb campaigning for him. Nicole says that Caleb said he could be gone next week. I think everyone is confused about how they feel and as long as Zach stays mad about it .. Christine says it just sucks if he goes up again he could be safe again with battle of the block. Nicole tells Christine I don’t want you to go up at all.. I would never put you up at all. If you and Frankie were up it would be scary because if they can’t get him out you would be then next target. Christine says you can say that I was actually sad when Frankie won.. so you can say that. Nicole says I will and I think people are starting to see that. Frankie does like you though to the point that he would try and take you far. I was talking to people last night and they want to pretend like Frankie never told them that. He didn’t even admit to the lies and things he’s pulled. Nicole says that its great that he can give away to charity but that just shows he doesn’t need the money. He put his sister up at a level with Beyonce and Rihanna. Nicole says I just can’t let him win. Who do you think he would put me up against? Christine says I think he would put you up against Victoria? Christine says I need to distance myself from him. Nicole says I think you are. Christine says I don’t even like him as a person. Nicole says I liked him more when he was lying to us than today. Nicole says it is going to get tricky with us hiding working together and even us talking to Cody. Moving forward I didn’t know if it would be good to establish something especially since you can’t play next week. Christine says I think Cody really likes us. Cody and Derrick. Nicole says that’s the two I was thinking. Christine says I want you to know if you are up against Cody or Derrick I will vote for you to stay… and the others are obvious. Nicole says okay thank you. Christine says we should talk to them later today. They continue to talk about Frankie donating the money and how it shouldn’t even be a consideration for people.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 11-33-08-257

11:55am – 12pm Christine asks who should I pick to host the veto? There are two people that still haven’t done it. Do I pick Nicole because she won HOH with me. Frankie says I think you should pick whoever you don’t put on slop. Donny joins them. Frankie asks are you going to win the veto? Donny says I need to, so I hope so!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-09 11-59-50-565


“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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155 thoughts on “Frankie says Caleb is now campaigning for me. Christine says he is so stupid, in a good way.

      1. Frankie is so smug about this whole sitution that its almost sickening. And Frankie asked if Christine was going to let Victoria or Nicole host, how does he know that they won’t get picked to play in the POV? He’s talking as if he already knows. Things that make you go “hmm”.

        1. It hit me last night and I’m done with this B.S. show. It’s nothing more than a Preview for Fruity. And Least mode. To appear on a future CBS Show. Caleb is egotistical moron. Frutie. Is a egotistical lost little boy

          1. I don’t think Caleb is in Frankie’s back pocket. Caleb conversation with Zach last night was very insightful and personal with Zach. I believe if Zach is not evicted this week, he will place his trust with Caleb more than anyone else in the game. I think Caleb got mixed up with production forcing him to look like some stalker fool with the Amber story line. Caleb is just naive, and if he can just control some of his arrogance, his social game will match his competitiveness. Caleb has been the most loyal player this season. Zach even gave Caleb props last night when he said he trust Caleb even more for going through with his promise. the only way this season can be saved now is if Nicole, Christine or Frankie tells Zach that Derrick and Cody were the main culprits to lay out the plan to take out Zach.

        2. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two weren’t “picked” to play for the veto. Just like Nicole wasn’t picked to play in the veto last week either, when the house “mysteriously” flipped at the last minute.

          Also Frankie is ALWAYS being calles to the DR. Pretty sure they are guiding him through this game.

  1. I guess Derrick isn’t going to come clean about his real job unless he comes up with a story about saving a bus load of people from crashing into a building while doing undercover work getting bad people put away.

    1. Probably because busting frat boys for smoking weed isn’t nearly as impressive as building schools in Africa or being related to a celebrity.

        1. Ok, fair enough…building schools in Africa is impressive, being related to a celebrity is interesting. Derrick is neither of these things.

        2. Fair enough…building schools in Africa is impressive, being related to a celebrity is interesting. Derrick is neither of those things.

