Frank to Paulie – “Final 4 me, you, Z and Nicole isn’t a bad idea.. Corey would be happy with 5th place..”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 03-36-00-932

12:40am Paulie, Zakiyah and Frank
Mostly talking about the play to take out Jozea. Paulie and Frank saying they want nothing to do with Victor and Jozea.
Paulie is wondering if it’ll be awkward at the wrap party. Frank thins it might be he’s just going to avoid “Those 2 guys”
Paulie- Yo man i’m out side of the house please use your words carefully (Something tells me this threat doesn’t hold a lot of weight)
Frank – it’s a rude awaking for Vic.. man and Jozea..

Paulie – that f***g clique.. they think they are popular.. they are not the majority.

Frank says Vic told him he has a recurring dream that he’s going to jail, “That aight right”
Zakiyah says maybe he feel that way because he’s confined.
They laugh that Victor is trying to grab onto anybody because he knows he’s f***d. Frank’s amazed at how fast Victor turned on Paul and “the girls” (Bronte Natalie)
Frank – he’s got to feel it about Paul.. they’re not tight anymore.
Paulie – Paul was always expandable to him
Frank adds that Natalie and Bronte ignore Vic and Paul now.
Paulie – how easy was it to flip Paul.. too easy.. how easy to separate Natalie/Bronte from them… Too Easy

Frank says Paul is a young guy, Super naive, Super confident.. He’s expecting a lot outta this.. I tried I tried so hard to give Him and Jozea the hard truth …
Frank and Paulie agree there’s no substantial fame is coming out of this.

Paulie says Cody has Model looks and height if Victor walks into a modelling agency his build and Face won’t be what they look for, “That’s why not everybody makes it.. to thin that this will help with that to catapult is crazy”


12:49am Tiffany and Bridgette

Tiffany first wants to make sure they have a cover story in case someone walks in.. they go over that first..

Bridgette says Bronte wants to shake things up.. If they don’t shake things up with the guys they will pick them off one by one
Tiffany says she knows that’s the case.
Bridgette – they express to me they want a woman to win.. I want to save them

Tiffany – ohh 100% I want to save them.. I’ve talked to da we need numbers.. We need girls that are willing to shake things up.. 1 of those 2 guys Frank and James has to go and that’s Frank

Tiffany those two guys that are running the house frank and james those two need to go and the one that needs to go is Frank

Bridgette says they need to pull one girl from each team and take out Frank and James.
Bridget and JAmes agree Bronte would be a good pick to take out Frank.
Bridgette is concerned once Victor leaves the guys are going to take Paul and use him because he doesn’t have a direction in this game.
Bridgette – Paul is the lowest in the totem pole of them.
Tiffany asks her what’s her read on the house .
Bridgette – Frank-Corey, Frank-James, Paulie is with 4 girls … Da,Zakiyah, Michelle,Nicole I think
Tiffany asks where she fits in all of that.
Bridgette tells her she’s on the edges of everything

You are close to Michelle and NIcole

Natalie joins them
Tiffany tells her everything coming from the guys is a lie she cannot trust a thing they tell her. Tiffany says she knows they were fooling all of them during Jozea’s and Victor evictions.
Tiffany names not to trust trust james.

Tiffany – I know I can trust Paulie right now because I had his back last week.
Tiffany says they’ve come in so fresh, “Never trust anyone on the surface”
Natalie – I want the girls to know I have the girls back
Tiffany says there’s a guys girl in the house not a girls girls
Natalie – Nicole? I thought Nicole is a girls girls
Tiffany – Nicole is a girl girl
Tiffany says it’s Nicole.. says she secretly hates girls “I Don’t want to reel here into this sorta thing.. she might be a vote”
Tiffany – Da is on board..

Natalie – why wouldn’t you want a guy to win a guy has gotta win

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 03-16-08-554

1:30am Kitchen Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte
Natalie – we can power through it we just need the girls on board..

Natalie says Zakiyah is wrapped around paulie’s finger just like Amber was wrapped around Cody’s finger.

