“First off B1*ch don’t f***ng say that I bullied you two don’t try to play me when I’m trying to help”

Big Brother Spoilers Nick wins the Head of Household.
Whackactivity competition players: Christie (won), Nick, Jessica, Sis)
It’s a diamond power of Veto
Nominations: Cliff and Jessica
Looks like gr8tful wants Cliff gone

12:13 am Nicole and Kemi
Nicole crying about Bella

12:19 am Nicole, Bella, Tommy
Nicol e- I am emotional because I came to you in confidence and we had a heart to heart that was my way of putting my trust ion you
Nicole – I feel there was no need for you to go announce it to the entire house. I think that was pretty shitty
Bella – I hear what you are saying I think the reason I felt I could do that is you said a lot of things that made. like. it’s not like I immediately trusted you
Bella – I have a lot of other connections in the house and some of it didn’t make sense. Once I thought about the timeline and Nick went right to nominations with all that information it made me very uneasy.
Bella – so I voiced my concerns to Nick and because it had to do with him and we agreed I was going to tell him anyways. Once I and Nick talked about it he also has his won connections …
Bella – me and Nick are separate people. He questions the type of information you gave us about the house
Bella says once they started bringing up what Nicole said to her with other house guests they got very angry
Bella- very very angry because you labeled us in such a way that was extremely betrayed
Bella – I just felt betrayed by Kemi and I voiced that to you and I thought the audacity of you to confide in Nick and try to use him to say you share this anxiety thing then to go behind his back and try and get him nominated is just disgusting

Bella – whatever your strategy is clearly it didn’t work the fact you would point on your bracelets and swear up and down your grandmother’s life then I ask Christie and I told her that I really thought Nicole is serious then she tells me your grandmother actually passed away
Nicole – Tommy I swear on my grandmothers grave that I don’t have the power I said
Bella – okay regardless of that I did trust you looking me in the eye and spoonfeeding lies. What’s the best part of it you called Nick and I Bullies and then you told us Christie planted this seed that we were bullying you and that Sis was taking you into here to make sure you aren’t getting bullied.
Bella – that’s what you said… vs it’s so strange that Sis, Christie, and Holly all know you were crying to them saying Nick and I were bullying you and all we were doing. Nick loves you and appreciates who you are as a person and he respects you I thought what you are doing here was amazing being your own person and all this and everything that we shared.. and for you to say that we were bullying you was obnoxious and it was a lie
Bella – I don’t know how you can look people in the eye and create something like that I thin kit’s disrespectful to the game and it dishonours what you should have brought into this game.
Bella – I don’t need it I just had this HUGE conversation with Kemi
Bella – I have zero trusts in you I don’t want to have this conversation ever again I don’t want to talk about it I don’t’ want to think about it it makes me sick that two people I really trusted in the house would want to go and throw my name into the dirt when America will clearly see all I have said is nice things
Bella – and I’m not a bully…
Bella – and you’re laughing right now ..
Nicole tries to speak
Bella – I’m sorry I’m not here to listen anymore
Nicole – so you just hear to rant a lie to me … Tommy, I let her speak
Tommy – yeah
Bella – that’s fine good .. you know wometimes thing don’t always go your way Nicole .. so I’m done I’m going to bed
Nicole – so you can rant at me
Bella – I made a decision and I’m going to leave
Nicole – so you’re going to rant at me
Bella leaves

Tommy who helped bring the two together to talk apologizes to Nickle that she didn’t get her chance to speak.
Nicole – with all the lies of what she just said I let her speak I did not interrupt her I did not speak over her. the reason for that is I know my truth and thank god this is all filmed I know my truth will be seen and my truth will come out when you guys see all this.
Nicole – I will say this just, in general, Don’t ever bring up my grandmother in general because I will flip my lid. I swore on my bracelets and my grandmother grave that I don’t have the power
Nicole – I don’t appreciate being called atrocious or disgusting or whatever it is she called me. plenty of that was misconstrued and manipulated

