“I can’t say who I’m putting up, it’s against the rules, I can say it’s not looking good for HAILS”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: ? & ? Have Not ?

Big Brother Spoilers Haleigh/fes are going up and Fes has no idea he’s the target. These weekend feeds should be good.

10:48am Fes and Haleigh
Fes – you ok
H – Yeah why?
H – why would I not be..
Fes – I was just saying.. how are you doing this morning is that a better question
Haleigh – I’m fine..
Fes – what
H – that’s a weird question
Haleigh says she’s talked to Angela but not game.
H – I do want to talk to her before nominations
fes – should I talk to her beforehand..
H – if you want to fes.. it’s totally up to you .. whatever you think.
H – I think it would be a good idea to get all four of us into a room.. she and I need to speak ..
FEs – she needs to know how Brett was to you when you won HOH
H – unless they are working together Fes
FEs – if they are working together when you are HOH to completely jump ship that’s not working together.. that’s playing both sides

11:20am JC and Brett
JC tells him that as the numbers go down Brett’s ability to flirt with the girls will be an advantage..

JC – I know for a fact that Angela likes you not like going on a date.. she thinks you are funny
JC – show her how charming you are .. she loves when you flirt with her
B – are you just speculating or are these things she said
JC – I’m speculating.. but I’m not blind.. so I see.. I know when a girl feels comfortable.. you can tell
JC – after the nominations today it’ll be a shit show.. I don’t even want to be out there today..

11:42am FEs and Angela HOH
Fes – what are you thinking about doing
Angela – Halegih’s a pawn.. I’m leaning that way but I’m still going to have a few conversations I didn’t talk to anyone last night really
Fes – if she takes herself down
A – I will cross that bridge when it comes
Fes – if Brett wins will Brett take Sam down
A – I figure I could threaten Brett to do whatever I want him to do
FEs – if Sam and HAleihg sit next to each other do you think Sam goes home
A – totally.. Yeah
A – if I don’t put Haleigh up people will be like WHY .. it won’t make any sense.. people will be suspicious of me
FEs – what is Sam thinking
A – does Sam even have thoughts anymore..
A – if Sam was HOH this week she would put me up with HAleigh
A – getting down.. to the.. nobody left it’s just going to get harder.
Fes – I respect any decision you make I know like you said Sam is your real target which would make it easy for the house
Fes – Scottie left.. Thought it would be easy house decision the next house decision will be Sam and that’s kinda why I left Sam off the block..
FEs – it would have been easier to justify putting SAm up I didn’t want to take a chance of maybe Sam going home and Scottie staying in the game.
A – if you are putting someone up to someone that is a huge target they are pretty much guaranteed the huge target will leave
Fes wonders if BRett wins the Veto if he would take Sam off. Angela doesn’t think he will. “he won’t go to bat for Sam against what I want”
Angela says it’s not good for her game or on a personal level to not put Haleigh on the block just so she feels good.
A – that just makes someone else pissed at me..
Fes – alright lets do it
A – it’ll be later today
A – I can’t say who I’m putting up because it’s against the rules but I can say right now it’s not looking good for HAILS
Fes – anyone stays over Sam
A – I have an idea who goes up.. but that person would definitely not go home against Sam
Fes – I understand your justification for putting haleigh up.. it just sucks
A – if she hadn’t put me up .. that’s all I have to go off of
Angela says she felt like Haleigh just put her on the block and it was unnecessary. Points out that things like that end up biting you in the a$$.
A – I can’t risk my game doing that to someone else when there’s not a reason to (make an enemy by putting someone fresh on the block)
Fes – there are people wanting us to attack each other so they step one step closer to top three.. not seeing the block and not winning
Fes – your word is only good if you prove it. All these people that have come up to you that haven’t won anything

Fes – I’m for real.. that’s the only way for some of these people to make top three is for me, you, Tyler and Haleigh going after each others necks..
Fes says when Haleigh was HOH Scottie and BRett were always in the HOH jumping ship.
Fes – if we stay strong as four.. there’s no way we don’t make it to top 4
Fes – we’re the best 4 competition players in this game
Fes – I know Haleigh put you up.. I know Sam is your real target..
FEs says if Sam is on the block the plan will go smooth like his HOH went smooth
Fes – the floaters in the middle they’re not winning anything and they don’t see the block as a pawn..
Angela agrees with him says there’s people that have nothing to worry about- me, KAycee and Tyler see the block as replacement..
Fes – they don’t have to be the target.. it’s like cruise control..