They agree Zakiyah and Paulie are a showmance

Natalie – You know I love James… Obviously I love his personality.. So i’m going to try and work it but not in a bad way, I actually love him .. I like him..
Bridgette – he’s not the top dog though.
Natalie – he works with the top dog.. He’s one of the last on the hit list.
Bridgette – you take out the top dog everything gets screwed..
They agree Frank and Paulie are the ‘Top Dogs”
Natalie pleads with Bridgette not to tell them anything
Natalie – don’t let them bully you to..
Bronte – if frank gets taken down before Jury he might make it back into the game.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 02-30-35-727

Brdigette is awesome.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 02-49-50-699

1:40am Frank and Paulie HOH
Paulie mentions Tiffany going before Bridgette, Paul and Natalie.
Frank – we can get into any three of their ears if they get HOH if I Tiffany gets HOH I’m up on the block
Paulie says his main plan is to protect Corey and Frank

Frank warns that Da’Vonne will be deadly in the mental comps. Frank says james is a trustworthy guy but they might have to cut him early on. Frank thinks Da is also trustworthy but again scared of her abilities in mental comps.

Paulie says him, Corey and Frank should be able to win something every week.

They agree they need a 4th person in their group. Paulie suggests Zakiyah, Frank doesn’t voice any disagreement.
Frank says once Victor goes the paranoia in this game is going to go down
Paulie agrees says once Victor goes they focus on their social game.

Frank – even worst case scenario.. Nicole and the 4 of us..
Paulie says they will always be tight with Nicole because of his brother.
Frank thinks he’s as close to Zakiyah as Da’Vonne, adds that is on more reason to get Da’Vonne out.
PAulie agrees says Da’Vonne is a wedge between him and ‘Z’
Paulie – I got you.. I got you to that final point’
Frank – Final 3 me, you, Z and Nicole isn’t a bad idea.. Corey would be happy with 5th place..
Paulie – Mentally and physically we would be set..
Paulie says the struggle right now is to stay low while the numbers aren’t there , but later into the game when it gets down to 9 they can “LOCK in”

They agree they’re preparing a little ahead. They comment there’s 5 more people that have to leave before they can start thinking planning the final stretch.

Paulie says Michelle does not like Bridgette.
Frank – I think Bridgette is funny as hell
Paulie – there’s something about her that is behind all that. I would party like crazy with her outside this house
Frank – I just love how she has this one side and this mouth like a sailor..
Frank says the way she likes to horse play you would think she has 9 brothers.
Paulie – dude she’s actually really f****g strong…

Frank says he hates to think of the workers having to work through the night cleaning up the POV. They both agree that’s a huge mess to clean up.

Chatting about Vanessa Paulie brings up she a math teacher but she also studied psychology.

Paulie brings up how cute Natalie is says he had no idea she was going to be so much fun to be around now knows why Cody had so much with with Nicole.
Paulie – I didn’t realize she was that tiny.. I remember meeting her for the first time I Was holy sh1t you are tiny.. She’s so dainty..

Frank says she has muscular legs, “She played Volleyball”
Paulie- she’s f***g so cute

Frank and Paulie would love to see James wearing a koala bear outfit.
They both think James is a “Good kid… Good guy”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 02-28-19-318

2:12am Bathroom Bronte and Bridgette
Bronte says if Frank even smells they are running their mouth they don’t make it to Jury \
Brigette – we’re done
Bridgette says they need to win HOH next week.
Bronte – I don’t think JAmes will give it to me (HOH)
Bridgette – If would be ..
Bronte – I’m never going to try
Brigette – you have my full support
Bronte – that could be fun if we’re upstairs for once.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 03-21-31-841

3:21am Bridgette, Zakiyah, Frank and Paulie

Chit chat.. about kids movies Jumanji, night at the museum…

(up all night on the feeds.. it’s a love hate season)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 04-08-53-100

4:06am HOH Frank and Paulie

Frank about Victor – He’s a finance major .. a f****g nerd..
Paulie says Tiffany is too worried about what teh live feeders might think
Frank says she gets caught up like sh’es got big shoes to fill.

Paulie says Cody told him his time on Biog brother felt like College where he’s chilling with the girls.
They talk about how Tiffany would be shooting herself in the foot if she had won and used the veto.

Frank now saying after this week they acn play loose and fast.
Frank – we don’t even have to talk game right now.

