Frank “They’re a 3 legged stool, you knock 1 leg out & its a 2 legged stool that falls over”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 17-47-05-313
5:10pm Corey and Tiffany are talking in the bedroom – Corey tells Tiffany that he will go to Paulie at some point and tell him that he and Nicole are going to vote out Day… and when it comes down to it who’s team are you on? Me Frank, Nicole and Bridgette. Or do you want to go over there with Michelle, Z… they’re not going to win anything. Tiffany sais I will keep everyone safe that voted for me obviously. Corey tells Tiffany to tell Paulie that you HOH is his HOH and then you won’t put him or Z up. My targets are your targets, who do you want me to put up. Corey says I don’t want to win HOH if I don’t have to but if Day stays then I’ll have to try just to put her up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 17-50-41-078
Safari – Nicole, Z and Big Meech are talking about James & Natalie. Nicole says James is in love. She’s beautiful though, so why wouldn’t he be. Z says Nat said I hope things work out. She laughs. She’s America’s sweetheart. Michelle says sweetheart.. she has a potty mouth.. so I do I though.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 18-11-23-208

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5:20pm – 6:35pm HOH room – Corey and Paulie are talking. Paulie says James confirmed that yesterday. (DaVonne is going after the couples) Corey says if its 4 – 4 .. Me, Nicole, Frank & Bridgette vote her (DaVonne) out. Then its going to be Michelle, Paul, Z and James… its going to be like who’s team do you want to be on? James is going to be like I want to be over here (voting out Day) on this team. And so will Z. I talked to Tiffany and she said whoever ya’ll want out next week is fine with me. If you keep me in because they screwed me over, I will do whatever you want. I swear to god I won’t go after any of you guys. She wants the girls out. Paulie says yeah but she lies. Paulie says we’ll talk more. Frank joins them after his shower. He says she (Tiff) is not her sister (Vanessa). Paulie says my biggest thing with Tiff and maybe Bridgette is what if they decide to take a shot during the double eviction. Frank says they’re not going to go after us. Paulie says its different because I put her (Tiff) up. Frank says I put her up last week and now look at us. She’ll be the same way with you. We don’t have anyone to rope in DaVonne. Bridgette and I can rope in Tiff. Frank says plus I think her (DaVonne) in jury is a bad idea. If she’s in jury and we’re up against a girl in the end she’ll campaign to give to her. Paulie says both will go after a guy. Frank says Day is walking around with her nose up in the air thinking she is the sh*t. Day is dangerous already. Tiffany is not. Day is influential in the house, Tiff is not. Day has the ears of people in the house, Tiffany does not. Corey asks is the fatal five thing real? Nicole claims she doesn’t know anything about it. Frank says apparently she wasn’t in the room when it was first made. Corey says it sketches me out that she says she knows nothing about it. Frank says Day is dangerous. Frank says Day, Z, and Michelle ..they’re f*cking close. They’re a three legged stool, you knock one leg out and its a two legged stool that falls over. Nicole, Paul, Day, and Z join them and they talk about movies.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 18-08-47-336

7:05pm In the kitchen – Frank & Corey. Frank tells Corey you know we’ve got the votes. Lets just do it. (Vote out Day) She’s more dangerous.

7:35pm The house is pretty quiet right with a bunch of the house guests sleeping.

7:45pm Frank and BIG Meech talking in the living room. Frank and Michelle are talking. Frank says I honestly think it could be we send someone home and we have a pre-jury buy back situation. Michelle says that’s what I was thinking. That would suck. I want Jozea to come back. He would be funny. Can you imagine Jozea 2.0. After being blindsided as the first evicted. Frank says I would honestly prefer Bronte come back. She’s quiet, she’s not going to disrupt anything and we send her right back out. Frank says Jozea is too loud and annoying. He’s going to be pissed at everyone for lying to him. Michelle says exactly. Frank says who ever comes back is being sent home, that’s why I would rather it be someone quiet. There will be a buy back at some point. Michelle says it might be a jury buy back. Frank says it might be both. I would rather a pre-jury buy back and a reset.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-20 19-46-42-080

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He wants her out bad. They are fools if they don’t get out Tiffany first. Da hasn’t won anything. She is not a big threat like flip floppy Tiffany. She is a loose goose and they should be careful with her. She saying whatever and making any deal to be safe. I hope Paulie see’s through that crap.

