Frankie – All of the horrible, offensive sh*t Zach said & he got a wonderful reception. What the f**k did Christine do?

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

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12am Out in the backyard Cody and Derrick playing pool. Frankie wakes up. Cody and Caleb play next. Caleb says he can’t wait to see Amber again. Cody says unless she wants to rip your head off. After they finish their game Caleb loses and so he has to jump in the pool. Derrick finishes his game and then sits by the hammock with Victoria. Derrick says it will be boring for the next couple days. Victoria says I can’t believe everyone is gone. Derrick says for now, but you never know. Victoria says that in the diary room they were telling her not to give up. You’ve got to do something. And she said when you know, you know. Derrick says that makes sense when you know, you know. Derrick says if you go out Thursday I think I will go out next because they know you’ll vote for me. Victoria says I just don’t think they would put you up. Derrick says I hope but that might be why they do it. Everyone loves you, bye! Victoria says she thinks Frankie will be next. Derrick says if they can, he’s a beast. Derrick says he is fine with anyone that is left winning if he doesn’t. Christine was the last person I wasn’t okay with her winning. I’m not a big fan of Frankie but he has played such a great game. Victoria says no he hasn’t. Derrick says not a social game but for competitions. If he won because he won the next 3 competitions. If he did that I would have to be like lost to a guy that won 12 competitions. Victoria asks if you win HOH you would try to get out Frankie? Derrick says yes. Victoria asks not Cody? Derrick says if I am to lose to someone I would want it to be someone who hasn’t stabbed be in the back. Not that Frankie has either but I know he’s talked sh*t about me. I want someone that I respect to win. Victoria asks you respect Cody? Derrick says yes whether or not I will think the same thing when I get out or not that’s a different thing. But I am going to try and win. Victoria tells Derrick she knows there’s a lot more to him than he’s exposing. Derrick says we’ll talk when we get out of here. Victoria says I did cry a lot, that’s the only think I regret.
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12:50am Cody and Caleb and start working out. they finish working out and join Frankie by the hot tub while he eats.

bandicam 2014-09-08 02-38-09-328

1:35am – 2am Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Derrick and Victoria are all sitting around the hot tub. They talk about Christine getting boo’d. They wonder if a few started booing her and then if she did something like flip them off maybe that’s why the rest boo’d her. Derrick says something happened. Cody wonders if Christine walked off the stage when the booing started. Derrick brings up how week two Zach called out Devin and went off. Frankie says that Zach was a lunatic. He was losing his mind like that ringing in his head was telling him to do things. For all of the sh*t that Zach said. All of the horrible, horrible, repulsive, offensive sh*t that he said he got a wonderful welcoming reception.. What the f**k did Christine do? They all head inside.

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2:25am Up in the HOH room – Derrick has a shower and after he talks with Frankie. They talk about their team america missions. Derrick says there were only 2 he isn’t sure they won. Frankie says no we got that. Derrick says they’ve got 25K now. Frankie says we lost 3. Derrick says yes 3 out of 7 (not including the one they just did). Derrick thinks they’ll get one more mission next week. Derrick says he thinks the twist won’t be that bad. Frankie says as far as fans go they will love it. Like we will be like this is f**king awesome. Derrick asks what’s your temperature in the house. Frankie says I think good. Do you talk to Cody about who he is nervous about. Derrick says I think all three of you like each other but you each see each other as a threat. I think he genuinely likes you. Frankie says but will he take me to the end of the game .. I don’t know. Derrick says between you and Caleb I think Cody would choose you. I think Caleb is the person to beat this season. Derrick says if you’re in that final spot and you take me that’s great and if not that’s okay too. Frankie says who know this week I might not even be HOH any more because of the twist. Frankie says if you and I are on the block then I know Cody would vote me out over you. Derrick says only because he could beat me. Frankie says no one is going to give me the money because I am giving it away. Derrick says right, people are going to vote for you based on competition wins. Frankie thinks Derrick would win America’s Fave if he was in the jury. Derrick asks over Donny. Frankie says yes, I think so. You have a family, a daughter, and you’ve played a great game.
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3am – 3:50am Out in the backyard – Cody and Christine talk about why she got boo’d. Cody says I don’t think it has anything to do with me. I don’t worry about myself. Victoria says but he (Tim) left her a video and everything. Like if he wasn’t bashing her, who is America to judge. Cody says America gets to think what they want. I just know that her and I never did anything controversial that people would boo her over. But like what she has said that is what I don’t know. Victoria says she was on depression medicine. She was an angry person. She said she was. Cody says she got depressed when it was sunny. Victoria says she was an angry person in here. Cody says he did talk a lot about how much she hated Donny. Cody heads to bed. Derrick joins her and they talk about life after big brother. Victoria tells Derrick he she thinks he will be financially stable after BB. Derrick says I’ve seen enough seasons to know you won’t get rich off Big Brother. The only person that has made something

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 03-36-14-585

3:50am – 4am Derrick tells Cody about his conversation with Frankie. He is definitely showing his cards. Long story short but he thinks his best chance to win is against me or Caleb. Cody says so he’s not going to bring me or be b***hing to be there against me. Derrick says his wheels are definitely turning. Cody comments on how it annoys him that Frankie came in and laid with him and wanted to talk. Derrick says best thing is Frankie already has his nominations locked in. Derrick says we just need to see what happens on Wednesday and then win the next HOH. Derrick says if we win it we put up Caleb and Frankie. Derrick says Frankie knows he has to win the veto or he’s going home. Cody agrees. Derrick leaves.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 03-53-48-382

4am – 4:35am Derrick and Victoria eat cereal and chat about random things. Victoria comments that she dated a 33 year old. Derrick asks where do you find these guys. Maybe you haven’t found the right guy because you’re dating older guys. Victoria says I don’t like children. Its very hard to find a guy in his twenties that serious and that’s mature, and settled money wise. You know like that has found himself. Derrick talks about his family, daughter and dogs. They get ready for bed and check out their names on the bathroom stall door. When they’re getting into bed Victoria gets called to the diary room. When she comes back she keeps trying to talk to Derrick but he tells her to go to bed. She says I love you, goodnight.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 04-14-04-622

9:30am – 10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Cody gets up to go to the bathroom and when he comes back to the fire room he tells Derrick that they’re locked out of the backyard. Derrick asks are you serious?

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 10-03-09-686

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 10-37-23-847

10:35am Frankie wakes up and heads down to the kitchen to eat breakfast and put on his makeup. He complains that they used to be able to sleeping in at least one day. He tells Victoria that they’re doing an episode a day, what the hell!? Derrick gets called to the diary room 3 times. When Victoria comes out of the diary room she wakes up Derrick and tells him he needs to go to the diary room. Frankie comes out of the diary room and heads up to the HOH bathroom. He sits on the tub and talks to the fish.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 10-42-35-508
12:15pm Derrick is in the kitchen making/eating breakfast.

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STFU Frankie I hope you get a worse booing than christine did


Frankie is a pure entertainer. Only person worth watching in the house since day 1. He will be the only star once BB ends. You will see. He is intelligent and in tune with America. Like how he knew what Christine was being booed for. He only said the other stuff about it was what she said in the DR but waited until Cody was ready to hear the real reason. Cody is the one who still doesn’t have a clue. Go Frankie!


YOU MUST BE AS SICK AND PERVERTED AS FRANKIE IS or you are Ariana which is equally as sick and perverted if you are in anyway trying to defend this pervert!! I do think Frankie will have a career but it will be in a prison cell because anyone that cannot control the molesting of Caleb and Cody on television then I would think he could not control it when he was out of the house either. I expect when he gets out a lot of young men come out of the woodwork with complaints in regard to unwanted sexual advances and other stuff and expect Frankie to be sitting in a lot of courthouses whereas a lot of his family money will be spent and perhaps Frankie will be spending a few years in orange!!! He is not normal and his actions in that house and things he says prove it and have a feeling being on this show will not turn out to be positive experience. He thinks he is beyond the laws of society and have a feeling he is going to find out real quick he is not.

