Christie “I was an animal! First of all its anonymous no one will ever know if it was used or not.”

HOH: Nick
NOMINATED: Cliff & Jess
WACK Power: Christie
New Alliance “Undeniable Nine” – Nick, Jack, Jackson, Analyse, Christie, Tommy, Sam, Holly, Bella

8:12pm Kitchen. Cliff – Can I make a non-controversial request. I don’t know what just happened and I never believe in my family fighting at the dinner table so I am not asking anything about it. It’s times like this that maybe gratitude circles may be more than everyone getting on perfectly. If it would be gospel for y’all I would happy to.. I would love to go around and do gratitude circle to remember what’s really important. Christie – I’m in to that. They start going around the table saying what they’re thankful for. Bella – I am going to skip it because I’ve had a hard week. David – you’re not grateful for anything? Bella – I’m grateful for being here. Nick – Isabella, I got lucky that I found someone that I really care about and like and I get to spend my time with. I cherish that because it might not be the entire show. I really care for Isabella so I am happy I get to spend my time with her. Bella gets up and hugs and kisses Nick. 7

8:39pm Bathroom. Nick, Jack and Christie.
Nick – I assume that she is probably going to want to talk to me. I need either Holly, Sis or Jack there. Christie – take one guy and one girl. Nick goes to the washroom. Jack – wow! Christie – that was some sh*t but I am so glad that happened. Misconstruing it! It could have gone bad. Christie – what a day. Christie to Nick – I loved how undeniably grateful you are.

Storage room. David – second chance. Jackson – You’re here for a reason. David – when I get back in the house, then I can really play the game. Jackson – would you say you would rather have strength or mental comp? I think whatever you’re strongest at is what it will be. Because they (production) clearly want you back in here. They do. Go in there confident because it is there for the taking. It is yours to take. David – I am visualizing coming back into the game. Jackson – Think with your head. You know what you do? Fuel it. Let them burn from the inside out. Take their souls. Work them from the inside out. If you see people unraveling fuel their fire. Let them self implode. But keep a grasp on your sh*t. I don’t give a f**k what you show on the outside. Do your thing. 23 out of 24 hours a day we can hate each other guts and we get 10 seconds in here.. what’s up dude? Cool? Yeah? Done, we good.

8:45pm Boat room. Christie and Tommy.
Christie – they all complained about how hard it was and I finished it in like 3 seconds. I was an animal! First of all its anonymous no one will ever know if it was used or not. I never have to stand up and say that I want to use it. I have to decide the morning of the veto meeting if I want to use it. If I win the veto or someone I really, really trust wins the veto… Say someone on the other side of the house wins and puts us up.. at the veto meeting after the veto has already been won I have the ability to activate .. it will come over the loud speaker.. Holly joins them and the conversation turns to talking about Nicole. Holly – I just feel bad. Christie – she did this to herself. Did she not think anyone was going to speak? Tommy – coming into this game, I knew I was the type of person that could get along with anyone and I knew ahead of time that I was going to have to come in here and pick a side. I actually feel like I am very similar to her (Nicole). I feel like she was kind of floating and caught in the middle. She was playing both sides and got caught. I knew coming into this game I could have easily done that because that’s my personality. I said nope, pick a side. We’re only on week 3, and she got caught.

8:54pm HOH room. Nick, Sam, Jackson, Jack, Analyse and Bella.
Bella – I’m not worried about Kemi coming back at all now. Nick – If we take one down, who are we taking down? It shouldn’t matter right? I would rather take down Jess. We’re going to put up Nicole and vote her a$$ out. Sam – so you should pick me for house guest choice. Analyse – if Ovi comes back him and Cliff are going to .. Nick – are you worried about Cliff though? Analyse – yeah, I am. Nick – I think Nicole is a bigger threat and we have to get her out. She almost literally made us almost flip on each other. Bella – I think she was the mastermind behind it, not Cliff. Jack – Cliff is confessing his entire game plan every morning. Bella – I told her (Nicole) about it. Jack – so Cliff now knows that we know everything. Bella – yeah. Nick – I would rather take Jess off and .. Jack – I would rather have Nicole playing for battle back.

