First Look at the Front of the Big Brother 14 house

Julie Chen Big Brother 14 Host

A new Big Brother 14 Commercial aired tonight and it reveals a few potential BB Spoilers.

  • Premiere Episode 60 CAPTIVATING Minutes
  • 4 Supersized TWISTS
  • 1 Game changing SHOCKER

The video also show the front of the Big Brother House, yesterday we saw a short clip of Juli Chen in the BB Bathroom .. The Rumors for the season are starting to pile up but nothing close to official has been released.

I would even take these commercial “twists” with a grain of salt, it is not uncommon for them to be completely off the mark. Every season of Big Brother has at least one Game changing shocker and 4 supersized twists could mean 4 Pandora boxes containing Jessie Godderz. However it is interesting their choice of words, as Daniele Donato used the word “Shocker” numerous times during Big Brother 13. Still it’s exciting that Big Brother is starting and in my opinion the crazier the rumor the better. Let us know in the comments what crazy rumor you are hearing.

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Simon I love your rumors, would you consider being a contributing writer on Rigged Brother if this season is anything like the last?


Totally irrelevant, but lanes engaged!


omg thats awesome to whoo ? D; i feel so out of it 🙁


Second floor would be sweet! I think the BB house is overdue for an update 🙂


they just released that clip on high quality on the CBS website!!!!!


Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

Jake K.

I’ll make a rumor….they barely squeezed 16 people in the house that first night during season 9. If the game is “SUPERSIZED” then the house would have to have been expanded to fit the “biggest amount of houseguests ever” right?


I agree with you Jake K. and personally i don’t want to see that mentor twist happen but i wouldn’t mind another All-star season and like someone else had mentioned, it doesn’t matter if they brought back houseguests this summer anyway because that probably wouldn’t happen until seven game seasons from now. And an Arcade Room would be awesome! :)’ !