Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica and Cliff
Intentions – Nicole or Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – ?

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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9:40 am Nicole and Kmei
Nicole – kudos to it like it’s a great plan to get yourself to final 8 I can handle that. It’s just disappointing you know (you’re telling me)
Nicole – like I’m such an advocate for like the outsider and the little guy and the underdog you know and to see you know what I mean.
Nicole – Ovi get it and then you get it and then knowing that like me, Jess, Cliff, Kat, are next
Nicole – it’s disappointing
Kemi says there’s a way to have a conversation between adults without getting nasty, “It’s a game it’s not real life”
Kemi – like, it’s like, it’s not even disappointing it’s f*ing sad

Nicole – oh I hear ya
Kemi leaves
Nicole – America that’s the thing I can appreciate as a gamer like you know, but it still feels sh1ty.
kudos – Mom, Dad, Nicke if you are watching listening I’m sorry At least I’m aware of it

9:50 am chit chat…

Bella is in there somewhere

10:00 am HOH sis, Bella and Nick
Nick – how was the shower, warm?
Sis – it was good, where’s sam
Nick – in the shower
Sis – how was your guy’s shower
nick – good it was warm

Sam joins them
10:05 am
Nick – you still have you nippe pierced
Sis – mmmhmm
Nick – only one right
Sis – mmmhmmm
Sis – the left one
Sam – why not both
Sis – I thought one was just cool
Sam – did it hurt
Sis – oh so f*ing bad
SAm – so that’s why you didn’t do the other one
Sis – that’s one of the reasons why I went into it just wanting one
Nick – you go the left one right
Sis – mmmmhmmmm
Sis – it just fell out. it just fell out
Sam – doesn’t it have a thing on both ends a ball
Sis – that’s whay IO’m confused that it fell
Nick – Loose nipples
Sam – sink ships
nick – she’s all loose
Sis – me
Nick – mmmhmmm
Sis – definitely not
Nick – loose goose
Sis – ask Jack
Feeds flip

10:09 am Nick, Bella, Sis and Sam
Sis says Nicole wants to talk today
Nick – yeah because she probably wants to stay she’s going to Vanessa Russo everyone one of you guys. You’ll end up coming up here and like ahhh maybe we shouldn’t put her up

Nick – you want Nicole out this week right?
Sis – UI want out whoever you want out but, personally I would love Cliff to go, He’s a f*ing snake. all the things he talks about in his f*ing confessional, whatevers.
Sis – Like we’d be so dumb to let him stay another week and then him come back with Ovi (OMFG the power they would possess final 2 material right there)
Sis – what if Ovi does have a f*ing power.
Nick – what if Nicole came back with Ovi, even when Nicole just tried to flip all our games she will Vanessa Russo her way through this game
Nick – Bella said she laughed in her fans
Sis keeps making it clear she’ll do whatever Nick wants
Nick says if Sis wins the Veto or Jack they take Cliff off and he puts Nicole up with Jess.
Sis again says she’ll do whatever Nick wants her to do
Sis – I don’t trust Cliff he scares me
Nick – you trust Nicole
Sis – I don’t f*ing trust that b1tch either
Nick – she almost had us nominated back to back weeks
Sis – what a dumb b1tch I can’t believe she did that (ZOMG)
Sam – she tried that was her strategy

They talk about whether or not jack’s Sis’ ride or die. She says he’s not they all assumed he was.

Nick – whose his ride or die, Christie?
Sis – yes Christie or Tommy
Sam – I thought Michie
Sis – or maybe f*ing Michie I don’t know
Nick – whose your ride or do
Sis – I don’t have one
Sam – I don’t have a ride or die
sis offers a ride or die to him they joke and laugh…

Bella asks if when Jack was up in the HOH he never talked a lot of game to her.
Sis says they didn’t it mostly was critiquing on her gameplay
Sis – careful he might come up
Sis – him and Christie talk WAY more game than me and him so what’s the point of being associated as like a couple and we’re really not we’re just f*ing f* and Kiss sometimes and that’s it (wow Sis is all peddle to the metal this morning)
Sam – F* a lot and kiss sometimes,
they laugh ..
Sis – I told him I get the sh1t end of the stick at the end of the day (wait you guys did that?)
Sis – I’m associated with you and me and you barely even talk game but you and Christie do all the time and I’m not throwing Christie under the bus at all I’m just stating facts (yes facts)
Sis – and he’s like Okay well like let’s talk more gameplay and then I felt dumb.
Sis – he’s coming what should we talk about.. the shower … Sam your kids
Sam – is this white
Sis – it looks like an ingrown hair
Nick – it’s an ingrown hair
Sam – I put makeup on it before my DR I felt cool (the best 🙂 )