Haleigh comes in ..
Fes – if we execute this plan and Sam leaves.. the next 2 weeks will be smooth
H – we can win the next comp for sure..
H – we have all three of us can compete.. the only comps anyone else has beat us in is the tree on that Tyler could have won..
Fes – this four that’s more than half the house… I know you trust Tyler I trust her
Fes going on about how the four of them can rocket to final 4 if they stick together “that’s the least amount of moving parts”
Haleigh points out how Sam is a completely different person today
H – I think the four we have right now is solid.. I know it’s knew but I think we’re solid I really do
H – WE do have complete trust with the circle
Fes – that’s the best way to get to four… top four.. next 2 weeks.. 3 including this one can go smooth
Haleigh and Fes go on about how smooth FEs’ HOH went..
H – you accomplished a goal
Fes – I think mine was the smoothest all year..

12:04pm Tyler and Kaycee
They talk about what Angela will say when she puts up Fes.
Tyler – Guilty by association..
Tyler says they have not idea Fes is going up
Kaycee – Angela’s smart she knows..
T – she’s just worried.
Tyler says Fes and Haleigh came to them day 60 with the deal and their level 6 has been solid since the beginning.
Kaycee – they said double eviction or moving forward
T – they want it long term now of course..
Tyler shakes his head
kaycee – cute
T – they’re like us four are the only ones that have won competitions
T – I’m like Exactly.. (LOLLOL)
K – nice
Tyler mentions the deal that Fes tried to make when Fes was the HOH and hadn’t dropped the nominations yet… “Keep me safe next week.. he’s like I’m HOH and I’m pitching to you.. I’m, like I know that’s why I can’t say no you’ll put my a$$ up”
T – at least we had something in place just in case.. you did to
T – Haleigh said something seeing us four celebrate.. I was like yeah I was real confused why BRett was
T – Brett and JC are getting tight.. that’s good
K – you think
Tyler is trying to figure out who is initiating the talking between JC and BRett
K – Brett enjoys his company..
T – he was feeling a little but left out naturally because he had to play that part.. I’m glad it’s back to normal.. just rack up those HOH’s
T – we’re half the house right now.. so three votes. WE decide what happens.
T – even if JC and Sam try to do something they’ll need one of us to flip
T – JC was trying to make sure Angela wasn’t scared.. he was saying next week whoever stays H or F they would go after SAm
T – I think they will come after Angela and I
T – If Angela and I had an argument maybe they would put up her and someone else..
Tyler would rather Fes leave this week, “That’s what Brett wants”
T – Haleigh’s not close to Sam so you know Sam will go after Haleigh
Tyler adds that JC jis close to fes a bit to so best for fes to leave and have Haleigh alone. (so when Scottie comes back next week Fes’ brain will explode)
Tyler says H and F are scrambling because they saw Brett celebrating.. Before that they were going to push for Sam and Brett to go up.
Tyler – we al know what to do and execute it
Tyler can’t wait to tell the house about L6, how it was formed Day 2.
They laugh how when FEs asked the house who voted out the rocks. Scottie put his had up right away a minute later Brett did prefixed with a “F* it”
Tyler – I really didn’t think Fes was that dumb.. (putting Scottie up)
Kaycee he (scottie) was kinda on their side
T – he was ..

12:49pm Fes and BRett
Fes says what Sam is doing is strategy “get to top 2.. my strategy was I didn’t have a strategy you let that sneak to the end they win unanimously
Fes – she’s fooled us for 67 days..

