Big Brother Spoilers “We’re 99.99 percent Final 3..I’m not pushing no buttons”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-12 22-01-05-544

9:52pm HOH Cody and Caleb
Cody – he’;s going to be a wreck.
Caleb – he’s going to be bawling
cody that’;s the game.. to be honest we would never have to that to you and derrick.
Cody doesn’t want to jinx it but they are going final 3.
Caleb – Final 3 it’s 99.9999 percent
Cody doesn’t want Victoria to even think she has a chance to make it because None of them are flipping he wants her scared and rattled like Frankie was today.
Cody says Frankie thinks if he’s going home he’s going to allstars “He thinks he played a Loyal good game.
Caleb – he didn’t play a very good game… I never put you and Derrick up.
Caleb – Derrick put me up cause I told him to.
Caleb thinks the person that goes out third will win America’s favorite.
Cody can’t wait to talk to his dad and ask him if he ever thought he would have made it so far when they parted ways in june.
Caleb says people like Derrick make it to the end all the time because they are the 2nd place winners
Frankie joins them

BB16 2014-09-12 21-59-53-539

10:00pm Frankie and Derrick Kitchen
Frankie knows the Veto isn’t being used and his fate rest in cody and Derrick hands and he feels good about it.
Derrick – we have one more veto it’s nuts..
Frankie – i want to be there so badly I can taste it.. I am pretty shot
Derrick – we ll are we’re all mentally drained.. I’m going to go lay down for a few.. lay with the witch..

BB16 2014-09-12 22-11-20-053

10:03pm Victoria and Derrick
Derrick tells her there is no way she’s going home she needs jto stop being paranoid
your good
Victoria he’s acting like a lunatic
Derrick trust me please.. I promise you you are safe this.. I promise you look at me .. I will tell you I told you last week.. You are safe.. doesn’t mean sh1t we’re only in the final 4.. but we’re there.
Victoria says Frankie is so pissed about the button
Derrick – I told him not to push it
Victoria – we both did.. he keeps mentioning the whole money thing like you earned it and I didn’t
Derrick – who cares..
Derrick – Just make sure this week you just stay close to Caleb and Cody
Victoria – Cody is hard
Derrick – why because you can’t stand him
Victoria – ya. I can’t stand Caleb but like him more than Cody.. Caleb doesn’t BS a lot..
Victoria – Derrick now we’re close
Derrick – we still have a lot to go you or I can still go on Thursday.. If I go to Jury you know you have me and Nicole
Victoria – not unless I go up against Caleb, Nicole will vote for Caleb
Victoria thinks she can beat Cody over Caleb.
Derick – you think I should take Cody over Caleb
Victoria – 100%
Derrick says if it’s Cody Caleb and Victoria they will take Victoria to the final 2. Victoria says Cody and Caleb have a final 2. Derrick thinks if it’s Cody, Caleb, and him they will back stab each other and take Derrick because they thinks he’s easy to beat.
Victoria says Cody and Caleb have a “Pack”
Derrick – I guess Caleb will vote for Cody because they have a pack
Victoria – what other person has never been on the block.
Derick i’m the only one
Victoria – You are straight you are honest you handed someone the HOH
She tells him he played amazing thinks he deserves to win it more than anyone else.
Derrick wants to know why he deserves to win it.
Victoria – you never lied or manipulated people.. you’ve never been on the block.. you’ve kept your word, you’ve played the most amazing game.
Derrick – I get what you are saying
Victoria – you never manipulated and lied.. never betrayed
Victoria says she’s disgusted in Frankie when Derrick handed him the HOH he put her up.

BB16 2014-09-12 22-26-24-651

10:23pm Caleb and Victoria
Talking about votes if Caleb and Cody are in the final 2. Caleb thinks he’s got most the jury votes. Victoria tells him he doesn’t have Zach’s but will have Hayden and Jocasta if he has Nicole. Caleb thinks Derrick will vote for him over Cody. Also thinks he has Donny’s vote. Caleb thinks he has Christine’s vote because Cody voted her out.
Caleb – it will be close but I’ll bet him
Caleb says either way he will be happy.
Caleb – “If I make it to Final 3 and get cut I’m probably going to win Americas players.. maybe”
He’s saying he could have won the POV today if he “Left the other 3 lights on”