    2. No of coarse he isnt going to come clean about who he really is….. he immediately jumped up and said, Frankie has been lying about who he really is…. I AM WHO I HAVE ALWAYS CLAIMED TO BE….IM HERE FOR MY DAUGHTER… blah blah blah… he really is starting to sound a lot like Devin. paranoia and all

      1. This may come back & bite him – I still think Frankie knows exactly what Derrick is – Frankie’s already shown he’s been given inside information about things in the game.

    1. I honestly think its kind of funny how far Beast Mode Crusty pants is going to crawl up Frankies ass now that he knows his sister is Arianna Grande…just for the chance to meet her… no wait date her… no wait marry her…. she better get that restraining order ready now.

    2. HEY AMBER,

      If you’re reading this… Caleb sold you out for a chance to meet Justin Bieber, rotflmao

      Love you babe and good luck.

  2. But, what ever happened to the statement/promise that Frankie made…to America. He would NOT use his sister to win this game. He said he would be winning it as Frankie. Not Frankie, Grandie. That promise, dropped really fast. This promise is probably one reason he was chosen for TA. I personally didn’t vote for him…
    He wants America’s favorite player. In fact, he has already told Caleb that he was winning it. Where is that money going??? Charity? Plus, he said he was using TA money to build schools….not the 500,000.
    This is the first I heard that the $500,000 would go to charity as well.
    Yes, BB does require you lie to the other HGs. But, Frankie lied to America. Does he really deserve America’s Favorite?

      1. I agree I don’t want Frankie ,Cody or Derrick to get America’s
        favorite player. After all they put her through I hope they give
        it to Victoria,

      1. How many days has Frankie been in danger?? 2 so it dropped in 2 or actually 1.5 days.
        IMO the other days don’t truly count do they? because “at the end of the day” everything was “golden” “He made that promise to America about NOT using it to win…..literally”

        1. Frankie made a promise to America and you actually think he owes it to you to keep the promise in a game like big brother?….your name is now Delusional Delores

          1. Really? So, if someone’s opinion is different than yours….they are obviously delusional. Frankie is that you???

    1. A blogger that did pre-show interviews with the HGs said this morning that Fakie NEVER said any money was going to charity until he got in the house. So its just another lie.

  3. Happy Grodner? Your rat is safe one more week and the person who actually is likeable and needs to money might be going home.

    1. Yeah it’s so obvious production stepped in to save Frankies ass. Another boring week of BB…BBUK is much better than this crap

    2. Thank you CBS. You have meddled in what was a fairly tame and boring season and have now made it a completely scripted dung heap. Hope it was worth it for your bottom line, but you have caused it to implode on fans who truly loved the game.

    3. What used to be reality TV is now a scripted show, thanks to AG. It’s been coming the last few seasons, but this time it is too obvious. I really don’t know what I will do next season, feeds wise.

  4. This is turning out to be one of the most disappointing seasons of BB, and I’m usually one to champion the show even after it’s gone to crap. The only thing I care about anymore is when these rotten houseguests finally leave the house and come home, only to realize that no one was rooting for them like they thought people were.

  5. Feel bad for Zach. Unlike the true crybabies in this scenario-Derrick and Cody-Zach isn’t upset about Frankie’s advantage in the game or Frankie winning America’s Favorite, he’s just upset that he is the one person in the house that deserved to be trusted with this information from the start. At the very least, he deserved Frankie’s loyalty. I hope Frankie has another, private, and genuine apology ready for Zach later. Not saying Zach needs to immediately accept it, but I’d like to see them work through this. Some things are more important than this game, and anyone watching the feeds knows Zach truly cares about this guy.

  6. Let’s face it – this is not the first time that there’s been blatant manipulation to help a certain “favourite” to maintain ratings. However, this might be the first one where the manipulation saves someone who is despised by most BB fandom & really screws the ones who are really the faves.

      1. THAT I didn’t know! Somehow that missed my radar. Now it makes much more sense coming from a entertainment corporation. They probably planned all along that Frankie would spill this news (guess the prepped it with fans of Ariana’s noticing her in the audience last week).

        He still acted like a crazy a**hole running around so please with himself for doing… um…nothing. I’ve never seen anyone ride someones else’s fame quite like him…(maybe all the baldwin brothers… but no, frankie is worst)

  7. He’s not getting any more favoritism from production than the Reilly sisters got, and right now he’s the bane of Derrick’s existence. I hope he personally sees Derrick and Cody out the door!

