Caleb asks what are we doing, what’s best? Derrick says we’re the 3 most indecisive motherf**kers ever!

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 02-17-53-863
1am in the havenot room – Caleb relay’s his conversation with Frankie to Cody and Derrick. Caleb says do I think if he (Frankie) won it would he put me up, I don’t know. But I would feel way more comfortable if one of you guys won it. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back – Cody and Derrick are alone. Cody says that Caleb just said that Frankie said he wasn’t going to put him up so who does that leave? Derrick says he could just be saying that to Caleb. To not take a shot at him but he’s lying through his teeth. Derrick says Christine has been throwing comps left and right but not any more. Derrick says I am glad you’re playing in this HOH because I only trust you. Cody says if its you, me, Caleb and Victoria. Caleb is not making it to final 3. Derrick says but I don’t see Victoria making it to final 3. Cody asks what gives us the best chance of getting there. Getting rid of Frankie or Nicole. Derrick is worried if Caleb puts up Frankie and then turns and says that you or I were the ones that wanted him out. Cody says if you’re not crazy confident with the move then we keep it the same. Derrick says I just don’t know. Frankie could win it and put up Christine and Victoria and we would be like wow he kept his word. Victoria joins them. She says she’s nervous about tomorrow. Derrick says you should be .. just kidding. Christine joins them and ask if they’ve seen her retainer? Derrick says Saboteur! Christine says someone wouldn’t do that! Cody says he’s trying to jack you teeth up!
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1:15am Derrick talks to Victoria and asks what’s bothering her. Victoria questions what Derrick was talking about with Caleb. Derrick says nothing just about him having to do his DR and and about the backyard. Victoria asks if he would put up Cody. Derrick says no Caleb has to be smart with his decision. Nicole joins them and comments on how Cody is going to sleep up in the HOH room. Nicole leaves. Victoria says that’s weird why would Cody ask to sleep in the HOH room. He sleeps in the rock room with Christine. Derrick says yeah but they’ve been hanging out maybe they wanted to just shoot the sh*t.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 02-38-20-922

1:30am In the havenot room Nicole talks to Victoria. Nicole says you have nothing to worry about. If you go up against me .. which will probably happen then my game is done. I am accepting it and you have to win comps. You’re not going home this week unless this is a double. Victoria says I was so close to getting the veto. Nicole says you weren’t even on the block. Victoria says its funny how Cody always bashes my game. In the 4 vetos we were in together I either won or came closer than he did. Victoria asks don’t you think its weird that Frankie moved out of the HOH room and Cody moved in. That is very weird to me! Like extremely weird. Nicole says you can’t read into it. Victoria says yes I can. Nicole says if anything its a good thing. Nicole asks about what happened when Victoria came into the havenot room with Cody and Derrick. Victoria says it was really awkward and Cody said its just that part of the game. Victoria leaves and Nicole sits in silence.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 02-51-50-474
2am UP in the HOH room – Derrick talks to Caleb about his conversation with Nicole. Derrick says she was talking about how her game is done. I asked her who she would put up if she won HOH and she said Victoria and Christine. But that doesn’t mean she would do it. Would I take that to the bank and cash it?! No. Just like I wouldn’t if Frankie said that. Caleb says I would need to justify my decision. Derrick says no you don’t have to justify your decision. You can just put him up. Frankie is a huge competitor like Nicole is competitor as well. Caleb says difference is she hasn’t been showing it and Frankie has. Derrick says if you didn’t have Cody or I to talk to what would you do? You obviously think you can beat Nicole in a comp? Caleb says yes. Derrick asks and Frankie? Caleb says no one is beating me. Derrick says Frankie has a better chance of beating you. Caleb says yes. It all comes down to making a big move. Is beast mode going to make the biggest move of the season!? Derrick says it is the biggest move. Caleb asks will he or will he play it safe and just go with the flow. Derrick asks did Cody say if Christine would be cool with it? I’m assuming she wants Nicole out. Derrick says lets say we send Frankie home .. if I win Double Eviction who do I put up? Christine and Nicole. Caleb says yeah. Derrick says Christine is a better competitor than Nicole is. Caleb says that’s why I’m scared of her winning. Derrick says although if we keep Nicole.. Christine would go after her. Caleb says how about if you were in my shoes. Derrick says better yet what if I were in Frankie’s shoes. I have you, me, Cody that I have a final 4 with. But I can definitely beat Derrick. I also have Christine here. I just don’t know if he would try to work with Christine. If Frankie isn’t loyal he could put us up. I could too but that’s not in my character. Frankie doesn’t care what people think about him outside this house. Cody joins them and says that Frankie is coming up in 6 seconds. Frankie joins them and says goodnight and leaves.
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2:15am – 4am Caleb asks what do you think Christine would do if she won HOH? Cody says I have a feeling one of you two would go up next to Victoria. Caleb asks you don’t think she would put up Frankie next to Victoria? Cody says no. I told her that skittles thing isn’t happening, I pretty much told her if I win HOH Frankie is going up. Cody says that Christine was sitting right here and said two people have put me up. You (Derrick) and you Caleb. Caleb says this is what I am pretty much going to do is put up Victoria and send Nicole packing. Cody asks this thursday who do we target Frankie or Christine? Either way if one of them wins HOH they would target one of us. Derrick says I think if Christine wins you (Caleb) or I would be sitting next to Victoria. Cody says she scares me because I think she is a crazy good competitor. Caleb says after talking to Frankie tonight.. I don’t think he is going to try to split us up. Derrick says eventually he is going to have to. Caleb says one of the three of us has to win that final 4 HOH. They talk about how the HOH and Veto holder are guaranteed to go to final 3. Derrick says if I won HOH I would put up Christine and Victoria. Cody says my thing is its tougher to try and get Frankie out when he can play to take himself off. Derrick says that’s why this is the only way to get him out by backdo*ring him. Caleb says Frankie said he would put up Christine and Victoria. Cody says he could just be telling you that because you’re in power this week. Caleb, Cody and Derrick continue to go back and forth saying the same thing over and over again. Derrick says and then you’ve got Victoria asking me what dress she should wear just in case he puts me up. Cody says Frankie could be down there saying you would be stupid not to put him up. Derrick says I’m surprised if Frankie thought he was going up tomorrow he would be up here till the lights go off. Derrick says Frankie is the better competitor. Caleb says thats just it then we have to beat Frankie and Christine on the wall. That’s if Christine and him are working together. Derrick ask who would you be more mad at if they sent you home. Caleb says I would be pissed if Frankie sent me home when I had the chance to get him out but I would be pissed if Nicole sent me home when she got a buy back into the house.

