Corey “If a guy had s*x with more than 10 guys…” Nicole “Wait, you mean 10 girls?”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Bridgette did not use the Veto Nominations stay the same

Little has gone on so far this morning Live feed Updates will begin this afternoon. Any missed conversation will be added at that time.

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12:20am – 12:55am Kitchen – Zakiyah says I know a guy that’s number is over 70. Natalie says I want a guy that’s been with less than 10 girls. James says yes! Paul says he’s been with 8. James asks Natalie how many guys she’s been with? Natalie says 1 doesn’t count .. I want to erase from my memory. Paul says it still counts. Natalie says he cheated on me so I don’t want to count him. Natalie says it usually takes 6 months to a year before I have s*x with them. I’ve dated guys that I’ve never had s*x with. She says 4 of the 8 guys she dated she’s had s*x with. Paul says 5 of mine were long term relationships. DaVonne says she’s only slept with 1. Corey can’t believe guys would wait 6 months to have s*x. Zakiyah asks him if he would wait 6 months? Corey says no! DaVonne asks if the girl was a v!rgin would he wait. Corey says yeah that’s different. Feeders find me a virgin and I’ll wife her up. James asks who’s had a threesome? Natalie and everyone says no. James asks foursome?! Paul says I can barely satisfy 1 person.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 00-35-39-394

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12:15am – 1am In the bedroom – Big Meech and Nicole are drinking milk because they have stomach aches. Big Meech says well that was a fun day forgetting about game for a second. Forgetting about Frank plotting against me. Nicole says he’s plotting against everyone. Big Meech the boss.. president of the BB house. Frank Eudy! Paulie says its going to be a good next week. Big Meech tells Paulie that Frank wants your or Corey out next week. Paulie says yeah that’s his plan but if he can’t get us .. he wants Day out. I’ll f**king.. I would go up just to ensure I compete in the veto. Michelle says I would put him up with roadkill. Nicole says no, because then he competes in the veto. Paulie says or if he does and pulls himself down, then we just throw Bridgette up. Big Meech tells Paulie I wish you could hear the things he says to me. Like how he is going to send me home. Paulie says he’s just trying to be like Mike Boogie and Dr. Will. Big Meech says I want him to be a failure and be the first vet to go home. Tiffany says I want to get 1 HOH and get Frank out. Tiffany says at least I’m glad Bridgette won’t be able to compete in this next HOH because I think it will be a mental one. Corey joins them and Nicole asks him about what they were talking about. Corey tells them about their conversation. Corey says they were also saying that if a guy had s*x with more than 10 guys they wouldn’t talk to them. Nicole says wait .. you mean 10 girls? Corey says yeah.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 00-43-00-843

1:05am – 1:50am Big Brother opens up the backyard. Some of the house guests change into their bathing suits to get in the hot tub. They talk about random things like what are deal breakers for them in the people they’re dating and other relationship topics.

Meanwhile in the bedroom – Natalie and James are having girl talk. Natalie says I can’t believe Frank would put me up.. what a douche bag! What a tool! James asks you know who put Bridgette up week one? Natalie says Frank. James asks how do you know? She doesn’t know. Natalie says I know and I’m not going to tell her.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 01-23-43-391

2am – 2:10am Bathroom – Natalie tells Bronte if you want me to go on the block with you, I will! I will do that for you. I’m a true friend. I’ve been putting in a good word for you. Natalie says James trusts you more because he trusts me. If you ever feel like Paul is telling your stuff that you can’t tell me, I’ll respect it. But if I’m in danger give me a little. Bronte says I would never not tell you. I might think something means nothing but if you’ve heard something the puzzle pieces might fit together, so we just need to tell each other everything.

In the storage room – Paul tells Bronte to be careful of the guys she is talking to. That’s for you knowledge only. Don’t tell anyone else.

Paul, DaVonne, Corey, Tiffany, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle are talking about how Frank has gone to all of them telling them different things.
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2:15am In the bathroom – Paul tells Bronte not to tell anyone what he’s about to tell her. Don’t tell Natalie, Don’t tell Bridgette. The target next week is Frank. But you do not act different you do not talk different. The whole house is against him. The target this week is Tiffany, the target next week is Frank. There is going to come a time when I have to come to the three (Natalie, Bronte, Bridgette) of you and tell you that Frank is playing you. Frank is lying and manipulating the whole house. He’s going to different people and telling them different targets. He won the first bb roadkill and the third roadkill. He put you up on the block. Frank is manipulating the entire house. SO if you shut up and lay low, he will be out next week and you will make it to jury. Okay?! Bronte says okay.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 02-18-18-742