    1. this past comp and week has been the biggest rig job I have ever seen

      Frankie leaves the DR and always knows.

      weeks ago there was ONE CONVERSATION about a backdoor for Frankie, he goes to DR, comes out and asks if there is any talk of him going out the backdoor

      seriously, its ridiculous.

      1. Uh, Elissa’s rigging lasted as long as the MVP twist, and then some. Plus, she got America’s Favorite, while being an absolute bore on the feeds.

        Rachel’s rigging got her all the way through season 13.

        When Frankie is standing on stage as both the winner and America’s Favorite, I’ll concede that it’s as bad as the treatment the Reilly sisters got.

      2. and some of those comps were rigged to rachel’s favor (the duos twist being brought back with six players left?!)…elissa barely won jack, so not sure where you’re getting your info.

        Plus, how many comps has Frankie won? How many HoH’s? I’ve lost count.

  8. I can’t stand Christine or frankie’s ugly faces. Her Mr potato head nose and glasses and Frankie has Mr potato head ears. Two ugly rats.

  9. actually christine zach has won an HOH. he’s also probably got more 2nd and 3rd place finishes than anyone else. he generally does good in the comps but has trouble getting the win.

  10. I am so annoyed at this point. Big Brother’s blatant disregard for putting on an honest competition, is once again exposed. As soon as they found out about Calebs plan, they delayed the competition for several hours in an attempt to make sure that Frankie would win a competition which, although was to be played with 2 players, was easier to win with one player playing by themselves. Once again they are manipulating all the other players in the house. I think this is disgusting. Like the other houseguests or hate them, I don’t care, but the fact remains there are genuine people in there who have put their lives on hold to expose themselves to the masses in an attempt to win money at the end of the game. Big Brother tries to strip them of honest competitions in an attempt to gain ratings. Julie Chen posing for pictures with Ariana Grande the other night puts the icing on the cake!
    Frankie knew before the competition he would win it, and after during his so-called “Funeral Speech” had to be sure everyone was around him in a room that had the most cameras. He even said lets go to the livingroom because there are more cameras. He also said that he was going to have Zach locked in the DR by production before he told the truth to everyone, because they knew what he was going to say. The speech he gave the guys and then repeated for the girls was almost word for word. This was all completely rehearsed for television ratings. Big Brother, once again SHAME ON YOU!!!

    1. Agree. And isn’t it “interesting” that after Caleb said the only thing that would stop him from sabotaging Frankie was a slop pass or prizes and lo and behold both are offered up as incentive to sit it out in a competition designed to be easier for one person to win. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from all the conversations & I can believe it at this point – prizes in a BOB? I thought the prize in the BOB was safety for the week.

    2. If I could like your comment a million times I would. Last night I was almost sick to my stomach not only because of Frankie gloating incessant sing and dancing and queen bee attitude but the idiots on there kissing his ass. CBS know that I will non longer be purchasing the feeds and yeah I am 1 little ole person but in chat rooms hundreds are disappointed at the blatant rigging of the comp. I am literally disgusted by the whole situation. Who gives a tiny rats ass who Frankie thinks he is. You should not put famous peoples siblings on BB…its not fair to the other contestants. Just despicable.

      1. You are so funny Captainwegiearchnemesis. You always pick a fave & doggedly stick with them to the end. You’re even more “loyal” than Caleb. In this case, I hope you’re right “-)

  11. what needs to happen is a mob of people should protest outside the studio gates with signs that call Frankie the Americas most hated scumbag BB player ever, and Caleb is Americas biggest idiot, and cantina is voted the second most hated slim ball

  12. Dez dumb ass muthafukaz are so stupid like he clearly got da money and who cares about charity like dis ain’t some celebrity big brother. Dey should stop castin some rich AZZ people. Who dafuq wants to hand ova the money to some dumbazz who just gonna give it to children in Africa like people here need it more. There definitely thousands of celebrities handing ova billions of dollars ova there are they really gonna miss $500,000 which can help starving children here. Plus dat muthafuka could just steal his sistaz money when he broke.