4:18am Frank and Paulie are now sleeping…

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 04-19-21-525

4:20am Everyone sleeping..
5:16am they’re all still sleeping.. I’m still up
7:09am ZZZzzzzzzz
8:21am Still sleeping yo

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 09-03-55-131

9:50am All sleeping…
10:50am They’re all still sleeping..

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Jon Snow King in the North

Ew, Frank. Ew. Evict him please.

Mrs. Mac

I agree. He’s just so sleazy about everything. Last week Paulie wasn’t even part of EIGHT person alliance, and now Frank is sleeping in the same bed with him chit-chatting about boys as they gently drift off to sleep together. It’s a bit much.

Canadian Kev

I agree with you, about how Frank is playing.

But when he had to make the first nom for roadkill, he did say he wished Paulie was there when the 8 were formed.

I think it’s going to be interesting. Frank is getting more and more vocal about wanting Day and Tiffany out.

And if the girls do actually come together, it might get interesting. Paulie only has pull because of Frank.

If Frank gets targeted, Paulie is in trouble.

I want to see what James does, personally

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

How dare Frank try to play the game of Big Brother.


Didn’t like frank the first time. Tried to like him this time…. Like him even less.. Can’t even explain why – just my gut. And I have a feeling if he does get the boot he will be the one to get back in.

Disappointed that the buy back happens all in one night, all in one episode. Can anyone really imagine Glenn winning 4 comps, in a row, on the same night, after a month and a half? Dumb.

Thanks as always Simon and dawg! Awesome job.


Is it the same night or are all the “Redemption Island” competitions just being aired all in the same night?


it doesnt happen all in 1 night…each week there is a separate battle …each is Taped and then all are shown together on the 1 Friday Night ..there would be no time during the regular shows to show the extra comp.


Hope you are correct. According to the guys on robhasapodcast, jokers update and celebrity laundry all comps will be performed in one night as well as shown in one show…I quote “It looks like ‘Battle Back’ will not be played week by week, but all at once in four rounds. There will be a special episode of Big Brother 18, airing on July 22 where all four ‘Battle Back’ rounds will be shown along with the reveal of the winner.”

Another Anonymous

How are they going to keep all of this secret for four weeks. If the battle between Glenn and Jossiah already took place, isn’t somebody going to report that one of them is back home and no longer sequestered?


It’s entirely possible that they keep them all sequestered until that night and just let the winner reenter the house and then send the 4 remaining evictees home. Or they could have rented the jury house for the entire show run.


I’m hoping he does and frank is playing a good game for now but they are on to him. He has been with Paulie from the get go, he wanted Paulie in the 8pack not Tiffany but Paulie wasn’t in the rm. Paulie needs to open his eyes though he is not playing smart I’m sure Cody is watching yelling at him! I don’t have a winner that I want yet but I am ready for a real fight not this majority bullshit


So everyone is going on and on about how they HATE DA for the few things she has said about Tiffany but Frank is constantly, and I mean he is non-stop on this CRUSADE to get her out of the house next. Not only that but Frank keeps changing his targets every time he talks game play. Let’s get Bronte out next – no let’s get Tiffany out. This guy is worse than Da in my opinion for the simple fact that that he can’t shut up.
I will love to see the reaction on Nicole or Zak’s faces when Paulie goes to them and says Frank and I want you to potentially be our Final 5 with us but first we need to get rid of these people and in this order for these reasons !!! Frank Thinks this is our best option. – Yeah don’t think that will fly for either of them. Good luck with that FRANK.
I hope James team wins HoH next Week – Natalie is HoH and Frank the is nominated.

Canadian Kev

Frank is way too comfortable; i’m about ready to see the girls (those who have clued in and those who haven’t) to start comparing notes, and go after him.

I hope James stays safe – but it’s time Frank remembered that when you get comfortable in the BB house, you go home.


Frank trying to strategize and play the comes just comes off as douche. Being able to see all his sides and conversations makes you truly realize he just doesn’t know what the hell he is doing!

Paul is a douche

No man should ever say “dainty.”

Paul is a douche



For my sanity I need Paul gone first. This is the biggest ass clown I have ever seen.thank goodness for DVR so I can fast forward everytime this douche is talking. I would prefer freaking Austin back in the house over this fktard

Alice in Flames

Tiff starting to play a little. Her inner bad ass starting to creep out. Yes!