2:25am – 3:10amNicole says It might be to my benefit to keep Frank in this house. He’s not throwing my name out, if he doesn’t want to get me out, why would I want to get him out. He would be able to… I think if we got Bridgette out maybe he would be.. What would be best for my game would be for he and I to team up. I would be his number 1 and he would be my number 1. So that would mean we would need to get rid of Bridgette and Corey which I don’t necessarily want to .. Big Brother switches the feeds to a different cam.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 02-22-43-113
The feeds switch back with Corey talking to Nicole. Corey says I feel like I can go head to head with Frank in any comp. We can’t have Z or Day as HOH because we don’t want them in the POV comp. In a perfect world it would be me, Paul and Paulie competing in the POV. Frank would sh*t himself. Nicole says if you won the roadkill would you put up Day? Corey says yeah. Nicole says I just want Day to campaign against Frank. DO you think anyone is working for America. Because who was that vote the voted for Bronte .. I’m almost 100% sure it was Day or Michelle. Someone obviously is sketch because no one is claiming that. Nicole says I like that Frank hasn’t been throwing my name out. Corey says he has, he did before. Nicole says I’m going to feel bad about Tiffany going .. but she has to go. Corey asks what do you think about Z and Paulie. Nicole says Z likes him a lot and she gets jealous. Nicole says I like Paulie he is really honest. I want you, me, Paulie and Zakiyah to be final 4. Would you ever really take me to the final 2? Corey says yeah I would of course. Corey asks would you take me? Nicole says yes. DaVonne comes out and says she cried in the shower. I think you’re a really good girl, I’m glad our paths crossed and I hope we remain friends forever. DaVonne heads back inside. Nicole says I feel so bad now .. I said I feel like I can’t trust her. Michelle joins them. They talk about how they tried to safe Tiff. Corey says she is really convinced she’s staying. Tiff comes out and says I can’t go in the havenot room I’m scared!! Corey says oh my god.

3:25am – 3:30am DaVonne and Tiffany talk about Frank and how the plan is to get him out next week. Davonne says what he hasn’t factored in is that we’re comparing notes and sticking together. TIffany asks did he think he had the numbers to get me out? DaVonne says yeah Bronte before she went on the block said she would and so did Paul. I guess others too but they’re telling him what he wants to hear. Tiff says I’m going to get his a$$ first. Davonne says the plan is to throw me the HOH .. because he plans to put me up with the roadkill. We got the votes to get his a$$ up out of here! I want him to come campaign to me.. I dare him to come campaign to me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 03-21-28-454

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And the gay jokes just write themselves.

Mrs. Mac

Bah dum tss……

Corey's Face



Who is Big Meech?


I’ve heard it used before to identify her. Last night she did a rap off against Paul as “Big MEECH” Maybe it’s her persona when she gets drunk…


Best BBAD of the season last night. Except for watching Frank and Bridgette in bed together and seeing her fawn all over him. That was hard to take. Everyone else was celebrating Z’s bday…good stuff!


Completely agree. Those are my favourite after darks! When the houseguests are just having fun together.

Was Great

Was good, and the dancing, and Paulies sexy dance for Zak!


Bridgette and Nicole are soulless little Bloodsuckers who no woman should ever trust. They will always sell out to a man.


Do you blame her. Dayvon is ready to cut her. Did you see season 16? Christine her only true girl friend in the house sent her home. You can’t trust no one. At least she’s playing the game unlike the delusional Spy girls.


Nicole is trying to play the Scurrying Rat game like Andy. But that game requires more intelligence than Nicole has. She will not get The Cheese.


So the only ones who don’t know Frank is target numero uno is Frank and Bridgette. Nat has kept her mouth shut about info from the other side but will Bronte? I didn’t know Paul knew. It will be interesting to see if Bronte runs to Bridgette and if so will Bridgette run to Frank. It would kill the blindside but it could also make the next HOH comp an actual competition. So Frank no “throwing it” to someone to do your dirty work. Lets see if you are still Frank the Tank.


Yeah, Paulie told Paul last night but told him not to tell, where I think it was less than an hour before he told Bronte. Also when Paulie told Nic that he filled in Paul she wasn’t happy and now thinking of jumping to Frank’s side. If it all gets back to Frank before Thursday it might be Paul or Bronte leaving this week instead of Tiff.

Grandma G

Bronte already knew and her and Bridget already talked about it. Bridget was somewhat on board with it. With her performance with Frank last night she might be changing her mind but she was careful not to let the cat out of the bag (even while drunk). She doesn’t know it’s the whole house against Frank but she knows enough. Bronte was her only source so she would have to throw Bronte under the bus in order to spill the beans. I don’t think she will.

Tiny trump hands

Seeing that Bridget got way more information from Frank than what she gave during their pillow talk, I’m leaning toward believing that she’s using him as a shield to protect the Spy Girls as long as possible.


I’m not Dawg, but the reply box is saying i’m logged in as Dawg. I’ve tried opening in a new window twice and it still says logged in as Dawg. Even logging out didn’t work… hope that didn’t cause any problem? Yeah i’m a tech moron.
I’m one of the many anonymous.
So, Paulie jumped the gun and told Paul the entire plan against Frank. In front of witnesses.
Paul jumped the gun and told Bronte.
We all know Bronte is going to tell Bridgette.
We all know Bridgette is going to tell Frank.
And how do I get the strange feeling this will all turn into Tiffany went rogue and squeeled? gut feeling. Hope that gut feeling is wrong. She’s already been railroaded by exaggerations and comparisons to Vanessa. And yet figuring out that Paul can’t keep a secret or follow direction and Bronte has loose lips won’t factor into the decison i fear. Yeah, it’s complete supposition. But with the way things have been going with the entire blame Tiffany atmosphere for over a week, I’m thinking it’s entirely possible.


