Frankie “Do you know what you’re going to say?” Caleb “Victoria sit down and get comfortable! Nicole’s the target!”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 09-42-02-053

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9am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Victoria has been up since 6am showering, getting ready for the day and painting crafts in the kitchen. Christine and Victoria are in the bathroom. Christine comments that she can’t taste the difference between regular coffee and starbucks coffee. Victoria says wow and you’re a barista?! Nicole joins them. Big Brother calls Victoria to the diary room. Victoria asks why are they calling me what the freak. Nicole tries to warm up from the ice box room by sticking a blow dryer down her pants. Caleb joins then and says don’t you love it when they wake you up from a dead sleep to go into the diary room and you sit down all muffed up and.. Christine says they tell you to come back later. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back Frankie hugs Caleb and asks to shower in his HOH room. Nicole comments to Christine about what they’re going to ask in the diary room. It’s so awkward to ask you to use the veto on me when I know your using it on yourself. Nicole wondered why some times the people on the block give speeches and some times they don’t. She says that they told her because some times its obvious.

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In the kitchen – Caleb asks Frankie if he’s staying up there with him tonight? Frankie says yes if you want me to. Caleb says I just want the last night alone. Caleb says you can stay up there as long as you want day or night. Caleb yells hey Christine .. WHEN YOU GO IN THAT DIARY ROOM! Frankie says please vote to evict Jocasta. Caleb tells Frankie you should have seen your face when I told you I don’t trust you. I trust you more, there’s just that 1% Like I trust you 99%. Frankie says I know where you’re coming from because you have a different outlook on life like you trusted people with your life. I’ve never had that before. Frankie says I think we can make the final 4. Caleb says if we do we deserve it. Victoria asks Frankie about what outfit she wore before. Frankie then tells Caleb that Victoria can’t even remember what outfit she wore she’s not going to do well in the before or after competition. Caleb says I can’t remember what I’ve worn either.

bandicam 2014-09-01 10-31-29-353

10:35am In the havenot room – Caleb wakes up Derrick and tells him that he’ll know what to do when he gets up there but basically I was talking to Frankie and he said we were good. He said he thinks we’ll make it to the final 4 so I think we’re good.

bandicam 2014-09-01 10-35-46-712

10:40am In the bathroom – Frankie comment on how we must be getting something since we’re still locked out of the backyard. Nicole asks you think so? Frankie says there still can’t be some a$$hole sitting out there with a microphone. It can’t be have/havenot that’s over. It could be a luxury competition.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 10-40-41-499
10:45am – 11am Frankie runs up to the HOH and asks Caleb why no backyard. Caleb says maybe luxury comp. Frankie asks do you know what you’re going to say? Caleb says probably say Victoria sit down and get comfortable because you’re not going anywhere. Nicole’s the target. I’d like to tell her something that makes her feel comfortable because she doesn’t like it up there. Frankie says yeah that sounds good. Caleb says we’re literally 2 HOH’s away from final 4. Frankie says the veto is always an option. Caleb says but there’s always another option. It’s never happened before .. the Brigade only got 3 of them to the finals. Caleb says I still feel like someone will try to break that up before it happens. Frankie says I know you do and you’ve given that to me. My gut is definitely concerned now. I hope you don’t do it to me. Caleb says if I was going to do it, today would be the day I would do it. Don’t be scared because I’m putting up Victoria. Frankie asks is that where all this paranoia coming from .. is someone coming for me? Caleb says it was just me sitting up here thinking about how you had done it to me before but we go past that. I did it with Cody too wondering if he would go with Christine. Caleb says if it was me and Cody sitting on the block and you won the veto.. Frankie says I would use it on you. Caleb says and I would do the same if it was reversed. The only person I am scared to sit next to is Derrick because people would want to take him for game strategy. Just like with Victoria but I hope she isn’t here at that point. Frankie says if I’m going out of this game I would like the knife to come from the front. I want to be able to fight for my life. I think we’ve earned that at this point. Caleb says I think we’re good and I hope we make it. Frankie says I think we are too. Caleb says I would be proud to sit next to you in the end and to get the 50K. I didn’t get beat my Victoria or Christine. I would be proud of that. I know if we’re sitting at the final 2 we earned it. Frankie assumes that Victoria would go after Nicole. Caleb says Christine should go next. Frankie says either way it doesn’t matter to me. Christine has burned me a few times.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 10-56-20-657

11:10am – 11:20am Frankie says if Christine doesn’t win this HOH then she is gone next. Is Cody okay with that? Caleb says yes, he’s loyal to the four. They both agree that they won’t take Victoria to the end and they don’t think Derrick would either. Caleb says I’m already considering her gone. Caleb says say you me and Derrick are in the top 3. If you and me make it to the final 2 we could be possibly the best players to ever play this game. And I’ve been asked about that in the DR. We’ve been together since day 2 and if we made it to the end I don’t think that’s ever been done before. Frankie says we could be up there with DR. Will and Boogie. Caleb says I didn’t try to send you home and you didn’t try to send me home .. only verbally. Frankie says and it was just a scenario.. I wouldn’t never give any names from here on out. Derrick joins them and wonders if he interrupted their conversation. Caleb tells Derrick about what they’ve been talking about and how they’re good.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 11-05-41-226

11:20am Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

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144 thoughts on “Frankie “Do you know what you’re going to say?” Caleb “Victoria sit down and get comfortable! Nicole’s the target!”

