Caleb – “I don’t put glitter & sparkles on my face and act like some sparkly fairy. Some say I’m too man!”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

12:25pm – 1:30pm Caleb joins Derrick in the kitchen. Caleb says he’s got a headache for days! Caleb says tomorrow’s the big day! Caleb asks if Derrick had a DR already? Derrick says yes. Caleb says I know who didn’t. (Him) Derrick says tomorrow’s Tuesday. Caleb says oh yeah I forgot. Derrick and Caleb head into the living room to sit. Derrick comments on how the centre post in the yard is gone. It could just be taken down for maintenance though. Caleb asks Caleb if he wants to play a game of pool. Derrick says I want to because I’m bored as sh*t but can’t because I’m supposed to let my cut finger air out. Caleb and Derrick head outside to sit on the backyard couch. Caleb says ain’t got much more time now. I’m ready for it to be over so I can go back to my normal life. I just know that one of my friends is going to win. One of the two friends I’ve worked hard to get here wins I’d be happy. As soon as I get out I am going to try and get on Survivor. Derrick and Caleb talk about meeting up after the season ends. Caleb says I don’t dress up for Halloween. I dressed up as a cowboy before. I was a bull rider but I don’t put glitter and sparkles on my face and act like some sparkly fairy. I don’t stuff like that. Some say I’m too man. I’m too manly for that! I feel weird. I get weird out by it all. I think of the downfalls like the negative side of it. Like someone come up to you with a hockey mask and smoke you with a beer bottle or something like that. I would rather not be around all that. I go as me. Caleb says I don’t think I’ve been portrayed as anything bad. Derrick says you just never know. Caleb says that he is a strong believer in god putting me in this position for a reason and it wasn’t to ruin my life. I haven’t bashed anyone. I think the world thinks I’m a funny country boy. I don’t think even Christine bashed me. Nothing this huge has ever happened for me or my family. They head inside.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed FREE TRIAL – Use the FLASHBACK feature to watch everything you’ve missed!

2pm – 2:40pm Caleb, Frankie and Derrick are sitting on the backyard couches. Caleb’s catching flies. Cody wake and joins them and gets ready to run. Frankie says that he’ll join him running. Frankie goes up stairs to get ready and Cody gets annFoyed having to wait. They chat about random things and some of their pet peeves. Frankie comes out and he and Cody start running laps. Caleb comments on how Frankie looks goofy running. Caleb then imitated how Frankie runs. Frankie says he runs like a T-1000.

2:45pm – 3pm Cody strips down to his boxers briefs and gets into the pool. Derrick comments on how those are the boxers for getting in the pool. Frankie joins Cody in the pool. Derrick and Caleb start talking about bike helmets. Derrick says his friend got the predator helmet. Caleb says he wants the gladiator helmet. Derrick says he had a mow-hawk helmet.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-08 14-43-39-985

BB16 2014-09-08 15-14-43-889

3:08pm Derrick and Caleb Kitchen
Derrick comes back from the Diary Room where he was asking about his cut finger. He hasn’t seen a Doctor or paramedic yet and he wants to. The Diary room told him “they” said for him to put a bandaid on.
Derrick – Who.. Whos they.. who said put a bandaid on it (See image)
Derrick is fine with cleaning it out putting a bandaid on it with some neosporin but he’s worried about the dirtiness of the house.
Derrick – If it’s got something in it with this house being the way it is.. Staph infection in this f***g house..
Derrick – if there’s a big comp this week will it make the difference no no..
Derrick – If a Doctor says it’s good to go Sweet lets do it.

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Could someone plz explain the rules around the rooms? For example, they never use the beehive room.

Also, is there some BB rule that they have to share a bed or sleep in the same room?




WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! The World Trade Center was a horrible thing that happened to this nation, and I had friends that died in the towers and that you would reference it in anything that has to do with something as despicable as Frankie is just WRONG. The collapse was a horrific tragedy and not something that you make fun of or use as a joke EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankie Grande is a WITCH

Don’t feed the troll! Obviously this person is either really a retarded Frankie supporter (which shows which kind if demographic Frankie actually appeals to) or they are just an unfunny nasty troll that is just trying to get a cheap laugh. THUMBS DOWN TO “:)” !! Frankie fans are the worst.