8:56pm – 9:27ppm 8Bedroom. Nicole, Kemi.
Nicole – everyone today hasn’t been giving me eye contact so I’ve felt weird. Hasn’t been looking at me or talking to me. I went to Nick and Bella .. and Nick left the room. She said I need to tell you.. do you trust me? I said I do trust you but there are people acting weird around me. Bella said that Jack and Michie (Jackson) were up here pushing for Nick to put you (Nicole) up. And Nick denounced it and said I am not putting Nicole up. I swore on my grandmothers grave that I didn’t have the power. And that’s something I would never do. And then she was like oh and they also think that you were the rogue vote. Bella was like yeah, we don’t think you were. We think it was Michie (Jackson was the rogue vote). So we had a heart to heart. I said I trust her and because I trust her I said the people that you’re close to Jack, Jackson, Holly and Sis… they want you out. The plan was for anyone else to win HOH and you two were going up. That’s what was happening. She was like I knew it, I knew it. My thought process is, that Bella said something to them. Kemi – Bella cant keep her mouth shut. Nicole – so they’re going to pick off me, Jess, Kat, Cliff, and then one of you guys from camp comeback.

9:30pm – 10pm Bedroom. Christie, Analyse and Tommy. Anaylse it would be so stupid to not vote CLiliff out. Christie – I don’t care if Nick disagrees… I am voting out Cliff either way. He is just too dangerous. Analyse – Nicole doesn’t have anyone. We cannot be stupid and let him stay again. Analyse is worried about Ovi coming back and still having the power. Tommy – its good for 6 weeks. Christie – unfortunately Nicole was at tht center of all of this.

10pm Bedroom. Nicole and Kemi. Nicole – I’m in a weird spot right now like .. do I enter that room? Because I really don’t know what that conversation was.. and if it was Bella telling them Nicole told me you guys want me out. Walking in there will be like unleash the wolves and if its not that and I’m sitting there looking guilty .. that’s no bueno either. The fact that noms just happened .. Bella went upstairs and then Sis and Holly went up right after. David joins them. David – the players with the most pressure perform. And once you win you can be like bow down b***hes.

10:30pm HOH room. Christie, Nick, Jack. Tommy, Analyse and Bella. Jack – Cliff had no idea what she was doing. Not a f**king clue! Nick – I feel bad for Cliff. Jack – me too because he was being honest about what he said. He never talked behind backs. He’s always been truthful although he did say he wanted to put me and Sis up on the block. Big ol’f**k off to that. It was an honest game play.

Kemi – I need to be real PC for these cameras. She cares a lot about being in the spot light and all eyes being on her. Even if it will screw her game in the long run. Jess joins them and the conversation ends. Nicole tells Jess if you get house guest choice, pick me and if I win it I will use it to take you down and then we’ll both be safe.

10:50pm Kitchen. Nick, Cliff and Bella. Nick – who would you pick if you got house guest choice. Cliff – I wouldn’t say anything I had a chance to talk to you first but I would pick someone strong like Sam. Nick – you can pick whoever you want, just make sure the will take you off if they win it. Nick – I’m going to pick Sis and if she is already picked. I’m going to pick Jack because I really want to compete against Jack. I think that will motivate me.

10:37pm Living room. Cliff and Ovi. Cliff – everyone in there started comparing stories and they realized that things she was saying or said that weren’t said because there were multiple people in rooms to confirm that it wasn’t said. They’re basically upset with her because they know the three of us work together. And it drags me along too so I said look guys I wasn’t involved in any of that. And I sure hope you don’t take this person. Just please don’t freeze me out. Now maybe it might be me because I’m associated with her.