  1. Even if I agree with the messages people on the outside use a megaphone to shout to the HGs – I think it’s wrong that the HGs are getting outside information. Maybe next season BB could use a house in a new location. Seems like the current house is in need of a good scrubbing anyway.

    1. What did they yell. From what I read they didn’t hear anything. Just mumbles. As for the helicopter megaphone, something was said about Frankie. Frankie said oh that was a Donny fan. All the house guests say yea your tight. Someone could yell hey houseguests Derrick us a cop and they would say nothing.

      1. Last night’s yell was: “Frankie is bashing you all in his DR sessions – especially Caleb and Derrick!”
        Caleb later said he heard it and that “it all makes sense”.
        He’s so obsessed with his image, I’m sure this input played a big part in him seriously considering backdooring Frankie. He’s afraid to look like an idiot to the viewers – he might have had a great comeback after Amber left, but still, when he’ll learn about how he was being laughed at and seen as a creep all this time, he’s going to be devastated.
        Bravo to CBS for the over the top “Army Hero” edit yesterday (where he actually said a lot of BS about what the blue ribbon stands for), people seem to forget really quickly and might root for him…
        Not as much as if he had actually put Frankie on the block, though! :(

      2. Hey, Kathie – it’s the other Kathy. I think they caught a part of what was said, at the very least Derrick did (who immediately morphed into cop mode, shoving them inside). And I think there will be couple more bullhorn runs before the season is over, because people are ticked off about how a lame a season it has been overall, and Frankie specifically.
        What a disappointing waste of time this has turned out to be.

    2. Maybe, or production can make the game more interesting by casting better people. There was no yelling over the wall in previous seasons

        1. Your need to belittle a man by calling him a “girl” is pathetic. He might be an idiot but it isn’t because he’s acting like a “girl”. I know many girls who would have put all of those idiot men in their places. He is simply an idiot.

    3. I hope the megaphone guy keeps does it every night through the end of the season. Keeping the HGs locked every night in the house will be their punishment for giving us such a lousy, boring show.

    4. Highly doubtful they would ever do that, if that was the case after what happened during season 10, “a fan paid a messenger chopper to have a banner, telling Keisha not to trust, someone(Memphis maybe?)”, that’s worst than someone yelling over the wall.. I don’t think they could make it more in-door anyways, seeing as they allow them to go outside, I think Season 9 was in-doors during the winter season…

    5. I can’t believe Fakie saying he carried Donny in Team America. i’m not sure which I am more sick of Frankie or the holla.

      1. Like really! So the hoh, bob’s and pov’s which totalled about 7 comps he won did’t have anything to do with the fact he was still there. OH please frankie you didn’t carry Donny anywere. Your just jelious that donny is way more popular than you. Also i can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out Donny will be on the bold and beautiful. Please just walk out of the big brother house with hour tail between your legs and just go away.

    1. Caleb actually is a very loyalty guy, he loves Frankie. he was trying to put Frankie up only because he thought Frankie betryed him. but after Derrick’s hesitate and Frankie’s “honestly” talking, he is actually very happy that his Frankie is “loyalty” to him. that is why he is so easily to cancel his big move

  2. Oh dear.

    From reading the synopsis and see the occasional BBAD, all I can say is hats off to Dawg and Simon for enduring these endless circuitous conversations. Just reading it, all I have echoing in my ears is Charlie Brown’s teacher and a few words in between.

    Wha wha whaa threat
    wha wha whaa beastmode (cough cough)
    wha wha whaa bigger threat
    wha wha whaa safe move

    and 20 minutes later….
    wha wha whaa no threat
    wha wha whaa game changer
    wha wha whaa # girls would equal # guys
    wha wha whaa numbers, votes, numbers

    another three hours later….
    wha wha whaa big move
    wha wha whaa safe move
    wha wha whaa Bomb Squad
    WHA WHA WHAA girls bad, boys good
    whaaaaaaaa….. HELP!