How Dare You

Thumbs Up if you think 🙂 is an idiot!


Wow, that was in really bad taste – you have a very short memory.


LeT me guess U R aLL fanS if the AUTISTIC D0ST0EVSKY aka D0NNY… LMB0! GeT OveR URseLfs ~*THumBS D0WN iF u LuV Ari GranDe!*~ L0L! #H8Ts #FRANKiE is G0D!


Simon or Dawg: Can you please moderate this person’s comments? We all know it’s just some sort of sick “joke” to get us all upset. However comparing 9/11 with B.B., especially with the anniversary coming up soon, is so disturbing. Please don’t let some ignorant “troll” ruin this wonderful site. There are too many of us who lost loved ones on 9/11. PLEASE don’t let this person make a joke out of such a national tragedy.


You’re a special kind of stupid.

Pinnocchio Obama

Congrats to Jeff and Jordan. They are the cutest couple ever.

i hope pushing the reset blows up Frankie’s game.


JeFF shud 0f pr0posed to FRanKiE becUz JeFF & FRanKi3 make a WAY CUTER C0UPLE! J0RDAN SUX! L0L! ~*THumBS D0WN iF u AGREE!*~


All these houseguests worry about is how people feel about them after the show! Geez just hand the money to sneaky Derek
.so boring.


Cody is the most paranoid about his exit for BB with good reason. He probably will get booed. It was interesting when Frankie asked him if he had s-x with Christine. His voice got quiet, his head lowered as he quietly said no. Cody has shown time after time on the show, he has lied about his relationship with Christine. He said they were not holding hands when they were teasing him about handholding. It was like – who were they going to believe him or their lying eyes. When Cody was in the DR, he commented on the other HG’s comments on their behavior could get out to the public. That tidbit of wisdom (LOL) was priceless. We have been watching their touchy, feely, disgusting display between The Cackler (married woman) and Codypendent (womanizer with no remorse until he gets caught) all season. Who did he think was watching BB all summer? He is a LIAR who deserves to be booed as well as the public’s disdain when he leaves the house.


If they had sex, wouldn’t ppl on live feeds have caught it? I don’t watch the live feeds. Has there every been questionable moments on the live feeds where it looked like they could be having sex? Ex. cuddling up next to one another underneath covers.


Oh Jesus Christ Cody didn’t have sex with Christine….The whole house is full of cameras there is no place they could go to have sex that it wouldn’t have gotten caught….Jesus some of you conspiracy theory nuts need to get a life

Roisen Dubh

He could’ve bopped her on the toilet.

Conspiracy Theory

I agree with you, Deadpool, doesn’t everyone think Production would have shown if there was anything (other than holding hands that is) going on between the two, if for no other reason than to have something, anything of interest to cover?
Frankly, the camera folks are a bit pervy, they have no problem following anything of a remotely sexual nature and have in the past shown full on “relations” between certain HGs.


I want Donnie to win Americs Favorite.I like Zack but you know he is rooting for Frankie to win.

Just Me

I can’t wait to see how everything plays out tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Victoria FINALLY won a competition and she was the one to send Frankie out of the house to a crowd of booing people. The season may be partially redeemed for me if that happens.


If Victoria was to win HOH would be the win of the season for sure. She seems like a very nice person but apparently she has been sheltered and has no street smarts at all. It would be worth watching if she did win and sent Frankie home. That would be the best unexpected event to date, however I don’t think she should win as she really hasn’t been in the game so to speak. She has just been there, like a lamp. When they want something from her they turn on the switch, other than that she is just there. Sad but true. Derrick has played the game and has earned a vote from the jury for playing a great game.


Like a lamp! TOO FUNNY! I was watching last night and actually said out loud, “stop eating and staring and go talk to ANYONE!”


If Victoria were to win HOH (my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for that one), don’t you think that Derrick will get in her ear and make sure she puts up Frankie? I think Derrick feels it is time to strike.

Lamp in the corner

Please don’t compare me to Victoria.