11pm – 110:30pm Christie – there was a lot that was said. And I’m sure some of it was misconstrued. Nicole – I wanted to talk to you because I feel like you’re the only one to shoot it straight. Christie – so basically how this all kicked off was you approached Bella right after the eviction about the rogue vote thinking you would take the heat for it. Nicole – right before noms yeah. Christie – everyone took that rogue vote with a grain of salt and wasn’t really thinking that much about it. You really weren’t a target this week but I don’t know exactly what you said to Bella in that moment. But what she said was that basically a lot of conversations that we had had been flipped. That we cornered you and were bullying you. And that you felt really bullied by us. And that we were the ones that pulled you aside saying that Bella was bullying you. I never witnessed her bully you. From the conversations that we had I thought that you felt bullied by them (Nick and Bella). I at no point insinuated that Bella was a bully to you. I don’t want my name brought into something that never happened. Nicole – no, yeah absolutely. Tommy joins them and asks if he can stay. Christie – I would like you to stay just so nothing gets misconstrued. Tommy and Christie talk about how the meeting got heated in the HOH roo.

11:59pm Kitchen. Jackson explains how he didn’t mean anything by closing the HOH door on her. Nicole is crying. I just want to talk to anyone that will talk with me. Jackson hugs her.

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Allies Mom

Is Sam really dumb enough to think that even though he wasn’t in the 8 that he has suddenly moved up to being a legit member of the 9 person alliance? The people on the bottom – hello nick, Bella and Sam – have been TOLD they are at the bottom and they still don’t make a move. I’m looking at you Nick aka Hoh.

I’m finding it hard to like any of these people. Plus their alliance names are stupid.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Sam knows but he has to play along.


I can’t stand Bella.

Grumpy chat

This is such a load of bs as to why they’re gunning for Nicole all of a sudden. Just any stupid excuse will do I guess.
And when in the hell is Jessica going to wake up and smell the coffee damn it ! Nice lady but she hasn’t a clue.
Ugh! Just ugh!

another name

When i hear this conversation, I’m catching all sort of subtext but i’m not sure if i should be catching any.
Kemi: The decisions we make in this game are game, but then the relationships we make are personal. And I can already see…
Nicole: I already see it.
Jess: Multiple times, I’ve been like….
Feed Interruption. *just when i thought the subtext would be supertext because if anyone is going to inadvertently slip up it’s Jess.* Feed returns and dammit i missed what it’s been like multiple times.
Kemi: Is this even like worth it? But you don’t want to be that person who’s the first person to quit BB.
Nicole: I would never quit. I would just need someone to tell me not to. Does that make sense? Having someone talk to me just now.

What i realized in the conversation between Jess, Nicole and Kemi when Jess was speaking: she may say woman empowerment, but her real personality is more apologist. ie “i don’t think he understands how he comes across to people.” (about Jackson “not knowing” he’d closed the door in Nicole’s face after dismissing her).

It was either that or listen to Christie and Cliff and i figured her voice tone would be chastising, and he’d never say: maybe if she had a question she should have knocked on the door and asked instead of running through the house like a busybody.
Sorry. I really want somebody to put at least one of these self-professed “good people” that “deserve to win” in their place, damn the consequences. (btw, those two catch phrases make my blood boil. Hearing them both today from really putrid asshats really annoyed me.)
I figure right about now, Cliff is thinking he will distance himself from Nicole in order to stay in everyone’s good graces, and stay on the closest orbit to the mob. His moral protest to the earlier shenanigans are secondary to his self interest in the game. On a game level: good move for him. on a personal respect level: what a douche.

If he did put the self important shrew in her place, someone please comment and make my day. I’m at my Christie limit for today, i don’t want to go back and actually watch it. I figure i know from earlier conversations what the topic is.