    In reality, during the infamous DR prep questions, all production would do is ask Caleb, “So why don’t you want to make a big move? What frightens you?” To have him go in the opposite direction: “Well, Caleb, are you going to feel bad breaking your word and being disloyal?” – or in this case “Are you worried about a backlash from Frankie’s and Ariana’s fans?”

    The HGs seem to know the trick. They lock their jaws shut when Caleb talks about who he will easily beat. They just bat their eyes seemingly in admiration, “Oh yes, you’re beastmode.” … cough, cough. It is sad that it seems if you stroke his ego, you can manipulate him easily. (Although I am sure Cody will be calling him out …. later – cough cough).

    1. I’m afraid your description of what goes on in the DR is very accurate.
      BB seems to be extremely ruthless in order to obtain what they want. Past houseguests have hinted at how much they had to “fight production” with some of the moves they wanted to do – despite them not being allowed by contract to talk about it even after the season is over.

    1. Complete with a nasty comment to Nicole at the POV ceremony and then humiliate her with the usual unanimous vote. Such exemplary brave men! The best to ever play the game says Caleb? I say get a life! You are ALL cowards!!!

      1. they’re an insult to the actual greats.. how dare he compare himself along with Frankie to DR.Will and BOOGIE.. keep dreaming buddy!

  3. Frankie is such a douche (putting it mildly), but they won’t take him out because of his sister! I hate the fact that BB put someone like that in the game, not at all fair! But I guess ratings is the name of the game….was a fan, but not anymore, done with BB! Boring and fake!

    1. CBS has no relationship with Ariana. In fact, I would say Ariana and her people wants him out because of what an ass he is. Either way, at the end of the day, Frankie was an experiment, the ratings did not improve with him on and it is clear from his edit the past 2 weeks he is not liked by production.

        1. You do know of a little thing called Google right???? Does everyone just believe what people read in chat comments these days? LMAO Columbia Records & CBS have had ZERO affiliation since the 90’s. (But dont believe me, go google it and educate yourself).
          Kinda like the people yesterday in here that actually believed some online petiiton was LEGIT about kicking Frankie out of the house (NEWSFLASH: CBS, the Government, and most everyone else wipes their a$$es with all those petitions…they don’t give a crap & they mean nothing btw).

        2. You are right Kathie, my fellow Canadian, they are affiliated with her record label, which is why they put Frankie on BB because her new album was just released! Both of they are useless!!!

      1. Even if they aren’t affiliated at all – it’s still good for their ratings to be able to say “tune in next thursday, Ariana Grande’s brother is on the show!”
        I agree, Ariana Grande must be praying each minute of the day that he gets evicted asap. given how he handles himself in there. Difficult to be an innocent Disney pop star princess if your brother makes a joke about taking all of a drunken girl’s virginities, is graphic about that, calls Nicole a bitch (I was surprised they showed that on the CBS show!), talks about punching ppl in the face, constantly hides behind his little sister’s popularity as a strategy to save his butt, etc.
        I don’t think her pr manager would approve.

        1. Oh the same innocent Disney princess who reportedly had nude photos leaked yesterday by a hacker? Now I understand why he drops trou all the time, it runs in the family.

      2. lol… I actually think the opposite… I think Arianna and her people want him to stay locked up in that house because he is such a pain in the ass. It kept him from tagging along at the VMA’s and all the other things she has been doing for the past week. BB is his baby sitter.

  4. I’m so sick and tired of the same ole thing week after week. Caleb is a fool, I knew he did not have the balls to put Frankie on the block. I could not believe when Frankie told Caleb, if someone is coming after him, he would appreciate the knife coming from the front and not the back!!! What about what Frankie did to Zach? He stabbed Zach in the back, these people are idiots, they don’t have the guts to make any big moves. And do not get me started on Nicole being such an idiot now and thinking she can trust Derrick, Hayden told her, Derrick and Cody are the targets, now she loves Derrick and wants to go after Cody. I never wanted Nicole to come back in, she is too nice of a person, she is easily fooled. This season has been predictable week after week, it is getting really old !!

  5. Another wasted HOH and another idiot who cannot make a decision for himself. Why do they listen to Frankie when they all talk crap about him and he talks crap to each one of them. He is such a gross human being. I cannot wait till he walks out of the house and hears everyone boooooo for him…That will be epic, I sure hope they are zoomed right in on his ugly mug to see his reaction.

    1. I don’t think CBS will allow the boos he deserves, he will blame production for giving him bad edits and stacking the audience with Donny fans. Frankie really believes he’s lovable and adorable, we know he’s fake and a huge liar.

      1. No Frankie has hit the “tipping point” with the edit now on CBS….they are starting to show all his evil ways now. CBS is always about a month behind all the live-feeders. Now they have started to air all his crap negatively, you can believe they will continue. They didn’t prob “want” to edit Frankie as the evil villain in the begining, but at this point & with all the Twitter backlash from fans, they are gonna let it show!