Irked by the stupidity!

Yea…he is so “in tune with America” that he thinks he introduced 90% of the BB population to “drag”. See if you can share a clue with him when you find one.

As much as you hate Frankie...

for humping the young boys, just remember, you can’t rape the willing…

I don't hear any complaints..

about Frankie and his inappropriate touching from anyone, even when he’s not around. So, before you all have a coronary about the pink skunk in heat, remember, they aren’t asking him to stop.


I beg to differ.. I clearly heard Caleb state that he wanted Frankie to stop grabbing him.

This is for Celtic...

You mean to tell me that if Caleb really wanted Frankie to stop touching him, he wouldn’t be more vocal about it, this is the same guy that stalked a girl relentlessly. Go sell it to someone else.


Frankie is all about stealing the limelight. His actions are intentional . His male bonding in a sexual way is for shock value and intended to talk about him. In show biz you’re done when they stop talking. Others in that house seem too afraid to speak up and say STOP!.. That is how most played the game and that is why Frankie is still there. Call it game play or showoff but it is working for Frankie. Nobody likes him but it may be too late to get rid of him? I believe he is getting help from production . Frankie doesn’t represent the entire Gay community, he is one guy who acts the fool and only represents himself.


are u kidding me?!!!! Apparently U find a flamboyant gay man HUMPING everything w/a pulse…and some objects that don’t….[the AIR]…as Entertaining….U should really get out more!!!! I find him a discusting, vile Gay Man-Chlld, Who has either lied about his age…or lived a hard, rough life….I go for Rode hard and hung up wet theory!!!
And he said MORE THAN ONE TIME….Christine got booed because she talked bad about HIS FAMILY!!! And don’t U know, The whole universe thinks the sun rises and sets in his [better than anyones FAMILY]…He is a delutional OLD HAG!!!…[MY OPINON] take it as u will!!!


You seem a little too focused on this kid’s sexuality. Flamboyant men can be decent human beings. The fact that Frankie is a disgusting, hateful pig has nothing to do with his flamboyance or sexuality

I know that's you Ariana!

Frankie is a douche bag…I loved him the first two weeks and then got to know him a little better. He still needs to STFU. I hope they boo him worse than Christine.

When this is all said and done...

we need to keep up with FG and see if he really does spend his money on the schools in Africa. That would be really crappy if he didn’t. I think his pop star sister should match his money and double the gift.


There is absolutely no way I believe he will be spending anything on schools in Africa, lmao.. not happening.


If Frankie was actually going to spend the money for schools in africa- he would have told the viewers in the DR or something before he said it to the house guests. It was an obvious lie, definitley not going to happen

Are You Nuts?

A Suggestion, change your screen name to InZane.
Then I think your comment would make more sense to us…

I wonder....

…if Frankie would be as big an entertainer in the Jury House without all the cameras. Speaking of the Jury House…I think I’d love to see at least half of the show showing us the fun Tom Foolery going on in there. It has to be more exciting than these losers.


Frankie is entertaining in his own mind. He is a very insecure person who needs to ride his talented sister’s coat tail and it would be no surprise to me if he isn’t personally close to someone in production that is feeding him info that helps him win his comps. He is a loser but he is dancing as fast as he can trying to convince others he is something special. Caleb “no brain” and Frankie make a great team. Zach was too good for him. If Frankie wins it will be because production wanted him to. This country has many charities and he wants to support schools in Africa with his winnings, what a self serving move that is!!! It’s all about shining the light on Frankie!

Ready To Puke On Frankie

Negative or positive you are still talking about him…and that’s what he wants.


Please make it happen!!


Frankie, keep Zach’s name out of your hateful mouth!


OMG, Frankie is a sexual molester who cannot control his sexual urges even on national television and suggested that a drunk girl is gang raped and it would be funny to watch her bleed on television or wants to punch Nicole in the mouth, and this repulsive thing thinks Zach said horrible things. He really needs to be put away in a prison and the things he has said and done be done to him over and over and over again until he bleeds just like he wished for Victoria. Since CBS, Moonves, and BB, Chen, seem to have no trouble with what he says and does have you ever wondered how they would feel if the things he does and said were done to their son??? I bet that Chen would not keep her mouth shut then and continue to protect the sexual deviant Frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should get booed but guarantee Chen will protect his disgusting little perverted self once again and will not let the audience boo him. Hope everyone sues his disgusting butt and his entire family loses every single dime they have including his disgusting sister!


You suck!

Lawon's Special Power

I’ve said it a couple times but I think the only way Frankie will get booed is if he is evicted BEFORE finale. Finale will be filled with friends and family and there’s no way the would let the boo’s happen then.

Christine got boo’s mainly because Double Eviction night you can’t really plan who’s leaving so they couldn’t plan on how the audience would react to someone going home. I’m sure after the audience let Christine have it they’ll be more “cautious” on how people are received when they get out. I mean I can’t remember anyone getting as boo’d as Christine.

It's almost sad...

to see Frankie crave attention, good or bad, so much. It must be hard for him to see his little half-sister on top of the world. He has no idea what a negative response he is going to get on the outside. He has a huge ego, and will just feel that people are just jealous of him and his over the top personality. I just hope he doesn’t play the gay card. Everyone knows and appreciates the difference between him and their beautiful gay friends. He makes homophobic people justify their beliefs, and that is unfortunate.

Murphy's Law

I WANT MORE BOOOING!!! for the remainder of season…plain & simple!! That is the biggest reason why I am still watching.Don’t deny the viewers that pleasure, puhleeeze!! Also, why don’t they tell Cody that it was the CONSTANT touching (holding hands, stroking arms/legs, hair, etc.)) of him & Christine that played a huge part of her booing—Not the way she LOOKED at him!! They all saw it and commented about it for weeks, but now they skirt around that part..irks me!

lemon balls

I would go a bit further and say that she has zero charisma and everything she says is either hateful or in bad taste… She is probably like that in real life at night with her husband after the fake smiling and niceness of the day.. Just a guess really

Pink haired turdlet

One hell of a good point but these fools left in the house don’t even have half a brain to point this out to Cody. It takes two to tango and Cody and Christine were BOTH touchy feely with each other.

Never Posted but had to share

You can see how BB has increased his youtube subs and views.

I am not a fan of him and find him quite annoying but regardless of how the studio audience treats him when he *hopefully* gets evicted soon, he will see the increase in his following as a success.


In my opinion, Frankie will not only NOT be upset when he gets out of the house and finds out he was portrayed as the villain – I think he will be thrilled to have gotten so much ‘press’. Lets face it, he is not in the game for the money… he doesn’t need the money. His family is in show business – which is all about being talked about the most. (his idol is the mother of controversy – Madonna) – I think that Frankie just wants to be the one that people talked about, the one that people remember when the season is over. The majority of people couldn’t stand Rachel Riley yet she is one of the most memorable to have ever been on the show. People were horrified over Evil D!ck’s antics – yet he is one of the most popular/remembered participants from the show.

My problem with this year – Frankie specifically – is that this was the year where they had the opportunity to be the exact opposite of last year with the racist cast they had. Every single person in the house was open to ‘gay’ Frankie. What touched me the most was Zach’s ability to look past Frankie’s sexuality and see him as just a person. Even Beast Mode ‘kill live animals with his bare hands’ was able to look past Frankie being gay and just accept him as a friend. But instead of having a kind, caring gay guy on the other end of the houseguests kindness and acceptance they casted Frankie – the biggest ‘mean girl’ in the house – probably one of the ‘meanest girls’ to ever have been in the house. Frankie is selfish and rude and seems more interested in being a member of the ‘popular group’ in the house instead of connecting and working with the underdogs in the house.

Personally I would like to see Frankie get voted out before the last show just so that he can experience some type of live audience disapproval. I do not think that Frankie or anyone else left in the house will get the level of booing that Christine received – only because I think production will keep that from happening again – but it would be impossible for Frankie to leave after this season to a completely positive reception and I think his ego deserves to at least feel the reality of not being ‘all that’.