12:28 am Kemi and Nicole
Nicole – she’s crazy .. she’s f*ing crazy
Kemi – what happened
Nicole gives her a debrief “she made up a whole bunch of sh1t”
Nicole – if she brings up my f*ing bracelets and my f*ing grandmother I swear to god I will bury her
Nicole – do not bring my family into it I will get thrown out of this game for punching you in the face .. Don’t even do it
Nicole should have known says if Bella had flipped the script on her its just a matter of time before she does the same with Nicole
Nicole thinks the house sees what Bella is doing but everyone is too afraid to say it because they are HOH this week
Nicole says she knows she’s next to get evicted she’s accepted that
They talk about Bella being so immature for not letting Nicole speak. Kemi says she feels bad for Nick because he’s clearly in love with Bella.
They agree Bella is very immature. Kemi – look at how SIS acts and she’s the same age.. sis might be younger and look at how Sis carries herself
Nicole says talking to Bella made her feel like she was on an episode of Jerry Springer
Nicole – who do I appeal to.. Nick in HOH? because she’s going to want me out she’s going to want to backdoor me
Nicole – or do I appeal to the other side
Kemi – they can’t keep you safe this week
Kemi doesn’t think Jess is as innocent as she portrays herself to be

12:42 am Bella and Nick
Nick says it doesn’t matter about Nicole she’s going home this week unless she gets picked for Veto and wins it.
Nick – we have an 83.3% chance to win she has 16.7

Nick – if I would have put up Jack and Jackson without talking to Sam, Christie and Tommy we would have been the next two out.
Nick – I said I cannot make this move without talking to them
Bella says Nicole is lying to herself and she thinks it’s the truth
Bella – Tommy said in the boat room she’s trying to pine us against the four still

They talk about Nicole telling them that the house was going to put them up.
Nick – she (Nicole) used the same lines against us that she did to them.. First off B1tch don’t f*ing say that I bullied you I never did and number f*ing 2 don’t try to play me when I’m trying to help you like on a personal level and number three I never drop f*ing names to you
They bring up sis, holly and Christie all having no idea what Nicole was talking about
Nick says “Sis was ready to hammer down a b1tch bro”
Nick – Christie’s face.. she was like that’s pure emotion like anger and frustration and shock
Nick – that was amazing bro.. she got caught but that was amazing. If she had a squad to back her up she would have crushed this game.

12:48 am Sam, Tommy, Christie and Jack
Jack says Cliff confirmed he’ll be his pick for the Veto comp
Christie – Jess is going to pick me
Sam – would you pull Jess off
Christie – I would keep the noms the same
Jack – I wouldn’t risk having Nicole on that block then risk her getting voted off

Christie goes on about how scared she is about Cliff.. he’s more powerful than she thought
Tommy pipes in and says the same.

1:24 am Nicole crying to kat and Jess.. They comfort her with nice words

1:25 am Sis and Christie

Sis – I told Tommy sometimes I feel Jack is just using me I just don’t feel a connection with him
Sis – I don’t feel anything”
Sis saying that she was telling Tommy she misses Christie they use to be so close then her and Jack happened.
Sis – I don’t know how to step away from him and be with you”
Christie – I get weird vibes from him sometimes
Christie says her friendship with Sis is more important than with Jack
Sis – if he wanted to be friends and F* sometimes that would be great
Sis goes on to explain how she doesn’t like Jack for a relationship “I don’t feel anything whats so ever”
Christie – you guys look beautiful but I don’t see you guys as compatible
Sis – at all were so different
Christie says every time Jack talks to her she grabs Tommy. She says she doesn’t want to be thought of as Jack’s ride or die
Christie – I love Tommy but no one will win this game over him he’s way too loved.

They agree Cliff has to go this week.

1:38 am Jackson, Nicole, and Holly

Nicole crying Holly and Jackson comfort her with nice words.