  6. The guys in the house are incapable of making a strong move. They’re so timid they wouldnt throw rice at a wedding. 3 little wussies.

  7. All this hype for a backdoor of Frankie for nothing. Thanks Caleb. Well beast mode cowboy don’t worry you will be out soon, just as soon as Derrick is done with you.

  8. Cody: no balls
    Caleb: no balls
    The biggest mistake is to not back door Frankie. These fuckers will soon realize, that if and when Frankie wins HOH, they will be on the block side by side.. And what will Frankie say? It’s a game, at the end of the day I have to make decisions that will benefit me… Stupid assholes. There’s no hope for this season… No one will make a big move, they’re all pussies!

    1. He’ll say “this is Big Brother, not best friend”. Caleb should have pulled the trigger. He will be sorry he didn’t. Derrick and Cody for F2. Caleb doesn’t deserve it. All this boasting about what a “beast” he is and when the shit gets stirred up and he can prove it, he punks out. Sit ya ass down somewhere Caleb. You’ve got about as much beast in you as Winnie the Pooh’s little pink friend Piglet.

  9. Sorry for ranting, but I don’t even understand why anyone (including myself) still cares about this shit season. Nothing will change, and nobody in production will even bother to even try to shake it up. They only care about what they want, which is clearly propelling the detonators to the end. Our opinions as fans is just white noise to those assholes, and all they care about is their own prerogative. Props to Allison Grodner for letting us down AGAIN and props to Robyn Kass for her crap casting.

    Simon & Dawg deserve a raise for still reporting this shit….

    1. CBS would do well to consider hiring Simon and Dawg as casting agents and writers. Maybe then we could really have a season of twists, twists and more twists.

      1. Of course I care. If you actually took the time to read what I was saying, I explain that I’m still trying to figure out WHY I still care. I actually enjoy this show very much and I am sad that it’s doing so poorly since I still care about it.

        If you wanna be a more effective troll, trying ranting about how wrong/stupid I am for thinking this way and that Allison Grodner is a goddess.

  10. It’s official Frankie stays. Words cannot express how disgusted I am with that idiot who is currently HOH. He doesn’t deserve to be called BMC…how about BEND OVER CALEB. Hey, and forget the panties (big boy or otherwise). Why, in the HELL did he have to go and squeal everything to Frankie? Now, I hope BOC gets taken out by his bestie, FAKIe – just to see the look on his STUPID face. Kills me.. Now he says Frankie, want to sleep in my bed? UR welcome in my HOH room anytime. Double UGH!

  11. This guy (Caleb) is a fucking idiot!!! Now and I do mean NOW is the time to take out this scumbag (Frankie) his brother tried to tell him to put the big boy pants on and he still has no clue. Pull you skirt up Caleb show us your pu$$y boy panties. THIS IS NOT SUMMER CAMP PEOPLE, I’TS BIG BROTHER FOR 500 THOUSAND SMACKAROOS. TIME TO PLAY THE GAME WAS DAY 1………………………….

  12. Well that’s it. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I despise Frankie but the rest of the guys in the house had an opportunity HANDED to them to get Phyllis Diller’s son out and they blew it. They deserve everything they get. Frankie is cutthroat enough to make a move and he will, leaving one of them punted out the door very soon. I would roll on the floor laughing if Frankie and Victoria are final two and Victoria wins it all. It would be sweet justice served to the “boys club”.

  13. BB got to take Frankie out of the game when are they gonna start punishing the house guests for there comments.I’m a big fan and Frankie’s gone to far if nothing done this could be my last season watching GROW A PAIR CBS GIVE FRANKIE THE BOOT

  14. Caleb will regret this if he thinks Skankie is loyal. He is only loyal to himself. As soon as he sees a window the spineless Cowpie is going up on the block. I just don’t get why these house guests are so afraid of Skankie or for that matter of each other. Last evening’s conversations were so tedious and annoying regarding justifying putting up Skankie that it was ridiculous. Why are they so afraid of Nicole? Reel her into the alliance, get rid of Skankie, and you can beat Nichole in comps. Pretty straight forward. You will loose to Skankie in comps. Cowpie is not that good at comps as Skankie. He should be thinking about himself and not his bros. But maybe being the military that is his instinct which is terrific in that situation, but won’t work with the spineless houseguests of BB16.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Frankie is more of a threat in comps than Nicole and Frankie is very good with the bull$hit. Why can’t Caleb see this?