I do not want to see Frankie go to the end. I think that Derrick is the ONLY ONE that played a good game this year. I do, however think that Frankie will be the most remembered from this season… for all the wrong reasons and possibly on purpose on Frankie’s part. good or bad – press is still press.

Frankie's a narcissistic arse

Nicely put. You are right about all these “macho” dudes and their complete acceptance of Frankie being something truly positive. Frankie sadly will likely believe if he is booed it’s because us Americans aren’t ready for a gay man on prime time. It’s laughable how ego centric he is. My concern is he will be met w applause and lots of it. I wouldn’t put it pass production to somehow stack the audience in his favor. Not sure how but they are quite adept at manipulating the game for whatever outcome they desire. And yes, Frankie will likely gobble up any attention good or bad. I can only hope that with what an utter disappointment this season has been he will get some comeuppance via audience reaction. After last season (I still get angry thinking about BB15 and those idiots) I was really hoping for something more as I think many of us were.


All five of these people have said awful things and they’re all disgusting. Worst final five ever.


I agree with most of this post HOWEVER Zach and Donny are going to be way more memorable.


If people could see past their hatred for Frankie, it would be obvious he is also playing a great game.
He is not a coward like derrick who doesn’t have the balls to but his name on anything. Some of the great BB players was hated during the season (Evel Dick and Rachel Riley) but they played their game by winning comps.
Frankie is hated but he is playing a great game.


Not ever nor will I ever be a Frankie fan, but I agree with you. He’s more upfront about his game play. He knows when to retreat and play behind the scenes and when to shape the game for his own benefit via comp wins. The bloated ego and the constantly reminding us of how great he is is a huge turn off though.

Derrick has played scared and overly confident because of how easily he manipulated everyone else. Now he’s in a difficult spot with scant moves left. It doesn’t not help that he appears to be a one-trick pony with only mind games at his disposal,which he has used very well,until now.

It’s a toss up at this point to me who makes it to F2. I still see some scenario where it includes Derrick but Frankie might just get there too.


IMO I think Cody will get boos worst then Christine. He was with her a lot and know her just saying she hates people was game talk. He is in denial. Cody getting boos would be a good lesson for him to learn 2 important things.
1. If you are not a home wrecker then keep your hands off another mans wife.
2. If you are not a monkey then don’t let a baboon stroke you. Especially if you are not the head of the pack.


Frankie is not playing a great game. Frankie is still in the game because Derrick wanted him there otherwise he would’ve been a goner.

I do have to say though that he is a great competitor but there’s a difference between being a great player and a great competitor.


frank from dans second season would blow Frankie away


Frankie is HATED for the horrible vile disgusting evil things he has said an done!!!!!!! He suggested having a drunk virgin GANG RAPED and has molested Cody, Caleb and Zach continually after being asked to stop and wanted to hit a woman in the mouth just to name a few his more vile actions!!!! In the outside world just for communicating threats and for his molesting, Frankie would be sitting in a jail cell already so that is where I perceive his future endeavors to be held. If I was him I would never want to get out of the house because even if BB stacks the audience which I am sure they will do in his favor and he is not booed the public will never forget what he has suggested and done on this season, and Karma is going to smack him in the face quite probably literally and financially!!! I would not want to be him or anyone related to this despicable person named Frankie!


Please don’t have an aneurism dumbo.


Totally agree with your post. If there was some way to get a message to the audience for when Frankie is evicted, I would like it if they all just sat in complete silence.

Just think at what “Drama Queen/ Attention Whore” Frankie would feel coming out to a completely silent audience. He would love the applause, he would bask in the boos, but silence (like he just didn’t matter) would cut him like a knife. (Not promoting violence.)


What would really hurt Frankie is coming out of the house to find the number of his social media followers has dramatically gone down. Would love for people to start a push to get people to quit following him on vine, twitter and youtube.

Roisen Dubh

He don’t care if you like him or hate him. As long as his name keeps coming out of people’s mouths, he’s cool with that.


It’s unfair to say Derrick is the only one who has played a good game. If he has played a good game he will win if he hasn’t then he won’t. I hate when people talk BS about who deserves it or not. If you are still in the house then you deserve to be there. If you make it to F2 and win then you deserve it. Derrick is a social players others there a comp beasts so just cause you like the manipulative aspect of the game doesn’t mean Derrick is the one who deserves it.

I am disgusted by the way Derrick has played the game. Basically when a group wants someone out, AKA Nicole he goes to the DR and says Nicole is got to go cause she is a threat to my game. No Nicole is leaving because no one wanted her there. Christine, Cody, Caleb and Frankie wanted her gone, so him saying it was his doing is just insulting our intelligence.

Many viewers don’t know that Derrick’s biggest game play is playing the audience. When he does something terrible like campaign against Donny then he says he didn’t want Donny to go. He should own up to being an jerk in the DR, I would respect him more for it then all his I’m a good person BS in the DR. He said last night how he thinks Victoria is a great person and feels bad for manipulating her. However in the HOH room he once told Cody and Frankie then only type of men who would consider Victoria a dime was an old fat rich guy, and it is all she could get. He can say it I have no problem with that but own up to it. At least Frankie has owned up to all the messed up things he has done.

I have zero respect for Derrick trying to play viewers. But I guess not all viewers are smart enough to notice it, so I guess they deserve to be played.

All Stars

I agree completely with you reasoning about Derrick. That is what turned me off from him too. He has played a good game in some ways but not in others. He is a mediocre player in many ways because unlike Dr. Will, Derrick is not throwing the comps: he just can’t win the more physical ones. More than anything though, he unwillingness to be honest about his manipulation, own his game instead of trying to explain it away and his constant attempts to inveigle the fans during his DR sessions and on the feeds; those things stopped me in my support for Derrick. I do believe that some of the fans see Derricks manipulations to the them as flattery and they buy into it. That is just going to happen with some people who watch this show. I think that the fan base in many ways reflects the houseguests in terms of their Bull$hit sensors: some see through it and others don’t. That is not so surprising to me. But the jury has the final say and I think there are some people in the jury that now that they are out of the house, can clearly see what has happened and I think they are not seeing Derrick in all that favorable a light. My guess is that the jury is not going to vote for who they think played best obvious game but they will consider other factors (as they always do) but the other factors are going to weigh heavily in the overall jury decision.


This season could be a lot like season 14 where the jury does not reward the best overall game but punishes a player that they think played a dishonest game. I agree the jury is going to be bitter. Go back and listen to the speeches that Ian and Dan gave during the final 2 that season and see the similarities between Dan and Derrick in regards to their game and their owning their game. BTW, Ian won 6 votes to 1. If Derrick makes it to final 2, whomever he is sitting next to can employ almost the same strategy that Ian used to swing the jury. Some people who have not watched all the season forget that bitter jury members have made a big difference in who everyone thought should win based on strategy as opposed to whom did win based on other factors. Don’t listen to all the posters on here that say Derrick deserves to win because he is the only one playing. That adage has been proven wrong many a season.

Roisen Dubh

If Dan would’ve owned his game, he would’ve shamed the jury into giving him the money. That’s why Will is the greatest. He knew kissing their ass at the end would’ve shown weakness so what did he do? He turned it up a notch on them. If Frankie and Derrick are F2, who do you give it 2? They both played a hell of a game. I don’t like either of them but facts are facts.

I know, right?

Talk to someone who only watches CBS, and then talk to someone who watches that, TVGN, has live feeds and reads Simon and Dawg. It looks to them that Derrick is so slick. We the real fans, know that what ever happens, Derrick tells us in his DR sessions that it was him and only him that orchestrated it. I call BS.


ive watched 3 seasons now dawg or any other superfan has anyone every gotten to the final 5 without being on the block forget the bob twist have to admit he has brainwashed the whole house as soon as someone maybe catching on to him he gets them out through manipulating others to do it I don’t care for him did at first but socially how much better can you play.Give me a step by step plan that’s better


Danielle in Season 3 (who won Big Brother as well) made it without being nominated unless you count her being automatically put on the block in the final HoH in which whoever doesn’t win gets nominated and the HoH picks the person to go up against in the finals.