Unlike her my game has been to steal the light bulbs that go off in people’s head so I can always be the bright one.
I let Donny keep his because he’s Beast Mode Groundskeeper but the rest I stole.
Most of them I couldn’t use because they weren’t very bright but it is fun to steal them though.
I feel bad Zach got blamed for stealing things though….it was really me out of boredom.


Lol Vic is not gonna win a comp. we must be watching different shows bc as far as I’m concerned Vic is a nasty, self absorbed, ignorant little girl. And eats like a pig born in a barn while wearing a vacant soulless expression.


I cant agree with you more. I try to find goodness in everyone and she has displayed nothing.
PLUS, she is on TV and knows that. Can you imagine what she is like when she is in society? Ugh


a comp that is true false higher or lower before or after for Victoria please then she could say I shocked the world you bitches when she won then wins the veto also and says total domination bitches


I do agree Derrick has played the best mental game of manipulation. He will win if up against Victoria. And perhaps Frankie if the Jury is bitter and blind. However up with Cody and Caleb I’m not sure 100% he will win.
I will say it again if his argument to the jury is mental they may laugh, what? Cause we know how dum dum they are. Lol they way he did it was he made them come to the conclusion themselves. He has not won much. This is where Donny may be of help to Derrick with the jury because he told them Derrrick was the head. Remember they did not believe it then and IMO they will not believe it in Jury.


The Jury Members may beleive Donny now…they are away from the paranoia and backstabbing of the BB House and if they need hard proof of the truth, everyone (minus Cody) Donny spoke to is now in Jury with him,


I wanted her to win this HOH or at least the POV so bad, but clearly the comps were designed in a way to make sure she can’t. but yes, all it takes is her putting up a couple of people, but we know if she puts him up, he will still win POV, and if he isn’t put up, chances are he will win POV and can’t be put up as a replacement. there is very little chance now of getting him out while Victoria is still in the house, most likely derrick will lose yet another person who is easy to beat, and will be facing everyone that he has little chance of beating outside of memory comps.

but victoria to win right now, would be awesome. She’s been on the block so many times, she deserves to win something at some point, wish it was the POV not the HOH, and that Frankie doesn’t re win the HOH. Cody wins HOH, puts up vic and Caleb, and Victoria wins POV and takes herself off, that would be pretty awesome.


There’s a bigger chance of a crow swooping down and carrying me away than Victoria winning H.O.H.

You so funny

This is my favorite comment of the day. Applause and apple sauce for you.


I would LOVE for that to happen! would serve them right!


As if we did not already not have enough reasons to hate Frankie here is just one more: Apparently Frankie is also a Racist: Bet Chen won’t call him out on National Television since BB has been protecting him since day 1 and would assume that his whole family is full of racist including his sister!


He is still the self-absorbed little a-hole that he was in ’09. Name dropped his Tumi luggage 3 times and threw in a few other ones. Frankie hates Jewish people. Shocker.


Man, it has been painfully boring these past few weeks. Thanks for the updates though!
I am worried that not even the bb rewind will help. And i think they are still doing tge TA challenges because they need something to fill in the “dead air” on the episodes. So sad… this season has been a snoozefest


they used to have the luxury, havenots, and food selection comps. I prefer those over the TA tasks, actually. I prefer them also over the BoB comps. I hope they don’t plan to do those again, just because the set up was abused by the big guys and it ended up being rigged to ensure that the boys were going to excel over some of the girls anyway. You had some fairly physical required challenges at times.


OMG! i am so glad you brought up the food competitions! those were my favorite part of big brother! my favorite episodes were always sundays because theyd always have to compete for their food! BRING BACK THE FOOD COMPEITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!


I know, no fights, no S-E-X, predictable outcomes. I think if you have too many people that understand the show too much, then you will get people like this. More aware of how they look on camera, more aware of what they say, and definitely more aware of how the game is played(competition types, twists, etc). They need to either hire a new production crew or weed out some super fans in the casting process.

Jimmy 64

Come on Cody win the HOH on Wednesday put Frankie on
the block . Derrick win the POV and ship Frankie out of the
house. If you wish it maybe it will happen.


if they can get Frankie out next week could live with one of the others winning not my favs of coarse but please not Frankie he would expect a federal holiday in his name seriously and hopefully cbs wont call him to do anything in future for big brother that would hit home after awhile

Oscar P.