  15. I wonder if CBS has sponsors for promoting ariana grande??? Lol point is im sick of this season and production will continue doing what they are , as long as everyone continues watching!!! so if you really want to make an impact or change up the game : stop watching/recording the show.. everyone knows reality shows find ways to adjust when the viewing drops drastically or they end up cancelled ( which bb wont be). im starting to think this is rigged for Frankie? im giving it till double evict and if Christine and Frankie are still in the game, im out@

    1. I have quit watching the show…….I rely on Simon and Dawn and the rest of you to stay updated! I also don’t watch the live feeds that I paid for……much too painful. What we see on TV is a joke.

  16. So bullshit mode has changed his mind “AGAIN” !!! OMG These people are so balless! Make a big move you dimwit cowboy! My God really a epic failure season! If they don’t nominate Frankie I hope Christine and Victoria are final 2! Serves them right!

  17. I said once that these guys aren’t playing BB, they are playing TV. They seem more concerned with how things will look versus what would actually be good game moves, and good moves for their personal game. I can’t help but think a lot of the ‘decisions’ are simply to get on the air, so it looks like they strategized taking out Frankie, then ‘surprise’ (to the viewers, they don’t do that. Makes OK TV, makes a bad BB game player, imo.

    You can’t play to how stuff looks on TV, and do a lot of chatter about what they are going to do just to make sure that goes on the air for their TV time.

    1. In the military, however, there is also the concept that is stressed even from the very beginning of boot camp. One is never to compromise responsibility based on “awe of rank.”

  18. I give you the best 6 ever to ply Big Brother:
    Sargent Teflon
    Pink Weasel
    Beast Mode Panties
    Princess Vacuous
    Salacious B. Crumb (Would eat stuff off Jabba or Cody)

  19. i feel caleb could make a move and go for it. grab frankie and christine and form a team. i know everybody is afraid of creating conflicts, but dont the HG’s know that the audience wants to two powers going head to head. this safe formula of creating a large group alliance to guarantee final 4 is so broken now.

    too many BB players are spamming the same solution

  20. Caleb…… For goodness sakes

    Some weeks ago You refused to play in a BOB to get Frankie out

    He still survived And is doing well in comps, and this is the ONE chance to take Him out
    Nicole has NO allies and already has been evicted once
    Nicole has offered You allegiance
    Frankie is a lying piece of crap and deep down You know it

    Do the right thing I’m pretty sure You won’t anyway but evict FRANKIE NOW !!!!!

  21. It was clear by week 2 that with DHOH, a 8-person alliance could control every nom. (4 players and 2 HOHs). With the most predictable season ever, production owes us a Pandora’s box.

    1. I agree but I think its a little too late now to make any difference in how people have viewed this season, the damage has already been done. its lame and everyone is sick of it

  22. Caleb won’t back door Frankie because he’s afraid of Ariana’s fans…..? And he thinks it might affect his career? CBS , shame on you for letting this happen, it’s ridiculous to think decisions are being made because of a fellow house guest’s sister, who isn’t even in the game! Info about Ariana should have never been allowed , it changed the whole game, look how star struck Caleb and Victoria have become.
    I’ll say it again, CBS and production have no respect for the viewing audience. Nicole should tell the other HGs that her cousin is Justin Beiber, and her other cousin is Zac Efron.

    1. Unfortunately this will probably be a tactic employed on future seasons. Once you are in the house, how can anyone prove or disprove who you say you are related to.

    2. I couldn’t agree more!!! as far as im concerned big brother was always a game of ” the average everyday people, submitting their casting tapes to be on show” we HAVE celebrity big brother for a reason ( it doesn’t belong in big brother therefor its branched off to cast celebrity’s ) even though Frankie isn’t a celebrity it is ignorant to think that all of his sisters fans wouldn’t unfairly impact the show. I hope to never see this again cause I couldn’t help but feel the HGS pain knowing the will #1 loose Americas fav player , #2 be judged by millions of ppl when it doesn’t suit Frankie #3 see how production is favoring him ( although that seems to be slowly stopping) anyways yea I completely agree with u on that!

  23. I was getting so excited to see Frankie be BD!! Now I’m pissed knowing he won’t be!!! Grrrr come on beast mode get a move on and send him packing. Why the hell isn’t Derrick up there misting him??? Come on Derrick put your powers to good use and help get Frankie out of the house!!

  24. TMZ poll about Frankie telling Derrick and Cody that they should take Vic’s virgintiy when she’s drunk, has more than 110,000 votes. I guess he really is a social media mogul.

    1. I’m curious if CBS will show this and address the issue in their next show…
      It might be disgusting, but could be the big “scandal” they want for ratings? They didn’t try to hide last year’s racism from the CBS viewers, so why not market the whole “Ariana Grande’s brother is a disgusting pos” storyline?
      He had to sign the BB contestant contracts, that means they have every right to show what he did to the viewers – regardless of who his sister is.