BB16 2014-09-12 22-33-29-837

10:32pm HOH Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says he’s feeling pretty good. Derrick point out if Cody hadn’t won one of them would they were focused.
Caleb – I’m not pushing no buttons.. i’m not doing nothing.. ..
Derrick – in my heart the finale is Sunday not this Sunday next Sunday.. there’s a double eviction Wednesday.. there is nothing left just play it out let it happen. if there was a Pandora’s box there I don’t know if I would you are screwing with your chances at ½ a million
Caleb – I won’t open it”
Celeb – best thing you and me,., the middle HOh is rough the mental one.. (Final 3 part HOH)
Derrick says Cody is building his resume he’s not where Caleb is at but he’s getting their.
Caleb – We’re 99.99 percent Final 3.. (Cody, Caleb and Derrick)

BB16 2014-09-12 23-07-17-202

Caleb is drinking a energy drink.. they are waiting for their Diary room sessions.

BB16 2014-09-12 23-14-59-123
Derrick talking to Victoria through his baby blanket. He tells her he’ll go up to the HOH use teh washroom then come down and meet her in teh main washroom.

BB16 2014-09-12 23-19-46-245

11:17pm HOH Derrick, Cody and Caleb
Teasing around about a new button and how Cody will press it. Caleb and Derrick will try to stop him. Derrick says he will restrain Cody. Caleb jokes that he’ll knock him out.
They talk about going final 3
Derrick – watch her win HOH.. What the f**
Derrick – I wouldn’t tell Frankie too early.. he’ll cause havoc don’t give him a week to stir the pot
Cody – he can find out the night before
Derrick – I don’t think we should tell him after the veto meeting… it’s a compliment
Cody – he played an amazing game.. just soften it.
They start talking over the Competition wins this season and where everyone’s numbers are compared to other season.
Caleb says that maybe Frankie’s last two competition wins won’t count because of the rewind.
Cody says the only person that won Comps on their own merits is Donny. Cody points out that one of Caleb’s wins he just sat there
Caleb – ya just one

BB16 2014-09-12 23-32-46-225

11:32pm Victoria is still waiting for Derrick .. Up in the HOH derrick is saying there is no chance she’ll win the HOH. Cody is saying Caleb will finish higher than Victoria in the HOH and Caleb isn’t even playing.

BB16 2014-09-12 23-49-39-917

11:41pm Bathroom Derrick and Victoria
Victoria is sore below her left breast. Derrick thinks she pulled something says she should get it checked out it might be her appendix.
Victoria tells him about her talk with Caleb. He was talking to her about Final 2 and who he needs to take to get there.
Victoria – Do you have a final 2 with him
Derick – no
Victoria – You better get on that.. sounds like he’s taking Cody.
Derrick – He’s all over the place… maybe he’s saying that because he thinks Cody will win the finale HOH
Victoria says Frankie was very nervous
Derrick – I was nervous couldn’t you tell.. I think what happened COdy and Caleb were running faster than me.. Iw as jogging.
Victoria – you were slow if you would have turned on the lights you would have won..
Victoria tells him she told Caleb he has her vote over Cody and she meant it.

BB16 2014-09-13 00-01-27-670
12:00AM HOH Cody, Caleb and Derrick
Derrick says Frankie crumbled under the pressure.
Caleb – he was freaking out boy.. he was done.. he’s going home dude
Derrick thought the time to be was 4 or 5 minutes .. “when I saw 2:21 that is literally 20 seconds for each one..”
Caleb – Victoria done better than Frankie .. if I had one the veto he would have expected me to use it
Derrick – if you take a shot at a guy like that you can’t miss
They start reassuring Cody the boos for Christine were not because of him they must have been from what she said about people in the Diary room.
Derrick says Frankie doesn’t need the money he’s got tons of cash at home. Derrick mentions that Frankie plans on giving the money to Charity “he doesn’t need it. ”
Caleb – his mom live in a mansion
Cody think Frankie will go out like a champ.
Derrick – contrary to popular belief I think he already knows
Cody hates the line Frankie is using that he kept Cody safe by putting Victoria on the block.
Caleb says he doesn’t think the Jury likes Frankie like everyone thinks he does.
Frankie joins them “CRUSH IT”
They started talking about the final 3 part HOH.


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Pandoras box coming up next!


Wouldn’t rule that out. It could very well happen. Caleb opens it, out pops a note saying it will be the last BOB of the season Frankie vs Victoria, knowing fully well that Frankie will win it and then Derrick takes the orange seat, Frankie survives yet again.

Seriously I’m waiting for that to happen because there is absolutely no way this season that we viewers get a week where things go the way we want them too. We’re being teased yet again. BB16 has made me a pessimist.
So just waiting, not getting any hopes up folks.