Kevin in Season 11 got as far as Final 3 before losing on the final HoH and automatically getting nominated. He was evicted in 3rd.

Dan in Season 14 also made it to the Final 3 HoH before losing and getting automatically nominated, however, he lost to Ian in the finals.

So 3 people have made it to the Final 3 before “automatically” getting nominated for the first time.

Except, Not

Dude, have you actually watched Big Brother?

1) Danielle did NOT win Big Brother she came in 2nd place.

2) Kevin was nominated week 7 along side Natalie by Jeff

3) Dan was nominated by Frank which is why he came up with his funeral.

So, other than Danielle in season 3, no one has made it this far without being nominated, and technically since this season is longer, Derrick has made it farther


I’ve watched from Season 1. Mate, calm down. Simple mistake as I was going thru Wikipedia looking thru each season and writing them down. I apologize that I read too fast, made a couple of simple mistakes, and went by what Wikipedia charts said.

Please accept my deepest apologies.


Derrick is being honest about his manipulations. He has been in conversations with the girls where he mentions about particular tactics players use during the game. It is not his fault that they can’t pick up that he has been using those tactics.


And when Nicole was up, she said to Derrick that he was like Dan… Derrick had been trying to keep Nicole but as soon as she said he was like Dan, Derrick flipped back knowing Nicole was figuring him out. So I agree, most of them haven’t even gotten close to figuring Derrick’s game out but the few that have, Derrick orchestrated to get them out.. to save his game. After all, he is there first and foremost to win the game. As a player, you have to keep it in perspective, that in the end it’s a game and it’s all game play.


Well said Jake.
People without the feeds are oblivious to Derricks manipulation of them. That is why people can make uniformed comments about him.


Hey Jake! You know I luv you man – we are fellow Donny fans! But I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on Derrick. I think many underestimate Derrick’s manipulation skills. Even Simon – who has seen & heard more than any of us – said he thought Derrick has played the best GAME. Even though I agree with you that Derrick’s attempt to manipulate “us” is extremely annoying – he has pretty much been the puppet master behind all of the evictions. Heck, the second time Nicole was on the block, he flipped the vote twice. First he convinced them to keep her, then after Nicole told him he reminded her of Dan, he flipped it again & convinced them to vote her out! He probably has outsmarted himself though – when he didn’t get rid of Frankie when he should have. And I don’t think Frankie has “owned up” to much. His treatment of Zach was as bad, if not worse, than Derrick’s of Vic. And he still thinks America LUVS him! And I can’t stand the way Frankie “sucks up” to Julie & is all the time “hamming” it up for the cameras. I guess I just detest Frankie more than Derrick. So – by default – Derrick is the only one I could stomach winning. But still with you all the way in wanting Donny to win America’s Favorite!


Good points but for me I’m going to remember Vivienne the most.


Hey Ryan!
I agree that Derrick is playing a very strategic game, Frankie, a competition winner for sure. Victoria, while not winning much of anything, is still in the house and in the running for the money. They keep her because Derrick has convinced them that voting her out would be a waste of an HOH. She just might skate to the end and sit in the final 2 seat. If the jury is as bitter as Nicole claims, Victoria may just win the half mill. Derrick and Frankie are much smarter than Cody and Caleb, so they will probably go first if the opportunity presents itself. Derrick and Frankie would take each other out but for the Team America challenges and the money. I think I might want Cody or Victoria at this point. They are the only two that aren’t begging for attention to the cameras.


Well said! Agree 1000%
Luv that you were able to say that with out being hateful…applause!!


let’s all remember Zach instead


Frankie is SUCH a hypocrite…
Zach was actually a good guy and was by far the most entertaining contestant. Frankie should just shut up about him. Oh and Zach gets my vote for AFP! These people left in the house are so fake……


Donny for AFP all the way, but other than that, I agree with you totally!


Exactly. You can tell just by the way Zach interacted with Donny that he is genuinely a good person. I think the rest was game (except his thoughts of Victoria who he says is “the worst”). Where as Christine is just a genuinely miserable, hateful, less than moral person. Much like Frankie. That’s the difference on the outside worlds reaction.

Derrick is a hunchback

Frankie is going to flip when he gets out and sees how many fans Zach has. In fact, Zach himself is probably not gonna believe it.
If you look up Zach Rance on Instagram there are tons of fake accounts and fan accounts, same on Twitter. Zach definitely made an impression on people.


Holla u fruit loop dingus.


The only thing Frankie’s going to find out when he gets out is that someone hacked his twitter and it was glorious for all us haters to see. Really, it was funny. Then to read here that his mom sent a message for his password. Ha


Yes but Frankie is a narcissist and will think the only reason zach is well liked is because of him

Frankie is Grand(e)

I notice how many people are jumping on the Frankie bandwagon now that he is kicking butt. I told you all from the beginning he was the king.

Enjoy the rewind but nothing will change. Frankie will be standing at the end.

Dontcha just love his tight chest?


Get off Frankie’s nut sack you D1ck loving f@g!




Pathetic Frankie – still jealous of Zach. i don’t think he is capable of being genuinely happy for anyone but his self-centered, egotistical self.


That’s it exactly…….Frankie was jealous of Zach. Frankie made it personal…..he continually says out loud to everyone “It’s a game…we’re playing a game here!” No Frankie it was personal…. Zach created “play time” in the house and that was your “job”. You looked sad and pathetic while you were campaigning to get Zach out.


You people are going to be so butt hurt when Frankie and Zach meet up again, hopefully in the JH, and resume their romance. Frankie will have a tough time scraping off Zach, Caleb, and Cody-fame whores.I don’t care what you think, straight guys don’t “snuggle” in bed with their gay friends, so stop making Frankie out to be some demon. When the writers on this show strike, you’ll all see how fake it really is, in the meantime, some of you need to calm the fuck down and relax.


Except, the truth is, Frankie actually does not like himself…why else would he be so adamant for approval? He is not very attractive, even less when he’s painted up. I’m gay myself, and have seen many bitter, twisted old queens exactly like him. Dried up and out, and nothing but the search for someone to buy their BS. And if he cant get them to buy his schtick, he will be trying to buy their d!ck. I actually feel sorry for him. Gay or straight, it is not acceptable to be sexually harassing anyone by humping them. Talk about a poor example. I do hope he goes soon, I can’t stand his posturing.

lemon balls

.Frankie is sooooo annoying. All he thinks about is fan approval. Being Americas favorite and being cheered when he leaves the house… Get him out quick and lets find out. On another note. Is it just me or it the most exciting part of the season when Jeff proposed to Jordan? Lol


When Jeff and Jordan were getting hitched I realized how normal they were compared to this year’s house guests. There hasn’t been one healthy NORMAL relationship in BB16. All the guys wanted to do was get all the girls out. What a huge contrast from prior seasons. It was like everyone was disfunctional. We had one stalker, not normal. We had one guy fawning and pawing the other straight guys, not normal. We had one married woman fawning and pawing a child-like 23 year old, not normal. The only normal ones I can think of were Nicole and Hayden and they were booted out real fast when they acted normal.


I think it would upset Frankie more if Zach got AFP.


Frankie will be upset with anybody other than himself getting AFP. It will only sting more if it’s Donny or Zach,especially if he doesn’t manage to win the game in the end.

I personally wish the AFP wasn’t always guaranteed. I’m tired of all these distractions that dilute the actual purpose of the show, which is to play for $500k. It’s a strange new world we live in where fame/popularity is a bigger commodity than cash.




Whats with the caps? That’s annoying.