  13. if Zach goes this week because of this Frankie BS….will be so pissed off. I already stopped watching CBS. I only follow through here and bbad. if Zach goes so does most of what is interesting and who can stop Frankie. cody sucks too much to do anything. he thinks zac efron is the man. enough said.

    1. Oh chill out, if that’s what you’re so ticked off about, stop and think for a second. Against Donny and virtually everyone else, Zach has the votes to stay this week.

      Even if he didn’t, if you’re so convinced production is rigging things to Frankie’s favor, then of course they are going to try to sway Zankie back into existence, and keep Zach safe as long as possible. Either way our player (yes, Zach is my favorite player too) is safe.

  14. I don’t care:
    what lies you’ve told,
    who your sister is,
    that you are gay,
    that you are un (drama pause, hold it, hold it…) believably tasteless.
    I care that you sold your empty soul by not going to your grandfathers funeral !!
    That was enough for me to truly see the real Frankie.
    Build all the schools you want,,,
    but you will never be able to buy back any pride or integrity, let alone your own soul…

    1. You take enjoyment out of watching a game where people are praised for being liars and backstabbers all in the name of getting a check. Now youre trying to judge some one because they lied and backstabbed people in the house. Because he didn’t go to a funeral that his grand dad requested that he didn’t come to. And you cant wait for the next blind side as long as its done to some one you don’t like. Youre a Hypo!

      1. I really don’t care that he didn’t go to his grandfather’s funeral – that’s a personal choice. But, come on, using his death to try & manipulate people & gain sympathy in a game is the lowest of lows & the epitome of poor taste.

        1. So him just talking about his grand dads death automatically means he trying to use it for sympathy? Im not a fan of his but don’t think hes that bad of a person

        2. Unless this is your first time watching Big Brother, don’t act so shocked at Frankie’s behaviour. Dr. Will lied about having cancer on his season and one point, and then there’s Matt from BB12 (need I say more)? This game is about how well one can manipulate others, and there’s no rules stating otherwise. Not everything is black and white; everyone’s beloved Donny has betrayed/manipulated Nicole a couple of times at least. Anyone who claims to play this game with 100% integrity is 100% lying.

    2. Derrick didn’t attend his grandfather’s funeral either, is he soulless too?? And besides, Frankie’s entire family gave him their blessing to continue the game. I don’t admire his game play, but to call him out for that is ridiculous.

    3. You don’t care that hes gay. HA HA HA Derrik missed his grandfathers funeral and i don’t hear you calling him soulless.What a hypocrite.

      1. Frankie was specifically told to stay in the game-Grandfather’s final wish for him.

        Didn’t hear Derrick’s family say any such thing to him…just saying.

      2. Oh, he must of hit a personal nerve with ya’ll !!!!
        Guessin none of y’all bothered to attend your own grandfathers funerals as well.
        Now stfu !

  15. Has anyone ever won Big Brother without lying? Because every season these idiots seem to believe that they are the only individuals playing with integrity.

  16. I sure hope production reads these comments. They must know by fixing completions so their favorites win is causing them to lose fans. Just let them play without butting in !

    1. If they were rigging the game for someone you liked you wouldn’t be complaining. No one on these boards seemed to care last year when they did it for Elissa. What a joke.

        1. Really? Whenever I pointed out the blatant favoritism last season I was thumbed down by the masses, most people were.

  17. Does anyone else see a connection between the fact that Arianna Grande’s next album is dropping and she is appearing on the first opening game of NFL football and this week’s BOB theme where Frankie got his miraculous win and the prize for winners is a trip to an NFL game? It could all just be a coincidence that this could have influenced BB production.

    1. I long for the early seasons of BB. Lock them in the house and then it is sink or swim. Either figure out how to play the other houseguests, or hit the trail. What it has now become would only appeal those who just strictly watch the CBS telecasts. If they want us to buy into the game they design, stop selling feeds. Can’t have it both ways!