Jack walks in
Sam – they said good job with makeup.

block party

10:35 am Nick, Christie, Bella, Jack, Sam, Tommy
Nick going on about Nicole laughing at Bella’s face (when Bellas was talking sh1t to her)
Feeds cut
When we’re back Christie is pushing for Cliff to go home this week.
Nick is pushing for Nicole to go home says she’s more of a threat socially. Nick calls Nicole Vanessa Russo says she’ll cry her way to the end. Goes on about how manipulative she is
Christie mentions if Ovi comes back and he has a power he can team up with Cliff and wreck the house (ohh dear my pearls)

Nick says whoever comes back they throw back up “isn’t that true?”
Tommy – that’s true

Christie – what if he can’t go up because he has the power.. what if he chooses the nominations
Nick – that’s so much power, Is that the power you got yesterday
Christie – yeah … similar
Sam – can you use that right now
Christie – I have to wait I’m not allowed to use it for a few weeks then it’s good till the end of the game
Christie – it guarantees safety. it takes me off the block 2 back to back weeks immunity for 2 weeks
Nick – that’s pretty sick
CHrsitie- yeah that’s what I have
Nick – yeah well anyway
Christie – it’s called the diamond protection eviction block

11:00 am Everyone getting ready Power of Veto Players will be picked soon.


11:30 am Nicole alone
Nicole – I got to keep moving a rolling stone gathers no moss and I am a rolling stone (Source of quote wow a Publilius qoute!)

Kemi joins her, “you and Bella spoke at all this morning”
Nicole shakes her head
Kemi – do you plan on
Nicole shakes her head
Kemi – I understand that
Nicole – don’t worry about it you can’t reason with crazy
Nicole – I spoke with Holly a little bit I spoke with sis I would like to talk to Nick

11:39 am Tommy and Nick
Nick saying that Nicole isn’t going to stop now “it’s going to be a long couple days”
Tommy – we are very lucky that you are in control in a time like this because you have a heart of gold and.. because I know what your job is I know you are the kinda person that is good to lead this house at this time. (pearls?)
Nick – I’m excited for the veto though
Tommy – love you
Nick – I hope you get picked to play . .

11:45 am Jack, Christie, and Tommy
(lotsa excitement over how well they are doing in the game random “jocking off” from Jack and Christie)
Jack – bro Nick is weak
Jack – namaste these nuts

They form a final 3 called LOL or Lotsa love

jack – that’s what our final three should be called LOL for lotsa love
Jack – I love it
Christie – I lol it

Jack says Sis or Jackson don’t know about his power, “I swear on something really important.. I swear to god he doesn’t know”
Christie says her power is pretty major but it’s only good for 4 POC (Ceremonies)
Christie – it’s the diamond power of veto, if I win the veto or anyone that I trust to us it in my favour wins the veto the veto will get used but instead of the HOH deciding the replacement we choose it
Christie – it’s an automatic backdoor (sure you guys need more power)
Christie – I’m saving it until I f*ing need it
jack – that’s so powerful dude

Christie – can I tell you something else. I literally did it in like 3 minutes
Jack seems convinced that Tommy will get voted (by the fans) to get something and at that point
Tommy – I want to do something
Jack says he trusts their three more than anything.
Christie – the fact I get to choose the replacement…

Christie says she’s not going to lose anything else moving forward she’s on fire
They talk about Getting Jackson out. Jack says there can’t be two of them in the house (only 1 dBag allowed?)
They bring up the endurance comp Tommy has to win and take the first shot. Jack has Tommy’s back 100%
Christie says Sis is winning the wall comp they meditated on is the other night

12:33 pm Waiting for the Power of Veto players to be picked.

1:51 pm Kemi and Nicole
Kemi says the house feels weird agaih.. she stealth whispers so I have no idea what to type.