I love that she knows Nicole isnt all in with girls. Nicole can’t be trusted. This girl will stab u in back fast. Also she is as concerned about having a bf outta the cast at end as she is about the game. This girl can’t get a guy in real world and uses Big Brother as a dating tool. No joke.

It’s never “too early” to take out a big player. Mistake many make. They can’t worry about Frank getting back in obviously because they don’t know about it.

Day is the one that could mess up the get out Frank thing. If you get too close to Day she will use against you. She fears Tiff so Tiff needs to tread cautiously when working with Day.

I say keep Da and Zak out of a core girl thing along with Nicole out.

They have good #’s without them. Michelle(tiff can get her outta paulies ass when she shows her the girls can have power) Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette and Tiff makes 5. You make that a core girls alliance while using Zak, Day, Nicole but knowing they arent your closest allies.

So yeah Tiff is playing it right. She using Paulie this week and on board with him but she knows in coming weeks she can’t trust his ass.

This is getting good:-)

Haha. Tiff is a bad ass!

The Real Guys Girl

Michelle tells anyone who will listen she can’t take Tiffany’s meltdowns anymore, she’s “gone off” on her too many times, she’ll vote her out, there’s too much estrogen in the house, and the next one out has got to be a girl. She floats to power, is the most disloyal and will hand the chicks over asap starting with Tiffany. So yeah great cover for being a girl’s girl, not.

Nicole is using Vets for protection since they’ve been targeted since Day1, she’s not gonna be the first HOH or girl evicted either to even things up, so if she has to, she’ll not stick her neck out to protect the professional Models & Actors they cast this year as fake “Newbies Boobies”.

These people have no intention of going to Finals they just want a stipend & instagram followers. Shouldn’t AG force these idiots to read the rules so anyone working with them has a chance of surviving. It’s not a game, contest or even reality show. It’s scripted infomercial for CBS Programming.

Guilty Pleasure

And you never miss a minute of it.


She was actually talking about Michelle in that convo, not Nicole. The fatal 5 did Tiff a huge favor by giving her the cold shoulder. They want her to make jury so she is safe with them for a few weeks but she could read that she was on the outs with them which pushed her towards the other girls who are actually better competitors. This team thing is messing everything up though.

I actually think Tiff is better at reading people than Van, problem is she isn’t as good with holding that in and using it to her advantage.. but I’m happy we are starting to see signs of life with her plotting. The Frank v Tiff war has officially begun and with the way Frank is doing things my money is on Tiff… Frank is a comp beast though so it will be a bloody battle.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole can’t be trusted by the girls. She will shift back n forth between Paulie and Corey and the girls when it suits her.

I think Tiffany knows neither Nicole or Michelle are to be trusted.

After the show is over Nicole wants Corey as her bf since her last BB reject bf Hayden dumped her. Big Brother is her only chance at relationships outside the house it seems. She looks desperate as fk.

Michelle is a “super fan” yet claims to not have watched Vanessa’s season. She asks Paulie to explain Vanessa to her. Probably just more of her lame flirting with him. Michelle is just a body. Just there. Talking real slow and eating with her mouth open. She is dumb as dirt.


Frank’s first season, before I began watching live feeds, I was really puling for him – Oh the magic of CBS editing.

Started off this season rooting hard for frank, but live feeds tell the whole story. I can’t put my finger on it, but its getting harder and harder to root for this dude.


He doesn’t like being called a douche. Because he’s a douche.


The magic of editing! It’s crazy how you’re rooting for someone but 2 weeks into the feeds, everything changes. TEAM NICOLE! I’m holding out on Frank for now. There is something about him that I am not liking.

Love Frank

Frank is the best!!! Frank is the beast!!! We love Frank!!! Frank for the win frank frank frank!!!!!!


Frank can’t talk without “uck”
Real trash, hope he leaves soon.

Thumbs down

Love love love the people who just post to get this down! Love dem love dem love dem. ????


