Farewell to the sloppies “He’s leaving this house and that’s the bottom f*** line”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 21-13-10-607

12:10AM Allison, Heather and Neda

Allison tells Neda not to trust Jon he will stab her in the back. Allison says she really liked them and she never talked anything against them. She doesn’t think she deserves this, she knows she’s the last person in their alliance.

Heather – ‘You’re scaring me legitimately scaring me”

Allison tells them to please not trust Jon, Allison keeps repeating “Don’t trust Jon.. Don’t trust Jon”

Heather starts to cry, Neda may also be wiping away tears.

Allison looks at Neda- “Jon thinks he has you fooled”
Allison looks at Heather – “Arlie thinks he has you fooled”
Heather – “I don’t want you to go”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 22-29-38-177

12:20AM Hot tub Arlie and Rachelle
(Gremlins offer everything Jon and arlie accept, They have a “Final 4” )

Sabrina says this coming HOH her and Rachelle will “Cut our bodies into three” Sabrain “You can literally throw it and get us to do your dirty work for you”

Sabrina asks if they want the gremlins to put up Heather and Adel,
Jon “you even Even Ned Balls”
Arlie – “We’re not counting ned balls out”
Jon – “No tat all”
Sabrina wants them to agree to not put up a gremlin if they win HOH. Jon won’t agree to this says how about they all get together and as a group decide who to nominate. Rachelle agrees to this.
Jon reminds them he’s go the Veto so if he doesn’t use it one of them is going home. Sabrina wants to know who they are going to backdoor. Jon and Arlie tell them it’s Allison.

Sabrina says if they throw the HOH to them next week Jon/Arlie will not be nominated, “You have to trust us so that you’ll throw it.. and we’ll put up Jon and Heather”

Jon Leaves, Adel tells them that there is no way a gremlin is going home tomorrow Allison goes up. He says this is just preliminary talks they will solidify it tomorrow.

Sabrina – “So we’re not going home this week”
Arlie – “Nope 100%.. feels nice eh”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 21-39-15-261

12:33AM Poolside Neda and Heather

Talking about how heart broken Allison is. Allison going help theirs and the guys game.
Neda – “I would like to do anything to f*** over the guys game” Neda thinks that Arlie went up to Allison and told her she is being backdoored. Neda says Arlie is getting jury votes, he’s getting to people before they can.

They agree Arlie is the biggest threat in the game right now is Arlie.
Heather – F**** that.. there is no f** chance we’ve come into this game played through the entire thing by the skin of our teeth and brought down because of Arlie,.. There’s no F*** chance that we’re going home before him”
Heather – “He’s leaving this house and that’s the bottom f*** line”

(Jon, Neda and Heather talking 1/2 way through Arlie joins them)
Arlie mentions how the Gremlins are talking like crazy offering up everything they can. Arlie says he tried to get away but Sabrian would just keep talking.
Jon “She’s puking game”

They agree the worst thing about Sabrina staying this week is she’s going to think she’s masterminded some plan and it kept her in the game.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 22-25-22-387

1:19AM Hot Tub Heather and Neda

They agree that the sloppies seconds is not the tightest crew anymore.
They agree they should get rid of ALlison, Arlie followed by the Gremlins. Heather thinks once Arlie is gone adel and Jon will be closer to them. Heather points out Allison leaving is great for them because they are not involved. It will be a jury vote for them.

Neda says they have to turn Jon onto Arlie, “We need Jon out sooner than we thought”
The girls are very confident on their position in the game.
Neda – “Jon is tripping his sh!t right now”
Heather – “He knows we’re running it”
Neda says as soon as Allison is gone they are going to try and put Heather and her against each other.

Neda – “This is the point when the sl**py s*conds turn on each other.. At this point the alliance is done now.. as much as I would have liked it to be final 6 it’s not realistic.”
Heather – “We needed the sloppies to get us to where we needed to go”
Neda says the sloppies were needed to get out Andrew, Sarah and Kenny.
Heather says they need to turn Jon and Arlie against each other.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 22-33-58-142

1:34am Storage room Neda and Jon
(Heather listening outside)

Jon says if Neda keeps Allison it’s going to mess up his game for real. Gremlins catch Heather in the act of listening in. Sabrina scrambles into the storage room tells tells heather was listening int, “Swear to god on my head”

(Allison is sleeping in his bed)

1:49AM Jon tells them he’s taking Rachelle off the block and putting Allison in her place.
Jon says theres no point in him using the veto if they aren’t 100% sure Allison will go home.