Ruossos to Tiffs rescue

Why do you want Tiffany out so bad? It’s because you are jealous of her. your a frickin P*nis head idiot. Tiffany has an IQ over 140. What’s yours retard?


why do you feel the need to personally attack someone, because they don’t share your same thoughts??? so tired of people bullying other just because they don’t agree, grow up.


Vanessa, is that you? C’mon…. we recognized your dirty beanie…

Ruossos to Tiffs rescue

Its only dirty ’cause your mama uses it to clean her face


why do Tiffanys and Vanessa family feel the need to come on here and personally attack anyone who is against Tiff? Hey Ruossos, don’t you know that using the word “retard” is insensitive and uncalled for? Go back to your trailer home you bunch of racists!

Did you know?

I just found out that tiff and Vanessa father Armand Rousso was convicted for fraud and ponzi scheme. Apparently selling ice to Eskimos runs in the family. Tiff promotes her high IQ and said she is smarter than other players in house, but has not shown otherwise. Vanessa, not so good consistent poker player and not even a property owner wants you to believe she is rich and famous living large.

Still Not Cool

Your use of the R word is still not cool.


Corey is in love with Frank and not thinking clearly. Tiffany is an extra number for Frank. Dayvonne is a number for you fool! Day is obviously going after Frank and Bridgette. Corey has no other reason to vote out Day other than Frank said so. Nicole is an idiot cause she’ll do whatever Corey says. Paulie better grow a brain and say what a second… Dayvonne is with me and Zakiyah Tiffany is not…. hmmm


I think Corey’s reason’s for wanting Day out is because her and Nicole had that lil thing and now Nicole doesn’t trust her and yadda yadda yadda I think that’s his reason.


It could be an interesting vote tomorrow…plus I hope the team thing is finally over. The fact that a third of the house is untouchable is irritating me.


Finally Corey has a smart thought. Wow, I’m impressed.


I’m not quite ready to give that pat on the back just yet….because he could be just carrying Nicole’s water, rather than driving the train.

He will win me over when he talks to James 1-on-1 and sells him on voting Da out, using the info James gave Paulie (without explicitly exposing it), he buries Da, shows she’s a turncoat, a threat, and has to go pre-jury (using Frank’s talking point about burying the guys)….then when he goes back to Paulie and explains it’s a done deal, finessing him, but also staking ground as an equal partners who commands respect and who’s threats are just as important as Paulie’s

And he’ll win my undying admiration for injecting some entertainment and shaking the game up.


I don’t wanna be a mean girl, but every time I see Michelle she’s always eating…


It’s funny cause she hates people who aren’t healthy right? or maybe it was just people who are overweight. Maybe she has high metabolism

Powder Puff Girls

her eating all the time does not bother me it is her lack of table manners


Who is Michelle, is she playing BB ? 🙂
She’s the Victoria of season 16

Michelle the Food Guzzler

I know, right? when she eats, she literally gobbles up her entire hand. No manners for others. I was like the blueberries issue… she just dug in, getting her saliva all over her hands, eating blueberries and mixing them all together. nasty.

She always seems to be carrying around a pile of food, for a dietician who was crying the first week for gaining 2 pounds.


Wow Munchelle can eat. I watched her eating when talking to James in safari room when he said she was mean, and man she can eat….and whine…and eat and whine.


i really want Day to leave and then come back with the buyback, that’s the only thing stopping Paulie from
winning this show. I’m starting to hate Paulie because of his position in the game, if he wins this he is definitely a better player than Derrick.

This is big brother

I guess you haven’t watched. This show before,you can’t crown a winner in win 5, there a lot luck and how it plays out, don’t talk shit

Captain Crunch

I swear all these house-guest talk about is jury, jury, jury like they made it already thats why I wish BB would switch it up and either bring the jury number down or let the fans vote for the jury. Maybe that will actually make them play the game instead of just floating or using a showmance to make it to jury.


I think you have a great idea. I would love to see America be able to vote who gets into jury. That would make the game a bit more interesting.


america voting season 1 was such a disaster i can’t see cbs giving america that much power ever again. surprised the show wasn’t cancelled after how bad it was. mostly it’ll be stuff like team america where it doesn’t actually matter, maybe we’ll get america’s player/juror, but with voting by majority these days i think that player’s too likely to get exposed early on and cbs would be out a twist so i can’t see it happening either.

Enter The Dragon

I’m glad they don’t let America pick who wins. I hate that the other BB’s around the world do it that way. It always seems like a popularity contest instead of who actually out played people. The fact that BBCan and BBUS do it this way is what makes it stand out because you actually have to be some what nice to people(not always) and win stuff to get their votes instead of being some fool for the cameras and trying to force some character out of your personality that isn’t really there. IDK I like it this way.