Mean Girls, BB Edition

And so are you “annoying,” Anonymous, Mr. Entertainment Industry Worker.

It's a SOCIAL GAME...not Donny's Game

I’m so annoyed with everyone PRAISING Donny! He’s game SUCKED!! He chose to keep himself isolated from the other houseguests. He went to bed early and got pissed if they woke him. He got into an alliance with Devin on DAY 1 and Devin blew up! He never tried to band the “outsiders” at all, he could have and RAN with this game! Instead, DONNY talked crapped about Frankie AND Derrick to Cody, Zach, Hayden, Jocosta, Nicole AND Christine before they turned on him. So, he LIED too (shocker, in BB, people LIE)! He IGNORED several TA challeges..remember he said flew across the country to play “Donny Thompsons game” NOT America’s Game! But then wanted TA to SAVE him…PLEASE! What a JOKE!!! He made himself a target and DESERVED to be booted!! Frankie is a fame whore who needs to STFU!!! Caleb is too blinded by loyalty and Amber to realize he’s BITCH-MODE COWBOY! Derrick (love or hate him) has played the game. He’s ran EVERYTHING since week 3! TEAM DERRICK!! TEAM HITMEN!!!

Roisen Dubh

Wow, you’re really gonna blow a head gasket when Donny wins AFP. Devin’s the reason why Donny was isolated, and when Derrick knew he was on to him, he damn well made sure he stayed isolated. The missions Donny turned down actually helped those two turds, he knew it would damage their game and he would be scapegoated. If TA would have worked as an alliance, they would’ve steamrolled that house. Derrick and Frankie did him dirty on many occasions, especially the last time. I wished Donny would’ve said screw you and your play, but I’m glad he didn’t because everybody finally saw the real Frankie after that debacle.

It's a SOCIAL GAME...not Donny's Game

i’m sure Donny will win AF because of SAPS like you who don’t understand how to play BB will vote for him! Donny isolated himself and even said he made it a point to play a solo game…so what did he (or any of you) expect from the others in the house! But then claims…”I didn’t do nothing!” You’re right Donny you did NOTHING!! so enjoy the Jury house! and ppl who say he was “bullied” have NEVER been bullied! Just because someone isn’t talking to you or hanging off your every word does not equal bullying! But that’s what Donny gets for playing “Donny Thompson’s Game”…and $!TTIEST game in BB history.

Roisen Dubh

Calm down baby dick. I can tell just by the mention of Donny’s name your O-Ring gets stretched to the max. Jesus, the guy’s out of the house and you still rant like a bum on a bus bench. I can’t imagine how you are when you don’t get your way.


I agree. I love donny as a person, but the guy is out of the game, and everyone hating on whoever had to do with his eviction STILL its time to move on..Only one person can win, so eventually Donny would have been evicted, because his game wasn’t solid. Unfortunately he was catching onto Derricks game..ANYONE playing the game would have had to evict him too if he was catching on to you, its part of big brother! I do hope he wins AF, but as a game player he could have done a lot more!!

Kathie from Canada

When Frankie said Derrick would win AF, even when he added over Donnie, isn’t he implying Derrick would place third? Was that his intended message? First and second place aren’t eligible for AF. Wonder if Derrick picked up on the comment? I found it an odd thing to say.


If Derrick makes it to BB All-Stars, I wonder what character he will play. He won’t be able to do “the meek shall inherit the earth” manipulator type and everyone will know he’s an undercover cop.

So so

Derrick would be playing Eddie Haskel and he would get evicted in the 2nd round. He is actually pretty transparent to most people over age 30.


Which is why we are annoyed that the HGs are so easily manipulated by him


Why does everyone think he is a undercover cop? He was such a big undercover cop why is on Big Brother?
Maybe he only has purchased some “weed” from some kid. He doesn’t seem all that to me.


Read Derricks bio on CBS big brother website. It clearly states he was an undercover cop.


I would love it if Julie announced at the finale “a big brother first! A tie for AFP”. Frankie sitting there thinking “Oh well I got it but it sucks to share it with Donny”. The winners are Donny and Zach! The look on his face! It would be great.

So so

I like that scenario an awful lot!! Donny and Zach being tied for AF and both of them winning 25K each while Frankie gets a rock.


Now THAT would be amazing!


Just playing Devil’s Advocate for a moment. If I understand the rewind correctly, this entire week from Sept 4 ( after Crusty’s eviction) until Sept 10 will be eliminated and a do over takes place. Does that mean Jeff and Jordan’s engagement will be wiped out???????????? I still feel the TA mission should not count but sure BB will ignore that little item.


I like players that win competitions (period) Victoria and Cody can go!


Forget Frankie! I can’t believe Zach has fans-just don’t get it. Thought he was kind of a jerk and definitely more of a fame whore than Frankie. Average looks, no charisma.


Sum1’s jelly!


I didn’t care for Zach at first, now I think he’s adorable. I’m with the other poster: You sound like Frankie. Jealous as hell. Haha


Yeah, I’m “jelly” of Zach and his sideways turned pink hat. He’s just like Dr Will without the looks, smarts, or charisma. He’s mildly amusing when his medication cocktail is just right though. lol.


Thank you, I couldnt stand Zach- He only cared about AF too, and becuase of that tried SO hard in the house, i cant believe people didnt see that. He was trying to be Will, even will posted a picture of him on his twitter saying imitation in the most sincire form of flattery- he tried to be funny, and tried to be mean and TRIED to stir up drama. I guess good for him for trying but to me just seemed way too exhausting to be him and trying so hard

Over it

It seems like there isn’t a great deal of excitement left to happen in the house. We are missing the good versus evil element. It is more Derrick against the dumbsters and we all know how that will end..


Frankie is so full of it.. Doesn’t he realize that even more horrid cr*p has come out of his mouth. What am I saying? Of course not he is delusional about his appeal. He thinks he has some when in fact he has whatever the opposite of appeal is. Repulsion? I would love another overwhelmingly NO apple pie moment for AFP.
Zach and/or Donny for the win.


Holla u fruit loop dingus.

Countdown untill Frankie gets screwed over


I wish you were correct...

Unfortunately it appears as though he already knows.
As soon as he saw the picture wall change to the object,
he said: “oh my God, is that the Reset Button?” (how would he know the actual name for it?)
and went on to also say: “don’t push it, don’t push, I’ll kill you if you push it.”
But, IMMEDIATELY AFTER he won the HOH, he wanted the button pushed right now, right then!
I smell something fishy, and it ain’t what Frankie is cooking for dinner…


I also noticed that he has let slip early on about the reset button and a replay. I think he’s been revamping his comments since, trying to cover-up. He’s not a very good actor and this show’s producers are totally arrogant and think the viewers are going to believe Frankie is not being given special favors. Frankie and Derrick are their favorites – it would be okay to see the final three be Calib, Cody and Victoria. I wouldn’t care which one won. Let it be Calib with all his beastyness, Victoria with her hair/body care, or Cody with his hummmmmmmmm

Phoenix W

OBJECTION! The button is not called the “reset” button. There HAS been a button in the past called the reset button. (Just google “Big Brother Reset Button”) and you’ll see it.

This is a rewind button. Frankie is innocent in this matter.


So alright, but isn’t this exactly what is going to happen? The play will be RESET to last Thursday after the eviction.

Phoenix W

My point was that there has been a reset button in the past. At first glance Frankie thought it could be that button but then upon further inspection… The button is different. A different color and it doesn’t say “RESET” on it like the one did in the past.

And I am in NO way a fan of Frankie.


“Cody says America gets to think what they want. I just know that her and I never did anything controversial that people would boo her over.”