Heather – “How close are you to Arlie”
Jon – “as close as I need to be”
Neda – How close are you to Adel
Jon – “As close as I need to be”

Jon asks them if they’ve been thinking about Arlie going up, He knows Alison will vote him out. JOn says he doesn’t see anyone as a physical threat except for Arlie, Jon boasts that he can win every physical competition. once Arlie goes.
Jon doesn’t think Arlie would put him up this week. Jon tells them they have enough votes to get Arlie out. Neda, Heather and a Gremlin would vote him out.
Jon says he can go tell Allison people in their alliance is trying to get her backdoored. Jon will say if he can keep her safe will she vote their way.
Neda doesn’t think it’s the best idea so soon to take out Arlie.
Heather says Adel would not be onboard with that, “Our Alliance would combust”
Jon – “It would be everyone against Adel”
Heather doesn’t want that she wants everyone against the gremlins.

Jon doesn’t want to go back into the HOH bed because Allison is sleeping there. “She’s either going to wake up and talk to me or give me a r*b n t*g.”

Neda says she’s leaning towards getting Arlie out.
Heather says she’s the same.
Jon agrees they plan to go talk to Allison tonight and secure her vote.

They all swear to a final 3. Jon calls this the move in the game. Heather “HUGE Game move”
The plan is to backdoor Arlie..

(Video coming)

2:32AM HOH Allison, Neda and Heather
They try to wake her up but can’t. They finally get her up and she stumbles to the bathroom where she collapses.

They decide top drag Allison into the main bedroom and talk to her about their change of plans in the morning.

Feeds on Hush hush ..

3:20AM HOH Jon, Neda and Heather
Talking about their plans to backdoor Arlie this week.

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It is hilarious how there are deals being made left and right…..everything will go straight into the trash right after Allison uses her Scarlet POV and is off the block!!!

Way too much verbal diarrhea amongst the housemates tonight.


Damn, this proves that you can never give up in this game. Two days ago The Gremlins were done in this game and going home and now they have new life and are in good positions everybody wants them in the F4 and The Sloppy’s are turning against eachother! The Gremlins will be safe for the next few weeks because of The Sloppy’s going after eachother taking eachother out.


Allison is breaking down because she knows that if and/or when she uses the scarlet veto, Arlie will go up and he will go home most likely. She is dealing with that dilemma but she obviously can’t explicitly say it and she’s drunk so that adds to it. she know this will f**ck up everyone’s game and she doesn’t want to do that… its pretty simple


you think she’s crying for Arlie’s game lmao

what kool aid are you drinking? think she was more concern of having to expose a secret & then having no one next week. she could give 2 f’s about the guy who just told her she’s being backdoored & that he doesn’t care


No you have it wrong! Allison is breaking down because she knows no one is being 100% real when they talk to her about game. she wants that true alliance.
know body at this point to her has her back and her feelings is hurt, Allison is not a stupid she knows whats going on. She just all in her feeling plus Alcohol wow!! But what she says to Neda & Heather earlier is the truth and they felt it, I think Arlie is gone this week regardless weather they but Allison up or not at veto ceremony.


So now Jon, Heather and Neda are considering back-dooring Arlie instead of Allison. My question is…if that happens…can Allison use her scarlet veto to save Arlie and still be safe from being put up as a replacement?


I really hope this happens. I’m rooting so hard for an Arlison alliance. Cuz they will be the only real threats to Joneda. On the other hand, I am really impressed with Neda’s stellar gameplay. She is controlling Jon but everyone thinks that it is the other way round.

Hopefully a gremlim goes this week and let chaos ensue!


