Frankie “If my downfall is being loyal & trustworthy then I’ll walk out the door. I’m not going to slit anyone’s throat.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 8th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-05 02-12-34-171

12am In the living room – Caleb and Cody are talking. Caleb says I was 2 balls away from being HOH again. Cody asks how do you think he’s doing the noms? Caleb says I have no idea. He could put me up due to what I did in the BOB or he could put me up because of what I told him. You know? Cody says I don’t think there’s any way, no chance. I bet money its me. Caleb asks what would be his reasoning? Cody asks what’s his reasoning for anyone? Caleb says I just told you what mine was. I just sat down during the BOB and he had to fight for his life but after that he did use the veto on me so we’ve .. I’ve thought we have fixed that. Cody says but the thing is, is that nothing can.. Frankie joins them. And says can we discuss the last people that have won HOH Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Derrick, Frankie. Derrick says so basically we all earned this.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-05 02-22-37-418
Big Brother tells Derrick to go to the storage room. Derrick goes in and finds his HOH basket. Cody joins him and grabs his HOH photo. Cody asks who’s that? Cody asks who’s that? Your brother? Derrick says no, no. Cody asks why would I say that’s your brother. That’s your daughter with who? Derrick says hold on one second I am trying to think about something. I almost want to.. damn. Cody asks what? Derrick says not the best picture to show. (Possibly a photo of Derrick in his police uniform with his daughter Tenley?) Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back Derrick says I’ll tell you, I’ll explain. Cody brings out Derrick’s basket. Derrick comes out of the diary room. Frankie asks are you getting a new photo? Derrick says yeah. Derrick then reads is HOH letter from his father Tim.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-05 02-42-50-759

If you’re reading this letter then you’ve become HOH again! I guess congrats are in order again! I’m not much for sending letters but seeing you through a fathers eyes gives me a chilling sense of pride. You’ve turned into an amazing human being. As years have past distance grows with your independence but it doesn’t seem to affect how through my eyes how incredibly proud of you’ve made me in every sense of the word. I’m not sure there’s an explanation for how I feel about who you’ve become but I’m sure you being a father yourself you’ll see what I see as your daughter grows. As you know a dads love is indifferent from a mothers. We just express it differently.
Love pops! Tim.
P.S. You asked me to take care of your wife and daughter and they want for nothing, so relax enjoy this wonderful experience. You seem to be surrounded by a group of wonderful people.

Derrick tells them to enjoy anything in his basket. Victoria asks why did you give them back your picture? Derrick says it wasn’t a good picture. It wasn’t a good picture at all. It wasn’t a solid picture. Victoria says oh. Caleb asks all blurry and jacked up? Victoria asks all blurry? Derrick says yeah it wasn’t that good. Derrick gets up and says I want to see if they’ll do something for me? So that I can explain.

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12:35am Derrick, Cody and Frankie clean out the storage room fridge. Frankie reads an expiration date and says October 22. We’re not going to be here then are we? Unless that’s the twist from the button we pressed? Frankie hugs Derrick. Derrick says I hope you’re right but you know where I’m coming from though? It’s tougher you’re older, you understand everything. They’re like dude it a blast. But me if I walk home from them its like. Frankie says I know. Derricks says sorry, to come so close and not be able to.. Frankie says but if it is because we pushed that button .. then. Frankie says but there was no way you can’t. Frankie says I think they would have rather someone sneak in.. in the middle of the night and.. Frankie says hopefully they give us a mission this week. Derrick says I know, I know!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-05 03-03-03-404

12:45am In the living room – Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Victoria talk about Christine questioning if their season has a view discretion advised warning and how Christine was boo’d when she left. Derrick ask you don’t think she was asking about the view descretion because of your sexuality or something like that do you? Frankie says I don’t know. Derrick says clearly there were some personal insults being thrown around in there. She hated Jocast and HATED DONNY! She hated that man. Hated him. She was probably in there hating on Jocasta, Donny, Nicole, you (Frankie). Frankie says I don’t think she said anything about my sexuality she likes gay people. I think she was just pissed that I was here. Derrick says you don’t know if she was bashing you and your sister. That could have been your family booing her. Frankie says no that’s not my family. Derrick says you don’t know what she was saying about you though. Cody talks about the Reset Button and says that it was getting pushed either way whether I pushed it and blamed it on someone else. Derrick comes out with another HOH item. A craft thing his wife made with her hand print and 5 reasons why she loves him. 1. Your an amazing husband and Dad. 2. Your smile, your eyes! 3. The way you can always make me laugh. 4. The way you listen to people and give them honest caring advice. 5. Your big heart plus the fact that you make the best pancakes. Love you babe. Keep up the great work.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-05 03-23-50-003

1:35am Derrick goes into the Reset Button room and looks at it. He says please, please, please don’t be something that’s going to ruin my game. Please don’t be something that will ruin my game. It’s not going to be good.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-05 03-26-56-791

1:50am Frankie comes out of diary room and says who wants to see my HOH ROOM!! They all run up to the HOH room and heads inside. Frankie freaks out when he sees a photo of him and his roommate Lauren. Frankie got a red suit, his sisters album, etc. Frankie then reads his letter from his friends.

Frankie, Frank, Burankis,

Frankie my love I am so ecstatic watching you! Tough times never last but tough people do so keep strong as you are and keep it light because nothing is ever too serious. I hope you realize what life changing role you’ve had in this world and you’ve had to everyone around you. Everything I touch I break .. red wine glasses, hearts, my body. Everything and everyone you touch you change. You are a true honest person with a fierce force not to be reckoned with. Just know that your spirit and journey through life will open everyone’s eyes and mind to become a better person and to push themselves to be as inspiring as you. It just isn’t the same without you but you know I’m striggy shuffling around with the same ridiculous energy we emit. Good girl. Isn’t it fun eating, sleeping and running around with a whole new random group of people. It must be challenging but it makes me smile. You are irreplaceable. Keep shining bright babe and I will see you when you’re back. So I can give you the biggest strigs hug ever. I love you so much and I miss your face and your insanity every night! Love Lauren Strigs.

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I’ll piss myself if Victoria finally wins PoV, but it was all for nothing because the week gets cancelled. I’m confused as to why they would do a twist to save Victoria?? I like her, but come on. They probably should have done the twist one week later.

Lawon's Special Power

I don’t think it was to save Victoria. I think it was to save Frankie but of course that could all change and it could get him evicted which would be hysterical.


For the mission Is there anyway we can vote A for the houseguests to fast. It doesn’t happen they don’t get the money. B is too easy.


You can vote 20 times each day for A or B…………Go to CBS website.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Frankie should put Victoria and Derrick up, he’s never been up before – that way he can’t campaign to keep Victoria. He just want’s to use her in the end.


just occurred to me that this twist will allow Frankie to play in the next HOH, if he didn’t win the button flip, and victoria still goes out, instead of him NOT being able to play the next HOH, it will be someone else not being able to play, and Frankie gets a 2nd chance to make sure he is F3.