If Caleb is dumb enough to open Pandoras Box when everything is going perfectly, than he deserves what happens.


Wouldn’t doubt it, BB is scrabbling now to save Frankie.

"Tiny Dancer"

Caleb stop dancing, you are not good AND nobody likes you.

Caleb's Left Boob

He actually thinks he can out dance Channing Tatum. lol

Caleb is just idiot enough to take Cody to final 2 thinking he can beat another “beast”. No, Caleb…you are the tool that everyone has used all summer long. No way Cody would take Caleb though, since everyone (except the jury) thinks Derrick would only get second place. Can’t wait to see their faces when they find out Derrick’s been controlling this game since day 1 and is a cop. lol


Caleb is proving to be more delusional than Frankie…Planning final 2 and thaking about how he has the jury votes to win. Doesnt he know that he is headed out the door after Frankie??And then he says that he is americas fave…SMH. In his dreams. He has a huge ego and that is his downfall in this game.I think Amber saw this side of him early on…no wonder she kept shutting him down.


Hey Frankie! Maybe you should’ve kept Zach! The one guy out of this bunch that would have been loyal to you to then end. Instead you humiliated and ridiculed him and I hope the door hits you and your grande ego on the way out.


yeah he treated zach very poorly.. his eviction speech was unwarranted nastiness.
as an aside, these people put too much thought into these meeting speeches.. when i watch them on tv i usually fast forward past that crap.. especially the nominee speeches.. “i want to thank my family…” who cares shut up.

Team Anyone

Thank you for reminding me!! I was starting to ‘feel’ bad for Frankie, but you are right! He was such a tool to Zach and also Nicole! Remember when he voted out Hayden and Nicole was calling him out asking him what happened? He flat out looked her in the eyes and said he lied. He was so rude. Okay. I’m good with sending Frankie home.


So ironic how he made sure he evicted THE ONLY person who would have had his back til the end. Instead he chose to join a boys club that used him and wanted him out from the word go. Apart from being really good at competitions, i think Frankie has played a horrible game. Its a wonder they cant see through Derricks easy manipulation. He has been the best of the worst and he should win but this is a game and it is the game of Big Brother…all is fair and nothing is unfair so lets just wait and see.

Skeery Sheery

I hope there’s a live audience for eviction night…


If they know it will Frankie they will just pack the audience with staff so that there is no booing. Wouldn’t want to upset Ariana.

For Your Consideration

I’m reminded of the old joke: Masochist says to Sadist, “Beat Me,” and Sadist replies, “No.” In the same vein, what would hurt Frankie more: a booing audience or no audience.


OMG, Caleb is acting so cocky, makes me sick. I’m hoping for another twist and he gets deflated. OMG. I used to like him but my gosh, this is ridiculous. I’m about to decide i would rather watch Frankie than Caleb. Your gonna fall hard you dumb arse cowboy. Just keep dreaming goober.


That’s the problem with this season. Do you watch the stalker or the predator? Given the choice I’d watch the compulsive lying stalker over the humping groping fame whore. They both have unbelievable egos but at least CrazedCaleb isn’t spewing vile every few minutes. And I have yet to see Crazed just walk up and grab another guys d!ck.


Na Na Na Na hey hey hey goodbye Frankie!

It was crazy on twitter tonight #FrankiewinPOV and #AnyoneButFrankie were trending worldwide no joke.

new to BB 14

If there is some sort of Pandora’s box that saves Skankie there is without a doubt proof production
is fixing this season for Skanke and his skank sister
Heres to being Hopeful Skankie gets evicted and gets as many BOO’S Christine received!!!!!!!!


finally the narcissist will be leaving the house.. didnt mind frankie at first but now i find him repulsive.


It really amazes me how none of these peps have a clue, except for Derrick. Either he has played a masterful game and has misted everyone or he is playing against the dumbest players ever. I think it is a combination of the two. I really wanted Donny, Zach or Nicole to win it all but out of these 5 four of them are clueless so Derrick is the only deserving option left.

Captain Crunch

Victoria: you never lied or manipulated.

Absolutely clueless.


Production replaced Victoria’s “EXPENSIVE” necklace, LOL, it was 35.00 from ALDO

Caleb's Left Boob

meh…I can’t stand Victoria but I don’t care how much the necklace cost (never heard her say it was “expensive”). If someone broke my stuff on purpose I’d expect it to be replaced too.