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4:07am Caleb asks what are we doing, what’s best? Derrick says send Frankie home! Cody says I’m down! I’m down for whatever. Derrick says if that’s what we’re going to do we just need to stick with it and we got to win and you know what if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. Cody asks what do you think we have the best scenario with? Derrick says we’re the 3 most indecisive motherf**kers ever! Caleb says I don’t think we’re going to go right or wrong either way we go. Derrick says we’re not. Derrick asks you’re a f**king soldier what does your heart tell you? Caleb says I don’t know this is a hard one. Being a soldier I know, you have someone shooting at your face, shoot back. That’s normal. Derrick asks what’s your guy saying? Caleb says I don’t know. Derricks says lets pull a skittle. They would f**king hate us. Cody says I say we all stop talking about it and go to sleep or start bullsh*tting and you wake up and make the decision in the morning. Caleb jokes Cody take a seat. Caleb says we’ll figure it out tomorrow. Meet up here when the music starts and we’ll talk about it and decide. Derrick says will it matter .. we’ve talked it all out. It will come down to you. You’ve already got all the info. Derrick heads down stairs.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 04-09-09-395

4:25am Cody talks to Caleb about how it makes him nervous that Frankie tried to flip everything on you about keeping Donny. Cody says I know if I want to make it to the end I need to start winning comps. Cody says it comes down to how confident you are Frankie is coming after Christine or working with her.

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194 thoughts on “Caleb asks what are we doing, what’s best? Derrick says we’re the 3 most indecisive motherf**kers ever!

      1. If he put his big-girl panties on Frankie would be on the block. These boys are such weenies, it makes my ears bleed to listen to their whining.

      2. Yeah, too bad he’s acting as stupid as you with your big girl panties, right? Girl does not mean stupid or cowardly! What is the matter with you? Do you think you are stupid because you wear big girl panties? Why are you insulting yourself!

        Caleb is stupid everyday of the week no matter what he is wearing.
        Can anyone even understand what made him change his mind?

    1. If only the guys are left:

      Frankie as HOH: Takes Derrick and Caleb over Cody.

      Cody as HOH: Takes Caleb and Derrick over Frankie.

      Caleb as HOH: Takes Derrick. The others are up for grabs.

      Derrick as HOH: Takes Caleb and Cody over Frankie at this point.

      1. I kind of agree with your prediction. The fact that everyone will take Derrick to the end and he has never been on the block is mind blowing.

        I do think they will all regret not getting Frankie out this week because Frankie will win any competition easily especially if Caleb is not playing. I think Frankie would nominate Derrick and Cody and if needed replace one of them with Caleb. I am not a Fan of Frankie but he is smart and he knows to win he will have to take Victoria or Christine to the end. He also know he will struggle in the final 3 if he is up against Caleb. I see Frankie winning this year if he doesn’t go home this week.

        1. Actually for a minute thought Caleb was going to do the right thing and get that freak Frankie out, but once again no one in this house has a brain! BTW, Frankie’s rape comments has hit a ton of news media outlets not just TMZ or Huffington anymore, and he is getting a ton of bad publicity and so is CBS for allowing it. Looks like Karma is biting him in the butt and they have even asked his sister for comment and her answer is No Comment. No surprise there!

        2. I can’t believe they had it all decided, all worked out, and within 2 minutes, Derrick comes back upstairs and undoes the entire thing.

          This is probably the stupidest thing they will ever do, and that’s saying a lot.

    2. Caleb has a better chance getting rid of Derrick than Frankie. It seems to me that Caleb is on to Derrick’s tricks. There’s no way Derrick wants Caleb in the final 3.

      Frankie is going on the block because it all comes down to what Derrick wants. It appears that Derrick wants to keep Nicole once he found out that she’s targeting Cody.

      1. Yes Caleb is on to Derrick. I think that the money is starting to give them all other thoughts. Don’t be surprised if Caleb realizes that Derrick is not loyal to him and that Victoria is more if a priority for Derrick than him.
        I also think, if you caught it in the feeds, that Cody has some serious money issues. He is 80,000 in debt just in student loans. He knows he could pay that off if he wins 1st. He ain’t settling for 2nd. Derrick is in for a surprise.
        Hope Derrick and Frankie have to share a room in the jury house!

    3. So why don’t Victoria and Nicole talk to him about what his brother said instead of between themselves and Derick. That that was a clue from the outside from someone he trusts more than anyone in the house and what does he think his brother is trying to tell him.

    4. Maggie, You are correct!

      I would think that DR producers would encourage Caleb to nominate Frankie this week. Unfortunately Frankie’s off color comments make him unlikeable. Frankie presence is associated with rape, abuse, and a variety of alter egos reflecting a sinister personality. Frankie’s depiction of a mentally handicapped man 8/31/14-9/01/14 was horrid. Especially the implication that a person born with a congenital disability will also be mentally challenged. Nicole and Christine were the first to ask Frankie to stop. Instead of stopping when the rest of the house guests asked Frankie to saying “it’s too sad you are going to make me have sad dreams,” Frankie added sad characteristics to his alter ego. It is as though Frankie’s goal was to make the house guests sad, depressed, and uncomfortable — and he became happier the greater the sorrow he inflicted.

      Frankie seems incapable of changing and growing. The other house guests have. The predatory nature of the game Big Brother forces all but one house guest to give up their dream of winning a half of million dollars. Prior to this realization we watch the house guest navigate through an assortment of emotions. Frankie has remained stagnant while becoming linked to the agonizing realities of rape, abuse, rigid segregation. It’s painful to watch.

      Perhaps his most comical moment was when he “educated” his (inferior) peers on apartheid and South Africa. He skipped and rearranged many facts. He even failed to deliver the oldest apartheid joke (Pilot says “Welcome to South Africa. We will shortly land. To adjust to local time, please set your watches back thirty years). Frankie’s revelation that he was using prize money to build schools in Africa was equally humorous. An image of Frankie building schools on the continent of Africa, and, traveling to various cities within Africa’s roughly forty seven countries to build schools is funny. A person claiming to be greatly involved with building schools in North America would be questioned. Are the schools being built in the USA, if so which city and state; are the schools being built in Mexico City, Mexico; Canada, Haiti, St. Lucia

      1. Frankie’s rape comments about Victoria have hit a ton of new news and social media outlets. It is not just on TMZ or Huffington anymore. The comments are on news sites everywhere and CBS/BB are not looking too good for allowing him to stay on the show. They also talk about him wanting to punch Nicole in the face. They state that his sister has made no comment in regard to his statements about rape and the others. Guess this is backfiring on CBS and is hitting his sister who CBS owns the recording rights too. Hope it comes back 100 fold to Frankie and his family especially if CBS allows him to stay on the show. What would his sister say except sorry, my brother is such a disgusting individual or just say I disown him would be the better of the two.