I liked on BBAD that Caleb seemed to be the only one who actually came up with the scenario that the button could flip the noms. Frankie i think said, so i shouldn’t put Victoria up hahahaha, well, no Frankie, you probably shouldn’t because BMC is actually smarter than the rest of the entire house who still haven’t accepted that scenario as the probably outcome lol


BMC may have come up with the closest thing to the twist, but it wasn’t superior intellect. He got the idea from past shows. Coup de etat and DPV come to mind. He has abandoned that idea now too.

Don’t give BMC more credit than he deserves for making 1 lucky guess that someone else would have come up with eventually.


Hmm Idk about that . It was actually Derrick and victoria who were closest. Derrick was very hesitant and is the only one who understands that button isn’t something to take lightly. He knew it would be something that could change the dynamic. But whiny little frankie wanted his way and it’s gonna burn him (hee can’t wait)! Caleb just followed what frankie said and hopped on the bandwagon bc he’s a sheep. Frankie kept saying there will be a game comp to be played due to pressing the button and then all of a sudden Caleb is like yeah yeah that’s it. As usual no original thought in his head and then tries to hop on someone else’s idea.


i think production isn’t even thinking about Victoria it was put in for exactly what happened say Frankie puts up derrick and cody and that shows his hand would be sucking seat


Frankie using the word honesty an integrity with a straight face is BS!

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

Caleb – If I get booed, I’m walking right back into the house. LOL Cody’s nervous too. Pussies.


Caleb probably will not get booed. The problem BB is going to have with him is his behavior towards Amber. He is so delusional, he think he owns that woman. Fortunately, she is not in jury so if he gets sent there, he can’t torment her. If he does get booed and tries to walk back into the house, either the door will be locked or there will be a lot bigger guys than him who will literally SHOW him the door. He is really delusional if he thinks he has that much power. Nicole is right….they are a bunch of little kids playing a BB game.


Wish they would have had the rewind button when Donnie and Nicole were on the block. Too little too late.

Simply Good

Just exaclty how I feel. Seems like production rigged it to save Frankie or Derrick. Too bad but when Donny wins AF, that will stick it back to them!


Donny knew he was going home so he should have told everyone aside from Derrick and Frankie about Team America (or a variation of it he overheard or some such lie) moments before the live eviction and that the proof would be in his ability to predict one of them being asked what food they wanted with the reply ‘Apple Pie’ (chances were Julie wouldn’t ask the guy on the block what food he wanted next week). At least that MAY have given him a shot at spreading distrust; if he could have linked it to Nicole coming back in with this secret team even better.

Derrick "The Assassin"

There goes production, trying to sabotage Derrick 🙁 Wonder how he will explain this to Cody.


Looks like these people are too stupid to even question it. And since when is an HOH allowed to say they don’t like something and exchange it?


It was obviously a picture of his evil twin brother who he’s trying to forget about after all of the trauma he put his family through, which he doesn’t want to talk about. In fact, he must be appalled production made such an insensitive mistake.


Wait, what?


Derrick could tell Cody anything….and he is so blindly loyal as to believe it.

Derrick knew who to get rid of: Donny, Nicole….they were on to him….


I just watched that on the feeds. Derrick explaing it was a bad picture and Cody was sitting on the couch trying to add 1+ 1 and not getting to 2. Even funnier was Caleb distracting everyone from what was going on with Derrick’s picture by freaking out about Austin Mahone being the new Justin Beiber. Caleb was acting like Frankie was trying to cheat him by promising he would meet Justin just to learn that Justin is yesterdays news. I bet you that Frankie has filed the picture kerfuffle away in his brain and will to get to the bottom of it all later.


oh, whatever prod. loves derrick and his story , they are just further mentioning it to the viewers by doing this, they do not want us to forget that he is an undercover cop and he will win, oh the predictable drama!

Does America want a cop to win?

And how does this cast no know that Derrick is a cop, he could be Chief Wiggum’s son! He is so stereotypical cop… I also dont find him that likeable, I dont know how he was voted on to Team America, almost as crazy as Joey getting voted ever so briefly to Team America…


Sabotage, doubt it… Production has be giving Derrick a good edit all season. They didn’t air his comments to bash teeth in or stealing food out of his daughters mouth.
The picture had to have come from somewhere! Either him or his wife submitted it for them to use.

Go Frankie!

Nominate Derrick and get little piggie out of there!


I hate Frankie but I want to see Derrick suffer as much by taking what he loves the most away from him at the end of this season: the money. Screw his game and his fawning over himself and his inflated ego. His game is not that tight. Since he has inflicted so much suffering on the rest of the house, especially the women, it would be fitting for him to get close enough to winning and LOSE. That would seem like the best way to end this season for me. OK, well one other thing would be better than Derrick losing. Having Victoria win, turn to the camera and say to Derrick “Life’s tough, wear a helmet but hair extension work just as well”


I was very surprised that Christine got such an overwhelming boo last night. It was really uncomfortable to watch.

I think the main reason for the boos is because she back-stabbed Nicole. Second, her behavior with Cody. Thirdly, her unfiltered mouth.

Out of the people left, my choice for final 2 are Derrick and Caleb. The final 2 will probably be Derrick and Victoria.

Just as a game move, Frankie’s best best would’ve been to use the veto on Christine, having Derrick nominate Caleb and them voting out Caleb. Then it would’ve been Frankie/Christine vs Cody/Victoria competing for the HOH.

The “twist” is so lame. I’m baffled that the twist couldn’t have been brought up a week or two ago. Again, worst twist ever!

Wake Up and Smell the Baon

I wish the twist would kick in after the vote, as the person gets up to leave – they would then know they were backstabbed. It would be cool if the nominees were told to have a seat and the other 2 remaining players had to go up in their place. Really sick of Derrick’s conniving, would like him to feel the heat for a change.


could they have spun it to her that the reason for the boos is because the rest of her alliance were unloyal to her, and voted her out> she wasn’t being booed, their action was? It’s worth a try lol


Ummm not a chance in hell that’s why she got booed. It was because she’s a nasty biotch and adulteress.


Do you even know the definition of adultery? Let me provide: “Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not their spouse.” While there may have been much hand holding, hugging and giggling, by no means did this cross over into the realm of adultery and no reason to believe it ever would. Seriously, many of you on here are equally as bad as anyone in the house, judgemental and hateful.


When Caleb said he wanted to know what room Cody and Crusty was f*&%#@g in tonight and the rubbers is missing I was done, but this is so skerry!


