Arlie – “Jon is f*d now.. I’m not saying that to make him feel bad I literally think he’s f*d”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 17-13-11-017

7:55pm Bedroom Jon, Adel and Arlie

Jon tells them once Arlie goes he’s going to be the target

Arlie is saying that Neda is really playing down her physical abilities. He asks them if they think she’s physically strong in competitions. Adel doesn’t think so. Jon doesn’t know says it wouldn’t surprise me if she was.

Arlie tells them Neda is making it to the finals in every single scenario he can think of, “How is she going to lose.. who is going to want her out of this game”

Arlie says every fan knows you cannot win the first half of the game and make it to the end. You have to make connections during the first half.

Jon doesn’t think there is a big girls alliance that will challenge him. Arlie doesn’t think there’s a formal girls alliance he thinks it’s just going to happen both sides of girls are going to take out the guys.

Arlie points out to him that there’s only one more week that trust is involved after that it only matters who wins the competitions.

Arlie says Allison and the gremlins will put up Adel and Jon. He doesn’t think Heather and NEda will this coming week but after that there is a good chance.
Adel – “We’re f***d”

Arlie says he really thought they were good until final 5. When Arlie had the “Target” talk with Jon it was real talk.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 18-08-19-539

8:05pm Gremlins doing their Goth Makeup

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 18-19-11-397

8:16pm Adel gets a lighting bolt drawn on his face by Neda

8:28pm Gremlins getting ready for the hot tub

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 17-47-15-777

8:30pm Bedroom NEda, Arlie and Jon
Neda and Arlie agree it’s possible the gremlins are going to make the final 2.

Arlie – “Jon F** his game completely by doing this to me”

Neda says that Arlie would have taken Jon out first chance he had. Arlie says he would never had taken Jon out 5th
Neda doesn’t believe Arlie she thinks he’s only saying that to make Jon feel stupid for doing what he did. If Arlie had the chance he would have taken Jon out 6th or 7th. Arlie tells her there is no way he would have done it this early in the game.
Arlie – “I think Jon is f*** now.. I’m not saying that to make him feel bad I literally think he’s f***d . I think he f*** mine, his and Deli’s game by doing this.. that’s just the way I see the game going ”
Neda – ‘Cool’
Arlie adds that it’s just his opinion but Jon is F***d now, but he’s made his big bold move now he has to win his way to the end.
Jon – “It’s going to be a rough road.. if it f**s my game it F*** my game”
Arlie – “If you make it you’ll have one epic streak if you can pull it off” Arlie points out Jon will need to win 6 straight competitions. He can’t wait to see it because as a fan “that would be cool” Arlie says he doesn’t think Jon will be able to do it.
Arlie – “I Can’t believe you thought I would take him out 7th.. I would be begging everyone to target me.. “

8:30pm Two production leaks

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 18-48-01-074

8:34pm Hot tub the gremlins
Gremlins joke about the other players in the game hounding them all day. Sabrina – “I wish they would go back to not liking us”
Rachelle – “That won’t last for long.. them liking us”
Sabrina – “You don’t think so”
Rachelle “Who knows”
Sabrina – “Ohh cause we’re going to put them up”
Gremlins start studying

9:15pm Feeds have been on hush hush for awhile

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On a side note, I would love to have ARLIE on the sideshow over the strategic game player wannabe Peter. Arlie’s personality would be more relatable than Peter trying to act all Simon Cowell on the side show.


Here’s what I think Arlie should do (if he’s done it already I missed it)

1. Continue to promise Sab, Ro, and Allie safety if he wins HOH, and try to make them the final 4.
2. Tell them that if it’s an endurance or knock out comp he will throw it to them if possible.
3. Tell them that if Heather or Neda win HOH, they will attempt to backdoor him. He will allow it by throwing the Veto comp.

May work, if he does it. May not.


1.) he did try Allison being 4th 2,3 are good ideas he didn’t try…some super fan


I feel like a SUPER fan is someone who watches live feeds. Arlie admitted he only watches the broadcasted show. So I actually hate his super fan shtick and him and his holier than thou attitude can leave ASAP. Hope he clashes hard with that tool Peter though.


But Jon and Adel aren’t giving him any chance to talk game with them. He’s literally never left alone.

He should just talk game to them in front of Jon at this point. He has nothing to lose. I wish he was trying a bit harder.


Let’s reveal I’m the mastermind strategy really back fired on Arlie not a smart move everyone things he just huge threat now if he played it better he would be staying it all on him.


Actually Arlie made 1 very bad mistake IMO. He got a heart and a conscience for a couple of minutes and told Allison she was going up backdoor style by Jon and Neda. If he hadn’t then said he was cutting her loose as well he likely had Allison’s vote to stay in the game. Who knows but after Arlie gets backdoored he may of gotten removed from the block by Allison and not Sabby. Just opened his mouth for 10 minutes sealed his fate and his game.