Don’t be an elitist. Whether its a trailer or mansion, if you burned down someone’s home, it’s still their home. Not everyone can afford designer jewelry but every girl deserves to look pretty on their eviction night.

Am i crazy?

I am actually over all of these people, that I honestly hope Victoria wins the next HOH.


Close your eyes and imagine these stooges faces and just say it: VapidVic for the Win!


I cannot wait to hear frankie get booed on the live show when he is evicted another weasel out of the house.


I do hope you’re a football fan. Before this season I wouldn’t even have questioned it. Frankie has not been a good influence.


Tuesday eviction is not a live show.


“Victoria (to Derrick) – you never manipulated and lied.. never betrayed”

Oh that poor, dumb as rocks Victoria.


Just when you think it is impossible for Victoria to be even more clueless. Its sad that she has no idea she is the sheep headed for the slaughterhouse and she holds the map to make sure Derrick doesn’t get lost on his way to half a million dollars.


Frankie just looks like he smells


I hate his plastic face on the live shows when he is trying to get Julie to pick him for a question. He looks ridiculous.

Amanda queefs slop

Caleb is delusional. His ego is as bad as Frankie’s at this point. He is going to be shocked when A) he gets the boot from Cody and Derek B) wins second place if he does go to the final or C) cry like a little bitch when he doesn’t get Americas favorite. Sadly I want the final 3 to be Derek, Cody and Victoria. Buuuut then again her head seems to be getting larger and larger too ( which I didn’t think could be possible). Watching her tell Derek how he’s played such an honest game blah blah blah only further proves her stupidity.

Victorias Secretion

I hope Frankie gets boo’ed when he walks out the door! If we’re to expect the unexpected, then Victoria will win HOH and then bitch and moan to the puppetmaster pig the whole time because she doesn’t understand why she can’t nominate Zach for eviction!


It would be hilarious and entertaining if Victoria won the next HoH, forcing the guys to go against each other.
C’mon Victoria, is Sabrina could do it so can you..maybe.


It’s going to be a before and after, question and answer, HOH competition. Do you really think Victoria is bright enough to win it?! LOL.

Question for Simon

When do we lose the feeds and spoilers. Is it when they get to final 3 after the first 2 comps?


Vic please win this HOH if not she will be the next Sabrina lol all these guys should want to take her to the end they will beat her. I can’t believe Cody would take Derr lol or Caleb thinking of taking Cody lol Wake UP
Also would Derr take Cody over Vic??


Caleb is obsessed with winning America’s Player #VoteDonny


Donny would have to play the game in order to be voted Americas Favorite Player, as Zingbot would point out. How could you vote for a shrub in the house?


No. Vote for Zach. He made the show fun. Donny was boring as h-e-double hockey sticks.


Vanessa is just happy to be the last girl. She won! She knows she got carried and is grateful. Final 4 not bad tor doing nothing but be a pawn. She knows she cant win anything so why mess up her nest or makeup? She does owe Derrick her game. 0 jury votes for her. I would take her.

The Beard

If they wanted real drama on this season why not just tell the hg’s there is a limited time and amount the mirrors can be used?Wow then the beast’s would show their fangs.Or just take them out completely and watch people’s paranoia hit new lenghts.

Alex C.

“Victoria says Cody and Caleb have a final 2.”
“Victoria – you (Derrick) never lied or manipulated people.. you’ve never been on the block.. you’ve kept your word.”
“Victoria – you (Derrick) never manipulated and lied.. never betrayed”
“Caleb thinks Derrick will vote for him over Cody”

What’s wrong with these people (Victoria&Caleb) ?


They’re idiots which is unfortunate because it makes Derrick’s win less meaningful.


My thoughts exactly 🙂


Victoria, Victoria, Victoria – it’s already near to the end of the BB16 but until now you are still CLUELESS on what is happening around you… Wake up girl!!! by the way Zachattack already got his new pink cap.

The Beard

Caleb is still ahead of Cody in all around game play especially if Frankie goes this week!I would even go as far as saying he might have edged Derrick.If he was smart after Frankie goes he should strike again while the skillets hot and gun for the Sgt. Next.If that played out like so I really don’t see Vic or Cody getting the nod over him in jury,barring they get the upper hand in comps or get out D before Caleb


I think Derrick would win over anyone if he is in final 2. The jury knows well he is playing the game. I don’t think they will be bitter.