BB should restructure the pay schedule. Your pay goes up more each week you stay in the house… You go to jury. Pay is 1/2 of your last week in. People would fight harder to stay in the game longer…


Cory out of nowhere is finally playing the game… atta boy!!! Go Corey get them votes to vote out day!!! Im sorry but i just dont see day doing much in this game, she had most the house but talked to much too fast and blew herself up quick… Hope to see you thurs with julie! Id rather see tiff stay work with frank n brig and see victor come back…

Corey's slippers

All we want is the girls out! Don’t matter who. Then Frank will be all ours!!!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Just got through watching tonight’s BB episode. Did I just see Corey showing Frank how he rolls by the way he handled that straw in his mouth? He might just flip Frank with those moves!


To be fair, I’m pretty sure production pushed Corey to start rallying to get Da out. I mean, the guy didn’t even know the rules of Big Brother two days ago, now he’s gunning to get Da out right after Nicole seemingly gave up on getting Da out? Sounds suspicious to me…
[Still hope the plan works though lol!]


BB Fun Fact: Corey”s favorite artists are George Michael, Liberace & Elton John.


I hope Da is voted out and tiff stays in the game, but I’ve seen this happen way too many times. production always force the houseguests right before the primetime show to create the added drama in who is staying, or who is leaving in the house.


Hopefully they can get Davonne out this week, so we won’t have a houseguest get evicted and come right back in [If Tiff gets evicted, she’ll likely come right back in, making this a snooze-week.]

I do love Tiff, Frank, and Corey working together lol! Remember when Dick and Kail worked together to get Eric out? Lol!


“Remember when Dick and Kail worked together to get Eric out? Lol!”

Umm, NO!,….lmao! Because that never happened!! Face palm


Yes it did. It failed, but that happened. You must be a newbie.

Flip flop

Another flip? Another flop? These people are all over the place!


This is how Vanessa got to the F3. Poor game play by others. See you in F3 Tiff

Powder Puff Girls

This is how Frank gets the job done he needs the numbers!

Crazzzy Stuff

You wish she will be in the final 3.


Not a fan of Tiff or Vanessa


Was anybody else annoyed with Nicole crying in tonight’s episode she really needs to go


OMG Yes! I sometimes I like Nicole, but she can be a whiny party pooper a lot.. Honestly I couldn’t imagine having to live with her in a house for very long without wanting to strangle her in annoyance.

Big Jim

I really didn’t have a strong opinion about Nicole in her first season she was basically worthless but I have grown to despise her this season. She cried after Corey went up then again when he won the POV because she “might” go up. I can’t stand her. At this point even when she adjusts her glasses it pisses me off. Someone get her out please

Get with it

Oh please, those tears were so fake. Production had a hand in that DR session.


More like a finger when they poked her in the eye. The DR stuff is beyond fake.


Da talks too dang gone much. She on the block but telling people about targeting the couples. She even told James and he’s part of a couple too. Jozea and his hat must have rubbed off on Day. He told Day he was going after the Vets that’s how he ended up on the block

sunny dee

half the house is a couple and she’s looking at one half a couple when she’s talking, she’s a complete idiot to have said that, and tries to cover up with a ‘oh, but not YOU’ or whatever she said about how no one would be coming after nat. he has to know that day would come after nat, she just told him she’d want corey out to get nicole closer, why wouldn’t he think she is out telling nicole ‘we’ have to get nat out in order to get james closer in again.

really, the only person who undermined and undid the entire idea of a Vets alliance was Day, by day 2 she was F2 ing everyone, and word talking about getting out this one or that one, without realizing people were in TEAMS and that by targeting 2 out of someone’s team she was trying to cripple their teams, which was not helpful to them at all.


Will it be Da going home tomorrow, or will it be Tiffanessa going home tonight? Doesn’t really matter which wench goes home, the other will follow, like scat being flushed down the toilet.


I disagree with you Donald, Tiffany should definitely go before Da. Da is bad, she can’t play the game and her emotions will get her out of the house. Tiffany is an animal of a different color. She is an A$$ braying at the wind. Teaming up with Frank makes her a bigger target. It was a nerd that got Vanessa out of the house and I hope that if Da stays this week, nerdy nutsack Paul puts Tiffany on the block and out the door.