1:50 am Holly and Nicole
Nicole says she felt s really weird vibe today nobody was looking at her nobody was talking.
Nicole – I went up to Bella which was stupid of me I should have just spoken to Nick but I spoke with Bella
Nicole – I told her I am a little concerned am I going up just shoot it straight
Nicole – my honest to god what she said to me Jack and Michie have been telling us to put you up
Holly makes a face
Nicole – that made me jump back because I love you and Michie
Nicole adds that Bella was saying that the two guys were really pushing to get Nicole on the block but Bella and Nick were adamant not to
Nicole explains that she felt that could have been her moment to earn some trust “I told her that if they hadn’t won HOH pretty much everybody wanted them out”

Nicole – I should have known she was going to bury me with it
Nicole says Bella told her Michie and Jack want her up because of the rogue vote and the power
Nicole – I said to her I swear on my bracelets and my grandmothers grave I do not have the power. I would never say that unless it was the truth
Nicole – she did to me the same thing she did to Kemi. Nice game move I applaud it I can respect the game well done
Nicole – she also embellished things and misconstrued things
Nicole brings up her conversation with Bella an hour ago says that Bella called her “Disgusting, liar”

2:13 am Bella and Nick

3:12 am go to sleep

7:07 am Cliff you’ve done enough go to sleep or clean as David does

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To be honest Simon I think you need to add a Zero stars to the rank because Bella deserves no stars. She admits she can’t keep her mouth shut and yet people still confide to her. I am rooting for David to win comeback the the HOH and shake things up. What would be an even better twist is if the winner of camp comeback was automatically made the HOH for the week. ?


When I rank them I just don’t give any stars to certain people. Doesn’t that make it 0?? Also, gratified to see 3 of my pre season picks in top 3, based on Ika Wong interviews. One of my pre season picks turned out to be a big dick, so bye!


Where do you go to rank them?


Nevermind, got it

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bella “I’m NOT A F’G BULLY!!!” as she screams and rants non-stop not allowing Nicole to speak. Her helicopter mom must be SO proud. Especially since she’s in last place likability ranking.

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Not much to comment on this season. I know its early but each day is the exact same. I feel bad for the non alliance. It must be tough every day in the house for them.


The most boring BB gets is when an alliance sticks together and takes people out one by one.

In this case the alliance has people I just don’t like: Jack, Jackson, Bella.

Maybe it will get better when the 8 start to attack each other.


I hope eventually the alliance ” UN-GRE8TFUL” lol that’s what thier alliance should be called!! hopefully someone will wake up and start to realize thier being played be4 all of the good people are voted out. I can’t wait to see these jerks squirm on the block whn thier names get nominated and thier crying. Thats whn I’ll get my kicks, just the way they’ve made fun of the other side of the house making them feel bullied, and after pretending they cared.?

another name

Imagine for a second being one of the poc in the house when the house guests were sat down during one of the feed blocks for a comp, and told that there was a lot of social media and press scrutiny over concerns of racism and over the top behavior.
They’d have to be wondering what is being said or done when they aren’t in the room, even if only for a second. They’d have to be looking at what’s going on with banishments, and evictions and saying to themselves is it me or my game? Now imagine in that same meeting they are given suggestions on how to cloud their behavior for the benefit of the show (play nice for a while). I’d be thinking ‘oh, so that’s how it is,’ and I would be uncomfortable as hell.
Add that to the daily grind.

Just sayin'

Never in the history of bb has there been a more dangerous player than…. Cliff! Lol well according to Christie anyways….


Don’t forget Jack’s little power of repicking the veto players. It’s not much but still.


its like cbs went and found every places local village idiot this year.


Cliff is burnt toast and sadly he doesn’t even know it. If only someone would let to him so he could spout out crap he might be able to redeem himself but we all know that’s not happening.


LOL soooo true. I don’t get how they’re so scared of him. Anyone who is not a couple….will obviously want couples out. It’s not just Cliff who feels that way. I think Christie is just scared of Cliff getting AFP.