You’ll find tomorrow very anti climatic as Arlie goes 5-0. We get endurance and no HOH known til feeds are back up. Any girl puts up Jon and Adel. By that I mean Neda throws it late to Roro or Allison. She gets Jon but doesn’t do it herself. Other likely out comes are Adel Heather/backdoor Jon or Allison/Adel backdoor Jon. Any way I look at it Jon’s done just as Arlie said.

To the person who suggested Arlie for the sideshow I agree. Thing is production spoon feeds the host so don’t expect Arlie on Again after tomorrow night 😛 😛


For some reason I feel like Arlie isn’t leaving this week.

Maybe its a fake eviction and they’ll put him in the secret room?


I have a feeling the first three members of the jury will go to the secret room and one gets voted back in…

But has it been confirmed that Arlie is definitely the target?


I think so yes, but Arlie just seems so eerily relaxed.


i agree jon and adel are fyked… if allison wins hoh adel and jon are on the block.. only person wont put jon or adel up is heather …. neda will put adel up the gremlins will put adel and heather up if they win.. either adel or jon goes home if the girls win hoh this thursday….


Okay, so who is leaving….Adel or Arlie?


Probably both


I’m glad Arlie is leaving he is so fake and Jon saw right through him. BYE Arlie!


why is allison sooo high on both of these polls.. are you kidding me? she suckkkkkkkkkssssssss


did anyone else notice the generous edit allison was given on the POV episode?
they made her look so clever…. I don’t buy it one bit.

I’m starting to feel sorry for arlie, he’s crazy but he really truly loves this game. he deserves to stay in it way more than the gremlins… “we’ll get more airtime now” get over yourself sabrina, we would fastforward over you if we could

but what a seriously unexpected smart move by adel! playing on sabrina’s ego like that. “it’s been the arlie show” really got to her and changed her mind

another name

as far as generous edits in the pov go:
adel looks like a victim, not a conspirator in the initial edited out backstab (Allison). pure gold edit.
heather looks like she never conspired against her friend Allison. pretty golden there too.
going after arlie looks like neda’s brainchild. it was heather and neda. and heather initially conjured the idea. makes neda look more strategic than she was. golden edit.
Allison looks like the betrayer who didn’t have cause. sure she looks clever, she also looks like the villain. i’ll go as high as pewter on that one.
they also edited out jon and arlie’s four man deals with absolutely everyone to make jon look more like the straight shooter. golden edit.
Sabrina and rachelle… editing can only do so much.


Neda totally screwed Jon over by telling him to put up Arlie because look what happened now! It would have been so much better for their game to get the gremlins out and that way Allison would be forced to stay with them. The best thing that can happen now if Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison keep Arlie and align with him. It’ll be them 4 vs the remaining 3.


have u not been watching the feeds? arlie is going home its set in stone


nothing is ever set in stone in the BB house


They were going to do that. But they’re all too afraid to make a big move.


This wasn’t Jon’s HoH, let’s call it as it is,it was Neda’s. It’s funny how everybody gives so much crap about Rachelle being Sabrina’s puppet, when it is obvious Jon is Neda’s. Neda will not take Jon final 2. She will lose because he is liked by everybody. She will take Heather because the gremlins hate her and really she knows that Jon will vote for her if he is on the jury. That is three votes guaranteed her way.Neda is in the best position right now and Arlie knew it all along. I don’t think the gremlins will go all the way to final2 but you never know……if they do though, then I will never watch big brother again…it will be the worst big brother final 2 in the history of the game. Anybody but those 2 . I do hope that they vote to keep Arlie but I don’t think it will happen. Jon was in a good position and he should of sent one of the gremlins to jury but Neda really fucked his game and made him the target with no blood on her hands. Got to give it to that girl….she is smart…..Arlie was always a bigger target and now Jon has made himself target number one for the rest of the game. To much drinking f***s your thinking!!!!!!!…that is how Jon will be remembered in this game.


I love Arlie pushing this into their faces like a cream pie and all Neda can say is “Cool”.


Creepzilla is just going to slide to the final 3 with no game play whatsoever. The only thing she does that constitutes “game” is being so pathetic and weak that no one wants to waste an HOH targeting her. Wish she’d just leave already…


game wise it would be better for them to keep arlie, BUT the chance may never return to take him out since the only real threat to him is Jon. There is probably one more twist, i doubt they are keeping the war room a secret because of the emmet and jillian strategy session(i assume its going to be in there). so maybe there will be another vote and we vote someone back in, but if thats the case then it will take away from the game so much, it would be soo rigged.


Arlie finally realizing how smart Neda is, just too late and he’s been saying it to the two wrong people. Adel who keeps underestimating her and Jon who completely trust her. If he wants to stay he should throw Neda under the bus to the gremlins and allison but once again Jon (and Neda) have snuffed his last hope of staying by making Jon hangout with him the entire day.