Day is terrible at comps & social play

That is exactly right. Da has an ego the size of the moon, but she seems to have blinders on of her own behavior.

IMO, I dislike both Da and Tiff. Moreso Tiff. I wonder what kind of mess the Tiffanessa family was like being raised so entitled and spoiled with paranoia. They, mostly Da with the help of James just blew a stupid, but good drama, game out last week, by voting out a weak player. They deserve what they sew in a sense. Da couldn’t win a competition against a one legged houseguest in a running race. She plays her game badly, deflecting her own misjudgments onto others. If she was a strong player, they would be legitimate in voting her out, however she has no social or competition skills. Tiffany is just all over the place, and actually IS a threat, but they seem to have no clue. I figured James and Nicole would be smart, but apparently they are only there for the television exposure, because they are making terrible decisions. At this point, I WANT Natalie to win this game just due to the integrity she has played it. Others just sit and lie to America in the camera and Diary rooms, but Natalie seems to be down to earth. Even Michelle, who is a dietician, seems to be a fraud, because she has her hand stuck in her mouth full of food all day long. Bad table manners, and her plan was to force others on good diets. I’m betting she was the culprit of the vomit around the toilets with an eating problem.


The only thing Tiff won was RK and I think we all know how that happened. I agree with Frank Da is more influential. Nobody in that jury house will listen to Tiff. Slowly Frank is turning these people around. What will be funny is Tiff stays and her or Bridgette win HOH. That’s when we’ll see where Frank’s game is headed. By the way Nicole is terrible


Damn Tiffany could get saved 2 weeks in a row, she may be nowhere near as smart as her sister but she sure is lucky.

Ruossos to Tiffs rescue

Just shut up. She is not lucky, she was bred for this. You are nothing but an ignorant fool.

Shark Tank

All this name calling by Tiffany family how sad that is the only way you can get your point across. I have said some nice things about Tiffany and have said where I felt she made some mistakes. This is too much for me I can’t read any more. Like Shark Tank say am OUT!….Hope the Ruossos family understand the name calling is making them look bad and I can not and will not stand behind Tiffany with your behavior. So so sad!


Russos to Tiffs rescue….. Your hateful responses to people’s opinions are neither desired or required. I kinda like her, but you’re welcome to keep trying to talk me out of it.

How about some comments on the show? That is what this is about. All of our opinions are subject to evolve based on the behavior we see. You do Tiff a diservice trying to bully people through hate speech.

Powder Puff Girls

and all due to Frank in both instances, lol,

saved to spite Frank
Frank tries to save her to further his game.


can michell say something nice about bridget for once that’s why I want frank or briget to win hoh so michell don’t get her way I couldn’t never date a women like that she is so mean to bridget produdiction please let frank or bridget win hoh

Good joke

Michelle say something nice? Hahhahahaha


Save Da’vonne!


Simon, I am liking this least favorite poll!




Where is this poll I can’t find it


That f-ing Bridgette, I f-ing swear I f-ing never f-ing heard such a f-ing potty f-ing mouth on such a f-ing sweet, f-ing nice f-ing young f-ing girl. It f-ing makes me f-ing cringe every f-ing time she f-ing talks. I f-ing wonder if she f-ing talks that f-ing way to her f-ing patients, or when she f-ing sings. Someone should f-ing sit her the f down and tell her.
I am exhausted.

Paulie's Ego

This is going to be the best eviction yet! If Frank can flip the script and save Tiff, it would be an epic move. This would be a slap in the face to little Paulie and his big ego!


wow, da’s game looked so bad on tonight’s episode, not being able to control her emotions when corey won, then asking tiff what she was going to do and leaving instead of trying to have a conversation tricking tiff into doing what da wants? this is basic stuff.

i think da spilling alliances to tiff is what’s really gonna sink her though. everyone in the couples alliance should be pissed and want her out (even if paulie’s against it because he knows tiff will turn on him faster than da or frank — but for everyone else, da is probably the bigger threat with her loose lips. tiff doesn’t have nearly the kind of dirt da has on them). if they had half a brain, which i’m not sure they do, frank/bridge/corey/nicole/z should all vote out da then it’s a fight to control the floaters of james/nat/paul.