Can’t forget each time Kotex napped she napped. Wherever room and bed Kotex slept in she slept in. Why now she is taking 3 birth control pills in one day??? #thisisstillskerry

Sounds like you're speaking from experience

Thank you for the educational speech, and enlightening us with your explanation of what it means!
Obviously YOU didn’t have to look that one up because obviously you have it memorized for either 4 reasons.
1) You’ve been doing some cheating, and have practiced that definition over and over to get out of it.
2) You’ve been cheated on too many times,so that’s what you convince yourself over and over of what it means.
3) You are related to Christine.
4) You enjoy blowing smoke up peoples asses.
Here’s a suggestion for you: ” Never Air Your Dirty Laundry ” on a public forum!
And if you need a definition of what that means, just go ask one of your trailer park neighbors…

The Cigar

You must reading a dictionary that was written before my owner, Mr. Bill Clinton, was in office…

Twisted too late. #NoOneCares

I want Victoria gone. The only way that happens is if Frankie remains HOH. Frankie is the only guy the others would vote out. This reset button “twist” (so damn stupid) would have mattered earlier and would have enhanced the game. Now it just a lame pain in the a$$. Boo to BB production.


And now this whole week is for nothing. everything that happens this week doesnt matter because it will all be reset at the vote. very stupid twist.

Anyway the blood bath will begin now. I finally get to watch these pieces of shit turn on each other .

The boos were awesome! Every house guest that leaves should get boo’d. Because they are losers who just lost. It makes it way more interesting that they now have to fear that when they get evicted.


I agree! Unless Victoria pulls a hoh key out of her ass…nothing will change! Even if they put Frankie up…he can win POV! Should have been done weeks ago!


Have to admit…. loved christines boo’s last night!!!! But i think cody deserves the boo’s too, he disrespected christines husband as well, he knew she was married. She was such a nasty nasty person though!!

Christine is like Derrick ....

Christine getting booed is what she signed up for when she agreed to be on BB. Sorry, I feel no sympathy for her on this. She brought it on herself and she outsmarted herself and her marriage in the process. Kind of funny how her game in the house bled over into her reality. She seems to have thought that she could play off her relationship with Cody as innocent but the viewers and the other hg’s saw through that.
But I think the boos were not so much about her and Cody’s massage parlor games but more about her being such a sardonic personality. You can be witty without being crass and she is just crass. I think that viewers saw that so many times in so many situations and they just disliked it because it went beyong gameplay. Similarily, I think that is why there is so much dislike for Derrick as well because his attempts at manipulation go over the top. It’s like he can’t just get enough of himself that he is addicted to power and control. So for me, Chrsitine and Derrick share similarities in how they did things in this game, on a fairly regular basis, that are not just gameplay and are actually more abusive and plain nasty and mean. I bet Nicole and other jury members are discussing this with Christine now and they are all going to share stories about Derrick. He is not who he appears to be and they are now getting to see that even more clearly that Christine is in the jury. So, at lest in the end, Christine is redeeming her game by exposing Derrick to the jury.

Rio Seven

I think the boos for Christine were terrible. Okay, she is unlikable, but I feel bad that after getting booed like that, she had to sit there on live TV and do an interview. I don’t think anyone deserves that.


Terrible maybe but no less terrible than ostracizing the decent people that have been put up for eviction and making their last days unbearable in the house. Christine was booed for her terrible, bullying unkind behavior more than anything else. Wonder how she feels in the jury house being the outsider?

Murphy's Law

I didn’t feel sorry for Christine one tiny bit!!In fact, I LOVED watching the audience boo her a$$!! I dvr’d the show just to watch it over & over. When the hgs sign that BB contract, they have “sold their souls to the devil” as is true with any reality show–simply put, anything & everything is under scrutiny for tv/live feed/ viewers,and web site readers & commenters to judge! As a super fan of BB, she knew BETTER than anyone, that’s part of the audience participation aspect of this particular show! Hope she cried her dang eyes out after leaving the stage..AND…hope she is ostracized horribly in the jury house for many long days, just as she did Donny!!! Yeah, Get you some of that humiliation & lonliness, Christine…now it’s Frankie’s turn!…..Hahahaha!!!!


Christine got well deserved boos! Her actions with Cody, disrespect to husband, (all the while continued worrying about her pastor….not Christ that she proclaimed between fondling), the use of word HATE regarding Donny, Jocasta, Brittney, Amber, Victoria, and the list goes on. She didn’t just game lie….but betrayed friends with a smirk!

Mister E

do not forget all the nasty goodbye messages she left for everyone.


I so hope Cody and frankie get booed.


Speaking about Cody and Frankie….There is a picture posted and it shows the two of them laying on the HOH bed. They are above the covers but in an unusual position. (The picture is on this site). It appears in the picture that Frankie is fondling Codys crotch. I am not able to make picture bigger so would someone check it out? It is an ad for live stream. Cody will have some explaining to do to his dad….but maybe they know his sexual preferences.


I can almost bet money that Frankie will somehow pull off the hoh win after the reset is announced. Uuuugh, I hope not!!! either way I’m crossing my fingers that its about to get a little more interesting and that Frankie is the next one out. Can’t wait to see what happens!


I too think Frankie needs to go. Frankie says by being in the house he is bringing awareness out about homosexuals……He is bringing out a false image of gay man. Just because he is a gay man does not give him the right to grab at another man’s penis and when told to knock it off he says” but I’m a gay man and I’m horney”….really? I have never known a gay man who acts as gross as he does. He has no manners…he’s rude…he’s a slob. ..whatever faults he has he blames on being gay. He is a step back for gay men….will the other house guests be tainted towards other gay men as a result of being locked up with frankie? CBS has put this evil vile person in with people and they have tolerated the groping because it’s a game and money is involved. Why not put in a lesbian who is vile and gropes all the women….because of frankie….gay men will be less accepted now than before. Men will think they’re discusting creatures like Frankie and have to guard themselves from being molested…..send frankie home!


I agree. Why does Frankie think he is entitled to touch other men without their permission?
His excuse is that he is gay.
Caleb is afraid to complain to production as it being sexual harrassment because it might hurt his game…..but that behavior should not be tolerated.

german team

Frankie is the reincarnation of Caligula. Last night when they showed his interview tape and he said that people think gays should burn in hell. No, we don’t want gays to burn in hell, just you, Caligula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m hoping the Frooster DOES win the reset HOH. Then he can’t play in the all important next one..with the 4 HG’S. Of course..production will prolly then ensure that the Veto Comp is right up his alley to win. As for Christine getting booed. That may be the least of her worries. She’s come off as hateful and vindictive. i.e. Her comments about hoping she’s the one to evict Nicole twice. She has no empathy at all. showed.

A Question

Does Frankie get to play for HOH since the reset button was pushed? Or is it Derrick that cannot play? I know, I should know, I’m just a tad confused.


All season long Derrick has continued to be suspicious yet no one has been suspicious of him. No one’s put him on the block. No one has questioned him at all. He sends a picture back and everyone thinks he sent it back because it was blurry. Cody even saw the picture! These people are blind. They’re basically handing him the money. But I guess it’s been that way all season.