    5. His brother told him he has enough friends. He should back door Derrick too! You all seem so blinded by your hate fir Frankie that you forget that both Frankie and Derrick need to go to make this game interesting. Caleb’s going to see that real soon.

  1. What a bunch of p*ssies! For God’s sake make a move and backdoor Flakie. Another week of watching f***ing paint dry. WORST SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, these guys are a bunch of pu$$ies. They’re afraid of a Freakie that will be harder to live with than the one they’ve already got ’til Thursday, and they haven’t got the balls to face his shrieking ass for 4 days.
      He already went off the deep end when Donny destroyed his BB Broadway, what do they think he’s going to do when they push him further? OMFG
      Don’t worry boys, the worst it can get is Freakie pulls a Colton because he just can’t bear to be on a show with a group of homophobes when they refuse to sleep with him and let him molest them anymore.
      Bunch of pu$$ies pretty much nails it. Shoulda euthanized his ass with a pillow weeks ago!!!!!!!!
      (Fktard Freakie trolls)

    2. them not being able to make a decision will degrade a win from any of them they don’t take out Frankie hope Victoria wins by default

    3. They have nothing to do but talk. They are even more BORED than the viewers!!! By the way they need to evict Frankie for health purposes. I am serious not trying to put him down. The isolation and lack of engaging himself in his real interests is driving him crazy.

    4. Just when I think FINALLY!!! They kill it! Come on man!!!
      So In Caleb’s mind he has won all the hoh’s, bob’s and pov’s? Cause nobody can beat him? He is dumb as a rock and just way too cocky! If they don’t get Frankie out now…they’re all dumb!

  2. If they evict Frankie this week, Victoria will have a lock
    on F2. I hope a bitter jury gives her the win. It would be an
    appropriate ending for this season. A Victoria win would force BBUS to
    seriously look at what they are doing. Hopefully they will make changes next season.

    1. I totally agree. Maybe if Victoria wins it will discourage future house guests from dragging a floater all the way to the end. This season sucks!

      1. Yeah right, if Victoria won I’d be so pissed. She hasn’t done anything, regardless of how much some one lied to you I couldn’t see anyone giving her the win. All she does is sleep and talk trash about everyone. She doesn’t even deserve to be in F2 and get the second place money…. actually I don’t even think she should’ve made it to Jury. All I know is if I was a Jury member I would never give the money to someone who slept the whole time especially when I worked by butt off. If she was up against someone who lied and back stabbed me I would give it to that person because hey that was how they chose to play their game… and that’s what they did was play the game. Not everyone here are going to be best friends… People play how they want to, but she isn’t playing at all.

    1. They are such babies & afraid to make a move; as much as I disliked Rachel, Evil Dick, etc; at least they had some balls.
      They made a move; get the big competitors out while you have a chance, don’t wait as the chance may never come again. These “men” (& I use the term loosely) can’t think on their own at all, do their Mommies pick out their clothes, fix their dinner plates and make all their decisions? Sad situation, these are losers to me.

      1. I saw on one of the feed updates that Christine and Victoria were arguing with each other about how Cody likes his clothes folded. They were doing his laundry for him!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pandora’s box:
    Replace the current HOH with a Jury member for just one week so that these people grow a pair of balls.

    1. And that HoH will control everything from the Jury house UNTIL eviction night when they move in as the evicted houseguest moves out.

      This way full panic will set in since Derrick cannot talk to anyone.

  4. Seriously?! Ugh I should have known this would be all talk. Out of all the times Derrick has manipulated these people can he not do it this once to back door frankie?! Derrick would be the “HERO” in Victoria and Nichole’s eyes if Frankie was the one put on the block!!

      1. I would LOVE it if Derrick got his way again and back doored Frankie!!!!!!! He needs to talk to Nicole and try to convince her that he is trying to keep her safe…. That way if she wins any future HOH’s before she gets evicted he can try to keep himself safe…. It’s not like it matters because either way they’re dealing with 2 people they can’t trust. Frankie who lies about everything and Nicole who has nothing to lose…

    1. imo, he’s done a lot of things that are actually not that great for his game. He could have fully supported the eviction of a number of people, knowing that physically he isn’t going to win against the guys he continues to talk others out of evicting out of the house. If he hadn’t done the things he’s been doing, Caleb would be gone, Frankie would be gone, Christine would be gone, and people who he could potentially beat would still be there, or people who would still be OK working with him, like Donny and Hayden for example.

      hayden talked against him to nicole only because hayden got put up and sent home. Had none of that happened, if Cody and Derrick had sincerely flipped, they’d both be in better positions. At this stage, the only person who benefits from keepiing frankie is Caleb i think. frankie would not have a problem getting cody out and nicole would be gone, someone who would easily work with both derrick and caleb and victoria, all good for Derrick’s personal game

      he is still deluding himself that the TA will continue, and imo, it isn’t.

  5. Everyone needs to stop talking to Derrick. He c@ck blocks ever potential move that would change the game and make it less mind numbingly boring. Too bad there wasn’t a punishment where he was locked away from the rest of the house for the week and see what they would decided without Derrick “I’ll support whatever you want to do, but them I’m gonna tell you what you’re really going to do”.

  6. Why is getting Frankie out even in question? They all agree he is the biggest threat, competitor, and back-stabber. He MUST go! C’mon Caleb. Make it happen!!!!!

    1. A part of me thinks Caleb never really wanted to put up Frankie. I look at it in two ways:
      1) He’s either really stupid for just throwing it out there, and having to worry about it getting back to Frankie
      2) He’s actually kind of smart if he used it as a plan to see where Derrick and Cody’s allegiance was. He did get them on board with it, he might even use that tidbit of info to work to his advantage.

  7. All this “man” power bull is going to blow up in their faces. I can’t believe all the chances the HOH’s have got to make big moves on big players and choose to target weak players!

  8. I knew it was WAYYYYY too good to be true. i mean i just don’t get it. He has the votes, he has his alliance backing him up, and this would be the single best game move of the season. What is he so afraid of???

    I like Nicole as much as the next person, but she’s so easily manipulated as evidenced by every HOH she’s ever held. COME ON TAKEEE FRANKIE OUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Big Brother allowed Janelle to be blindsided by Boogie. please let Derrick get credit(why not, beats giving it to Cody) and put Frankie in the jury.

    although part of me wants Frankie in the house for a few more weeks to save Zach having to spend time with him. drives me nuts how LITTLE Zach will know about what Frankie really said about him until he talks to his mom and leaves the house. sucks

  10. Caleb is a coward with no brain! No wonder him and wuss Cody is friends! Coward. Caleb will not make it to the end! #cowpusscaleb is like puss n boots!

    1. Because he doesn’t want to be on record as campaigning for either one to go home until he’s 100 percent sure that he has the votes.