At first I wasn’t so annoyed with Christine and Cody always cuddling. I get that some people have different ways of life and different takes on things, and I’ve seen people who weren’t attracted to each other act like they do, or even if they were attracted to each other, had pretty much open/free relationships where neither party would mind, and I would never judge for that. But I’ve read the tweets on how Tim felt, and he wasn’t okay with that. Which means Christine should know that he wouldn’t be okay with that. Although I don’t think that people should have been harassing Tim on social media about how to handle it, he was wrong when he said it’s not america’s problem(in a sense). No we shouldn’t be telling him how to handle it, but once you sign up for something like Big Brother all of your privacy stays at the door. That’s the entire point of the show. You see everyone’s true characters and relationships develop at an accelerated rate because they have to. Yes, it’s a game, but millions of people (i think, but maybe not after this season lol) watch the show and what do you expect but millions of opinions. If you don’t want people to be judging you during and after your Big Brother life, don’t go on the show!

Since I wasn’t in the audience, I’m not sure if it was majorly the Cody thing that got Christine booed (we all know she actually could just be really mean), but if it was, then they need to boo Cody just as much though, because too often the women are punished more than the men. And even though Cody was the unmarried one, he should’ve put his little ego aside that his pretty face gave him and told her to chill out!

And to Frankie about why Zach didn’t get booed, well yes he was a little unpredictable and could be mean (but he was never really taken seriously, especially with those ridiculous speeches-brittany, amber, and nicole ignored him) , he was still loyal and didn’t pretend to be better than he was, unlike hmmm the 5 houseguests left in the house do. so yeah, when YOU personally nominated and let the most loyal person in the house to you be evicted, nobody booed because we all recognized how dumb of a move that was. good luck making it past this week if you don’t win the hoh rewind on wednesday! (no clue why i’m writing this like he’ll read it) and omg this post was so long! i guess that’s what this show does.


Too long of a comment. It was like listening to Derrick on the feeds.

hopefully survivor isn't this disappointing.

I don’t think anyone can say enough how much this season sucks. Yeah out of all the people left I’m thinking Caleb and Derrick should be in the final 2 (Caleb for his loyalty and Derrick for managing to go undetected as the puppet master) but that’s not really saying much as none of them really deserve it and they’ve all had their moments of detestable behavior. Nobody was really loyal, It all happened to be luck (think back when they were considering getting rid of Caleb, and all the thousands of times they wanted to get rid of Frankie but wussed out, voting Zach out because he was a little crazy but like, hellloooo that means he wouldn’t win at the end), thanks to the BOB comps…and also Frankie questionably winning pov all those times. Cody has made no big moves and even though he’s won a couple more comps than Victoria he’s really just a notch above her on the floater pole. and Victoria has been immature and personal for no reason, and who knows maybe staying under the radar (way under the radar) was part of her strategy but lets be real, she just couldn’t win on her own for sh**. Frankie in my opinion should have gotten ejected based on the rape comment he made a while back but i suppose that’s not in the rule book. and they’re all sheeple for seeing donny as a threat because he was likable and not derrick. seriously?? nobody puts two and two together and thinks, hmmm derrick has never been nominated, I WONDER WHY…it’s because he has you all in his pocket gosh darnit! do they not know big brother is just as much of a social game as it is a physical?? i’d love to see derrick on another season to see if our suspicions were correct and this cast was just too slow to catch on or if his undercover training(or natural “gift” of manipulation) is what got him by. “Oh yeah you guys should keep me, I won already, soo, nobody’s gonna vote for me again.” i’m hoping i didn’t waste my time this summer watching a show get handed to someone i predicted to win weeks ago, but then again he’s the only one that kind of should win.


I was also hopeful that Survivor Blood v. Water wouldn’t suck, until I saw the cast list yesterday. Why, oh why CBS, can’t you STOP with the recasting of contestants from other shows? The annoying twins from Amazing Race will be part of the Survivor cast. Well, there’s one less show I’ll need to record in the fall.


I disagree with that. “its shows peoples true character ect ect” Like hell it does. I don’t lie on a daily basis and I am not around people who constantly irritate me and on no occasion do I ever have to eat slop for a week or longer. SO, no it doesn’t show peoples true colours. People handle pressure differently and putting all of those things in to perspective, MAN I would be an axe murderer when I left that house, of course with the 500k lols.


So funny reading your Victoria/Mossad agent comment. I had a fantasy as follows:
Maybe biggest twist of the season is that Victoria is not the cardboard cut-out that she’s portrayed herself as and it was all a masterful act, worthy of Frankie’s admiration. Final two she stands up, rips off her extensions and her make-up mask, and in a commanding and authoritative voice, she announces: “I’m the fakest of them all. I’m former Mossad. I played up to every one of you and your pathetic egos. First day I knew who was going to the end and stuck to Derrick like a leach. I stroked him and let him treat me like an imbecile, watched him manipulate every HOH and POV, and encouraged him to believe he was a bigger and better player than his hero Dan. He had you all do his dirty work and I had him to do it for me. I skated through the season without breaking a sweat. I own Derrick. You’re all disgusting.”


What annoys me the most about Victoria is the way that she constantly rolls her head when she speaks in the diary room.


Victoria’s diary sessions are coached to be dramatic. What she doesn’t know is she comes off more of a caricature than a witty game player. The same can be said of Caleb’s DR sessions.


I have entertained the thought that there is more to Victoria for a while now….But If she was going to turn into A Comp Beast…she would have done it this POV…Unless she is being fead info in DR…and we all know they do fead info.


I’ll tell you what though after seeing the clips of Jeff & Jordan after last nights episode reminded me how much i miss season 11. It was such a terrific season with a terrific cast and it had great drama throughout the whole summer, i’m so sad that this show isn’t anywhere as good as it used to be.

Also Grodner did produce seasons 10 & 11 so there is still potential that she can make a great season, but i don’t know what the fuck she’s thinking anymore, she definitely lost her passion with caring about the fans that’s for damn sure.


I hate Frankie. Him criticizing Zach like that is fucking bullshit. Frankie blames Zach for everything and yet says he has been a true friend to Zach. Can’t wait for Zach to go home and watch all the episodes and live feeds to see how Frankie really treated him. Zach can defo get his own VH1 show if he gets a good agent to promote him in the future. Go Zach Attack!!!


Frankie is jealous of Zach and anyone he deems as popular. Grow up dude. I don’t know why he would come of Big Brother for the level of fame he thinks he has in his mind. Shows how delusional and narcissistic he is. And he’s also entitled and must think everyone is as shallow as him if he thinks the most of the adult audience really cares who his sister is. It would be different if he was handed the opportunity and he took it for the love or like of the game and not to be seen or validated somehow.

As for Christine, her hateful negative attitude probably didn’t help the reception she got. She was like a dark cloud. So it’s probably not just the Cody thing it’s a combo of all of it. Even though I suspect it’s a lot it because she acted like she clearly didn’t give a damn and wanted to get the other women out of the house so she could have her turn w/o waiting in line.She said she didn’t care what people thought of her so there you have it. You get what you put out there and she put out a lot of blatant hate and jealousy. Everyone doesn’t go in that game going crazy or losing all sense of reality or boundaries. And it probably didn’t help that they showed her cheating in the competition with Donny in the dark. That came off very mean-spirited in the edit considering there was a dynamic of ostracizing people which Derrick is full well a leader in. But he has been lucky to hide behind more flamboyant train wrecks like Frankie and having a very immature shallow cast for their for their ages. Alot of 20 somethings are normal and responsible trying to forge out a normal life and are independent in their thinking and not like these people in the house who are worried about followers or letting someone manipulate you using manipulation 101 tactics. Their is intelligence and then there’s wisdom and most of them lacked that. What’s interesting is that you always have to teach or show some people what boundaries are in everything. There are other bad character flaws other than saying something blatantly racist. Christine didn’t say anything racist but being blatantly racist is a form of hate against a person and really yourself. And there was some hateful things that went on in there without it being said but it was implied. The Brigrade was a boys club but it was just a different vibe to this demented boys club.