Saved by the Bell

Not so sure that production is going to let Derrick get away with that. I think that Derrick is going to be forced to come clean about being an undercover cop. Stay tuned fans, there may finally a long needed equalization of the house as Derrick is exposed for the huge liar that he is. Can’t wait!!!


What was the picture?


I wonder if the picture could have just been of one while he was overweight, or when his wife was overweight.


His wife is STILL overweight.

Wake Up and Smell the Baon

The picture was of him in his police uniform with his daughter – he had a freak out over that.


Do we know this for sure? Can someone provide a screenshot or a link to?

Team Anyone

HA! You guys are hilarious. Derrick WAS an undercover cop outside of this game, before they gave him a desk job. It’s not like he is an undercover cop FOR BB on the show! LOL!!


It does suck and it shows that production is pulling for Frankie bc when he was lying they never threw in a picture of his sister so they would know who she was. If that was really a picture of him in uniform I would be asking them what was up and why they did that.


Frankie said he will leave the house playing an honest game and not stapping anyone in the back. Talk about short term memory. How about trying to get Nicole and Christine to put up the other guys, or lying and getting Donnie out, or lying to BMC about Amber , or putting the knife in Zack’s back ?


I highly doubt it was a pic in his uniform. Bb would be in a world of shit if they did that. And to people saying that’s for sure what it was.. Well they are full of it. It hasn’t been spoken about and there was no clear image of the pic shown. Also I can’t stand frankie at all but I get tired of hearing everything that is done in the house is some elaborate production plot to help frankie lol. Good lord doesn’t anyone see that frankie is not being portrayed well on cbs anymore. Production is tired of him and knows he’s not making the best press especially after the “rape joke”


Loyal and trustworthy
Really frankie ??


I really don’t see the button making much of a difference this late in the game. Get Victoria out and let the boys fight it out.

Pink Hat Scraps

God I hope Victoria doesn’t float to the end.


She won’t. She’ll be dragged by Derrick.


This is a bitter jury. The way they were treated while on the block by the Stooge Squad was unlike anything I’ve seen in BB. If one of them takes her then VapidVic for the Win!!


They (Frankie) wanted to push the big Golden button.
I think a “wayback” machine has been activated and time will soon flow backwards and then forwards.


Good god if Frankie is on an All Star season I’ll vomit

The worst part is that production will actually do it…


Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Frankie and Derrick on an all-star season. I would enjoy watching them get voted out in the first few weeks.


I don’t think they want Fakie anywhere near BB in the future. You can even hear it Julie’s voice when she speaks to him. And whatever is going on with Derprick and his wife I think will keep him from coming back. The narc is worried about his wife and every time he talks about her now we get fish. Something’s going on there.


I actually disliked your comment right after reading the first part. then undid that and liked it after reading the second part lol.. i agree derrick looks good in this season because he was put in a season full of morons, he’d be wrecked in a season with the greats.


Thanks Simon/Dawg for letting me know who won and was evicted without me having to watch the show. I might have to go and fast forward the DVR to hear the boos and see Christine’s face.

They shouldn’t allow Derrick to give back the photo. I think whatever it is should be put up on the big monitor downstairs.

I think the reset button has come way to late in the game to make any real difference to what happens in the game.

My daughter was commenting on how Frankie makes her uncomfortable (she only watches the show) and I said he makes us all uncomfortable!


Why would you not allow Derrick to give back his picture? Production almost ruined a major lie for him. Influencing the game THAT MUCH is just wrong, regardless of who you’re rooting for.


Someone was dumb enough to send in that photo, so the let the chips fall where they will.

Team Anyone

Well it is odd that before Skankie came clean about his sister, all of her photos were when she was a child. Suddenly, they show a photo of Derrick in his uniform with his daughter? That seems a bit odd. Not like production needs to hide what Derrick does, only Derrick chose to hide it from the others, but don’t worry. Cody forgot all about that evil twin holding Derrick’s wife and baby.


Lol we don’t even know what the pic actually was. There is no image clear enough to tell if he was actually in uniform and it hasn’t been spoken about.

Twist of the Season

A little to late to have a good twist now that everyone good is gone.

psv who doesnt understand all the Derrick hate..

I completely agree the twist is too little too late to shake things up. They needed to shake things up earlier in the season when there were more folks still in the game.

However, one of the reason this season has been so “boring” is because someone from the Detonators/Bomb Squad has been involved in the vast majority of HoH’s at some point. Production doesnt have a crystal ball, and even if they put a twist in, the house guests still have to help out by winning something.

A prime example of house guest incompetence was two PoV’s ago. Nicole and Donny, BOTH knowing that if they stay on the block one of them is going home, sat passively by while Cody won 3 in row to win the Veto. I was stunned, STUNNED at the ineptitude displayed. They both could have saved themselves then, or at least gone down swinging.

I am not sure if production could do anything about the detonators dominance in the competitions… and THAT more than anything else, has lead to a predictable season, “boring” if you will.

The other thing: I am truly amazed they didnt/havent turned on each other. I mean, now is the time, final 5 to do that. But Nicole and even Donny both tried to drive a wedge and wasnt able to do it. They really stayed tight (The Brigade tight). Im a little stunned considering all the paranoia, but somebody bucked them up and they stayed to plan.

So, the twist isnt going to do much, and i very seriously doubt anyone but Victoria gets sent out the door this week regardless of what production tries to do.

team america

theyve stayed together because derrick and frankie are both in team america, which is stopping the two leaders of the alliance from turning on each other. worst twist ever, and should have ended after donny was evicted. how could production be awarding derrick and frankie with another mission after they turned on their own team member and america’s favorite player? blame this awful season on production. Battle of the block went on way too long, reset button came way too late, and team america just blows. Just give derrick the win and let me forget about this season already #bb17 #bbcanada


Watch frankie win hoh again on wednesday And make it boring episode again.


Unless he gets Derrick out.

psv who doesnt understand all the Derrick hate..

I wonder if Frankie will be ineligible because he is the current HoH.

I'm Confused

I agree – which HG will not be allowed to play for HOH – Frankie or Derrick?


“Frankie says if my downfall is being loyal and trustworthy then I will walk out that door. I will skip over to Julie Chen and say see you at all stars. I will walk out with honesty and integrity. I am not going to stab anyone in the back. I’m not going to slit anyone’s throat. I’m not going to do it.”


I think that I just threw up a little bit in my mouth!!!!!!

Speaking in the vernacular of my people…I no he di’ n’ *finger pop*


You can’t say this twist was rigged for Frankie fast enough, to make sure he has a compelling argument for jury , and to tell them he won 3 comps back to back, POV and 2 HOHs… Just hand that boy a check already,Production, stop trying to make it seem like this wasn’t expected since Day 1.