Agree! It seems there are some people, both in BB and in real life, that seem to be the “go-to” for the blame game.
ANNOYING! You walk into the room, all eyes look accusingly in your direction, you ask, “What?”, and the best line ever, “You KNOW “what”! (I’m still trying to work that one out.) Like keeping it a secret from you is actually helping to enlighten you. She has no chance to fix anything because she has already been judged and convicted. It will only get worse.

Grandma G

Tiffany has nobody to blame but herself. Her social game sucks and she doesn’t have any other game play. I realize it is difficult when you are on the block to think about anything but your own suvival but she could have gotten a clue from Paul and changed her game play. Vanessa didn’t do her any favors by telling her not to start playing the game until week 4 or 5 since some of the HGs started playing week 1.


She has tried- they exiled her because she did come off a bit aggressive and emotional at first (although its funny because Frank has made almost EVERY girl cry, yet they only think it is a big deal that Tiff cried over it). She tried building relationships with the other girls (Nat/Bronte) but got grief for that and then Bridge sold her out. She has tried being social and everyone gets up one by one and leaves her sitting by herself. She has tried staying away from people and letting them come to her, but then they call her weird for being a loner.

The real issue here is she is a 32yr old woman in a house with a bunch of immature mid-20yr old girls. Albeit she is socially awkward, but not to the extent these petty hgs make her out to be.

With that being said, one of their biggest complaints is that she is overly paranoid (propaganda spread by Day, Paulie, and Frank) and overly emotional. Ever since Day told her about this she has done everything in her power to hold her fears, suspicions, and emotions in. And to be honest, I think it is working. Nic is actually feeling bad for Tiff and has commented that she has been handling it well. I think Nic/Corey/Day will start the movement to save Tiff after this veto ceremony. Tiff’s only move is to play it cool and act confident.. if she starts getting “paranoid” (which it wouldn’t be because it is fact) about getting the boot and campaigns too hard that will just push them away. So to say she isn’t doing anything is false.. she has very limited moves and has to tread very lightly.

Min O'Pause

Hey Freud your slip is showing….(little “slip of the tongue, Corey?”)

Wake up Nicole...

Your boy Corey likes boys…we knew that from the first or second episode on CBS, from one of his DR sessions. This just may take her over the edge when she gets out of that house. I laughed so hard when I read the caption…


That doesn’t mean he is gay. He called Nicole Natilie the other day. It’s easy to mix up your words. Everyone is quick to make assumptions because of the first episode. Those Dr sessions are fake. I’ll say he’s one strange bird.


You are both bent & twisted. Your comments… wow… certainly are colorful.

Good for a laugh most times.


I think what is showing is that Corey walks bow-legged like a cowboy. This is due to his prolapsed sigmoid colon. It was abused by 10 guys at one time. So, in other words it was the slip of tongue(s) and other slimy organs. Take it like a man Corey, I mean take it like a wo-man.


Corey sure did let his love of boy cat out the bag! (not that there is anything wrong with that) Corey it is 2016 be who you are. I am sure BB is not the time or place to come out to your family but I am sure they must have a clue by now. Or maybe we are wrong and it was a simple slip of the tongue?


Hey it’s Corey’s business if plays for the other team. I think everybody had a clue after he fawned all over Paulie at the start of the season and burned a hole in Franks a$$ in the shower. Maybe we can get a Paul and Corey showmance!


omg. I knew the boys telling Paul the other night about the plan to get Frank out was a huge mistake. Now he’s gone and told Bronte! I was so surprised that dumbass Frank still has no clue, but that’s about to change! Why can’t any of these people keep their damn mouths shut?!!


He will probably find out right before Thursday’s ultra physical and individual HOH comp. I was right that a teammate could not kill the team by throwing it last week. Frank is still a production pet, but Da’Vonne is as well, will be interesting to see how they handle this moving forward.
I will see this season did get a whole lot more interesting over the last week, it was off to a terrible start but starting to turn it around because Frank is a jerk.

Big Brother Is Life

There was nothing wrong with Paul telling Bronte. Paul need allies and his best bet is the spy girls. If somehow they get in power Paul needs them to go with the Frank plan and not target him. But also the entire House needs to make sure they don’t tip Frank off at all and telling Bronte brings in the spy girls cause let’s be Bronte is the brains. She will tell Bridgette to not trust him and Natalie will agree after being the one who does receive info from the other side. But Paul is positive I think Bronte will tell the spy girls and she needs too. The whole house needs to be against Frank for this plan to work but also they can’t give off shit. So only way I see things could be wrong is if the girls mistakenly say that someone mentioned wanting Frank put that isn’t Tiffany. If they tell Frank that then he will be paranoid play hard in the HoH and RK and we all know what happens win frank plays hard in a competition.


I’m not bothered by Frank’s game play. So what, he is lying to a few people…They don’t know his true alliance but I believe he said on cam today that he wants Nicole and someone else as final three. This isn’t let’s make friends people, this is BB. With that said why is it ok for everyone else to promise finals with everyone else, and lie to others but since Frank does it, it’s wrong? One sided much? On another note, this cast, although more tolerable than the guest from the past three years, seems so stupid at playing the game. Even James… Liked him in his season, but this season he appears to be just a sap, lounging all day with Natalie. All Nicole is thinking about is Corey and occasional game talk which, like her year, will amount to nothing… Tiffany, is a replica of her sister, just more transparent. Bridget, Brontë, and Tiffany seem like they were extras who lost their way to a fairytale move, voices and all. The rest need to focus on the ones that are going to slip through the cracks and win BB. We all know that in BB, it’s those ones that no one is pushing attention to, that slip by and win. Just saying.