So I know people hope Frankie go out next. But personally I don’t care. I don’t respect any of the good ole boys club left in there for various reasons including Derrick. If Derrick met the same fate as Amanda last year I wouldn’t be disappointed or care. I’m just watching to see how it all ends not that I’m a fan of any of these people left. I’ve hated the social aspects of the game the last two seasons mainly because of the classless people in them. These people were all in bed with each other (sometimes literally). And Derrick can act like he didn’t like Christine but he did and said she was a peach. I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling just because he now knows the audience wasn’t too kind too her. And as for his great game it’s all relevant. Throw him in a cast with normal functioning adults and see what happens. That’s one reason why he couldn’t stand Donny and speak to him man to man.


Derrick plays to what ever he thinks the prevailing sentiment is with the viewing audience. For someone who thinks he’s so cunning, I’m surprised he doesn’t realize how transparent his behavior is. I guess he imagines the viewers are all Calebs/Codys/Victorias.


Hey Dawg and Simon, that still pic of Derrick scrunching his nose is the most honest picture of him that I have seen yet: some things you just can’t hide. Thanks for the laugh!


Although I think Team america is a stupid idea, I was thinking there were so many more exciting ways they could have done it. Instead of working as a team they should have given 2 people in the house conflicting missions and allow only one person to win the money at a time. For example: One person mission is to try to keep the houseguests up all night, while the other person has to convince them to go to bed. The most people to either stay up or sleep wins. This would have created conflict and rivalry’s in the house and I think would have been much more exciting. Especially if the people didn’t know there were other people doing missions, it would be chaos!


WOOOOOOW…..did you come up with that idea all by yourself?……… lol

My hope for Zach after BB16

I hope he gets over whatever his bond/connection/infatuation is with that Grande Scumdog and he moves on to have a good life, which he won’t have if he remains in Frankie’s orbit.

Zach for AFP

I really hope Zach wins AFP, Donny already made some money and Nicole was whining the whole time specially when she came back and didn’t win/do sh*t!
Lets vote Zach! He is a genuinely nice guy


I love Zach and Frankie should just shut up it’s him that has said a lot horrible and controversial stuff and Zach is not a lunatic it’s you Frankie that’s the lunatic.

Cody's Vijayjay

If Frankie wants to give his money away so badly then why build schools in Africa? We have plenty of children living in poverty in this country who could benefit from help for a good education. And Caleb’s comment about “happier than a tornado in a trailer park” Good going you ignorant jackass since a local area was devastated by a twisted last year in which people died.


I’m not really sure how much a dance school would benefit children living in poverty in Africa or America
Maybe a hot meal would be more beneficial?


But Frankie could raise millions of dollars with an all “Impoverished Black African children” version of A Chorus Line……. ‘Dance: Ten; Looks: Three’


Unfortunately, what Caleb said about the tornado is a popular statement in the South (and yes we have a ton of tornados and know the devastation they can cause). It’s not a statement that is meant to cause harm or to upset anyone, it’s just to prove a point.


I love how “Team America” excuses their eviction of Amber by saying it would be sexist to not consider her a physical threat! You’re in an “all-guy alliance”. It’s bullcrap if they get $5000 for that. Clearly they were supposed to evict a guy for that challenge.

codys manhood

Frankie is a delusional imbecile who is in for a rude rude awakening.


So once again the house guest go to bed around 4:30, meaning that TA only had to keep everyone awake for 90 minutes in order to win $5000. The mission sucked; this season sucks. There is no TA without Donny!

Zach Attack

Zach for AFP. Here’s why:
-most entertaining
-showed Donny compassion
-helped TA win stupid missions without compensation
-TA missions hurt his game
-Donny will guest star on Bold & Beautiful, he’s getting paid
-Donny won TA money
-Frankie would be LIVID if Zach won


Team Zach, all day, every day.

I just ordered Gator shirt and pink hat and will be wearing ’em in my support.

I even signed on to CBS so I can vote for him for AFP because quite frankly he is the best!


Hi Zach’s Mom. I hope you’re not too upset when our homeboy Donny wins AFP.


Right back at ya, Frankie’s insignificant other. I see you have an impeccable taste. Do you also have a gaping hole?

Frankie's blue shorts

Help! I’m trapped in a middle aged man’s arse!

How gross are Frankie's blue shorts?

BB is so strict on what the houseguests wear, how could they let him wear those awful, skin tight, got them from a third grade girl, blue shorts


He dresses like Pinnochio.


I highly dislike Frankie but it will be some miracle if he’s still in the house next week and he knows it all comes down to next week’s veto after the reset if he doesn’t win HOH or veto he’s gone!


Zach Attack wish I could give you a million thumbs up. Your reason’s are mine for Zach AFP. I love Donny too but he did not entertain me as much and he has been rewarded. Plus I think the message of just how well liked he was will get to Donny even without the AFP win so I don’t consider a vote for Zach as a vote against Donny.
The apple pie in the face for Frankie if Zach wins will be priceless.


I couldn’t agree more. If I remember correctly they have the top 3 candidates stand up for AF at the finale. I can just picture the look on Frankie’s face when Donny and Zach are standing there. I know so many people are voting for Donny so I’m going to vote for Zach. For the exact reasons listed. Love Donny but he already won a lot of money AND he’ll get more with his guest appearances.

Cody's Vijayjay

Food for thought: Wed. night sees the vote split among the two HG who are votin forcing Frankie to break the tie thereby putting a big target on his back. At that moment the game is reset and he realizes he just showed his hand. Bet that will take the starch outta his blue shorts. Speaking of which does he ever take them off to wash them?

BB-have season 17 be All Stars...

Please have All Stars next year. You really are picking some idiots the last couple of years. We want to see our old favorites battle it out, without all the unfair twists. I would be so pissed if I gave up my entire life for 3 months to find out that you gave those idiots money for evicting me prematurely. Not only that, I want to see Derrick and or Frankie play with the big boys. See if their strategy will work on smart players…I don’t think so.


I don’t know if you were paying attention Season 13, but Vets had TOO MANY advatages, mostly manipulated by production, especially Rachel. I think All-Stars 2 would be just as bad, or worst, because depending on what HGs are brought back and how popular they are, production would be working overtime making sure the “favorites” get twists, and comps catered to them. One thing we don’t want is a All-Star season or a season where one or more of the HGs is a relative of a star or past HGs.

Knowing how Production is, All-Statrs 2 will be infested with Jeff/Jordan, Rachel/Brendon, Frankie, Amanda/McCrea, Dan, just to name a few… AG might blow a gasket protecting all of them.

How about All-Stars 2 be past HGs that wern’t popular(whether good or bad)? At least the playing feild will be leveled.

Mister E

I think a good season would be if they brought back some of the early evicted houseguests. Like say Amber from this season, I believe if it wasn’t for Caleb messing up her game that she could have went far. Donny on a different season might have been great. There are a lot of players that got voted out early n their season that did not even get a chance to play the game (Like Joey from this season). These type of contestants would be more hungry to go farther in the game, and would be less likely to make the same mistakes. So instead of a All-Stars season, how bout a Second Chance season. It couldn’t be any worse than the last 2 seasons.

Roisen Dubh

With all do respect, 13 was a set-up for Jeff and Jordan. How was pairing Jordan with Rachel at the end a set-up for Rachel to win? Jordan couldn’t win crap and she was especially useless after Jeff got booted. If you remember, Rachel flipped the house on E-day, when production was worried about the live show and couldn’t work their magic on the HGs. The only reason she got all that love after her season ended was because CBS knew she put one over them and gave her props for it. Danielle got booted, Shelly got outed and her brain went to Arkham Asylum after that, Kalia and Porsche grew a set, J&J were scrambling and Adam was sitting in the corner thinking about deep-fried chocolate covered bacon and rice pilaf. When people say that season was rigged for Rachel, you better let go of the hate and see it clearly. Jordan was supposed to be the first 2 time winner.