Derrick’s game isn’t looked at as “Great” seeing as he’s dealing with a bunch of idiots who can’t think for themselves(be real he looks like a Jedi Master compared to these fools), but damn, if he don’t end up winning, he was clearly screwed… Thanks to the 2 annoying AGs ” Ariana Grande, and Allison Grodner” for one of the most boringly predictable season in Big Brother history..


everyone thinks its for Frankie the reset button think about who was the last hoh and not able to play in this hoh give you 5 minutes to figure it out oh its derrick hes ok in comp cant play in hoh totally at risk its to save derrick they don’t like Frankie hell nobody does why do you think they do but they made a big mistake not taking Frankie out I don’t see him losing a hoh and veto in the same week and I hate Frankie derricks fear of Christine winning hoh and putting him may be the lynchpin decision


I thin what makes Derrick look very good at the game is that the rest of the house guests are idiots…

Welcome to Big Brother

I hope you enjoyed your first season of Big Brother!


Derrick is not that good. He’s all brave and puffed up among these imbeciles but put him in with real players and he would have been evicted weeks ago. If it makes you feel better to think that Derrick played a good game go ahead and think that. I happen to think that his luck has run out now and he is going to spiral down into anger becasue he is no longer going to get his way with production or with the other hgs.
One last thing that everyone seems to keep forgetting and that is we are talking about 500K here!! Cody alone has 80K in student loans he needs to pay off. Caleb cant even count to 500!! You think they are not aware that Derrick is their biggest threat to win!??? Not a chance….they are in it for the money but they can’t let Derrick know that because they have watched who gets evicted when they cross Derrrick so they have to play his game.

You can make up whatever you want

that does not make it so!
you have no way to know that…
I hope your fantasy makes you feel better


LOL at all you idiots hating on Derrick.


True…people don’t see that Derrick is a Jedi Master when compared to these dumbasses, so everyone automatically believes he’s a great player, when in fact, if he was put in there with REAL BB Greats, he would crumble, because for the 1st time he’d be dealing with HGs that could actually think for themselves and their own game, and were not easily manipulated… People,assumed the same about Demanda, and we all saw how that turned out for her..


all my favs are out but derrick was smart enough to have the people he could manipulate vote out the people he couldn’t without doing it himself dan didn’t even do that consistently hes done it the whole game and if the jury voted now he wins easy now what could he have done to play better except get Frankie out if so tell me how step by step

Next to go

I think Victoria will be next. My guess is they will pick who goes up next to her (by drawing straws, skittles, whatever). With no disrespect to her, I tend to doubt she will win either the veto or new HOH based on the rewind unless it is a competition really tailored for her. Then it will be just the 4 guys left and the fur will fly!


When it’s down to the final four guys I predict a d*ck measuring contest! Cody has no b@lls so his wouldin’t have grown; Caleb’s testosterone has all gone to his left t*t so he won’t measure up,;Frankie, his is too busy trying to find a way into Caleb or Cody; so that leaves Derrick, and we all know cops have the biggest b@lls of all so I’m guessing he wins by default!


Derrick has a micropeni8. That is why he lets Frankie grope him: he can’t feel it.


#boycottTeamAmerica #boycottBB16TA

Next to go, part 2

I only hope that it isn’t Derrick’s HOH that sends Victoria packing – she would be devastated. She is not the best player, but she still has a heart and I would hate for her to get really wigged out by that.


That would be the best but he wont’ do that because he cant’ have her vote against him if she goes to jury. She will get evicted but Derrick wont do it. I also don’t think that Derrick is going to make it past final 4 either but we shall see.

Countdown till Frankie gets screwed over

All right I’m starting a new and new countdown here:



It seems the more I hope Freakie goes out, the luckier he gets. Boo Hoo. Looking forward to next week. Finally a good twist.


So will Derrick get to compete when the button is pushed or will Frankie not be able to compete?


On After Dark, they were showing houseguest interviews and Skankie said he was 28.? He’s 31, what a loser.


If he is 28,then he must be a meth user.He looks closer to 40 but acts and dresses like a 9 year old.What the hell was he wearing last night.Looked like an extra from Boogie Nights!!!


Yes, put down the pipe Frankie.


And he looks even older than that….I would say mid to late 30’s.


He has so much Botox he looks like my Bubbie.

good lord no....

did she say they replay the entire week? I hope it is just in one night. I cant stand this horribleness any longer. The only reason I am watching now is to see when derricks game blows up in his face. Almost did with what sounds like a police picture, but as usual the idiots in the house let him play it off. Also, still would like to see victoria win just because it would be the greatest ending to a bb ever. The girl that does absolutely nothing in the game wins over the alliance to dumb to make a power move in the game till they have to. They should rename this season derrick and the idiots.

3rd World Election

This game has become like a 3rd world country having elections.

1) They cast an undercover cop with training in covert skill of infiltration and manipulation into the game. But, if that wasn’t enough, we also find out that this cop has a photographic memory. Can you say rigged for all the memory HOH and POV comps?

2) They don’t introduce the reset twist until after some of the more likeable and good players are evicted.

3) They give a golden edit to both Derrick and Frankie as much as possible and force us the viewers, to suffer 30 second political pandering ads from Derrick everytime he is in the DR. (as if I don’t see enough of those stupid ads on TV as it is!)

4) We find out that there is a lot riding on CBS and Arianna Grandes joint venture and both need to make sure that BB honors Frankie staying in the game.

5) Team America is still a thing? REALLY!!! That;s total BS just like keeping giving someone a paycheck even though they lost their job.

Did I miss anything? I am just disgusted by this season.

Grodner and Frankie are the real saboteurs

Derrick being a cop guarantees nothing, though. And coming into the house as a skilled manipulator or having a good memory is no different than other people coming in with great social skills or being great at competitions. Most houseguests who are there to win in any given year have a leg up in some facet of the game due to their job or life experience. It’s not like he came into the house with a rigged twist to keep him safe like Elissa or the coaches got.

BB Fan 4 Ever!

I agree with 3rd World Election on this. They should have never cast Derrick it ruined the whole season. Take Derrick out of this season, and it would have been interesting and Frankie would already be gone as well. I tried to like Derrick but the more I watched it was like watching a pool game with a ringer in it. You can actually respect Derricks game and still think that he doesn’t deserve to win this season because of who he played against. That is where I am at with him. Also the fact that he is now blowing smoke up his own as8 and likes the feeling it gives him, that was the last straw.

Team Anyone

Derrick does not have a photographic memory! LOL!!!


Photographic and Eidetic Memory are two different things. It is quiet possible that he has a photographic memory. The only other competition that it would have been a critical advantage in was the Comic Book cover POV and he didn’t compete in it.


Didn’t Derrick state on TV during the bomb / wire cutting contest for POV that he has a photographic memory? I thought that’s what he said with a smug look on this piggly face.


I wondered if Frankie had his own hag to be his personal servant. From the sound of that letter…..he does.
Looks like production wants Derrick gone…..that picture outed him as a cop. I can’t imagine why they would let that picture stay in his basket unless they want him out….soon.