I’m confused why Sis (who was saying lemme at her about Nicole in the group) is now saying they shouldn’t send Nicole home. Cliff should go instead. What’s that all about? I hope someone will explain. Thanks.

crap. i thought i pushed post comment on this about a while ago. oops.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Cliff has joined the douche brigade.Christie is as horrible a person as she is a skilled liar who will probably win this game.Someone should have told Nichols people with integrity don’t go on reality TV,it never ends well.

another name

I’ve said before that i don’t have a problem from a game perspective if an outsider is a suck up. Any move that gets a person further (that’s why from a game perspective finding a scapegoat doesn’t offend me, it’s the manner that they did it that was all kinds of creepy). Ethically, I have issue with someone that betrays their principles, or joins in / piles on when it comes to behavior they know is unacceptable. I have no respect for Cliff for this reason. Suck up to them… but that doesn’t mean getting down into the mud with them.
In the new CBS structure, I expected some small shift in the program. What i’m seeing is more than a small shift. In past seasons they may have glossed over some plot points, but in this new era, they are doing things that i’m uncomfortable with in terms of episode presentation versus reality. It’s on a different scale this season.
In my most conspiratorial moments, my original thought after three days of feeds was Christie was put in to be a mole on behalf of production to drive their desired storyline, and divert attention as they manufactured a win for Jackson. I’ve been trying to think of this as my over-active imagination. I’m hoping this is my over- active imagination.


I can’t see cbs trying to manufacture a win for Michie. I feel like Michiie is the anti to a lot of the media’s directional push. Like I feel that the media is constantly trying to promote diversity at all costs…even if it means demonizing another race. Instead of putting tons of people of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in a house and taking their hand out of it….they still have to put their hand in to push a storyline or happy, feel good story and I just think Michie is not who most in the media would be promoting.

another name

If you watch his episodic persona and disregard his feed persona, he’s exactly what they would be promoting. The clean cut guy that got caught up in a bad romance with a crazy woman, but still goes out of his way to be kind to her while reaching out to every person his alliance targets to make them feel like they are still human beings. The episode only people are eating that shit up. They don’t know how he acts on feeds. They don’t know that he leaves those tender moments and talks about how stupid they are for falling for it, twists what they say to further demonize them, and then goes and eats a refrigerator. whole.


Some good points…but I do not believe for a second that any of the major networks wants…let alone works to secure, a win by a clean-cut, white boy, emphasis on white. That’s just not the reality of the media culture in 2019. If this were BB Australia…where the public votes for the winner….then maybe. And one little argument in defense of Michie…I don’t think him being caring and sympathetic to one’s face…then goin back and trashing them to his alliance is any different than almost any BB player, past or present. I’m not sayin that’s a good thing and that I want people like that around me in real life…but it is what they ALL do. LOL’ing soooo hard about him eating a fridge, whole!

another name

media culture right now is at a crossroads. While they all point with derision at world events, they perpetuate and foster the atmosphere in their programming choices.
my rebuttal to the everyone does it defense of jackson: isn’t it convenient that the edit process cuts out the part where he later reacts negatively, but puts music soundtrack behind the fake tender moment. That is what i’m saying in a nutshell about the state of media culture.


I absolutely abhor how Cliff is “Cliff Noting” the game…he is so clueless and so far wrong I can’t even. Nicole has been nothing but sincere and true to him and he is so quick to dump her and toss her to the wayside. I’m not having it. Cliff thinks he is so beloved by America…he may have been working towards that at once but now he has shown his selfish, petty and greedy person that he is…he is such a lunch bag let-down. Hang i there Nicole!


I think Sis is a sweetheart….but she’s really clueless and nonsensical. I’ve seen her make many comments that were the opposite of what she was saying/feeling minutes earlier.


like she doesnt hook up with guys and later that night her panites were bunched up in the corner of the hoh room and she was walking funny from BIG JACK


She’s a parrot, whichever perspective she hears is her new perspective. She just follows whatever the rest of them are doing.


That’s the word I was searching for…a sweetheart of a parrot LOL


Sorry…sweehearts do not do the “dirty” on world-wide tv for her parents, grand parents, and everyone else to see and hear…that’s clearly something else, definitely not a sweetheart. If she was doing this to play Jack for a putzt I’d see some merit but Jack got what he wanted and now he is ready to keep Sis until her vote is no longer needed. She can rave about his d**k while he steps closer to the win.