    2. I hope all of you finally understand the truism “THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS” !!
      Viewers of BB are as delusional as the houseguests if they believe that they are watching a ‘Game’ in the purest sense of the word. Nothing could be further from being true. It’s Show Business. If you are a ‘Gamer’ who likes the ‘Game’ genre, then Big Bro USA is not the place for your passion. Go play paintball or Dungeons & Dragons or whatever Gamers play nowadays. Folks, like it or not, AG and the CBS decision-makers have decided that America’s gamers want to see HUMAN TRAINWRECKS and they cast accordingly.
      Not saying that it’s right or wrong. Just saying that’s the way I see it.

  18. I still love BB, but this season has officially gone to $hit. I hope frankie gets all kinds of backlash after the game is over. And I don’t think he’s winning favorite. I still think that title will go to the beard. Team Zonny.

  19. I hope Donny gets evicted this week.

    Then all his fans stop watching, and all his fans equals 99.99% ( even if he comes back),

    The show will have 0.1% ratings. Then CBS gotta cancel Big Brother and fire of the production people.

  20. looks like Thursdays rating are in, BB is up 5% according to the ratings, so for now production team is patting themselves on the back, but just like the saying goes, it will come back and bite them in the ass soon enough. lets see if there so smug in a few weeks when the ratings take a nose dive or BB17 opens with less then 3mill people watching compared to Thursdays 6 mill (still down from other years of BB. every year the over all rating has been declining)

  21. I posted a response to some homophobic slurs in a previous thread and when I went back to check for any responses I noticed my post and the original homophobic post had been removed.
    Simon and Dawg you guys have gone up in my estimation and I didn’t that was possible since I already hold you both in the highest regard.
    Much respect to you both and thank you for the amazing job you do. I’m going to donate again and everyone else should too!!!

    1. Thank you. We really do our best to keep on top of all the comments. Occasionally bad ones slip through but as soon as its brought to our attention we remove them. Its unfortunate that there are people that post inappropriate comments but we try to keep it as clean as possible. We sincerely appreciate your support.

  22. So now Frankie feels liberated because he’s getting to hang out with normal people. I’m not even gonna go there,,,,

    1. and yet everyone in that house talks about Victoria being “entitled”… lol little did they know they were living with straight up “royalty” lol (at least that is what Frankie thinks he is…)

    2. Yep, that’s the part that made me spit out my coffee right on my kitchen floor. He sure has an ego for just being a nickelodeon-“star”-turned-teeny-bopper-music-“singer’s BROTHER. Face it Frankie: If nobody out of 16 people in the house knew who you were, and still don’t know who you (not your sister) are AFTER you told them…. then, well, you’re just not famous!

  23. I’m just so sick of this! Poor Donny is going to get screwed and Frankie is not needing money nor is he playing like a decent human being, opening his sister up to a potential nightmare run in with Caleb or taking money from other people who need it more for their families here in the states instead. I’m all for charity but IMO charity starts at home. I dislike AG immensely.

  24. People need to stop hating on Frankie because he is leaving soon and change their hate to Derrick and cody because the will have the biggest role in getting Nicole Donny and Zach out of the house and that will make me mad

  25. Geez Frankie, Are you stupid? Nobody in live feeds won’t vote for you as America Favorite Houseguest. Even your sister tweet it and fail miserable. Everybody know Donny is heavy favorite to be America Favorite Houseguest.

  26. Ive hated the fact that people have been throwing competitions from the beginning. I don’t care if it benefited Frankie that for once the majority did not get to use that cowardly strategy. Throwing BOB Competitions is one of the reasons this season has been so predictable and kinda boring untill this past Thursday. I hope production continues to make the competitions so that it doesn’t require teamwork to win the BOB.

    ps. I Hate Cody!

    1. Yes. The HOHs making people throw comps has been DISGUSTING. Takes all the drama away. Who cares, we know who is going to be voted out with 90% accuracy. Most twisted season yet. Thanks a lot!

    2. The dual HOH/BOB “twist” is what has brought this scenario around. It’s a legitimate strategy to throw competitions from the start of BB whether it’s HOH, POV, or now BOB. Really can’t expect otherwise at this point – besides how do you enforce it?