Im starting to like Caleb!

Irked by the stupidity!

Agree. In the midst of his narcissism there is some humility. Yesterday when he was so overwhelmed wit the country singer it made me tear up. He’s got some shit with him but definitely isn’t all bad. If he was in the F2 with anyone except for Derrick, I hope he wins it. His loyalty earns him that. I’m still mad about him punking out on backd***ing Frankie though.

I Don't Like Derrick

Taking out Frankie would not have been in Caleb’s best interest. And remember, it was Derrick who decided it wasn’t Frankie’s time, just like he decided it wasn’t Caleb’s time when Cody was HOH. So, if he loses to either one of those, he has his own dumb ass to thank.


Sung to the tune of
“We are the World”
(ft. Ariana and Justin Beiber)
I am just Frankie
I love black children
I am the one who gives big money
So I’ll start giving.
There’s a choice I’m making
I’m saving my own ass.
It’s true
I’ll make a Caleb gay
For you and me.


Sorry for that post. Stupid song has been stuck in my head for 2 days, coupled with my Big Brother addiction. I will be seeking treatment. Once again, my sincere apologies.


Completly out of topic, I wonder why they didn’t show their ice bucket challenges? Donny was still there, it would have been fun to watch them.


At this point im just riding this season out to see the rest of these egomaniacs get booed.
The question is who will get booed the worst of whose left? Definitely Frankie unless CBS fills the audience with Arianna fans and employees. I’m thinking Cody will get the second worst of it because of the whole touching another mans woman thing, being completely spineless, and his Donny bashing. Then I would assume Caleb after that for his misogynistic/stalker behavior towards Amber, his incredibly inflated ego, and the fact that he is the reason we have to deal with Frankie some more. Victoria..meh she is to insignificant to even warrant boos, maybe a few because of the whole Zach hat thing and snobby personality. Derrick is probably going to win at this point so he might not get booed…


Thank you for Jeff and Jordan it was the best part of the season!


I loved seeing Jeff and Jordan but did anyone else think she looked very thin? She still is beautiful


I get those country girls every time.


She looked great and needed to lose some Bass anyway. She’s all about the Treble


I hopeful there will be a position open next season for decorator. This years’ decor was gosh-awful. No wonder everyone went crazy.


The bathroom wall tile is pretty cool 🙂 everything else, hideous!


First off Worst Beds in BB History… especially that HoH Bed… terrible. The rock room bed and fire room equally bad.

The bathroom tile was great the rest bad. The Bee Hive was really bad this year. It is supposed to be a lounge to talk game in for people that are not the HoH.

Yes Big Brother needs a New Decorator… they have for a few Seasons. They also need to give those Houseguests some sort of punishment for not cleaning… like if you don’t clean you are a Have-Not. That is what the game needs start making being a Have Not a real punishment. If you don’t clean you are a Have not…. 2 seasons of Swamp and I am getting tired of seeing only one or two people that clean the house or do dishes… they are grown adults scrub the toilet.


If u can, please watch BBau launch night!(YouTube) Their house alone wowed me. I’ve only watched one season(2014)and that was fantastic enough to bring me back again this year. I believe the grand prize is the same as BBUS. It’s way more exciting.


Yes they do. I can’t believe those bird houses and the colors ick. I also kind of miss the HOH room changing instead of it having the feel of a common dorm room gathering area.


Gabbi, you must check out BBAU house. The décor is wonderful and very imaginative.


Wow – thanks, Taylor. I saw the pictures of the pool and structure still under construction and i am going to search for more. I’ll bet they won’t have an ant problem there either.


Hi Gabbie
You can now see the entire house as the show launched last night. Tonight is part 2 of the launch and the game is already underway. Enjoy.


At this point I don’t care who wins, I am just waiting for finale to see Donny. Hopefully he will win AFP and Julie will let it be known that he has been offered a part on B&B and also has the highest fan rating in BB history.




I feel the exact same way. I literally do not care who wins since Chrisine got hers. At first I wanted to see Frankie out over Christine but I’m glad she got evicted. Helping those guys and letting them use her and throwing the others girls to the wolves at the expense of her own game. I’m just interested in seeing who the next two are to go. They could pick M&Ms to decide for all I care.