I just love Tyler from BB20

Why is Sis a h#e? Because she had sex with Jack? That means Jack had sex with her too. So why not call Jack a h#e? What’s good for the goose…………

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t think she is a sweetheart at all. She’s got a foul mouth and is calling girls nasty names. And she is “in like” with a grade A douche bag.


I think I figured out why Christie bugs me SO MUCH
*Sis (not my favorite) but getting crap for Christie and Jack’s game
*Jess getting pinned as having the power when Christie has it.
*Christie says not going to talk to Cliff as Tommy is telling Jackson that’s what she said as she starts telling Cliff exactly what she said she wasn’t
*Anytime someone like Sis tries to talk she over talks
*Never really gets a good point out just a stupid point
I don’t like her! Dawg and Simon know who I like but not saying cause always get voted down LOL


i think bella rocks and i love a “VILLIAN” on BB ! Bella makes this show watchable with running her mouth . she is showing that even though they all know she runs her mouth they all still include her in everything! When she starts bangin pots and pans i will stand up and cheer


Christie annoys because she is annoying. She’s got Tommy in one back pocket and why is Jack in the other??? Why does Jack “love” her so much and trust her so implicitly? I think there is some outside connection we have not heard about…but I say Christie – go for it. If you have some advantages hang on to them and use them to get to the end because you will need them!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They all demonize Kat for crying and spazzing while on the block. Christie cries just as much and spazzes non-stop and HASN’T been on the block. Christie also isn’t nearly as funny as Kat. I didn’t like that Kat was all over Jackson. But when she didn’t shed a tear after he dumped her, I completely changed my mind.


Poor Nicole…I feel bad for her. I didn’t expect her to last long in the game, but to be accused of so much and to be innocent, it sucks to be her right now.
What is the power that Christie won ? All I know is that it has to be used at Veto time. Anyone know what it is?
I think that aside from dumb Cliff sabotaging his own game trying to be cool, the two with the biggest mouths are Bella and Christie. Do not like Bella at all !!!.
Hope the game picks up soon…it’s getting boring. Why bother to win the HOH if all you’re gonna do is take out floaters? Come on people, get with it and start taking down your competition!

King Silva

Christie apparently won the Diamond Power of Veto.

If it has the same powers as it originally had in Season 12 (when Matt Hoffman used it) then she can save one of the nominees (even the replacement nominee should the original Veto get used that week) and then gets to replace whoever she saves on the chopping block with someone of HER choosing (of course HOH/Veto winner are immune).

The bonus this time is that she is anonymous, whereas Matt wasn’t iirc, so she can try and act like someone else did it to cause more drama and conceal the fact that she made that big move. Something like that would be best saved for her potential final 2 speech.

So it is a BIG time power but it apparently only lasts for the next 4 weeks. That is still long and I certainly see her using it.

That just means if there is ever a week where someone like Jessica, Cliff, a Camp Comeback player like David, Ovi, Kemi, and whoever goes this week, looks like Nicole if Veto is used, gets HOH they will have a hard time getting rid of someone especially if Christie or Tommy are their top choices.

Although considering she only told Tommy about it I take it she would only use it on herself or him.

If they were both up on say Cliff’s HOH then I would expect her to replace herself with someone like Kat, whoever came back from Camp Comeback, or even make a super strong move and take out someone like Nick, Jack, or Jackson, and Unde9able would vote out who she picked most likely since I think Tommy would survive.

I feel like Tommy is for sure floating to the top 5 and if he can win some competitions after that then he could get to F2.


Tommy is wheeling and dealing. He’s killing it. He deserves some credit for his game.


Tommy has cooled his jets and is in the groove…he just can’t be too low for too long because then no one will give him any credit for playing. His playing is buikding tihs amazing social game but he’s got to be careful to playout the social game wisely so it becomes clear he knew what he was doing all along.