    2. What do you mean why? It’s so he can try to take credit for whoever goes. The same thing he’s been doing the whole season. This way he doesn’t get any blood on his hands and gets to say this was his plan the whole time. Do you really think he cares who goes home as long as they have nothing bad to say to the jury about him? He’s the biggest floater ever.

  11. They’re so pathetic. Production, your help would finally be welcomed… first Caleb is narrow-minded on the thought of getting Frankie out, then Derrick joins his side and he flips. The logic is stupid, “hey he hasn’t betrayed us since the last time he betrayed us, lets keep the proven comp beast.” He’s never had an opportunity to betray them since then! #BackdoorFrankie actually trended, that should be enough incentive for Production.

  12. What in the world is Derrick doing? Really confusing. One second he’s trying to get Frankie up, the next he’s pushing for Nicole. I really don’t get it.

  13. OMFG, pull the fuckin trigger on Frankie, it’s best for literally EVERYONE’S game… I mean what happens if production gets back on his side? and give him a power? Then they’re fucked.. Take him out now, he’s the only HGs that has thrown every person in his core alliance under the bus. He claimed Zach was disloyal when he’s much worse.

    1. If they do not get Frankie out now they’re never going to! Say what you want but he is very good at comps and I just don’t see them getting him out… this is their only chance. Seriously Nicole is mainly good at the question and memory comps but that’s about it Frankie is pretty good at all the comps… He needs to go now or else like I said he is making it to the finale and winning.

  14. For the love of God. …. get Frankie the Fooligan out of that house!! I wish I worked for production…I probably wouldn’t have a job for long because I would be sabotaging the hell out of Frankie’s game. Really…All production has to do is just mention to Caleb that America hates Frankie and that pink haired fool would be out the door! Caleb…I will take back ALMOST everything I have said about you if you get Frankie out. I would almost be giddy with pleasure to see that jack a$$ lose his mind as he’s on his way out the door….bye b**ch…bye!

  15. Pandora’s box:
    Replace the current HOH with a Jury member for just one week so that these people do something that isn’t expected.

  16. It is sad that Derrick doesn’t even try anymore. Just hand him the money all ready and getting casting real people for BB17

    1. For season 17, I think they should pick a pool of people, maybe 25-30 & then let us vote to see who actually gets to go into the house.

    1. It wasn’t Derrick. He has now flipped and wants Frankie out. Since Nicole pretty much told him, he is the only person she trust in the house. Nicole honestly now wants Derrick to win the game. He re-misted her big time.

      Frankie had a talk with Caleb, Frankie saved his own self.

      1. Princess cried have been hilarious the things she has been saying about the house wussies!! I’m Team Victoria all he way. I may be her only fan but she has my vote to the end, lol!

  17. I am just WTF, dudes???
    Not sure why no one has the balls to rid themselves of the biggest visible threat.
    I would say Derrick is the biggest threat, but he is surrounded by mist, thus making him invisible.
    All I know everyone is playing someone else’s game for someone else to win.
    At this point, #TeamVictoria!!

  18. C@leb is gonna p@y for his follies, and I’m pretty shure if he decides to keep f@rk!ng Fr@nk!e tomorrow, it will just equivalent to digging his 0wn grave.

    On a lighter note, I thought it was hilarious Derr!ck said its a guarantee his IQ is higher than C@leb in an IQ test (he’s getting testy n irritated)

    I’m a gurl, and I can make a decision prolly a lifetime shorter than clueless C@leb. Whatta useless piece of $h!t!!!

    *i don’t need anger management, I just need people to st0p p!ssing me off!
    ~ James Jordan*

  19. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the possibility that I was going to have the satisfaction of seeing Fakie’s face when he would get put up and then I wake up to read this, UGHHHH!! C’mon Caleb!! Save this season, pleeeeeease! I’m begging you!

  20. Ugh!!! Way to go Einsteins you talked yourselves in a circle and right past the best option of backdooring Frankie…Frankie won’t make that mistake, he WILL take the shot at one of you if it is there

  21. Oh for fucks sake!! What is wring with these “men”? How can they change their minds so quickly back and forth? KodyKotex’s pussy ways are contagious. Just when I thought Caleb was going to be my hero he falls back to the predictable script that has plagued this entire season. It’s almost like the DR tells them to stir it up for the sake of TV and then at last minute they just go back to the snooze fest game.

    I was hoping to have ass-wipe Skankie gone and I’d be able to stomach watching the broadcast next week. As of now he’s literally – and I mean LITERALLY – too gross and boring to watch and listen too. Maybe the megaphone people will come back and chant “don’t be a fool Caleb – back door Frankie”.

  22. Please don’t send me home or I will sig my 10,000,000 twitter fans on all of you and have a spell cast upon you all. Did I tell you I was a media mogul….

  23. Poor Caleb is loyal to a fault. Frankie is going to stab him really hard in the back!
    Re-read your brothers letter, Put On Your Big Boy Pants!!!
    CBS should remove Frankie from the house f or wanting Cody and Caleb to gang rape Victoria.
    Think I will send CBS an Email. Just as bad as the racist stuff last year.
    Frankie wants to get a job on TV show as a host….I will never watch a show with a disgusting host. Such a dislikeable human. Too bad we could not vote on AP after we got to know the houseguest.

    1. Remember this is Frankie “trying not to be a D**K because of how important my NAME is” Can you imagine if he really felt he could be as nasty as he really is? This is Frankie trying to be be a “decent guy”! Ugh

  24. I’m so furious. I really thought they would send Frankie home. They got my hopes up! This decision WILL bite them in the butt for sure!

  25. Beast mode should soldier-up and get rid of Derek or Frankie and then be prepared to go on a comp spree to beast the game. He has a great shot at winning it all if he dumps the Team America pig and pink.

  26. I HATE these indecisive, fearful morons!!!!!

    If it wasn’t specifically Frankie, I would hope Frankie took out all those waffling wussies.

  27. Wow. The stupidity in this house is alarming. When Are these idiots going to realize there can only be on winner of this game?

  28. If they send Nicole home, I hope Frankie wins hoh on Thursday at the double eviction and sends Cody home…that’s what happens when you’re stupid!

  29. I admit I don’t care for Derricks game at all. Not that great in many ways but I have another issue with him.
    If you are an off duty cop and you watch a crime in progress and do nothing to intervene, is that considered dereliction of duty ?
    If you are an off duty cop and you witness a group of young men discussing how they are going to gang-up on a girl and sexually assault her, is it ok to join in and laugh and escalate the situation further?
    Just wondering how Derrick is putting money before honor and duty. I hope we don’t see this type of behavior rewarded just because some believe its all a game. Cops have it bad enough without this type of role model.