  27. Frankie is so smug bragging that after telling who his sister is ( who cares are these people teenagers ?? ) he is the golden one . I don’t give a rats hind end about his family he is truly a snake. I for one do not believe that he is that nice a guy outside BB, I think last night showed his true colors. He is still backstabbing and lying and it appears all with the exception of Donny ( go Donny, you are not alone there are a lot of us rooting for you and yes you will return to a loving family and a good life after this preplanned mess is over ) and maybe Zach , who is truly hurt by the things that skankie Frankie has done to him behind his back and still doing. Christine is another snake in the grass who is lying so much I am now lost as to what she is really thinking or whose side she is on . Can someone please tell me ? Yes I now too think production had a hand in this . I have been skeptical before about if production meddled but Frankie is too sure about staying so yes I now too they have a hand in it. If this year turns out like I think it is I will no longer live my life around BB when it is on, will just have to pass. I am so disappointed.

  28. I like how all the people are going off about Frankie lying and backstabbing but I’m sure their favorite player has lied and backstabbed as well lol. Its Big Brother… Its a REALITY TV SHOW! Come on people if you wanted a holding hands fest tune into the Oprah channel. Geeze Louise, if you don’t want to watch don’t watch, turn off your feeds, stop getting on the blogs, and for gosh sakes stop talking about how someone “deserves to be there” if Frankie wants to give his money to starving babies in Africa let him. He is going to have to win the show first though. As much as folks dislike him he is playing these little gullible fools. I’m sure he wont win though the dirty cop Derrick will, but hell at least he is PLAYING the game. You cant say the same for some other people in the house right now. And in real life I really do believe that Zach and Frankie can be friends outside of the game. I really think that Zach may like Frankie lol. But at the end of the day are any of us getting the money? NO. It doesn’t affect any of our commenters lives. So shut up and watch the damn REALITY TV SHOWWW. Its not like you’re watching the discovery channel for an education damn.

    1. Hey Shit for brains, its not so much about the lying or back stabbing, TRUE reality shows should NOT be influenced by production, that’s what BB fans are pissed about. it’s about REALITY NOT PRODUCTION! you are a complete frickin waste of flesh!!!

      1. If calling me a “complete waste of flesh” makes you feel better go for it lol. I’m just sitting here laughing at how much you let something that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, influence your temperament. Will production rigging the game hurt you? No. Will it stop you from watching? Maybe. But one viewer in millions aren’t going to hurt. Are you forgetting about the millions of people who don’t have the feeds? Either shut your trap or walk the walk and stop watching. Meanwhile I’m going to keep watching my guilty pleasure for the summer while you delve on something that has nothing to do with you. You probably wont ever meet these people in real life. Have fun on your “emotional crisis.” And this “complete waste of flesh” will continue to enjoy his summer while you fume away under a computer screen over a “rigged” production that hasn’t been any different in last seasons. Have you heard of the Reilly sisters? Or how about Elissa from last season. Oh. Yeah. I thought so.

        1. who is the one fired up now TRAILER TRASH, lmfao, played right into my comment, your a puppet like Cody……………moving on looser,

          1. Not fired up in the least. Im just enjoying watching the feeds and reading all these funny and hateful comments on my day off. But its cool that you tried to verbally spar with me and then ended up to resorting to drivel like name calling. But its all cool man or girl you have a good day. I hope you keep contributing to Big Brother by watching CBS and buying the feeds. lol.

          2. And for the record I’m not trailor trash (even though I don’t exactly know why you would say that). Im just an attorney giving his mind a break for the weekend. Oh and its loser not looser, it would also help if you used periods instead of comments. lolol This is hilarious to me. Anyway I’m cheering for Zach and Caleb to take this one.

            1. I believe you intended to say “not TRAILER trash”. If you are using a contraction “Im” for I am, it should contain an apostrophe as in I’m. The same would go for your use of “its”. This is a contraction for it is. Finally, why advise someone to use periods instead of comments? LOL This is hilarious to me.

  29. I think it’s cause he spends all day in HOH. He sees people talking and enters or joins to shut it down and returns to the HOH .