I think that production is just trying to even it up a bit. AND YOU HAVE TO ADMIT, they do need to even it up considering the intelligence of these other houseguests. At least exposing him as a cop gives the other hg’s a headstart as they move toward the finale.

psv who doesnt understand all the Derrick hate..

Unless I missed something very major, they all knew Derrick was a cop already. I think he said that day 1 when he introduced himself.


He told them he works for parks and recreation


Nope, pretty sure that Derr has maintained that he is a Parks & Rec employee from the get go. You know I have never been able to understand the influence of the Kardashian family. I always wondered about the type of people who comprise their fan base. Watching Victoria, especially last night with her sad attempt to be glamorous, (ill fiiting cheap dress, shoes, and extensions); I guess I know now.


yep you have missed the whole season its been a secret the whole season Frankie once said he thought he may be a cop from first impressionthat was after like a month


Frankie deserved it. What goes around come around. The drama is about to begin.

I Hope Not

I have a question, if anyone knows. Frankie’s HOH will not be valid. So, does that mean Derrick can or cannot play in the HOH that will replace Frankie’s HOH for the week?? I would think, it would not be fair for Derrick to get to play, since his HOH will be the last valid one. Does anybody know?? Thank You.

They didn't think of that

Wow, that’s a great question. I didn’t even think of that. If it was fair, then Derrick should not be allowed to play. It should start over and be exactly like it was after Christine was eliminated.


they say it rewinds like it never happened so I would think all things are the same derrick cant play in hoh think it was to done to bust someone that tried to make a big move take out bird girl and a big move is the only move left 2 of them are going to regret waiting when they get punted before they could pull the trigger



Zing Sting

No way he’s getting booed. Like it or not, America likes him. Btw…. Why are you yelling?!?

I Don't Like Derrick

No, America does not like him… He is the reason this season is soooo boring.. I don’t think BB will ever have him back, because they know he is the reason for the most boring season ever… He would have never made Team America if they had been picked just a little while later.


They should transfer Derrick to Internal Affairs where he will be loved and respected by his fellow officers. At this point, that is pretty much where he belongs.


You are correct, Derrick would make a great internal affairs officer. That way he could get rid of all the great cops and keep the villain cops. NOTTTTTT. But truth is. They probably would make him one just for that reason.


About Derrick’s HOH basket’s picture…a lot of speculation out there that it is was a picture of Derrick in his police uniform holding his daughter. Since Derrick said from the beginning that he wasn’t telling his true occupation why would BB even have a picture like that and why would they send it into the house other than to ruin Derrick’s game?

Come on

Production has been giving Derrick soooooooooooooooooo much time on TV and soooooooooooooooooo many golden edits. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!
Them evening up the game by letting the remaining players know he is a cop seems fair to me considering all the advantages Derrick has had in this game even before he joined the cast. I think it’s great and long overdue and I hope that it makes a difference in the game.


I was thinking I some ways the baskets are made prior to game. Like the way they say, “if you are getting this it means you won HoH “. The letters are just general to me and all ways have been. If it was in fact a picture of Derrick in police uniform (idk) it could have been placed by his mother in her basket. Lol
Would she gave known he would lie about his occupation? Perhaps not.
My question was what did Cody see? Why was he saying is that your son? Then said why did I say that. Idk.


Wouldn’t it be his family who sends the HOH basket?? Probably some dumbass not thinking…


Production makes up the baskets. There were asked what foods they like and what music they like to listen to etc before they came into the house. The houseguests had to bring pictures so they can be put into the baskets or set around the HOH room.


I may be wrong but it seems so unlikely it was a picture of him in uniform. I thought it was either a close friend/fellow officer who does undercover work. It would have alarmed Derrick if it was shown on the show…. OR there was a small picture in the background that was Derrick in uniform or something in the background on the photo that would have blown Derrick’s lie.

I never saw anyone mention an odd conversation (I think it was on Tuesday). Frankie was playing badminton with Cody (or Caleb) at the start of BBAD. He mentioned repeatedly about his mom saying he is playing a good game (or she was proud – something like that) and she is getting him a lawyer to be present at the exit interviews so he should not to say anything without consulting the lawyer. I couldn’t tell for certain since it as a tail end of a conversation. I don’t know if it was a message given to him by DR or if he spoke directly with his mom. The way he talked about the lawyer, however, it didn’t seem like he was speculating but something he knew as a certainty. If it was true, did they give Aaryn the same type of contact with family and information last year?


I really don’t think they’d allow a picture of him in his uniform. They were so careful not to show adult pictures of Ariana until Frankie outed his secret. I think it might have been an unflattering picture of his wife holding their daughter. Cody asked if it was his brother, then tried to backpeddle so maybe he realized it might’ve been his wife and felt bad. Also, Derrick said something along the lines of “she wouldn’t want anyone seeing this picture,” so that makes it seem like she didn’t look so great in it. Or I thought maybe it was like a bathtub shot where his daughter was naked, and he didn’t want it shown on TV. Production has kinda been trying to protect Derrick all season, and I don’t see them outing him now.


skankie thinks Crusty was booed because she talked bad about him and / or his family! Really? Dudette is too full of himself! His outfit and antics tonight were discusting to say the least. I can’t believe how much he turns up the gay on TV. Then to talk about his pants cutting into his balls and him “showing” when they blew up his pic on the big screen. After the HOH I read he was hugging up on Caleb and then stated that he hard to go change because he was hard. I am not sure if that was before or after he tried to grab Cowpatty’s junk. Not sure why CBS allows this behavior. Caleb stops him and says “hey people are going to think I am fruity” and Skanky says ” No I am just a homosexual man stuck in a house with hot guys!” How is that ok? If any male player grabbed a female player or cupped her muff I don’t think they could say “hey I am just a horny hetrosexual guy stuck in this house with a bunch of hotties” I think people would be calling for them to be disqualified from the show and even have criminal charges brought against them. This is a disgrace to viewers, his family, the other HG’s, gay men, straight men, women, children, and even reptiles. I hope he gets more boos then Crusty the clown got! (which was precious by the way! By far the best moment of BB16 so far)

BB#2 Fan

Right, but you know “we” are all “homophobes”, Ha Ha


What show have you been watching? Every season we see guys and gilrs all over each other. How is it different when Frankie does it to guys? If they don’t like it tell him to stop. Frankie is a sad excuse for a man but you can’t just ignore all the groping that goes on between the female and male houseguest in this season and in past seasons.Christine has been all over Cody all season and Derrick has been all over Victoria. My guess is that is just as bad if not worse since both Crhistine and Derrick are married and are allowing it and inciting the affection. And those of you who continue to excuse Derrick and think that Chrisitne is worse than Derrick, I guess you just are going to always see the straight guy as the one who is allowed to do anything while everyone else is wrong or sick.
One other thought. Maybe you are secretly turned on by Frankie doing this and I want you to know that that is OK with a large majority of the viewing audience. You can explore your secret fantasies and your life may be better for it. I personally think that you can probably do much better than Frankie as there are other gay men who are much better looking than him.