If Allison wants to make a move in this game…she will have to use her veto to save Arlie’s ass tomorrow. Then Jon will have to put up Adel. Allison will prove to Arlie that he can trust her and he owes her. Adel will be pissed that he is up instead. And then they will have to somehow work on Heather…

Allison can’t use it next week, so if she won’t need it to save her ass this week…she might as well make an ally. She has nothing to lose…


Actually she does have something to lose. If she uses it on Arlie she’ll gain him as an ally in this game and lose everyone else (maybe she’ss have Adel as well) and then there’s no guarantee that either of them will win next week. If she doesn’t use it, she has the chance of securing connections with the Gremlins again or the girls or whomever since everything changes at the drop of a hat.


She will still be next on the chopping block right after arlie. Time and time again, her ‘alliance’ proved to her that she is on the bottom of the alliance so she has nothing to lose. She buys herself more time with another target in Arlie. And if they can solidify their alliance with that veto, they are gonna be pretty dangerous.


“Sweety” and “Honey” coming out of Neda’s mouth sounds so fake.


that doesn’t sound like a move for Alli, more like a move for Arlie fans to save his dumbass, the mastermind of his own eviction #1st5 lol


OMG!!! Could this be true?!?


Allison could use the veto on Arlie, but unfortunately it is unlikely. It would make it really interesting is she chose to do it. I am hoping she thinks quick enough to do. Surely she knows she is only buying one more week with the scenario Heather and Neda will present to her.
Looks like she will have a major hangover and not a lot of time to think it through. 🙁


I hope Jon is having a good think in the hammock.


From watching all of allisons breakdown videos, she doesn’t think she’s getting backdoored, she mentioned ‘next week’ everytime. Might have another thing coming when she’s put up, and actually can use her Scarlett veto.. Can’t wait for post ceremony reactions


Heather is so DUMB it’s not even funny. Really you’re agreeing with Neda to keep the gremlins people who you know would backstab you for FUN? People you know who have hated you more than anything and have been upfront up about it since the first week of the game? how does that even make sense AT all, she is actually the stupidest person in this game. I don’t even like Allison (see paragraph 2 lmao) but how on earth does that even make sense that you would even consider keeping the gremlins over anyone in this game.

I also can’t stand Allison, she is always complaining — you got voted in two week late to the game and got a one week immunity. how is that a disadvantage when for all you know you could have been gone the first week if you came in with everyone else. Then Arlie saved you last week and you didn’t even have to do anything and then you found this fucking scarlet veto and you’re still complaining? I am sorry but I am going to need BB to send Allison home and bring back Paul/Ika/Kyle if Allison complains one more time when she’s been given more than anyone in this house.


I mean yeah, Sabrina and Rachelle hate her guts, but them getting power is pretty unlikely and they’re probably going to try to get a guy out first. Plus, I think Heather would beat both of them in the final two.


It’s cause Heather isn’t playing the game emotionally or taking anything personally. While the gremlins are insufferable and just too mean, they don’t present an immediate threat to her game. The gremlins are unlikely to win comps to get power, and even in the even that they do, heather is banking on having the numbers to keep her safe from the gremlins for now.

Now into Allison, I can see how it can be a disadvantage to enter the house late ( even with a week immunity), after most of the house has already formed bonds, trust and alliances. That being said, I also think that so much is just being handed to her. I was really hoping she would be a strong player, because she sounded smart and strategic in the war room… but he ended up being whiny and irrational.

Name jr

I don’t know why, but I can’t bring myself to like Arlie. He seems like a strategic player. He has a good social game and has recently shown he can be a physical threat too… But something about him annoys me. I really want to root for him because he probably one of the few people who deserve to win the game, but. I just find him to be difficult to like as a character.

Anyone else feel the same?


I agree! My friends and I have decided it’s his John Travolta eyes….


Maybe it’s because he has been overly confident in his abilities? He basically cast himself as a mastermind, which is pretty obnoxious. And he totally hams it up for the camera.

Russ from Van

What a crazy night on the feeds! Got me so distracted from studying.

Amazing the effect of getting the house guests shittered has on the game. So much shifting and drunk gaming and deal making. I will be checking in bright and early tomorrow morning to see what happens.