  30. Zach must win POV, or will be part of the group trying to get back in the house. I want him to stay, hayden returns, this week we lose…Victoria.

  31. please production help Donny win pov for us Donny derrick Frankie should be the final three for us fan
    reason derrick cause he controlling the house
    reason Donny cause America likes him as they favorite in he wins comp
    reason Frankie cause he playing for kids that don’t have school in he want to build one for them
    it should be those three in the final three so please production help Donny again please for us ask a hugh big brother fan thank you

  32. Production again in play. Since when does the winning BOB players get prizes (incentives)? Production knew that offering a prize to Caleb would change thing way he would play. Also, I believe that production probably changed the BOB comp so that even one player could win it without the help of the partner. Production…..LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Why do these rich celebrities always build schools in Africa?
    There are plenty of places in the USA that could use a new school
    Charity begins at home!!

    Donny is probably thinking but will never say because hes just too dang nice “I’m done with these people they are all fakers please vote me out Thursday I cant take it anymore let me go to jury house so I can watch some tv and talk with normal folk”

    1. Donny was just telling Nic that his game is over and he’s ready to get out of the house. He almost cried when he told her he quit his job to be here. Hate List #3 Derprick #2 Fakie #1 BB Production.

  34. We’ll be lucky to get 5-10% of any of Mr. Grande’s winnings…He is using this “Charity” card as he has used the “Celebrity” card, his “Death in the Family” card, his whatever he can think of game ploy. Can’t believe HGs still BELIEVE in his crock of Sh*t

    1. I hear you! I would suspect the paperwork, forms, permits, etc., and bureaucratic red tape of opening a school in Africa would just about eat up whatever he would bring home after taxes. He might as well admit he’s pocketing it all and going on a fabulous trip around the world.

      1. His family set up the charity but a blogger who interviewed the HG’s before they went in the house said Fakie NEVER said money was going to charity. He only said it to the other HG’s so you know they may get a few buck to offset any taxes but that’s about it.

  35. yo dawg, 2 questions 1) when you get voted to go to the jury house do they get to see what was and is going on in BBH? 2) does CBS and production see our comments and the votes on FAV house guest so far from this site?

    1. The jury members only get to see an edited clips for who wins the competitions each week. They don’t get to see diary room sessions or live feeds. And its not likely that CBS production sees our comments / polls.

        1. I’m really just waiting for all the drama and blood to be spilled now that a lot of the floaters have been evicted. I think August is going to get pretty insane. Its a fact that Big Brother production has an influence in every season to some degree and so I’m not bothered by it. Its more about how the house guests react and adapt their strategies throughout the game to make it to the end.

  36. CBS is competing to keep the 18-24 yr.old viewers, so they’ll keep perpetuating the Ariana Grande angle as long as possible. The air time Frankie got on BBAD in the HOH room after his grandfather died was the first repulsive example of his grand-standing sympathy speeches. Last night’s reveal speech was even worse; his arrogance hit new heights….almost as high as Caleb’s.

  37. HGs should ask what percentage of your winnings are you donating Frankie? Get him to commit to a percentage on Live Feeds.

  38. It’s mighty frustrating watching Nicole try to play because she truly is dumb as bricks……. She is trusting Christine, Derrick, and Cody again!!!!!

    Nicole is by far the most naive but I can’t understand how no one can piece together the fact that Derrick and Cody are working the house.

    And to see Zach this defeated is genuinely upsetting because it does show he isn’t this total robotic dick head.

    These last few days have showed a lot of these HG in their true colors and with the exception for Donny and Zach (I am not counting Nicole because she is just an idiot sorry Nicole) they haven’t come across all that well.