  25. How does someone as insufferable as Frankie get to stay in the BBHouse while other houseguests have gone for smaller things. HOW???? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME? ANYBODY??

    1. Surely the producers are aware that we viewers are aware of their multiplication and skewing. Do they really think we’re all dummies? CBS really needs to back-off their interfering with the game.

  26. You keep on complaining about Frankie and wanting him out but are you rooting for Derrick to win? This game is based on being as underhanded as possible. The prize does not go to who is the most genuinely nice and honest person.

  27. If Beast Mode Cowboy doesn’t make the move to get Frankie out he is a gutless…I can’t believe after everything Frankie has done he still trust him…What is wrong with these people! Why is everyone afraid to make a Big move..god forbid they get blood on their hand…I SO hate when they say that…who started that crap…UGH!!! I will be so disappointed if BMC doesn’t make a move

  28. Since he can’t officially register Beast Mode as a trademark here are some suggestions: Least Mode, Can’t Mentally Compete Mode, Pu$$y Mode, No Balls Mode, Dumb A$$ mode, Date Me or Else Mode, Delusional Stalker Mode…..You get the picture. I hope he wears clean granny panties to the veto ceremony.

  29. To all the people who gave me a thumbs down when I said these people are so dumb and delusional that they’ll think they’re some of the greatest players of all time: meh!!!

  30. Caleb….This is it!…..If you don’t put that salmon eatin’ lyin’…toe nail clippin’…rape talkin’…pink-haired cock-a-too punk on the block…then…I hope you get hate mail for a YEAR from every military “friend” you ever thought you had!!!!

  31. It’s been bugging me all summer, but I finally figured out who Frankie reminds me of. Anyone remember Madame the puppet?

    (My apologies to Mr. Wayland Flowers.)

  32. After Zack left, Frankie has been smart enough to not give his alliance any reason whatsoever to distrust him. That’s what is saving him right now.

    If there was ANY evidence that Frankie wasn’t loyal to their four, he would be going home. But there isn’t, so he isn’t.

  33. I have told my sister that Fakie looks like a big mouthed bass. Just look at that picture at the top of this page!
    Also how disappointed is Douche Mode Cowpuke’s brother is to see him pu$$y out about Fakie. He had his shot. He could have been a contender!!

  34. Beast mode dumbo strikes again. “My big move is gunna be takin out the person who has no alliances with anyone. Not the pretty pink pony who has lied to me, created an alliance behind my back, and thrown me under the bus. Now THAT is a big move.”

  35. I’m just as bummed out as everyone that Frankie is not being backdoored, but it’s not necessarily the worst move for the detonators to keep him. There’s a good chance Frankie will decide to take out Christine next week. They’ve all been using the same logic thus far….stick with the original alliance to get as far as possible. It has been working, and if anything they have become extra loyal to each other since they were almost torn apart on a few occasions. None of them trust Christine, and she may be capable of beasting comps to the end since she seems to have been throwing them. Cody may be the only one who would try to take out a detonator, Frankie, during the double evict. Even Derrick seems more afraid of Christine than he is of Frankie. Derrick’s not on anyone’s hit list anyway of the four guys, so it’s not a bad idea for him to get rid of the wild card who is Christine. It’s really sad that I’ve gotten to the point of rooting for Christine to win HOH during double evict, just so that the cocky four guys can experience one eviction which they didn’t control. Christine would have to be a total idiot to take out Vic, although maybe she actually would. One can hope, though, that she would target Frankie.

    1. My problem with keeping Frankie is that he’s good at any kind of comps. He could, in theory, win HOH or POV each round, and therefore stay until the end. And that, to me, would be a nightmare.

      1. I agree, that’s a very, very good reason to backdoor Frankie. But the priority with the guys seems to be surviving week by week, and keeping Frankie is probably the best way to meet that goal. There’s risk involved both in keeping him and cutting him, and so they are thinking they’d rather stick with the known risks in their original plan rather than stirring the pot and not knowing where things will land. It would be a bit of an all or nothing mentality to go for broke and cut Frankie, vs hanging on week by week and banking on the final comps. This logic works best for Derrick’s game, since he’s probably the least likely target of the other three guys. But it could come back to bite him if he gets cut at final 3. He has been planting those seeds really well though to make the other guys think he would be easy to beat in final 2, but I’m not certain that will hold as they get closer to the end. He does still have Vic in his back pocket, though, which gives him added voting power. Cody has realized that the week by week strategy is not necessarily the best thing for him right now, and I think he would have preferred the backdoor Frankie option for this week.

  36. Damn you people crack me up! St. Donnie is gone and whiny Nicole is following him out the door. Why would you get rid of Frankie who most of the jury doesn’t like and keep Nicole who all of the jury likes? You don’t take nice people to the end with you unless you’re an idiot.