Earth to Sandy. Earth to Sandy– please return to this planet!!!


How can you compare cuddling, hugging and massaging to groping of genitals? No matter how intimate the skin contact, it’s no where near the same as purposeful touching of genitals. There is no comparison, no grey area, period. Who else has done anything like that? Like the original post said, have you seen anyone grab anyone else’s crotch or breasts in this house? Grabbing someone against their wishes in that manner can easily qualify as sexual assault. The behaviors you describe in other HGs do not come close to crossing that line.


That was my point. And Sandy (could be Victoria’s sister if she is that clueless!) I never said Derrick’s behavior was acceptable and Victoria is not just as bad as Crusty but she does not need to be all over Derrick like she is and putting her head in his lap like I see she did last night while holding the card or whatever it was from his wife and daughter. I think they have crossed the line as well and hope they both get booed as well. I was commenting on Skanky and his thoughts on Crusty’s boos. Anyway it looks like most people agree and understand what I was saying. Everyone has an opinion.


It has nothing to do with Frankie being gay. It really doesn’t have anything to do with me finding Frankie attractive either so I am not sure where that “thought” of yours came from. Even if I were gay I doubt I would find someone like him attractive or be turned on by anything someone like that does. Hell I would be afraid of what someone with such low morals would be spreading around (man or woman) to let them come near me. I find his over the top dramatic gay “act” to be an insult to himself and everyone else. If it is mutual and everyone is single and they want to bang each other on TV more power to them. If you don’t see the difference between what Frankie does and past HG’s do or have done then I don’t know what else to say.

Uncle Sam

Pay the houseguests based off of their game performance/TV ratings.

Frankie go home

Again, Derrick is the only voice of reason. Well, Frankie’s narcissistic behavior will hopefully be sending his ass home!!!! Really guys, you’re that clueless why Christine got so many boos. Couldn’t be she was married and hanging all over Cody constantly. Karma!


So, this means that since the button was pushed, even though Frankie’s nominations will automatically come off the block…..then he can still compete in the next HOH, win HOH again, then nominate the same people….. what a waste of a twist!!!

Lawon's Special Power

Being able to switch out pictures? He could’ve lied and said it was a halloween picture. Let him squirm and let some drama enter the game….ugh.

Wish that reset button would have reset Big Brother to how it was BEFORE Grodner became producer.


But wouldn’t it have been odd if he was the only one in a ‘Halloween’ outfit in the picture? I guess it doesn’t really matter because he can spin any tale in that house and they’ll believe him.


So glad to see Chrustine evicted last night. Especially rewarding since she bragged about getting Nicole out twice, then she herself only lasted 30 minutes longer in the house! Did anyone notice that Chrustine kept eye contact with Julie? She was afraid to look at the audience. I think the eviction coupled with the booing really got to her. (God help the Jury House).
On a separate note, I must say that Chrustine did have the b*lls to do something no one else would. She walked straight out the door, shunning the other HG. It’s always irked me that the evicted guest gets stabbed in the back then hugs everyone on the way out. Chrustine had Cody’s b*lls the entire game. It was only appropriate that she used them one last time on her exit.

Bitter Jury

Well, like I said before, this is going to be a bitter bitter jury.
For those of us counting the jury votes, this is still what it looks like.

Hayden, Donny, Jacosta and Nicole will vote as a block against both Derrick and Frankie. Neither of them will get those 4 votes.
Christine leaving after the other note showed that she is bitter than anyone thought she would be. Her getting booed let her into the reality of how much she is reviled. She will not vote for either Frankie or Derrick either especially after the way they evicted her. She will rebond with Nicole and they will mend their friendship in the jury. Nicole is a helper personality and she will feel bad for Christine knowing that she has to face a tough reality with Tim and her family because of her actions with Cody on the show. Nicole will help Christine to figure this out.
So, by my count, you have 5 votes against Derrick no matter who he brings to the final (if he even makes it to final 2 and with the new twist and with the realization that Derrick is playing all of them, I don’t think he will).

And before all you Derrick fanatics go crazy and rabid that someone is challenging your claim that Derrick has played the best game OR that Derrick has been amazing at managing the jury votes, you clearly are only seeing what you want to see. For many fans and for most of the hg’s now in the jury, they don’t necessarily respect Derricks game and moreover, they are not going to reward him for what he has done. REMEMBER FOLKS, the jury has no rules as to why they vote for someone to win. They can vote on WHATEVER REASONS THEY WANT so all this talk about that the jury will do what all you Derrick fans want them to do , is just that: talk. The jury can vote anyway it damn well pleases. This aint a court of law and there are no jury instructions.


Are you kidding me? Nicole was the worsed hg to send back in to the house. She has been misted once again by Derrick. She’s just as dumb as the rest of them. She’s headed off to the jury to campaign for Derrick. She already told him that! The only way she doesnt vote for Derrick is if Victoria makes it.


correction – Unless Nicole is misting Derrick, she’s actually dumber than the rest of the hg’s cuz she had all kinds of info from the jury and still gave jury info out to Derrick. I think she’s the dumbest “superfan” we’ve ever seen.


It’s ironic how so many people continue to call Nicole dumb, when she is clearly much more intelligent than many of them. She’s a smart girl, just relatively easy to manipulate by someone who acts like a nurturing role model to her. Her decisions are emotional, that’s her downfall.


I don’t think Nicole is dumb but she kind of does not have street smarts. I think she was just so overwrought when she was most recently in the house and so starved physicaly that she was not always thinking strategically. Once she gets back to the jury, that will all change. I think you cant judge her on what she, or what anyone else said, while they were in the house. Nicole just recenlty gave an interview post 2nd eviction where she basically said that Derrick played a good game but she is not sold on him winning or deserving to win. Combine that with Christines bitterness and you have a lot of uncertainty with this jury. I also believe that this year is truly unique and that even though past juries may have only considered gameplay, this one is going to be more emotional in their vote. I think that as a longtime BB fans we can all think back to other times when the jury voted against someone (maybe even look at season 14 where Ian was voted over Dan, with Dan only getting Daneilles vote).


You will be so sad when Derrick does not win.

Murphy's Law

No disrespect to Bitter Jury, but I totally disagree with you on prediction of jury votes. I distinctly heard Donny ( ’bout 3 wks ago.. lying on living room floor) telling Nicole that he would vote FOR Derrick. Plus the fact that Nicole has said numerous times that she would vote for Derrick in the finals,while comparing him to Dan, blah, blah, blah. She has been misted by him SO many times in this game–will never forget the deflective bashing in BY he gave her about doubting him being in a final 4 alliance & expecting a text apology from her—UGH!! Most importantly, past seasons have shown many times that jury ppl will analyze everything down to a tee, but they will ultimately vote for the person who played them…ya know, it compensates their own egos to vote FOR Derrick, the “master-mind”, instead of promoting someone who was a dimwit…IMO–comforting their own egos about their evictions is justified by “honoring” the smart player. At the end of the day (Thanks Caleb), I want Victoria to win cause I loathe the rest.