1:55 pm Cliff and Jack

Cliff – I’ve never said anything about targeting anyone ever
Jack – yeah
Cliff – so, I’m not going to ask where ti came from or anything I’m sure it was things that came up at some point
Jack – you’re always going to hear stuff
Cliff – I know, Yes Ovi and I have been tight. Nicole was kinda looking for somewhere to land and I said man we’ll help you out.. you know whatever. (The fact that this is even a remote threat to Jack and his canoes is f*ed… Kraken Kraken Kraken)
Cliff says he has nothing to do with what Nicole did yesterday says it’s just a leftover with Kemi
Cliff – I have never told anyone in this house who I would target

Jack says he will defend Cliff in the POV, “if you prefer SIS I get it.. she wants to play I get it”
Cliff – I would prefer to pick you and I will but if you are not available I wanted to pick her ..

Jack – I wanted to win to get you off the block to earn your trust so if you won HOH you wouldn’t do it.. I want to earn you back you want to earn me back.

2:00 pm Kemi and Nicole
Nicole says this is the season where everyone is 2 face
Kemi agrees says the only people that are not 2face are “Christie, Same and Tommy” (ohh wrong girl)

Nicole shakes her head
Kemi – you think Christie too
Nicole – and Tommy he’ll tell you everything you want hear.. then … mmmmmmm. that’s the nature of the game.

Nicole – I understand people are afraid for their own game
Ovi comes in asks her how she’s doing
Nico9le – one day at a time
Ovi – that’s good
Ovi leaves (earns his 18.50)
Kemi – Bella is closer to Jack and Jackson than I ever will be. I don’t care about that but she’s it talking a lota sh1t about them but like it will be ridiculous for me to go to them

Nicole says it’s pretty much (the undeniable nine) vs the rest of them. (she doesn’t know the name of course)

2:45 pm Nicole and Kat
Nicole – I’m shocked that Jess didn’t pick me
Kat – Yeah
Nicole – me and her had a conversation
Kay – I dunno

Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat

2:48 pm Chrisite, Nick and Jessica

Nick – Nicole’s a snake she’s going Home

Christie goes on how Nicole was manipulating everyone to put the target on Bella
Jessica – this is a mind f********
Jessica – she’s so sweet
Jessica says there was someone last week going around saying that Nick and Bella weren’t trying to campaign for Kemi

Jessica- never in a million years did I think it would be Nicole (self evict.)
Nick brings up Nicole trying to keep Kemi last week
Nick – I was just going along with it
Jessica – I’m so glad I went with my gut
Nick says Nicole lied on her dead grandmother (sigh)
Jessica says that Nicole was egging Kemi on last week
Nick – I think Nicole manipulated Kemi to turn against me and Bella (Zing Zomg Krakne)
Nick – I told Kemi the night before I said Kem you don’t have the votes to stay I’m sorry I like Kemi on a personal level but I tried I couldn’t get them..

Christie tells him it was Nicole trying to get them against each other.

3:45 pm Kat and Jess
Kat – I’m not trying to be this petty person but I really hate that Kemi is still here. I think she’s so annoying.. Like whatever I’m not trying to be rude
Jessica – Vent baby I mean it is what it is (girl power)
Jessica – she just wants to be in the conversation
Kat – YES every time
Jessica – she just wants to talk shit
kat – All she talks about is shit.. all she talks about is how she looks or other people look
Kat – I’m like dude stop bringing me down
Kat – today I went to give Nicole a hug in the bathroom and she was like where’s my hug

Kat – b1tch you don’t get one, Sorry (I’ll give Kemi a hug)

Kat – oh my god are you the person that asks for a hug because I can’t deal with that
Kat – then I gave her a hug with my dirty bathroom hand.. I’m kidding no ..

Jessica – Kat, I’m so disappointed (in your self?)
Kat – with what
Jessica – in what I was talking to you about.. when Nicole was standing
kat – I have to tell you something
Kat says when she was on the block and all that information Jessica was getting from Nicole that was wrong.
kat – it was creating havoc
Kat – things like Nick and Bella are trying to flip the vote
Kat – there was a bunch of vote flipping that wasn’t going on
Kat goes on how Nicole stirred a lot of paranoia

4:46 pm tree house Nicole and Jess
Nicole – I would have been fine this morning if we had all woken up and spoke to everybody and had breakfast together like… like I’m a big girl from a game standpoint
Nicole – you can say back door Nicole and I can eat lunch with you and laugh at you because that’s who I am
Nicole says the difficult part is the social aspect with people not looking at her and not talking to her and leaving the room.
Nicole cries
Jess – it sucks I know
Nic – I’m just not cut out for this
Nicole cries …
Ovi hugs her
Nicole – I’m just not cut out for that
Nicole cries
Jess – it’s Saturday you know what I’m saying. eviction is Thursday. there’s so much that can happen within that time frame
Nicole whimpers says she’ came here to play not compete “if that makes sense?”