  30. Why would they keep Frankie over Nicole. Frankie is a piece of Sh**. He’s going to stab them all in the back and laugh his way to $500,000.

    1. It’s not so much that he doesn’t have his back, as it is that he needs to get him out before he turns. We’ve already seen what Frankie does when he’s afraid of being on the block. He won’t leave you alone, and he’ll bring up his family and fortune, and he’ll be just mean in general. Between all the guys right now, Frankie would go for Caleb. Unlike Derrick, he openly takes credit for all the decisions he makes, he’s loyal to a fault and no one in jury hates him. Why would he keep him this late in the game??? In essence, the frustration from viewers stems from that fact that no one is going to pull the trigger first, and there are only a couple of weeks left in the house.

  31. If Nicole leaves this house over Fakie or Vicstupid then I’m officially done. I never wanted to be the person who quit watching a season, but after watching every single season I’ve never seen a more boring and predictable cast. If Fakie doesn’t leave or if Nicole doesn’t get a DPOV or a Coup d’Etat then I have no one else to pull for. Frankie makes me legitimately sick, Christine makes me lose IQ points every time she speaks strategy, Cody is a puss, Caleb claims to be “beast mode” but he is incapable of making a decision on his own, Victoria doesn’t know where she is, and Derrick falsely thinks he is a gift from the Big Brother Gods.

    1. I think Victoria knows where she is but just doesn’t care because she is entitled and lazy and wants Derrick to carry her or drag her to the end. She tries to come off more naive than what she actually is. And it didn’t help that she got herself so entwined with Derrick emotionally from the start. I would shake my head if I was related to her and watching her.

  32. I just don’t get it. What the heck does the bullhorn guy have to say to make them pull their fingers out of their a$$es and start playing this game! Nominate Frankie!!

  33. I just don’t understand why Derrick is in overdrive to make sure Frankie stays. The three of them have run every scenario for if he stays or goes and Frankie is obviously the biggest crap shoot. Dump him now! This could be their last chance to show him the door. I’m confused.

    1. Derrick is playing for MONEY – He thinks he needs Frankie to complete what remaining missions there are. I got news for them, in my opinion there is no more TEAM AMERICA. I can’t remember what Frankie exactly said to the camera’s but it boils down to who cares what america thinks and basiclly FU america this is what you have. NO – we should have the vote to say if TA CONTINUES OR NOT. MY vote will be A BIG NOT
      i can’t vote to give D and F anymore money. They think they can kiss us off but in the end we should have the power to dump there butts by letting them know there will be no more missions.

      1. So Derrick would risk the $500,000 to grab another $5,000 assuming TA even gets another mission??? If that’s the case, he may have just sold the farm! I would love for Frankie to approach Caleb about getting rid of Derrick. Caleb would report back to his master and Frankie would be long gone.

  34. They so safe their faces look like locks. Geez. This is what you get when you play other people games and not your own. Confusion. Caleb down to the wire and still not taking out a threat. Derreck knows he should take out Frankie, but he still trying to be safe too. With his mind games. I’m sick of confusising piggy mind games.

  35. There was a glimpse of ?the Caleb we heard about before he got in them house with that hoodie comment. You can only hide who you are for so long..

  36. Victoria is catching onto a lot. If she is smart, she would shut up, or she will be out the door like Brittany.

    So after Nicole, Christine or Frankie is going home in the DE. They are not gonna do anything big, because……it is them. Call me when the DEviction happens.

  37. Seriously!!!! Make up your mind guys! Frankie needs to go now! After the last week his true self has shown and he is a self absorbed pompous ass. I totally have no respect for him. I hope Caleb puts his big boy man pants on and makes the right decision. As for Derrick…..playing both sides is going to bite his ass soon.

    Let’s go house guests…..get Frankie out!

  38. Just when I thought FINALLY!!! There is going to be a BIG move…No Ball Cowboy is going to wimp out and plays it safe…what is he thinking!? Frankie is the bigger threat…if you get Frankie out you have Cody, Derrick, Victoria, and Christine competing for HOH! If Nicole wins you know she will put up Christine and probably Cody, so unless Christine wins POV to keep her in anyone else is going to take Cody off the block and put up Victoria and vote out Christine…that is a win win scenario….if Christine wins she will put up Nicole and Victoria and if Nicole win she has to put up one of the guys…so I still say they vote out Victoria…still win win…don’t you think. I swear if Beast Mode Cowboy doesn’t make the BIG move than his HOH and everything they have tried to do will be a waste and he will be NO Balls Cowboy to America…

  39. common this is the great opportunity to put Frankie out. He is much more threat than Nicole. show us big brother move!!! don’t b pussy out like Cody did last time. Don’t talk big if u can’t back it up.

  40. Come on Beast Mode! Make a Big Boy move. When I saw you in your Army hat and with your flag from Baghdad, I started tearing up. My Dad was a USAF pilot and my two sons are active duty right now. I may not like BMC personally, but he fought for our country. He is someone I could cheer for.,,,,,,,,,so get rid of Frankie!

  41. Derrick you have none. This wishy washy shit with 7 people left is ridiculous. As much as I think you’re a puppet master can you truly defend your game and win? I don’t think so! Can you take credit for any eviction? NO! Have you fought to stay in the game? No, never nominated! If F2 were Beast Mode & you, Caleb wins if he can sell himself minus all his filler phrases(at the end of the day, quite frankly, simple as that, etc.). He has comp wins, can take credit for some big evictions(pending he adds Frankie to Hayden), volunteered to be on the block. The dude was gone if that douche Cody pulled the trigger. Other than that Amber mess & his inflated sense of self, he’s a social guy and doesn’t seem to cause waves. I can’t believe i’m saying this: Team Beast Mode!

  42. It’s apparent that Caleb is a good soldier whose been trained to take orders from others, and Derrick is using that to his advantage. Caleb is not very practiced in making big decisions on his own. I was hopeful for a minute when everything was mapped out for him, but the light bulb remained dim. Megaphone shout-outs, older brother telling him to put his big boy pants on, hints dropped by production, and he’s still clueless???

    1. Caleb is an observer. He has watched Cody/Christine become tight. He knows they will take out anyone else but each other – hence F2 if they stay. Derrick/Christine are tight. He knows Derrick is using Christine and has been pushing for her to stay – hence F2 if they stay. He knows Derrick has a good chance of winning with Christine. Nicole is by herself in the game and lost her mojo. He knows she can be easily be taken out. That leaves Frankie who appears to be on his own with no one he is really tight with in the game except Caleb. Caleb knows he needs a strong partner to take out Derrick/Cody. I think he will keep Frankie – send Nicole to jury and make a deal with Frankie to go after Derrick, Cody and Christine. The DE will be telling. If Frankie wins – either Derrick/Cody go up with Christine – a back door option for the other guy who does not go on the block. Frankie and Caleb are going to try to break up the “couples” real soon. Frankie put a seed in Caleb’s ear last night that Derrick had never been on the block. Plus Caleb will still have Derrick/Cody believing he is in their pack if he gets rid of Nicole. DE this Thursday will be the start of the real game. It has been a snooze fest until now.

