“The more I think about talking to him the more I feel like vomiting internally”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

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SPOILERS Britini is being evicted as of right now. I don’t see this changing.

2:24 pm Tiff and Claire
Tiff – I want DX to fix me a sandwich
Claire – I just want us to ponder it. I feel like Hannah also wants to ponder it and I kinda think DX might be pondering it
Tiff – here’s the thing we keep Britini Ky is against us
Claire- what if we can flip ky
Tiff – he seems to have this so umm.. planned out in his head.
Claire – true
Tiff – everything except for putting you on the block
Clarie – that was planned too
Sb joins them
Tiff – I guess we talk to him and see where his heads at if britini is the target
Sb says brit is the target.
Tiff – I never want to be on the wrong side of the HOH..
Sb essentially says if they vote out DF they lose Ky.
Feeds cut.

2:33 pm DF, Claire and Tiff
DF complaining about Brit going on the block and Alyssa not using the veto. The knife hit him when Brit when up. Says it makes no sense, “I feel like I’m still the target.. Britini doesn’t do anything other than Jump around and have a good time”
DF – I feel like his HOH is over now that this is done he doesn’t have a vote why do I talk to him (it is a tie vote week so unfortunately Kyland still has some power)
Tiff – there is a lot of time between now and Thursday.. take some time. The Day is nice outside

2:40 pm “The Day is nice outside”

2:43 pm Hannah and Claire
Hannah explains the Deal Brit and Ky had this week. According to Brit He was going to keep Brit safe for the week and in turn, she will keep him safe for 2 weeks. She confronted him right before the ceremony he added “if everything worked out this week you won’t see the block”
HannaH – he’s so arrogant he doesn’t see it
Claire – he said I’m set up fantastic Claire
Hannah brings up asking Ky what he thought the house was going to think of him when he threw the veto to Alyssa. He said “Something along the lines of.. If people had their doubts about me before they’ll continue to have their doubts but.. I feel good with everyone that I need to feel good with.. What a cocky a$4hole”
Claire – he said I feel good with the kings and you guys
Hannah – I understand why he put up you and BIGD Kinda .. he could have gone with Azah..
Hannah adds Ky destroyed Claire’s trust and had to rebuild it twice. She’s not sure this was worth it
Claire – it’s like, he threw me over the cliff then threw me a rope, then he cut the rope that was him throwing the veto then he was like here let me pull you up aren’t you so happy I pulled you up
Hanna – he was the one that pushed you over

2:52 pm Brit and DF (I’m still waiting for the RIOT)
Brit asking America for a power “I’m sick of being picked on in this house”
Brit – four outta six America.. four outta six weeks I’ve been on the block can’t catch a break..
brit – I’m so pissed..

2:55 pm Tiffany and hannah
Tiffany brings up her conversation with Claire in the HOH. Claire has been asking questions about what they should do. SB walked in on them and said KY want Brit gone and if you take out DF you’ll lose KY.
Tiff pointed out then they become Britini’s jokers and Claire agreed it wasn’t a good idea. “It all worked out”

Tiffany – Sb is on board and Claire knows we can’t lose Ky for Britini because then we become on britini’s side
Tiff – the only thing that can get her to change or reconsider it is if DX reconsiders it
Hannah – which he has..
Tiff – I’ll somehow deflect

3:05 pm Brit to the cameras
Brit – I’ve been here before I know what to do. Y’all call me the block queen, for now, reason honey I’m going to earn that title now if the block’s how I’m playing the game then the block is how I’m playing the game. I need to find a way to stay and I’m not going to stop until I do.. that’s it.
Brit – his speech was very arrogant to me and it was disrespectful and it made him look very bad..