Bitter Jury

Some good points Murphy’s Law. I have, probably like you, been watching this show since it started. This year just feels different to me and the jury also feels different. I think you cannot trust what people have said in the house as much as their reaction once they are out of the house. My guess is that the jury is already formed solid opinions about most of the remaingin houseguests and I don’t see spiritual people like Jacosta or Donny or someone like Hayden rewarding Derrick. I just don’t see it happening for so many reasons. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.


what show are you watching the jury knows nothing about derricks moves Donny may assume but hell his own alliance don’t even know it so to them he has done absolutely nothing to anyone say Christine makes up something she would have to because she didn’t even know he pulled the strings I mean you couldn’t script it better for jury votes pay closer attention

Murphy's Law

Since you don’t know how to use punctuation in your writing, it’s difficult to decipher your rambling babble. Haven’t you been told this before?!?


By the way I read that a lot of people feel bad for the way Crusty was booed and say it was uncalled for? To me she was booed not only for her behavior with Cotex but also for all of the mean things she said about ALL of the other women this year, all of her hate she expressed to every HG that was on the block. She also backstabbed her closest “friend” (or what should have been) Top all of that off with being a general slob (hardly ever saw or heard of her cleaning anything or doing her laundry and 100 mile stare said she had a whole bag or two of dirty clothes!) nose honking cackling witch I personally think she deserved much worse. I wouldn’t piss on her if she were on fire! I hope they kick her out of her church and her goofball husband kicks her to the curb.


I think she and Victoria did Cody’s laundry. They were discussing how he likes his clothes folded. I think Vic
was actually doing it and Crusty informed her of how he likes them folded. Vic said “I know” then got a little miffed at Crusty.


It was actually Derrick that they were arguing about how he likes his clothes folded. Christine told Victoria to not fold his clothes, because he doesn’t even let his wife do it – and that’s when Victoria started hating Christine massively.


You mean you would not piss on her if she was on fire. Lol
Perhaps you might spit. I hope if she burning up like she was after they boo d


Frankie is crazy if he doesn’t put up Derrick and Cody now because if he doesn’t Derrick is golden. Its like chess he always has a pond to protect him either Victoria or Cody for a vote for his side. Any other move on Frankie’s part would be stupid!!!!!

Zing Sting

Why did BB block the feed when Derrick’s picture was questioned? So silly BB.


It’s amazing how everyone keeps commenting about Victoria being put up on the block again, and how the reset button is going to “rescue” her. Do you really think she on the block to actually go home? The ONLY reason she is still here now is so that whomever makes it to the final 3 can take HER to the final two with them. She’s a sure fire ticket to $500,000. That reset button MIGHT save someone, but it won’t be Victoria, she’s already safe. If I wondered whether this season was rigged for Frankie to win before this particular post, I’m POSITIVE of it now. Why in the world else would productions send Derrick a photo of him in his uniform unless they were intentionally trying to derail his game? It’s sad really. Like Derrick or not, he’s played one heck of a game but has no chance in hell of winning. I wonder what this game would be like if production would just let it play out on it’s own rather than them manipulating it the way they do. I guess we’ll never know. <3

I Don't Like Derrick

Are you kidding?? Caleb, Victoria, and Cody will all take Derrick to the Final 2, and lose to him. Frankie is the only one that will take anyone but Derrick, if he wins the Final HOH. I’m not a Frankie fan, but I want him to win the Final HOH, because he is the only one who will evict Derrick.

Grodner and Frankie are the real saboteurs

LOL at production blatantly trying to screw Derrick over. Grodner knows full well that Derrick’s dominant gameplay is getting in the way of her pet Frankie’s chances of winning, so she’s now trying to throw him under the bus. Pathetic! They should have just handed the check to Frankie on day 1 and taken the summer off at this rate.


I believe this ‘twist’ is something that was added by CBS for other reasons than the game. Next week is when the NFL starts on CBS. They added this twist to ‘reset’ the game for Tuesdays and Wednesdays instead of Wednesdays and Thursdays. Production knew someone ‘Frankie’ would die to push the button…So next Wednesday, Julie will announce the game will ‘reset’ and have to start over from last week’s HOH, but starting on a Wednesday. Easy way to get the game restructured on the new days and create this massive ‘Twist’….Nothing happens without a reason.

BB#2 Fan

Here is a great twist…
Make Victoria the only one competing in the HOH, keep her separated from Derrick, clear her memory of all past thoughts (wait 30 seconds), and see if she can complete the competition in the 1 hr. Time slot. Now that’s entertainment folks!!
Hide Frankie’s “make up” bag.


Cody sees the picture of Derrick in uniform. Derrick stops and thinks about what to respond.
Sees Derrick take the photo to the DR.
1. Is Cody really so dumb to not give Derrick’s reaction a passing thought?
2. Why didn’t Derrick say something believable like it was his Halloween costume? Everyone would totally believe it and even the name tag bearing his last name he could make some easy excuse for.
3. Why would his family want to jeopardize his game at this point? They wouldn’t. So I wonder if production has a hand in it.
4. Derrick could just announce to the house that he is an undercover cop for a living…Vic would think that is “sooo cool” and drool at the thought of Derrick in uniform, Cody would think “sooo cool, man” and ask “Do you meet a lot of smoke bombs?”, Caleb would say ” I did that.” Frankie would think “Oh my gawwwd!!! We have so much in common…first our grandfathers die and we both annnounce our real lives outside the house!”………..and absolutely no one would doubt a word Derrick says………..

BB Fan 4 Ever!

I think that if Derrick is exposed as a cop, his game is over. Lots of reason for this but the biggest would be that the remaining team members would feel that they could not trust him about anything at all, Frankie would spin it to the others that he is a trained manipulator who has taken advantage of all of them, Victoria would stick by him but only because she is in love with him.


I still think Cody and Victoria would still do everything he says….he controls their minds.
Frankie…not so much and Caleb might make a move…..


Caleb and Derrick had a conversation several weeks ago about becoming a policeman, and Caleb does not like the police.


So pissed off that there is another TA mission and only 2 players. When Joey was evicted why did they not leave it at 2 players? Wish people would boycott TA but know it won’t happen.
Wonder how Christine is coping in jury house? She is lucky that the people already there are not mean spirited like her and the remaining hgs. They will not ostracise her nor will they make the horrible remarks that she made. Donny, being Donny and not realising some of the horrible things she said, will make sure she feels welcome in JH. Christine needs a serious attitude and life adjustment. Hopefully the booing will be a wake-up call.