    1. Your logic is very simplistic. There are many factors to consider in deciding who to weed out at the end of the game. For one, HGs always worry that the jury will vote for likeability or personal factors, but on finale night the focus inevitably is on who played the best game. Besides that you have to consider who can beast their way through comps to the end, who is likely to cut you vs other HGs at the end, where final loyalties lie, and so forth.

  37. They are no Brigade and no Dr. Will and Boogie. What kind of cool-aid are these people drinking? Boring, frightened, brainless, spineless no gut wonders. ALL of them.

  38. a way that the game could have gotten good would be when Nicole came back in the house, why wasn’t she given 1 week immunity? that was strange, I saw on after dark a week before the guys were saying the person coming back would likely be safe for one week. if that happened we likely could have had Nicole and Donny safe and change all this one sided movement from happening, see some big game moves. although game moves don’t mean much when you have such lame personality’s in the house lol

  39. The only consolation in this entire fiasco of a season is that after the Victoria filth, CBS will probably not want to fulfil any contractual obligation to the F**king Five. Their hopes for fame and fortune ended the other day.

  40. Puss N Boots (Caleb) fails again! Fakie send Puss N Boots home, he deserve to get sent packing for being stupid through the whole game and then have the nerve to tell Fakie of all people what was the plan. Puss N Boots is Super Dumb! I guess he put on his panties instead of his man pants!! Dummy to the end!

  41. It was too good to be true. Caleb is happy coming in 2nd place as long as he gets to hang out with a “pop star’s” brother after the show. These people are all delusional – this season is the worst by far. And super boring now that Zack is gone. I would take Amanda and Rachel anytime over these boring fools. At least they added some drama, I’m tired of hearing the same arguments week after week.

  42. This site is the only place I receive my BB info from I have watched all seasons but as of today will never tune in again. I can’t believe that CBS thinks this is the type TV normal people want to watch. I am Canadian but have never watched BB Canada because I always watched BB USA and liked it now I think I need to rethink my views on loyalty towards a show that wants to put wannabe actors on this show and pretend that they are a normal mix of the American demographic.

  43. Caleb said to Frankie…… “If you and me make it to the final 2 we could be possibly the best players to ever play this game. And I’ve been asked about that in the DR. We’ve been together since day 2 and if we made it to the end I don’t think that’s ever been done before. Frankie says we could be up there with DR. Will and Boogie.”

    How could we have possibly expected anything intelligent from leastmode dumbo….shame on us..not even production handing him the nom suggestion on a silver platter could get him to make the right move…legend in his own mind!

    1. I have watched every season of BB, and after careful analysis and plenty of thought , racking the little gray cells in my head, for the life of me, I cannot think of anyone that comes close……Caleb is the stupidest person to ever play BB….he’s been given hints from his own brother, the over the fence megaphone gang has came right out and told him about Frankie’s Diary room conversations …I’m sure production has without being too blatant laid out some scenarios …… Caleb, thank you for your service….but you ARE the dumbest BB player of all time!

  44. Come on CBS and get rid of Frankie, what he has said is going to come back and haunt you if you do not take a stand now!!!!!!!

  45. Ugh… knew not to get my hopes up. Can’t stand frankie, but now part of me wants him to win Hoh next and screw over the guys out of spite for being such pansies in this game. Yawn…. This show needs new life, hopefully cbs will get the message and shake up production. Really love the show but it’s gone down hill….actually more like a nose dive. Btw how/where do you guys watch the other countries BB and which do you prefer. Seems like BB Canada and Australia are favs?

  46. Just give the money to Derrick and Frankie already, we all know that is the CBS plan. This season is SO predictable and boring. Let the houseguests get back to their families and end this boring excuse for a TV show.

  47. OK o Caleb is GAY. I was not sure, but now it makes sense. He wants Frankie to sleep with him. I don’t know of any “straight” guys who would ask a flaming homosexual guy to sleep with him. I think even Christine is a woman.

  48. Bye Caleb, your game is done. I can’t believe what a coward this guy is. I’m resigning myself now that the money will be won by Derrick, Frankie or Christine.

    1. That’s what Caleb has done EVERY SINGLE TIME so far:
      -) Caleb to Cody, Derrick and Zach: “I want Devin out next week!” (at the pool table, after his fight with Devin)
      -) Cody, Derrick and Zach to Caleb: “OK, we have your back. He’s gone next week.”
      -) Caleb RUNS to Devin: “Devin! Devin! Everybody in our alliance EXCEPT ME wants you gone next week!”
      What a proud, loyal soldier of a man. All the way through.

    2. He already told Frankie that the plan was to back door him, he told him right after the POV ceremony, he just gave up Derrick and Cody, ( not that I give a rats ass about them ) what an idiot!