I’m sorry, but Nicole crying in the DR tonight made me shake my head. This girl is absolutely nuts over a guy she met a month ago. This isn’t a 14-16 year old teenager here, but a grown ass woman acting like this. Nicole and Z together give women a bad name. There is $500,000 prize here, and they are planning birthdays for stuffed toys, and crying because the guys don’t kiss them. Add to that the fact that they are the nastiest girls since Amanda and Gina-Marie. The behavior from Michelle as well is not right, and hope they get it back in spades. DaVonne……well I can’t even go there. She was a lying bitch her first time, and now she is just an older version of the same thing. I love her Dr.s but that is it. Paulie thinks there is no one who has an opinion but him, and can’t wait to see him taken down, and he will be. He is putting a huge target on his back. Corey I think is wising up to the fact that Paulie talks too much, and confides way too much in Paul and is uncomfortable with it. He is beginning to trust Frank a lot more and has said as much. Whatever girl goes this week, there is still plenty of game left, and I agree with Tiffany. She has blown up DaVonne’s game, just like DaVonne blew up Tiffanys game. All is fair in the BB house I guess. I just cannot wait for these nasty-assed women to get tossed out that door on their tweeking asses.


not get out Da!!!


Who does everyone want to see comeback?? I cant decide because I really dont want any of them to come back. I could handle Bronte coming back in but definitely dont want Jozea or Glen (I think he would be to boring) or Victor. Jozea would be somewhat entertaining but he would probably target people Im rooting for. This season so far I cant decide who I want to win yet. As of now I actually like the showmances, I mainly am rooting for Paulie & James. Paul has completely changed my mind of him. I couldn’t stand him the first two weeks I wanted him gone over victor but I think hes cooled his jets a little bit. Maybe I changed my opinion because he got closer with paulie and corey. Nicole bugs me sometimes when shr is to whiney or to out of touch on whats going on or smart about decision & conversations. I think corey is smarter then what we have seen so far. Frank I did like at first but now I dont care for him although I will give him props for being one of the few to be actually playing the game!!

Powder Puff Girls

It depends on who is going home,
if Tiffany I want Tiffany back.
If Da”Yvonne, I want Glen he is unbiased and fresh.


Glenn would be screwed again. Bronte would create a threesome with James and Natalie. Plus I think or at least hope James would actually start to play to win this game. James could get some power especially if someone took a shot at the other two couples next week.

Min O'Pause

I’m with you sister! Clean out the entire house. ALL of ’em. Then get a half dozen teamsters, a half dozen nuns and a half dozen Hells Angel’s in there and stir until the shit flies.
My money’s on the NUNS!


Save Tiffany!


Paulie has been given a million and one reasons as to why davonne is the bigger risk but he does not think logically. Stubborn and unwilling to bend is going to get his butt the boot.

Mister pickles

James is not a hillbilly Asian. He is an Asian hillbilly. You don’t get stupid from being Asian.


Nicole is a little rat. She wants someone to hide behind. I would rather see Corey win than her. At this point I am rooting for Nat. If she can stay under the radar and stop being a pawn, she might have a good chance at winning.


I totally get why Nicole and Corey want to keep tiffany, she is on their team….. If Tiffany were to win, they all 3 would be safe….. all three can play for hoh, roadkill, veto and if all 3 aren’t on the block, they can vote who to evict next…. Also, they know if Tiffany wins, she can do their dirty work for them….. they also are playing both sides, they don’t want to tick frank off a second week in a row, in case he was to win HOH….. they also know that if tiffany gets evicted, they could become targets because they are in a showmance…..


Tiff is not on anybody’s team but her own. She’s not trustworthy and will blow your game up


I agree. This is exactly why they should table the whole discussion on getting Da out right now. Take Tiffany out right now while the opportunity exist. Otherwise she’ll continue her fake crying spells and plot with Frank to get out any target Frank wants. Da will not win a single competition so she’s really no threat at all.


Zak, please tell us again how great you are at competitions. You haven’t commented on your amazing comp skills in about, oh, 30ish minutes.

God these people are insufferable.


I hope the next HOH puts up Paulie. He needs to go. Followed my Michelle. It’s ironic how Cody was charming and likeable in BB16, and how different his brother is. He’s so condescending and arrogant. Can’t stand his eyes either.

Wut Now

Bye Tiff. Bye Frank.

Bean Pot

Woman # 1: Corey is the jerkiest jerk-face that ever jerked a face!
Woman # 2: Corey wants to vote to keep Tiffany now.
Woman # 1: I’ve always like Corey!


Wow. That’s about all I can say about the Mensa members they cast this year.

Min O'Pause

Yep I doubt that the aerospace engineers at NASA aren’t worried that their jobs are in danger.