  43. Biggest bunch of dumba$$es ever. Does Least mode cowpuke not realize that him blatantly throwing the BOB is still in Fakies mind?!! Great excuse to put him on the block. All Zach his best friend did was upstage him and he got shanked. Cody backs down again. Surprise! Surprise! I don’t understand Derricks game. He has both Vic and Nic in his back pocket. Cody his hitman cohort has Chrustine. Vic and Nic would target Chrustine who would target them back. If one went down in double eviction whichever girl was on the block would go leaving Derrick, Cody and Caleb safe for another week and the girl HOH would not be able to play for HOH and would go home the next week. Fakie is a proven snake and a bigger physical threat. They will look back and regret this cowardly decision. I hope Caleb has bad dreams and wakes up with a change of mind. PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS!! LISTEN TO YOUR BROTHER AND THE PEOPLE YELLING OVER THE WALL!!

  44. F*ck!

    I wanted Frankie gone this week which would be way before I expected to go (he probably thinks he is going to win lol) but it seems that stupid Caleb and Cody are going to keep him.

    God I just hope he still leaves during the Double Eviction.

    I want Christine to send him packing but I’ll take anyone getting him.

  45. It does seem like these HGs are more smarter (in the sense of memorizing things and predicting the upcoming competitions) and accepting (even the straight guys are best friends with Frankie) than last year’s HGs. That’s something positive about this season. Their issues aren’t as bad as last year’s HGs, but they can still get on your nerves lol.

  46. Getting Frankie out would be almost close to being a major game move. Caleb is a wus.
    There is only one major game move left, the one that sends Derrick to the Jury House!!!

  47. What a joke. At the end of the day, beast mode bit@h decides to get rid of Nicole. Di#kless! ALL OF EM’!!!

  48. Wow, Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Cody anymore than I do, this happens…….Watching Derrick talk to Vic is about how I would envision Stephen Hawking & Kim Kardashian.

  49. If Derrick, Cody and Caleb don’t backdoor Frankie than from now on I will refer to them as the Three Stooges. They can dream of being The Brigade but guess what dummies! YOU are no brigade.

  50. Derrick only wants to keep Frankie, because he thinks there will still be TA missions. That ship better of sailed. That entire idea was stupid, hate the TA idea. Caleb, how about you make your own decision. This group decision crap has made this season unexciting. Surprise us for once!

  51. I can’t stand Frankie. He should have been gone a long time ago. I really hope Caleb makes the smart move and back doors Frankie.

  52. Caleb really? You’re no beast, you’re just an indecisive mess. Hopefully with a little sleep you grow a pair and put up Frankie. Get rid of him NOW.

    1. We need payback for such an uneventful season. Hope those wall callers keep it up until the end of the season if nothing more than to keep those wimps locked inside the house every night.

  53. If nothing gets done to backdoor Frankie….These guys have blown it. There futures will be foretold since they lack balls. Cody and Caleb will end up thinking they are big stars. They will hang out with the wrong people who are using them. They will end up in prison and both will be someone’s bitch. Derrick will lose his job in law enforcement because he can’t be trusted. He will end up being a used car salesman. Down the line the three talk….why didn’t they make a big move to get Frankie out. Meanwhile….Frankie is still talking his crap….still in his sisters shadow and never amounts to anything. Meanwhile….what is Christine doing?….laughing all the way to the bank.

  54. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the jury house to see Frankie’s arrival. Lucky for him, everyone in there are decent people who have every reason to ignore him, but won’t. That will happen after the show and they see all the sh*t he said about them.

    Please Beast Mode, make it happen!

  55. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! That’s all these people do is flip flop and then follow what their King Derrick tells them to do!! There’s not any “big boy pants” amongst them!! Hopefully Caleb has a dream and wakes up knowing what his brother meant in his letter!!

  56. Will anyone ever make a big move this season?!?!?!?!? Even though I applaud Derrick for his puppeteer skills, there has NOT been any BIG moves this season. Frankly, I hope it bites Derrick in the butt and costs him $500K. Sadly, I think Frankie is the only one that has the cajones to really do something big. Ironically, as much as I hate him, I hope he wins the next HOH. What do I know, I’m some chump that watches Big Brother from his couch, and still thinks Kaysar is going to enter the house and win this seasons Big Brother.

  57. I swear I just want to smack Derrick! What is he doing?? Caleb… Listen to your gut and not Derricks BS, SEND FRANKIE BACK TO PRETTY PONY LAND!!! Nicole is not a Big move Frankie is.

  58. Ughhh my head hurts from these morons. Frankie’s going! No wait Nicole is. No wait Frankie is! Holy crap you bunch of morons deserve to lose to a wanna be mogul/pervert/pond scum and a slimy, cheating, bird faced bitch. Get Frankie out NOW and Crusty next. Then you can either get Nicole or start eating your own. Far too much dumb.

  59. OMG! Caleb was there and then Derrick came along and screwed it up. I hope Caleb’s decision to keep Frankie comes back to bite him. Does anyone in that alliance not remember what Frankie did to his supposedly best friend Zach! Frankie is a snake who will sweet talk you to your face while slowly stabbing you in your back. Ugh! Really wanted to watch Frankie squirm this week. Once again the HOH will play it safe and Nicole will be going to jury again.

  60. I wouldn’t care if it was Cody, Derrick or Caleb. Last week Cody want to put Frankie up and Derrick said no and now this week he is saying no to Caleb.

  61. This is all going to be decided a few minutes before POV ceremony. Caleb waffling like an overcooked carrot!
    Derrick has run his scenarios……………….

    Nicole goes…vote for him in the jury house (he tried to save her). Nicole stays….she will put up whoever he wants.
    Frankie goes…maybe vote for him in jury house (TA). Frankie stays…more dangerous, could win comps/POV.
    Caleb, Cody & Victoria still loyal to him. Will have Nicole if she stays. He is unsure about Frankie & if Frankie wins HOH could be trouble for him.

    Next HOH…if Cody, Victoria, Nicole, win……..he’s safe. If Frankie still there…not as safe. Christine winning…he gets Cody to mist Christine & keep him out of nominations.
    Christine & Victoria go up….Cody will not vote to evict Christine but Derrick & any two – Victoria/Nicole/Caleb – will vote her out.