What I liked about BB this year (unfortunately, the list is VERY short):
Zach Attacks – particularly calling Nicole a Froot Loop Dingus
Donny’s impersonation of Devon
Crustine’s boo-licious eviction and the big shunning she received in the Jury House
Watching Pao Pao on a swing
Victoria’s thunderous farts when she thought no one was watching
All of the many mutations posters here made that butchered the name ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ which were much more reflective of Caleb’s real identity and personality

Are there any other mentionables I’ve missed?


Yes…when the button showed up on the screen and Frankie was all…your not pushing it no way…it doesn’t get pushed…then when he wins HOH he’s all for pushing it (thinks its a reward for the HOH is my guess)…only to have it backfire and be the tool to get him out of the house!…Priceless…lol


Donny and the jury mocking Christine as she walked in to the jury house.


Donny figuring out the Skittles lies!

The Beard

Oh no,a big thumbs down for my opinion?Its true I shouldn’t have an opinion neither!!!!Damn stupid mouth letting out things I believe could happen or should happen.Somebody please give me an opinion worth posting.

Just Sayin

You’re waaaaay too sensitive if thumb downs bother you that much.


There’s going to be some embarrassed and humiliated HG’s when all is said and done. And they should be. Lol

Jimmy 64

Victoria at least has a shot at winning the next HOH
because it will probably be a before or after question


Well theres derrick groping vanessas boob. Just when Velma isnt getting enough attention her appendix starts to burst


I think I just figured it out. Victoria believes she’s on some dating show. That’s why she’s so pleased to be the last girl standing. Uhhh, I think she’s waiting for a ring…? Frankie confuses her tho..he hugs her..? But doesn’t like her..?
“Aaaeuuuww! Sure hope Derrick picks MEEE. I’m sure he’s lying about a wife n’kid. Cheaaah!! Derrick fer the win! And then we’ll have a SUPER WEDDING n’CBS’ll pay for it! Prolly! Just like Rachael and Brendon! Squeeeee!!”


Give Vic a choice between a rose from the boys and $500K? She’d flutter her eyelashes and take the rose.


This season has been ridiculous. TA was total crap. I wonder if either Fakie or DePrick would have made it this far if the house knew they were already up 25k.
Lucky Chief Piggum is so brutal at comps or this would have been over long ago.
As far as clueless, high on themselves hg’s DePrick is not far behind any of these fools.
Still lol-ing at the autographed shirt he was going to give to his “fans”. What an idiot.

Roisen Dubh

Wow, Derrick just coasting to the end. Why are these people so stupid? Unless Caleb wins POV, he’s going home. Funny part is, when Derrick wins, he ain’t talking to these morons ever again.


I am really stating to question if all of y’all are as clueless as what the Big Brother game is as Victoria is. Derrick is not “coasting to the end.” He has spent the entire game working hard to create this exact situation. These “final four” did not just happen to end up here. It took a lot of work, an amazing amount of patience and people skills for Derrick to get these exact players in this exact situation. We can not even stand to watch the live feeds of these (as Frankie put it: morons) but Derrick has been side by side with them, feeding their egos or whatever needed to happen and working hard to get himself right here.

Roisen Dubh

Dude, Derrick hasn’t done anything all season. Any drama that ensued was because he’s stupid and it didn’t need to happen. These muppets gave him a pass the entire summer, get off his jock.


Thank God for Cody. Good riddance glitter troll. Now next week Beast Mode has to win POV so Vapid Vic goes out. I could not stand her in F2. After that I don’t care who wins.


I just dont understand why so many of you people think its being rigged for Frankie. Its completely obvious that no one gives two shits about the guy. He doesnt even make good tv. He literally annoys the shit out of everyone, production included. Ps best part of finale night: when caleb doesnt win americas fave and realizes how delusional he sounds.


Production has already stepped in to tyr to save frankie……there is the TA challenge for F2 and 25K. Hope derrick doesnt fold and try to keep him because of the money. Please send frankie packing

ummm yea

ok, lets all face it, production will throw a life line for Skankie


Waiting for eviction when Frankie clicks his red, sparkly heels together and says, “We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto”


FYI Derrick
The appendix is on the right side. Two inches below the navel and two inches to the right, McBurney’s Point.
But, who cares? Victoria fooled you into touching her boob.


What I have found so disturbing this season is the immediate pandering to the “fans” and talking to the camera all the time. This season seems to be under the impression that they have immediately become famous or are “stars”. Delusional to say the least. I wonder if production is getting them to do this in the diary sessions or if that was their intent all along. Frankie is the absolute WORST with his fame obsession. Must suck to have your little sister outshine you every day of your life . . . .