Nicole hyperventilating “since I came to that realization I would rather you guys come forward and compete having learned that having you guys staying rather than going through this every day”
Jessica – you are meant to be here and go through these emotions and come out feeling better (Jessica go away)

5:03 pm Being fake…

5:04pm BB21 hip hip hurray

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There have been many the past seasons I have disliked, but this Season the hateful8 (or is it 9? lol) disgust me. And leader of the people that I actually abhor is Bella


Bella is simply horrible.

Another name

Hateful 8 plus one. Please let Nichole stay and win and put two of them up. Horrible people.

another name

Let’s say she stays. Are the horrible people going to suddenly say all is forgiven (when they are using her as a scapegoat), or are they going to continue the trend. Are they going to go off on her even more when she targets 2 of them?
I hope she leaves, not because I dislike her. Not because I don’t think she deserves better treatment. I hope she leaves just because it’s better for her at this point.

another name

Jack and Sis: He doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like him but they’re both dtf. Aw. a showmance love story. Disney will be calling to get the rights. try to tinkly piano that crap.
David & Kemi on couch in kitchen. David: Camp Comeback is looking real….colorful. feed cut. I think i found the season tagline.
That better be a zero in between 2 L’s.
So Sam is spilling last night’s convos to Nick. He must be so happy he’s part of the newest fake alliance and actually knows it’s name. Still a bottom feeder dude. not sorry.
When did Nick find out Christie won the power? Even if she tells him a different power than she has and duration. Gee. Can’t use that on Jack or Nick or Bella or Sam anonymously now, because hey, they know you have A power. the moment a power gets used: Hey Crusty… thought you said… aaand crosshairs. Couldn’t happen to a nicer asshat.
Tommy. Yesterday i couldn’t with Crusty. Today… i’m fighting the urge to say ‘oh just f–k off’ every time he opens his mouth.

another name

Thanks. I’ve been finding the short feed cuts in the past 24 hours to be saying more than if they actually let people say the words and finish the thought.

Feeds Gold

so the production pet christie has a power, the production plant jack has a power, and tommy is the most liked person in the house

they should call their final 3 alliance ‘lets do all we can to get christie the $500k’

maybe none of the powers get used

i wonder how many final 3s tommy/christie will make

Feeds Gold


im liking the slow burn buildup to the eventual gr8ful war…its coming!

when the likes of bella and nick are on the block campaigning against each other(or say the jacks against each other) its going to be great viewing


I hate Bella. I mean really hate her. As in I can’t stand her voice. Or to hear her name mentioned in a positive way.
I hope she loses. Soon.

But this is just tv.
That is all.


Nick is disgusting.


Nick in a word…creepy!

another name

Me in a foul mood instant response:
I’m sure that next time they play reach around in the shower, this is exactly the conversation they’ll be thinking about for inspriation.
Me trying to not be in a foul mood as I pour a coffee repsonse:
Oh my.
Hell with it. say both.


Nick will probably let Jack and Analyse use the shower for some game talk as long as he gets to watch.

Ovi's tongue

Sometimes I’m not really sure by the way he talks which one Nick would really like a piece of.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would…kidding! Not kidding. Just kidding. hahaha


These 2 add absolutely zero value to the show and outside of Bella are the most annoying to watch.

Janey Haze

Nick never fails to gross me out.

Feeds Gold

christies manner and dominance within the house reminds me alot of amanda from season 15


i disliked amanda a lot more.

Feeds Gold

good to see sis breaking free of the needless jack target


Yesss!! But Amanda didn’t really win shit..

Janey Haze

By making Nick salivate over her nipple piercing. She’s just as gross as his creepy @ss.

John Doe

I really would like to see David make it back into the game. Out of all of the campers, I believe he is the only one that has the balls, comp chops (although he sucked in the exile comp) and intuition to make the game interesting (I like the way he dismissed THoTlly when she demanded information from him). But at the rate the 9 are accumulating power, its going to take at least Ovi’s power to make things interesting. But even that is starting to look tenuous.