From what was posted on here, Tiff has an IQ over 140. She may be scuzzy and dumb but she’s not stupid. Just kidding, I don’t believe for a second that Tiffany is smart, she plays the game at the same level a Nicole and both of them are going out the door this and next week..


I can’t stand corey and paulie. They are such assholes and sooooo cocky. If paulie would talk while sitting on his hands instead of all the hand gestures, he might be tolerable. And corey is just too dumb. I used to like Nicole, but if that’s the kind of guy she’s into, I just can’t. Ugh!


Who do you guys think will renter the game?


Vic. And hopefully he’ll seek revenge on paulie.


Let’s face it Glenn would be screwed again as he would more than likely not fit in with the frat boys and mean girls. Plus he has no idea where anyone is in the game.

Jozea would be a pariah and I doubt anyone would dare work with him and he’d be right back out.

Victor may be good at comps but has no ability to read people. If he would do as Paul tells him, he might be able to do something but that will just put a target on both those guys.

Bronte would come back in and have Natalie and James to work with, plus she might still be willing to work with Bridgette and ironically Frank.

Tiffany/Da’Vonne would be right back out the door, the second they could be put up.

Victor and Jozea might make a more entertaining return but I think Bronte coming back would actually have the most impact.

Donald Stop

Donald its obvious its you claiming to be “Rousso Family” flooding the comments today and ruining every update. Grow up.


Is it just me or would Frank have an easier time convincing Paulie if he would stop saying Tiffany will do whatever Frank wants? That may be partly what Paulie is worried about since he doesn’t trust Frank anymore. He shouldn’t volunteer that she would probably put up Z either. That’s a number for Paulie and he doesn’t want her gone. Frank makes me laugh but alot of crap is going over his tall curly head right now.

Min O'Pause

PAULIE! Put your damn shirt on. I’m tired of looking at your man nipples.


Article 9, subsection 4a of his contract states that as a house guest that has abs he is required to display his torso 75% of his non-sleeping time in the house. If said house guest is in the perceived dominant alliance they may only wear something if it’s snowing outside.


Michelle & Zakiyah need to go… I cannot stand those 2 girls. Someone needs to put em in their place ASAP


Don’t forget Nicole and Bridget, especially Nicole


Hoping that Frank can rally some houseguests & flip this vote to send Day out the door tomorrow night. If Tiffany goes then I really hope she wins the buy back & follows that up by winning HOH. Either way, it’ll be most interesting if the person evicted tomorrow night is the one that gets back in the house!! Great season so far, imo.


I just read a interview with Cody on the current state of Paulies game. He is pissed he is in a “showmance”. Told him not to. Thinks he should make solid final two with Corey.

The best was “Paulies biggest downfall is he talks too much and doesn’t listen”

Cody I didn’t like all that much on his season but he is the more likeable brother. Not saying much:-)


#TiffForThe Win


Can someone please give me a quick update? Are they still trying to get out Tiff or has the target switched to Davonne? I’d appreciate it!


Next update coming..

Vote is 4-4 right now…


Thanks Simon. I mistakenly posted this question twice. Appreciate the update!


Paul acts differently when he’s around Paulie than he acts around Frank. I like him better when he’s around Frank.


Paul’s a rat like Andy and I don’t like him at all


Can someone please give me a quick update? Are they still trying to get out Tiff or has the target switched to Davonne? I’d appreciate it!


Sharing the same opinions or not, Day is obvs more dangerous than Tiff. If you believe otherwise you don’t know BB and areven just hating on Tiffany.


I know she’s not on the block but can they just evict Nicole. I’m starting to dislike her!

Crazzzy Stuff

Tiffany IQ 140 well you would not know it the way she is playing the game. She needs to go home. Bye Tiffany bye girl bye!


SAVE DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight on 2020

I just have to say I don’t love bridge but throwing away a girls cookies just because you don’t like her is some major bull crap. like that is so immature .hiding another girl stuff gorilla is so immature I don’t even know what to think about these girls I really wanted a girl to win this season but none of these girls these girls are way to catty and mean and I think a lot of girls are going to go home regretting a lot of things they’ve done for no reason . if I was bridge I would go to Michelle and tell her yes North Korea is going to blow the holy hell out of this country starting with your house baby To just scare the holy dickens out of her .I mean you don’t throw away a woman’s cookies that they spent time making .a woman should know that but we don’t have women we have children in the house children who obviously need a timeout so you know what if the boys want to throw them out let them ….