Of course lying is part of BB, I don’t think that is anyones ‘rub’ with his actions. It is the fact that he is lying to everyone indiscriminately and without any real strategic purpose. Simply telling everyone different lies/targets without any real purpose does not constitute good game play, especially when those people have the ability to compare notes. Also, it is his brash arrogance towards his own game and abilities combined with his constant insults of the other houseguests that makes him a target of distain.


Frank is so confident (maybe over confident) but also complacent. He’s allowing people the time to talk with one another and they are comparing notes and finding out all of the “promises” and deals with everyone. Yes, that is game play, but his fatal mistake will be his complacency and overconfidence.

Franks Farts Are Juicy

I would say lets wait and see who puts Frank up first. I think it’s going to look a lot like last year with Vanessa. Everyone is going to be waiting on someone else to do it and next thing you know he’s final 3. Da and Z are not winning comps anytime soon and Tiff is gone this week. As much as people in the house despise him he can talk a lot od sh$t. He will turn it around when Bronte spills her guts and he finds out.


Yeah it’ll be interesting. Davonne talks a lot about who she’s going to send home for someone who has yet to win a single competition.


If i’m being objective, it isn’t Frank’s game play that annoys me in and of itself. The actual moves he is making aren’t so offensive.
His lack of insight into the current mindset of the house is a flaw.
His lack of understanding in how far you can push people in order to maintain alpha position in the pack is a flaw.
Basically the strategy of creating suspicion and suballiances while trying to control the moves other people make isn’t a bad game strategy, but his less than stellar social understanding of his own identity within the house, and his lack of perception in how far he goes/hard he pushes isn’t a good social strategy.
There’s a reason dictators have a militia. Frank basically told his militia he was going to put them in front of the firing squad, and told the firing squad they were going to be put in front of the militia. Easiest way to guarantee a coup.

Saving Tiffany

By evicting Tiff this week, the hg are giving Frank exactly what he wants.
Imo, just because no one really likes her, she would be a good person to keep around.

Tiffany has to go

In order to keep Frank in the dark about a possible blindside next week they have to get rid of Tiffany. If Frank thinks Tiffany is going home and the house votes out someone else, don’t you think that is kinda a big tip off that something is not adding up? They would have no chance and getting Frank to throw the HOH or any comp for the rest of the season


Ooh, good point. This is why I could NEVER survive on this show. The ability to think ahead and see everything from everyone’s point of view while everything is constantly changing (when also under so much stress). Also probably why I suck at chess. I thumbs down myself.

Yes but...

If they are playing on teams, Michelle or Paulie can just throw it, no? Minimize his chances of getting HoH. Even if he knows everyone is gunning for him, what is he going to do? He only really has Bridgette. And so getting rid of Bronte is smart because she’s a wild card. Basically everyone else in the house would be down to get out Frank, including Tiffany. Plus Tiffany is a vote for anyone in the 8-pack except Frank. Why wouldn’t you want that number? Frank is going to eventually find out he’s a target and when he does he’s going to go after his own alliance. Wouldn’t it be smart to have Tiffany as a number on their side? And get rid of Bronte (a potential # on his side)?


Tiffany is unbelievably dumb: She sits there, listens to the super-secret plan to oust Frank only if they can do it without him knowing anything until it’s too late, then hears that Frank is certain the votes are there to send her home. If she combined these statements, she’d realize keeping her is going against Frank, showing they lied to him and confirming right before the new HOH that he’s far from safe, thereby negating any blindside, the very thing everybody is demanding before they go after Frank.

The best part is even if she’s not beyond stupid, she has to think she can’t point this out because maybe they won’t vote to keep her, which makes it so easy to evict her. The most obvious inconsistency is the one both hope the other doesn’t notice….


I love Nicole so much I would marry that sexy nerd and Corey is a tool, I think he’s a gay tool but a tool


I too would love to marry Nicole. She’s short, sweet and petite, has a brain (can’t become a nurse without one). My only complain about her is her whiney voice.
She keeps saying that Corey is just a friend. Does she know something about him that the rest of us think we know, that he’s gay?


Having been a nurse for 17 years I can tell you I have worked with many dumbasses. Be a patient Im,a hospital for any length of time and you will see. Nichole is the classic “I became a nurse to marry a doctor type”. Bridgette actually seems smart and lives being a nurse. Last I read Nichole hasn’t ever even worked as a nurse.

Fuzzy Num Num

And here it is. Too many people in on the great “plan”. And Nicole starting to get the idea that the great plan isn’t really a good plan for her. And still Vaniffaney is clueless. Frank will know by tomorrow night, at the latest. Oh well the feeds should get lively.


Problem is I don’t think she’s brave or savvy enough to implement her spot on observation. The savvy move is to walk people back, to express the reservation how Frank gone doesn’t help Da and Corey. Help them see selfishly that Frank staying helps them, that he won’t have the votes to make a backdoor move against them individually, then Da can work Z, Corey Paulie, and her Michelle. Then maybe leave James out there on his own, not completely cluing him in that Frank’s ouster will wait, so him and Frank can butt heads, dragging Natalie and Bridgette into it, and the chips fall where they may.