Frank is playing the long term game not sure why he is getting the hate.. im rooting for him this season for sure he has got to keep up the work and lay low but planting seeds everywhere thats derricks game not a bad game play


It is odd, the hate…since he’s the only one trying to figure out a path to actually win…not just “make jury” or “final four” or form some supergroup based on an old supergroup or anatomy…. Don’t get me wrong: I think he’s making lots of mistakes, leaving loads of openings, talking too much, being overconfident….but then so is EVERYBODY. Yet folks here call him sleazy for trying to win? More likely it’s just anger because their “favorite” isn’t one of his…


What’s ironic is that while all the fans made fun of Jozea for his self-centered way of looking at the game, most of them see it the same way.


Yeah, the haters are coming on strong for Frank the last couple days:
Tiffany: “Frank has to go!”
Frank’s haters: “Why is Frank obsessed with Tiffany?”


Tiffany wasn’t saying a single word about Frank until he starting acting like a douche. Also she’s onto him as is most of the house. She spoke about Frank having to go maybe once or twice. Where as Frank speaks about Tiffany to anybody that will listen and he brings her up at least 10 times a day. So yeah there’s a big difference between the way Tiffany is approaching it and Frank. Tbh Frank does come off sounding like a broken record. He needs to chill. I guarantee the other hg are thinking the same thing while nodding in agreement with him to shut him up.

An ornery mouse

I’m not really rooting for Frank to win, but I’m glad he’s playing this season because he has been entertaining to watch so far….. love him or hate him. He’s got some great one-liners.

I’d argue that Frank’s “long term game” would be in much better shape if he’d have been less active to this point. The person running the game in week 2 is very rarely (if ever) still doing so a couple of months down the road. You mention Derrick, I don’t remember him being on anyone’s radar (including the viewers) two weeks in….. while Frank has already pissed several houseguests off, with a few now secretly plotting his demise

For the good of his game, Frank should slow his roll – but I’m glad that ain’t gonna happen since it’s much more interesting to watch him wheel & deal. And I think it’s hilarious how he and Tiffany hate each other’s friggin’ guts….. can’t wait for that situation to come to a head.

natalies body

Who was it that Nicole said was making her “crabby” when she had to leave rooms whenever they came in? Vic?

I understand she has fans and that’s great but she really is not fun to watch play.

Katie L

Can anyone please tell me the ending to Paul’s riddle about the Doctor who received the package through the mail and threw the package away? I was watching After Dark while they were doing the riddle. They went to commercial and I didnt get to hear the end of the riddle.


The package was Paul’s nut sac. He threw it away because it was too shriveled and the micro penis didn’t have enough length to be sewn back on. Moral of story: don’t rip off your nut sac and staple it to someone’s forehead. Paul, if you think it’s small, ripping it off is not the right call, after all.


Well after being ripped off and reattached, I’m pretty sure they are looking like raisins in the sun.

Min O'Pause

Reminds me of a song:
“We had joy, we had fun, we had raisins in the sun,….”

Min O'Pause

“But the wine and the song, like my gonads are all gone.”


That came out about the same time as:
Chh chh-chh, uh, Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh, Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh, Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh, Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh, Chh chh-chh, uh
Chh chh-chh, uh, Chh chh-chh

In the summertime when the weather is hot
You can stretch right up and touch the sky
When the weather’s fine
You got gonads, you got gonads on your mind
Have a drink, have a drive
Cut off your scrotum, you’ll enjoy, you’ll find

Sing along with us, dee-dee dee-dee dee
Da doo da-da da, yeah, we’re hap-pap-py
Da da da, dee da doo dee da doo da doo da
Da doo da-da da, dee da da dee da da

Min O'Pause

Ah memories of AM radio and WLS out of Chicago…….


Oh yes, the memories, cruisin’ in my ’66 mustang 289ci. It was KYA or KFRC on AM in Frisco, or I could resort to my under the dash 8 track with some E.L.O., Mamas and Papas, or Journey. Hit the Doggie Diner for the munchies.


Ahhhh hahaaaa now that’s funny

Katie L



I believe it was something about how he cut off his hand to feed the other starving survivors on the boat.