They must not allow links on this forum cause i posted one of cody farting and scaring derrick awake. Check it out on youtube. I know its juvenile but i cant stop laughing at derricks reaction.


I think it would be great if Julie told Frankie that all of his earnings from Big Brother will be sent to Africa to build schools since he is playing for charity. Since he has said lately that he is only send a small portion to Africa if anything.

How long til BB17 ????


Julie Christine You didn’t even say goodbye to the remaining Houseguests
Christine I tried to dry hump Cody but the rest of them blocked Me
Julie You’ve been doing that all season
Christine Next question ?
Julie You were greeted with boo’s. How does that make You feel ?
Christine I hate F**king live studio audiences
Julie On the Online BB site Opinions run even more to the fact that You are a miserable skank
Christine I F**king hate Dawg,Simon and all the people who post there
Julie Is there anything else You hate ?
Christine Yepp Golden Retriever Puppies and Belgian Waffles
Julie What did an innocent puppy or a waffle ever do to You ?
Christine Nothing Can’t a Girl just have some fun ?
Julie Well it’s off to the JuryHouse for You
Christine I F**king hate the JuryHouse
Julie Cody will be joining You there soon most likely
Christine OK I don’t hate the F**king JuryHouse,

Team Anyone

Hahaaah. Now THAT’s entertaining… Lol


Don’t forget “I hate Julie Chen!” She said it after a live show when Julie called her out!




They’ll announce it. It’s usually a week before the finale.

Big Sister

Yes, you do! It will be posted/announced on the live show for people to register and vote (usually 20 times) on Tell all of your friends and family to vote for Donny.I plan to remind everyone on this site in case they miss the announcement.


Did anyone else here Donnie interview..he said he would vote for Caleb or Cody over frankie or Derek because they had good hearts and surprise they I kinda now think he is much as I don’t like Calebs remarks aboutl
animals and the president I kinda feel s for him…they have used him too to throw competitions and his love of Amber..Donnie is right they are going after Cody Caleb..frankie and Derek so greedy they want another team America.misson.

Perfect Situation

No, Grodner does you fool.

Kathie from Canada

When Caleb was talking about not putting glitter on his face to look fiery sparkly, I immediately thought of Frankie. There is not enough glitter to hide Frankie’s egomaniacal and sickening inner self! Very deep Caleb. Every now and then he actually says something worthwhile. lol


Poor Caleb. He wants fame so bad, it’s sad. I hope he can mentally handle the negative press coming from social media when he gets out. Don’t get me wrong, his behavior towards Amber was disgusting and creepy. He just doesn’t seem to be able to handle reality.


So Caleb won’t dress up with glitter because he’s too manly and doesn’t want others to think differently about him? So instead he lets a pink-haired man-boy caress him and sleep in the same bed as him? Makes sense.


I hope Frankie wins HOH again and send Victoria home! I can’t stand that girl.

Frankies Skankie Shorts

I hope Victoria wins HOH and sends Frankie home. I can’t stand that girl.


Ewww Caleb playing with a fly. That’s disgusting!

Codys Vijayjay

I knew it! I just knew it. Who’s fly was he playing with?


I don’t know, probably yours?

Codys Vijayjay

*humming”I Feel Pretty* Nassau I’m saving myself for someone much older who is set moneywise


does anyone think frankie will be booed? I know it is mean but i hope he does get booed because he’s just so rude!


Quite clearly there is a difference in dressing like Frankie with his glitter and gawd awful blue shorts (Please, Please, Please Victoria get them and shred them like the pink hat) and Caleb just being silly and dressing in the onesie and bunny slippers.

Codys Vijayjay

Frankie could ya sprinkle little glitter over here? I need me some SPARKLE* that’s it now a little there……and under here…..


don’t know if anyone remembers when Frankie told them about his half sister ariana but there was pic here and I believe he was talking to Victoria and said right after that show them the shiny sparkle stuff so they don’t see the knife coming or maybe he just said it to the camera


The only thing I’m looking forward to besides the look on Frankie’s face when he realizes his HOH is a waste and hopefully gets backdoored, is that when these people left get out and realize how irrelevant they are and nobody likes their season, nor cares about them, and hopefully we never here from them again. Just being brutally honest.