1:26pm Angela and Kaycee
Laughing at how Haleigh and Fes are scrambling and being super clingy with Angela.
Angela brings up Haleigh being up in the HOH with her moments earlier. Angela was just running through her nominations speech in her head. Haleigh leaned over and said “I want you to know you can trust me”
A – get the f* outta here..

Angela – they really honestly think we are going to work together now..
Angela – you’re guilty by association you are stuck in the cross fire.. you are haleigh’s number one..
Angela – after putting me on the block how can you think day 60 to start working with me
Kaycee – they are just too much
Angela says last night she was loving everyone but now she’s getting annoyed, “GEt off my d1ck”

Tyler comes in feeds cut to reruns.. Nomination ceremony

2:37pm Feeds have been down

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Pay for Feeds, but don't use really them :D

I can’t wait for Fes to look back at his season and realize WTH happened to me?

Is zingbot the only direct critic on their game they have?

Botox Pelosi

Can you imagine how fun this is going to be when Hayleigh starts campaigning against Fessi?

I can’t even...

You know she will be throwing him under the bus lmao!
There should be a drinking game around fes talking about comp wins…he thinks that’s the only thing pertenant to winning this game. You just can’t fix stupid…

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Yes! She will be SO passive aggressive! “I won’t campaign against my BF…BUT, I deserve to stay more than he does,…he’s definitely a bigger target than me,…etc.!” Yep, the big “BUT!”

He’ll say the same thing, but then promise her, “Hay, I’m better at this, I’ll win for BOTH of us!” Or, “I have a better chance than you to make it!” Or, “I plan on US being a couple IRL, and we’ll spend the money together!”

I think this is how bacteria eats itself?


Even zingbot tries to avoid too much game stuff. It’s usually the obvious stuff that doesn’t make a huge game difference but this year, I’m guessing Zingbot could say whatever it wanted and Fez wouldn’t catch on.


Please let Fes go home and Scottie come back. Make a bonus feed video of Fes in the jury house while Scottie and Brett are with Haliegh.


The PERFECT scenario is they realize how easy it would be to get Fez to use the veto on Haleigh. Angela tells Fez that he’s only up to ensure he doesn’t save Haleigh. JC tells Fez he’s golden vs Haleigh and only Brett will vote to save her because he’s in love. Tyler pretends to be annoyed with Angela, but he’s got an idea. If Haleigh gets off the block, Brett volunteered to be her replacement. Tyler thinks he’s cushioning his plan to use the veto on her…but he’ll be her replacement regardless and Tyler is certain he goes home vs Fez. But Haleigh has to come off, since Kaycee replaces Fez to ensure Haleigh goes.

Meanwhile Brett is in Haleigh’s *ss and right before veto players are picked, Brett pulls Haleigh & Fez aside and says, “Haleigh you have to pick me to play for you, I’ll save you…and Fez, you should too because nobody will save you”.

Fez wins, saves Haleigh, and loses to Brett….then beats Bay and RS, but loses to Scottie, who returns to the house and BB will call in a swat team to capture Fez who has gone full King Kong, grabbed Haleigh, and climbed the nearest building.

K...bb fan

What? Your post confuses me.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Just one problem with this fantasy..,
If Fez wins veto and pulls Hayleigh off, he TOO is safe! Now there’s no chance on Fes or Hay going home.

Bay's Dilemma

If Dumb ‘ole Fessie uses the Veto on Haliegh he IS NOT SAFE! Veto winner cannot be nominated, but Fessie will already be OTB so…..

oh boy

better move, would be to get Hal out and Scottie come back to get revenge on Fes


Even after they are both on the block I don’t know if Fes and Hay will ever realize that L6 always existed. Fes acts like putting together a strong four is his own brilliant idea and for some reason Hay seems to buy it. And he still thinks the unanimous Scotty vote makes him a brilliant HOH, not that they were happy to vote HIS TEAM MATE out.

And poor Scotty will never know he was evicted because of jealousy over the girl until someone lays it out for him.