3:22 pm Brit and BIGD
DF says if he’s still here next week he’s taking out Alyssa.
Brit – I think he doesn’t care which one of us goes as long as one of us goes.. that’s my assumption the more I think about talking to him the more I feel like vomiting internally

3:41 pm Chit chat in the backyard

3:55 pm DF and X
Df says it’s scary being on the block right now because they don’t have the votes in the cookout
X – it’s either going to be unanimous or she will get A vote
DF – I ned a f**** drink and a smoke

4:19 am DF and Azah
Azah says Kyland is definitely a target now outside of the cookout. Brit is letting everyone know about their deal.
Feeds have been cutting.. when we’re back Brit is with them
Azah discovers Df has a “third nipple”
DF – it’s a mole or a mark
Azah – are you certain
Df is adamant it’s not a nipple because he doesn’t feel anything.
DF – the jokers had a good run maybe one of us will win I hope.. so we can laugh.. they tried to get us out but guess what joker ended up winning.
Brit – I’m so emotionally exhausted
DF – I need a drink.. that’s all I need is a drink


4:45 pm A beetle appears in the back yard and of course, a bunch of them freak out. X tries to catch/kill it.

4:49 pm Df tells Tiff he thinks the next HOH is slip n slide and with that competition, he feels confident. Tiff thinks there are too many people in the house still for that competition
DF – everyone thinks me and you don’t like each other I’m going to keep it that way

5:30 pm Alyssa and DF (Feeds seem to be cutting again)
Alyssa saying they sent the number one target home last week if they would have kept Christian on DF/Brit wouldn’t have been put in this spot.
DF – I trusted the wrong person
When we’re back from some feed blockage.
Alyssa – you said you guys don’t get along?
DF – me and Tiff? NO
Alyssa – you guys didn’t squash it?
DF – I mean like we’re cordial she knows she can’t act out it’ll put a target on her back. I almost got her to act out and she did kinda..
DF – Claire and Dere were like wow she’s really emotional.. is aid yeah that’s the problem
DF “At the end of the day he knows if she gets the opportunity I’m out. I know it”

5:40 pm Tiff and Azah
Counting votes.
Tiff Counts: Hannah, X ,Claire, SB, Tiff, “That’s five it leaves the opportunity for you and even DEREKX to vote brit to stay”
Tiff says Claire won’t do anything she’s not doing. “even if she were to consider keeping Briti she knows if she keeps Britini she loses Ky and probably loses me.. now she’s with Britini she won’t feel she has the power on that side to benefit her game”
Tiff – she would rather have Ky than Britini
Azah says she doesn’t want to keep brit and there’s a surprise.

Tiff – we just have to make sure by Thursday. Alyssa is not going to vote Britini to stay..
Azah – how do you feel about Alyssa?
Tiff – she’s gotta go.. everybody not in the 6 gotta go
Azah – I mean timing wise and who she’s viewing as targets. I know she’s got to go
Tiff – DX

6:00 pm Ky and Brit
Ky – I would recommend maybe taking the day before saying things that you don’t have more time to think on
Brit – I have been talking nothing today
ky no worries
Brit – I have a general question for you am I the target?
Ky – at this stage I was indifferent but then immediately having people come up things were being said.. I’m like Whoa. take the day there’s a lot of high emotions and we can chat either tonight (5am) or in the morning (7am). I don’t want to be in a situation of he said she said
Ky – does that sound fair?
Brit – I’m not going to campaign against BIGD I’m going to campaign as to why I should stay over BIGD

Brit – Kyland just apologized about the veto comment then told me that my campaign should not be against him
Azah – do whatever you want to do.

Hannah gives her a hug.
Brit – he’s telling me to not campaign against him you are a liar and you lied and broke a deal you shook on three times..
Brit – me campaigning being here involves me campaigning against him
feeds cut.. When we’re back Brit is walking into the toilet stall
Hannah to Alyssa – She needs to take a moment to herself and Curb those emotions. Most people are going to be put off by that

6:15 pm Brit and X
Brit tells him about Kyland’s campaigning advice. Tells him about the deal they made for safety.
Brit – today he’s claiming he said ‘if everything goes accordingly this week’ he’s claiming those words came out of his mouth. I know that didn’t happen you know how I know that didn’t happen? Its now on tape?
X – what would things go accordingly mean this week he had all the power? (LOL good point)
X – I guess I’m confused
brit – there’s nothing
X – if all things go accordingly then you would be safe.. he won HOH and the person he bet on so he won the second veto.
Brit – apparently I’m unpredictable. I gave him a list of people I trusted it was short. He cross-referenced them and came to the conclusion nobody knew who my targets were in this house.
Brit says it was Azah and BIGD and neither of them got questioned
Brit says Kyland is threatening her saying right now he’s indifferent who goes home but if she starts campaigning agaisnt him
Brit – I’ve been crunching the numbers today.. I’ve been safe in this house 14 days, 27 days I’ve been on the block.. that’s insane.. that’s insane

6:34 pm Alyssa and Tiffany in the kitchen
Alyssa – she [Brit] was trying to tell me you know for your game we’re the two girls that won Vetos I can be your shield and your weapons.
Alyssa – I’m thinking is not that the same f**ing thing we told you
Tiff – you got a good argument.