I just hope that Frankie tries to make a move to get Cody out before Wednesday (which I don’t think Caleb and Derrick would go for) and then finds out about the rewind. I’d love to see his face at that time. He will know for sure he is the target of everyone. Priceless.


Caleb “I don’t put glitter & sparkles on my face and act like some sparkly fairy. Some say I’m too man!” But you let a gay dude with glitter and sparkles hump you all summer? Nothing manly about that… A bit suspect sounds more like it… Caleb, Cody and Zach are closeted bisexuals. Secretly they all want Frankie.


if you knew the way the guys really feel deep down inside especially derrick it would be much worse than last year just like in the real world most people don’t have a problem with gays or minority until they do something you don’t like then all the feelings from 30 years ago surface you may not say anything but I know what they think

CBS give us more Zach

I miss Zach so much! PLEASE put him on Survivor or Amazing Race, he would be SO entertaining!!

The Beard

The decorations was the least of this season’s problems,casting production and the lack of luxury or have not comps really axed this season’s potential!

I Don't Like Derrick

DUMBASSES, talking about Vic winning HOH, and sending home Frankie. It would be more fitting if she sent home Derrick because he is the one that’s used her, and played with her all this time. If you don’t like Derrick and what so many people call great gameplay (PLEASE), then you wan Frankie to stay, because he is the only one smart enough to take Derrick out. All the other dumbasses will take him to the end. And all you saying Victoria, doesn’t deserve to be there, then neither does Cody. She has won as many competitions, and has done the exact same thing. Played the game for Derrick. The difference is Derrick is more loyal to Cody, and will take him to the end. Why is he more deserving than Victoria? Ideally, Caleb and Victoria will win. LOL. Or anybody but Derrick, who has actually floated all this time. And yes, he has floated; he just did it, without anyone realizing it, staying on everyone’s good side, in a house full of dumbasses. I thought so many of you dumbasses didn’t like floaters, but yet, you love Derrick.


and if you were in the house he would have you gone next and you wont even know it was him Nicole would still be there and Frankie gone if she wont of tried to compliment derrick saying he thinks about everything he says has played the best game and pretty much everything he was doing derrick flattered im sure but instantly knew if that got out to the guys he was done I liked Nicole if she would have keep her mouth shut Frankie was gone when he does that heart shit and says he loves Julie I almost have to change the channel because Julie be interviewed on letterman she trys to make a conscience effort to not get close to the house guest its all business to many of they try to buddy up with her

Roisen Dubh

The only people I can say who weren’t floaters this season -Devin, Donny, Nicole and Frankie. I personally don’t mind floaters. Jun and Alison are the greatest floaters ever. Especially Jun, she is a very underrated player. My feeling is that if your dumb enough to keep them around until you force them to become a threat, then that’s your problem. But these people were straight up cowards who refused to ask the basic question-who benefitted the most from the house game play and evictions? Nicole should’ve been the power player but that dingbat kept going back to Derrick. The biggest reason Derrick got over so much is because he didn’t tell the truth and said he was a cop. You know it , I know it , He knows it. Put him on another season where people know what he is. He’s done. His whole game play is based on him hiding the fact that he’s a cop. There’s gonna be a lot of sour feelings when that one comes out, especially with this group of people when they smarten up . Donny’s gonna come out the hero x 5 when this is said and done. Sorry Donny haters, at the end of the day, nobody likes a liar especially a liar that played everybody.


OMG Cody is soooo hot!


Simon and Dawg, how about an up or down poll?
If you could be on BB17 guaranteed, would you do it?

Jeff Probst

If any of these lame contestants end up on Survivor, I will quit.


Before you all hit me with the thumbs down, I must admit, I feel sorry for Vicodin. She always looks like a scared rabbit, and the constant looking at herself in the mirror while annoying, is sadly pathetic. Viagra will be heartsick when BB is over and Dudick tells her its now inappropriate for them to have this friendship. She will be crushed to learn she was just a tool, and basically contributed nothing to this season but believed she did. Poor kid.