Swaggy's Missing Brow

Imagine, being nominated by a moron and the girl who played you didn’t even give you a sympathy vote.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

On After Dark last night they were waiting for A’s HOH room; she said she didn’t want to talk game or one on one’s last night. Ha & Fez were leached onto her full court press. Seriously, alliance since Day 2, or fake 2 minute alliance who has put us all on the block already. Plus, Fez, you lovable moron, it’s your turn. “Smooth week”.

Death the Kid

Does anyone here think Angela and Tyler would get married? If so when?


wow! thats a leap………..I do think CBS will put them on Amazing Race, they’d be great at that!

Smitten Kitten

They’d be unstoppable on Amazing Race!

Tyler’s got that excited energy & Angela is cool, calm & collected at all times.

For the longest time I was rooting for the hive, but I’ve just respected L6’s game play for so long, it’s hard not to root for them.

I can’t wait to see what’s left of the hive get obliterated now… then the REAL competitors can begin playing.


What do you think of a BB20 version of the Amazing Race with pairs: Fez & JC; Tyler & Angela; Brett & Winston; Scottie & Hay; Swaggy & Bay; Kaycee & one of her teammates; RS & Sam (guaranteed first to be eliminated); Kaitlyn could play psychically from home. Could consider using pairs from past BB also.

Shirley from What's Fattening


another name

I get the distinct feeling that Angela wouldn’t be interested in Tyler as a long term partner. Earning disparity gap is too large. She might keep him as a cabana boy for a few months.

Dirty Harry Reid

Tyler and Angela would make a really goog looking couple.


She looks like a model and he looks like a bum (surfer bum, but still). How do you figure they look good together? Not in my world.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Easy, they’re not judgemental of each other and make each other smile. Everything else mean little to many people.


Um Angela is worth 800k according to the internet. Tyler is worth 800 dollars in my opinion. She knows who she is and what she has to offer. I guarantee you she knows exactly what she is looking for in a husband and I am positive that is not Tyler.


Not disputing but 800k how? No one knows who she is, what she does, etc. No ad company is paying her like they do those from Bachelor, etc. After the show ends may be a different story.


Fes “ she fooled us for 67 days” yeah like that’s really hard to do ! I guess that makes Sam the best player in B.B. history !! Smh

Houka innumuta

I’m gonna postponed Tyler’s eviction party since I’m pretty sure Angela wont put him up.

Scottie—-Go and listen to Nirvana to pump up and win the battle back and take down the zac brown loving scooby doo fanboy once and for all.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

Scottie is a dopplerganger for Shaggy from Scooby Doo.


I was with you on Scottie FTW too. But the Hive ship has sunk.

If Scottie got 2nd place + Hayleigh, I’ll say thats a win for Scottie still.


Hayflirt is excited to get back to College Station and spend her time pounded by different manmeat every day.
Her ultimate dreams are probably to get huge bolt on implants, marry a Dallas Cowboy LB and get casted on Vanderplump Rules or Real Housewives of Dallas, etc.

Paul Treffinger

When the nominations come up, hay pic will come up first and they will be expecting that and when fes’s picture comes next and it’s not Sam, it will be totally another blind slide because for some reason Fes and Hay are not even thinking that that could be a senario. Big Dum Dum!!


And blame that long lost power app


Fez will ask who flipped and who’s the hacker…


I’m pretty sure Haleigh know in her gut what’s going on


Of course, because she would do the same. Angela and Tyler would go up.


I suspect JC telling Brett to flirt with Angela and that Angela likes him, to try to turn Tyler and Brett against each other……..target each other and then JC wont have to…………smart………I don’t like it, but its smart!


Brett will go straight to his L6 team and tell them what JC is trying to pull. Neither JC nor the Hive actually know L6 is together even where the evidence is in their face. JC will outsmart himself right out of the house.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yep, this is a significant misstep for JC. I don’t think he knows that Brett already knows about Tyler and Angela and will know what JC is trying to do.


So Fes and Haleigh have no idea what’s coming. And we are all getting the best laughs out of making fun of dumb and dumber. But, level 4 is just as stupid, they’ve just been getting their way and haven’t figured it out yet.