In a house full of people, Frank’s plans are going to leak out very soon, and then the comparing of notes will start to take place. It always does. All the girls know about his underhandedness and sooner than later there will be a comp. geared towards a woman and the shit will hit the fan. I hope it is sooner than later, because I would like to see the guys start to sweat a little. Paulie and Frank are becoming “legends in their own minds” and need to be taken down a peg or two. James, well he is just James and appears to want to fit in with Franks plans. Mama Day is going to have a shit fit if Nicole goes to her and tells her of Franks plans (especially because she was not included in any of it). Things should get hot pretty soon, and hopefully Frank will be the one backdoored in a week or so. Would be really satisfying to see.


While I hope you are right, I think we said that Derrick’s fellow house guests would wise up and get him out; you see how well that worked out

Tiny hands

Da is talking bad about Tiffany to gain Franks trust and put up a smoke screen. Tiff and Da are working together


Don’t think that is the only reason Day is talking trash about Tiff.. she is trying to create a war within her alliance so she can float down the middle undetected. Also she talks trash about Tiff to the other girls, making sure Tiff is the expendable one in the fatal 5, not her. Day talks trash about those she feels are the biggest threats.. not a bad strategy, as long as she doesn’t get caught. However Tiff and Nic are already iffy on her- but they will use her as needed.

Tiny hands

I’m gaining new respect for Bridgette. She’s a schemer.

Tiny hands

I think Natalie said, why wouldn’t you want a girl to win? (Not guy to win) and Tiffany said it was Michelle that was a guy’s girl ( not Nicole) Michelle has create several BB fan pages, but they have only been for male players.


Wish I could watch Natalie and Bridgette on the feeds without hearing Bronte.


It’s a new day. I read all the updates and came to the conclusion-Nope! Still don’t like Frank. (I’m trying to avoid using the h-a-t-e word as it seems too strong so I’ll just say that in this case I don’t hate the player, I just hate the game and very strongly dislike the player.) Best quote from Frank (which shows what an arrogant S.O.B. he is): “Corey will be happy with 5th place.” Wow, that is mighty generous of you Frank, to ‘give’ Corey 5th place. I’m sure he will be ecstatic. Kind of like how happy Frank was with his 6th or 7th place last time he played. Also, bragging about telling Britney to pop a squat like that was some great and powerful game move. I wouldn’t brag about making the single move that cost me the game if I was Frank. Enough Frank bashing for now. So far I don’t know who to root for so I am hoping for a BB takeover by the ants. Give them the 500K for putting up with so many idiots for 18 seasons.


Corey isnt playing the game, he’s a placeholder.

i fixed your cherry picking, quote mining for you:
“As a not so wise young man once said(ian), Britney pop a squat.”

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Paulie is so cocky and thinks he is all knowing. Victor is quite attractive he could definitely make it as a model. Who does Paulie think he is telling him what he is or isn’t good for?


It’s all about spreading the hate on someone they want out


Maybe Paulie has a brother who is a model, and he has some insight into the industry

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Natalie is the most likable houseguest.

Natalie’s remark about how she can get any guy she wants was enough for me dislike her character. She made a few other self serving remarks but that one nailed it. She is entitled and quite a figment of her own imagination. Shame that she is good looking. Waste.


don’t be too quick to trust your judgement. around 1:35 time stamp she actually admits that james is her type. This chick is far from superficial. Her type is about personality not looks which to me counters your feelings of shallow conceit. She was saying she could have any guy in response to victor being a dick, proving her own self worth defending herself. anyway.

She's Playing Him

You seriously think Natalie’s faking in love with James after breaking it off with Victor? She’s playing shomance angle for additional protection, getting any guy she wants, or every guy by sucking up to Frank, not doing any investigation but voting with psycho Joz & Paul who treat her like crap, getting into date-gate versus rules & comps, admitting to Nicole she liked Victor & he broke it off when Paul got jealous. Now Tiff Paulie areherBFF’s but they’re not quite sure if they should start planning to make their own moves or just hide under the radar. Natalie’s after Bronte for eviction, and now James will protect her instead of Tiff cuz they’re suddenly in love. No way. Desperation & zero game play.


I want to say it was either the first episode or Natalie’s little interview when she remarked she wasn’t into abs but liked guys with a little belly fat.


Yeah it was in the first episode she said she’s not into abs, she’s a chubby chaser.

It's all fake

So, ya, she probably could get almost any guy – with her, fake boobs, fake hair, fake lashes, 4 hours of makeup just to show her face – but what if that was not all there? Average at best.