    Derrick wants Frankie to go but understands you can’t push it with these morons. Will wait for AM & then have a serious brainwashing session with Caleb. Cody will do what they say. Votes to evict Frankie….Cody, Derrick & Victoria. Christine will jump on board as soon as Frankie is nominated.

  62. Come on Caleb! I thought you were beast mode cowboy not bitch mode cowboy! You have 2 alliance members that are on board with backdooring Frankie and your just going to pass up this opprtunity!? Stop being a bitch and put up Frankie!!!

    1. Derrick is the one now really trying to get Frankie put up. He flipped, since Nicole got candid with him.

      The IQ comment towards Caleb was Derrick getting pissed because Caleb won’t listen to him. First time Derrick hasn’t been in control of someone’s moves.

  63. Derrick is worried about having Frankie in the Jury house. He does not know what frankie will tell the rest. So, he is trying to make himself look a lot better to Nicole so that when she goes back to the jury house she will tell hayden and the rest how he “tried” to help her and get their votes in the end. He is not really trying to help her and it shows. The worst part is is that he is even trying to make us the viewers believe he tried to keep her just like he did Donny. If he really wanted to save Donny or Nicole then he could have, it is just all show so he gets votes in the end, and he is trying to make sure America likes him. His biggest mistake is he forgets that we see everything he does and we the viewers know the crap he is pulling. Even his DR sessions is nothing but lies he is telling to try to manipulate us viewers. I may not be the smartest person on the planet but I can see what he is doing so i am sure a lot of the rest of you can also.

    1. I read that, too, how he “tried to save donny” & “he wants to clear his conscience.” Does he think we’re stupid?! Dude, helllooooo, we can SEE and HEAR you!!! He’s been so successful in a housefull of dumbasses that he thinks we’re stupid, too. (Sigh) Such a dbag!

  64. People who talk non-stop about “Big Moves” have no idea how this game is played. “Big” moves don’t get you to the end, smart moves do.

    I get it that people don’t like Frankie, I really do. But there really is no benefit for Derrick or Caleb to send him home unless there is some evidence that he is more of a threat to them than Nicole — and that evidence doesn’t exist.

    Ultimately it’s up to Caleb, and he was clearly targeting Nicole at the nomination ceremony. If they leave her in the house, Caleb KNOWS that she will be targeting him. He doesn’t know Frankie will.

    1. what’s the SB stand for stupid bitch? cause your a pucking clueless idiot if you think keeping Frankie is the smarter choice over nicole

  65. Caleb, the ball-less wonder, told Frankie that it’s time for people to do what’s best for their games. Frankie has picked up on the fact that they’re gunning for him, and now they’re too spineless to follow through? As much as I don’t like Frankie, I don’t expect him to make such a stupid mistake once he’s back in power as HOH. Frankie is going to be wearing Caleb’s big boy pants…after he bedazzles them, of course..

  66. Damn, watch Frankie win 2nd HOH, and get a Pandora’s Box, and get a power, since they’re thinking about pulling the trigger on him at some point, that’s if he don’t win the 1st HOH and sends one of the guys out… Guess he blew glitter in their faces, and blinded them, when he told them who his sister is.

  67. Did I miss the most twisted season ever? I mean what were the twist this year? the double HOH? only new twist I have seen this year. Very Very Very bad season of BB I have seen since I started watching the very first thru 15th season EVER!!!!!!

  68. it’s big brother! if you think someone’s coming after you they’re coming after you. and if you think they’re not coming after you, they’re really coming after you. EXCEPT THIS SEASON. because no one does anything we want them to. maybe I’ll root for Frankie and tweet #TeamGrande and be an aritard and maybe he’ll finally get evicted!

  69. Again thought Caleb had a chance to become a HERO in the viewers eyes. He could have been remembered as the Beat Mode Cowboy by making the BIGGEST MOVE OF THE SEASON. Instead he will go down as Pull up your BIG BOY PANTS LOSER. I could have rooted for him the rest of the season if he would have made this move and Frankie was sent to jury.
    Replacement nom hasn’t happened yet – maybe Caleb will find his Big Boy Pants and put Mr entitled Frankie up – Who Knows – a girl can hope.

  70. Frankie not going up is all on Caleb now. Derrick flipped and really wanted Frankie out. Derrick doesn’t have the pull in the house he thinks he does.

  71. So once again we get 10 minutes of hope and then this. I used to love BB and now I don’t think I can take much more. They cast ridiculous people who couldn’t make a big move if he slapped them in the face because they are so busy slapping each other in the a@@.

    If Fakie doesn’t go home this week I don’t know if I can finish the season and I made it through BB15!!

  72. I feel disgusting, complete, utter disbelief (although I know I shouldn’t) to what Caleb, Derrick and Cody have decided***** not to backdoor Frankie (at a time of perfect opportunity) and to send that “Beasty Girl,” Nicole back to the JH. If it weren’t so pathetically ridiculous, it’d be laughable. It’s hard to drum up any enthusiasm for the game when nobody seems to be playing it. Without taking any tangible risks for the “BIG MOVE, it falls so flat that it’s beyond boring. If the HGS can’t make the move by themselves, Production owes it to loyal BB Fans to intervene with a DPOV, Pandora’s Box or even better, a “new twist” from the season filled with twist after unexpected twist (not). Production, you’ve done it before so follow tradition and do it again! Yeah, the HGS implosion is just around the corner because it’s inevitable, everybody recognizes that***** players, Production and fans. But bringing it on now possibly would salvage some of the disappointment in the game and its lackluster(putting it nicely) players. With all the controversy surrounding BB HGS’ behavior, remarks, and Production’s “fruitloop dingus” casting, is there a lot of support for a BB (US) future?

  73. I was never a Donny fan, didn’t understand why everyone thought he was so great, but I am with everyone on the dislike of Frankie. If they don’t do this I will scream! OMG!!!

  74. If Derrick and Cody really wanted Caleb to put up Frankie they would have played up to his ego and told him he would be the biggest Beast if he out Frankie. Instead Derrick at first doesn’t like the idea, then later he does whereas Cody who did like the idea at first turned into wishy washy wuss at the end.

  75. If Pink Poodle stays & Derrick manages to slip through the jury could be stacked in his favor if he makes F2 against Frankie, Vic, Christine iffy with Cody & Caleb. Sending Nicole who adores Derrick(sure she’s a fruit loop dingus)influences Heydan, Nicole likes Donnie who knows what Derrick has been up to I think would reward him and he influences Jacotsa and then Zach: Wildcard? Add Cody, Derricks main lackey and he wins easily. I think a lot of positive talk about Derrick. He may be rolling the dice keeping any Frankie influence out of the jury house(who knows Frankie could be another F2 option for him) and instead sending Nicole who likes Derrick, smart? To be determined.