6:55 pm Things have cooled down a bit.
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Nicole Bouthot

Britini is such a whiner. After last night episode I would love to Azah go up OTB against Alyssa. Her being mad that Ky wouldn’t throw the competition or put up his cookout pawn (SB) is just stupid gameplay.

another name

This week so far in a nutshell.

The horse’s ass refused to throw the hoh because he feared losing the only woman in the bb house that will even pretend to listen to even 1/10th of his bullshit.
Because his team targeted HIS side piece, he decided to target Tiff’s side piece to weaken Tiff in the game.
Azah had the gall to call him out on his bullshit, and call it actuall bullshit. So Petty AF Ky decided to take away Azah’s side piece out of vindictiveness.
Now Ky is mad that Azah’s side piece revealed he’s full of shit in front of the house.

Psst Ky: They been knew for days.


Wouldn’t it be great if Azah told Brittini about the Cookout right before the live show, and Brittini outed them during her eviction speech?

another name

The cookout is passing the message not to reveal cookout or talk about it in goodbye messages in case there is a return player.
How much one of them does in goodbye messages anyway.
Azah only reveals cookout if she is forced to vote Brit out is my suspicion. Even then she won’t say cookout she’ll say can’t vote out a black man.
If Brit were smart part of her campaign would be “if I go, who is going to take the second spot in the nomination chairs? One of you. Feel lucky?”

another name

Of course she doesn’t get it. Did you expect she would?
I think she’s very literal in what she thinks.
When the whole cookout agreed to a plan last week, and Ky didn’t follow the plan?
That’s where this week went fishy.
But Brit on the block ANY time was going to cause her to be pissy.


Actually Xavier was the one that got concerned about Brittany winning 100 so he talked ky into switching.

Big Brother 23 Fan

Evicting Brit makes zero sense. They mentioned the Jokers sticking together — none of them are very competitive. What about the Kings who still have three very tight members including X who is very competitive? Each member of the cookout has their +1 except Azah and Derek F only have a +1/2. So you are going to tick off 1/3 of your alliance by getting rid of their +1 to avoid upsetting Tiffany who was nothing but rude to you all last week and still would be if you weren’t HOH?


I understand what you’re saying but keeping her who is unpredictable and will most likely have $200 next would not be great and yet DX will have $200 but he realizes he needs throw some comps.
Tiff will go after SB instead of KY. Does she understand keeping the six, Ky and X can take you out? They both can win competitions. No female has won HOH. At least few have won Vetoes and Wild Card.
Brit can get on nerves and CO plan May push her to jury. She really doesn’t have any true alliances. Jokers aren’t true connection and don’t have power unless DF sort of self evicted. Though I can’t see him self sabotage himself. hell have if America gives him $100 which will give him $150 I think it means he could play next HR competition. Could be interesting ?


Ky has SB (not X) which is why there was so much uproar in the first place. TC mutually agreed X/Ky would throw HOH b/c SB was the priority target (Ally the backup). Although Ky has been an absolute dic(k)tator this week there are copious reasons Brit moved ahead of Ally, Claire (and even DX) as the alternatives.

TC base their decisions on the non-Cookout players targets (are they both from TC?), comps, how adaptable they are (noms/votes), can they influence others & strategy (self vs.alliance(s) priority)

Brit lost out on virtually every front comparative to the true options (Ally/Claire). Despite winning $100 Brit never considered playing in the Casino to help save Big D. Notably if she/Azah had the Jokers who all played OTEV would’ve had a 50% shot at winning one of the vetos. Alternatively, Claire told Tiff to save her money (she didn’t) & Ally didn’t use the POV she won in order to ensure X’s safety.