  49. Cough, Derrick! says:
    September 1, 2014 at 11:52 am
    TMZ poll about Frankie telling Derrick and Cody that they should take Vic’s virgintiy when she’s drunk, has more than 110,000 votes. I guess he really is a social media mogul.
    CBS and production should have pulled this little scumbag out of the house and strip him of all money earned NO ONE DERSERVES TO BE JOKEING ABOUT RAPE!!! what the hell is wrong with you CBS I hope you get sued for not taking action, wow you really have let this show go to hell the past 2 seasons!!! and Derdick should be taken off the police force for laughing, wouldn’t think it was so funny if someone said that about his daughter, another scum bag cop

    1. I don’t think they should throw him out or refuse giving him the money.
      BUT I do think they should address the issue in the CBS show, and send a camera team to Victoria’s and Frankie’s family.
      Then show the clip to the HGs – or at least just Frankie by himself in the DR – and ask him to apologize to her family.

  50. Best case miracle scenario. Victoria wins POV and takes Nicole off the block forcing Caleb to put up a Detonator and they decide it is time for Frankie to go. Frankie cries and Julie laughs.

    1. I know Victoria has magical powers, but even for her, it’s difficult to win the POV 2 days after the POV competition took place.

  51. We all know that this is in no way a reality show and many things are directed by production.

    However, I am surprised to see how deluded these HGs are when it comes to their popularity and fame outside the house and when the show is over.

    It seems as though they are more interested in becoming America’s player than they are in actually winning. I don’t understand why they would be afraid of upsetting Frankie’s sister’s fans. If they believe her fans are the deciding factor in who becomes America’s favorite, wouldn’t it stand to reason the would vote for him anyway?

    Whether or not you like her, how funny would it be if Victoria since they all consider her a non-factor and a guaranteed vote? Not saying it is likely to happen, just would love to see their faces.

  52. CBS – Big Brother page has a broadcast feedback link. It is at the bottom of the CBS Big Brother page. I sent a message with my feeling regarding Frankie Grande and the rape comments.

  53. A problem with Frankie is that his comments about gang raping Victoria are only seen by a few of us. Most people just tune in a few times a week for an edited version of what is happening in the house and do not have an opportunity to see what kind of disgusting people they really are. Some one needs to maybe post some video on you tube to allow more people to see what kind of garbage CBS is allowing to come into their homes three nights a week maybe seven nights a week if their children are watching after dark. (Summer holidays)

  54. Omg Caleb is so dumb! He not only didn’t have the courage to nominate Frankie, he told Frankie they were talking about backdoor plan! What a moron

  55. Whoever win’s HOH next week during double eviction should nominate Derrick and Frankie. That leaves Victoria, Cody playing for Derrick and Caleb playing for Frankie during pov comp. Christine is a toss-up but knowing how much of whore she is for Cody then she will probably take Derrick down. Which means, unless Frankie is winning the HOH or POV, he’s going home next week. So calm down folks. Aside from Frankie, whoever wins HOH next week, they will for sure put Frankie up.. Since his boytoy cowboy isn’t eligible to compete.

    Everyone is forgetting that Derrick is ultimately the guy that planted the opposite kind of seed in Caleb’s mind that Derrick’s been telling Nicole about. If only he had been decisive last night in saying: yeah it’s the best decision to save Nicole and put Frankie up, then Caleb would have been executing this plan today. But he’s not, and Derricks been lying to everyone in this game. It’s not fun to watch how he lies to everyone but in all reality, he’s the only one playing the game. Nicole has already told him she was going to campaign for him in the jury so that’s more of a reason to send her home. Derrick is smart enough to know that he will beat anyone in the house other than Nicole because 1) Caleb’s a dumbass 2) Cody’s his puppet and he has a career that is worth more than 2nd place bb winner 3) Victoria’s.. Victoria. 4) Christine has piggy backed the whole way through and she’s as fake as can be 5) Frankie has wronged too many jury members and the schools in Africa will just have to be built using his “social media” earnings….. Aka his sister’s money. Yeah, as much as I am rooting for her, I would take Nicole out too because she’s already had time to bond with jury members on top of all her wins and I’ll be stupid to not get her out when I can. I just don’t think the jury will vote for Frankie over anyone left in the house, imho.

  56. If I have to look at and hear Stankie for much longer I’m going to spit! And I dint even know how to spit..but would learn how just for this occasion..He’s a deusional and egotistical..If a guy hung on , grabbed or felt on a woman the way he does the guys they would be called molesters!!!!!

  57. so once again if Frankie wins he didn’t do it on his own he did it still stuck to his sisters crotch,he cant do anything on his own with out pulling his sister’s name into the convo

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