And she lacks the courage to make any big move, much less just finding some way to clue Frank in that others are after him. And it’s the lack of courage that makes her a safe bet NOT to win

Fuzzy Num Num

Agreed. She doesn’t have the courage to do anything. Except, she has the courage to whine under her breath to Frank, “ooooh, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen”. And Frank with put his arm around her and say ” don’t worry Nicole, I’ve got your back, tell me what has you upset”. Then that’s the cue for her to spill everything. These people are to chatty to keep a secret from anyone who isn’t totally clueless and or so narcissistic that they only see life as a mirror, Jozea,Victor, and Vaniffaney.


Nic is trying too hard to be a mastermind and it will be her demise.. I mean it makes perfect sense to send home an ally just to please a guy you now have suddenly decided is smart to take to f2 only after turning him into the number 1 target in the house- genius! I hope Bronte wins hoh and puts her on the block for her stupidity.


Frank is playing the game. Paul has surprised me at how he has turned himself around. I hope they get BRONTE out and keep Tiffany to target FRANK. If Day was smart, that is how it should be played out. Should Bronte spill to Bridgette (Gidget), then they could twist it and say it was a lie to target Bronte or Paul. Could be an interesting week. The next HOH will be interesting. Now if Frank goes out he would be the 5th BATTLEBACK person. Interesting. … production — make them STOP throwing COMPS and if they do, they are automatically HAVE NOTS for the remainder of the season.


Nicole and Corey want to keep Tiff but don’t think anyone else does. Da wants to keep Tiff but hasn’t discussed it with the rest of her alliance. Michelle seems good with keeping Tiff. That means they only need one more. I know Zak does not want Tiff but if the whole group talked strategy I think at least one of them would agree to it. They can include James so he isn’t blindsided but tell him he doesn’t need to be one of the ones to vote Bronte out so he doesn’t feel like he’s going against Natalie. On the flip side of that, Bronte (other than her voice) is the least annoying of the Spy Girls. I would prefer to see Bridget go over her. And I like Paul so I don’t really want him to go but since Paulie jumped the gun and spilled all the secrets getting Paul out might be the smartest move.

As for the comeback-as of now we have Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Tiff/Bronte/Paul and ?(hopefully Frank). I know Glenn was a nice guy but he’s too far out of the loop. I don’t think it would add anything. The only reason for Jozea to come back would be because it would be fun to watch him annoy people, but I don’t think his strategy would convince anyone to team up with him this time around. I would like to see Victor come back, but only if Paul is still in the house. Otherwise he would have no one to work with and be right back out the door. Maybe Paul could be the peace maker between Vic and Spy Girls at least as far as using each other for votes. Out of T/B/P-If Bronte is evicted and comes back she would still work with Spy Girls. That’s good for her but I don’t really want to watch that. If Tiff goes and comes back she will realize everyone lied and then she will be overly paranoid. I could see her working on a week to week basis and maybe lasting a little while but I think everyone would be afraid of what she would do and she would still be a target. If Paul goes and comes back that means he is exactly where he’s at now-alone. He won’t have Victor or even Jozea as a number 2. He is expendable to Spy Girls and to everyone on the other side. It sucks because I like him more than most people in the house. The thing is, I don’t think any of them coming back will have a major impact on the game itself. The best odds would be for Paul to be safe this week and Victor to come back. It’s still a longshot but between them they might be able to pull off a couple HOH and/or POV wins.

Now-if Frank goes next week like they are planning, that’s where I am really torn. Obviously I don’t like him and I would never root for him to get to final 2. However, as a feed viewer, I like drama. The last couple years I barely turned on the feeds unless they were showing an endurance comp because they were predictable and boring. Great feeds come from the line in the sand, the constant power shifts, trying to get a big target out every week. And much like a soap opera, the best thing to create drama is having a strong villain that you love to hate. Frank is that villain.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole doesn’t want to keep Tiffany. Corey did say they should but Nicole has not. She is hardcore “tiff needs to go”. Has been all along and has NOT changed. Nicole sucks. Just admit it and move on.

You can type a long post that I didn’t even read to say different but it doesn’t make any of it true just because u keep typing it.


Last night Nicole said it would be better for them to keep Tiffany. She changes her mind a lot. And if you didn’t read the post how do you know what I said. BTW-I may have opinions of what I would like to happen personally but that has nothing to do with what I said about what is currently being discussed among the house guests. As of last night, that is where Nicole’s mind was at.


Corey said it would be better to keep Tiffany not Nicole.

Maybe Nicole will vote to keep Tiffany but as of now she is pushing for getting Tiffany out. Last thing you see
Nicole said in this latest recap…”she has to go”


Actually Nicole brought it up first in the Nairobi room during the Outback dinner yesterday. “Why are we getting rid of Tiff when she wouldn’t put us up, this is a numbers game and DE is coming up soon.. Bronte would put us up during DE, Tiff wouldn’t” She is nervous however that Day will say they should save Tiff only to setup Corey and Nic. The last thing she says is in a whisper “I want Bronte to go”.