Angela is convinced to evict her bff at the time, Rachel.
Jc is convincingly playing both teams, and has no real alliance to anyone but himself.
Brett is just making up lies and stories to get people to do what he wants, will jump ship as soon as it gets ugly.
Tyler has a final 2 with everyone.
Kaycee is really just there and will probably be the first one they turn on and will not see it coming

It’s about to get really good.

If Fes gets sent packing, and Scotty wins the battle back, it’s going to get even better.

who me?

Finally someone that thinks like I do. Pretty much everyone on both “sides” are dumb as rocks, and can’t see what is really happening around them.


Exactly, except Jc and Tyler, they know exactly what they’re doing……by the time everyone else figures it out… it will be tooooo late!

who me?

I’m waiting for JC to get sick of the Tyler-Angela thing and flip his votes against them…that will be fun to see

King Silva

They need to get out Haleigh and need to put up her and Fessy together to ensure they are broken up.

If it is her, Scottie, RS, and Bayleigh doing the battle back I would expect Scottie to win so if so he would likely target Fessy.

If they get out Fessy then he has a high chance to win the battle back and it is like the week never happened really.

If they stupidly get out Sam then I doubt she would win her way back in and Fessy/Haleigh will get a friend back in either Scottie (most likely and maybe Haleigh could mend his relationship with Fessy?) or RS/Bayleigh who will no doubt reform their trio with Fessy/Haleigh.

So my hit list would be:

1) Haleigh
2) Fessy
3) Sam?


Well reasoned out King Silva. Those are my thought exactly.


Why does everyone keep talking about a battle back? Julie usually tells the person they will have a chance when they are evicted. I think this season is too far behind to have a battle back

another name

they announced a battle back last episode.
the house is talking battle back because they are thinking there has to be some sort of ramification for kaitlyn failing to put together a puzzle clearly labeled as suitable for a pre-schooler.


They announced the battle back at the end of the last episode.


Julie announced it last night on the live show


Fes is spewing stories. Stories. He wants to believe these stories and ideas he has in his head of what is real in the house. It’s called cognitive dissonance. He can’t believe or doesn’t want to believe people are working together to get him and Hayleigh out of there. Refuses to believe it. Sam is the boogeywoman. Brett is an outsider. Fes your employment as a part-time teacher is in jeopardy. If you make these kinds of decisions in the BB house , if i was your employer at the school I’d be afraid you’d put the school at risk by making a bad decisions in regards to your classroom. Example: Lawsuit for something stupid he might do.


Backseat Driver


I truly don’t understand the hate for Angela from a game perspective. I understand it’s more casuals who have a negative opinion towards her but come on. People don’t like that she’s “emotionless” or “heartless” but honestly that’s one of my favorite parts about her. I mean her hoh convo with feast she handled so well. She makes decisions on what’s best for her game and the safety of L6 but leaves personal drama out of it. She sticks to her guns and doesn’t look back or get phased by emotion. And she gets a lot of fault for her jury management and I honestly don’t think she really has done THAT poorly with it, I mean sure it could be better but it’s not as bad as people make it seem (With the exception of rocks GBM even though rockstar deserved it) I think people just don’t generallt like her cause she doesn’t have the most welcoming personality but I don’t think she’s really been mean to anyone in the house. Her problem isn’t her jury mangemanet as it will be a bitter jury. I went from not liking her to Angela being one of my favorites gameplayers this season. I guess for a reality tv personality she’s not considered “entertaining” but as a fan of the game I’m loving her as a contestant.


They don’t like her and say nasty things because they are insecure and jealous. Her best qualities are that she thinks through most decisions logically, not emotionally. Has a plan. She isn’t swayed by the BS. It is so nice to see a woman on the show that isn’t an emotional wreck half the time or playing it up with all the guys.


She showed a nasty side when Rachel was on the block.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And to her point of view, Rachel showed a nasty side when it appeared she was selling out one of their alliance.


I think Angela felt that Rachel was flipping on her and she took offense since they were seemingly so close.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

She’s self made, successful, attractive and independent…things some people just hate in a woman.

Who said that!

There is a double standard,if she were a guy her cold ruthlessness would be admired.