Never in the history of bb has there been a more dangerous player the camper coming back next week…please let that person play like they have nothing to lose!

Little Brother After Dark

I’m trying so hard not to abandon watching this season. If production doesn’t shake things up by next week it’s a wrap for me. I guarantee the ratings will be way down this season. This cast sucks lemons. Bella has made my top 3 most disliked BB people of all-time.


Bella is evil! Just want to give Nicole a hug

another name

shhh. don’t remind me. i’m already worried that once all is said and done, everyone will be looking past one of these asshat’s behavior in the beginning of the game because they are the least objectionable or offensive later… so treated like a hero.


I couldn’t agree more. I have watched every single Big Brother since season 1 and I have never had a season like this where they are all so incredibly unlivable. I can’t stand Bella she is a horrible excuse of a human being. Jack Jackson & Nick are all pigs. The popular girls are all shallow and just looking for attention from the boys. Casting must be changed or this show is done for. I’m so disappointed! I used to love this show.


What about season 15? They were pretty terrible.

Could it get any worse?

You nailed it!! Exactly. Put that all together with the ‘whitewashed’ edit (pun intended) CBS is giving us during the broadcasts and it’s just getting harder and harder to rally around this season.


Bella makes it interesting to watch for at least 5 minutes . the rest , pass


I was on team Nicole ….. until she ran her mouth! She should have just zipped it and she would have been fine. Now she opened herself up for the “spin” and gr8ful used it. Smart play on their part. I hope she gets a second chance to wise up.


I can’t believe Nicole was so stupid. I wouldn’t tell Bella one gosh durn thing.


Unless Nicole is building some sort of case against Bella to help herself donw the road. I think Nick might have a soft spot for Nicole which could prove stronger than his se*ual attraction to Bella.


Exactly…Nicole basically gave gr8ful the perfect opportunity to bury anything bad they had said about each other and all rally together.


I like Nicole I am loathing Bella


Bella’s gameplay reminds me of Alex BB19. She treats Nicole and Kemi like Alex treated Kevin and Jess/Cody. Nasty.


OMG Christie, Bella and Nick all need to go. Horrible people. Say what you want about Bella at least you can see her lies a mile away. Christie is a snake in the grass. I can see Christie turning on Tommy if it saves her own skin.


I agree about Bella, you know exactly who she is. That’s what makes Nicole talking to her so disheartening, Nicole should’ve known better. Christie really sucks, she’s just horrible lately. I pray Sam gathers whoever is left of this week and the comeback and they rally and stick to Gr8ful. The implosion of Gr8ful is going to be sweet, I pray it happens soon so that someone likable can still be there to relish in it


I dislike Bella immensely but she’s managed to ‘s$$k’ her way into some level of safety and even power…for now! How the mighty will fall and fall they will. Sam needs to tightened his grip on the game and not just satisfy himself with being on the the bottom. He, Nicole, Kemi, and Ovi need to talk some serious strategy or they will all fall and for Kemi and Ovi even futher than the’ve fallen.


Bella is certifiable. She is a villain. At first I thought she was just stupid with loose lips but now I realize she is evil.


Evil is too nice…how about self-entitled clueless b**!h. She thinks BB is a popularity game and no clue it’s a game about strategy, social connection, and physical dominance…none of which she has.


They are just so unlikable, I don’t even love to hate them. Some people are at least fun to hate like Foutte last season because they were so bad at playing but they tried so hard=)


It’s disgusting, this cast is just a bunch of cowards and bullies. I miss the days of players who didn’t care about screwing people over, Instead did following the crowd. Jack’s a bitch, and that Asian chick is a piece of shit as well. With the way millennials are now a days, we will never see a doctor will, Evol dick or Paul again. It’s a Shame.


If David don’t come back, this season is a wrap. Also he needs a twist to help him out, because he will be by himself if and when He gets in.