  39. If Donny does not win pov his going to jury….. but don’t worry his coming back in two weeks…. I still believe that they will have a botb type comp after four jurors are in jury…. the two botb winner will get to comeback in the house…. two jurors will comeback … I hope that its hayden and Donny…

    1. YEAH for your latest post, only 2 grammar mistakes, I knew you could do better, he is-not his, I am proud of you, keep up the good work :-)

  40. Oh Christine. “Jews are just like Mexicans, in terms of their wedding tactics.” I know she meant no harm but why even go there? These girls!!! I hate how Christine and Nicole are loosing sleep over the fact that poor Cody is stressed out about whether or not they are still working together. That’s their number one concern right now. Cody is a nice looking guy, but he does not compare to $500, 000, much less $50,000. Get out and see more of the world girls , you’ll realize guys like Cody are a dime a dozen and he’s really not that into you.

  41. Well I hope when and if Frankie wins BB he gives half the money and half the credit to his sister, as she would be the only reason such a travesty should happen! In fact I am pretty sure he should thank her for every single accomplishment he has ever had in his life as he almost certainly attained it from dropping her name! Oh and BB, your golden boy is blatantly telling the world (by his arrogance about his safety) that production is Team Frankie and I hope if there is such a think as karma, your ratings show what a colossal mistake that was!

  42. 1. I don’t really care for Frankie at all but you people are being ridiculous. Frankie has won comps. He has gotten blood on his hand by making nomination. He just saved himself when the house was planning on throwing the Comp and it completely backfired on their coward asses. You don’t even know what the competition was but since Frankie won it is clearly rigged? From what ive read Caleb still had a chance to mess it for him.
    2. Derrick is a even bigger liar then Frankie. He only won one competition by luck. He has been playing the whole house since day one. I didn’t see him pack his bags when his Grand Father died. Has talked so much shit about Zach also being the main one trying to get Zach evicted but claims he has his back. Telling every one they need to be honest about who they are. (really?) You all hated Devin for the “Daughter” strategy and now look at Derrick. He talks to the cameras like an ass as if he is the “celebrity” of the house.
    3. Zach is no angel. But Im not gonna talk to much about him cause I actually like him. This whole pity party thing has got to stop though.
    4. Cody is the biggest pussy in the house. Also talked big shit about Zach and tried to get him evicted. Talked big shit about Caleb and tried to get him evicted. Always talks about what he is going to do and never bust a grape. I hate him (but not the delusional Frankie/Devin hate)
    5. Christine will never be with a guy like Cody so she is gonna milk the fake attention for all its worth. If she puts up Victoria she is a fool.
    6. Nicole has made stupid moves in this game and is still doing it. She can go now.
    7. Victoria…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    8. Caleb need mental help (im serious)
    9. Donny is the man and its sad that no one is trying to work with him on anything. I think Donny is the only person who has a chance to beat Frankie as Americas Favorite. I hope that all big brother fans can just come together and show Frankie that he is not as popular as he thinks he and his sister are. I only say this because I think using a Vote on anyone but Donny will be a waste imo. It doesn’t have to be Donny but anyone who we can all agree on.(Zach)

  43. Simon and Dawg thanks for doing a great job again this season. I was watched BB since season 1. I watched After Dark last night with Frankie giving his speech to every about his granddad and his sister, it was disgusting the way he was acting. Derrick told him he going to do what America wants which is another lie, America does not want Donny to go to jury.

    AG and production just had to save Frankie, I have had it with this show. Donny is part of TA too and these other greedy bone heads don’t seem to get that.

  44. I predicted this yesterday before botb….. production needs the Ariana grande fans to keep watching big brother, that’s why I said Frankie will be on tv all summer…. I also said that if somehow Frankie gets booted and is sent to jury he will be the one going back in the game….. after 4 jurors are in jury…. botb will the way two jurors will comeback in the house….

  45. Oh No!! Donny has all but given up. He just Nic that going out would be better than staying another week with these people.

  46. If this is rigged and frankie does win hopefully the could rigg it to get cody and derek out. This is the only way frankie would win

  47. Frankie should stfu about the charity because Africa is a big continent and they aren’t all poor so Africa doesn’t need his stupid money. The only reason he is in the bb house is the fame. What an ass!!!!

  48. I think it would be hilarious if they got to the game and it was 7-8 year olds playing!! Hate frankie, probably even more now!!! Cant stand derricks lying, paranoid, sh** stirring a**!!! Nicole wake up & realize derrick is the biggest snake in the house.

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