I agree but I don’t think it’s guys that are hating on her, just insecure ladies.


Just jealousy because she is smoking hot. I’m not into brown hair/brown eye combo but man does she have it.

Angela’s mustache

I’m happy fes is going home he deserves it. But this is the stuff that Angela does that makes me not like her. If they come talk to her she talks shit about them being up her ass, and uses it as her reason to target them, if they don’t come up they never talk to her so they go up… I just wish she would be honest and say I’m better than them so they are going up… mean girl at It’s finest… it’s annoying


Remember what Zingbot said about Angela? Sounds like you want to like her but her actions turn you off. She is who she is


I think her whole thing with them being up her ass constantly is just that two weeks ago hayliegh put her on the block and she was more then likely the target to go home that week if it wasn’t hacker. But now hayliegh and fes want to work together after a majority of their alliance is gone. Now she’s getting all this attention from fes and hay because they need her for their game so I can see why that’s annoying. I mean the hive alliance (specifically rockstar and bay would constantly talk crap on Angela) but now After a majority of the hive was evicted, fed and hay convienetly realize they may need to align differently also I don’t think she’s putting them up because she feels she’s better then them….itd just the best move for her and her alliance.


user name is “Angela’s mustache” and your calling her a mean girl….

BTW, she doesn’t have a mustache, it’s a fairly common skin condition called melasma that cause darker spots on face, particularly on the upper lip.

Angela’s mustache



Oh my Lanta! I’m excited


Fes is getting just what he deserves for getting out his alliance member last week. I can only hope he gets evicted and Haleigh does not. I also hope he doesn’t win the battleback also, I hope Scottie does. I have a feeling if he does get evicted, he will fight to get back through it’s going to be a real battle between him and Scottie!


I believe Scottie has come in second place only to Tyler and I don’t remember Fes beating Scottie in a veto competition.

Fes has won only when Scottie wasn’t playing in veto for the most part.

Scottie vs Fes in battleback should be a given that Scottie comes back in the house. He has a score to settle. 🙂

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The problem is it will all come down to personal performance and WHAT the competition is. Even RS has come close several times. Until I know what the actual competition will be I have no guess who has the best shot.

Personally, I don’t care which of them comes back. It will be fun to watch them leave again.


Fes beat Scotty in the fixed slip and slide comp


WOW!!! Fes really might be the dumbest player to ever play BB

Hi My Name Is Scott

I firmly believe The Hive/Floute all studied the game play from Maven. They are following what they did to a T. They both went out of the house and into Jury and into the Jury deliberations still not knowing nor understanding anything that happened to them. Bet they still believe that they played the perfect game.

another name

I don’t know… they did have an injured chicken in big brother season one.



Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Hayleigh and Sam are my two least favorites left in the house.


They are the first 2 i would want to have a beer with

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

Hayleigh drinks Zima.


I hope she sticks with it and puts Faysal and Haleigh up that way one is sure to go. I hope she doesn’t put Sam up.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I am so impressed with how L6 has stayed together and committed.!
They couldn’t help but lose Winston & Rachel, but they all have remained loyal, especially when they weren’t winning HOHs.
I especially like when they fill each other in on all their private conversations with the Hive, JC and Sam!
It would have been easy to flip when Hive was winning, but it is THAT loyalty, the BEST strategy, that has gotten them this far without winning comps!

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

It’s all about smooth sailing on Captain Fezzy’s SS-Dumba$$ ship.


Hating this part of the season. Nothing but passive aggressive gameplay from here on out. How do people find that exciting? Angela is way overrated. Take another hit for her team b/c they were either incapable or too scared to win HOH and take the shot at Hay and Fes. Right after noms she hides out in her HOH room? Called Hay and Fess bullies and annoying just because they wanted to talk with her. When Bay was HOH she hung out with her in the HOH room every minute of the day–even slept with her one night . Whenever Angela makes a “big move” she has to demonize the people she is targeting, rather than just being honest about it. Sad. This is the person people stan?? Smh, I just don’t get it.


Welcome to your first week of BB20 because you’re absolutely clueless.