I know ORIGINALLY it was set up for Jordan, but when Shelly had the HGs rallied to vote Rachel out the week “3 HGs got a chance to come back”, she got called in the DR and they convinced her to flip the house to save Rachel, and vote the pawn Lowan out. Then after Jeff botched the ball comp, they brought in Production’s Box to save Rachel,, AGAIN, because she was about to be put up with Jordan and voted out…

And that comp that Jordan let slip, that POV was set up for them to win…. That’s 3 Saves for Rachel…

When it was clear that Jordan wasn;t winnig shit, that Production Magic then shifted to Rachel..

I’m not mad at all abot her winning, I was rooting for her over Adam and Porche, I was happy she won, but that don’t change the fact that she wouldn’t have lasted that long without help from Production..

Roisen Dubh

As much as I despise Frankie, he would get farther than Derrick in an all star season. Derrick’s playing a good game, but it has been deeply flawed and he’s left himself wide open on many occasions and let’s face it, he’s a one trick pony. He got lucky because the other hg’s are just dense or just don’t care. Same could be said about Frankie, but he a comp beast.

Loaded Diaper

I disagree. They would like Derrick better because hes calm and rational. Frankie is too bouncy and childish. He would always be touching everyone and people don’t like that. He would be out on his ass first chance they got.

Mister E

To add to your comment…. Frankie has proven himself in competitions and Derrick has not. They would want to get rid of the competition threat the first chance they got and would think they could just get rid of Derrick anytime they wanted to. That is one reason Derrick is still in the house, he does not seem like a competition threat so they do not worry about him winning.

Hey girls...

If you sign up for Big Brother in the future, learn from the past…do not pass up an opportunity to form an all girl alliance. It would have been fun to see them battle it out, boys against the girls. They are always stupid and fall for the guys decision to vote out all of the girls. Then they stay and do the dirty work only to get voted out, didn’t you watch Brittany’s season?

Roisen Dubh

If the girls would’ve stuck together this season, they would’ve ruled the roost. Joey has been laughing her ass off all summer long.


imo, Christines biggest mistake wasn’t allowing herself to be joined to the BombSquad, it was in not making a different alliance her main squeeze. She never once told her socalled alliance with Nicole about the BS, even after Zach told both Vic and Nicole all about it, she still denied to reply about it.

There was no way getting added to an already set up team of all guys was ever going to be about anything more than potentially athletic enough to win a comp, votes, and potential spy on the female HGs to see if they are aligning or planning or plotting.

She should be ashamed of calling herself a 24/7 BB fan, imo, she failed miserably to use it to her full advantage.


Anyone notice how all the comps Frankie wins are catered to him? He hasn’t won a difficult comp yet, he won them almost effortlessly, almost like he had practice….. Comp Beast my ass, thanks for the show, but like Season 13, we see through you’re BS, production…

CBS/Ariana Grande joint venture must be VERY lucrative… They’re pulling out all the stops to make sure Frankie wins. I don’t blame them, It’s all about the MONEY…

Frankies Skankie Shorts

Frankie did you shart?


I don’t know… Derrick has played a good game for this Season. This Season has been filled with paranoid people afraid to make a big move. It had a huge Alliance that would say that it is what the House wanted. A big move this Season is taking a nap, most of them are playing McCrays game zzzzzz.
Derrick has managed to avoid the block into the final five. Mostly due to everybody thinking he is with them. In any other Season Derrick might have never made the jury House. As a no harm no foul eviction.
Frankie if the do another All Star Season would go back in the house as an infamous player more than a great player. He would probably be in the first set of evictions because of the fear of how his Sisters fan would effect an Americas vote. Of course on the flip side the Season Dan G came back I was thinking Danielle is sweet and all but they should have evicted her so they would get Dan out of the House before the Coaches joined the game and had an actual vote. So who knows.

I am surprised that the House Guests can not figure out why Christine was booed and possibly why they might be booed.
1) They alienated Donny and talked major crap about him…. the UNAMINOUSLY NO PIE… should have been a clue. Donny was for all purposes bullied in that house.

2) She was inappropriate with a male in the house and she is married. I know quite a few people that hated that.

3) The manor in which she was disloyal to Nicole her best friend in the house.

4) the constant crap talk.. 24/7… all of them have done it… (perhaps not Derrick. I think he did more game talk than crap talk… but definitely Cody and Frankie did and still do major Crap Talk.). After last Season I don’t think people are going to be as lenient with the crap talk.

The thing I do not want more than anything is for Frankie to haunt us like Brenchal… NO AMAZING RACE, NO SURVIVOR not even as the rival teacher for Dance Moms. I do not want to ever see him again after this… no reality shows called “Grande Life” about him and his family… ugh dear god NO GRANDE reality show. Frankie just fall back into anonymity and never want to see him again.

Roisen Dubh

E! , Oxygen or Logo is gonna give Frankie a reality show, he’s too much of a lightning rod. I can see that one coming ten miles out.

Roisen Dubh

If the pencil neck D-Bag AKA The Situation got a reality show, you really think Frankie won’t get one? Come on guys, it’s a no-brainer.


Maybe Logo since it’s a CBS property. E! and Oxygen are part of the NBC brand. But let’s not talk that nightmare into existence. Hopefully he’ll go back to pounding the YouTube pavement for notoriety. I hear that’s where media moguls hang out anyway.


Frankie is now a Brand!!! You’re going to be seeing him everywhere!!! Get used to it!!! Frankie for the win!

How cute are Jeff & Jordan...

Congrats to Jeff and Jordan! They are so darn cute together…I loved that season…what happened to our favorite summer show….?


That guy is incredibly classically effortlessly handsome. It’s crazy he isn’t really in some kind of entertainment business outside of BB. re: the engagement i always thought in past years the reason they didn’t get engaged wasn’t because of him, it was her not wanting to do it. i guess that changed.

Dear Allison, or her replacement...

Take the time from the end of September to next July to come up with some new ideas, competitions, have them battle for have nots. If this season taught us anything it is that it is so damn predictable that the houseguests knew every move, every comp, every double evict, etc…need some new material or some new blood running things…


Hire Simon and Dawg.

I love that they were embarrassed...

about the condition of that house, smelly and horribly disgusting. They act like tiny children whose parents went on a 3 month vacation. They should make sure they keep it clean in the future. It gives me a migraine to look at how slobby they are. Make it have nots or house cleaners. Incorporate neatness into the comps. Something new, please!


Reading a lot of these comments they sound like they are from a bunch of hateful bullying children. WTF is wrong with everyone. Most of you act like someone on this show made a personal attack on you. Chill the fuck out already. SO much hate. I hope most of you don’t have kids.

Hey Ducky...

it’s huntin’ season…go read something else if you don’t like these comments.

Ducky, read your post again...

now, who has issues? You low class moron.


Straighten up, everyone. Ducky wants us to behave.

Hey Ducky, you're funny!

In your 10:49 post, you rant about hate…read your post, it couldn’t be more hateful. Go take a yoga class.

Frankie Forever

Boys will be boys. If you put a mic in any frat house, you’d think the BB hGs were angels, Aayrn included. Y’all got to be real. If any of your employers read what u post online (or look at) you’d all be out of jobs. That’s the truth Ruth. Love em or hate em, Frankie is a force to be reckoned with. He is the Mogul.


I have a tough time taking anyone who says “That’s the truth Ruth” seriously.


Except it’s not a frat house and most of the HG are well past the age that they would even be living in a frat house.

You can tell...

that Victoria, Cody and Caleb are being coached heavily in the DR. All they say normally is, “crushed it, dude”. Then they go into the Diary Room and say something that makes sense or is funny. That isn’t how they talk or react. Fake.


Watching the show last night, it annoyed me that they couldn’t even push the reset button without doing it “as a house”. What a bunch of numbnuts…every last one of them.
HOW is it possible that I am rooting for Caleb or Victoria to win? I don’t like either one of them….I just despise them the least.
How pathetic. This show used to be required viewing my household…we subscribed to Showtime specifically to get BBAD.
I don’t know what’s happened, but other than this website, I’m not interested in anything BB related anymore.
I wonder if the powers that be at CBS, come here and read the comments?