Just want to give Nicole a huge hug. Bella is so manipulative


that is a point of the game, manipulation. you dont like her tactics because she says what she wants to say. weak minded people have issues with strong willed loud people saying waht they want tot say . so go cry nicole , booo hooo hooo . wasnt nicole bragin on how she was a superfan? i guess she doesnt understand she isnt and never will be part of the “cool kids” group.


Bella’s Mom, is that you?

Butters Mom

I am the mom of 3 grown kids ranging in age from 30 to 21 (the range of the majority of those in that house) and the moms of the asshats who are part of the hateful gr8tful should really be cringing at how their offspring are behaving on national television. This is how they act on TV… guess how they are in real life?! Disgusting. Morals?… they dont have any. Compassion? Nope non of that either… Self awareness? nope… nothing. Self respect…. again.. none. Last year I really enjoyed BB. I’ve watched every year and I cant say this is the worst cast I’ve ever seen but, I am quite shocked at the behavior going on in light of my expectations prior to the season starting. The edits given to the worst of the worst only proves production encourages this trash and then flips it to make the victims look like they deserve it. Im not sure how much more I can support it because with a group of now 9 working against the underdogs and having the help of Production as well, there is little hope for someone with any redeeming qualities to win.


I’m in the same boat as you as a mom of kids this age. If anyone of these hateful 8 were my kid I’d feel I had failed as a parent. Not only the way they are treating others but the promiscuity of the girls (did no one teach them self respect) added to the callousness of the Jacks(did no one teach them about decency of any kind). They may not be the dumbest of the bunch after all there was FOUTE but for less than 4 weeks in the worst humans.


Totally agree – they may be great people in real life (NOT) but they have lost it in the BB House. Even Cliff the “older, wise one” doesn’t seem to have a grasp on life either. He thinks he is all that by his early morning talks but he really is showing just how dumb-a$$ clueless he is. He is so full of himself he doesn’t realize how he dived-bombed his own game along with Ovi and Nicole (which he’s already threw under the bus). He will will be lucky if he survives this week.

Tom A

Christie, Tommy and especially Bella make me sick to my stomach. I thought Tommy was a legitimate person, but boy was I wrong. Bella is just a joke. To say I strongly dislike her is a gross understatement.


Bella is not a joke. She looks in the mirror and sees a genious. We see Bella in the mirror and see a supreme idiot.

another name

the moment Bella told Nicole she wasn’t a target, and others were throwing her name around but Bella and Nick weren’t biting… Nicole should have said okay. i’ll keep my eyes open and tell you if anything comes up.
Telling Bella anything is putting the lotion on your skin and ASKING for the hose again.
She shot her own game. In that regard, I lack sympathy because she knows Bella can’t keep her mouth shut. The stuff that comes after… i’m not heartless.

The mob bash session: Did anyone expect any different? You’ve got every single person in that room trying to find a scapegoat for the fact that every one of them has been shitty as hell behind each others backs. I guess it’s almost a welcome to post Les Big Brother. Not that Les’ seasons didn’t have their share of shitty. I mean… whoa. There’s tons of it.

After reading the updated update… i’m assuming Christie left the d/r immediately before her conversation with Nicole? D/R Personnel: Psst Christie make sure you aren’t associated with the word bully you’ve been throwing around. Maybe go talk to Nicole. Remember no bully.
Then again, i’m sure Jackson has also been in d/r recently: same D/R Personnel: Jackson, for the episode we need to see you being caring toward Nicole. You know, like last week with Kemi. Sure you can fake it and bash her later, we won’t air that, silly goose. Thanks.
I Know. I’m getting really skeptical about these people and suspicious of Production. But hey, blame Kat for saying Production told them about their image problems. That’s got my radar on high alert when people do things out of character, but prime for the way the show has been editing them.

Bella is on to be the villain of the season so that she can get notoriety. As twitter is talking about not being able to wait until she get’s back online, I’m thinking sure, feed her desire. The smarter option would be obscurity through social media shunning, but hey, you be you twitter.


Many on the internet feels that their condemnation will tear a person apart…they just can’t seem to understand that now ANY attention works to feed the ego of fame whores.