I watched the Corey/Nic/Michelle convo last night: Michelle “It is best for our game to vote out Tiff” Nic “Is it though??” Corey “Lets wait until after the veto ceremony to discuss this more”

If Nic is smart and really does want to try and work with Frank to the end, her best bet is actually to save Tiffany because it will freak Frank out and get him to fight for HOH, saving him for the week without Nic having to be the one to tell him the house is after him… we will see though- the next 2 days should be very telling now that Veto Ceremony is underway


Thank you. That’s what I heard too. I just figured it was easier to give up because I actually was not trying to start an argument. I was just talking about what Nicole was saying when I had the feeds on. As far as who wins their way back, I was trying to guess what would or might happen with each of the possible players and which one might have the best chance of influencing the game. I have learned that some people just like to disagree. If I said there are currently 13 house guests I’m sure someone would tell me I was wrong.


Wrong, wrong, wrong. NICOLE SAID IT TO COREY. And Corey said he didn’t care if they kept Tiffany. Go back and watch it again. I did. And the original poster is correct.


Don’t worry about losing the drama if Frank goes next week. In that case I think the script reads that Frank gets voted out only to re-enter the house.


I am getting a weird read on Corey. Not about the “gay or not” question. I don’t really care about that (unless it hurts Nicole in some way). But I get a strange “gossip” kinda vibe from him. Like he is always watching, exaggerating about people’s behaviour and judging them – maybe it’s just me. Or maybe I am now turning into that exact kind of person that I am complaining about. (ARRRRGGGHHH!!!) Lord, say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think bronte till frank so he could not put up nattile watch


True to form Nicole.
On June 28th (in the storage room) Nicole made a final 2 deal with Frank… then she gets on board with her alliance to evict him / campaigns to influence others to evict him… then she feels guilty… thinks Frank hasn’t said her name as someone he is targeting so maybe it isn’t best for her game for him to go.
On June 27th (in her HOH) Nicole made a final 2 deal with Da’Vonne… then she talks about when to evict her… and says she feels guilty but she doesn’t feel she can trust her (Da’Vonne).
We only ever really know ourselves and we decide who other people are and what they are capable of based on our own projections of belief, bias and what we know about our own character… Nicole, you entered in to two separate final 2 deals without being completely committed to either one. Because you were dishonest and are not committed you expect they are the same way. You think your gut is something providing you with insight into things outside of you when it is really just expecting others to do what you do… you believe others are playing you the same way you are playing them.


Because the others ARE playing Nicole in the same way!! Da and Frank have both said she will need to go soon.


This is the first year I have found this site. Love the updates. I read most of the comments but haven’t dared to leave one myself. Most of the people on her seem nice, seem to care about the show and a lot of you are funny. But there are a few who just always seem to want to pick a fight or disagree just to disagree. I get that everyone has their own favorites and their own opinions and stuff but sometimes someone will just say something about what someone in the house said or who is in an alliance or something-not even an opinion-just an observation of something that actually happened and people start insulting them, disagreeing with them-how do you disagree with something factual that was on the feeds?-accusing people of being Frank’s girlfriend or Tiffany’s sister or Paulie’s brother-I’m sure those people are not on comment sections of Big Brother sites.
Some of the sexual comments about some of the girls and the borderline racist comments are really disgusting. Freedom of speech is a right but I wonder if some of the people being so rude and nasty would have the courage to do this if they were not an anonymous nobody hiding behind their computer.

I’m sure I will get lot’s of hate for this-probably from the same people who troll you tube to leave hateful comments.


Heya WhereisKaysar,


It’s always a struggle to maintain the comment section. Some people always deem it necessary to troll and each and every year I have to spend hours weeding through and getting rid of them.
If anyone has identified a person that is sending out consistently inappropriate comments please email me at and i’ll look into it.

Thanks and Glad you are enjoying the site.


Thank you for the welcome.


Kaysar will always be my favorite!!!


Kaysar is my favorite too. I also have a soft spot for Crazy James.


Welcome, WhereIsKaysar.


If you say something I don’t like, I’ll resuscitate you and shave off your eyebrows!


Welcome! Yes, it can be a minefield out here.
I recommend speaking your piece and seeing who responds and how. You will learn which you can relate to or not. Biggest weapons here are Simon, Dawg and ignoring the nasty posters. They do it for reaction and a fight (as you already noticed) and ignoring them leaves them powerless, screaming at their laptops like lunatics, while we all calmly move on, laughing at the visual of them at their computers.



Welcome WhereIsKaysar!

I found this site to be the best for reporting by Simon & Dawg. They are aces!

I agree with Confuzzed….ignoring the offensive is the best thing to do. It probably frustrates them if they don’t get thumbs up or down.

I do find some people’s analysis to be very informative. Gives me a different perspective.


Welcome Kaysar. I’ve been a fan of this site for 3 or 4 years and I still don’t get why people mark thumbs down when someone asks a question.

Paulie is a b*tch

Paulie is a idiot thinking Paul is on his side fully. Paul is a little rat who runs his mouth to everyone. Paul is still butthurt over Jozea and Vic his boys leaving. Don’t think so? Why he is running around ratting everyone out?

Paul can’t be trusted for shit. His thought is he is sitting pretty right now with no one targetting him which is true because Paulie Nicole and Zak are total morons. Frank not targetting Paul yet because he sees him as easy to manipulate.

Paulie thinks he is has Paul in his backpocket along with James Corey Zak Day Michelle. Paulie has no one on lock but Zak.