Ovi’s best alliance will be Ovi, Jess (if see finally wakes up and smells the coffee) and Cliff/Nicole (Not 9).

Scenario 1: Not 9 wins HOH, nominate 2 of the 9. If not Jack or Christie, I don’t believe they use their powers. Unless they stupid enough to nominate Kat, 1 of the 9 will have to go. Let the games begin.

Scenario 2: 9 wins HOH, nominates 2 of Not 9. Ovi uses the power and all 3 are safe. HOH has to nominate a 9 (and Kat). Unless Kat wins veto (really??), she goes home and Ovi burned power to evict Kat and other powers preserved. If Kat does win veto, then 2 9s are up. Let the games begin.

I believe scenario 2 is more likely, so IMO the season’s redemption rides on whether Kat can win a veto. We are in trouble.


If season 15 and season 19 had a baby, it would be Season 21


That is so funny! Won’t be able to lol this season.

Houka Inumuta

Nicole is going to get though this week that’s for sure.

Also, 1995 is the worst year ever for babies. That year gave us Scooby Doo fanboy Tyler (ewww) and chocolate milk loving Jackson (Michie).

Isn’t it strange that 1995 gave the Big Brother universe 2 of the biggest losers in the entire history of bb?

No wonder Michie is a baby he’s the same age as Tyler. I hope people born after 1996 mature more than 1995 births.


After what you just said, my guess is you were born in 1995.


HAHAHA I feel the same way…and I too chose to thumb down

John Doe

Jessica is doing all she knows to survive — suck up to power (at the expense of the very people who could help her revolt). She has to realize that she is UNDER the totem pole (but that may be giving her too much credit). If not for miscues by Nicole and Cliff, she would be a goner this week (still might be).


She sucks!!! Crap we are going to be stuck with Gr8ful for the final 8, aren’t we? Sigh

Not Yo Momma

Her voice sounds just like that congress “woman” (girl) AOC

another name

my argument:
so the guy touting himself as a therapist is throwing around terminology… for game purposes, that could affect her and her career working with children in the outside world because… therapist said it. But someone out there will argue you can’t say or do anything that is going to affect his career outside of the game because it’s game and a tv show. yeah. that seems biiig eyeroll. that seems legit.

As far as Jessica goes… has she shown any spark of awareness at all this season? why start now.


people have lost jobs due to their behavior before. so far nicole has nothing to worry about. nor do tommy, cliff, jess, sam, or camp comeback. not sure i can say the same about anyone else, but it’s still in wouldn’t hire rather than getting fired territory for the most part.

Butters Mom

I hope he told all of his clients that he was going on big brother and to watch… and I hope they watch the live feeds or at least read obb. That would serve him right.

Janey Haze

Takes one to know one?


I wish Nicole was playing…then she’d have a chance to keep herself safe and still pull someone down. At least then maybe Kat could go…


Catch me up. I must have blinked. What did Nicole do to be treated so badly by the Hateful 8 (or 9) ?


Basically, Cliff sunk her game the group decided they needed someone to blame for all the distrust they have for each other and they chose Nicole.




Hey production….who ever gets back into the game from Camp Comeback give them Ovi’s power or safety for a week !

Feeds Gold

kat joking if she wins veto, in her speech she will “drop the bomb that cliff is my dad” haha

Feeds Gold

kats great, and a minute later she said “hey dad” when cliff walked by…i also like sis/sam banter/humor together when they are joking around

Not Aquaman

Who is this “Kat” that you speak of? Seems like she disappeared after week 1.