Grumpy chat

Christy and Tommy are so full of crap it’s not even funny.
They think they’re slick tag teaming Nicole like that.

My Two Cents

I can’t decide who I dislike more….Christie? Or Bella? They both make me wanna throw something at the screen.

another name

You have to wonder, as Nick and Bella are rewriting their shared and individual histories with Nicole… (playing victim when at least one of them in every instance knows Nicole’s claim is true).
who are they trying to convince? The feed audience? The episode audience?
We saw what they were doing. She didn’t lie. She was stupid, but she didn’t lie. They are just lying to each other and themselves for the sake of edit.
With this as my most recent exposure: I’m going with Bella as more dislikable right now….. and given Christie appearing on feeds makes me push mute or change feed half the time… that’s saying something.


Christie is less emotionally in control but Bella is more purposefully in her words and actions…she knows she is being ‘baiting’ and horrible.

another name

After borrowing the shower:
Sis says she has no feeling for Jack.
stop. edit.edit.edit.edit. nope. gonna say it
no feeling for or no feeling from banging with him in the shower?


she just getting some D ! what cant a women get her needs fulfilled and move along ? get it gurl !

another name

Final note before sleep. About tonight’s post nominations Ninth Gate of Hell meeting:

If you and your mob are celebrating that you’ve found a patsy to go down for everything you’ve done: it doesn’t matter if you go down in a group to confront them or go down in little groups over time to confront them so it “doesn’t look” like bullying. The fact that you recognized and acknowledged that your action was for the purpose of intimidation you’ve already admitted your purpose is to bully. On feed.
Just because you are aware of optics enough to create plausible deniability so that it can be spun that it wasn’t bullying because it wasn’t done en masse… the fact that you’ve conspired to do so in order to create that grey area doesn’t negate your intent.

What this tells us: the status quo this season is go ahead and do it, but do it in a way that leaves wiggle room so that somebody will always say ‘yeah but’. This is the result of their image fix week. do it. do it on the down low or don’t get caught. we’ll edit you out of it if we can.

I hate the word bully. It’s overused in big brother. They used the word bully about their own plan. So that’s where we are.


Me too…about the word bully. I wrote in another post that the way it’s thrown around is ridiculous, so when someone is truly being bullied…everyone will just think…oh yea…like BB bullied lol.

A river runs through it

This is all so depressing. Surreal almost.
I feel like I’m being duped.
That perhaps at the end of this the cast will all come out and take a bow.
The audience will be informed that the hg’s are all really actors who were putting on a performance act. Making commentary on today’s issues.
I mean, is the stuff that’s been going on in that house for real.

All I know is that it’s aggravating the heck out of me.
Nicole needs to keep her chin up. Hopefully her day in the sun will come.


I understand why people are not liking Bella and all of her antics but with or without her antics, the H8fuls would have picked the other side off one by one anyway. I am thinking that Bella and Nick, maybe David or Kemi should they get back in) are the only two that would actually go after Jack and Jackson. The rest of their alliance would be to afraid to take that shot. The group of 8 are only bound until Jury, so none of them want to rock that boat too soon. I am hoping the next alliance formed will be Nick, Bella, Sam, what ever floater is left, and hopefully David or Kemi. That would be a scenario that might save this season. Myself, I dislike Sis way more than I dislike Bella. Bella is at least playing the game, maybe not doing a very good job, but at least playing, while Sis is riding coattails and talking trash about every member of the other side of the house. So pretty but so ugly on the inside.


Nicole brings her grandmother into the game by swearing on her and then gets upset when they talk about it.


Nicole brings her grandmother into the game by swearing on her, then gets upset when people talk about it, Oh ok.


i like that sis said she down for some D when needed from Jack and that’s it. when the other day she was talking about not hooking up and just likes hanging out with guys . i think she has tanned(her hobby) her brain in the sun so much she things hanging out means losing them panties .


I’m pretty sure some of these guys are really just bonobos in people suits.