Bronte needs to go this week or Frank keeps steam rolling. Paulie wants Day to be HOH and get out Frank. Smh. Umm Nicole Corey and Paul and Bronte and Natalie and Bridge arent voting Frank out.

Paulie you little meat head. U keep talking about Cody said how easy it was for him so u think it”s going to be “smooth sailing” for you too. Cody road on the back of someone thru the whole game. He did nothing. Where is your Derrick? Paulie you are a little dumb ass. Period.

Big Brother Is Life

Um if you haven’t realized Paul is alone. He don’t need to have any loyalties to anyone. Someone tells him something he damn right should go tell someone else cause then look at this. One side doesn’t think Paul told and one side knows he told. So he has now some trust with both sides. Paulie thinks he has Paul and that can definitely manifest if both last longer. Paulie will need a new Frank’s bad Paul van replace it. While Bronte is leading commander of the spy girls and right now are on the bottom just like Paul is having her trust can help him when one of the more smart SGs win HoH.

Once Paul has some ally’s then he doesn’t have to to be a rat. But the guy is alone so when someone gives him cheese he will take it, eat it, and tell someone else how good that cheese was in hopes that person one up the other and gives him better cheese.

Translation: Until Paul is finally not on the bottom he needs to rely information back and forth between the house hoping to gain some loyalty to certain sides. When there is some loyalty developed soon more loyalty comes and soon more and boom a full born allaince.

The only good thing with Paul is no one wants him out. Yes he’s on the bottom but no one wants him out. Targets in the house is 2/3 of the SGs (Bronte and Bridgette), Tiffany and Frank. Paul is an expendable but soon he won’t be one and that will be due to him being a rat.

You may not like that game play but if he has to play like that to be able to advance from the bottom then so do so.


I agree. Paul relaying information (especially to Bronte since Spy Girls also need numbers) is his best chance because he has no alliance. Tiffany does/did have an alliance so she has not shared information that she could have and will most likely be evicted.


As odd as it may sound Paul is pulling ahead as one I may root for. He made a horrible choice in aligning with Jozea. Victor might not be too bad but he’s blinded by the pile of crap that’s spewed in the house. Paul realized this a little too late, but he survived and is now recovering well.
Paul is playing a low key game but people are starting to tell him things and listen to him. He may have had to rebuild some connections but he’s doing it better than many of the others. I think he’ll avoid getting HoH or PoV the next couple of weeks to stabilize his connections. He has potential, especially if he gets road kill.

Al Castillano

Did Corey just say he had sex with ten guys at one time or 10 guy separately?


HGs need to make up their mind!

The BB house is overflowing with information (factual, perceptual / inferred and fabricated)… no matter what choice we make there will always be information that supports the choice and that does not support the choice. If we do not make our own choice then others will make a choice for us… and impose it on us.

It seems a lot of HGs never actually make up their minds on anything so they are thrown off by every bit of information regardless of its nature.

The Roach Coach

NatNat is the sexiest guy!
Lastnight Nicole was looking sooo good when she was dancing, Those were some smoking hot Guys….errrr… girls.
Common mistake I guess…


Paul probably just screwed his game by telling Bronte. Does he not realize he’s still a nom. He should have kept it to himself until after Thursday. Now when it gets back to Frank and the rest of the house, they could keep Tiff and vote Paul out. Tiff is a vote to get Frank out next week if he is a Nom.


If someone comes up to you and says let’s be final two together what are you going to reply? No thanks? You pretty much have to agree or then they know your not on their side… the best thing for Tiffany is still happening in the house, letting Frank find out that he is a target, that should shake the house loose a bit where Tiffany can discover she doesn’t have the votes to stay and then can start campaigning …. Bronte telling Frank it came from Paul.. then maybe Tiffany can push the target to Paul, that would be the only hope. She has to figure out she isn’t safe first though.


Roadkill winner should be ineligible to win it the following week. They should not be informed that they cannot win back-to-back Road Kill competitions to keep them all trying for it and not tip off the winners if they have chosen to keep it a secret. As it is it is possible for one player to have an unfair advantage in the game, nominating all of the people they want anonymously. It’s better than being HOH.

Butters Mom

The Roadkill is strictly for production to have some control in the game. They dont show you the time each one had so you dont know who actually had the best time… production chooses the winner. It doesnt really matter how they set up the rules if they are controlling the outcome.


Keeping Tiffany would be great because for once Frank doesn’t get his way. He’s very paranoid when it comes to her for some reason. Also,Victor coming back in would be good too. He would give Frank a run for his money. It still chaps Frank’s ass that Victor won roadkill over him. I don’t want Frank gone (yet) but anything that makes him uncomfortable is great. They should send Bronte out.


Would love for Frank to be Blindsided come Thursday with either Bronte or Paul being voted out. Bronte would be the best drama as Bridgette would will blame Frank for that.


In a perfect world Tiff wouldn’t be going home but by every passing day these people keep changing there minds especially Nicole first she wants Tiff out now she doesn’t make up you mind.
Paulie is a idiot tho why tell Paul it’s like telling bridgette and not expecting it to go back to frank if you wanted to tell someone the secret tell Natalie gosh Bronte will tell bridgette and bridgette will tell frank and he’ll play really hard for the hoh.
BTW who thought the team concept was a good idea I can’t wait till they play as individual players again.


