BIGD – “I feel like it’s a Frenchie part 2 if that makes sense”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Kyland plans to take Claire off and put up Britini. Alyssa plans to not use her veto. As of right now, Britini is the target to go this week. I really don’t see that changing unless there’s a break in the cookout. Kyland intends to tell Britini she’s already threatened to “RIOT” if that happens.

10:26 am BIGD and his jokers
BIGD – Now I knwo how Fernchie felt.. We were like go talk to him and he’s like it is what it is.
Brit says Alyssa is not going to use her veto.
BIGD – For the first time ever I have the worst headache.. I slept pretty badly last night
Brit – I’m dead a$$ nervous right now
BIGS – I’ll be cool if he leaves the nominations the same I feel like he has all these other options
Brit is going to go tell Ky that all the people in the house that promised him safety last week are lying to him except for the jokers.
Brit – I’m pissed everyone is freaking lying to him and now you are up because everyone is lying to him
BIGD – I dunno.. I guess me and claire do need to go see him one more time.

DF says he feels like Claire is the pawn and he is the target
Brit – we have to get through today. I am terrified right now.. one of us. One of us is going up against you \

10:28 am Claire and Kyland
Claire – how was your night last night
Ky – it was good
Claire – how did you feel your talks went last night?
Ky – I feel like they went pretty well. Umm.. DX could not stop throwing you under the bus..
They laugh.
Ky – It’s like not.. I think it’s definitely an element of like.. seeing.. like next week will be interesting I get the sense we are pretty well-positioned and .. and.. well to be as candid as possible not going after the kings did potentially move me down their list and I don’t think it moved me up anybody’s list that is concerning.

10:37 am Alyssa and Brit
Brit – I have no idea after those meetings last night
Alyssa – he doesn’t tell ma anything at the same time I don’t want to know. Unless X is on the block I won’t use it.
Alyssa – if I had won the veto last week and used it on SB then Christian would have gone up how embarrassing would that have been
Alyssa – so I have a fear of using Vetos right now. Whatever Ky has planned if I try to mess that up he can easily put X up because of that. He’s not telling me anything that makes me not want to use it more.
Alyss a- ever since Christian left I’m at a clean slate in my game. I have not one to worry about other than X.

10:41 am Brit and X
Brit – it’s always when I’m not on the block I get nervous about going up

10:50 am Alyssa and X
X says if they win HOH they should try to get information but not “Grilling people”
Alyssa – I don’t want to Grill people. I should try and get information because I don’t have any
X – make it more conversational and then the information just kinda comes out. It feels like an interrogation.
Alyssa says she talked to Sb and she really doesn’t trust babyD “all the information she was getting about me was from BabyD he even tried to tell her the Kings, Him and Whitney made an alliance and Sb wasn’t in it”
Alyssa – Sb was like I already know about that
X – I want to know who was pushing the most for Christian to get backdoored
Alyssa – everyone except Tiff..
X – so that leaves all three of the jokers, the queens and Hannah
Alyssa – I said to Ky the only people I can fully trust right now is X and Sb.. I trust you (Ky) right now because you never put us up.
X says he doesn’t see BIGD talk much to babyD a little to Azah but he sees Tiff and Claire talking to babyD a lot
Alyssa says Sb will target BabyD if she wins HOH. Adds that during SB/Brits one on ones last week she told her she’s voting for SB to stay but will tell Christian she’s voting for him so he gets off her back.
Alyssa – that’s what pissed me off because Christian thought he had Brit’s vote for sure because of their Final 2.
Alyssa – if she is on the block that is what I am going to tell her

11:05 am BIGD, X, Azah, Alyssa
They talk about how late the meetings were last night.
BIGD – I dunno.. I dunno .. I feel like I don’t know what I’m going to say yet. I might say anything. I dunno. At this point, I’m mentally drained. I have the worst headache ever. I feel like sh1t this morning.
BIGD says he stayed up late end never talked to Kyland.
BIGD – I feel like it’s a Frenchie part 2 if that makes sense that’s what it feels like a Frenchie part 2 I don’t know what to do.. and ..when Frenchie was on the block when Kyland was HOH I remember begging Frenchie you should go talk to him.. you should go talk to him. He was just like it’s a waste. that’s what it feels like right now I can’t beg or plead anything. (LOL I thought he was meaning Ky’s HOH is like Frenchie’s HOH because he’s up so late every night but he’s meaning he feels like Frenchie did when he was on the block week2)

11:24 am DF, Azah and X
DF – I wish he would say the words. Hey this is what we’re doing this is the plan
X – keep you in the loop
DF says he’s not planning a special speech, “I’m accepting the fact I am going to jury”
X tells him to be himself in his speech.

DF says he’s told the girls (jokers) if he’s up with Azah or Brit they should vote him out. “I don’t want them supporting me I would rather just Chill and figure out if everyone else will vote me to stay”
Azah – that is what I am struggling with how the votes will vote. If I vote with you I think I will have to vote for you (to go)
X – it will be a similar vote to last week
X leaves.
Azah – I can’t vote for Britini. I can’t
Azah – do you have the votes to stay?
BIGD – X, Tiff, Hannah, umm…. I dunno I thought I did.
Azah – that’s why he’s a f**Er. With you up there, I’m f**Ing up my game either way because if I vote for you people will be like what the f** and find us out. If I vote for Brit you might not stay.

11:48 am Ky and DF
Df – I’m alright a little stressed. Here’s my thing If brit goes up you noticed that we’re losing three of the votes for me to stay.
DF – You can’t vote.. Azah can’t vote
Ky – Azah can vote she’s voting for Britini
DF – I don’t trust Alyssa nd SB I don’t with those two in the corner last night they were having this whole long a$$ meeting

Ky says that the purpose of the 6
DF – I don’t know Ky I’m nervous
Ky – we have the votes overwhelmingly
Ky – it will be 1 vote to 7 that is the numbers. We’ve triple checked everyone that is the vote
DF – Ky I am scared. This is a risky move. I don’t understand why we can’t sit Brit next to Claire
Ky – if we sit Brit next to Claire then Claire no longer trust me or Tiff then we won’t know who controls her
Ky says he knows what SB and Alyssa were talking about they were trying to decide if they will bring in me and run with the four
Df – those 2 are trying to build something
Ky reassures him he’s safe.

12:01 pm Feeds cut to pound kitties

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The Cookout is looking strong but Tiffany needs to go.

Monica Fletcher

It’s obvious anyone that’s not black is going to be evicted….it’s sad that a game I love has given in to the race game ….I don’t feel the players were picked this year by their personality, their love of the game or any other means they used to pick players in the house. What really bothers me is race wasn’t a reason to evict players in the house before this season…. now it is all about race!!! The cookout is not even concerned about anything but race…. So it doesn’t matter if this is the first season that a black person won cause Big Brother gave them that win …. The game should always be about the person not about the race….

Heather SD

Famous last words to a pawn…”you are safe”. Wouldn’t it be something if DF went home? The Cookout would freak!

another name

Currently, on Biiiiiig Brother….

look at pretty flowers brit.jpg

ICONIC meme of an ICONIC episode/moment of The Walking Dead.

Thank you for this.