Tiny hands

Would be pretty cool if Natalie won America’s Favorite houseguest

Rambling Rose

Sometimes both Frank and Paulie sound like catty girls. Paulie comes off to me as an entitled brat and Frank as an arrogant ass.

Natalie and James

I like how Natalie talks so nicely about James…nice change in comparison to early bb17 where James was often trashtalked by mainly girls while really doing nth to deserve that.


I think Victor is pretty. When he goes there goes MY eye candy. At first I thought that Cory was good looking but he talked about that poor cowering goat and he became ugly to me. Plus he has (Cory) creepy eyes.

Min O'Pause

Do ya think PETA will be waiting for Corey outside the house?


Here we go. About to see the Vanessa come out. I knew she would eventually take charge of those three girls left cause they’re desperate. Just like her sister did always preying on the weak.

Once again though, James can not catch a break. I don’t get it. In one room he’s got Tiffany trashing him for no reason(not sure why she picked him out) trying to tell them not to trust him. When really James hasn’t done anything to them and isn’t the one constantly trying to get Tiffany out. You would think she would of learned something from her sister last year that James is a solid guy.

Then you got the guys upstairs talking about him like he’s nothing. Wanting rid of him in the near future. Even after he sticks his neck out for what he thinks is his solid allies. He could not be better alliance member. I don’t get people’s bad judgement of character.


Lol she’s not “trashing” James. She said do not fully trust him. She said James specifically because bronte and Natalie (especially Natalie) have been hanging around James a lot. They have been for the last week or two. Obviously they are going for the girl vs guy thing, and them getting so close to James could throw a wrench in that. But she didn’t trash him.

James is Playing with Dolls

James doesn’t do anything but play committee the leader in his camo visor & stars & stripes wife beater. No strategy, no leadership, no real info gathering. He rides coattails, begs to throw comps, and throws dirt to make someone else a target. All he cares about is America’s Fav, doesn’t defend his squad or the chicks be pretends to woo, he laughs at all the violent insults slung by his new buddies and hides behind flirt-mances to fight over whether he’s allowed to throw food or have a girl’s meeting. He’s playing a girl’s game, not the smart ones, the oneS that help Frank evict him before Jury. Waste of space, food & ant spray. Wanna see something better than crackers in someone’s pants all summer, watch MTV Ridiculousness or Viceland King of the Road. AG casting all Paid Mactors with agents paying for gigs & primping for a stipend like Bronte, Natalie, Joz, Paul, Michelle, Victor & Floater Flirt Coat-tail Vets James & Nicole has destroyed the franchise.


Simon, I love you. Lol. I’ve read so many of these posts I can tell who wrote it without even looking at the author ???? I love your little comments. Thanks for adding them. I really got a laugh out of the “they’re all still sleeping.. I’m still up” comment. Lol.


That’s why James is stupid and lost last time. He helped the other side pick off his own people. He’s doing it again by purposely losing comps and getting rid of the team he’s on. I think that James is an alright guy, a bit annoying, but alright. He should stop trying to be popular and start thinking about his game. Instead of this Group think.

So anyway...

Nailed it Bren


For a military man James sure is a follower. He’s got the social skills of a 12 yr old. He’s willing to do whatever anyone asks him to do. He’ll be a floater until/ unless he gets a clue.


There are a lot of follower types in the military. Sometimes you just need someone to do a job without thinking about it. Other times you need someone with some initiative. My niece married this army idiot. he liked the job because they told him what to wear, what to do and he didn’t have to think. Those were his words. Those types tend to remain enlisted and either take for ever to get promoted or can’t make progress and get booted.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

James gets a huge head when he is HOH. He will try and make a big move then and screw it all up and ruin his game.

Till then he will run around trying to be bros with the guys and creep on Natalie and do chilidish stuff that he thinks will get him Americas fav again.

When he is HOH his voice will deepen and he will act like he is the baddest mofo ever to play the game.

Wait for it. It’s coming.

The Roach Coach

Natalie is the definition of a floater… and we all know what things are keeping her afloat …


if they take frank out in two weeks he win back in in win hoh then it will change again with frank in winning mood
like I said before the girls will trun on each other watch in see