I don’t like Michelle, but I love me some BIG MEEECH! She should get drunk more often lol


Simon or Dawg

See any possible traction to keep Tiffany? I’m behind. Just watched last night’s episode. At the end Da said it would be beat to keep Frank’s #1 target. Has Da started working on this or was that just another CBS edit?


I haven’t heard of anything yet.. I don’t think it’ll happen before the POV ceremony but I bet there will be a scramble at one point over the next 3 days she could stay it’s totally possible. ultimately I’m expecting Tiffany to be evicted. Her fans should not get down she’ll have a chance to get back in the game in a couple weeks.


The best move would have been for Tiffany to blow up the anti-Frank plot, and try to get Bridgette to use the POV and put up Davonne or Zakiya as a replacement nom. That would’ve been a fun couple of days. But if she didn’t know she’s in trouble, no reason for her to try that.

Now she probably waits until after the veto ceremony and then tries to work the girl-power angle to get the vote to go against Paul. I don’t see it happening though. Deep down none of these girls trust Tiffany and none of the guys are going to step up to defend her.


I like the people this season, but is boring so far….nothing really going on…

Keep on dancing

Please NEVER vote out Paulie !!! OMG he is so HOT! Such a gentleman and so gentle with Z. Plus I loved the lap dance 🙂


Bridgette did not use the Veto. Nominations stay the same
Little has gone on so far this morning Live feed Updates will begin this afternoon. Any missed conversation will be added at that time.


Spoiler alert! Oh, wait…that’s kinda why we’re all here.

Carry on, good sir!



Recovering Nicole and James fan

Nicole is the worst player in the history of Big Brother. And James both seasons creeped on a girl and spent all his time with her(meg last year. Nat this year) ultimately ruining his own game.

James is dirty. As the house guests say he only one who doesn’t do his dishes. Having that laziness and disregard for others really says a lot about his character. It really does.

Nicole is so thirsty for a bf both her seasons and such a whiney paranoid mess that she never has chance to win. Please never ask this girl back again she ruins seasons.

James as well. Please put this too players out to pasture BB. Never again.


I hate having to pull out my “Spelling With Chuck” book to figure out what the hell some people are trying to say 🙂

Too much time on your hands huh?

I didn’t know someone called the spelling police. Did you receive your plastic badge in mail yet?

It’s the internet moron. Most people are typing on cell phones and small keyboards. Mistakes happen. Go take a walk. Don’t forget your badge.


I’m in a wheelchair and can’t take a walk but once I receive that badge I will keep rolling along. Thank-you for the sound advice.


Many who are handicapped don’t see as a negative. They turn it to positive. Hope you do as well.

I would advise against callling out spelling errors in comment sections online. People use many abbreviations and many people are using touch screens where a misplaced letter here and there is not really a issue.

It comes off petty to even bring it up.


Vanessa is playing in World Series of Poker starting today. This is the big daddy of poker tournaments. You got that Nessa! Good luck!

Don’t hate. Or no please do. Nessa counting her millions while you cry about her:-)

#Nessa is a bad ass!


Maybe she’ll get third place…at least in poker it’s a payday.


I just turned on feeds. Camera #1 is fine but if I try to switch to 3,4 or quad it flashes back (I think last night). Do you know if there is something I can do to fix it.


From what I hear there’s a minor glitch with the feeds.. I’m away from my computer right now so I’m not sure about the particulars just that other people are having the same problem.

Try a reboot maybe that will help.


Alcohol always brings out the best in the BB House…


Season 10-After the half way dinner. They all went around the table to say something nice about one of their fellow house guests. Jerry called Dan Judas for the first time. Then….all hell broke loose. April vs. Keesha, Keesha vs. Libra, Libra vs. April and Ollie, Jerry vs. Rennie, Keesha running around the back yard screaming about how she hated everyone, Michelle wanting to fight with someone and feeling left out-she ended up sitting on the landing hiding behind a plant, Memphis just watching everyone and not saying a word. And the whole time Dan hid under the covers in his bed and would periodically look up at the camera and smile. Alcohol plus paranoid, stir crazy house guests was never as much fun as it was that year.

Gordon Ramsey

Hayden is loving this


Who is Da’Vonne’s true alliance? She was with Tiffany, but threw her under the bus. Her loyalty to Zakiyah waivers all the time. I know that Big Brother is about doing some backstabbing but you need to be loyal to your alliance. She has no foundation to build her house on. Just like the 2 silly little pigs who built their house out of straw and sticks. Her house is going to fall apart soon. Because she was too busy feeding her ego and was intimidated that someone would take her place as the Queen Bee instead of building a solid alliance. When her house falls apart she will try to turn to someone but they won’t be there because she got rid of them.


Like I’ve said before – Nicole starts to have doubts, out of everyone, that wants to get rid of Frank. Now she wants to keep him ONLY because her name is the only one not being thrown around by him. What a TWAT she is. So in the meantime she keeps him around and he picks off everyone in her alliances. I can’t stand Nicole. She needs to get her head out of her ASS and fast.
If they were all smart they would all keep Tiffany this Week and realize that it is their best bet to get Frank out Next Week.


No updates yet today???


Most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings we’re late getting the updates out. Non BB stuff gets in the way 🙁

here’s what yo missed…


yet celebrity family feud beats out BB again 3 weeks now!