I just love Tyler from BB20

David turned out to be almost as bad as some of the gre8ful. David, Jack and Christie were my pre-season picks. Christie is psycho, Jack is a tyrant and David is a seething time bomb. David runs his mouth all the time about what d1cks and idiots are in the house (to be fair, most of the HGs do the same thing). But for some reason David is ranked high. Why? Because he was banished day 1 and people pity him? I also hate the way David talks to Ovi. I know Ovi isn’t the sharpest tool in the box but he is a sweet kid. Yes David tries to cheer Ovi up when he is down but David’s words to Ovi are so condescending.


I have almost completely lost interest at this point. Thank god for Kaitlin she is the only thing I am clinging to for entertainment. She is IMO next level Veronica.

another name

you mean Kathryn right? for a second i thought you were talking about last seasons KrazyKait… and nobody needs that puzzle master back.


Seeing the way Christie spinned her conversations yesterday, she’s worse then Bella except she does it so that no one seems to know she’s doing it. And the way Jack was telling Ovi “I can’t touch you, you’re in CC” OMG dude I wish I could have been in the storage room. Screw my game, who are you to come at someone like that. All Ovi wanted was to make sure everyone was OK nothing about game A$$HOLE! Get off your “I’m the big man chest beating moment” and let’s go. I think Christie and Jack need to be traded for Kemi and David. Then maybe we can enjoy the show.


Oh man I WISH Kemi AND David could come back!! THAT would be good!


For like 2 days I was digging bella and thought she would be my fave. Ugh I was so wrong. This isn’t game that is just who she is in real life you can tell. Lying and manipulating comes so easy to her. She is a horrible person. I am baffled as to why anyone buys a single word out of her mouth and is allowing her to stir up so much shit tho.


Omg same here, when she got knocked down with paint in the face I about died, then her saying “sorry mom” all the time had me rolling. I thought for sure she’d be my fave. Then when she showed her true colors, that was a wrap for me, she can go now

Tired of the nonsense this season

This season has just been so… I don’t even know anymore smh


This is hilarious-
“Christie – I love Tommy but no one will win this game over him he’s way too loved.

They agree Cliff has to go this week.”

So funny!!


Nicole needs to pull out the pots and pans and beat them to death at Bella screaming–liar–liar–tell the truth–you pig–every minute till she fesses up–then Kemi and Jess should back her up–then put Bella on the block. What a lying POS!!!!!

Yo Believo

This season has serious potential for America’s favorite to be someone who didn’t even make jury. That would be hilarious to see.


With Camp comeback it keeps those first folks around so they may make more of an impression. The biggest problem is they need to have some airtime on the televised show. I’m not sure how much they get because once again I’ve stopped watching them.


What do you think about “Expect the Unexpected” so we all remember Helen Kim being “tapped out” so to redeem the game and we know they tamper anyway. All CampCome Back people can come back. Do the wall challenge! The first 4 to drop are out! TAP Bella, Chirstine and Jack. The 4th I’m not sure but it has to be between Jackson, Holly or Nick. The Comeback voted out or banished are now back in the game. Let Nicole hold on with whatever doesn’t show so she becomes HOH so a real BB game without the aggression and racism is gone and it “looks” legit

Naive yes I’m aware of that but one can dream

Feeds Gold

production pet christie tells production plant jack that she got the power

it would normally be a dumb thing to reveal it, but in this scenario jack is in the game with one mission, to get christie as far as possible

another name

Dear Logic Masters in numberinmiddleofstupidword:

You do realize that you’ve consolidated and solidified your alliance, laying all the problems in your group on the woman that made an alliance with the season old guy and a guy not in the game…. right? So that’s the mastermind that has been breaking your alliance without knowing your alliance exists? The girl who is in the dumbest on paper alliance… ever?
Oh. Okayyyyy.
And she’s your Vanessa Rousso? She’s your won 2 hoh and a veto by week 5 contender?


This group just isn’t funny. Whoever wins should buy a sense of humor.