Wild card is an accurate Brit descriptor b/c neither Big D or Azah has any modicum of control over her. In fact, she’s also playing them. They’ve got into fights b/c of her (lied about WC comp/ didn’t tell them she was the assistant assassin in Chris backdoor) & only now is she telling them she shook on a two-week safety deal with Ky.

Brit elected to play up this victim position wailing hysterically each time she hit the block despite sitting beside Frenchie/Brent & SB (initially) knowing in every case she was safe. The difference with Claire, SB, Ally & DX is they do share information with their allies whereas Brit keeps all of hers secret (which actually puts DF/Azah in a bad position though they don’t realize it yet).

Watch for Big D to get paranoid & by Weds potentially turn on Brit b/c of all the conflict her lies created & it ends up serving to patch up much of the issues within TC. He’s already telling Tiff he’s playing up their dislike for one another. .

Ultimately, TC can’t afford to keep her & risk one of them OTB with Brit playing/winning roulette & it resulting in two Cookout players up. Tiff, X, Hannah, & Ky know once Brit is gone DF/Azah will be more focused on TC b/c they won’t be playing protector to the fake victim.


One more thing if someone finds out DX has $100 then he’s in trouble but if he stays safe he’ll have $300 in couple weeks. He’ll be only one to play the third game. That week could be fun especially if he’s not HOH.


I posted this on the last update but it needs to be stated again:

“Britini can cry her way to jury for all I care.

She is a liar as well as a crybaby.

Kyland did NOT agree to her pitch (and “shake her hand three times”) so no deal was broken.

Plus I don’t really feel bad for her in the sense that she had MULTIPLE chances to ensure her own safety and failed. She played in the HOH and lost, she had a chance to use her money on the Veto Derby and bet on someone and she declined, and she played in the Veto and lost (so this is NOT a true backdoor).

Christian was the one who got really got screwed not her so she needs to realize that she had three chances to save herself (and that isn’t counting the final campaign that starts today).

So sorry not sorry but Britini can go.”

BTW karma is going to get her when people lie to her face about her having their vote to stay.



She’s been playing victim while she wasn’t one b/c she enjoyed the attention (I wrote about this last week). Her secret deals/lies are what caused most of the conflict for DF/Azah with Tiff primarily.

We did hear the deal she offered to Ky but like she does in all her retells she either embellishes or lies (unless I missed them shaking on it once let alone three times). Now she’s using words like THREATEN which are serious. Ky’s been an absolute ass this week but this is extra from Brit & very much on strategy for her (the victim).

Going back to the WC comp SHE was the one at the last minute who said to Tiff let’s target DX but in the retell she told Azah it was Tiff who asked her. That created the major rift between Tiff/Azah. Then last week Brit NEVER told Azah/Big D she volunteered, or knew Chris was the backdoor. (and of course they didn’t know about her F2 with him). Instead she played up the victim to them which ultimately resulted in that big fight.

As I noted in post below – she ONLY plays for herself no matter what she says otherwise she plays shuffleboard. She was so sure she was safe she didn’t play to save teammate DF. My question is will Big D (or Azah) stop long enough to reflect back to how many times she implied she was worried about going up when she really thought she brokered safety for the week.

That she is now telling Alyssa “I did everything I could & fought for Christian to stay” is a joke – HELLO all they needed was your vote to flip it.

another name

Azah’s plan for next week if she wins HOH:
put up 2 members of cookout so only those two play in High Roller.
Hope that non cookout is replacement (4 out of 7 chance).
IF it’s another cookout member, hope that the veto is won by a cookout member, or the plus one of a nommed cookout member (2 of 7 can’t be chosen… so Grod would choose them).
Replace with a non cookout when veto is used.
cookout now has 4 of 7 votes in the eviction in worst case.

Sounds like a lot of hopes and dreams.
Alternate plan:
nom 2 non cookout without enough money to play the high roller.
get one of their cookout sponsors with enough money to play.
proceed with a maximum of one cookout member on the block.
Keep that 4 out of 7 votes cookout as of Friday instead of as of Monday.
But hey, what do I know?