Looks like Arlie is about to be on the ropes. It’s time to see how good he really is.. Come on, Arlie !!!


Wait a minute… Arlie’s going up now?


Darn it! Jon and Arlie are my two favorites. I don’t know who to cheer for……….


You guys talk all games but me personally since not good at this vile crazy game then I’ll just watch and enjoy the show. Heather &Jon wow..they can make a good looking couple;)


Whoever thumbs down me are suckers 🙂 go a head

another name

i’m sort of disgusted right now.
not with Allison’s drunken messiness, although that’s pretty difficult not to roll your eyes at.
the rest of the houseguests that don’t seem as drunk as Allison.
wow… what compassion. you see someone in full fledged meltdown mode and what do you do?
you calmly approach them and stroke their hair and try to calm them, while at the same time pumping them for information and attempting to get their vote.
of course she knew you were backdooring her. you telegraphed that a million miles away. it’s been building since the day you decided to backdoor her, and the stress added to the alcohol has created the emotional quagmire.
even with all of your sympathy to the fact that she’s melting down, you still use the opportunity? if she had a gun to the side of her head, would you take the opportunity to make sure she wasn’t going to come back to haunt you before asking her not to shoot?
oh, and yes, because it’s a power of veto, Allison can use the scarlet letter to take anyone off the block. it isn’t a take yourself off the block veto, its a power of veto plain and simple. since none of this will make it to air because of the drunkenness, i’m not expecting any decisions made this night to actually happen in the televised episodes. still expecting the telegraphed Allison nomination so that production can have the scarlet letter used.


looks like arlie is going to get back doored unless allison uses her POV.


Stop making up rumors she has underwear on.


So hilarious!!! Allison is cracking me up!
Heather is a smart sly cookie and if she plays her cards right,
She seemed so innocent a few weeks back.
I seriously can’t stomach Sabrina anymore.
She’s gotz to go soon!


I think it is a good idea for JON to get ARLIE on the block and take him out. He may not get the chance again. Don’t think for a minute that ARLIE won’t take him out the first chance he gets. ARLIE was a complete ass tonight in the way he treated ALLISON, whether she was drunk or not. She was obviously really distressed and all he was concerned about was what information he could get from her. When he got nothing he just up and left. He said he was disappointed in her because she wasn’t bringing him anything. What about what he brought her in the way of information? She doesn’t have a clue what is going on in that house because as she stated, no one will talk game to her. This is also a great move for NEDA. One less man to take down before she stabs JON in the back.


Just thought of this… Allison’s smartest move might be to take off Sabrina AFTER Jon takes off Rachelle and nominates Arlie as her replacement… This way she shows allegiance to the gremlins…and going into the next HoH it will be 3 vs 3… (Let’s hope she’s not this smart!!!)


Correct! Even go a step further. Before Jon plays his veto Allison plays hers to take Sabby off kisses her on the cheek and whispers we’ll talk later I love you Sabs!!! Jon can shove his last week up his azz he goes next!!


Neda doesn’t give a shit about Allison being upset. She just wants to get the information outta her head.

I used to really like Neda, but she just looks like more of a bitch every day.

another name

so, in the hot tub room jon says Allison is hundo (god I HATE that term) into him, and would give him a rubntug that would get her evicted….. hate to tell you jon but you missed your shot, she wouldn’t get evicted (or she’d already be gone).
further, earlier in the bathroom jon and neda are having a drunken jealous conversation. he starts talking about their flirtation and she says ‘jon i’m trying to be real with you, talk about real and game play, not storyline, quit talking storyline’ production says stop talking about production. sorry to all of the ‘aren’t they a great couple, oh how romantic’ people, but guess we know what that means about your ubercouple: they’re absolutely manufactured.
at least the first part of Allison’s drunken shenanigans was partially faked: the initial conversation with heather in the bathroom when she’s trying to drag out of heather that the plan is to backdoor Allison. watch how she leads the conversation, sighs a couple of times, and looking to the camera as if to say, “I’m trying to get the info but I can’t” twice. it’s not until later that Allison goesall Sabrina’s the sane one in behavior.
last nights drunken chatter revealed a lot more than none of them can hold their alcohol.