Wait a minute

I am not sure calling her all those names will help her ego either.


I can’t wait to see Donny on B&B. I can’t imagine what character he will portray.He is gonna be so awesome and I cannot wait for other guests to find out!!


Good for Derrick asking to see a doc for a cut. And questioning them when they say “put a bandaid on it” . Unlike Veronica, he questions their medical advice.

Team Anyone

There she goes again, touching Derrick’s hair waking him up for DR. What kind of incestual brother IS Derrick to yoy Victoria… Love how she thinks they’ll hang out after the show…. Nuh uh honey! Mrs. policeman ain’t gonna let that happen…

The Truth

Is Frankie really paranoid if in fact they do want to send him packing?

Zing Sting

What did Derrick do to his finger?


I think the rat bit him.


Chewed it off wondering if he to will get boos.


Did you guys see Donnys interview…..he said he would vote for Caleb or Cody over Frankie or Derek because they have more heart….I do kinda of feel sorry for Caleb and Cody knows Frankie wants him out.wise words from Donnie..he felt very betrayed by frankie and’s seems frankie at one time wanted to keep Donnie more than Derek..Derek still brags that Donnie saw through his mist.Donnie for America’s favorite.


So boring to watch, think I’ve developed narcolepsy since watching this show. Should be like the uk big brother were it’s up to the public to vote out each week, plenty of tasks and comps which they have to win for food and alcohol, no hoh, bob, pov, this show is so predictable. There’s no entertainment whatsoever. The uk are pissed every night, arguing, sex it’s good entertainment, and the winner wins on personality not muscle or intelligence.


If something doesn’t happen on Wednesday…..(meaning….get Frankie outta the effen house!!) Production is gonna lose plenty of viewers!! This is why Production had JEJO on last nite’s episode….ratings are low!! Frankie is the worse!!


IMO the best thing that could happen and bring me great joy is for :
Frankstink evicted
Cotex evicted
Caleb evicted
Final two Derrick and Victoria.
Derrick gets the 50 grand based on what he told the boys if anyone takes Victoria I’m giving her the 500 grand. That would be great payback for his mental boring game play.
Victoria for the win – just so she can get a better weave application and make over.


Victoria isn’t so bad. She’s a naive young sheltered girl who is probably being egged on by production to act bratty in the DR so that she actually comes off as being something more interesting than she is. I’ll tell you- she’s been spot on about some stuff- like that this season is boring and that Christine is an unhappy, mean person. And best of all- when it comes down to it, no matter how she did it- she made it to where she is now and everything else is just opinion. She has handled herself just fine compared to other people in the same house. I wouldn’t want her to do my taxes or anything but Girlfriend is getting way too much hate. I hope she wins HOH this week. Fingers crossed for a trivia contest about nailpolish or US magazine.


I too am waiting for the finale, out of whats left I am pulling for Derrick, I think he did the best game. Frankie HELL no, Victoria maybe a prize for constantly looking at her self and adjusting that fake hair, Cody and Caleb meat heads. I would love to see the faces if they tell that D’s a cop, Donny wins AFP and his Bold n Beautiful part, and the Team America missions especially the one where Zack was falsely accused of being the saboteur.


What happened to derricks finger?


He cut it on a broken champagne glass when Jeff and Jordan were there for the engagement celebration.


Someone said he cut it while opening a bottle of champagne when Jeff and Jordan were there.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Yeah, they were talking about him cutting himself trying to open champagne. What???? How does one do that? Twist the tab to loosen & remove the wire basket holding down the cork. Hold the bottle in one hand and the cork in the other. Slowly turn the bottle until it very gently releases. Rocket science? I think not! Not sure how anybody would cut their finger doing that.

Jury please

Is it bad that I want to see an episode with the jury house more than the big brother house.

Donny for Americas favorite!!!

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Ahem…I certainly agree with you!!!!




Everybody says Victoria just sits and stares and looks in the mirror. U must have forgotten all the comps she has won. More than Cody . She has accomplished alot and deserves to be there as much as any of the guys.


If Frankie did go home (PLEASE GOD MAKE IT SO!), and came out to boos…he would just think the audience were booing the other houseguests for voting him out. 🙂