I agree. Night 1 first thought…she’s hot. By night 2 I was bored of her and got tired of the conspiring talk. But truthfully…she’s not that bad and is kinda funny

John Doe

Yea, that is a joke because that will happen never…

another name

Okay. The coffee has helped. Exercises and stretching have helped. I’ve had food. Going to try this whole thing again using my logical brain instead of my foul mood everyone on feeds sucks because i’m having a bad me day brain.
Logical assessment:
In terms of game moves, everyone is doing the right thing right now in pinning all of their shenanigans on one lame duck. It’s distasteful, but the hoh and his showmance are wildcards and frankly, a$$h0(that’s a zero maybe they’ll make it an alliance name)les, so best to play nice.
Have we seen anything from Nick or Bella this season that would lead us to believe that the HOHitis they would share if either got in power would be anything other than vitriolic hate spewing and self pitying victim splaining? We expected this.
Okay. That actually makes me feel less stabby. They’re crap. we knew they’d be crap. Yeah. I can go on watching them be crap because, honestly, what else did I expect?
The fact that everyone is playing nice with them and seemingly buying their crap at the moment? Fleeting. They have power right now. The moment they are out of power, the entire place is going to go back to Bella and Nick are trash, we’ve got to get rid of them.
Yeah, that makes me feel better as well. way less aggravated.
Right after the veto ceremony, they’ll all be pulling a Kat to Jessica and saying to each other ‘you know, what nicole (or kemi as the case may be) said was right because Nick/Bella did the same thing to me about Holly.’ And they’ll be right back down at the bottom with big targets on their foreheads. It won’t save Nicole, but really, if she can’t save herself, what’s the point. Better she’s out than staying with them. She screwed her own game by saying too much to the two people nobody trusts.
Yeah. I can deal with that.

Feeds Gold

the tale of snakebella and nicole…

Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite
“I saved you, ” cried the woman
“And you’ve bitten me, but why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
“Oh shut up, silly woman, ” said the reptile with a grin
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in”

another name

Too bad that due to editing thus far, I can see how they would be able to play off the whole thing according to the narrative that Bella has been selling to the house, and that version will have Nicole cast as the snake that tried too hard, and poor too honest for her own good Bella as the bitten victim. How much of the possible vote flip save Kemi story was put into episode?
They really could run with the Nicole tried to play everyone too hard and Bella almost fell for it routine that makes the eight look almost justified in their vilification and coming together to form the nine crap. It’s a stretch, and the furthest from the actual story they could go, but it’s possible. That worries me.

Feeds Gold

I think bella gets the villain edit as revealer of black widows then screwing over nicole yet again…but i still think they show nicole overplaying/spewing too much info thinking she was going up when she wasnt…sundays show will be ‘six shooters dodged a bullet’


Nick and Bella deserve each other. As for Nick comparing Nicole to Vanessa i can’t even!!!

another name

Part of me believes he is so clueless to what was happening around him last week (because dude has a ridiculous ego), that he actually believes she has to be lying. When Bella said the others might be out to get rid of them, he refused to believe anyone had caught on because he’s too smooth.
Part of me believes that he has to be trying to villainize her as much as possible so that nobody stops to consider that she was telling the truth.
Most of me thinks: both.


Kemi is the most racist in the house and needs to go permanantly


I agree. The verdict on David, Jackson, etc is still out….at least until I hear more of their inner thoughts…but Kemi is most def not racist


I want to like Nicole, I really do, but she has no backbone. Every year there is that one person that everyone wants to step up and every year we are let down. She will get steam rolled, just because she doesn’t have it in her to stand up for herself. Granted, she may have figured a few things out, but this doesn’t mean she is going to miraculously become Wonder Woman… Not going to happen. This season is a repeat of the steam roll that occurred last year. The only hope we have is for this group to turn on each other, unlike last year, it could happen with all the egos within the nine.

Feeds Gold

Nick: can you admit I was saying more names than just Holly and Sis, I said other names, fishing for info, seeing who you would put up, i never said you should put them up”

Nicole: yes

I think Nick wants Holly out soon, and I think he wouldnt want Sis to go until end game

Oneeye willie

After just watching Nick and Nicole’s convo the live feeds I can safely say Nick nor Bella will win this season. He should’ve signed up for Entitled Brother!


What really pissed me off was listening to him lecture Nicole like she was a child, then scolding her for saying and calling out Bella… Yet Bella sat in the room yesterday ridiculing Nicole… I feel sorry for any parent that has Nick as a therapist for their child… They need to see a montage of this idiot’s antics. And… Why is Tommy there? Who the hell cast him as “Big Brother One Sided mediator”?


Yep…just like Rockstar…they come on this show and think they’re just entitled to win it

Charlene Younkin

Simon, keep writing your side comments– you mad me laugh 4 or 5 times in this one post! 🙂

g Love

Watching BBAD from the 14, i am so I’ll watching Nick twist his beard, pull out his breads hair ….. disgusting!