Arlie is known for some time that Neda is a worry for him. When first laying the ground work for his plan B he attempted to throw mistrust on her to Jon. It didn’t work.


wtf was rachelle wearing (she looked naked)
and why was she dancing like an idiot?

she needs to go


My predictions leading up to final 3.
This week Arlie is sent home.
Next week Allison.
Sabrina, Heather and Neda final 3.


There is no eviction this week. Now those words would be an
epic game changer if you ask me. It has never happened before
“Amazing Race” has it all the time so why not.


It’s happened before back in BB14.


my predictions,

I think Neda or Rachelle will win if it is endurance,

If Neda wins she nominates Adel and Sabrina, Adel will end up going out

If Rachelle wins she nominates Adel and Jon with Jon going

What I want to happen..

Neda, Jon, Adel final 3, with Adel in the final.


Arlie was way too proud of his game to keep it undercover. He was outing himself all along to this alliance, not just this week. He should of kept his head down and played the nice conflicted “stuck in the middle” guy. He was clearly trying to play how loyal he was to this alliance but couldn’t stop himself from telling them how he played them all in the first five. This made him target number one, and impossible to trust even for a few weeks. Stuff like, “Its a game I played called, pumping Andrews tires, haha!” He’s good and smart enough to know better, but this is his Achilles heel that he has to show off just how good his game is. He should have saved it for the diary room like he did the first few weeks.


@Carlos If Arlie is going to throw Neda under the bus he’ll want to do it in front of the entire house. So Jon hanging with him wouldn’t stop him With Arlie shinning a huge light on Neda he may help steer the target off of Jon in the process.

Regardless of how people think Jon “played” this week things worked out this way due to circumstance (RED VETO). If Jon had not used the veto he would still have had to nominate a member of his alliance. Since Allison was dead set on using her secret red veto. Most likely it still would have been Arlie, Now with Rochelle and Arlie would be up and now the numbers are in Jons favour and the sloppy seconds move forward.

If Jon had used the veto to backdoor Allison she would have used the red veto to save herself. Replacement Nominee again being Arlie. Same numbers in Jons favour.

Really worst situation hit Jon upside the head and thats that. Allison’s only hope in this game after HAVING to use the red veto, is to convince Sabrina and Rochelle they need to vote out Adel and join Arlie. Thats really the only hope that whole side has


I just want to point out….
allison didn’t HAVE to use the veto, it was never in the instruction

and she wasn’t dead set on using it.. she is just all over the place with her game


I always liked the gremlins they are natural not fake like heather & neda or conflicted like allison, they let Canada really meet their true souls…Ya sabrina can be annoying & she talks alott of shit, but shes always in a cheerful mood always laughing~literally she laughs every minute so she has a happy spirit & good heart & despite the haters she’s still in the Game & both Vetos werevused on the Gremlins~thats Crazy!!! Sabrina’s not that stupid after all & she is kinda slobby aka slobrina, but the hole show she cooked for them did everyones make up yet they all hate her…..Id love to see The Gremlins in the final two & or Jon & Neda….


in a cheerful mood always…. maybe you’ve only been watching the show for a few hours? because she’s constantly crying or bickering
and when she does laugh… it’s at others, hardly the “good heart” you speak so kindly of

I’m not saying she’s evil and it’s cool for you to like her and but there’s a reason why people in the house and people watching feeds can’t stand her.


Arlie Goes & The rest depends on who wins cuz things change by the second in that house so its Unpredictable!!! Its painful watching neda be fake to the Gremlins, Sabrinas is not fake like that shes just always happy go lucky even wen she’s down & under….Glad there getting Arlie out hes a snake & canttt be trusted dont know y he’s playing his Violin & thats proly an act too i dont trust a thinggg he does at all hes the biggest manipulater & hes like an artist painting diff pictures for everyonee whos willing to b his muse…Bye Bye BUD!! Allison gets all these perks & ratings & nott sure y, suposibly she’s a super-fan yet shes done nothing for the game other than fall in love w nose-picking-andrew (as Ika Would Say) Its many ppls game at this point & w anymore twists & secret vetos u just never knowww…Gremlins could be final Two Aswell Allison & Heather, Jon & Beda Adel & Rachelle u just neverrr know…


Allison’s Hair Sucksss!!


The gremlins should have their own reality show if anything they are entertaining…


Entertaining is not the word, it’s disturbing like a car accident. I really can’t even decipher what Sabs says as she talks too fast ,mumbles and laughs or has food in her mouth when she is talking and Rachelle just agrees with whatever she says and strokes her ego. Sabrina never stops moving her mouth. Everything is about her and if it’s not she will make it that way. She is a delusional attention whore




IDC who hates The Gremlins the show would be dull without them


Arlie Seems like A Sociopath hes soo sly & crazy he wears a hugeee MasK


I agree with one thing arlie said jon just screwed his game he really needs to stop playing neda’s game and play his own. Yes, arlie was a strong player but you took out the one person who was on your side and kept the ones who if they win will go after you dumb move

Amazing Grace

Sabs pic above looks like “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”. Bat sh@t crazy!