  76. Only reason I want Frankie to stay this week is because I think he will put up Cody & Christine if he wins HOH… And as much as I hate him, I hate them A LOT more.

  77. I’m trying to keep up. So is Derrick trying to talk them out of putting Frankie up? If so, why? Does he think Frankie will take out Cody for him? Or is it because of TA? Does he not want Caleb to get credit for a big move which will give him points to the jury? I can’t figure this guy out…looking for insight from people watching the feeds. Thanks!

  78. The move Caleb should make is to put Cody on the block because it would be the biggest move of the season… Frankie has Caleb’s back to the end so that would be one of the dumbest moves in BB history. Caleb is clearly Frankie’s number 1

  79. All D, C and C need to remember is how quickly F turned on Z. That should be the red flag they need to beat him to the punch!! Remember Caleb…you said in a fight you throw the first punch!!

  80. Lot’s of thoughts since my last post.
    I’ve been thinking alot to why Caleb isn’t able to decide on what he should do. Let me know if I’m on the right/wrong track fans. He was in the service and has always TAKEN ORDERS from any rank higher then his own. He has seen combat and did what he was told to do. I don’t feel he is capable to make a choice since it’s not in his recent background to do so. I feel his loyalty is based on the military to stand with your brothers. You watch my back and I watch yours. If he were on the street with his cap on, I would walk up to him and shake his hand and tell him THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. I am alittle afraid for him outside this house because once he sees how he comes across to the viewers if he doesn’t already suffer from some PTSD, we may as posters on all blogs give it to him. I am very proud of our service men, current, retired, and families for the service they are/have given. Derrick is like an officer to Caleb and he counts on him to make the choices. I now see why he is so confused on what to do. He wants Derrick to take the lead.
    I hope he can make a choice to get rid of Frankie because it will do wonders for whats ahead of him in real life.
    I feel nothing but pride in our young men and women in service to our country.
    If Nicole goes, I know it’s a game but I will still root for Caleb to go to the end.
    He may not be able to put on his Big Boy Pants yeat and for me after thinking about it, that’s OK

  81. At this pint they’re getting Nicole out for literally no reason, she sucked in the last 4 comps she was in(Crap-Shoot doesn’t count, Jocasta almost won, so ANYBODY could’ve won that)… They’re getting rid of her, because unlike Crustine and Princess Victoria, she won’t get on her knees and suck them off to stay safe, it’s only a matter of time, before one of them offers..

  82. Once again Derrick swings it one way to what we all want to see happen, and for BB editing, but then at the last minute swings it back so that NOTHING, happens. No big moves are going to be made unless He does it himself, it would ruin his end game for the question “what was your biggest move in the game?”

    1. I think derrick will have no trouble in defending his game at finale because Donny, Hayden and Nicole all are aware that he has been leading the charge without becoming a target. I’m betting that this has already been discussed thoroughly in the jury house and as each new member is added will continue to be.
      I don’t like him and do think his training as a cop has given him some advantages, but I do think he has played the best game this season. I don’t view him among the best all time players though. He would have to be in the house with a group of much stronger minds and personalities than this one for me to put him among the best.

  83. Mark my words, Vic is the only one who will make the big move, if she falls into an HOH, I don’t think Vic is as dumb as she’s playing. Is she playing a (Jordon) on them?

  84. Ugh!!! Putting my hopes up for nothing! Bunch of scary cats…I mean, it’s obvious they should do it. WTF?! Come on DR, ask him something that will get him fired up about backdooring Frankie!!!!!!!

  85. A poster elsewhere said: Caleb claims he’s able to read people really well. Too bad his reading is at a third grade level.

  86. Heyyy we ALL know this back door isn’t gonna happen!!!!!! It’s just production trying to get the viewers back after what’s been a completely pathetic season.. You’ve got every man in the house cuddling and touching frankie, Christine’s disgusting laugh and obsessive lust of Cody, every guy literally is a pansy ( scared to do anything or speak up) Victoria just stares in every mirror and eats all day, caleb thinks he’s god, Derrick blames everyone etc etc lol seriously BB failed with this season. All would be forgiven if we had so risk takers and drama makers ;)

  87. I have to laugh thinking about Derrick and his “game”. The only reason he’s not targeted is because he hasn’t won a damn thing. He thinks he’s controlled the whole game but how is he going to convince the jury of that? I mean the whole reason this is working for him is that these people are idiots. Does he think they’ll grow brains at the finale? Donny was the only one smart enough to figure out his floater game and he might vote the other way out of spite.

  88. I would rather read the posts on this site and the feedback from other people disgusted with this season than watch it. I will NOT be tuning in to watch again I will continue to check for updates on this site till this season is over and then I am done with BB. I can’t believe that CBS thinks that these are the type of people that normal viewers would like to tune in to watch maybe they should cast real people instead of wannabe movie stars. What a bunch of losers (CAST @ PRODUCTION)

  89. Here’s what’s going to happen if Caleb doesn’t follow thru on Frankie. Frankie wins HOH and Derrick is going to tell him about Caleb trying to get him out and Derrick stopped it. Caleb will be gone. It keeps target off Derrick

  90. At season finale Julie chen says: Hey Houseguests We Wont Be Paying You This Season Cuz the ratings were so low and it was the most boring season we have ever had. So thanks for playing but NO Money this year…

  91. I wish people would stop calling these guys p@$$ies. A p@$$y takes a pounding time and time again for it’s lifetime and still hangs in there. These guys are merely wimps.

  92. The reason why its best for his (Caleb) game to keep Frankie is that Frankie would put up Cody/Christine or Christine/Victoria or Cody/Victoria. There is no way he would put up Caleb because he wanted to take Caleb to the F2 (that is why he used his POV on Caleb the other week). I’m not TeamFrankie but i think it is in his (Caleb) best interest to keep Frankie (regardless of how disgusting of a person he is). If Caleb and Frankie are in the F2. Caleb would win with 9-0 vote. I don’t understand why he doesn’t see that. He listens to Derrick and Cody but he needs to realize that they are taking each other to the final 2 (not him). He just needs to grow a pair and make his OWN DECISION and put up Cody or Derrick when it comes down to it and keep Frankie to guarantee his 500K win.

    If Caleb was smart, he would put up Derrick and try to get him out of the house whenever he can because once Derrick is gone, Frankie has no one else in the house he wants to take to the final except for BMC. Do it Caleb, put up victoria and send nicole home this week. Next week Frankie will win HOH and put up Cody/Christine and and get rid of Cody. Then Caleb will play for HOH with Christine, Derrick, and Victoria. EASY WIN for him and send Derrick packing.

    Even though I said I’m TeamNoOne…. I’m leaning more towards TeamCaleb. Out of all the people that are left in the house, i hate him the least!

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